Big Brother Spoilers – Shane pulls out the Big Guns “Dan Gheespoop”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 1 week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments

3:17pm Cam 3-4 Britney, Shane and Danielle

Britney: “I kind of thought something was up when they said that Ian’s veto would go first… Because Ian’s veto… Feeds cut”

Shane tells Danielle: “You can’t trust Dan again.. you know that”
Danielle: “He broke my heart..

Shane: “I hope Chelsea divorces him for that”
Britney: “he did this in his last season he backstab people”
Shane: “He always swears on his bible”
Britney: “He says it’s not personal it’s a game.. I’m a logical person I can see that he saw we were fine with him going home”
Britney: ‘I’ve always regretted that I never fought for it in season 12 but for me to fight it right now means I go against the sweetest person in the entire world”
Danielle :”You can’t Britney I won’t hold anything against you”

Britney and Shane point out that DAn only wants people in the game that he can beat in competitions. Britney: “He has just burnt us both at the stake”

Shane: “Guaranteed if Dan wins he would put me and Frank up”
Danielle: “He would be me and Shane up”
Britney: ‘The only people that have been good to him.. I helped clean his room last night I feel so stupid”

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3:33pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Frank

You know why he’s mad at Danielle because he wanted Danielle to fall on her sword for him.
Frank: “Ohh that it how it is”
Frank: “Trust me even if you ask Joe or Shane.. Ian is the top of my list but Dan is number 2.. I can’t trust Dan”
Britney: “I’m not bitter about going home this week.. I really am not.. I felt so bad for him last night.. I feel like such a idiot”
Frank: “Trust me I know what kind of person he is.. “
Britney: “I will not allow him to win this game”
Frank: “I don’t plan on taking him.. He will not win”
Britney: “He’s a traitor he’s a frealign traitor. He told me Final 5 .. I know you are smart Frank.. you may what was a logical move.. Sure I am side i’m not going to win 500K it makes sense what you did… but the way you treat people in this game matter and to me he is the worst person”
Frank: ‘I don’t blame you for being angry”
Britney feels like such a idiot for feeling sorry for Dan, she thought he was a Good person. “I should Have known better”
Britney points out that Dan will stop at nothing to get further in the game. She warns him if he’s trusting Dan he’s going to get cut in the end.

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3:40pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Shane
Frank tells him that Dan will put up Ian and Joe if he wins HOH.. Frank doesn’t even think Dan is going to try and win HOH. Frank plays up that Shane and him should be working together to get Ian out than Dan. Frank says that Joe and Ian should go up this week.
3:43pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Britney
Joe is saying if Shane votes for Danielle he’s going to the other side.. it makes no sense to stick with Shane. Joe knows that Shane will take Daneille to the other side.

3:48pm Couch Cam 3-4 Shane and Britney

Britney says she has Ian’s Vote and Joe’s.
Britney: “I’m going to be honest with you.. one way or another I want you to win this game.. Even if you vote me out this week”
Britney: “Joe told me if you vote against me he’s going to the other side.. he said there is no reason for him to stay on this side if you voted against me beacuse you will take Daneille to the other side”
Britney: “He told me I have his vote”
Shane: “I swear to god 30 minutes ago he told me he’s doing what Frank wants”
Britney: “This guy.. ugh”
Shane thinks they should get Joe in a room and talk to him about this. He tells Britney that it’s not over yet they need to figure things out. Britney says shes really proud of him he’s come a long way. She’s cool with going home but it will be a cold day in hell if Dan Gheesling wins Big Brother 14
Shane tells her if she leaves this week he promises her he’ll get Dan out.

4:05pm Cam 1-2 everyone but Frank and Dan

Britney going off about Dan backstabbing his alliance to stay in the game.
Shane calls Dan “dan Gheespoop”
Britney points out to them all this is how he wins half a million dollars he tosses people under the bus.. people that trusted him people that help to get him this far.. he did in during Big Brother 10 he’s done it in Big BRother 14.

Ian says this is Replacement nominee roulette disguised as Dan’s funeral.

Brintey explains to them all that Dan was about to go home and he was able to magically get off the block. “don’t all be a fool.. if that guy can survive.. come back from the dead.. what can’t he do anything “
Britney: “I’m not sour i’m not bitter if I leave this week i’m cool i’ll start doing Yoga with Ashley”

Britney tells them all that Dan was with them since Day one Ian put 2 people on the block for Dan and now Dan stabs them all in the back.
Britney: “How you treat people in this house is more important than how you
Ian: “Lets congratulate Frank for 500K dollars”
Danielle asks Ian what is Danielle to Dan. Ian says Danielle is a pawn.

Britney starts talking to Jenn telling her she needs to look out.. Dan is crazy good at this game if he can survive this week he can do anything.

4:43pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Britney and Dan

Britney: “Can I at least get Sorry britney I’ve done nothing to you in this game.. you screwed me and now my game is over.. “
Dan: “I know you are angry I was going to talk to you later because I don’t want to get in a argument with you”
Britney: “What did I do wrong to you”
Dan: “nothing.. you’ve done nothing wrong to me”
Dan: “It’s a game… you know.. someday I hope you will understand”
Britney: “Can you walk me through what just happened”
Dan: ‘Everyone in the house knew I was going home and everyone was accepting that fate and I wanted to stay in the game”
Britney: “I tried to win the veto to keep you here.. I wanted you here so bad.. I was going to take all the punishments”
Dan: “I know.. I decided I had to play.. it’s unfortunate you have to go”
Britney: ‘If I’ve been outplayed I can accept that”
Dan: “There is a lot of angry people in this house towards me… lets wait until things cool down”
Britney: “I now know how you win half a million dollars in this game because you can stab people in the back and it doesn’t phase you.. how would you feel if someone spoke the way you did to your wife”
Dan: “I would be pretty pissed off.. I was ashamed.. I know it will take time”
Britney: ‘You are the type of person that plays this mr nice guy act.. but you don’t play like that at all.. I knew better”
Dan: “I’m sorry and when this is all over I hope we stay friends.. I know it will take time”
Britney: “I never once crossed you in this game.. I believed you when you said Final 5.. I have to pay the ultimate price now..”

Dan: “All i can say is i’m sorry.. if you want to talk later I’ll talk later.. one day I hope you can be friends”
Jenn comes into the kitchen.. Dan leaves. Britney: “I’m sure he will apologize to all of you when he does it to you”.. Britney leaves
Jenn: “Ohh god…” (HUGE Sigh)

5:09pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Frank

Dan tells Frank if he could do it again he would to stay in the game.

5:16pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Britney, Danielle, Shane and Ian

Ian: “Speaking the sh!ts truth I think Frank is more deadly than Dan… because he can win any comp he wants.. whichever out of you that survives I say lets go..”
Britney: “Frank will be the harder one to get out” .. Feeds go to fish

5:22pm Cam 1-4 Dan and Danielle Arcade room
DId asks Danielle if she told Jenn that I like being hated in this game that I feel more comfortable.. Britney was challenging me in the kitchen and use that line.
Dan asks Danielle for Britney’s best zinger.. Danielle laughs says you have to swear you won’t tell anyone. Daneille doesn’t say anything…
Dan: “Cmon tell me I need a laugh I already heard the Sh!t Sandwich on”
Danielle won’t tell him. Dan points out that Shane has been really nice to him. Danielle says that Shane is pissed. She adds that the entire house is pissed more at how he treated Danielle than him backstabbing them.

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Shane bringing out the big guns, lmao


Britney you are bitter, that’s why you’re dragging Dan’s name through the mud. Stop lying, bitch! You got, got AGAIN!!!! That’s what you get for hiding behind people and not playing your own game and winning stuff! STFU now!


I am with you. Dan wasn’t nominated for two minutes before she RAN to Frank to throw Dan under the bus. She’s getting what she deserves.


Please, Dan has been carried through this game by Britney, Shane, and Dani. They set up the alliance, and protected him, while he was trying to toss that protection to work with Boogie. He has done nothing for anyone, until this move, which should cost Dani her game. What a great, bible-thumping, d-bag. It was still a great move for him though.


Of course it was a great move for him, and he had to do it. It was either him go home or someone else go home. He chose someone else.
Yes I agree Danielle might be the one walking out the door, but in a game like this you have to expect collateral damage now and then. Everyone is here for ‘selfish’ reasons, to be the sole winner of the money screw everybody else. Call Dan a douchedag all you want, but he did what he had to do. He’s not in the game to sacrifice himself, hell no. Sacrifice someone else, that’s fine.
It’s the better you than me mentality, that’s how it goes.


Yup, I completely agree, but carrying a Bible around with you while you’re playing a cut-throat game, is just not in good taste.


Just because he reads the Bible he is a bad guy???? Many HGs read the Bible!!! Its NOT like he swore on the Bible! Its just a game! Brit fans has to stop getting their soiled underpants in a bunch!


Actually, he did swear on the Bible, last night, with Frank, and he proceeded to lie. He also will cut Dani’s throat soon, if she lasts past this week, so enjoy that. If Dani was playing for herself, she could have coasted to final 3, on her own.


He didn’t lie when he swore on the bible he told frank 100% the truth….. Dan has actually played an honest game. I don’t understand how people can get mad at him for making a move that he had to make to stay in this game. He only lied maybe twice yeah he stabbed people in the back but he had too he was going home and no one had his back. All britt had to do was win the veto and guess what none of it wouldve happened


u know what the key word in that statment is “game” it is a game and he uses everything he can to his strategy that is why he is so good. if u want a nice person who doesnt play any strategy well ashley is in the jury house.


so true Queen … i am not a dan fan but the move he just pulled off was awesome .. he didnt just pull a rabbits foot out of his but .. he pulled the whole dang rabbit ….lol… funny tho how they act when they get busted , called out on .. or down right out played.. funny how they call the other person nasty things ect…just because he beat them to the punch …loving this ..


You are wrong…Dan has taken the heat for the past few weeks and became a target early on.


Exactly. It’s not like he had to lie or trick anyone to get off the block….all he did was tell the truth. What’s so bad about that? If any of them were going home because of someone else’s actions (Ian’s spying), they would do the same thing.

brit's sexy

I am rooting for Brit cause I want to sleep with her. All the rest is garbage and the only person who desrves to win is me YO. Ian is a queer epileptic, shane is the dumb jock, Frank thinks he is smart which is why he keeps getting screwed (something I would like to do to Brit), Powerhouse is someone I would beat in a bar the silly jerkoff, Dani is a crybaby liar who pretends to be innocent, Jen effin this and effin that Oh I mean who is Jen, and Dan although good at the game is a loser. I must admit though Jens metal band Kittie is really good, listened to them for years even though she was out of the band after the first album. So to conclude, I WANT TO SLEEP WITH BRIT. YO——-Preesh Lol


At least Brit is fighting this time. Last time she just crawled in a hole and died. Credit to her. I kinda hope she stays and they send Danielle packing. OH what drama that would cause for next week.

Shhhh!! Quack!!

Nicky Brand

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe & Shane vote for Britney. Shane is more loyal to Britney than Danielle, and Joe will vote with Shane knowing Frank won’t have HOH for the next two weeks, which means Shane probably will. He always kisses up to the power.

Then I expect Britney, Ian, Joe & Shane to try to backdoor Frank, probably with Dan’s help. If Frank gets to play for veto, he will win & stop it. If not, he is sunk.


i like brit .. i would vote for her for america`s fave … but come on … she didnt fight in her season .. she hid behind lane batting the baby blues… now she is hiding behind ian shane and joe…lol on the joe part… now lets look back and see what she did do this season … for starters she got Willie all flustered over the chance that the coaches will be coming into the game .. and he wanted to keep the newbies together .. we all saw how that went .. second. shanes hoh she listened to jannell .. jannell having a hard on hate for frank … that didnt work out .. when danny gets hoh … the hard on for frank continues , but at least with a little push from booger jennell gets the boot like danny wanted … not what brit wanted tho … wasnt sure when shane got next hoh what brit wanted .. she left all the work up to ian and shane … oh yeah thats what she wanted lol actually frank … bottom line is brit plays behind who ever she can.. she is the first to run to power or send in the dogs …lol … i like her but i have yet to see her play her game .. or win anything….lol .


Wow Brit-didn’t you turn on Dan as soon as Dumb as Shane threw you under the bus? Chill Town phone call: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Will Kirby is Greater than Dan

I would love to see Frank and Dan do a Chilltown DR skit together right now. That would be epic.


I know brit is a hypocrit she has been throwing dan under the bus since boogie and frank went on the block i don’t bet it was dan just suppose to not save himself and walk out the door. You are there to play a game you have been schemeing and throwing dan under the bus since frank won hoh in fact the moment he won hoh you and shane went to him and tried to sacrifice dan to save yourselves and now he turned the tables u are mad.

Head of Household

Britney is not a hypocrite, Dan agreed to take the heat for Ian after Britney and Froogie had a confrontation.


come on… dan could only take the heat for so long.. please… britney jumped ship as soon as frank brought it up… she’s the one who fucked the alliance over first along with her little bitch ian


bah! I want britney to stay! danielle’s cry-fest going home would be incredible.


Already congratulating Frank… LOL when he enters Jury hope they give him the same Welcome Cheer LOL


@ILL WILL, It will never happen. Frank will keep winning 2 PoV’s. The only going to Jury is Joe & Ian.


Shane shouldn’t talk about Dan’s marriage. It’s a game, dumbass! Just like you’re not Captain America, Dan’s wife would never divorce him for playing the game, clean or dirty! You’re a pussy, Shane. Go grow a back bone before you talk about others. I think even Ian has more balls than you!


I agree. They should leave his wife out of this. The woman is not going to divorce him especially when he brings home 500 Gs.

I enjoyed the fights between Frank and Ian the most today. Looks like Ian’s testoterone kicked in a little but I think he still gets more turned on by chips and candy than by chicks.

I think people should drink everytime Frank says Yo.


Dan ‘s playing the game and they’re getting disrespectfully bitter speaking about the mans marriage. I lost almost all my respect for Sassy Shane when he threw brittney under the bus… Stuttering while doing it! Now talking about Dan’s wife because he’s being out-played I have no respect left. I’m #teamDan but send Danielle home! Her thirst is annoying.

Are you kidding

The problem is all of the people conspiring about how terrible Dan is, and how they should get him out, are the people that can’t win a game to save their lives. Dan’s got this. He told Danielle it’s a chess game. That’s all it is.


Shouldn’t Dan call Britney out on all the crap she pulled with their alliance?Like wanting Shane to take the blame for putting up Frank&Boogie.Being mad at Ian for not doing what she wants.Talking crap about Joe(which will make Joe vote her out)and not fighting in the veto to save Dan,like their allaince planned.Dan needs to call Britney out in front of everyone.Then it will make it more likely that she’ll be evicted.Everyone will know that Britney is a hypocrite.So,do you guy’s think Dan will call Britney out?


I wish Dan would call that lying Britney out on all that and also when she threw points to Frank during the Veto competition. She is all boo hoo now but she was more than eager the throw Dan out the back of the bus and now mad because Dan saw threw her lying and cheating. Boogie, Frank, Shane and Britney are such poor sports that it is disgusting. Seriously you want Dan’s wife to divorce him just because he is playing the game. It was okay for them to throw Dan under the bus but boo hoo boo hoo when it comes back to their front door!!! Here is hoping Dan wins this entire game for all the CRAP he has had to put up from those four this season!!


That’s a dangerous game. People are heated at Dan. He starts calling out Britney and it could be perceived as bullying, then it backfires and people vote to keep Britney out of sympathy.

At least in the short term Dan just needs to lay a little low and let things cool down a bit so he can drop some mist and divert people’s attentions.

BTW, I love that Dan just tells it like it is, everyone had resigned to the fact that he was going and he decided he wants to stay. Doesn’t get simpler than that.


Didn’t Brittney chase Frank onto the store room promising him to vote out Dan??? She was just fine with Dan going home and Dan knew what she had done. I am not a Frank fan, but he deserves to be final 3 and duke it out. Ian and Brittney just got out played. This has been the best season since Dan was on it a few year back..


OH MY GOSH, BRITNEY SHUT UP YOUR LYING MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You, Shane and Ian threw Dan to the wolves and let him take all the blame and now you are mad because he saved himself by telling the truth!!! You turned your back on your alliance and Dan when Ian threw the Veto competition and didn’t give it a second thought. YOU ARE DISGUSTING and so is Shane!!!! GO DAN!!!!! All the way to the 500K I hope!!! Dan took so much crap from Boogie and Frank for your alliance and then the three of you toss him away like he is garbage. I HOPE YOUR CRYING LYING BIG FAT Mouth gets booted out on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You took the words right out of my mouth catnip!!!


Its strange that britt told Shane 2 times that she had joes vote but Shane never told her she had his. He just said of she went home he would get dan out. I wonder who he will vote to keep?


LOL, will Britney throw Danielle under the bus to save her ass, of course, her whole speech last night about how Danielle quit her job and left school to come here was garbage, Britney will throw Danielle under the bus just so she can stay.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Britney tells everyone Danielle is a nurse in 3…2…1…


When Britney finally figures out that Danielle is in on everything…it is going to hit the fan!!!! Then she will throw her under the bus, back up again, and do it again. It will get ugly if everyone finds out Danielle is in on it and they have been played hard. I can’t wait!


I like brit, she shouldn’t throw in the towel, she could easily get Shane, Joe and ian to vote for her to stay. Danielle annoys the crap out of me, with her major insecurities and always having to be the center of attention.


Anyone have any idea at all where Shane and Joe actually stand? I know everyone is just telling ever other person what they want to hear, but if anyone can weed thru the BS I’d love to know what they really think! Haha


Shane is being extremely non-committal about Brit having her vote and Joe says that whichever way Shane decides he will follow suit. Not looking too good for Brit right now.


Yes, where DOES he stand???? I have a feeling that Joe will follow Shane…would personally LOVE to see Brit, Shane, Joe, and Ian RUN THIS HOUSE. Hate Dan…he’s phony. Sorry, but during the veto competition from Pandora’s box, he showed his true colors. I get it’s a game, but I am too much of a Britney fan to overlook this. Come on, Shane…Danielle stinks!

Also, I think that CBS once again showed its colors and ultimate love for Orphan Annie. If they wanted Brit to stay, they would have had Jenn go first with the veto. But…as ALWAYS…gotta protect those luscious locks!! HATE CBS.


It wouldn’t have mattered if Jenn went first with her Veto. Frank knew what was going on, Jen goes first and pulls down Dan, Frank would just put up Ian to make him burn his veto, then put up Britney.

Personally I don’t know what I want to happen. If Brit goes I will certainly miss the humor she brings and the top notch scenery, but I think Danielle being there is better for Dan who I’m pulling for to win it all. It’s a loss either way.


Ian would NOT have gone up, POV holders are safe. As usual, I think production was the real one in charge if the veto ceremony by having Ian go first to let Frankie Stankie have his way.


Not a fan of Dan but that’s absolutely ridiculous.
He was the only one in danger of going home. His enemy was HoH. If anyone needed that Veto it was him so I don’t blame him for trying to get it no matter what.


Joe is voting for Brit to stay, so is Shane, but he might be swayed by Danielle the stalker.
Joe won’t be swayed, it’s do or die for him with the QP, even though he’s not a member
and is the first to go when they start targeting each other.


Ian won his veto first therefore he has to play his first

Red Lampshade

Britney’s doing exactly what she needs to do: get as much of the house against Frank and Dan as possible, and then work Joe and Shane hard.


So is Shane and Eagle Eye planning on voting for Crazy or Brit?

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

so funny how perceptions change in the house when one side knifes the other…and whether you are on the handle end or the blade end of the knife.

Britney and Shane… and pretty much everyone in the whack pack was fine letting Dan go home. Ian wasn’t even going to use the veto…and Dan was up for what IAN did! They threw him under the bus.

Now Dan is such a horrible person for saving his own ass?

Don’t get me wrong, Dan is a sleazeball…but he was also a sleazeball before when he was on the queef pack, and they had absolutely no problem with it.



Go Janelle!!! You got this girl!


Janelle is out retard. She went out last weak! Duhhhhh


Please let Britney stay.


NO, let Britney go to jury and take her whiny cry baby lying butt with her with her tail tucked between her legs!!!! GROW UP BRITNEY and give Dan credit for fighting to stay since the rest of his “SO-CALLED” alliance threw him under the bus and threw the competitions!!! YOU GOT PLAYED and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. J

Darn its nice to see that someone here knows the difference between thru, threw, and through. Just sayin… :)

Dr. J

Joe voted once for Janelle to stay and was on the block the following week and about sh*t himself all over. He was lucky he got out of it so now whoever is in power has his votes because he’s great at telling lies too. He’s running scared with absolutely no idea how to play this game at all. He’s be gone but there were a lot bigger things going on then to worry about loser Joe.


Joe is Adam 2.0 on CRACK/SPEED/PCP.


So basically Britney is upset that she’s going home instead of Dan. It’s funny.. if she was just as vocal about her alliance going on the block, maybe he wouldn’t have thrown her under the bus. She was happy he was going home and happier that she didn’t have to have the blood on her hands to do it. Sorry Brit.. Dan f*cked up your plan.


Britney is a smart girl, she knows she has been outplayed and has been royally scum-bagged, namely by Dan. I think she will fight and give it her best effort, but she probably knows by the way Shane and Joe are talking her chances are not looking good.

Ian and Shane fans better be on red alert in the coming weeks because the Dank train is speeding right towards both of their heads.


Alliances don’t win the money, you can’t split the 500k….either you fall on the sword for them or you push them on the sword…Yeah Dan sold them out, but would they all be so ready to fall down like they expected Dan to do in the same position??

Will Kirby is Greater than Dan

Dan played that smooth. It’s hard to fight with someone when they refuse to fight back.

William Kirby

could someone please explain to me how Dan got Jenn and Frank on board to save him????? is Dan legitamately working with frank know?? what the hell is going on? thnx


My idea? CBS. We all know they put their own two cents in…it’s the only thing I can think of! You don’t go from hating someone, swearing that you will get them out no matter what to agreeing to work with him. Nothing adds up except for the fact that CBS is working with (CUT TO TRIVIA TO AVOID BE EXPOSED).


I’ve often wonder if CBS controls this game, but how could you keep that many people from exposing them? I’ve always thought these games were rigged, and especially Survior, seems the ones hated the most always get to stay, but like I said how would they keep all the people to keep quiet about it?


The only way Frank can survive this is if he gets Shane’s vote,
he is not going to get Joe’s vote.


Brit say “I never once crossed you in the game.” How about when she went to Frank and said she and Shane would work with him? How about the Final 2 deal with Ian? What about starting the girl’s aliance? What about saying to everyone that Dan would be out the door. I would consider all of those not sticking to their final 5 deal.

Will Kirby is Greater than Dan

Yeah, the hypocrisy in these players is baffling. It seems we have an over abundance of self righteousness and a shortage of self awareness in that house. That being said, I don’t remember Dan having said anything hypocritical yet. Of course, I could have missed it.

Jen W

and when she told Mike & Frank that Dan was the one that sold them out & had Shane put them on the block????

Dr. J

I love that people are calling Dan the greatest of all time. The only problem I have with that is Dan went to Frank his morning to ask Frank what he should tell the others, etc. Frank and he swapped ideas and Dan is going to use Franks excuses of it all combined with a couple of his own. Now that is admirable for the #1 player to get off of the block but to ask one of the newest players what he should be telling people. I know they have to coordiante their stories but found that interesting. If people think back Frank and Boogie would talk very serious game talk all the time. Yes they fooled them but that was why I liked Frank because Boogie also took some of Franks advice to heart. What I’m saying here is Frank is not as dumb as people think he is. I read somewhere he graduated college with a pre med degree but wanted to take a year or two off before going. He is working for a company in FL promoting casinos I believe. Anyway I am happy Dan is off of the block and hope Frank and Dan are in F2. Either of them deserve it. BTW, I couldn’t stand Dan before this happend because I thought he was a huge floater like Brittney. I saw she was a little Bi**ch early on with little digs she made sometimes. Love her, she’s beautiful, funny and sadly leaving. It is after all just a game…


Frank is not working anywhere as that is what UNEMPLOYED means and seriously doubt Frank could box his way out of a paper bag!!! I would doubt that guy even finished high school and if he did finish college it was probably bought and paid for by his daddy!! Isn’t he like 27? That is taking way more than a year or two off!!


Britt is gone! She can tell some big lies. Lol. Knowing she was packing Dan bags to go. She was happy. Now he can help her
Pack her saddle. It’s worn out from her riding everyone’s back. Ow gettie up!


joe votes with the power so he is going to vote out britney and shane will vote out britney because he wants to play nice with frank….im pretty sure it will be a 4-1 vote

This week...

I’m hoping someone will send a plane over the house ratting Danielle out so they realize she is STILL with Dan


Yes some idiot is going to pay thousands of dollars to have a messenger plan fly over the bb house to deliver a message? LOL


It’s already been done, more than once. You must be a newbie.


Wait so does Britney have the votes? She has Ian’s. Shane and Joe will vote together and Joe says he’ll keep her. So I think she does, but you never know.


Shane and Joe already told Frank they were voting the way he wanted, Joe follows the power, and Shane knows he been carrying Brit since week 1, she’s a liability since she can’t win or protect him.


I’m hoping that at tonight Danielle gets pulled into the DR and production gives her specific instructions for a conversation she needs to have with Joe:

“Joe, I hate to put you on the spot but I really need your vote. I know you and Britney are tight, but I really want to stay and help you and Shane get Dan.”

“Well Danielle, I just don’t know yet.”

“I understand Joe, I would just hate for you to vote one way and then when you get home to your family and actually get to watch this season, end up regretting who you kept in the house. It would just be so wrong.”

“What are you talking about, Dani?”

“If I tell you you have to swear on your children’s lives that you never say I told you.”

“Sure, Dani…the Powerhouse’s word is his bond.”

“Britney is not who you think she is. A few weeks back she told the whole house that you were…uh…masturbating while all the girls were asleep in the other beds. I knew it was just more of her lies, but I was too shocked to say anything. I mean it’s clearly just a great big lie, but Brit brings it up all the time and calls you gross. Her and Ian laugh about it all the time. I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but if you kept her in the game and then saw how she talked about you, well I think you’d be beside yourself.”

And let a fresh round of fireworks ensue…

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.


I forgot about that.

Not only that, but Ian (Britney’s bitch) has been campaigning HARD to get rid of Joe for the past few weeks.


Uh Oh Powerhouse is on the move. What’s that Oh he’s drawing the line in the sand AGAIN. Better watch out this time he Means it TPH4L(sarcasm)

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

the line he draws is a circle around himself. He likes being a one man wolf pack but also being on the bottom of the totem pole to both alliances.


I think Shane is closer with Danielle than Britney at the end of the day… I doubt he will vote Danielle out. But there are still 3 days left, anything could happen.


I doubt it for one thing he thinks that danielle and dan are over that danielle can’t forgive him for what he did and that she doesn’t trust him. Also, he has a final 2 deal with her and thinks at the end she will take him over anyone else as for brit she has been playing all sides and i think shane will think that he has a better shot with her.


i sure when britney gets evicted janelle’s gonna happily say in her trademark janelle voice “KARMA, haha!!”


Well Dan was ‘all-in’ to backdoor Janelle, and Britney was 50-50. I don’t see how karma played a role,

Dannie Boy Rocks

Dan did not want to get rid of Janelle. He had to give in because he was the only one fighting against at first. So, he had to stop fighting so hard or else it would look too suspicious. Dan wanted an alliance with Janelle. Unfortunately, Danielle, Boogie and Frank stopped that from happening. Britney didn’t have to lie to Janelle about voting her out. She could have told Janelle something being that they were suppose to be friends.


Why are they pissed at Dan when they know he did what he did to save himself from them evicting him?

Carol & Steve

It’s going to be an interesting week. I applaud Dan’s hail mary play – the most important thing was to get off the block, the rest of the details can be worked out later. He didn’t do anything that anyone else would to make it another week. I love that he refuses to argue, let’s everyone get their anger out instead.

Can’t wait for BBAD later & Thu s/b lots of fun either way. :)

billy bob

all production has to do is offer joe a trip r something to talk shane to keep production do your job keep brit,lol


Am I the only one who wants Brit to stay just for the simple fact that she is smoking hot?


Piease get rid of MonoTone Dan and Dufus Frank what a couple of bores!

Christine MacInnis

Dan strikes me as a masochistic sociopath with pedophile tendencies. I’m not trying to be funny or be an asshole, I’m quite serious. He reminds me of those teachers in school who hang around the girls just a little “too” much. They want to “help” them just a little too much. Just a little “too” friendly. But always hold back just enough to get off without being caught and all the while hiding behind their Religion / bible. He’s a creep and kinda dangerous in my books. Outside the BB house.

Frank is just a loud buffoon who most likely suffers from bad body odor and halitosis. And not too bright.
Joe should be sent to Jenny Craig and then sent to hell.
Ian is a classic nerd…see all the movies.
Danielle is simply a flake.
Shane is a guy who is in great shape. I can’t imagine he can remember how to spell his first and last names correctly.
Britney is a southern bitch but at least she has sense of humor.
Jenn…..who’s Jenn again ..oh right…ummm? Most boring “Rocker” lesbian like EVER?!

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Wow. Dan a Pedophile? Dan is a sleazeball, but at 27, he is pretty close in age to the females in the house.


Spoken like a teacher in jail for having sex with her students. What’s the saying,”it takes one to know one”.

Christine MacInnis

In fact I was a student in that situation and it is so familiar to me. The game for Dan is a real as his life outside as anything. Maybe you should take the pole out of your ass and wait and see. He is a fraud in the game and the life outside.


And Christine MacInnis is a person who has just judged a person’s outside life based on what happens inside a game show where everyone’s playing for themselves, when you have absolutely no idea who or how he really is outside the game. How his game translates to ‘masochistic sociopath with pedophile tendencies’ I have no idea.


dannnnn is the mannnnn


Wow, way to add absolutely nothing to the discussion.


Get rid of Bozo Dufus Frank and MonoTone Dan they are such bores!


Wow…is Britney that deluded?! Or is she just a big hypocrite. She’s done all kinds of things to make sure she get further in the game. For one, throwing Dan’s name under the bus and making a deal with Frank just this week. So it’s funny that she can ask Dan what she’s done to him. And yes Brintey, while you were working on your multiple take coached DRs and tanning in your little bikinis bitching about everything and everyone, Dan OUTPLAYED your ass. Accept it and move on. STILL….I do think Brintey is safe. Danielle should go home this week. I doubt Shane, Joe and Ian will vote for Danielle.


I don’t get it either it is like Shane, Ian and Brit expected Dan to except his fate and not even try which i don’t get. As for the votes I don’t know he has been aligned with brit since the begining but he also has a final 2 deal with danielle and if memory serves shane told danielle that if it came down to her and brit he would chose her he doesn’t have a final 2 deal with her. As for joe he hasn’t made any moves in this house he promised brit but he also told frank he would vote the way he wants.


If Ian’s veto was going first, did the HGs know this? Or was it a last minute production change. Cos if they knew, If I was Frank I would have told Ian…let’s make a deal…you take Danielle off and I’ll put up Joe….but in truth he would put up Shane. Then Jenn takes off Dan and Britney goes up. Then Frank knows he controls the vote for sure in Danielle, Dan and Jenn voting out Britney. NOW….I doubt he controls the vote. I think Danielle will go home.

DDBS ftw

I was shocked they didn’t think of that either..


Dan is cool with mindf**king Daniel because when he goes home he will confess everything to his priest, then say 10 hailmarys and 2 ourfathers…I hope the priest asks for 10 percent of his winnings instead.


why is everyone hatin’ on dan?? please britney has done just as much or more talking behind peoples backs and scheming, not to mention joe and ian…. just because dan tries to save himself in a GAME people on here are mad at him?? please tell me you wouldn’t do the same, this game is not about integrity, and none of the players have it… it’s a game, its big brother so stop making it out like dan is some evil …. dan is the mannnnnnnnnnn, biggest move in bb history

Carrot Top

Ring ringggg ringggg ringggg….Hey Boogie, it’s me Frank….We took out the girl who got played by the brigade….Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


i have so much favourites in the house DAN / SHANE / BRITNEY/ IAN … i love britney but she did the same thing to janelle but when dan does it he’s satan …

britney needs to seal that vote from joe and tell him danille said when he use the bathroom he doesnt wash his hands and cooks food and its unhealthy

but she better hope danille doesnt say britney told the whole house joe was masturbating total drama island in bbh


Dan has no intention he needed Jenn to do dirty work Frank cant play in 2 hoh so if Dan pulls this off and get out Frank by pretending not to put him up Frank will believe he will be safe and than WHAM backdoor Dan likes kkeping his cards close but als bluffing watch mark my word next week he want to be next to Jennn or Joe in final Duh

William Kirby

still have no clue why Frank decided to save dan unless dan was really able to explain to frank how Ian was the rat all along and frank believed him. which is the truth, Dan never deserved the ridicule he got from boogie and frank for what Ian did. Ian deserves to get booted, not sure how voting out britney helps frank more than getting rid of Dan. frank better get tight with dan and shane to survive without playing in the next 2 hoh’s


Oh my gosh Britney! You don’t go into the house just trying to do nice things to everyone and never hurting anyone and being best friends forever, rainbows, etc. It’s a GAME, when will Britney get it? Hmm. Never. Ah well. GO DAN!!!!!! :)


I am Praying to Dan’s God that Danielle gets evicted. I WILL F-ING LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!!!!!!! She thinks she is playing everyone and has everyone in her hand, if she goes home, I will do CARTWHEELS.


that would be sooo funny she would cry alot again haha