Big Brother Spoilers Funeral Aftermath Dan to Danielle “I Just saved us both”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 1 week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments

9:11pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle

Dan: “I Just saved us both”
Daneille: “You broke my heart.. you humiliated me in front of the whole house..I would have gone home for you.. ”
Dan: “I’m sorry I had to do it.. We have a real chance now”
Daneille: “Can you at least give me a forewarning Next Time”
Dan: “No because you won’t cry… your response has to be genuine”
Danielle: “You are a sick person Dan Gheesling.. the whole house is mad at you.. What did you do upstairs”
Damn: “I made it work but is all depends on Jenn”
Danielle: “what did you do”
Dan: “I just made an alliance with you, Jenn and Frank”
Danielle: “You broke my heart.. If Jenn can get past her lovers rage we can make this work“
(Dan thinks Jenn has a crush on Danielle)
Dan: “Regardless if I go home he is going to take care of you… he just needs Jenn to pull the trigger”
Danielle: “I had an asthma attack… I was hyperventilating”
Dan: “That all made it believable” Dan explains that he contemplated not letting loose on Danielle because he was worried Jenn would become pissed but he knew he could never sell it to Frank unless he cur Danielle loose

Dan explains that he told Frank that Danielle was supposed to throw the veto but she didn’t went and got the points. Dan: “I said you backstabbed me”
Dan: “this gave us a sliver of hope”
Danielle: You used my emotions as strategy”
Dan: “Honestly did you think I was going to lay down before the veto meeting and not take a shot”
Danielle: “I didn’t think it was going to be like that”

Dan says that Ian will never use the veto on him no matter how much Dan stuck his neck out for him. Frank wants him out.

Danielle: “What does Frank know about where we stand”
Dan: “You have to understand I made a final 2 deal with Frank..”
Dan wants her to know he fully trusts her and he knows that Danielle was more loyal to him than anyone else has been in this game.
Dan says if POV is played then BRitney will be going up and she is the new target.

Dan: “you really think I want Frank to win this game.. what is he going to do with the money.. what are you going to do with the money.. think about it”
Dan know he will not win the money regardless of who he is up against but if he can get his played and him to the final 2 that is worth it and that is what he’s been trying for all along”

Dan: “I wish we had an alliance name..”
Danielle: ‘now you are asking me to turn on Britney and Shane “
Dan :”no we’re covered”

Dan: “One thing that makes me different in this game is I can play everyone’s emotions it doesn’t bother me.. I don’t know why”

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9:53pm HOH Frank and Jenn

Frank tells her it’s been Ian all along working for both sides.
Frank: “Would you use the veto on dan tomorrow.. you me, Dan and Danielle”
Jenn: “Ohh my God.. who will you put up Britney?”
Frank: “Ya.. Dan was actually mad at Daneille.. she was suppose to throw the POV ”
Jenn: “This is going to look so obvious”
Frank: ‘Ian has been working with them from Day one selling us out”
Frank: “heres the deal you and dan are going to vote out Britney.. and we are going to trick Joe into voting out Britney”
Frank wants ian gone.. “We got to do this for Mike”
Jenn: “it sucks I kinda wanted to keep these girls around”
Jenn: “I need your word”
Frank: “You know you got it”
Jenn: “I’m ready to do it”
Jenn really doesn’t want Dan in the game but she trusts Frank.
Jenn: “I’m real sorry Mike had to go”
Frank: “And it’s all Ian’s Fault”

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10:08pm Arcade Frank and Daneille

Frank: “I just talked to Jenn she’s going to use it”
Danielle: “How did you convince her..”
Frank: “I told her what Dan Said about Ian”

Britney explains that everyone in the house is scared sh!tless of Dan the vote will be 5-0. Joe was freaking out he was worried that Dan rat out the headhunters. Britney: “I forgot that i’m in that Alliance”

Danielle: “what are people saying”
Britney: “that Dan was up here making a deal with Frank”
Danielle: “I have no idea what was said up here”
Danielle is crying and playing it up saying Britney thinks Dan and Her are not on good terms.
(WOW entire house flipped in what… 3 hours. so many scenarios of what can happen)

10:11pm HOH Cam 1-2 Jenn and Danielle
Jenn you are ready to do this.. Danielle: ‘I’m 100%”

Looks like Danielle is 100% down with getting Britney out this week. Jenn: “Does Shane and BRitney know what is going on with Ian” Danielle: “Yes”
Jenn: “Dan pulled a F****** rabbit out of his A$$”

Britney joins them.. Danielle is saying that Dan is still really mad at her for the veto. Chit chat for a bit.. Jenn heads downstairs.

Britney breathing heavy.. . Britney: “You can’t tell Jenn that Shane and I were going to use the veto.. because she’s super tight with Frank”

Britney asks for specific about why Dan is upset with her.

10:43pm HOH Cam 1-2
Britney breaks down how ridiculous Dan is being if he’s getting mad at her for throwing the POV.
Britney: “You are on the block to Danielle.. You quit your job for this show. “
Britney: “what a self righteous douche bag”

11:02pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Jenn
Jenn: “You got to keep me safe Dan.. you got to keep Danielle save”
Dan: “I swear to god you are safe.. I swear to god I will never vote against Danielle”
Jenn says she took a whole summer of slop he better not be screwing with her.

Jenn leaves.. Dan talks to the camera “This might be my finest hour EVER in this house”

11:18pm Cam 1-2 Dan in the bedroom

Tweet my wife chelsia and tell her to go to church for me cause I’m going to be in trouble after what I just pulled.. The entire house is in a rage.. I just got to survive the next 12 hours i’ll be on the block working with Frank. “

Frank comes in and explains to Dan what he said Jenn. Dan is shocked that Frank was able to talk her into it because when he came out of the Diary Room jenn looked like she was going to kill him

Dan is worried what they are going to be saying after he gets off the block.
Frank needs time to think about it frank leaves.

11:44pm Cam 3-4 Britney, Ian and Joe hot tub

Ian is worried.. Britney says shes a little shocked that all Dan told Frank in the HOH was that he had his jury vote.
Ian and Joe both agree that Frank wins the game if he goes to final 2. Joe: “That is by far the most amazing show of something I can’t figure it out.. that doesn’t compare at all with Willie.. this is an entire different league than Willie”
Ian: “I can’t figure out what he’s doing..”
Joe: “maybe Joe is right maybe he is a mastermind”
Britney: “Maybe he wants us to have this conversation”
Ian: “Maybe we should keep Dan for the final 2 because everyone hates him.. “
they all start laughing.
Ian wonders if maybe Dan made a mistake and overreacted. Joe: “He had 24 hours to figure out what he was going to say.. that was all planned”

11:57pm Cam 1-2 Shane and Danielle
Danielle sticks with the story says that Dan is mad at her and she’s embarrassed and sad about it all.
Shane is saying that if he wins HOH he’s going to put up Joe and Ian and if POV is played than they will backdoor Frank. Shane is still on board with the quackpack.

Danielle: “I just don’t trust dan”
Shane: “DAN?”
Danielle: “ohh ya Dan is going ” (LOL )
Danielle: “I can’t believe Dan did that to me.. ”

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Here’s how I see Dan’s strategy.

If Frank takes this deal and Shane or Britney leave this week, Dan will stay true to it the following week and target the other of the two out, however since Frank is unelligible to compete in 2 HOH’s, Dan might find the chance to rally everyone into targeting him that week, hopefully take out Frank, then easily take out Ian, Jenn and Joe, thus having Dan and Danielle in the final two and have a toss-up win to either Dan and Danielle depending on how the Jury feels about the two.


Dani does not deserve to be in the final two. All she does is cry and pull the “oh pity me routine”. She seems like a desperate and insecure person.


Dan is a absolute mastermind!


If Dan pulls this off I think he will be the best player that has ever played this game surpassing Dr Will period.

Team Ian Big Dog

Hope Ian is wise enough to see what has happened and use the veto to pull Dani off the block. Frank puts up Britt and Jenn caves. Dan is left on the block. Shane, Joe, Ian vote Dan out the door. Britt is saved. Hate to watch a show were a guy like Frank who can make racial remarks about Jenn turn around and use her for his advantage. Too bad Boogie and the viewers are the only ones who heard his rants. Boy will she look foolish after she finds out about this after the show. Frank really showed his true colors.

Team Ian Big Dog

And to think the so called “Good Guy” Dan is willing to work with a pig like him. So much for that “Good Guy” image.


I don’t think Dan really has any intention of working with Frank. He’s willing to walk hand-in-hand with the devil (that’s Frank) if it means staying in the game. He’ll manipulate whoever is in power next week to take him out k. I can’t wait! Dan is amazing for trying to pull this one off! Hope he succeeds!

give the carrot 500G's!!!!!!!!

you obviously dont watch the live feeds….. this morning dan a gave a monologue to the camera about his intentions….. prepare for disappointment…. FINALLY I can root for Dan!!!!

Frank and Dan……. there are renegades in chilltown baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

give the carrot 500G's!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAH cmon FRANK….. haters gonna hate…. if he was so “racist” Jenn wouldnt be working with him….. the world has gotten way too sensitive…. to root for a backstabbing little perv… (asking ash for a handjob before he votes her out– check the headlines if you think thats wrong) … its funny how you guys pedestal a self proclaimed villain (he told Dan he would rip his face off, and root against Frank the BB champ….. has ANYONE got off the block 5 times….???

Frank is the king…. no one is playing his mental game…. he already suspected ian, and had boogie been a bit smarter the whole team would still be there and BBDS would be long gone…

Frank deserves it more than any competitor to walk through those doors…..

Hate on HATERS!!!

Capt. Obvious

Uh..Dr. Will never sat by passively while an alliance of his made a move too early to evict somebody he was working with and somebody he needed to stay in the house as cover and then be so far up shit creek that he had to stage a public attack of his closest ally.

Don’t get me wrong, Dan is a great player…but he’s still operating out of desperation and will really need Frank moving forward.

Dr. Will is still the gold standard was always 3 steps ahead of everybody. He has no peers.


I don’t know he might be tied with dr. will to be fair he told the entire house he hated them and vote me out and made it to final 4 , and still won season 2 with
his shocking final speech


Dan is a Huge Lair!!! He swore on the bible and his marriage! That doesnt make you the Greatest player in BB. This game was supposed to be people cut of from the outside world competing in comps, best player wins. Now its just fly under the radar, lie your ass off and collect a check.


Dan was not lying. He was telling the entire truth about the quack pack and what ian was doing.

Dan's family

Dan IS lying. He told Boogie & Frank that he never rat’s anyone out. Well, son, you just did that to your whole team, or alliance as you call it in the BB house. What kind of coach are you? We’re ashamed & hope you are reading that Bible for real when your ass is sent to that jury house soon!


You must be so used to the BB days of Jeff, Jordan, Lollipops and Daffodils…sorry this is the way Big Brother is actually meant to be played!!! Lying is part of the core of this game, it s par for the course or why would people think Dr Will is the best to ever play it? Though if Dan pulls this off he will be pulling in a veeeery close second.


There are two parts to this that raise eyebrows…or at least should.

1. Why did Dan have to pull that trigger so earlier. Wouldn’t you wait until after the veto ceremony to have your funeral, when it was truly a done deal. There’d still be plenty of time for it (2 days worth). So if anyone still had a brain…OK I know we’re talking about the likes of Joe, Jenn, Nurse BatSh*t and Shane, but come on Brit can’t you see that doing it this early must be a major ruse. Guess that will become obvious soon.

2. Do we really believe Dan wants a final two with Frank? I’d love to see them fight it out with the rest of the house to the end like that, but I do have this part that wants to call Bullsh*t. Dan could be just playing Frank so he stays to go QPacking again. Time will tell. If he goes that route it would be nice if as a trade off for being saved he managed to keep Frank safe for the next two weeks while Frank is on the HOH sidelines. But that’s not so likely in this ‘return from the dead’ scenario Dan is working if he just snowed Frank.

So here’s hoping that Dan & Frank start to square off with Shane & Ian and let’s see who will follow whom. Looks like (which is always the kiss of death) that Dan, Frank, Jenn & Nurse BatSh*t will start together, with Shane, Ian & maybe Joe on the other side. Here’s where that sucks…for the vote to dump Brit once again Chef UrineHands is the swing vote.

We all remember how fun it was to have Chef UrineHands pontificate all week about his “no deal” position on Boogie. Unless Shane decides he can’t restrain himself and sides with Nurse BatSh*t…but Brit will probably twist him her way. I can hear Shane Hammerhead now: “Wow, this is really tough what do I do?” which translates into whoever talks to him last gets his final: “Uh, yeah, uhuh, right, yep, sure” Oh well, that’s the price to pay to watch this type of play.


Dan separates lying in the game and lying outside the game. Most people would. And what was being referred to was the accusation that he swore on the Bible that he was telling the truth but then lied. That didn’t happen. What he revealed while swearing on the Bible was completely true. He outed Ian and the QP.


When Dan told Frank and Boogie that he never did therefore, he wasn’t lying. For how long is Dan suppose to protect Ian. All of you are hating on Dan for going against his alliance but if it wasn’t for Dan Ian would have been torn to shreds by Boogie and Frank. And now that Ian can save Dan…where is he?? He’s not standing up and trying to help him NOOOOOO he wants him out because Dan can f**k up his game!!!


Dan would have gone because of the quack pack. How could he not throw Ian under the bus!

Dannie Boy Rocks

I totally agree. Dan had to do what he had to do. I think he is being honest with Frank. An alliance with Frank and Dan is epic. This is so freakin awesome. Now all the Frank fans and Dan fans can unite. Let’s go Renegade!


Frank is not apart of chilltown or the renegades a.dr. will decides who is in chilltown b. memphis gets jealous


Sorry John…..more to it than cut off from the outside world and competing for this or that….its also about people thrown together for months that know nothing about one another and how this type of living arrangement and the chance at winning 500K, will change a person…their morals and character and to what levels each person is willing to change and to what degree they will go to effectively get to the end. The development of social skills with others and depending on your own ability to trust in others that may or may not be lying, conniving, or just plain bullshitting are parts of testing ones normal human behavior. Sorry…but lying and swearing to false truths is all part of it. THAT is what makes it so interesting to watch. Ole Sigmund Freud would have loved BB.

Nicky Brand

Dan rules!! Britney has been my favorite all year, but this is such evil genius that I can’t help but love it. Foreget Frank and his boring string of comp wins. This is what Big Broher is about!!


I hate Danielle, she is such an idiot.


My dream scenario is that when all this goes down somehow the votes go to Brit to stay and Danielle walks out the door a basketcase.
I love that Dan pulled this shit off but I still want Brit around, she is the humor of the house.
Plus it will pretty evenly split the house with the remaining HGs and then the REAL war starts!


Ian will save Britney…Dan knows this and this is his plan to save all 4 DDBS members.


I was kinda hoping that too H8ter. I am not sure if that is his real long term objective or if he really will not betray Frank.
The order of the VETO play is gonna be huge though, Frank seems to think Ian will be going first.
I don’t know, it’s all crazy and I am loving it.

Dan's family

Our son’s not thinking about those other quackers right now. He just wants to stay in with Frank so he can still be friends with Mike Boogs. Booger, or something like that, when he gets out. You know, that fine up standing Christian man, that other fellow that was reading the Bible. I think Mike has some extra special powers, he was reading that Bible upside down.


Dan has just pulled off the biggest turn around in BB history mastermind in-deed


no Ian has to use his veto before Jenn and he has no idea what is going on. He will say he isnt using his veto, and then Jenn will use hers to take Dan off and Brtiney goes up. Even if Ian goes second to jenn, which they said wasnt the case, then they’ll just put up Ian, forcing him to use his pov to save himself, and then put up Britney. It’s not that big of a deal.


You are absolutely right. Ian will not be able to to use his veto to save Brit, it will be too late. Brit needs to go. She was picking her face and nosing around big time last night. All up Danielle’s you know what. If Brit goes, it will break up her little group of Shane and Ian.

Dan, you’re brilliant! Don’t know if it’ll work, but it is by far the biggest twist ever!


That’s why I thought the better approach was to rope in Ian with the idea that Dan was broken and would be easy to get later, thus now was the time for Joe to go based on what Dan had shared with Frank (BS I know)

You know how bad Ian wants Joe gone so he’d jump on it. He’d even take Dan down to make sure Joe would be the only one anybody would want gone (not Nurse BatSh*t).

Then when he pulls Dan off, Frank puts up Brit with a comment to Ian like: “There ya go little buddy…Boogie says we’re even”


Can’t stand Britney!! She is the biggest backstabber in this game and almost as big a liar as Frank, who I cannot stand, but I hope this works because I LOVE DAN!!!!!!!!!! Why was Frank disqualified from playing in the POV? Was he caught cheating again?


I would love that too, but I don’t see a scenario where Brit gets the votes to stay. Jenn and Dan – won’t vote against Dani, Ian – won’t vote against Brit, Joe – will do whatever Frank tells him to do, probably votes against Brit, Shane, will be tortured over how to vote, there are pros and cons. If Joe does what Frank and Dan want, it won’t matter. Dani has the votes to stay. The only way Brit would stay is if Joe and Shane both vote to keep her.


Why did Frank and Dan say they would put Britney up. They need to put Ian up


Ian still has a veto.


Who cares now it will nto be any good after the veto show…Ian has seal his own fate by not telling Dan he would help him….


Ian still has that veto in his back pocket that he can use.


With the Veto Ball, Ian is safe for the week.


I think that Ian is immune –he got the other veto from pandora’s box


Ian has the Pandora’s Box Veto so he would just save himself.


As JLON was so kind to point out yesterday; she said that is not possible…here is her full quote:

JLON says: 5.2

August 26, 2012 at 11:58 am

one thing wrong with your plan veto winners are immune from being replacement noms… so keep dreaming and dont let the fall back to reality hurt your ass

for being a BB fan ( enough of one to be on this site) yo really dont know the rules too well do you]


Homeless Tattoo Rocker Chick has found a home and a name!!! It’s Veto holding, game changing, JENNNNNNNNN!!! For floating to the end, she’s found one hell of a final four with Frank, Dan and her main girlfriend Danielle!!! DO YOU FEEL THE MIST??? AWESOME =D


This is epic.


HOLY SHIT!!! I wasn’t a Dan fan at first but he is amazing…

Dannie Boy Rocks

Welcome aboard. My boy Dan is pure genius. He totally rocks.


Which ceremony is going to happen first Ian’s or Jenns ? Because if Franks nominates Britany Ian can take her down then he will have to put shane up


Ian’s is First! so he will not use the POV than Jenn goes up and uses it on DAN and thus Frank putting the final nails in Britney’s Coffin!


Thanks @Real, that clears it up for me.
I had a feeling Frank would listen to Dan….nobody else asked Frank for anything…he asked them for everything.

billy bob

but if britney tells shane about trey and shes a nurse he might vote for brit to stay,and if joe is smart he will know they made a final 4 and vote daniel out,


Ian has 2 weeks to use his veto just like always with PB. He just can’t tell anybody just like always with PB. Dan and Brit aren’t going anywhere! Never forget what the object of this game is, RATINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i was thinking the same thing? does anyone know the specific rules for the double vetoes? because then i’d assume shane would go up and i dont think anyone would want to keep dan over shane.


He’ll have to nominate Ian so Ian will have to use it on himself…enter Britney (insert evil laugh here) Bwaaaaaahahahahahha

Carol & Steve

I believe Ian’s is first! I believe even Frank mentioned that Ian would go first.

Carol & Steve

Shane told Dan before his funeral that he didn’t think he could trust Brit. So I think by Thu they can have Shane and/or Joe’s vote & Britwill be gone!

Dannie Boy Rocks

I sure hope it goes down that way. Britney has been trying to play Dan all along. She’s really been trying to be sneaky with Ian. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when Dan comes off the block and she goes up in his place. Dan you are the master of Big Brother.


I didnt think any thing could top Julie telling Boogie that it was Ian who sold him out, but if Dan can pull this off….wow.


Are they forgeting ian would just take brit down once shr up

Jen W

Ian has to go first


We don’t actually know that do we? Do we even know that Ian’s has a time specified?

Jen W

I heard one of the HG’s say that he had to go first. Sorry, cant remember who or when I heard it


Think it was Jenn on BB ad. I’m positive it was said on ad though.


Yeah then they just backdoor Shane! Cut off Britneys workhorse! I love to look at the girl but it not like she is doing to get her hands dirty she has to many alliance to actually make a move.


I agree, I can’t stand Britney. She has alliances with everyone, never wins anything and never gets her hands dirty. She also hasn’t been nominated yet and annoys the crap out of me. I hope she gets put up and voted out this week, it would be the best move yet!


Hopefully she will get out of jury and watch the feeds realizing what a shallow negative pathetic looser she is. If we are really lucky she will see the way she treated people and will take her own life so that she can never bring anyone down ever again.


How could you wish something like that on someone? Are you crazy? I hope you are trolling because it is NOT that serious…..


Having good relationships with people and getting others to eliminate threats sounds like good gameplay.


I knew Dan would work his magic!! If he pulls this off (and I’m sure he will) he deserves to win again!! Nobody can say he’s a floater! If you do…your as dumb as Frank ; )

As for Ian using the veto on Brit…they just have to tell him if he does then he becomes the target next week.


Wow, just wow…Dan has always been one of my favorites and he is proven again why. Wow! Dan FTW!!


nothing is sealed yet even if jenn uses it because shane ian and joe can vote danielle out


Shane has final 2 deal with Shane, Shane will keep her


OH MY GAWD! If Dan pulls this off, sorry…he’s better than Dr. Will. WTF just happened. And Boogie and Frank are 100% right if this works, Dan might seem like a nice guy but he’s one sly mofo, Goodness gracious. Business is about to pick up ladies & gentlemen.


If Dan stays this week, I still have Dr. Will ahead of him because Will was a target pretty much every week in S7 and Dan had four weeks of protection this season. However, this is now a very real conversation if Dan stays this week. If Dan wins it again… wow. No arguments needed.


I think when Dr.Will played the game he was one of a kind. But since then I think BB casts more schemers and game players. Not taking anything away from Dr. Will but I think it might be tougher for him these days. I agree Dan did have the 4 wk pass. But like you said, if he wins again….goodness. Case closed.


I’ll even say if he gets Final 3, the conversation tilts in Dan’s favor since Will was out Final 4 during Season 7.


This is one hell of a good plan that Dan cooked up.
We know he CAN be good with his word, carrying Memphis to the final 2.
I’d like to see Frank get a few more people on his side then just himself.
I’m tired of seeing Shane (Brit’s lapdog) do whatever she tells him to do.
She’s nice to look at, but she’s by no means a Legend of the game.

However, Dr. Will will always be #1.

Let me NERD out here for a second.

On Season 2, there was no PoV’s, he never won an HoH (he hardly ever tried), he was nominated 4 times, and he still won.

In All Stars, didn’t win a single PoV or HoH (never tried for the most part), was nominated twice, had the most epic Veto speech of all time where he told everyone he hated them all, facilitated nearly everyone’s eviction, and, with Boogie, brought his 2 person alliance to the Final 4.

He went 0 for 22 in HoH’s.
He went 0 for 11 in PoV’s.
And he’s the best manipulator of all time.

Dr. Will hands down.

Top 5 currently are: Dr. Will , Evel Dick , Boogie , Dan , Janelle

I haven’t been a fan of Dan this season, but if he can bring this alliance of Jenn, Danielle, and Frank to the finals, then he’ll leap frog ED and Boogie in 1/2 a second.

End of Rant


Dr.Will is very over rated….weak sauce players his season and rode everyone to final 4 in all-stars.


LMAO.. This is just sooo wrong, Dr. Will is the best ever. Anyone who has watched BB 1-14 knows that.


You are right! Dr. Will is the best player ever! I miss him! He could lie and manipulate, and yet it was always funny!


Ah man H8er you should definitely check out 2 and 7.
It’s clear you haven’t seen them yet.
Either that or you just have a personal vendetta against Chill Town.
You should really try to be unbiased.
You’re just making yourself look bad.


Season 2 was the origin of BB as we all know it today. EVERYONE was trying to figure the game out since it changed so drastically from Season 1. Will figured out a game that hasn’t been duplicated to that level of success since.

Your Season 7 comment would be valid had he and Boogie not manipulated essentially all evictions (aside from his own) in their favor. Winning comps isn’t everything, as Janelle has proven three times now.


But this is also franks best option because dan will hold up his end to at least the final 4 which is a better spot then he would have been in 3 hours ago. Frank was pretty much out the door after dan. Brit is getting a taste of her own medicine she lied to janelle and she tried to throw dan under the bus. I guess we know that danielle’s loyalty’s are with dan she is now lying to brit. Best move ever the fact that the others didn’t think dan would sell them out is dumb on there part.


I agree with you. It is best for Frank because they were going to try every thing in their power to get Frank out. At least he may (I use that loosely) have reprieve from being one the block for a week. Dan is the Devil dressed in a Angel costume with his tail peeking through. What’s sad is they know this they have watched him in action. Unfortunately for Frank he has no options. I have never seen one person stabbed in the back so many times and Live to Tell. Ian’s Evil Master plan just backfired on him. I can’t wait to see the look on his little face when this all goes down he then will know that he is next. Dan love him or hate him (I used to love him) He is a Genius if he pulls this off. Go Frank!!


Frank does deserve some credit for accepting this deal. People on here thought his hatred towards Dan was blinding, but he is proving that he will do whatever it takes to get to F2.

In reference to Dan, this move is not that epic. All he did was rat out his alliance to the current HOH and play off the emotions of dani (which isn’t difficult). It’s not like he had many options. It was pretty much his only play. Ian an joe have been ratting all game, are they epic players as well?


Danielle and Jenn are talking, they are convinced to roll with Frank and Dan. Holy Crap!!!!!! Dan is the best. Danielle better not blow this……..


No kidding, and Nurse BatSh*t has the skills to screw it up…just look at this convo:

Shane is saying that if he wins HOH he’s going to put up Joe and Ian and if POV is played than they will backdoor Frank.
Shane is still on board with the quackpack.

Danielle: “I just don’t trust dan”
Shane: “DAN?”
Danielle: “ohh ya Dan is going ” (LOL )
Danielle: “I can’t believe Dan did that to me.. ”

Say that to anyone but Shane Hammerhead or for that matter let it be recounted to Brit and there will be major alarms going off.


This game is about to get crazy.


LOL and people thought Dan was not even a top 5 player, this move alone solidifies him as number 2 and possibly number 1….SHUT DAMN@!!!!@!@!!


WOW….is Dan going to be loyal to Frank, Jenn and Danielle?

Mrs Dan gheesling

I knew Dan would get out of this mess!


Dan is officially the second best player ever.
And Frank is the stupidest player ever.


it doesn’t make frank stupid, why not team up with dan, britney shane joe and ian want him out
he can’t trust any of them


Exactly. Some ppl just don’t see that this is the best move for frank as well.


And people say Dan is overrated. He just pulled a rabbit out of his A$$. That’s unbelievable.


The man is a fu&^ing genius!!


I’ve been on team Dan since Bb10, but I will be the first to admit I was starting to doubt if Dan could get out of this one…if he does this, then he deserves to win twice!

Mrs Dan gheesling

If Ian takes Brit down then Shane takes one for the team.


Damn it, Sunday nights always keep me up late because good shit goes down.


How this is going to work:
Jenn uses veto to take down Dan.
Frank puts up Ian.
Ian uses his veto on himself, put up Britney.



kudos to Dan for pulling that off, quite the move, he is one the of the best of all time!


Please let this happen, SAVE DAN!!!


It will be interesting to see how Britney will try to talk her way out of eviction after the veto ceremony goes down. What about Ian’s veto, though?



Head of Household

Ian is going to pull Brit down! Are they idiots?

Just saying

Ian has to decide before Jen. once Ian says “I’ve desided not to use it,” it’s over for Britney.


Ian goes first…


OOH! It all makes sense now. Thanks for clearing that up!


That is exactly what I keep thinking… How has Frank already forgotten that the reason Ian wasn’t going to use the veto was to protect Brit. Ian and Brit have a final 2 deal.

Also I was thinking the likelihood would then be that Dani and Shane were on the block with Dan, Brit, Joe, Jen, and Ian voting and honestly I think Dani would go home. Brit and Ian would for sure keep Shane and Joe swore he’d jump in front of a bus for Shane so….Dan might save himself but screw his partner.

Though I will say for pulling this off Dan’s probably the best that’s ever played (at least Top 3).

Head of Household

How do you guys know Ian goes first? I heard that Ian goes during the live show….but who knows, I’ve received a lot of unreliable information lately.

Head of Household

Here’s the thing: production gets what they want.
1) What is more appealing: a 2 (Ian and Shane) vs. 4 (Frank Dan Danielle Jenn) (and then floater Joe, depending on HoH winner)
Or, 3 (Ian Shane Britt(Which are all liked HGs)) vs. 3 (Jenn Dan Frank) (then Joe)

The answer is the latter, saving Brit.

2) Who would production rather loose: 1) Former America’s Favorite HG Britney or 2) Ridiculed stalker-esque Danielle.

The latter, saving Brit.

Production has proved to us that they get what they want. And even if Ian was supposed to go before Jenn (which I doubt, two veto ceremonies in a row is rather odd) Production will tell Ian he was misinformed and his veto ceremony will suddenly be live on Thursday Night, saving Brit Brit. The replacement is obviously Shane.

Jenn: votes to evict Shane
Dan: votes to evict Shane
Britney: votes to evict Danielle
Ian: votes to evict Danielle
Joe (the swing): I have no clue. But I predict Britney will be campaigning and as Shane as the replacement, he will vote to evict Danielle.

Official Prediction: Danielle evicted this week.
(Believe me, there is a little bit of hope and bias in the post)




wow…dan just signed danielle’s eviction!!! they are crazy if they think brit cant rally shane and joe to vote to keep her. just by telling shane and joe dan came clean to frank about the quack pack is enough!!!

dumb move…he should have tried to get ian evicted….


How Ian is safe this week he has veto and if he went of block he would take himself off. It was a great move! He just saved his ass for a sure eviction!

Swim golden

Shane will vote to save Danielle over Britney without a doubt!


Dan is a LEGEND…for him to just make even Frank CONSIDER of him not LEAVING is more than brilliant def top 3 BB Player of all time!!!


Or it just shows you that Frank is willing to explore all options in this game. He sees alot of angles, and before the information that Dan gave up, he actually thought he could trust Britney and Shane to keep an alliance with him after Dan left, which behind his back they were talking of getting rid of him since he can’t play in the next 2 HOHs. Frank just locked up a final four with someone who swore on the Bible and sold out his old alliance. Franks chances of getting farther (maybe not winning) but getting further with Dan are way better than with Britney and Ian and Shane. ….And that makes Frank a sucker? That makes Frank smart enough to see his best options in a house where everyone has screwed him. Everyone benefits but Ian, Shane, Britney. Sounds like Frank deserves some credit for being in the position to break up the tightest alliance in the house of SBDD.


Cosign! Frank and Dan are the only two players in the house who have limited options. Neither one may win but they both are actually playing a hell of a game. I still give Frank more cfedit because he has played with a target on his back and has taken more hits and survived more than anyone I have ever seen in th egame.


so frank told dan the way it goes down is ian would use or not use his veto then when Jenn takes Dan off and Britney goes up it will be too late for Ian….oh my gosh, I so hope this works!!!! ByeByeBritney please!!!!!!!!!!! If this works, Dan is like a genius in my eyes…He is good!!


Bye Bye Brittney




now if jenn uses the veto to take danny off .. and frank puts up brit .. can ian not use the veto to take brit down … i have heard much on how powerful the veto is that ian has.. and how long can he hold on to it .. do you have any answers … would love to know .. thanks


Everyone keeps saying that Ian has to go first…I think Frank has in his head that Ian has to go first. We haven’t had confirmation of that. In the past powers like this didn’t have a time that they had to be used. Production will fix the rules to allow maximum chaos (aka Ian will pull the veto ball out seconds before the live eviction or something crazy like that). But I guess we will have to wait to find out.


frank told dan ian gets the first move with the veto..


Dan is a friggin BB genius

Snap, Crackle, Pop...

Out of curiosity… Jenn uses the veto, Frank puts Brit up, couldn’t Ian then use his Veto to save Brit?

danielle's broken heart

If this actually happens….this might be the biggest game move in years.


SMH @ the idiots playing this game. they have the opportunity to take out a vet in the game who is still dangerous, and they are gonna use the veto on him. powerhouse is gonna catch an anxiety attack when he sees Jenn use the veto on Dan.


OMG. Frank is so lucky. But with BB you never know what can happen!
Its hard for me to believe anything until I hear their Dairy rooms on prime time.


Chillgades unite!

haha damn


Where we ALL should be: TEAM POWERHOUSE

Voice of Reason

Are they for sure going to have Joe’s vote? Otherwise won’t Danielle end up being the one that goes home?


They don’t know for sure, but Frank/Dan are convinced that Joe will vote with them. Britney will have like, what, 4 days to change things around for herself? If she figures out what’s going on, I wouldn’t count her out since Shane will realize that he’s not in Frank’s dream 4 and Danielle has jumped ship. He might stick with Britney. Ian will probably stick with Britney. Hey, floater Joe could team up with them and Britney will have the votes to stay. Frank’s side will be down to 3, with 2 of them competing in the next HOH versus 4 on the other side. Things could get very interesting!


The best thing might be to nominate Joe because it might be easier to get the votes to keep’ll be interesting to see who Shane votes for.


LOL I really hope they put a phone in the diary room now so janelle can call Brit and laugh but this time at her stupid ass!!



I think they just said we won the Veto. Didn’t say if it will be used before or after Jenn.


Nothing at all.

Dirty hands

: I don’t know if you saw what someone posted before but they said that Frank said that Ian goes first during the veto ceremony then it is Jenns turn and once that happens Ian can no longer use his.


No it wasn’t other than that it was a veto that he can use for this week….however Frank said to Dan in their conversation that Ian will be going up first to choose who he wants out…


Danielle is a bi polar martyr. She will be Keesha’d! Frank is playing for 2nd and Jenn is in the role of Jerry. Wow!


IAN is going to be a complete fracking mess tomorrow night at this time, cant wait till BBAD yo!!


Wow dan really is the man sorry brit you just got screwed i didnt think dan had a chance but he really is the greatest player in bb history