Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power OF Veto Ceremony AFTERMATH! Fight Time!

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for a week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


POV Ceremony Results:

  • Ian did NOT use his VETO power.
  • Jenn used her Veto to save Dan from eviction.
  • Frank replaced Britney as the replacement nominee.

12:35pm – 12:50pm When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA.. Frank, Jenn, and Ian are up in the HOH room. Ian is telling Jenn that he was surprised that she used it. Ian is freaking out in the HOH room. Frank tells Ian that he never should have gone against him. Ian keeps saying that that he had a lot of people in his ear. Ian tells Frank that he wanted to work with him. Frank tells Ian that he heard from several people that Dan said he was going to rat you out and you lied to me about what that was about. Frank tells Ian that if he is going to start raising his voice he can step the F**K OUT! Ian says thanks, I will. Shane comes into the HOH. Shane thanks him for telling him what was going to happen right before. Shane says that he heard screaming and wanted to make sure everything was okay. Frank tells him that he wants to work with him and thats why he told him. Shane says that he wants to work with Frank too. Ian comes back and tells Frank he wants his beer back. Frank tells him to grab it them. Ian starts grabbing the beer out of the fridge. Frank says I bet you wanted to drink and tell me off or something huh. Britney comes up and says it is what it is, it’s just a game. Frank says that he knows she is close to Ian and that just the other day you told Dan that you were coming after me and that you had two week to get me out. Franks says that then you were telling me that I was safe with you, and I don’t appreciate you lying to me. Britney says that she understands and says that it’s just a game. Britney says that she is just sad because she almost won the veto yesterday. Britney tells Frank that she just told Shane this morning that she was going to put up Ian. Frank doesn’t believe it and says to go ask Shane. Frank says that you and Ian are just too close, you understand why I would have to break you two up. Britney is crying and says that she knew this was my last week. Britney tells them that she wants to work with them and that if they can see her being able to help them then she will. Britney talks about how when she goes to jury she is going to vote for the people that treat people right in this game and that she doesn’t like how Dan is treating her right now. Frank tells Britney that if he could have put up Ian he would have. Britney says that she knew she shouldn’t have kept Janelle’s sandals, I knew they were bad luck.
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Frank and Ian are getting into it in the living room. Ian is yelling at Frank about how he has had several days to think about this decision. Frank says that he had a day. Frank says you fucked me. Frank tells Ian that he passed up the $3000 for Ian and this is how you repay me! Frank says you f**ked me. Ian says and I will f**k you right back. Ian says that if anyone takes him to the final two, he will win 7-0 so don’t take him. Frank says you aren’t saying anything that everyone else doesn’t know. Frank laughs at how he is in a carrot suit and getting into a heated argument.

This is AWESOME – Ian going toe to toe with Carrot Suit Frank!

Re-Watch ALL THE DRAMA on FlashBack: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds – 3 Day Trial!


1:05pm Joe and Frank are in the arcade room. Joe asks Frank if he believes Dan now because you have been talking about how much he f**ked you. Frank says that he did up until the whole rat comment and says that Ian denied it ever happened. I think it was Ian that ratted us out. Joe says okay well as far as I am concerned, Ian is my number one target. I don’t like that kid.

1:20pm Joe and Shane are in the kicks room. Joe tells Shane that we need to tell them what they want to hear until we get into power. Joe leaves and says we’ve got a b***h f**king week. They head into the kitchen. Meanwhile in the arcade room, Britney and Danielle are talking. Britney says that this is classic Dan Gheesling. This is exactly what he did in season 10. Britney says that Dan has just been using this alliance. Danielle says so he is just using using us as a shield. Britney says yeah. The feeds switch to show Ian out of the diary room walking around with his beer.
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Up in the HOH room. Frank and Jenn are talking. Frank says just when you think you are done we turn this motha f**ker around. Jenn says see I told you I got your back. Frank laughs about how he was going toe to toe with a little man and he looked over and said to them I am doing this in a carrot suit. Frank says that it sucks for Britney because this is pretty much the way it happened in her season.. I am sure she is going to try and campaign but she doesn’t have the votes. Dan comes up and says there is another queen in town …JENN CITY! They hug. Frank says that he already talked to Joe and Shane and they are on the same page for working with us. Dan bows to them and says you guys rock! Dan leaves the HOH room.

Out in the backyard Ian and Britney are talking. Ian tells her that he is voting to keep her and that he won’t change that. He says that Frank wants you out, so why would we give him that. Britney says thank you and goes over to talk to Joe. Joe and Britney are talking by the pool. Joe says that he gave his word to Britney and that he will vote for her to stay, nothing against Danielle but I owe you. We have me, Ian and Shane, you have the votes to stay. I gave you my word and that will not change. Frank has already tried to get to me and Shane. Britney asks what did he say. Joe says that he said that you are the target. Joe says that we may just need to separate sides otherwise there will be fighting all week. Britney says thank you. Britney says that Dan is a piece of trash. Joe says just sit back and relax. Joe tells Britney everybody knows where everybody is at, the lines are drawn, there are no hidden agendas.


1:40pm – 1:50pm Frank comes out into the backyard and gets into the pool. Frank asks Ian if we can we corgial or what?! Ian says yeah, I just need a moment, I just need to hammock out for a minute. Frank says okay. Ian says that he is sorry for yelling and swearing. It’s just a game. Joe says season 14! Ian says best season yet! Ian goes to get another beer and gets back to rocking in the hammock.


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279 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power OF Veto Ceremony AFTERMATH! Fight Time!

      1. For real. I know she brings the “Drama” and the chance to watch a real live certifiably crazy person in action to us, but I think it’s time for her to leave.
        Plus I will without a doubt enjoy her backstab more than anyone else, I feel bad for most others, with her, it will be a treat to watch it happen.

        I am also sick of her stupid “It’s my secret” smirks. She really does love to try and make herself seem more interesting. It is off the charts annoying.

        If there is a BB god all of this will backfire and send her big butt bouncing out the door this week!

    1. I pray that dani is gone! I liked her at first but can’t handle the way she constantly needs to be coddled and adored! The fact that she’s turned so quickly on the qp and has so many alliances and final 2’s shows her true side and many faces.

    1. Most amazing comeback from the dead ever. And unlike Frank and the reset and some suspicious comp wins (did anyone else really have 2 clovers in their box?), he didn’t need Production’s help. He did it all by himself with without winning a single comp. Compared to how easily the great Boogie went out, Dan’s performance has been masterful.

      I have been for Britney & Shane all season long, but now I’d love to see Dan become the only 2-time champ. He deserves it.

      I don’t think Brit’s done, though. Frank won’t have HOH the next 2 weeks, so Joe will vote with Shane, and I think Shane, Joe & Ian will vote out Danielle. Then pretty soon, Dan will be helping them backdoor his new best buddy.

      1. Are you referring to Frank? If it’s Frank, It will never Happen. Even He can’t play 2 HoH’s, Frank can pull this off with 2 PoV’s. That’s why, next week Ian is going home and Joe is next as well.
        It would be Shane & Frank in Final 2.
        Dan will blew it in 4th place. He will never be a two time winner. Nobody.

        1. I think you are right that if Frank is on the block, he will always win the POV. But if he isn’t an original nominee, he might not get to play in the POV comp, then they could still backdoor him.

      2. That’s so stupid- production did not help Frank. You can’t except that Frank is a great player. Dan is a douche.

    2. If you think Dan is the best player ever, then you are dillusional! The most lying backstabbing son of a B***CH, Yes, but certainly not the best! Why is it everyone is forgetting that Dan is the one that brought up the suggestion on getting mike and frank out after the final 6 was created, and at the same time, telling frank and mike that shane and brit had to go first. He is playing all sides yes, but he is lying to everyone. Dan is more of a RAT than anyone in the house. Why can’t anyone play this game with just a hint of integrity?
      Now that Brit is on the block with Danielle, I would much rather see Daielle go…. I cant take any more of her whiny voice!
      As far as I am concerned, If Brit leaves, I am done with Big Brother!

      1. You do realize it;s a game for 500 000 dollars! He is playing a great game! Get off self righteous high horse already you would do the same or would just go home week one! He is trying to win the game nothing wrong with that!

        1. and you do realize Brit has lied the most in the house hands down, just casue she is pretty does not make her shit not stink!

      2. OKay so you’re saying the BB Legends (Dr. WIll, Boogie, Danielle (bb3),Jun, and Janelle) HAS NEVER lied or back stabbed???? Truth is THEY ALL did and its part of the game!!! DONT HATE THE PLAYER……HATE THE GAME!!!

      3. You are ridiculous. Half a million dollars and you are upset because he is lying and backstabbing?? This is the name of the game.. this is big brother. I don’t understand why people get so upset. Would we all watch this show if everyone picked partners of the back and no-one could lie or change their mind or alliances? Pretty boring if you asked me.

      4. @ :) he’s trying to win $500,000 again and in order to do that you will have to lie, just like EVERY OTHER HG has done. As far as integrity, well the fact that he hasn’t bullied people for their votes and called them horrific names, to me, that is integrity.

    3. in my opinion he has to out do dr wills accomplishment of a 1st than 4th finish to be the best.Dr will did this kind of stuff every week in season 2 and 7

    4. I have to agree. Dan can certainly persuade people. But if Dan is the greatest ever then Frank has got to be the dumbest. I sure hope Frank doesn’t see it coming and that Ian gets HOH and backdoors that carrot top looking weenie.

  1. WOW. Ian tried to step to Frank and Frank had every opportunity to call him out on the Quack Pack… and he didn’t. Frank is showing some major restraint so he can play that hand later on.

    And this gem –
    Ian to Frank: “If anyone takes him to the Final 2, he’s winning 7-0!”
    Frank: “You’re probably right!”

  2. boohoo, stop crying britney you got played. now go do what you do best and crack jokes in the diary room while you still can.

      1. I would of agreed earlier that Frank was ruling the house, but now it looks like Dan just outsmarted the man who destiny it is to win this game!

    1. I bow down to the game play of Dan. Move over Dr. Will. Backdoor doesn’t begin to describe how he pulled this off!

  3. so britney resorts to tears immediately, but felt the need to make fun of boogie when he was emotional (albeit probably contrived). human nature kills me, they all do the exact same things, but villify anyone who behaves in the same manner

    1. Wasn’t just last week when she was saying about Jenn getting mad about being put up that you think you’re going to go thru this game and not get put up! Well now she is acting the same way! She just wanted to float right thru just like she did last time!

  4. Brittany is so lame. I can’t wait till she leaves.

    And Dan! He really did pull off one of the greatest moves in Big Brother History. FINALLY this show is getting exciting!

    1. It was a great move, no doubt. But to say it’s the greatest move in BB history is a but much. Have you seen BB2? BB7? There was some amazing gameplay in those two seasons.

      1. Will’s best move in Season 2 imo was letting Hardy and Nicole think he had their back but he didn’t and ended up picking one of them to leave. I think Dan’s Nomination Roulette was just as great because it was a dramatic scene and the funeral was just as dramatic if not more dramatic. Both Will and Dan are very good at strategical moves, Dan just is more theatric.

    2. While it was a good move its pretty much the same move boogie made earlier in the season.Dan is an awesome player but pretty much just plays off the chiltown handbook

    1. Ian is a little maggot that will win 2 things a 1 way ticket home & the title of laughing stock of all of Pittsburgh. I hope someone tales him to the river on a 1 way trip & he comes back in a bodybag!

  5. Well Ian, Britt, How does it feel to be on the other side of the coin? Hope they have good meat to BBQ in the juryhouse.


  7. when britney gets evicted dan is just gonna stab frank in the back. i really hope joe votes to evict danelle this week and britney stays and goes after dan!!!!!

    1. i really like brit … i would vote for her as america`s fav.. (if i was an american) anyway who are you kidding .. with her second season almost over the only game play she has done is ummmmmmmm NONE .. so how does she figure on getting anyone .. at fast forward she kept yelling a ian to put up frank and ashley … instead of back dooring frank like ian wanted to do .. we all saw how that worked out .. i guess what i am saying , she has shown no capablilty to take out anyone … at least danny is a fighter …

  8. well at least they did wait till final four to do this … i like brit .. but how long did she think it was gonna last .. she has too many final two deals .. as for dan .. as much as alot have a hate for him you have to admit what he did was brilliant… i am not a dan fan but have to give credit to the guy for pulling a rabbit out of his butt .. not a rabbit foot BUT the whole rabbit …lmao

        1. But she might be going home she put her faith in shane and milked the feeling sorry for her I hope he is loyal to grit and Dan gets dani sent out!

  9. Where are all those nay sayers the other day saying Dan was not a top 5 player and putting JEFF ahead of him?….this move alone puts him in Will’s Territory!

    1. In my book, Dan is better than Dr. Will and not just based off of this season. I don’t know how many people saw Dan’s season, but he was brilliant then and he still is now. But what he just pulled off is just pure Big Brother genius. Gotta love Dan. Dannie Boy Rocks!

      1. Better than Will? Please! This type of game move is only one part of what Will was doing. Pitting alliance members against each other. etc.
        I have all the respect and admiration in the world for Dan. I have always been a fan. But Dr. Will blows him away.

        1. Dude get a clue. I like will as much as the next fan but Dan is better…
          J U D A S!
          Dan = only unanimous winner and now owns greatest house flip ever!!!
          Will is no Dan he had people vote against him and LOST to Jani on All Stars…
          Nobody can match Dan !!! 7-0
          End of story…
          Sorry Will I know others are blinded by your character or style of play but 7-0 cannot be argued!!!

          1. Your argument only hold water if Dan wins this season. And the odds aren’t in his favor. He just put a humongous target on his back.
            Dr. Will is still the king

          2. until now dan hasnt done anything but sleep on the couch not only did dr will win he was so good he got boogie a win while finishing fourth when dan makes danielle the winner and makes it past fourth than ill consider him the best til than hes always second best

    2. WHAT?!!!! Who put JEFF before DAN…Jeff hasn’t even won the game!!! having a special power does not make you top 5, IMO…

      Yea Dan is on a Dr. Will level after pulling that off.

    3. With a final 2 appearance, it absolutely puts Dan ABOVE Dr. Will (much repsect for WIll too), but Dan in the final two deicdes once and for all (to those with logical minds) that Dan is the best player EVA in BB history. Go Big Dan.

      Sidenote: Hate to see Brit leave–she is comedy gold.

  10. It’s about time Britney left! I can’t stand her. I rather Danielle than her at this point! LEAVE BITCH!!! You’re annoying.

  11. I know it’s a blind-side, but wow…how stupid can they be? I know Shane isn’t known for his brain matter, and I know Britney becomes a sobbing pile of goo when things go wrong, but the reasonings, etc just don’t add up. I wonder if they can figure it out while they still have time, but I’m guessing no. Smh

    1. Totally agreed. For Dan to pull this off is a freaking Christmas miracle. I’ve never seen anything like it.

      I also find it absolutely hilarious that Frank acknowledges how ridiculous it is to be in a heated argument while in a carrot suit. Trying hard to contain the laughter so I don’t get funny looks from coworkers.

    2. Glad to see people are finally catching on to Dan. I have been supporting him from day 1. Hopefully everyone can see that this guy is a great player…and in my opinion the best to ever play Big Brother.

  12. omfg!! the feeds are insane right now!! ian thinks he’s about 3 feet and 200 pounds bigger than he really is because he wants to beat the s*** out of frank. but what i don’t understand is that ian is talking about any loyalty he had to frank is gone, when it’s been pretty apparent that he has no loyalty to frank. i think this is hilarious, ian thought he was such a big shot getting boogie nominated and voted out and now he’s talking about frank screwing him over by nominating his closest friend in the house. i can’t stand ian. you reap what you sow.

    1. Exactly my thoughts, LALA-

      Now, all you Frank & Danielle fans remember this when Dan cuts them both and wins this thing again! They will both get what they deserve for not seeing that he is using them just as much and he IS trying to win the money!! He should have been sent home.

      Sorry, JennCity – you’ll suffer the same fate & feel like a complete idiot right along with Frank & Danielle!

    1. Nah, it’s horrible. This is the last time I comment on this website and the last episode I watch BB was Sunday, Frank was cheated for to make it here, and now I only like Shane and Ian that are left, since my favorite Britney is walking out the door. Goodbye BB, hop you get cancelled for manipulating the game in Frank’s favor.

      1. Sorry Name since you didnt bother to give yourself one. No it will not be canceled!!!! and I will patiently waiting for next summer HG’s

      2. Don’t give up just yet! I’m a Brit fan too, but Shane is loyal, remember JoJo? I can’t see him voting for a girl to stay that he doesn’t even really like over his coach, plus they know that Danielle would throw herself in front of a train for Dan, and Shane just said that he will never be able to trust Dan. Brit will not roll over and die. Of coarse, pudding face Danielle thinks she will, but Danielle also thinks every man’s in love with her at the same time they fuck her over. She believes she’s a medical genius and a physical beast. She’s also Miss America, a gymnast, a professional model and ambassador to China. So it’s very likely she’s in the delusional ‘mist” and will go on Thurs.

        Remember what Boogie said about Dan cutting Danielle’s throat. It may have just come early.

      3. OMG people Brittany hasn’t walked out the door yet. I think it is going to get good when Dani walks out the door. Can’t wait to see who will hoh this week. Thats when the fun is really going to get start it . Dan better win or he is back on the block. I see Jenn and Joe in the F2.

      4. I think Brit is funny but she is not a great player and although I really like her I am not sad to see her leave. This season has been the best one in a while! So happy that Dan pulled that off and I am totally looking forward to the rest of the game!!!

  13. DANG. Ian is pissed. If he keeps melting down like this he could be on a one-way trip to the Jury house. There is little loyalty among snitches. It looks like Britney is done. Wow. Dan is a master at this game. Dank all the way yo!

    1. Dan is the biggest snitch ever! Ian protected Dan by telling them what Frank & Boogie were doing. The quackers have kept him in & now he turns to someone that has cheated over & over & called Jenn a dirty water skinned. I just don’t get it. It is a game, but his reputation outside the house is going to be affected in a negative way for the things Frank & now Dan have done. He”s just a Dr Will wannabe.

  14. HAHAHAHA Mini Jannelle aka BRIT BRIT aka Ms Stinkeye got what she deserve. And the fucking BALLS on Ian. How the hell can you get mad at frank when you were the one that betrayed him and Boogie in the first place, get the hell out of here IAN you twitchy bastard lol. I hope they do have the votes to get her out and then Ian and shane then Storyteller Joe. * * Ring RING ** Incoming call from Mike Boogie to Britney…… HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he who laughs last laugh first, or however that damn saying is lmao

    1. did you forget all the nasty things boogie and frank said behind ians back, and about him being expendable? who are the rats?

      1. And did you forget that Frank told boogie to give the RAT 3 grands and just like a baby he want his beer back…..guess what Mike boogie wants that $3000 back also….Ian is SOOOOOOO desperately trying to be part of the EVIL team if BB has a good vs evil lol….you know Who Ian reminds me of “Vector” from Despicable Me smh damn Nerds trying to be bad guys now and acting TOUGH…..sure ok Lewis Skolnick LMBAO

      2. Behind Ian’s back? How do u know that frank was not just telling brit that jenn and ian were expendable to blow smoke up her ass. In other words if it would have gotten to the silent 6 and ian and jenn, do u really think frank and boogie would have gotten rid of them. Hell no! they’re whole team would have still been intact and they would have tried to pick off ddbs after that. Its brits fault for immediately going to run and tell them what frank said to try and get them to turn on boogie and frank.

  15. Okay…I’m going to go on record and say I didn’t think Dan would pull this off but oh my gawd! This is freaking brilliant! The live feeds just paid for itself! And now…this is hoping {just for pure comedic relief} that Danielle gets sent home. Mehn! My week will be complete!! I’d rather have Britney stay over her for obvious reason {and for those without live feeds, Britney is hella funny} but at the end of the day, I really don’t care much about who goes home. Total game changer guys.

    Oh! And the balls on Ian! Huge!!!!!!

    Hello Simon…Hello Dawg…

  16. I feel for Britney, she came so close to getting that veto ball and being safe for the week and is now reduced to this, but I tip my hat off to Dan for pulling the biggest Hail-Mary in BB history and making Frank look like the BIGGEST IDIOT IN BB HISTORY!!!

      1. Lawon asking to be EVICTED by his own ALLIANCE and THEY DID because he thought he would come back with super powers. THAT is the dumbest move in BB history.

    1. Frank is not an idiot, he just gained allies in the process and Dan was talking to himself saying he will honour the alliance, meaning Frank might survive next week, or the next. And this move just fractured the Quack Pack big time, Shane has to choose between Brit and Danielle and if Ian hears that Brit told Shane she said she’d put him up then more fireworks whether she really was going to or not.
      No more sitting pretty for the Quack Pack.

  17. lol Dan is the greatest player in BB history…..two days ago frank was willing to die to get him out of the house and now he is in an alliance with him……..this guy doesnt win any comps and yet is better at this game than anybody I’ve ever seen

    1. You must not have seen allstars or season 2.
      Dr. Will had the entire hous gunning for him and he won his season and came in 4th in allstars
      Chilltown has a mayor and his name is Will Kirby!

        1. Best Player in Big Brother History!!! Dr. Will. Inventor of ALL of the moves you see being used today. Made them work too.

        2. Lol is this really all you write? Every comment you have is saying the same exact thing. We get it…we get it…you think Dr. Will is overrated. Geez.

  18. Holy crap I can’t believe Dan just pulled a rabbit out of his hat! That is awesome! He is truly one of the best players of all time!

  19. Britney goes up – AWESOME!!!

    There she goes crying and playing poor victim. I am LOVING this new alliance. I was not a Dan fan, until now.

    I really hope Frank and Dan make it to Final 2…sweeet!

    Bye, bye Brit!

  20. Dans DR
    Ring Ring…… (Dan picks up the phone)
    Hello, Hi Janelle….. You would like to speak with Britney
    I’m sorry she just left……. HA HA HA HA

  21. Fun week in the Big Brother house. BRIT made mistakes all season long and now she’s going to the jury AGAIN. Hahahahaha.

  22. Ah Brittney the cats out of the bag. Not gonna work honey bunny. You were going to put Frank up, hows that Quack Pack working for you. Ring Ring.. Hello
    Hey Brit Brit it’s Mike Boogie could you give Ashley a kiss for me when you see her Thursday.

  23. Oh so sorry Brit you got nab, and you are paying the KARMA. First Wil Boogie, Ashley, and you BRIT, Janelle you have been justified.

    1. Lol this isn’t karma, its stupidity. Getting Janelle out was a smart move. Frank keeping Dan safe just proves he’s the dumbass douchedick everyone says he is.

  24. Dan is now easily the best BB player ever!! What he did was insane to save himself and possibly Dani too!!! He is just a pure genius!!!!

  25. This has been one crazy season so far. Can’t wait to see the show on wednesday and see it unfold with my own eyes. Gotta love the new alliance that’s forming, especially between Dan and Frank. Entertaining a whole bunch!

    1. I agree that this has been one crazy season so far…

      If Dan stabs Frank in the back, front or side and gets him out by chance…then Dan deserves to win for a 2nd time!!!

  26. Ring ring
    Britney: hello
    Boogie : bwahahahaha

    This just made things interesting again! QP running the show was getting old.

    1. When Boogie walked out of that house I said out loud a few times “this show is going to be boring as HELL now.” Thank you Dan, for proving me wrong, because HOLY *%#& this is AMAZING!

      Britney and Ian, move to the left. Everything you own in the box to the left!

    2. Love it! Love this season. I have Respect for Dan for saving himself when he was a sure thing out the door, and I also respect Frank for really playing the game, as much as he knows Dan has been gunning for him from day one, he is not stuck on vengeance, he is making decisions for his game. I would love to see Frank and Dan as finally two, the final showdown!

  27. Brit is laying it on THICK with Danielle right now. I’d be very surprised if Dani doesn’t crack between now and Thursday.

  28. “She(Brit) is going to vote for the people that treat people right in this game and that she doesn’t like how Dan is treating her right now.”

    Brit, why are you helping Dan to say do not vote for him. Great!

    1. She and the rest of Quack Pack were ready to evict Dan over Danielle but he fought and saved himself and she’s pissed? I don’t get it. And she said he was using the alliance, no shit Brit, of course he was, everybody is.In BB you get in an alliance to further yourself individually, and get out when it doesn’t benefit you.
      That’s what Dan did.

    1. dan’s a RAT!
      dan’s a RAT!
      dan’s a RAT!
      dan’s a RAT!


      ian’s a RAT!
      ian’s a RAT!
      ian’s a RAT!
      ian’s a RAT!

      so, i guess this is a size contest…my rat is bigger than yours?

  29. Ian got ratted out, his biggest link the the quack pack is going home and now he’s alone. The whole “I masterminded Boogie’s demise (even though he just ratted out the 2 names, boogie said, to britney.) is bitting him in the ass. Dan did take the heat for it for a long while and actually heading out the door cause of it. Now Ian’s losing his closest ally, his alliance is turning and PowerHouse Joe is gonna jump ship as well and little Ian is gonna be all alone quacking by himself. I’m kinda glad the Quack Pack is over with, sounds so lame when you say it.

  30. The only BB TV show I have watched in the last month was last Thursday so I could see Boogie go out the door. Since production kept their grimy hands off things this week, the drama is much better so I guess it’s time to tune in again. For awhile anyway.

    Now if Shane, Ian and Joe save Brit, we’ll really have a show.

    Ian FTW!

  31. I really would like britney to stay… Joe should realize he is number 5 with frank/dan/dani/jen… and would at the very least be number 4 with shane/brit/and ian..actualy much higher than that in reality… shane would likely take him to f2.. and since only dan and jen can play in next 2 hoh comps, he would be a lot safer with brits side, simply because in the next hoh it will be 4vs2….

  32. I really feel bad for Ian. Frank is a bully and he doesn’t realize that this is a damm game. He feels entitled to win the game just because it’s “his dream.” I hope Ian stands up for himself because the entire reason to be on the show is to win the money not let Frank get to the end to win the money. He is such a jerk!

  33. This will ALL change before Thursday as soon as they put two and two together and find out Danielle is in on this. Shane will vote her out without a blink of an eye. And from the looks of it Joe will come along too. I’m predicting Danielle is gone this week!

  34. This is so freakin awesome. STFU Britney. Stop all of your crying. You were in a secret alliance with Ian. You’re just mad because you are going to jury. Ian is a rat and you Britney are a hypocrite. I recall you scolding Dan for making side deals with Boogie and Frank yet you did the same thing as soon as you got the chance with Frank. You got what you deserve by trying to play Dan. Also, Ian you’re next. Don’t get too cocky with Dan, this isn’t his first go round.

  35. haha this is great, bout time BB picks up, ian has no game, all he does is hide behind people and make them do the dirty work, i noticed how on the cbs show when he won the veto ball how he put up the double middle finger when letting the rest of the house know he got the ball, that is the true ian there, it was a classless childish thing to do, ian get to stepping, son

  36. i told ya!!! dont count out brit!!! she now has ian’s vote…she just talked to joe…and has his vote!!! give her a few days to talk to shane and shore up the new alliance…danielle is gone!!!

    1. And Brit & Ashley told Janelle they were voting for her too. There’s a lot of time between now & Thu so we’ll see if they really mean it then. And since Dan doesn’t appear to be working with Danielle or Frank currently…. Gonna be a fun week!

    2. Joe also promised to vote the way Frank wants. And with the exception of voting to keep Janelle (because he was not in the loop), he has voted the way the HOH wanted him to vote every time.

      Don’t count Joe’s vote to either Danielle OR Britney’s column yet.

  37. Dan just leap frogged will into the top spot for greatest player in BB history. He could get voted out, it doesn’t matter now. He was a dead man walking 2 days ago, but finds a way to make it happen!

    1. You are out of your fucking mind! There’s no way in hell Dan leapfrogged Will!
      Dr. Will invented the move Dan just did. I’m a huge fan of Dan but, c’mon. Dr. Will is King!

    2. dr will sat in the chair day of eviction and told everyone to vote him out and if they didnt they were all idiots and still didnt go home lets see dan do that

  38. WAIT…does Dani have the votes to stay??? Shane and Joe are like a package deal (at least in Joe’s head), so the decision is in Shane’s hands…scaryyyyyy

  39. Joe just promised his vote to Brit, about 30 minutes after promising to vote how Frank wants.
    Brit still has a shot.

  40. instead of “jenn city”, it’ll be “jenn sitting” in the jury house. she just dobled the size of the target on her back…

    1. Such hypocrisy, Jenn’s a floater, now that she made a move she’s a target? Who’s gonna target her? Brit? She’ll be gone or if it’s Danielle then Jenn will be likely to make final three. She won’t win without some sort of crazy situation but it’s a wild ride for my home girl, free publicity, $21k and possible swing vote on jury. Can’t wait til she gets home and we can have a shot together!!! Woot!Woot! JennCity!!!

  41. So Dan tells Frank some little secret than Ian was the reason why the quacks did what they did because of information from Ian and then Frank not only believes him and Dan thinks he did some awesome move that will go down in history (more on this later) but Frank concludes that he should take down Dan and put up Brittney. This is not only horrible logic but amateur hour.

    First, Frank and Booger couldn’t figure out that Ian was working both sides (amateurs); Second, Ian thinks he has played Boogie, Frank and Dan because he thinks he invented working two sides (like this has never been done before) (amateur); Thirdly, Dan thinks that revealing his group’s so-called secrets would warrant him a Veto with Frank and Jenn and they fell for it (amateurs); Fourthly, the quackers didn’t think that Dan or any other quack member would rat to Frank do curry favor when they should have all ran to Frank to spill the beans (amateurs); Finally, Brittney did everything she knew how to do to figure out what was going on after Dan did his thing to cause havoc, i.e., kept asking everyone questions about what each person said “exactly” and kept trying to figure out if anyone was making another move – the problem was that she actually thought everyone from her group would stay silent and not throw anyone else under the bus, she should know better than this (amateur)

    Dan’s move was easy to predicate and not that impressive but it did get him off the hook. The remaining quackers should have known but did nothing to stop it or call Dan out on (amateurs). They all get what they deserved. Now, what will be really funny is that most of the players will continue trusting and get slapped again and when they leave will say the same thing as every other loser “I was proud how I played and I played with integrity” (loser speech)

    Good luck to all quackers who thought that is was OK to lay low and wait it out and not make moves!

  42. All of these posts, and all of the speculation about how Dan could save himself, and not one person came up with what Dan did to pull this off. I don’t see any other way he could have done it- even just ratting out Ian and the QP wouldn’t have succeded without his 24 hour confinement and funeral speech! Gotta give Dan mad props!

    1. I agree Dan is number 2 but there is absolutely no way in hell Evil Dick deserves that #1 spot. That spot has been and always will be The Evil Dr. Will.
      He could stab you in the front and have you think he was doing you a favor. You must not have seen season 2
      And if you did, you must have been asleep through it. Will invented these moves Dan is using. Not only that, Evil Douche Dick didn’t use mind control over anyone.
      He used intimidation, pure intimidation. It worked I give him props but he’s not number 1. he’s not even in the top 3
      SO STFU!!!!

  43. I didn’t get a chance to watch Season 10 and had no idea of who Dan was before this season.
    I’ve heard many say that he is one of the best to play the game. I had no idea. I was a fan, but I wasn’t the
    biggest Dan fan before this week, but out of the seasons I have watched, he’s the best I’ve ever seen.

  44. The only thing I wish is they would just get rid of joe. I hate that idiot. He is the biggest floater in BB history. He will never win but I just hate him.

  45. Ian, your ass is next. You do not fuck with Frank. He is the Russell (BB11) 2.0! Better watch your back.

    1. Blah blah blah. Welcome back Captain, glad to see you return from your self-imposed exile to give us more of your deluded wisdom. Can’t wait to see what’s next!! :)

    1. and what would that do, Shane doesn’t like her, his eyes are on Kara a “playmate” has been all season, if it wasn’t he would’ve fucked Dani when he had the chance, keeping Brit wouldn’t benefit his game she a floater, she won’t win anything to help keep him safe, Him and Frank can win back to back HOHs and POVs to keep each other safe, and with Dan’s brains they can ride to the final 4

      1. just pointing out that dan’s incredible abilities to lie, cheat, deceive, and remain emotionless did not magically appear as a natural talent.

        in order to be so effortless and successful, these abilities have been honed to perfection over years of practice.

        and, let’s face it, dan is the one wearing religion on his sleeve…literally…

  46. No way Shane votes out Britney. I doubt that Ian will vote her out either. I guess Joe is the swing vote again. I kind of think Joe will vote for Brit to stay, though. But a lot can change between now and Thursday!

    1. I agree. Joe, Shane, and Ian keep Brit and it’ll stay the same. Shane will win HOH and put up Dan and Frank, Frank will win POV and he will replace him with Jenn. Dan will go home. Same old repeat. Joe is going to vote Brit. I just know it. Dudes an idiot..

    2. Yeah, this is kinda scary. They should have pulled both off the block and put Shane up as well to ensure the votes.

      This could go very wrong.

    3. Joe’s comment to Shane about “telling them what they want to hear until we get into power” makes me question where he will actually turn. Joe has voted with the power every week except when Janelle was voted out, and that was only because he didn’t know where the power actually was. I’d put Joe at 50/50.

  47. Danielle is definitely going on thursday, Joe has not worked with Frank for the whole season, he even told shane to tell them what they want to hear. Bye Danielle.

  48. LMFAO Joe still think there is an alliance. This was funnier than Ian wanting his beer back. My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

  49. The funniest part of all of this will be Brit trying to explain all this to whatever braincells Ashley has left in Jury. I foresee a lot of headscratching and “huhs” in Ashley’s future.

    Well played, Dano…now the real game begins.

  50. I don’t know why Britney is bitching about Dan, she was ready to throw him under the bus, she didn’t even care, but I do get it, its just a game but most of these people ( except Dan ) seem to play with emotions instead of logic.

  51. Today is so full of WIN!!!

    I actually signed up to superpass to watch this.

    Do you folks watch it in Real player or in your web browser?
    The browser interface is horrible and the FF/REW slider doesn’t work.
    Does Real player work any better?

  52. I think there is a strong chance that Brit might stay over Danielle if they figure it all out. Britney HAS to go for this all to work and Dan is gonna have to work some more magic to make it happen. Right now I think Dani leaves 3-2 and if that happens Dan/Frank won’t survive long at all.

  53. I admit it was the best thing that Dan could have done, but all he did was tell the truth. His whole funeral did not seem to make Danielle into the victim- as it stands now, people think Britney and possibly Dan, too, are the victims of Ian’s actions. I’m not his hugest fan and I don’t see how telling the truth to the HOH is a big move. He;s even helped by the fact that Frank can’t play in two HOH’s, so if he want to take a stab at Frank it’s easier than normal.

  54. Dan is clearly a mastermind. As much as I like Brit, I would love to see her go just because it would be entertaining tv

  55. Shane and Joe will flip. Dan hasn’t spoken to them yet. Danielle just needs to cry really hard for the next few days and Dan will take care of her.

  56. joe is telling britney that he has her vote (he would be the swing vote) even though joe lies with every breath he takes i think he really would vote for her to stay since he knows she’s franks target and he hates frank, and as much as i want britney to leave it would be absolutely hilarious if dan went through all this trouble to get himself off the block and they sent danielle to jury! either way, i’m going to laugh myself into a coma after the live eviction.

  57. omg omg Dan is the master of manipulation………………….and britney what a pathetic whiner and the tears are soooo fake! she deserves to get voted OUT this week and little man Ian himself next week……….Jenn city actually fulfilled her mission I was susprised thought she would back pedal………Big Brother is getting an extra set and it looks good………..wish it was double eviction this week and then to see the back of Britney and Ian leaving would be soooo good! Continue swearing on the bible Dan seems to be working for you – good luck the next few weeks are critical!

  58. Shane keeping brit? brit who’s been ridding his coattails “floating” all summer? yeah right… Dani can win comps, Brit can’t easy decision

    1. Danielle’s HOH was given to her when Britney jumped off of her platform after being insured safety. I’d say that their chances of winning comps is about the same and I bet whoever survives this eviction will win the next endurance HOH, unless Ian pulls it off.

  59. As Yogi Berra said, “it ain’t over till it’s over”.

    Quack Pack lives another day and Danielle, Frank & Dan are the next three to reside in the jury house.

    Ian & Joe final two! (Eat your heart out you Dan & Frank lovers.)


  60. Shane is the swing vote I would say it’s 50/50 at this point but he should keep Brittney since Danielle has Dan. May not work as smoothly as Team Frank thinks

  61. Well now things are getting interesting, looks like Britney just might have the votes to stay. Danielle is breaking out in hives in the kitchen, tff. Dan just asked her how she was with Shane’s vote, she signaled 100% Bwahahahahahaha!!!! I’m not laughing or taking sides, just saying look at my previous posts. Dan made a great move, and Dani was too stupid to see that she could be hung out to dry. Why make a deal with someone when you’re on the block but safe?? Guess those 30 degrees she has didn’t smarten her up much, did they? Smh

  62. Message to Ian from Mike Boogie……He wants his $3000 grand back you big ass baby lol…. He is my SAT comparison question of the day lol…..Britney is to Paris Hilton as Ian is to _______?

    A) Nerd lol

    B) Cry baby

    C) Rat

    D ) Chiwawa

  63. The Quack Pack alliance is falling apart. If only Russell of Big Brotner 11 will torture Ian and make him more miserable.

  64. If Shane does not vote for Britney to stay I will really believe he is the dumbest person to ever play big brother. Does anyone one of him or joe think that keeping Danielle was dans plan all along

  65. That was and EPIC game move!! This season has to go down as one of the best yet!!!! Dan and Frank both played that brilliantly and Jenn picked the perfect time to win the POV. It was like a perfect storm. I hope Danielle stays and Brit gets the eff out!

  66. Dani is loving all this attention she gonna milk Shane for all he is worth. lol he might even give her a sympathy f&%k lmao

  67. Even if Danielle goes (and I would hate to see her go just so Dan could save only his own neck) Frank now knows for sure what’s what with Ian.
    That in itself was worth it for Frank. He was making (bad) decisions and planning thinking Ian was with him.

    I am LOVING watching Ian, the little weasel, squirm.

    1. Well, Martin, your brilliant, didn’t-occur-to-either-of-them “Part 2” of Dan’s/Frank’s new plan (have Frank tell Ian to “swap pawns”, using his veto to take Danielle down and put Joe up, but then Frank puts up Shane instead), that you threw out there last night (which would’ve then made Dan/Danielle/Jenn a solid block of 3 Thursday votes, 100% saved Danielle, and then given Dan/Frank a choice of who to evict, either Britney or Shane) didn’t get done. So, despite Dan’s great survival plan, we must subtract some “genius points” from him, for missing on your key point. Also, in your plan, Dan wouldn’t have had to “fake yell” at Danielle, either! Dan went for “messy” (his BB nature) when he really didn’t have to. (And that one incident ALMOST made Jenn not want to use her veto on him!) So take away some more Dan genius points for that. And now, the “who do Shane and Joe vote to evict/is Danielle truly safe?” question is still unresolved, when it 100% could’ve been. Shane’s vote? I agree with 50/50. Joe’s vote? In the end, I think he’ll side with Frank. Why? Because if Joe votes to save Brit, wouldn’t that then put Joe and his #1 enemy (Ian) on the same side, with Shane/Brit? And Ian hates Joe even more than Joe hates Ian! How is that good for Joe, moving forward? Ian would never vote for Joe – ever.. Combine that with Joe always preferring to vote with the current HOH, I still do ultimately see Danielle surviving, 3-2. But – has any of this even occurred to “Mr. Haulin’ Bricks” yet?

  68. I don’t understand how anyone can blame Dan. Brit and Ian had filled his back up with daggers and were more than happy to let him get voted out while protecting both of them. Why the heck would Dan fall on a sword for two people that backstabbed him and let him take all the heat for Ian’s spy routine? He did the best thing he could for himself and for Dani. Great job by Dan.

  69. I’m curious to know why the lesbian would just hand the check to either Frank or Dan. I was under the impression she didn’t like to suck cock. Those guys’ll dump her ass as soon as they don’t need her. I’m guessing she’s either deeply insecure and just wants to be liked…? Or she’s the dictionary definition of a moron. Either way, what a fucking bonehead move.

    1. she knows that they cant take each other to final 2 and that she cant beat anyone in a final 2 why not secure a 50g spot

  70. This has got to be one of THE greatest moves in Big Brother history. Much props to Dan. He pulled it off!

    As for Frank, I think this is going to bite him in the butt. He’s wasting his HOH on Britney to make a deal with two people who want him out. I have no doubt in my mind that as soon as Dan and Danielle get the chance, they’ll send Frank packing. And considering that Frank can’t play in the next two HOH competitions, it might happen.

    But goodnes, THIS WAS A GREAT POWER MOVE. I didn’t know what the freak Dan was thinking yelling at Danielle, but he made it work. Wow. Just wow!

    1. Ok who exactly was on Frank’s team and wouldn’t nominate him BEFORE he did this move? Oh that’s right the entire house would have nominated him next week. At least with this risky move he has a CHANCE that Dan/Dani/Jenn won’t turn on him right away and that is much better than what he had before this move.

      Either way Frank was in a terrible spot after his only 2 allies left so he is taking his chances with the true evil genius of BB.

      1. I’m not a fan of anyone this season with the exception of the Teddy Bear and the fish …BUT….I have to agree and Dan was in the same spot as Frank, nothing to lose right…. so why not pull a Big Brother Boner on the rest of them? Production you have redeemed yourself with setting these two up together now, thank you. lol!

    2. I agree. Frank said that he had already passed up two opportunities to get someone that he wanted out, but I guess he’s fine with a third……..

  71. Frank=John Cena
    Shane=The Rock

    This would be epic moment
    Once in the Lifetime!
    Frank (John Cena) vs Shane (The Rock)
    Final 2

      1. Dan is going to the jury. He has his moment. Now we want two All-American Battle it out. Shane & Frank.

  72. Doesn’t Ian remind you of Howard the Duck lmao…..or better yet Ian is the Cousin Oliver on duck tales that they never showed lmao

  73. Wow
    There is a possibility that Danielle might go home

    Will Frank and Dan be able to secure the votes of

    Joe and Shane to vote to keep Danielle

  74. This is the best BB show I have ever seen ! Dan and Frank are a duo to be reckoned with for sure ! ! ! Wow…..I wish everybody in TV land could see and hear all this ! Talk about editing…….we have hours of wonderful gameplay and there is no way to see it all ! ! !

  75. This is great Dan is off the block and, they have until Thursday to manipulate those two idiots Joe and Shane into voting out Brittany.

  76. I am a fan of Britney’s, but I have to give it to Dan. He pulled off the impossible and made one of the best moves of the season. This season is great with Ian’s plan to get rid of Boogie, and Dan’s turn around. I hope Shane can vote out Danielle.

  77. Joe is not going to vote for Britany. His gums were flapping when he said that. He’s been up Frank’s beehind and with the shocker that Dan pulled off, there is no way, no how he is going to get either of them ticked off at him. He is too afraid of them.

    The question is: Who is Shane going to vote for? It looks like he’s going to be the swing vote. Danielle is positive he will vote to keep her.

    1. I think you are right. Joe will vote with the house- he cannot afford to take a stand. Dani is quite certain that Shane’s vote is a lock for her- talk about confidence. Someone better check the tapes==what DID she do to inspire such confidence?

      Meanwhile Ian has lost some motor control and he is rocking at high speed. Perhaps Frank and Dan can big brother him- I mean act as big brothers- take a kid under their wing (for a week) and convince him to vote out Britney. Then he surely will get to the moon without a spaceship!

  78. Just a question – does anyone know who Joe and Shane are voting out of the house? I dont have the live feeds so I dont see everything going on. Who are they really loyal to right now?

    1. At this point, I believe Joe will vote the way Shane votes, and Shane will do what Britney says. So the vote will be 3-2 for Britney to stay.

      But it is only Monday!

  79. The jury is still out on how this well play out.

    Do not contemplate the arrival of juvenile poultry before the period of incubation has passed.

    1. That is how I see it too..there are lots of variables still and a LOT of time for flip flopping, scheming, crying and begging! However, we finally have a game! It will sure be an interesting week! :)

  80. Ok Britney if anyone was hiding behind the shield of there alliance it was her. What I guess Dan was suppose to just give up and say ok I’ll take the heat and get voted out for Ian? Lol. These people make me laugh. Be mad at yourself. If Ian was so smart he would have told Dan he was using it on him and then when the time came didn’t use it. This way Dan would have just layed back. Ian is also showing that Britney was his main alliance by getting this upset.

  81. I think brit really has the votes to stay. Joe seems like he wants to work with B/S/I. He even told shane they need to say what they need to until in power. He told brit to her face she’s good. Idk maybe Dan just screwed Danielle. Obviously Shane and ian r voting for her to stay as well

  82. Dan’s move is only going to screw Danielle. I realized that last night while watching the showtime feeds. Shane is only using Danielle and has more loyalty to Brittney. How in the hell – does Frank and Jenn think they have the votes? Ian is goo-goo for Brittney, Shane has been a two-some with here this entire time, and Joe is pretty much loyal to Shane – because he hates Frank.

    So I don’t get how Frank and Jenn think this will work. This will back fire – and Danielle will be gone, followed by Frank and JennCity (or Dan). Dumb ass move, Frank just sent one of his Final Four out the door.

    And Dan probably knew this all the time. He doesn’t care as long as he is saved. I don’t mind that he ratted Ian out, but he is sort of a piece of shit. Really.

    I can’t wait to see Danielle cry her way out the door on Thursday. “but, but, but Shane . . . you said you loved me???” She might be the most naive in the “new alliance”. I’ve never seen such an obvious back fire in 14 seasons. Frank really is gullible – but at least he wins POV and HOH comps. Not playing for two week will get him back doored. Even if Dan wins. Trust me.

  83. The way I see it is that Shane will vote to keep Danielle because he has more control over her and is also more likely to win against her in the Final 2. Joe will follow suit because he is terrified of Frank and Dan, which isn’t a bad idea since Frank is a Beast and Dan just pulled off the biggest and quickest turnaround in BB history.

  84. @simon i would be curious to see a poll on who everyone thinks is the best player of all time dan or dr will seems to be alot of debate on the subject today thanks to dans first game move of the season

  85. I dont understand how dans a piece of trash if any of them woulda done the exact same thing if they were in the same situation… Brits Lazy eye will be woking triple over time tonight!

  86. lawon looking for some special power was funny

    i think what would be funnier danille if she leaves …… ..jen ask her if to use the veto on her she said no . this week is going to be interesting because this would mean danille sacrifice her game for dan if she walks out the game …… if this happen i will pass lawon crown to her … …. i am torn between dan and brit i love both of them … so yes i would love britney to stay and her dan patch up things frank if he doesnt win pov send his ass home ………..

    shane has to make a decision if shane keeps brit joe will do the same …..

  87. Dr. Will Kirby is the best BB player in the history of the game! I keep reading comments saying Dan is the best. I do have a lot of respect for Dan but who do you think invented those moves Dan is using? Who’s game do you think Dan studied over and over? The great Dr. Will that’s who. Oh ya, and can Dan remove an old, unwanted tattoo? That’s a big fat no

    1. Dan has already given props to Will. I think he told Ian that he studied and used Will’s way of playing the game. However game play changes based on the players in the house. So no one really knows who is better unless they were playing together. I appreciate Dan’s game play and Will was a charmer.

  88. First of all this was not only a good move by dan but a great move by frank.Franks side will now want ian out while ians side will all want dan out
    While some think dan is a bigger threat than brit( which he is)brit was lying to frank while dan is not and will ride with him til final 4 cause he will need him
    When its all said and done i think as long as frank wins the second to last hoh or veto and the last hoh he will come out on top looking like the genius in all this

  89. *

    I bow to the master. I should never have lost faith in you Dan. I now say that Dan is the greatest BB player of all. He may not win twice, but no one else could have pulled this off.

  90. It’s as much Dan’s doing as it is Frank’s, Frank needed to do something and so did Dan, and now them combined is a great thing, they both needed each other. I’m a Dan convert now but Frank’s still my number 1 yo. God it’s going to be a looooooong wait till Thursday yo.

  91. WTF is with all 4 cams on Frank in the pool? And that loud ass laugh of his. Right after Brit comes out of the DR and sit with Shane and Danielle. Thanks, BB!
    UGH, I’m going to have to give it a break for a lil’ bit, I’m too fired up. I feel like Jeff after the clown shoe incident. lol

  92. Dan was AND IS the greatest Player- By far!!! .. Britney is a stanky Con! – She was the one who insisted that Shane put Boogie and Frank up! She was the one who Instructed Ian to put Frank and Ashley up! She is a demon and a Liar!! … When Dan was about to go home, his *Alliance* was happy! .. When Dan fights for himself, they call Dan a traitor. Dan did Not turn on his alliance, They turned on him! – Now, Shane and Joe need to follow through and Vote Nasty Brit OUT!!!

  93. Now I understand why everyone said Britney is so negative….she’s literally quitting and already accepting defeat. Maybe it’s an act? But I highly doubt it. She needs to FIGHT it’s so irritating that she is just accepting defeat so easily. COME ON MC SNOWFLAKE

  94. At first I thought frank was dumb to team up with Dan again but now that I think about it, it’s a great move if britney leaves! I’m not a Dan fan, but that move he did last night just shows how great a player he is at this game. Frank and Dan together could be good but I”m hoping for a shane/frank duo. At least if Britney is gone that takes out one player who doesn’t do anything for their alliance. If brit goes I’m hoping for Franks good bye message to her is like this “ring ring, Hello boogie, It’s frank..How’s brady doing, just wanted to tell you that britney won’t be finishing fourth this season cause she just got brigaded again by me and dan hahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

  95. Have all the ” Dan is the best player in history” forgotten that Dan told everyone that he mirrored his game after Dr. Will’s game? He is a copycat. Copying someone else’s game doesn’t make you the best.

  96. If Danielle goes home Dan and Jen may just run back to the other side and put frank on the block. It is the back and forth that is keeping this season so exciting. I think Joe and Shane know that they need Britt for numbers if they have any hope of lasting. Shane will always be on franks radar. I am enjoying the battles so I hope Britt stays to see how that would play out. Does anyone think Dan and Jenn would stay with Frank if Danielle goes home. Joe and Shane really need to use their heads on this one. Neither of them stand a chance with Frank and Dan. Britt stays and they have the numbers 4 to 3 AND Frank is out of the next 2 HOH comps. I am ok loosing Dani to keep the game more interesting ie. how will the house divide again? This is really a great season. Frank is a beast, Dan is the brains and everyone else is just along for the ride. I just think Dani going will make Dans game more interesting. He will have to work at another plan and that is when he is really fun to watch.

  97. Dan should just get a job selling ice to eskimos after the show is over because with this stunt, he has proven that he really can sell anything.

    1. I would disagree with that. Britney isn’t really a floater as she’s generally stuck with the same people throughout the game. However, many could definitely say that she is a coat tail rider.

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