Big Brother Spoilers – Solitary Dance Party

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours

7:58pm Cam 1-2 Solitary Dance Party
Joe and Ian come to Dan and start talking to him through the door. Dan says the door is open they are just not allowed to open it expect to get dan’s wedding ring. Joe gets the ring and hands it to Dan.

Dan: ‘They have 4 or 5 songs they play in here so it’s kind of entertaining”
Joe: “They play them..” Feeds cut

Dan: “Theres champagne i’ll probably have tonight”
Dan Tells Ian and Joe that he wants to play a card game and they can slide them under the door.

Dan: “When people come by to talk to me they cut the music.. other than that it’s 30 minutes on 10 minutes off”

Joe offers to get him cotton balls to cover his ears. Dan says it was tough but the way it went down he wouldn’t have wanted to win it that way.. Dan says he didn’t think he cheated.. (I’m not sure what Dan means by this)

Joe leaves says he’ll come by every hour or so to see if he’s OK

8:06pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Frank

Frank is saying that Ian is not going to use the Power and Frank wants dan gone this week. Joe says he’s on board.

Joe: “Obviously Jenn is an ally for you and me I treat her like gold and she just proved a whole lot”

Joe: ‘If you feel like you can trust me you can trust her.. You are not playing in the next HOH you are going to need people to have your back”

Joe says how much he is impressed by Frank today.. not only by winnign but by “Doing Shit”

Joe: “you gave me cold chills when you took the HOH.. that just went to say… this dude is serious.. it stunned other people. “

Frank: “You know all the passion I have for this show.. “
Joe: “You can do this frank.. you are going to pull this shit off”
Frank: “Don’t hate because you take second” (LOL holy rice a roni powerhouse is feeding him some tasty BS)
Joe: “You are the best you are going to earn it and you will earn people votes..”
Joe: “Powerful.. you’re powerful when someone wants it that much..”
Frank: ‘You almost want someone to have it”
Joe: “exactly.. you’ll do well I promise you that..

8:21pm Cam 1-2
Dan and Jenn talking through the door.. he tells her he’s proud and Happy for her winning that. Dan: “that was hard to win”
They start to talk about the DJ equipment in the room. Jenn says that sh!t is legit.
Jenn appreciates it tells him she’ll be back in a bit if there’s anything he needs to yell.

8:43pm Kitchen.. Cam 3-4 Ian, Joe, Shane, Jenn and Frank.. chit chat

8:43om Cam 1-2 Solitary Dance Party

8:49pm Shane, Joe and Frank They are talking about playing Edward 40 hands.. LOL (maybe we should shut down tonight and go play that )

9:08pm cam 3-4 Bathroom Britney, Ian, Shane and Danielle
Talking about Amazing race with Brendon and Rachel

Prior to this Britney and Danielle went to the have nots to talk to Dan and he never replied to them. Music was off and it didn’t look like he was sleeping. at 9:10pm Joe goes to the have nots and Dan still doesn’t answer.

9:17pm Cam 1-2 power House (Image Link)

Power house getting ready

9:41pm bathroom Cam 3-4 Ian, brintey and danielle
Britney gives a shorty rundown of the POV Competition. Says that Frank took the punishment that he cannot play in the next 2 HOH competition for 10 points.
Ian: “He must of really wanted Dan out because he basically pissed his game away right here”
Britney: “we now have 2 chances to get him out”
Ian: “I knew he wanted him but not that Fricken bad.. but man.. ”

9:58pm Cam 1 Ian (Image Link) dancing to the music coming from the Have nots room.. he has his shades on and is twirling beads.

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lil' B

simon, where can i watch after dark online? (in canada)


slice in canada is on ch 26 it start;s at 2 am only if you have cable


channel 44 or slice in Canada is correct.


If you have rogers cable it is channel 256


“Frank broke a Big Brother rule during a competition and cannot compete for HOH for two weeks instead of one.” source of wiki
is it ture@@?

Carol & Steve

if it is true – was the punishment for breaking a rule 1 or 2 HOH’s comps?

He already can’t play in the next one – so thinking the punishment was only 1 week but turns into 2 for him. Guess we’ll find out eventually…

Carol & Steve

guess Brit just told us – it was part of the comp not a punishment. Brit said “next two weeks” – sounds like he actually got lucky since he couldn’t play in the next one anyway…

Team Ian Big Dog

Hmm Frank does not seem upset about not being able to play HOH for 2 weeks. Maybe he did get a golden veto in the Pandora Box, but is only good if Ian does not use his. Maybe that is why he did not force Ian to use it by putting Ian on the block. Maybe this is why BB was pressing Ian not to use the golden veto. They were giving him the ability to take the punishment, get disqualified for cheating and still be safe. Guess we will find out on Sunday.


Frank was disqualified for trying to help Britney in the POV. I think they say he shouted out the answer to her or something to that effect.


what would the government say about what c b s is doing to dan ?

Trashy Entertainment

Yeah! Allowing him to compete for a half million dollars (after winning a half million once before) is cruel! Where is Amnesty International?

Carol & Steve

he looks better without all that hair.

Oh No You Didn't

Ewwwwww. Looks like he’s covered in pubic hair. Ewwwwww.

Carol & Steve

Ummmm – even I can peel a cucumber better than chef Joe – LOL!! seriously?


Peeling cucumbers? What brought that topic on. LOL

Carol & Steve

oh I forgot to refresh & make it a separate comment so it tacked on as a reply. Joe was having great difficulty peeling a cucumber – it was funny.


Go figure…a “chef” that can’t peel a cucumber, yet he has the knuckle shuffle on the ol’ piss pump down cold.

…at least according to Britney

Danielle's Pathetic

YO that!!! He said later that he was preparing that cucumber for Jenn “to keep her happy and fed”……….. I wonder which orifice of hers he was referring to???

Everyone in this house shows their character flaws when they don’t get something they want…. so to all the Frank haters, just remember how surly Jenn got when she was put up on the block!!!

GO FRANK!!!! You’re a force to be reckoned with!! Take it to the win Baby….. you SO deserve it!!!


He looks better, but still looks like a dbag.


Daaaamn! He just went from a Lil Orphan Annie wanna-be to actually kind of tasty. (I always thought he’d look better with short hair, that just proves it.) I still want him out tho. Lol

And of course, CBS won’t show how Frank cheated I’m sure. With productions obvious interference (most notable with Ian’s power and them trying to talk him out of using it), I’m to the point where I’m not sure I want to watch BB15. Why bother when it’s not a real game anymore. It’s just “who does production like the most.” Very tired of the models, actors, etc. they keep recruiting for the show. I miss the days when there was more diversity in the groups. (I know there have always been the “pretty people” cast, but there were also normal folks too.)

I wonder if the Canadian production team is being schooled right now on how to meddle in the game. I hope not, but wouldn’t put it past them.

I’d really like to see Dan survive this week, but it’s looking grim. :( I don’t trust Ian, but then, he’s all over the place and he doesn’t really let us into what’s going on in his mind, so who knows what he’ll really do. If Jenn doesn’t use PoV to save Danielle, then I can’t see Ian using his to save Dan.

With Frank not being able to play in the next two HoH’s, I’m sure the PoV’s (that he can play in) will be geared to him. After all, production seems to want him to win this year.

Boogie's Revenge

Hold on just a second. Are you actually suggesting that reality TV is not reality? Next thing you’re going to say is that the sky is blue and the grass is green.

Seriously, if BB wants to put the fix in they can just add an America’s choice veto and that can be rigged, no different than DWTS or American Idol can be fixed. You don’t think how the judges treat contestants influence votes. This isn’t Quiz Show and the 1950’s. Nobody cares about the Public Trust of the airwaves. Do you think there will be Congressional hearings on the fair play of reality TV?

And just an aside, only sore losers cry about cheating. Frank is a beast and is surviving because of that. If it makes you feel better to think he cheated or that Michael Jordan cheated because the refs gave him calls or that Nolan Ryan cheated because the umps gave him a bigger strike zone, so be it.


Whatever..You live in your wonderland course that all


I don’t watch the other shows you mentioned, so I have no idea what takes place on them. Nor do I watch sports, so I have no idea if those players were assisted in the way you stated.

Notice I said “obvious” interference. I know they’ve meddled before (see last year’s returning pairs twist that helped saved Jordan), but the fact that they’re doing it so much and in such a blatant way this year is off-putting (for me.) It’s like their giving a big fat finger to the fans.

As for being a sore loser, I’m not. If Frank can get to the final two (even with productions help), then clearly he’s going to win and I’m fine with that. He HAS been a beast in comps (even with some being geared to him.) Ultimately, I don’t care who wins as it certainly doesn’t affect my life. I brought up the cheating aspect because it’s been mentioned by others (on twitter, here, by the players themselves.) Frank and/or Boogie even admitted to cheating in a previous comp. So, I brought it up because it’s already been mentioned.

I simply stated my own personal thoughts and opinions…to which I’m entitled. As are you. You don’t like mine, fine by me. You don’t have to. Just as I don’t have to like yours. You want to think I’m a sore loser, fine by me. Again, it doesn’t affect my life in the slightest.

That being said, I really would have liked to see Dan be the first two-time winner…I don’t hold out much hope for that happening now, but you never know. If he leaves, I’d prefer to see Ian and/or Britney win it.


Like putting lipstick on a pig. Whoever made the Willie Aames/Eight is Enough comparison is dead on;)


Thank you! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out which celeb I thought he looked like. Yes…Willie Aames.


OMG, Frank actually looks handsome!!



1. Wins little or no competitions

2. Jumps to different alliances as it works to his/her advantage (such as: more in numbers or alliance with HOH winner)

3. Has to lie a lot to house guests

4. Has to betray to house guests

5. Has to talk bad about house guests

6. Has no strategic plan planned out whatsoever, their future planning relies on others actions

7. Tries to fly under the radar

Those are traits of a BB house guest who is a floater.

Can anybody else add to this list?


8. Name is Britney


8. Cooks salty ass food and goes by the name of Joe.


The “floater” term should be called

“The Adam”

Ian's squeeky hammock

, Are we sure Frank did not get something else in the Pandora’s Box that he is not saying? Why would he give up two weeks of playing for HOH? (Actually one since he can’t play this upcoming one).

Ian's squeeky hammock


Carol & Steve

the only power he got is the power to sh!t on my dream! LOL!


I don’t see how this is possible. Frank loses the ability to not compete for two weeks in a row, which puts him just before the final, and he’s not worried about it? I don’t see him sweating at all. Unless the Veto Ian got allows him to chose someone to not be able to play in an HoH.


You may be right…but I have doubts.

I think the competition was just a good result for the house as opposed to something bad and the $3K is just a cover for what he really got. I bet next week or the week after, if Frank doesn’t win the veto, he’s gonna have a power to override the nominations and choose two replacements.

Did anybody consider that the reason production might be pushing Ian and Britney to work with Frank is not simply just to fit the narrative they want to show on CBS or to help Frank win, but rather CBS sees Frank, Britney, and Ian as the most popular players and if Frank has a power, it would be better for the show if Britney and Ian weren’t on the receiving end of it? Maybe they really want them as the final 3?

It’s far fetched I know…but no more so than the idea that Big Brother would risk the reputation of their franchise just to help Frank win (Why would production let Janelle, who’s arguably the most popular HG in history, be O for 3, but work to give Frank the win?). If you’re willing to believe that scenario, then mine has to at least be considered.

chief c

done game over this sucks good site though props to you this season too manipulated and not even plausible sorry bb done


Exactly…I think he might have a power. He would not be allowed to tell anyone.


He would definitely tell in his verbal manifestos to the cameras.


Don’t be Sh!tin on my Dance Party!

chilltown 2.0

Frank is the most liked houseguest LOL ha to all the Frank haters check the polls


thats because people rate by week. whoever gets more attention weekly thats who they vote for. plus its not CHILLTOWN, its JUST FRANK. Frank is such a better person without boogie. give your nickname a rest.


on this site…..


He simply picked up Boogie’s votes, and the other alliance’s popularity is spread between more people. Boot two people from DDBS and the remaining two would rank above Francis. It’s just a dumb worthless poll anyway if Dawg isn’t winning.


Poor Dan! … he has had it Hard in this BB! … has been blamed for things he did Not do! . jenn and Ian- PLEASE USE THE VETOS!!! … even Daniele is acting sill along w/ Nasty Britney! – win or lose, Dan remains the greatest player- But don’t pack his bags just yet!

DDBS ftw

I see shane didn’t take any punishments…what did he do take all the luxuries?


It doesn’t sound like there were any up for grabs.

DDBS ftw

I don’t have the live feeds or showtime, so I rely on everyone here for my information..

Thanks for a great site Simon and Dawg


Frank is one ugly mother f****r


right now in the game i mean…looked better in that pic with short hair definately

DDBS ftw

Is Joe still one of Franks Targets? If so the others should try to convince him to take danielle off and put up joe to watch him squirm.. I think Frank could be easily convinced that the others will vote Dan out, even though we all know they will send Joe to Jury…


Oooh! Oooh! the game is rigged and they are cheating because they are talking to Dan through the door while he is in solitary dance party. He will probably be disqualified!


Kristen did the same thing in season 12 when hayden was in solitary confinement …. only thing dan would get in trouble for is if he left the room but talking through the door is not keeping it from solitary .. solitary means you have to remain in a room by yourself …does not say anything about talking through the door


Let’s see, so who got it wrong?

Big Brother or Webster’s with their definition:

: confinement of a prisoner where he has no intercourse with others

But what the heck, sounds like Dan thinks he may have cheated in the comp…so why honor the true definition of the punishment


yes but big brother has never penalized anyone for talking to someone in solitary if they did this season then kristen should have been penalized as well… thats the point


I am really hoping dan finds a way out of this

Stu Cazzo

So am I. But it’s looking pretty bleak. Not sure what his avenues of survival are this week. Could expose the QP in some house meeting, but I’m not sure that saves him. I know if I were in his shoes playing personally, I’d be tempted to do so after taking the heat last week for the good of the group, and then the group basically abandoning him this week. But Dan controls his emotions well.

The only way he could survive that I can see is if he joins up with Ian, promises him F2 after convincing him that he’s low man on the totem pole in the QP (he is) and that at F4 the QP would get rid of him. If Ian works with him, Ian has a great chance of beating Dan in the F2. If he’s able to sell Ian on that, then go to the den of the enemy to try to convince Frank that Britney, Danielle, Shane will double cross Frank first chance they get (they will) when he doesn’t have HOH in the next 2 weeks. Try to get him to play unemotionally, he would win against Dan in the F2 because nobody would vote for Dan, etc. Bring Ian in on it, come clean about last week with just those 3 in the room and say “we’re at final 8, we gotta draw a line in the sand and get others out” and convince Frank his best chance is by working with Ian and Dan because as much as Frank wants to believe people will work with him, they are just waiting to get him out because they know they can’t beat them in a F2 situation. Final 3 deal there between Ian/Frank/Dan. Lastly, you bring in one of Joe/Jenn into the group because you need the vote. If that works, Ian uses the golden veto on Dan, Shane goes up as renom. Vote out one of Danielle or Shane. With it at F7, you have 4 bodies v 3 and if Ian or Dan wins the next HOH, you’re sitting pretty as you then get out one of Britney and the remaining person of Danielle/Shane.

Like I said, it’s looking pretty bleak for Dan because all that is very unlikely to work. But that’s the idea I would try. Who knows what’s running through Dan’s head right now in that techno torture chamber, but I’m sure he’s thinking of all options.

DDBS ftw

I was thinking along the same lines, except instead of outing Ian, those 2 could say that Joe was the one that ratted Frank and Boogie out, and that Ian was threatened not to tell because they would evict him next, if he didn’t roll with them for a week since they had all the votes needed to get Boogie and Frank out and then the numbers to control the house. Ian could go with that, because he really wants Joe out of the house asap.


OMG, they are talking about Amazing Race. Do not put that in Danielle’s head. I can hear her now. “Shane, omg, we should go on Amazing Race together. We are awesome together.” I still say she is all upset that she isn’t chained to Shane instead of Brittney.

Quack-Pack Fan

Can you see Danielle on Amazing Race? Checking herself out in each and every mirror – making that suck face look to make her look thinner.


Watching Joe peel a cucumber (or possibly a small zucchini).
If this guy is a chef then I am Giada DeLaurentis.
Anybody want some Bruschetta?


Production is sh!tting all over Dan’s game man… he should just rat out Ian. Ian being a little b*tch right now…


Im not a dan fan but he has a shot if he outs ian and is able to get shane put up against danielle or can convince everyone to vote her out.This will be the first time this season we see if dan is as good as everyone thinks he is me personally id rather see shane go hes the only one that has a shot against frank in a final 2


On Day 50, Jenn had won her only veto. As a result of the veto competition, Dan received 24 hours of solitary confinement, Frank a carrot costume, Jenn must burn all of her clothes and be on slop for the rest of the summer, and Danielle and Britney must be shackled together. Frank broke a Big Brother rule during a competition and cannot compete for HOH for two weeks instead of one.



I’m 90% sure he can’t play in the HoH after next as 1 of his punishments he took…He was DQ’d after accidentally solving a word puzzle without buzzing in first. Also, shouldn’t the carrot costume be for 7 days? I know I heard Frank say he had to do something for 7 days. Somebody correct/confirm all this for us lol


The frank can’t compete for two weeks in HOH is speculation. A.) I don’t think they would do something like that. B.) It would be all over the live feeds, because he would be stressing about it.


Did you read the wiki ref above, I see it’s still in “moderation”


Could he just be lying to throw off other house guests?


It just seems a serious punishment for breaking a rule. It basically seals his fate and removes him from the house as well. People have broken rules before and the punishment was never revocation from competeing in the HoH.


Not speculation – he said it himself and that he hopes it doesn’t burn him. Really, Frank?

Ian's squeeky hammock

It looks like Danelle has gained some major weight, those jeans do not complement her legs at all.
I’m almost kinda helping Brittnay goes next, sick her her face picking and that horrid humming!


Yeah it makes her legs look like tree stumps


Oh my god even though I want Dan to go to jury, I’d love it for him to spill the beans about Ian, causing frank to explode!

jodi lbp

omg!!!! britney and danielle have got to be the phoniest ever, now i want them both out! Go Jenn Go!!


I am really thinking that Dan is screwed being alone in the have not room away from the others was bad but now not being able to talk game with the others he might as well be out of the house now! He can’t talk game with them while they all do! He is a memory at this point! If production wanted him gone they are doing a good job at making him invisible! But wait he’s not… Because all frank talks about is Dan! Lol! I sure hope he has a rabbit up his sleeve cause it doesn’t look good for him esp not knowing what everyone else is talking and thinking! He is screwed!! That makes me sad! And Britney can crawl out of Ian and franks a@@ now that Dan is on his way out, no one to hide behind now! Britney your going to be next at least I hope!!! She bothers me….


Oh they would do something like that i can”t remember what season but one of the contests during the veto comp got the same thing but i believe she couldn’t play for 6 weeks


That was season 8 and it was jameka


“On Day 42, shortly after Shane made his nominations as Head of Household, he told Danielle that the production crew in the diary room explicitly told him not to put up Frank and Mike for nomination that week. However, both were nominated and were thus eligible for eviction that week. On Day 43, Frank drew a “HouseGuest’s Choice” token during the player draw and when asked to draw again, as later confided to Boogie, he palmed the token. Many fans believe that this was a result of the production team’s desire to keep Frank in the game”

This seriously might be the last time i watch this show…they shouldn’t be allowed to f*ck with the game like this..even though shane did what he wanted anyways…

Fck production man…fck em


i like how almost every comment is about or has Frank name in it this season, Frank run’s the big brother house.


If I had a nickel for every time I pissed my pants playing Edward 40hands I would be richer than boogie!! Best bet is to play with ur girl so she can assist u with ur zipper!! Lol


Is it just me but doesnt Frank look like one of the kids from the orignal Bad News Bears with his nasa hat?
C’mon Dan u gotta give up the Rat Pack alliance do what u gotta do to stay around. Within5 min after Frank won hoh Brit was kissin his ass.

Carol & Steve

looks like it’s not going to be all that exciting tonight so I’ll just be like Dan & take my techno dance party & go to bed. (it is 1 am here in FL after all) tomorrow kids – don’t go sh!tt!ng on anyone’s dreams!


My Tweet to EvilDick

@EvelDick We should name the term “floater” to just “The Adam”

@HeavyMetalTeddy ZING!! @TrevorCardinal1


But yeah, You all think Ian still save someone from this or no and send Dan packing?

Curious does he have to listen to this techno music the whole time?

and Jenn really has to burn her clothes? what the hell is she gonna ware?


Simon can you tell me what Shane got

Silence of the Shane

Danielle is really starting to get that super stalker look in her eyes… She needs to go this week. Keep Dan in the game so it’ll be entertaining

DDBS ftw

I think Frank knows that production wants him there…No worries taking no HOH contests for 10 points, He knows he will be given the next 2 vetos to balance it out….. I know there are things done every year to increase drama, to make a story unfold a certain way, but man this season just seems so over the top to me..And the only reason Frank is winning the poll on this site is the very few frank lovers are voting constantly, to try and make their guy look better..


100 percent right


I think the game has finally jumped the shark because of production constantly intervening, letting Frank cheat and telling others what to do. It’s pretty obvious that Frank is their boy and they’ll do anything to keep him in the game. However, Frank is not the sharpest crayon in the box and can only win physical contests and he does bad in mental games. He’s worse that a douchebag, he’s nothing more than a turd.


Totally agree with you about Frank not being able to play in 2 HOHs – no worries there because he knows the VETOS are HIS to win! Also re: the polls, I visit this site countless times a day and always cast my vote for Dan and yet his percentage number never changes! Whatzzup with that?


After that 8:06 block I am now hoping for Joe to make it to top 3-4, that shit is hilarious, LMAO. I’m fully on board with POWER HOUSE. I thought he was pretty funny before but that put him number 2 on my list behind Frank.


Looks like Ian is still loyal to Quack pack…can anyone confirm this? Is he going to use the veto? Has Jenn talked about taking Danielle off the block??


I heard both Ian and Jenn say they would not use the veto because if it is used Britney goes up. I heard both of them say they did not want Britney to go up. That leads me to believe that Frank announced he would put up Britney (first) then Shane up if either or both vetos were used. WOW! Frank had a brain surge!


How could they let jenn win a comp. This QP has got to be the worst alliance ever. Shane, britney, or dani all suck, they cant win a comp. Why did Dan have to work with these 3 losers. He would have been better off working with Mike Boogie and Frank.


i’m not sure if this is the real reason, but i just read that frank was dq’ed from the veto (he would’ve have won) for talking/complaining about his buzzer during the comp so i’m assuming that’s the rule he broke because during the who wants it more comps the players are separated so no one knows who’s buzzing in for what things…again i’m just assuming.


Yes Danielle said frank was dq’d during bbad. Not sure exactly what he did wrong.


Frank said earlier that he was repeating, out loud, something because sometimes you think it’s a direct quote, but BB sometimes makes something plural and you agree it was a direct quote, but your wrong because it wasn’t plural. So…he broke some kind of rule during the POV. He said he was guilty but he wasn’t cheating…just talking out loud, repeating something to remember.


Frank is really not good at this game the fact he took 2 wks of no hoh is really dumb no matter how bad he wants dan out. As for Ian he is in a bad spot regardless someone is going home of the 5 of them but Ian must know if he doesn’t use his power on dan he will tell frank everything but if he does use it then either shane or brit go up so for he Ian there is no win.


Joe is such a asskisser but Im not breaking any new news saying that.
Its funny how his kids said “Dad stop yelling!” I love his DR’s b/c they so over thetop


if the rest of the house FAIL to evict frank in the two weeks he’s not eligible to play for HOH, they should immediately just give Frank the grand prize of 500K. let the rest of the season play out in who wins second place. it will go down as the biggest fail on BB ever to take a one player alliance (Frank) out the game.


Joe is such a asskisser but Im not breaking any new news saying that.
Its funny how his kids said “Dad stop yelling!” I love his DR’s b/c they so over thetop
I guess dani forgot about Trey after Shane won hoh it was a wrap for him it seems.
Allison Gronder blocked in coming tweets the night of Frank winnig hoh, ppl were giving her the business on twitter on how much the
game is rigged to help out Frank.


I think dan’s only hope is to out Ian and frank’s only hope is to get shane out. BB has always helped out one side of the house or another to switch it up and make the show more interesting but this is the first time they have ever out right cheated to get a player to stay very disappointing cbs


The final is becoming clearer to me:
I predict the winner will likely be one of the girls= either Danielle or Jenn
Danielle wins if she is F2 with anyone
Britney wins if she is F2 with anyone but Dani
Jenn wins if she is F2 with Frank, Ian or Joe. Not sure if with Shane- but I don’t see him taking her or Jenn taking him
Shane wins if no girls are F2
Ian wins if he is F2 with Joe or Frank, although Frank deserves it in this pair
Frank wins only if F2 with Joe, although Frank thinks he should win against any and all
Jury girls will vote for a girl to win. IF no girls up will vote for Shane or Ian
Neither Dan nor Joe will vote for Frank to win- doubt they will vote for Ian either


That is one of things about BB i do not like… women tend to see it as mo0re of a battle of genders, where as most guys will go by gameplay


Jenn will not win against ian or frank.

Dr. J

I thought Joe was told not to eat anything but slop and what was assigned but he dipped into various items to taste them. He wasn’t warned, penalized or anything for doing it. He didn’t sleep in the HN bed either but nothiing happened to him for violating the rules. If BB came down on Frank that hard for answering the question before punching his button, that is severe cause he was already DQ’ed. So, he had to have done something else to get the extra week of not playing for HOH. Guess we’ll see on the show.


Damn, they should have given Dan some ecstasy and a case of red bulls so he could rage hard the whole 24 hours. Toss him in some glow sticks, vicks mentholatum and watch him roll balls to the wall.


BBAD is on for me now, and WOW LOL@ Dan having to deal with that!


BBAD just started for me too…yeah, poor Dan. I didn’t think the music would be THAT loud! Good thing he gets 10 mins. of quiet every 30 mins. Going to be hard to sleep w/it tho (which I guess is the point.)

Glow sticks would have been a fun addition…I was hoping we’d get to see him do at least a bit of fist pumping. That would have been funny. Can’t wait to see Frank take his “chum” baths. (His hair will hold a lot of yummy goodness in. Lol)

Did Shane not get any punishment? Wow…was he even playing/trying to win PoV?


I just dont see frank taking a 2 hoh punishment unless he had something in his back pocket


That’s where you are wrong. He has been all over Dan since the beginning and now his hatred has completely blinded him. I don’t understand how he could have let himself go this far. He is finished unless he gets a bail out from production.


Production is really blowing this year.


They should have given Dan some ecstasy and a couple cases of Red Bull so he could rage hard for 24 hours. Toss him in some glow sticks, vicks mentholatum inhaler and watch him roll balls to the wall.


Dan’s pretty screwed right now, don’t see how he makes it this week. QP and company totally screwed up this week by sucking up to Frank. They all should have continued to be against him and break his spirit. Let him put up whoever he wants and they will vote however they want. Should have said, if you put up so in so, we are coming after next week and so on. Instead everyone is sucking up. What I really don’t get is how everyone is on board with voting out Dan at this point. Don’t they realize if they keep Dan in the game, he is the biggest target. Frank will never go after any of them until the guy that sh!t on his dream goes home.