Big Brother Spoilers – Dan Calls a House Meeting to say his final goodbyes

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power
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***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 1 week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments

6:40pm HOH Cam 1-2 Ian, Jenn, Frank

Ian: “I’m not using my veto 100% .. Jenn isn’t using hers I’m not using mine.. Dan and Danielle stay on the block”

Frank is worried that Dan’s new state might change how the votes are going to go. Ian: “I don’t know about that but 100% The Veto is not going to be used”

Jenn says she was just worried because Ian was talking to Dan and everyone is bumed.

Frank: “come give me a hug”
Ian: “I don’t give Hugs to carrots”
Ian leaves
Frank: “between the two of us I like to see that m***** f**** out next week”
Jenn: “thats going to happen”
Frank: “They want us to get rid of Joe.. f*** Joe “
Frank is worried about Britney not wanting Ian to go. Jenn thinks that she can convince Britney to vote out ian. jenn also thinks she can convince Danielle. (LOL Jenn thinks she can do a lot) Frank adds that if Shane wins the next HOH he’s going to want to put up Joe and Frank will convince him to put up Ian. They can get Ian out. Frank will tell Shane that he’ll take him to final 2.

Frank: “we need to separate Britney/Shane and Ian.. they’ve been tight since the beginning”
Frank is proposing Frank, Joe and Jenn Final 3 or Frank, Jen Danielle final 3. Frank thinks taking Joe is better because they can beat him in the competitions.
Frank wants Dan, Ian, Britney, Shane gone. Jenn is still worried that Dan can someone do something magical in his talk with the house.

6:54pm Cam 1-2 Danielle, Britney and Shane Bathroom
They are chatting about the second endurance competition in her season and how it should be this week. Britney points out they still haven’t addressed the fact there are too many players in the game.
Britney: “thanks god we have 2 HOH’s “
Shane: ‘I know.. “
Britney: “That is unbelievable I would have never thought he would take that“

6:54pm Cam 1-2 Danielle, Britney and Shane Bathroom
They are chatting about the second endurance competition in her season and how it should be this week. Britney points out they still haven’t addressed the fact there are too many players in the game.
Britney: “thanks god we have 2 HOH’s “
Shane: ‘I know.. “
Britney: “That is unbelievable I would have never thought he would take that“

7:15pm Cma 1-2 Bathroom Shane and Danielle

Shane says he doesn’t believe that Dan was meaning final 3 with Boogie and Frank. Shane thinks he was just telling them whatever they wanted to hear. Danielle agrees. Danielle starts popping blackheads on shanes back.

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7:32pm Cam 1-4 Dinner time

7:45pm Cam 1-2 Dan is going to give a house speech and he’s planning out what he is going to say
Shane comes into the room with Dan tells him he doesn’t think he can trust Britney.. feeds cut
Dan is giving a speech on the feeds to the entire house… soon

Dan pacing back and forth mumbling what he plans on saying.. “Don’t insult me by talking game with me because I know you all don’t want me to Stay.. I love this game and this experience.. ”

House Meeting holly shit

House Meeting Cam 1-4 Dan talks to the house.. lots of tears from everyone
Dan: “Number one rule no crying… The last 24 hours have been really tough.. If anything I’m going to have fun.. I’m welcoming you all to my big brother funeral.. I’m going to put you all at ease… Unlike a typical funeral i’m going to say nice thing about you”

Chef Joe – We started on different sides you have taugh me about how to be a good husband and father. One of the best things about you is you are a 41 year old kid and I’m a 27 year old kid

Shane – Shane is walking and living proof there is an actual captain america. You are such a good dude you are the type of guy I want to date my sister when you get out of here there will be a girl for you and she’ll be the right one.

Jenn – You are the first lesbian I have ever meet. When I see someone like you with tattoos I had certain prejudices. You allowed me to wipe away all my prejudices.. thank you for everything you’ve done for me you cannot understand how much you’ve touched me. You have open my eye to a lot of things and I want you to know how much you trust me

Britney – you were trusting of me and I was trusting of you All i knew about you was the stink eye and epic diary rooms.. I know regardless of what happens that you and I will always have this bound being newlyweds in this show.

Dan “Last three are going to be a little bit tougher. “

Ian – When I first saw you in this game I thought you were evil guy.. everyone knows there is not a bad bone in your body the more I am around you the more the more I know we think the same. You are here to have fun and for the experience so am I. The thing I want you to promise me when I’m gone you cannot beat yourself up you are a smart bright kid.

Frank – we started off this game close we had so much in common, videogames, TV shows.. and your passion for this show.. Your story about getting on Big Brother is inspirational. There are a couple things I said about you in the diary room that I am not proud of that I want to clear it up with you in private. in this game you’ll always be my arch enemy but as a past winner i’m saying i’m proud of you.

Danielle please do me one favor in this game.. Don’t’ insult me by talking game with me because I know you all want me out.. If you come to me to talk game i’ll scream your name out.

Dan: “Daneille The last time I played this game I knew I had one person that I had to give 100% trust to that was Memphis Garrett.. I saw you day one standing there I thoguht I could trust you I thought if I picked you would have similar qualities to Memphis…. I was Wrong you know what you did you are dead to me in this game..

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8:04pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Frank

Frank really wants to know what Danielle did. Dan wants to talk about a few things first.

Dan tells him the reason I’m talking to you alone is i’m going to give you information that will make your game.

Dan: “I Have this bible not to read a verse but to swear on.. I’m going to swear on this bible. this could make your game or break your game. There may be a sliver of hope in it for me but I am not going to bank on it.. Everything I tell you is the complete truth i swear on the bible, my wedding ring and my grandfathers cross… The information I give you is 100% “

Dan says there was a 5 person alliance that was formed immediately after the silent six it included Ian. Dan says If Britney had won that veto on saturday some sh!t was going to go down. “Had britney won that veto.. she was going to take Danielle down and Ian was going to use the barbarian power on me forcing you to put up Joe”

Dan sells Ian out 100% says he was one of the 5 people in the alliance giving Dan information about Boogie and Frank.

Dan explains that Danielle was suppose to throw the POV so he could win.. She didn’t because she didn’t want Dan win. Britney had gotten into Danielle’s ear. Danielle was worried that Shane or britney would go up. The Chances of her staying with Dan on the block beside her are infinitely better.. at the end of the day she didn’t throw it .. Britney got in her ear and they were all ready to cut Dan loose.

Dan offers Frank Final 2 he put 100% trust in danielle and she screwed him.. Frank was part of Chilltown now Dan is asking him to be part of the Renegades.

Frank: “you think she just got caught up in the moment. “
Dan doesn’t think so.
Frank: “Dan you got me thinking… “
Dan says he knows that Britney and SHane would cut a deal and chop me off.. In my alliance I knew I would be cut”

Frank says if Jenn uses the POV on Dan everyone knows Dan is working with Frank.
Dan is pushing to put Joe up as a replacement or maybe Britney. Dan will colacesse back with Shane, Danielle and help Frank out. Frank wants to take Joe to the final 3. Dan: “ohh Joe yeah pull a Jerry . but can you trust him.. he runs his mouth a lot”
Dan asks how can you pull it off to have us work to.. Dan says with BRitney gone he thinks they can work with Shane.
Dan and Frank Both are receptive to a final 4 danielle, Frank, Jenn and Dan.
Dan says the next HOH is endurance 1000% he doesn’t think Ian will win it. Dan says that Jenn will be so pissed that I did that to Danielle.. Dan proposes that Jenn takes Danielle down and puts up Britney

Frank is 100% Receptive to this.. HOLY SH!T

9:07pm Cam 3-4 It’s Official Dan and Frank have a final 2 deal Frank is going to get Jenn to use the veto and they are going to get Britney up on the block. Frank is confident he can do it.

Dan heads downstairs to make up with Danielle. updates coming 9:17pm Danielle and Dan are cool with each other.. (OH MY GOD insanity)

(When this conversation was taking place the other players were running around freaking they think Dan is selling them all out.. Jenn is super pissed at Dan)

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239 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Dan Calls a House Meeting to say his final goodbyes

  1. It kinda breaks my heart knowing that dan is going home , its always fun watching him play this game , such a classy guy and definitely one of the best players that has ever played this game

      1. I agree shitty. It’s Sunday. How lame to say goodbye. Boogie did it with class Wednesday. Dan is a douche how can Frank not see it??!!!

        1. well guess what?????? dan is still in the game, dont even throw classy and boogie together, all that crap he and frank said about dan, like how boogie wanted to tell dan he was going to have sex with his wife, real classy, like some one wrote dan is stone cold, and you have to be, to go from certain eviction to getting pulled off the block, that takes brains and, look at all the heat dan took for ian last week when boogie n frank had him cornered, dan said nothing, im glad he spoke up and ratted out ian, that kid was gettin a free ride, not anymore, go for it dan!!!!!

        2. Anonymous-You are correct. This is the end of Frankie’s game, right here! By Frank forcing Jenncity to use the POV tp pull Dan off and put Britney up is going to prove to be his biggest mistake in this game! It is going to cost him the win because saint Dan is going to cut him off at the knees first chance he gets! If FRank thinks Dan will not go after him and that Dan wants to ally with him to F2 he is absolutely crazy! This move is the end of Franks’ game! He will regret this believe it!

    1. OMG Dan is a stone cold killer!
      I am watching him with Frank now, if he pulls this shit off he deserves a BB gold medal!

      1. Frank bit!
        Holy crap if Frank can get Jenn to use the Veto this house is gonna blow up!
        I was pulling for Brit but if Dan pulls this on off and she gets taken out in the aftermath I will say “Well Done”.

      2. I totally agree! Will Frank fall for it though? He has a deep seeded hatred for Dan and he might see this as a last ditch attempt on Dan’s part to stay in the game. Who am I kidding ? Frank is a tool and Dan’s well concocted plan may just work. I really thought Dan was out but he may have a very slim chance to stay in the game. Fingers crossed!

        1. If Dan pulls this off, he will bypass Dr. Will in my book as the greatest ever and I never thought anyone could even come close!! Also, what is all this crap about “The GREAT Mike Boogie.” Nothing great about him except his ego. Sooooo glad he is gone.

    2. “Althea says:
      August 26, 2012 at 12:14 am

      Dan needs to deploy the nuclear option. He needs to go to frank and tell him everything tomorrow. He needs to show that Ian is the snake who was running and telling verbatim everything that Frank and Boogie said and that’s why the Silent Six split. He needs to show that Britney was the biggest anti-Frank/Boogie voice in the Silent Six from day one. He needs to show that Shane is a mental midget who will do whatever Britney tells him, including backdooring Frank next week. He needs to reveal all the shit-talking Dan did over the last week. At this point it’s about his survival and his chances to win the game.

      What does he owe Britney? She’s a complainer who hasn’t won anything and is making side alliances with everybody.
      What does he owe Ian? He let Dan take all the heat for his betrayal and is the reason Dan is on the block.
      What does he owe Shane? He just does what he’s told, wins competitions, and has no backbone.
      What does he owe Dan? A floater who sucks up to power.

      He has to know that at a minimum, two of these people will be voting him out on Thursday…and it’s likely that they all will.

      He should tell Frank everything and say that despite what he’s being told, he has no allies. Frank is logical and Dan is logical. They should work together and do it quietly. Frank must know that if everybody is still firmly against him, then it does not matter who he evicts and if Dan reveals everything (but protects Danielle for his own benefit) he might sway Frank, since the truth will make sense and add up. If Frank needs to see a confrontation, then Dan needs to do it. This is survival time. Does Dan want to win or does he want to be a martyr? It’s time to backdoor Shane.”

      I don’t want to say I told you so…but yesterday I did

      1. Can you possibly get that info into Dan? I’ve been screaming that at After Dark, the feeds, my tablet, this app. And nothing seems to be getting through to Him! LOL! Needless to say, I totally agree with You!

    3. Believe me Dan is not going home. This guy is brilliant. I think he might have just figured out a way out of this whole mess. If he stays, which I think he will, this is just brilliant. Ian and Britney thought they had Dan out 100%, but that is not going down.

    1. um, he just threw Ian under the bus and used Danielle (by freaking make her cry and treating her like crap) to get Britney put up on the block.

  2. Lets see if Dan can create the “Mist” hey Boogie got Frank off the block and b/d Jeanelle. I will have a new found respect for Dan

  3. Bye Bye Dan!!
    Looks like the coaches are leaving with dignity. Janelle took her eviction really well, and although Boogie was mean the days prior to being evicted he too the whole Ian thing really well. Looks like Dan will be doing the same.

    1. are you kidding about booger being mean near the end … that idiot was nasty and foul from the minute he stepped foot in BB…. i am totally discusted with that poor excuse for a human … loved watching him walk out the door … all doors should slam on bullies butts as they walk through them … next frank … one can wish .. guess the quackers should of listened to Ian at fast forward ..

  4. I think I’m actually about to cry for Dan’s departing words. He is a very chivalrous player and I respect him because he knows that the game is over for him… I just wish it was Jenn or PowerHouse over him to leave this week. =(

        1. yeah because you’d think that ian would protect him after taking the heat for him from boogie and frank. or britney and dani not losing hope on him after frank became hoh

  5. So Dan and Danielle are not gonna try to backdoor Shane and Britney by getting Ian and Jenn to use their POVs? Hes his just going to roll over and take it? I know that they in an alliance, but it seems that these players have lost their ruthlessness in past seasons, I miss Evel Dick and Rachel!!! The chaos and Self-destruction is much more fun.

    OHH maybe Dan will oust Ian in his speech that would be freaking hilarious!!!!

    1. No, he made the grand speech to look good to everyone, treat Danielle like shit (she’s balling) and talk to Frank alone. He basically just threw Ian, Shane and Britney under the bus and convinced Frank Danielle is dead to him (when in fact he used her and made her cry)

  6. I just watched the latest episode of BB and was never a huge fan of Frank. But after watching him win 6 rounds against the house I now hope Frank wins BB. How can you not root for a guy that the entire house is against but continues to pull it out…

    GO Frank

    1. That’s funny before tonights episode I would have been okay if Frank won, but after tonight when he was just yelling at Ian and Britney was asking him to stop I lost all respect for him

      1. Like I said I was not a fan of Frank before the last episode after he won HOH in 5 seperate contests. How can anyone , I mean anyone, vote against a guy that might set the record for wins in Big Brothers…..sheez

      2. Oh please!!! If you kept your word and kept getting duped and the entire house against you especially someone you gave up $3000 to and took carsof screwed you… I’d be all up in their faces screaming more crap!! He deserved to yell and they deserved every bit of it!

  7. Idk if this speech is a attempt for sympathy or if Dan is really giving up but either way I think dans going home unless he get Shane to tell frank it was Brit and Ian that wanted boogie and frank up not Dan

      1. me too!!! the suspense of waiting for the information to be updated is killing me…i wanted to go to bed just before this all started…i should have and then i wouldn’t know what’s going on until the morning…no waiting for it!!

  8. omfg dan just told danielle that she’s dead to him in this game & shocker she’s balling. even though i’m about 99.9% certain dan is up to something this shIt is still HILARIOUS!!!

  9. I think Frank’s hate towards Dan will cost him his game. He decided to give up playing 2 HOH to make sure Dan doesn’t win the veto, but really nobody will protect him, they all want him gone. His hate will make him lose

  10. It’s a shame that it took this long for Dan to really start playing the game instead of coasting so much. He was a favorite in his season because he had to play hard from the very 1st week and always came up with his off the wall crazy ideas to make it all the way to the end.

    Sadly I think it’s too little too late for Dan to work his magic this time around.

    1. Season 10 Dan floated until the halfway point then started making moves …. same thing this year… a lot of peoplke thinking he is nnot going to go far but he is a silver tongued devil and tonnight just proved it

  11. I don’t know what dan is up to but if shane and brit are smart they will keep dan. For one thing he is a bigger target and for a second the jury won’t let him win again.

  12. Danielle is gonna cry all night… She is an ugly crier. I wish Danielle would just quit and Shane would come to his senses and realize the Quack Pack can’t help him, none of them win any comps or anything at all. If he was smart he’d silently side it up with Frank the Tank and they can protect each other til final 4.

    Viva La Stool.

    1. I feel the same way but at least we might get some of the fall out & scrambling if all hell breaks loose! Wonder who’s dream he’s sh!tt!ing on!

    2. I KNOW, that’s what Im saying! Judging by these comments, it sounds like Dan is bringing some drama! BBAD NEEDS TO HURRY UP AND COME ON!

  13. Is it weird to be a fan of someone and want to see them go on the block, just to see what crazy shit they would pull off? That is what I have wanted all season with Dan.

    From the start, I have watched his gameplay and it has been superb. And, now, comparing how Boogie and Frank acted when they were on the block with what Dan is trying to pull off is night and day. While he is truly trying to throwing a hail mary, it is start contrast from Boogie complaining all week. Anybody who knows what is happening right now in the BB house knows what I’m talking about.

  14. Really, Dan…..REALLY????? How transparent of you to say your FINAL goodbyes on Sunday before the POV ceremony. It’s sad to see someone with better than average game play sink to such a pathetic low. Also, shame on you for wasting the medic’s time with your fake symptoms. I hope they charge you for that loser tactic. Get to steppin’.

    1. he didn’t waste the medics time – he told the camera’s several times he was fine. When Danielle took him to the DR she didn’t stay and wouldn’t know if there was a medic there or not. Can’t wait to see his DR on Wed!!

    2. Uhh, he wasn’t the one that ask for a medic, dip shit! He even winked at Danelle to let her know something was Up! If he had told Danelle his plan upfront she could not have pulled off the emotional response to fool everyone like she did by thinking maybe he was mad at her, but at the same time how many times has he told her no matter what is said, i have your Back! Final Two! So really i think that was in the back of her mind and was why it was so easy for her to “Forgive” Dan Again! Dan has taken a lot for his team, not like he’s floated or Anything! Put yourself in his shoes last week when he took a beat down for hours from Boogie. And Frank with Ian just walking around the room not feeling a thing. I thing Ian is the real devil in sheep’s clothes. He comes on acting like this little innocent kid letting everyone take care of him while the whole time he’s playing double spy and look what he did to Boogie! He’s 21 years old, Dani is 23, there’s not that much difference in them. And there have been lots younger players, he just has that little boy, help me look.
      Dan sees the need to step up his game and that’d what he’s doin, look back at his old season. He did the same think then. He worked behind the scenes, like he’s doing now and when the time came for him to play his magic, Abracadabra!

  15. WHAT HAPPENED??? I just turned on the feeds, and what the bleep happened? Danielle is having a breakdown and the whole house seems super mad at Dan

  16. Ok Danelle got her feelings hurt but geeze how long is she going to bawl about it? She’s loving being cuddled by Shane, he doesn’t look to thrilled.

  17. i liked dan since his season, yea he is a sneaky person, but wouldnt do something to hurt someone with words, he has taken a lot of heat so ian can pretend to be the bad boy of BB and dan has not said a word, now thats loyalty, and if ian betrays him, i hope his game goes up in flames, its obvious production wants frank to win, just like they wanted rachel or jordon to win last yr.

  18. oh my gosh, I have never been a Dan fan til now…nothing to lose so why not snitch on everyone else!!!! Love it!

    1. So great move by Dan, but one flaw!! Ian will use the pov on brittney, which means Shane ( the only one who can win pov) is out the door. Frank, if he goes with dans deal just cost himself 500,000!

  19. Do you guys really think Dan is mad at Dani? I don’t think so. Remember when he cut her lose early on in the game as her coach? I think its a trick.

    1. I’m with you – I think he knows this is the only way he can cut those apron strings with her. She hasn’t been able to let the showmance go either.

      I think that Dan will try to get them both down & Brit & Shane up. I wonder if Ian has to use his veto first since he got it first?We’ve all been assuming that he’d go after Jenn. Will Frank be successful at getting Dan off the block? Who will go up & if Danielle is still on the block will she go.

      Then again – he could have Frank get enough voted to keep Dan & send Danielle home.

      Oh this will be awesome!!

  20. I think Dan told Danielle that, so that he can say that in the end Danielle will not vote for him to win for what he said and use that as leverage to keep him.
    He may be taking the Dr Will season 2 approach.

  21. Dan wanting to work with Frank, ratting Ian out…what the hell is going on tonight? Dan is going for broke to stay in the game

  22. Holy Crap, Dan may be pulling this off with Frank. If he can get Frank to have Jenn use the veto to take him off then major props!!!!!

  23. Dan is doing two things. One, he is going to offer me (Ian) a final two deal to use the Power of Veto on him. He is strengthening this play by cutting ties (for the moment) with Daniele. Two, if this doesn’t work, it will give Daniele some sympathy with the rest of the house, so that if Dan goes home, he will have helped Daniele win the entire game. Dan thinks if he can not win it, then he wants Daniele to win it.

    1. OK…but then he’s tossing Brit or Shane under the bus if he’s trying to get the veto since they will take his spot and he’s gonna have to explain the shot at Danielle to everybody, so if he’s trying to help her, I don’t see how calling her untrustworthy and campaigning WHILE HE’S UP AGAINST HER ON THE BLOCK helps her.

      Dan’s fighting to stay and as a Frank fan, I admire the hell out of him for doing it. The sheep should go before the players and Frank and Dan deserve final 2.

  24. I am so confused. For Dan to call out Danielle like that seems out of character for him. Did he just use her to put on a show – to convince Frank that if he stays he will have full control of Dani because she will want to get back into his good graces? I can’t see him doing that without asking her for an explanation – if she did do what she is accused of. To go straight for the jugular like that when he bore the brunt due to Ian and he stayed quiet with regards to Ian makes no sense. I’m thinking he knows about Brit playing both sides and it seems like he is throwing her and Ian under the bus.

  25. Dan is definitely not self destructing, he is a crazy good mofo with his speech, selling everyone out and convincing Frank to keep him. WOW!!!!!

  26. If Dan some how gets through this week, no one can deny his status as one of the greatest BB players ever. Having said that, I’m not sure there’s any way that’s going to happen.

  27. Omg you have to give dan credit wether this works or not he is good! Not sure if i missed something with danielle or this is a game move on his part but i did feel sorry for her if he was trying to break her i think he did

  28. Danielle please do me one favor in this game.. Don’t’ insult me by talking game with me because I know you all want me out.. If you come to me to talk game i’ll scream your name out.

    Dan: “Daneille The last time I played this game I knew I had one person that I had to give 100% trust to that was Memphis Garrett.. I saw you day one standing there I thought I could trust you I thought if I picked you would have similar qualities to Memphis…. I was Wrong you know what you did you are dead to me in this game..

    Damn Dan, I thought you where ruthless, but damn. That was down right Machiavellian of him.
    He did warn her that it is a cutthroat game and you to be ruthless. He is either doing that or doing
    Danielle a big favor, by cutting her loose. That or planting a huge seed in peoples minds against Danielle.

  29. Yeah what the FUCK is happening!?

    Dan told Danielle off and I’m wondering why?

    What did she do that made him go off on her in front of everyone?

    As far as I read she has not been saying shit about him.

    I mean she pretty much knows he is going home but he should know that by now too.

    The latest episode did portray him as a douche.

    Sure he needed that Veto but no reason to be suck a bitch!

    So Simon [or anyone else] any info would be nice.

    1. What is he basically saying?

      Did he rat out Ian yet?

      Is he trying to get Jenn to use the Veto on him to backdoor Britney or Shane?

      And do you think Frank is believing it all [it is the truth most likely but you never know]?

  30. And this is how dan won bb10 not from winning comps but by this we will see if it works but nice move though dani and brit have been conspiring against him but i think this is game

  31. HAHA You gotta love Dan! He is not giving up. The best thing about Dan is that if he says that he’s going to do something, he will do it. If I was Frank I would believe him and take him up on his offer. I would love to see the best two players in the game work together secretly. That would be epic. They need to get Ian or Jenn to use the veto on Dan though or else he is gone. I hope Dan can pull this off! He is definitely one of the top 3 or 4 BB players of all time.

      1. IDK, Jen all of a sudden wants to play the game, Danielle better get all over Jen like she did Shane if she wants to stay, Brit may go home and that would be epic seeing how she got the QP to turn on Dan,

  32. Dan’s a little worm and showed his true colors when he played for the POV. He said to Ian…”I’ll rat you out in a second dude.” That was over whether Ian moved the POV ball. He has no balls and prefers to have others do his dirty work so he can pretend to read his bible while keeping his hands clean. Then he likes to tell everyone he plays a clean game. He throws HOH comps so other people have to get blood on their hands. He’s a weasel and it’s a joy to watch BBAD and see him try getting people to feel sorry for his lame ass. I’ve never liked that creep with his stupid bandana since day one when he was on BB before.
    Sorry for the rant but I really am sick of him. Peace out.

    1. Agreed. Plus everyone is so busy drinking Dan’s koolaid that they don’t see that not ratting out Ian was not because Dan is a great guy, it’s because he knew he could use it to get Ian to do things for him. It was a completely self serving act, and when it was no longer in his best interest he ratted him out.

      1. That’s more or less what I’ve been saying for two weeks now when it comes to Dan’s benevolence but the way he did it? Ho-lee shit.

  33. Dan sold everyone out, told Frank all about Ian and the QP. Trying to throw Britney under the bus as the mastermind. Danielle continues to cry downstairs. If this works Dan is the best player to ever play even if he does not win.

  34. What an a**hole Dan is.

    He basically told everyone what they wanted to hear, pretending he has given up so they will all feel sorry for him
    You watch, f*cking Ian will save him.

    I really dislike Dan and everything he stands for. He is the ultimate religious hypocrite. He hides behind his bible like it makes him a better person. One’s ACTIONS make them a good or evil person, not carrying a bible or going to church.

    Props to him, though, if people are stupid enough to buy what he sold them today.
    I fear they are.

  35. Good golly miss Molly what just happened. Dani is going to be bawling all the way to the end. You tell her her farts stink and she’ll cry about that. She is so super sensitive but she does bring some of it on by lying and one-upping everyones stories. If you did something she did it better or bigger, etc. I always wondered why Dan was so complaicent listening to her lies day in and day out. I actually felf he was biting his tongue for quite awhile and looks like he was. This is one heck of an interesting night. As far as Frank goes he’s ready to jump on board with anyone at this point so it just might work for Dan. I didn’t like him but if this works for him, I’ll tip my hat and look at him with admiration from now on.

  36. I was wondering……how is it those POV results all appear to be tailored for each contestant?
    Nobody could have pulled off being a carrot like Joe.
    I couldn’t imagine any of them being locked up for 24 hours other than the Weasel. Joe would have had a coronary.
    Jen’s clothes needed to be burned. She’s such a dirty skank they should have scrubbed her with a wire brush too.
    They had to chain either 2 guys or girls together and their weren’t two guys left.
    Coincidence? I doubt it.

  37. I felt a little bad but I also felt bad for frank cause Ian knew what he was doing. If you want to play with the big boys u deal with comes with that. If Ian can’t take the heat he has to stay out the kitchen and not let people put him in situations he can’t handle. Dan is a coward like the whole QP. It was duck season tonight and frank aimed and shot them all down. Frank FTW.

  38. .I’d almost guarantee Ian will have to see a Psych now. He is going to be a basket case over this. Hate it but afraid he is going to take all of this very hard in the next few days even though he likes Dan and would have rolled with him. Not so sure he will now.

  39. What the hell? I was just about to go to bed because I have to get up early and you spring this on us? What the hell did Dani do to Dan? Love this! Please update soon Simon.

  40. GUISE. Dan is telling Frank that he is going to tell Danielle that whole thing was fake.

    I’m thinking they want a
    Dan/Frank/Danielle/Shane alliance to the end.

  41. What is the deal with Dan and dani?? Apparently I missed something. What did she do to him? Last I read, they were together when everyone else was fighting. I thought that was why Frank put her, bc he knew that would be one vote for Dan. Someone enlighten me plz

  42. I’d almost bet his comment to Dani about “you know what you did” was in ref to Dani putting Janelle on the block and getting her evicted because he didn’t want that. It messed up his game big time cause he wanted the coaches to stick together till the end.

  43. Well with Dan selling out Ian and the quack pack, and giving Frank the information about how they were going to save Dan and Danielle if Brit or Shane had won the veto…..Frank now knows that Britney and Shane and everyone has been playing him, even up until the other day when the Veto was played. Now it’s up to Frank to decide if he wants to roll with people who were selling him out behind his back or someone who sold him out previously and is now coming clean. And although Dan could have prevented Boogie being evicted, it was Ian who set that plan in motion. Dan is swinging for the fences to try to save his game. With only 3 or 4 weeks left in the house, he feels so close and doesn’t want to go out just yet. He made Danielle cry, but that could be something he apologizes for later after he gets Britney backdoored and is just part of selling Frank that he is done with everyone including her.

  44. Seriously, I hope Frank does not ask Jenn to use the veto and put up joe or Britney. Both of them are a waste of an HOH. At this point, reel Dan in, put up Shane (his only competitor in competitions, which by taking him out increases his chances to win the next VETOs exponentially) as a replacement. If he doesn’t wanna consider Shane, f*** it. Leave the nominations the same.

    That Dan speech made me laugh, that’s the Dan I loved watching back on BB10. Honestly, I would have liked to see Dan work with Boogie, but now it would just be too much of an entertaining thought if him and Frank just started working together and blindside everyone with it. Theoretically, he could just put Shane up against Danielle and send, pretty much the only person I consider an actual obstacle for Frank, home (Shane).

    “… I was wrong, you’re dead to me in this game…”

    That was just priceless, didn’t even see it live yet but I almost fell off my chair laughing.

  45. YES, YES, YES!!!! Get rid of the bitch Britney and crazy Danielle! Frank, Dan and Shane would be an awesome alliance! To see them duke it out in the final three would be great! Three deserving people at the end, not like the past few seasons with floaters at the end! I hope these boys can do this! Rat Ian needs to leave too!

  46. Dan explained to Frank that Danielle was supposed to throw the veto but she played it and that pissed him off. He threw Ian under the bus and wants to have an alliance with Danielle, Frank and himself. I am wondering if Frank is going to buy this??????
    Now Joe and Ian are talking with Frank to get info, they aren’t getting anything.

  47. In a season full of shockers, Dan’s funeral speech might be the biggest. I’m stunned by his game play here, not sure if he’s really trying to stay now, and I’m not sure if I want him to. But it’s massively entertaining to see Dan in fighting and firing mode.

  48. First off if dan pulls this off he will be one of the best players to ever play bb and i would like to see dan and frank work together. Frank has wanted to work with dan since day 1 so he really might go for it the show might have hope yet. I knew he was going to give ian up not that they all didn’t deserve it both ian and brit have been throwing him under the bus all week. Either way dan just screwed ian and brit’s game nice play dan

    1. Ian plays his veto first. Ian chooses not to use it an the Jen uses her veto and takes down Dan. Brit goes against Danielle ans Brit goes home

  49. I told all of you that thought Dan was a nice sweet guy, who would never go against Danielle. The guy is stone cold ruthless. I love it. Classic Mind F**K. Perhaps
    Danielle went into the DR and said to get him out of the house, when she first went into the DR, or that is what he is going to tell people that she tried to get him out that way…. I love this. It is like Christmas, My Birthday and Halloween all rolled up into one.

  50. I just read the update where Frank and Dan were speaking. I hope Frank doesn’t put up Joe or Britney, because if Britney goes home, Shane and Danielle will gun for Frank and who knows wtf Dan will do if he stays past this week.

  51. Wish I read what the Great Manipulator had to say before my previous post. Who’s he fooling? I would love to hear what was going on in Frank’s head when the ass was giving his speech. I think he was the only one not buying into a word of it.
    And Shane was crying? Give me a break. I used to think he was a moron but now I think he’s borderline retarded and could be a closet homo.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with either.
    Dickhead’s parting words to that basket case Danielle was mean and was an attempt to garner sympathy from her by making her out to be the bad guy.
    He used her to hide behind all game and should be ashamed of himself for brow-beating her to tears.
    I swear, if I were in that room I would have told him to go fuck himself. I would have stood up for Danielle unlike that little sissymo Shame.

  52. oh shittttttt……
    Wow if this works in Dan’s favor this will be amazing. And it will also solidify Frank’s retard status

  53. So it really looked like Dan was going to leave this wee and Frank would follow right after him. But if these two put their heads together they could make it to final two. If I were Frank I would take the deal, Dan swore on his Bible and other things of importance to him, and knowing that he is not a person who takes hi faith lightly I would trust him.

    Please Frank take the deal and send the rest of these losers packing. Looks like there is going to be peace between Frank and Dan fans!!!

  54. Dan will probably get Dani back on his side but there are too many others that aren’t going to buy his speel and he’s history but it was a brilliant move to save his skin. He was like Boogie and Frank, he had to do something and this is what he came up with. May backfire on him but damn he tried. Kudos for the attempt but think he’s gone.

  55. And this is why I wanted Dan to stay. He may not be a huge physical threat, but the rest of his game is lethal! If this crazy plan works, we’ve still got a season worth watching. Still just shaking my head in disbelief at Dan pulling out this pretty brilliant, last second Hail Mary.

  56. Yes yes yes!
    Frank need this kind of a break…Dan and Frank working together sounds amaaazing!
    I really hope that frank understands what this means.Dan never swore on the bible before, Frank was way too obssesed w Dan and i hope hope he will take Dan s deal….that means britney goes home then Ian next week.i loved Dan in his season And tis kind of move is eepic!
    Britney gone only real players are dan and frank..ian getting caught in his lies means he s done.

  57. The way this ought to work is they get Ian to use his veto by telling him Dan spilled some shit on Joe. We know how bad Ian wants Joe gone so he’ll bite. Then when he throws it down for Dan (because that will assure Joe goes vs. Nurse BatSh*t). Then, and payback’s a bitch, up goes Britney. Call it even Ian !!!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. If Frank throws out Joe as bait, Ian will take Dan off…..and Britany goes up. Wonder how they’ll get the votes to get Britany out though, although Shane and Jen will be easy to get votes to get her out.

      1. Let’s face it, It’s 3-2 Dan & Jenn vote out Britney over Nurse BatSh*t. Ian would vote for Brit to stay. Shane would be the toss up and they’d just have to sell him a bill of goods. But if Nurse BatSh*t goes because they can spin it right…at least the fight goes on.

  58. Frank is such a bully, I know this is all a game, but in the real world when so many problems and so much discussion on bullying, BB productions should be doing something about it . Weve watched this whole season of Boogie and Frank being mean to Ian, but Frank is really pathetic, like he’s constantly punking Ian. The guy really needs to go! He’s such a looser.

    1. Crazy person says what?

      Have you been in a coma or are you still harping on Frank despite what’s happening?

      FYI: Calling people on their bullshit and being honest is not bullying?

    2. Simon, I hate being a broken record, but you and others keep thinking it matters if the other HG’s are working Frank.

      Just go back and watch Frank’s last conversations with Boogie. He knows his only real chance is winning competitions. If he can make some allies, fantastic, but it does not change that he has to win 2 vetoes and then HOH, veto, HOH, etc. If it turns out Dan or Shane or Britney or Ian don’t target him, that’s icing.

      And it’s Dan’s skill as a player that he is willing to actually reveal 80% of the truth that might keep him safe. Britney, Ian, Shane all should have at least copped to some of it, but instead they lied 100%…which is why what Dan is proposing makes more sense theoretically because it contains so much truth.

      But make no mistake, whether Dan, Britney, or Frank goes home, Frank knows he has to win veto to be assured another week.

      That being said, I hope Dan also realizes that his best shot at winning again is facing the least popular HG at the end…Frank. Oddly enough, they both happen to be the most deserving of victory in my opinion, so regardless of who wins it would be a just end to the season.

  59. Dan is one sick Mother Fing D-BAG………he is twisted. How can anyone call him classy or a nice guy. He is talking to Dani and she is all upset and he is laughing, and smiling because the only thing that matters is he thinks he fooled Frank. I HOPE TO GOD Frank does not buy this pathetic act. People complained about Boogie, but to me Dan is a far worse person. He will cut your head off all the while explaining to you it is for the best.

    1. This isn’t an act by Dan. He wants to be in a Final 3 with Frank and Danielle. If it happened, he would take Frank over Danielle for the Final 2. He would not go back on his word. He is not trying to fool Frank, he is trying to get him to save him this week and then they can do some damage together. Who doesn’t like Dan? This is the best thing that has happened in this season so far thanks to him!

  60. I friggin love Dan. If he pulls this off he deserves to win. But if Jenn takes off Danielle I don’t know if he will have the votes to stay. :/ But not only is he possibly saving himself but Danielle as well. This is crazy. I hope it works.

  61. I really wonder if Dan is playing Frank or if he’s playing the rest of the house. VERY interesting. Amazing game play either way, finally starting to see why Dan is one of the best of all time again. Took him long enough!

  62. Things are changing by the second. Frank plays a mean physical game but he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks. He never caught on that Ian was a snitch even after Boogs told he shouldn’t be trusted. Now he believes The Worm will take him to the end?
    Poor Frank. All week he was laser focused on getting Dan out. So much so that he put his own game in jeopardy.
    Now he’s so desperate for a playing partner that he turned on a dime and all it took was 2 minutes alone with Dan.
    Wow….Boogie was right. Where did BB find these guys? They’re all so weak.

    1. Yep, if Frank starts trying to keep Dan this week, then he is a huge idiot and does not deserve the $500,000. He has had it out for the guy since last week when he convinced that Dan was behind Boogie’s eviction and I find it hard to believe that he suddenly wants final 2! I mean at this point, Frank would be stupid to believe *anyone* who says that they’ll take him to the final 2 or that they even have his back for a second.

  63. LMAO. great speech performance by Dan. this will only work out for Frank if they get Ian to use the veto on Dan. having Jenn use the veto does nothing for Frank. if Jenn uses the veto to take down Dan, Frank replacement nominee has to be Britney, Ian will take Britney down with his veto. the QP will still be in total control. if Frank falls for this, he’ll be dumb enough for someone to talk him into placing Joe as the replacement nominee. again, Frank has to tell Dan to work on Ian in Ian using the veto. the 24 hrs of solitary confinement has risen Judas from the dead.

      1. lol. the whole house is playing stupid. the only way they should be thinking is, just evict Dan. taking out Dan benefits everyone in the game.

    1. I’m pretty sure that Ian would not be able to use the power on Brit if that happens. I think he can only use it on the current nominations. Once the noms are changed, I don’t think he can use it. Only before it happens.

    2. IAN MUST use his veto first. Best scenario is that he saves Dan, Frank puts up Shane, Jenn uses hers to save Daniel because she is in love, and Frank puts up Britney. Bam, who gives a shit which of the two goes home? Renegades doing work.

  64. Frank did not divulge any info that Dan layed out. I am hoping Frank can get Jenn to use the veto and take Dan down. That would make this season epic and turn the house upside down. holy crap….. hope this works.

  65. LOL. This is ridiculous! I don’t know how Frank will get Jenn to use the POV. She has gotten closer to the girls this week and doesn’t seem like she would be okay with Britney leaving, although she might fall for the Frank/Dan thing if she wants to be included in something. And I hope Frank realizes that he’s not going to win against Dan, haha.

    1. If Britney, Shane, Ian, and Joe all go out due to Dan’s betrayal….then those votes could go anyway.

      This is the dumbest, most emotionally driven, schizophrenic house in BB history…but Dan’s only shot to win is with Frank, so it’s a fait acompli for both of them

  66. This is not going to work. Dan should have told frank to tell Ian to use it in Dan and he wants joe out because joe is floating back and forth. Then if frank wants to put up Brit then he does but if the ask jenn then there plan wont work and if they say there putting up Brit it definetly won’t work. Maybe Dan should have stayed in there for 25 hours in that room because he didn’t think it over enough. #2 he should have never told Danielle. She will tell Brit and Shane

  67. LMFAO @ all the people thinkin Dan really meant that, it was his plan… HAHAHAHA

    Big Brother JUST started getting good tonight, last few weeks been boring and predictable FINALLY something good

  68. I’m still confused is Dan legit going to work with Frank or not?

    And why would Jenn use the Veto on Dan or Danielle when she wants Dan out?

    If she is smart she won’t use it no matter what and just vote Dan out.

    Doesn’t she have a girl’s alliance so she can’t afford to use the Veto and then have Britney be the replacement nominee against Dan.

    Even if that does happen wouldn’t Dan still go home?

    Shane, Danielle, Jenn, and Joe should vote him out.

    Even if Danielle doesn’t that should only leave Danielle and maybe Ian voting out Britney [and isn’t Ian super close to Britney?].

    So fucking confusing!

  69. man oh man, I’m riveted to this! How he has Dani wrapped, and how Frank is covering up their conversation… it is absolutely classic!

  70. I think frank should take the deal because out of everyone left dan is the only one that could get him far for one thing dan has burnt his bridges on the other side so he needs frank and frank doesn’t have anyone else since niw frank knows everything so they need each other.

  71. great move by dan but if danielle goes along with it she is more stupid than i thought, she knows a girl has never beat a guy in final 2 yet she’s loves dan so much if he told her to go jump in a volcano she would stupid bitch.

  72. I fucking HATE Dan……………………………………………………………….For not doing this during BBAD hours LLOOOLL!!!!!!!!!! Those Daniele pics, Hahahahahahahaah

  73. YEAH!! all the Frank fans and dan fans can come together as one go team. Go team Fran!! If this is all a scheme for Dan to pull himself all the block ( doubting since he swore on the bible) ill have to pull for him to come in 2nd behind Frank for sure ( either way really if it works) if this works this will be the best moment of the season. Go team Fran!! Cut quack pack at its knees and take brittany out . Will be funny to see Frank and Dan fans not hating on each other as well lol

  74. Dan & Dannielle: Never liked Dan, but tonight he is SO 50 Shades of Grey!! How hot… He has Dani licking his feet!

  75. I have a question and it may have already been answered, but I don’t want to wade thru 9 pages – who’s veto gets played first – Jenn’s or Ian’s?

    1. I think Jenn uses hers first during the normal veto ceremony, since she won the traditional veto. It seems like Ian’s veto can be used right before the eviction? I’m not sure of the mechanics.

  76. omg could this guy be anymore genius??? he played on every insecurity and suspicion frank has and i think he can pull it off..this how bb is played..
    i just finished rewatched bb10 and it reminded me of how great dan is and for sure he won’t go out without fight.. he might leave but he’ll turn that fucking house upside down first..

  77. After Boogie was evicted I was depressed because that left only one deserving winner of Big Brother left in the house…Frank.

    But after tonight I feel re-born, Dan showed me he is every bit as deserving as of victory.

    I just hope he is playing to win and not still serving his self-serving Quack Pack. He’s got to know that facing Frank at the end is his only path to the money and Big Brother history. He just needs to try and keep some of the blood of his alliance members off his hands and he should walk away the winner.

    1. I’m glad Dan is finally being true to himself. I don’t care who he aligns with, but I could tell he had issues with some of the game play, and lies that was going on around him… Now can he earn the trust of others, and play a gamethat is true to his character? Ian tricked so many into thinking he was an innocent. I will never give him the credit of being a game player. He is only a camera hog…

  78. Ok, so hurricane isaac missed us, but I still lost power for a few… Got caught up as much as possible… Trying to watch after dark, and get caught up on the days events at the same time. I may be a minority here, but if Dan and frank could really work together till the end… Dan really didn’t make any big plays early, I almost felt he was floating. But if he got a wake up call through those flashing lights, and techno music, and see’s how wishy washy and fake everyone else is, then more power… Better late than never. I don’t have one person that I’m rooting for to win, but I have multiple that I’m hopin will loose…

  79. I have always loved Dan as a player but this is crazy game going on!!! I was wondering why he was taking so much heat for Ian and now ya know why.

    On a side note how can you talk game and make a final 2 with a guy wearing a carrot suit. LOL!!!!

  80. Here’s how I see Dan’s strategy.

    If Frank takes this deal and Shane or Britney leave this week, Dan will stay true to it the following week and target the other of the two out, however since Frank is unelligible to compete in 2 HOH’s, Dan might find the chance to rally everyone into targeting him that week, hopefully take out Frank, then easily take out Ian, Jenn and Joe, thus having Dan and Danielle in the final two and have a toss-up win to either Dan and Danielle depending on how the Jury feels about the two.

  81. holy shit… Dan is really about to pull this off.. Jenn seems like she is 100% game with using the veto while talking to Frank right now..

  82. Love that Jenn is actually going with it. If all goes smoothly tomorrow, this will be epic. I will be super nervous until then.

  83. So Frank and Dan seem to have this all figured out and Jenn has agreed to use the veto on Dan, but they haven’t brought up Ian’s veto or how he could possible save Britney with it. Confused.

  84. Holy shit, Danielle is down for a F4 with Dan, Frank, and Jenn. Dan clarified he was misting everyone when it came to Danielle. The past two hours or so on the feeds have been amazing entertainment.

  85. This is a stupid deal for frank…

    Reason 1: They don’t have the votes
    Joe will vote Danielle Out
    Ian will vote Danielle Out
    Shane will vote Danielle Out
    Jenn votes out Britney
    Dan votes out Britney

    Numbers game people

    Reason 2:
    If Joe, Ian or Shane wil HOH Frank and Dan go up

    Dan hasnt won a comp…and if it is an endurance shane will probably win

    1. exactly. brit is already not buying danielle’s story. brit will talk joe…shane and ian into keeping her!!! bye bye danielle…

  86. Yuck!! “Good Guy Dan” is going to work with the two ugliest people in the house. By ugly, I mean they have very ugly souls. Yuck!! I feel like throwing up!

  87. why r they going to brit up and not ian. if they put brit up ian can take her down. i mean if brit comes down, shane can go up.

  88. dan is trying to trade his eviction and serve up brit and/or danielle, and it just might work, however; there’s still a day until the veto ceremony.

    plus, we don’t know when ian gets to play his veto, and that could change everything.

    this will be an interesting week, most likely ending with an endurance comp, and then a double/ff to follow. things are starting to heat up, FINALLY!

    p.s. aren’t you glad mikes gone!

  89. Ps, Im probably going to be annoying and over post… But is anyone else getting annoyed by Ian? I was really rooting for him at first, but he is getting super cocky. Britney is playing both sides too much… Danielle overplayed her hand… When it comes down to it, Dan would have been the only one to have her back… It seems as though the least annoying are Dan, frank, and jenn. I can stand Joe cause he cooks but I don’t think he is there for the right reasons, and I really enjoy brit’s sense of humor, and she is very intelligent, but I don’t think her game play has been steller…

  90. I can’t wait to see all the anti frank, but pro Dan fans turn as the two work together… There is going to be a lot less frank hate around this site isn’t there…

  91. Hang in there Brit: trust your gut.. you aren’t buying Danielle’s story … you can break her acting with one of your eyes closed.. keep questioning the logic.
    however you are toast.. sorry you have always been my favorite.. You are right to be suspicious but you are going to be sacrificed. So go to the jury and don’t vote to give Dan the money.

  92. I can’t wait to watch this house meeting. Dan gives the best speeches ever, I’m really hoping he can pull this out his ass cause if he goes home, I might not watch this season anymore.

  93. this is crazy!!Hope it all goes through go DAN! even tho I’m going for brit as well =/ If this all goes down i might even like Frank now ahaha okay so if this all goes down and jenn takes danielle off the block and they place brit/joe how is dan going to survive doesn’t he at least need to have 3 votes?? for sure jen and danielle who would be his other vote??

  94. Does anybody watch this show or just play arm chair BB on here? Before the veto they all made a deal to let S/B win it and they didn’t,Ian said if Brit were to go up,he would save her etc.Since they screwed the plan up,Dan is now taking it upon his self to make it happen.Dan is hoping for Jenn to save him,up goes Brit….Ian saves Brit,up goes Joe,they all vote Joe out and save Danielle keeping the QP intact.Frank cannot play in the nxt 2 HOH comps,so no matter what they have 2 wks to try to seal his fate.Shane has said lately he doesn’t trust Britney and knows her theory of a girl has never beaten a guy in final 2.,so he knows she’ll never take him to the end.

  95. Take Notes Everyone!!! . You are witnessing the #1 Greatest Player BB has ever seen – EVER!! .. Dan is literally ising from *ashes8 and Playing from His Back!! … They Messed up when they gave Dan time to THINK! – You NEVER gve DAN time to Think – he will Blow you away!!! Sheer Brilliance (Win OR Lose)! … Dan is Not only Saving himself, he is saving Dani from Britney and he is exposing that Nasty Britney!! … ( just hope that Ian does NOT use his veto to take Britney off).- Jenn should save Dan with her Veto!

  96. Although I truly detest Dan as a person, I must give him kudos for his ability to convince the other HG into believing what he tells them. I have been Team Frank since day one, but with his ill-advised move to remove Dan from the block, after everything he knows about Dan and what he’s seen Dan do, is the dumbest move in BB history. I believe Frank deserves to make final 2, because he has had to fight for his life, since day one, whenever he wasn’t HOH. However, if he goes home next week he will definitely deserve it for making such a senseless move. Frank is so desperate to have someone to work with that he’s blinded by the reality of the BB game. If Frank is ousted from the game next week, I think the only other HG that deserves final 2 is Shane and Dan. I say this with a bitter taste in my mouth, because I truly detest Shane and Dan. I do not respect Dan’s game whatsoever, but his persuasive personality is the only reason I think he should make final 2. As for Shane, he too has put up a great fight throughout the game and won HOH and POV for his alliance, so he does deserve final 2. Brit, Joe, Ian, Danielle, Jenn…GO HOME!!!

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