Frank flicks chum at Ian. Ian says ..agghh..that’s for Thursday huh?!

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 1 week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


10:30am – 11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds come back, Dan is lying on his back with his eyes open in the have-not room. Frank is out on the backyard couches talking to the camera. He says that there aren’t many people that will take him to the final two, let alone the final three. He says that he thinks he can get Danielle and Jenn to maybe take him. Ian joins him out in the backyard. They talk about his chum baths that he has taken throughout the night. The chum bath alarm then sounds and Frank gets up to go change into his bathing suit. The alarm sounds again and Frank yells what you don’t think I hear that bubba! Frank gets into the chum bath, dumps it on himself and then gets out. As he heads to the shower, Ian says good sport bubba. Frank then flicks chum at him. Ian says agghh.. that’s for Thursday huh!

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11:10am – 11:20am Britney and Danielle are up chained together going to the bathroom, when they’re finished they head back to bed. Danielle bashes her head on the shelf above the bed. Meanwhile, Ian is in the backyard swinging on the hammock mumbling to himself.


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11:25am – 12:15pm Ian says that he is happy yesterday worked out well with Jenn winning it because that means Dan won’t be annoying me. Frank says less time for him to bug you too. Frank wonder how much Dan will campaign against Danielle. Ian says that he won’t be campaigning against Danielle he will be trying to get me to use it. Ian says but I won’t and the good thing is that he told me before solitary confinement that he didn’t expect me to use it on him, which is good. Frank says yeah he might come to you after though with some plan to use it on him. Ian tells Frank that he told Dan to try and throw it so that I would consider taking him down. Frank tells Ian that Dan trying to get you to use it is just throwing Britney and Shane under the bus because they could be the replacements. Ian agrees. Ian wonders who the target is next week. Frank says it depends on who wins. He says that we need to keep Jenn tight with us because she can help us. Frank says you’re probably not going to take me to the final two if we make it to the end. Ian says well thats the hard thing, the right thing to do is to take you but I don’t think I can win against you. My family needs it and they are more important, I want to help them and I don’t think he will ever retire if I don’t win this. Frank tells Ian that if he takes Joe to the final two he will make sure Joe wins the money because you have talked so much shit about him. Frank says the only person that I think will take me is Shane. Ian agrees and says that it would be a tight vote. Frank says it’s a crazy game, the one mother f**ker that would take me to the end is gone. Frank tells Ian again that no one thinks about the votes, if you f**k me again I will make sure you don’t get the votes. There would be me, Ashley and Jenn in jury to make sure of that. Ian says yeah I know. Frank and Ian head inside.  Frank gets another chum bath. Meanwhile in the have-not room, Dan is pacing around the room and then lays down to stare at the ceiling.



12:20pm – 12:50pm Frank gets another chum bath alarm. He says that’s low down yo! So low down! Frank does the routine and then sits down on the backyard couch. Frank starts talking to the camera again about how no one will take him to the final two. He says that for him to win the game he needs to win the final HOH. If I am against Shane at the end then things might be different. He says then the jury will have to pick their poison. Frank wonders if its in his best interest to keep Shane or get rid of him. He talks about getting Danielle and having her pledge her allegiance to him over Jenn. He says that he needs Joe to win an HOH to put up Britney and Shane OR Ian and Britney. I need Ian out of this game, it is just a matter of time before he scumbags me again. He talks about how things would have been if Ian hadn’t scum bagged him. I need to get Ian and Britney out of this house, not only are they close they are close to Shane. Not only do I have Shane’s best interest in mind, I will make sure he gets second place. Frank talks about how Dan rushed trying to get me out and that’s why he is probably going home this week. Frank says that the order he wants people out are Dan, Ian, Britney, Danielle. Frank starts going through the scenarios on what he needs to happen.


1pm – 1:20pm Frank says that his whole plan relies on Joe winning an HOH, but he hasn’t even come close. The guy gets anxiety attacks before competitions. Frank heads inside. Ian comes out and gets in the pool and starts jumping and slashing around. All the other house guests are still sleeping.




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dan :(


i know i feel bad for him :'(


does anyone know what the worst bb punishment was? or is Dan’s the least tolerable?


I don’t think anyone could beat Chicken George’s self-imposed 60 days of slop.

Britney was also chained to Brendon for 24 hours while Brendon had to take chum baths.

BB Pathetic season

Feel Bad for Dan. He could really screw them all, by getting out of solitary and packing his stuff since he knows he is leaving anyway & then go to DR tell them screw you & screw all the HGs, then Frank would have to put up someone in his place, which would most likely be Ian cause he is next on Franks hit list.
Wish Dan would screw CBS for all the rigging and the screw HGs for all turning on him so one of them would get sent a packin to jury on Thursday.
But we all know Dan would do that. he will continue to cover for Ian & be nice to all the hgs cause she is just a plain nice guy. Outside & Inside the BB house


Dan’s going nuts in that room. Saw him pace back and forth covered in some dirty blanket. Lay face down with no movement. All while the music is going BOOM BOOM BOOM.


Ian is going to win this game and Joe will come in 2nd.

I’m still hoping Frank can hang in there despite all the odds against him. He deserves to win.

Hoping Dan is out the door on Thursday.

Nicky Brand

Joe in Final 2. What a terrible ending that would be. Joe would get zero votes against any competitor.

Actually, I’m so convinced Frank is going to win or finish 2nd that I’d be totally shocked if anything else happens. Even if he gets put up these next 2 weeks, I think he’ll just win POV both times, then pay everyone back the next week when he gets HOH again.

The only place he might run into trouble is in jury. After dominating the rest of them in comps all season but failing at the social game (mostly because of his status as the house’s biggest threat), will he get the votes from his victims in jury? I can’t see him beating Britney, Danielle, Ian or Shane in a popularity vote.


Frank reminds me of Russel Hantz from survivor. NO social game whatsoever! He can win comps, but I don’t think he deserves to win.


He’s had a target on his back since Janelle planted the “hate” Frank seed. He’s been a good sport until recently and the pressure has gotten to him. Frank has been the underdog from the beginning.

I don’t “like” everything he does or says but the entire house is against him and his hatred for Dan is affecting his logic right now.

All the other players lie, say mean and nasty things but they seem to be excused for some reason. I don’t understand that.

BB Pathetic season

Wish he knew the truth that it was Ian that to Brit & Shane about the Boogie Convo. All frank knows is that he voted against Boogs & he put him ( Frank ) up if only he knew all the info Ian feed to QP from Boogs, Frank Ian convos….Hope Dan lays it all out there in front of Frank, Ian & Jenn

BB Pathetic season

Frank is Ok I Don Not want him to WIN he is destroying his own game because of his sense of entitlement is irritating as while as his arrogance thinking he is BB Best player all time. HATE HATE all his threats & bullying. and swearing he will taint jury . Wait till he finds out there are handlers in jury & they cant discuss games or votes except at round table meetings.




that’s because he spent a;; his time with boogie

Danielle's Pathetic

Did you forget to add the rest of the letters to your screen name???? “I am mo fo stupid” !!!!!!!

Frank has GREAT social & competition skill in this game!!! What show are you watching????? People like you should just go watch Bachelor Pad where the people’s social game is as intelligent and heartfelt as their over tanned bodies and teeth implants!!

GO FRANK!!! There’s a TON of people out here rooting for you to win this!!! Hoping that just like the way things happened last year with Rachel, all the Frank haters will finally realize that you’re playing a mad good game and deserve this win more than most who’ve ever played it!!


I would have loved frank BUT he attached his lips to boogies ass. Frank and boogie were believing everything everyone was telling them. Boogie was pissed at Ian until he realized Ian had game (during eviction speech). Frank and boogie truly believe they are the only good players. Wait until they watch the season back.
Like I said! I think boogie tainted frank. Frank had potential but he decided to have a showmance with boogie and he was playing boogies game and not his own. FYI this is my OPINION.

Trashy Entertainment

Frank is his own worse enemy. I don’t doubt that boogie filled his head with nonsense and a notion that they were entitled to win. But Frank has more than his fair share of arrogance that can’t be blamed on Boogie. He repeatedly makes dumb choices and then lashes out at others as soon as he realizes he screwed up.

I want to like Frank, and think he is a good player for the most part, but he keeps making dumb mistakes and those mistakes are entirely of his own making.


frank is his own worst enemy because his game has been all about being in his fathers shadow….they showed it early on in the season…he doesn’t have his own identity…so he is trying so hard to get the identity of being a BB winner….he has been the most desperate person in the house this season…even for you Daniele haters for her desperation…franks is so much larger…it’s sad to watch….he’s trying so hard to “be somebody”. poor guy…he isn’t the hero some of you have projected on him to be….he’s an empty and desperate person…..being the winner isn’t going to fill that huge hole in him.


As someone on Team Frank, I don’t think he’s a hero at all. I cheer for him because most people have this irrational hatred for him when it’s just a game and none of us know these guys personally. In a sense, I’m cheering on the anti-hero just to see how off the wall some people act when he wins stuff. It’s just as entertaining as the show sometimes.


I actually like Frank first couple of weeks but boogie and his ego have really hurt him he just comes off as giant asshole with delusions of self grandeur, he even started called himself big Frank at one point. Frank comes across as whiney little bitch this my dream Dan craps on my dream, what a crybaby.


What social game having the whole house targeting him, all the bullying! He doesn’t even have any one in the house he spent all his time with boogie at the sacrifice of creating any other relationship in the house!





When Frank says that Ian scumbagged him, what is he referring to? The Boogie vote?




thank you


And Ian also put Frank up on the block.

Ian is a terrible player. Why in the world did BB pick someone who hasn’t reached puberty???


I’m sad Dan will be leaving this week :( Thought he was playing a really good game! If he can’t win, I hope Ian does and if not Ian, than Frank. But really, I’ll be happy for whomever wins. I feel that if you are capable of making it to the final 2, no matter your strategy or lack thereof, you deserve it! You obviously did something better than the rest of the houseguests.


I wonder if Dan’s using his time in confinement to plot. Maybe thinking of promising Frank two more weeks in the house since he can’t compete for HOH while they continue to thin the herd. Can’t imagine he won’t go for a “hail mary” of some kind.


I wonder why Dan didn’t answer Brit & Dani when they went to talk to him thru the door?


I heard Danielle say that she could have won the POV if she had gone for the penalty of being on slop for the rest of the game but she let Jen take it…and the POV. Dan knows this too. If Danielle removed herself from the block, Britney or Shane would have gone up and Dan thinks he had a fair chance at winning the votes to stay. So…Dan sees Danielle as a traitor and she did it for Britney and Shane. He’s now thinking of throwing QP under the bus by telling Frank everything when he gets out. Frank might take the bait and I honestly think Dan would be loyal to Frank if this works out. They just need to make Ian use the Veto so Frank and Dan cannot tell anyone if they do this. Long story short…Dan was betrayed by the loyalty between Danielle, Britney (and Shane even though he’s clueless about this right now LOL)


Interesting – I didn’t know that! Thanks for the info!


I agree… I think Frank is starting to put the dots together on Ian and if Dan can connect them all, Frank will believe Dan. This hatred might then settle on Ian and save Dan this week. Its a last ditch effort, but a really good one that could work.


I saw that last night too.??


Wonder if that mumble Ian has going is about what to do with his veto. So here’s a thought. And this solves a few peoples problems.

Now it only occurs if Jenn uses her POV and pulls down Nurse Stalkit (Danielle). Then Frank throws Ian up on the block right away.

This pleases Frank cuz Ian will use it on himself and Dan stays up. It also helps Ian cuz he can tell Dan he wants to use it on him…but suddenly can’t.

Then when that smoke clears get Shane up there and make sure Danielle is the swing vote.

I love to watch the sh*t hit the fan. Either way Frank gets rid of a major thorn / impediment.

Oh and Ian…don’t beg for him to put up Joe, just be glad he got your balls out of the vise.


That seems like not a bad scenario (well except for Dan hehe). I am sure frank has some pull with Jenn to get her to use her veto. Ian might be a little po’d at Frank but Frank underestimates him so he would not see Ian as a threat. Poor Dan though. I wouldn’t mind seeing him and Frank continue to battle for another week or two.


one thing wrong with your plan veto winners are immune from being replacement noms… so keep dreaming and dont let the fall back to reality hurt your ass

for being a BB fan ( enough of one to be on this site) yo really dont know the rules too well do you]


Well said JLON…some people on here, wow!!!


My bad… I wasn’t aware of how a ‘special use out of nowhere veto’ truly worked. So that would have only flown on the original nomination when he put up Dan & Nurse BatSh*t? You can see how I’d mistake that option for a continuing one. But thank yo too for the info, not to mention the concern for my ass. One other question too, can you please tell me if Ian must use it at the POV ceremony or can he wait at all like up to the eviction night vote and also does he have the option to carry it over or is it only good for these noms? Thanks again.


You need to lay off the personal attacks and quit looking down on people who don’t know every rule or have some scenario slip their mind. There are plenty of people who made idiotic remarks and deserve whatever heat gets thrown at them, so maybe you should target them instead of people who are actually tryng to discuss the game, oh mighty one.


i agree, thanks for saying that Bobby, i am not sure myself what the rules are for this special veto – and how do we know we even know all the rules with the way it works since it is not beyone production to do what it pleases to spin the game in a certain way, isn’t that what these special powers do anyway?? but even if that wasn’t the case, no need to attack people or make them fell stupid for making a mistake JLON and no not everyone on this site is going to be a BB expert, why even assume that?


Does Ian’s power roll over if he doesn’t use it this week? If it does, he would be insane to use it on dan.

Carol & Steve

from the way it’s being talked about I believe it was for this week only.

Danielle's Pathetic

Wish we had more than a fart in a whirlwind’s chance of that happening! Maybe we could hope that Boogie’s requisitioning a plane right now to drop a note to Frank in the backyard….. f-ing MO-FO style!!



I wish that Danielle would’ve gotten Dan’s punishment, she would’ve gone fruit loops in that room by herself!




That would have been awesome……..

Nicky Brand

I wish I would have gotten Britney or Danielle’s punishment.


she’s already coo-coo for cocoa puffs. if they did put her in there they would have to pad the walls


Dani has actually chilled out a little. I might have to change my screen name lol!. Sh betrayed Dan so she might actually be in the game for herself. I can definitely see Dani in the final two. I hope she slits Brits throat.


you know. I think I would go fruit loops in that room…that music…ugh!

chief c

the room is worse than any past rooms it is what they do to break you for gods sake sleep deprvation constant barrage of stimuli Really when has this ever been the isolation light on all the time was about it and slop dan has slop lights noise except music to iAN Reeally sucks


This post confused the hell out of me.


It’s a brutal punishment. Wonder how Dan will feel when he finally gets out of that room… I’m no fan of his but do feel sorry for him right now.


Dan is the only one who could handle this mental abuse. I respect that about him!

CBfan says

This punishment does seem a bit extreme. Wednesday show will be interesting. I don’t know how someone can take the worst punishment and lose the comp.


Frank: “No one comes between me and my dream!”

Big Brother Producers

Nothing to worry about. We’ve got your back, Frank.


Hahahahahahahahaha SO TRUE


Oh please – enough already!

Marian Horton

With all the rocking Ian does, I’d almost suspect him as being a high functioning autistic (aspbergers?). It is constant. He is clearly very bright and discerning, but the rocking is CONSTANT and strange…


being a fellow aspie and knowing a lot of aspies i would definitely say that he is ..

afterdark insomniac

Ian’s rocking is off the hook. The rocking,weird faces,mumbling is REALLY strange. Is there anything that anyone in the house has done that Danielle has not done ? Ugh ! She’s too much attimes. Jenn just got in the game and her ass would have been gone by now if she wasn’t brought out of the dark into the light. Shane is another ugh. Why sit under someone in the bathroom who you feel stalks you. Man up ! Play your own game ! Go for yours…everybody else is. Joe wash your hands dude and man up instead of passing the bs around. Britt needs to stop floating. She’s been here before. Is she looking for the same thing to happen ? I’m stuck and slightly sad when it comes to Dan. Frank could tone it down a bit and remember what Boogs said and go for his because nobody is going to help him or let alone wants to see him have it. I guess we will see. Nursestalkit …lmao !


IRK? Shane needs to tell her to fuck off, because people like her don’t understand “I Don’t Like You” you have to be mean. Not like she not “fuckable”, because she is very much fuckable, just crazy as hell, but Shane saw Kara and I think he knows she’s a “playboy centerfold”… she was probably our only chance of seeing some “sex in the bb house” BB shittin on my dreams yo…..


I say the same exact thing every time I see him!!

Frankie Roids Rage

im a bully


Damn, I wish Frank wasn’t so caught up on getting Dan out, it’s gonna be like last year when Danielle just wanted Brendon to leave, she was obsessed with that and then the following week she was following him to the jury house. I really, really hope that doesn’t happen to Frank cause he truly deserves the money out of all those losers that’s left, maybe Shane too but, his social game blows and he’s a wuss!


I don’t want Dan to go home. He is a good player and I love him so much. If anything, floaters should go home.


You not been watching? Dan’s the biggest FLOATER in the game. Threw every competition and even told Kara to just leave without putting up a fight to stay and picked the 3 worst girls in the beginning because he knew coaches were coming into the game after 4 weeks of safety.


throwing comps does not make him a floater


Floater – Follows whoever is in power that week


I don’t understand why Frank is so loved! He may kill it at comps but he’s a cocky jerk! He complains about Dan “manipulating” people, but he is doing the exact same thing…as well as bullying them. So what if people don’t know the game…it doesn’t make them any less important! I like having people not knowing what to expect…it makes it more interesting. I don’t think being a fan makes anyone more deserving then others. I don’t care for Ian, but I would love for him to be the one to take him out!




Unless Frank wins the next two POV’s (which granted, is not impossible judging by his past performances), there is no way he is staying in this game. Ultimately, this irrational hatred he has towards Dan is what’s going to cost him this game….
I have a feeling Danielle might win Big Brother this season, just a hunch. She’s in a real good position right now, if she survives this week.


I hope Danielle does NOT win. She is my least favorite hg this year.

The Rose

Jenn should take Dan off the block and leave Danielle up. When Britney goes up, Ian should take her off. Then Frank would have to nominate Joe or Shane. He’ll probably put up Joe, if he thinks Shane will work with him. If he puts up Shane against Britney QP has the votes to keep Shane. Then, bye bye Britney.

The Rose

I meant take Danielle off. Either way, Danielle or Brit goes to jury. Unless Frank nominates Shane and he goes to Jury. Would love to see Danielle go nuts thinking Shane and Ashley are alone together. HAHA She would then want to be nominated to spend time feeding her fatal attraction. Are there butcher knifes in Jury???


Ugh, I wish production would tell Ian to “stop that” every time he sloshes spit around in his mouth making that disgusting sound. *cringe*


I agree!! That has been driving me nuts and is extremely gross! It reminds me of something a 12 year old would do.


Meanwhile, at the Jury House Ashley gets up and wonders where everyone went too.


I knowwwwww…I’m so bored here!!! No one to do some S & M work with…oooooohhh, pretty caterpillar!!!


She’s makin out with somebody there.

CBfan says

She probably thinks she’s won because she is the only one in the house.




I forget what the chum was, it’s fish shit/food right?? anyway, I would bathe in it for a mili, YUCK


OK I’m lyin I’ll do it for a Mili, now water to wash it off neither the while summer, I’d be a Chummy Smellin mofo


Does anyone think Britney has a better chance making final three than Shane? Still can’t believe Jenn won pov cause of frank gettoing disqualified. I wouldn’t mind an Ian/frank final two


I’m a Britney fan and without her humor the rest of the season will be a snore. I have not wanted a coach to win but as dull as the newbs can be I changed my mind and since Brit got screwed by the Brigade I’m pulling for her. She has competed and worked a social game into a strange BB summer.


I disagree. Britney can be humorous but she refuses to ever get blood on her hands and has hidden behind Shane or someone the entire game. She’s playing up to Janelle fans after talking trash about her and helping evict her. (I’m not a Janelle fan, btw.)

She’s in a good position to be in the final 2 though but I don’t think she deserves to win.


When Janelle left ‘Willie’ to his demise she was rude to Britney for a couple weeks until she needed her for the coaches alliance. All’s fair in BB sh!t talking to get ahead as long as it is not racist or homophobic.


brittney was willie coach correct so essentially what Janie did was hold the animosity from willie and transposed it to brittney, even though she had nothing to do with it


I would love to see jenn take off danielle the ian take off dan then britney and joe go up and then danielle dan shane and ian vote out joe ,,,frank and jenn wouldnt have the votes neither would win the next hoh and then could easily get frank or jenn out next week
wont happen lol but id love it if it did


Ditto!! Then Ian wouldn’t have to worry about the stupid threats that Frank is saying about votes in jury house, because he would have all of the votes he needed Dan, Britney & Danielle and probably Shane’s) …if he makes it to the finals.


Ditto-Ditto; Can Ian be thinking this through and get Jenn City to go along? Britney and Ian F2!


Yesssssssss~I totally agree~Franks being an over opinionated, mean mouth,excessively mentally aggressive, bully that’s totally rude, crude and mean, freakishly and hatefully intimidating IAN~ Stay off the “powdered” drinks Frank~ you have evidentially had “more” than enough!!!!


Okay all you Franky fans, there’s Frank bullying Ian about jury votes again, saying he has Jenn and Ashley to vote his way and Ian will never win. Tell me what a great, honest guy he is!!!! What a punk!!!!


I don’t think Frank should be threatening Ian with jury votes and neither should Dan. They’re both guilty so you should include
Dan fans in your statement. :)


Well if you looked at past posts you would see that I already bashed Dan for doing it, I’m not a Dan fan. I was commenting on something that just happened AGAIN on the live feeds, so instead of being blinded by your frank-ness maybe sometimes you can comment on the game, as I’m doing.


Read my post again please – I am commenting on the game.

“I don’t think Frank should be threatening Ian with jury votes and neither should Dan. They’re both guilty so you should include
Dan fans in your statement. :)”

Dan was screaming during PB that he was going to rat Ian out if you remember. The Frank hate is blinding too many people. :)


Once again, you telling my what I should include in my posts is the relevant point. Like I stated, I’ve already said Dan was wrong in previous posts, I’m not a fan of him anyways. I was just posting on what was occurring AT THE TIME on live feeds. So for you to tell me I have to include something from the past that I already posted about proves my point. Thanks for the assist!!

Go Blue! Go Dan! Ian the TYRANT!

1. Ultimately Dan would vote for the best player regardless of what he is saying to Ian
2. Dan has the right to threaten Ian (non-forcefully) as he took the fall for Ian who is now turning his back on Dan.
3. Frank never had Ian’s back and now believes Ian owes him.

No one should be bullied. Ian is not afraid of anyone – he is acting afraid. For those of you who cannot see this, Ian is actually showing signs of being a bully himself. Notice how his tone changes with power all of a sudden Dan is “asking for too much” “he will only use the veto under certain circumstances”. This is fine with me because Ian deserves to play his own game but no one should fault Dan if he chooses to rat out Ian.


I am not a fan of dans,and i think he is over rated.That being said he might be franks only hope to get to the end.I think at this point jenn is willing to roll with frank,and joe might too if frank can get dan on board.The scenario would be jenn uses the veto on dan shane goes up shane goes home.Than ian would have to float back to frank leaving danielle and britney to fend for themselves,and since dan will never completely abandon danielle unless he feels slighted by her now for whatever reason idk of britney would be next to go


Frank is such an a$$. He is constantly bullying Ian and threatening him yet calls out other people blaming them for the same crimes which they in fact haven’t committed. I can’t wait until he’s gone and the dream is dead.


I don’t like how Frank brow beats Ian into doing what he wants him to do, threatening him if he doesn’t take him to the end he will make sure he doesn’t get any votes…this is a game sheesh…


Everyone on this site that uses the word bullying need to shut up and stop acing like a b!tch, everyone in that house is an adult.


LMAO!!!!!! But it was good when Frank used the bully card to stay then get rid of Willie. JC dude, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right b!tch(,your word, not mine MR ADULT.


adults bully other adults all the time….you must be a bully and are sticking up for other bullies….bullies dont have any real power so all they are left with is bullying, manipulating and lying…pathetic.


Listen to Frank talking in the BY! He really believes the bullcrap that comes out of his mouth. He wants to get Brit and Ian out. But he also wanted to make final 2 deals with them. He’s still on the “Dan is to blame for everything” train. Dan made Shane put Boogie and Frank up. Dan made Ian vote Boogie out and put up Frank and Ashley. Dan is a douche because he didn’t realize I was the best player in BB history as soon as he met me. Dan is jealous of me. Blah blah blah. He wants to get to final 5 with Joe, Jenn, Shane and Danielle. He ain’t scared of sitting next to Shane, because Shane is stupid and he can beat him because everyone knows he is the best player ever. Heck, he says, I should win against anyone, because I am that great. But Brit is dangerous to a big guy like me. He is talking like it’s already a done deal he will make it to the end, talking about the order of boots as if he is more than one vote. He can’t even be HOH for the next two weeks. What a tool!


can you believe that sh!t@ss frank!?!?

threatening ian with lost jury votes, really???

i’m sure the entire jury will listen to jenn, ashley, and frank…they have worked so hard on their social game, their loyalty to the remaining players…does frank even believe his own bullsh!t!?!?


Dan threatened Ian too a couple of days ago, and will threaten Ian again once he’s out solitary confinement. it’s like this every year, when the jury house is open for vacancy.


The Dan fanatics on here find it OK for him to threaten Ian but not Frank. Not cool!


uhm yes, frank has to threaten with jury vote now, the guy is sitting out the next 2 hoh’s, he has only so many moves, he had been lied to by everyone remaining multiple times, the only person he MIGHT be able to trust would be jenn, and that is a joke in itself.

frank is doing all he can, but the next 2 hoh’s? thats just crazy. hes done. and he has to know it. the only saving grace would be the all girl alliance being revealed somehow, maybe via jenn


Frank was lied to so he wouldn’t be crazy and racist on their a$$e$ while he was on the block get it right.
Frank’s a douche homophobe.


okay frank threatening ian with jury votes is getting to be way too much. i personally support frank more than any of the other players this season, but it’s like he expects ian to be his friend and want to work with him/do things for him yet he threatens him with tainting the jury every chance he gets. we get it frank if you go to the jury house you’re going to shit on someone else’s dream, now shut up!!!


Are you forgetting how Dan has been threatening Ian too? Geez… The Dan fans are as crazy as the JeJo cat ladies.


no i’m not forgetting that and i would never be a dan fan for your information. i’m just sick of all these people threatening each other with jury votes. obviously it works on someone so naturally nervous like ian but it’s annoying no matter who it’s coming from.


Agreed! I don’t like anybody using the jury vote threat either but it is happening a lot in this game. :)

Go Blue! Go Dan! Ian the TYRANT!

Do you watch the feeds or only CBS? I don’t think you get the full picture. Ian is not afraid of Dan. Dan using threats with votes is liking Brit using threats. Frank is mean spoiled and menacing so he definitely comes across as a bully. With that being said…IAN is not AFRAID he is using this as a way out. Ian is a grown man and both Frank and Dan should stop – Ian does not respond to threats – his pride does not like it. Ian is playing the house and America. Just in case he is not in the final two Ian wants AC money (we will vote for poor IAN). Do you guys hear Ian’s comments about others, sex how he acts when he has power? These are big boy thought so the meek and timid act is out the door. IMO Ian is more cut throat than Dan- smarter than Frank – he is definitely an equal in the house. He’s a big boy and he wants to win so he must deal with whatever pressures come his way.

Frank threatening Ian with a vote is the least of Franks very serious character flaws. This is just my opinion not trying to sway you but it seems you’ve only watched the edit version based on your statements. Many people like Frank because he’s a jerk; entertainment is relative what you like I might not. But I don’t think you can compare Dan’s actions to Franks in regard to honesty. They both can be dishonest in different ways; also Dan has helped Ian in the game where Frank has not. Frank and Boogie treated Ian awful for no reason so it pisses me off when Frank feels Ian owes him. FYI not a cat lady.


I think that Frank hasn’t asked Jenn to use her POV on Danielle, then put Ian up and make him use his POV on himself to get rid of the POV. Because Frank knows he’s in a tight spot the next two weeks not being able to play for HOH, and he wants to save Ian’s POV so that Ian can use it on him if he gets put up. What Frank doesn’t realize is that whoever gets HOH next week and puts Frank up, they’ll put up Ian beside him, forcing Ian to use the POV on himself.

Having used up Ian’s POV, Frank’s only way out will be to win that week’s POV competition. Which is not too far-fetched since Frank has been winning POVs whenever he’s in a tight spot and needs them.

Why did Jenn go for the POV? If Frank had won it, he would’ve not used it and kept things the same and Dan would still be voted out. Besides, Frank was disqualified due to a rule infraction and couldn’t finish the POV competition, making him unable to compete at the end for the POV anyway.

Frank knows that Ian already has a POV that’s at least good for two weeks and no way would Ian go for another POV. Not only would that make him a bigger target showing that he is more of a threat. But Ian wouldn’t of wanted another POV because he wouldn’t want to be hounded to use at least one of them. Ian can’t take the heat, which makes him want to run to the DR to see a psychiatrist. Jenn has to realize this also.

Jenn knows that Joe Powerhouse can’t win anything, and even if by some dumb stroke of luck he won this week’s POV, he wouldn’t used it because Frank is in power as HOH and Joe always goes to grovel at the feet of those in power. Since Frank would’ve not wanted the POV used and the nominations to stay the same, Joe wouldn’t of used it, had he won it.

Jenn knows that Shane didn’t want to win the POV, because the Danielle would’ve wanted hounded him to use the POV and if he did use it, Britney would’ve gone up as a replacement and Shane is closer to Britney than he is to Danielle.

Jane has to realize that Britney does nothing but ride coattails and even if she had won the POV and used it, Shane would’ve gone up as a replacement and Britney wouldn’t want that because she’s riding his coattails to the final three of four.

Jenn has to realize that Dan, if he won the POV, Frank wouldn’t of put her up as a replacement because she is on his inner circle this week. Frank wouldn’t put up Joe against Danielle because Joe would be evicted and leave that house in that situation and Frank, if Dan was off the block with his POV, would want Danielle to go home because he wants to break up the Dan/Dani alliance. And although Brit or Shane could’ve gone up as replacements in that scenario, there wouldn’t be enough votes to vote either of them out. Danielle would still go to the jury.

If Jenn had half a brain, she would’ve thought about it and realized that her POV is a complete waste!!!

Jenn City, the house guest, gave up her clothes and will eat slop till she’s booted and she won that for absolutely no reason!

“?”, the person formerly called Jenn is one of the house guests with the fewest working brain cells.

? wasted his/her efforts and lost its clothes for nothing, and also will eat slop while in the BB house for no justifiable reason!

If ? wins BB, she will have been the most undeserving player to win BB since Jun Song floated into first place. It was a sad day when inane Jun Song won Big Brother, I lowered my flag to half mast and cussed up a storm. Now if ? wins the Big Brother game show, I’ll hound Danielle with the photos of her wrestling Shane in the HOH bed. (The ones that show her thunder thighs). Then I’ll hound Ian for part of his $3,000.00 till he has to go in for permanent psychiatric therapy. I’ll shave Britney’s hair and she will go crazy not being able to pull on it all the time. I’ll headbutt Joe and leave a bigger gash on his forehead than Chad Ochocinco left on Evelyn. I’ll castrate Shane so that the downstairs matches the upstairs (pink shirts). I’ll take away Boogie’s statue of Vanilla Ice and replace it with a likeness of Janelle’s half puffed/half deflated upper lip. I’ll send Janelle all of Boogie’s chilltown shirts and trucker caps. I’ll cut of Wil’s long hair and glue it to his chest with super glue as a makeover.

And then, I’ll take Allison G. and lock her up in Dan’s isolation room till next season of Big Brother (15).

And I’ll promise not to watch Big Brother anymore; ( but will watch again, just like every other person posting on the BigBrotherOnline website has done who said they wouldn’t watch anymore.

“?” enjoy your slop and 1 outfit to wear, it was all for nothing !!!!!!!!!!


By no means was it all for nothing… had she not scooped it up we never would have seen your entertaining missive. Makes me wish this site had an easy way to search all your previous comments so I could enjoy some of your earlier work. Nicely done DrWill:BBKing/TattooGuru. I’ll keep an eye out for your next dispatch.

Go Blue! Go Dan! Ian the TYRANT!

Go to the search box and enter his screen name to read previous comments.


Ian’s POV is only good for this week, he can’t save it, so that kind of disputes a big part of your theory. Just sayin…


maybe Jenn won the POV because Frank told her she was going on the block as a replacement nominee

Go Blue! Go Dan! Ian the TYRANT!

I said I would not watch BB with Brenchel and I did not watch it. Not one episode and from what I read on this site I did not miss much.


I don’t think it’d necessarily be a win for Frank if he was in the finals with Shane. They’ve both won a bunch of competitions and combined, those two have won 11 out of 16. Britney, Danielle, and Dan would probably vote for Shane, so he could easily get one more depending on how the rest of their time in the house goes. Shane is definitely more likeable, even though both of them haven’t displayed much of a social game. I still think that he should take either Jenn or Joe, because Shane is actually on his level game-wise, so that would make it harder for him to make a case.


I agree.


I would be really upset if Dan left on Thursday. While I like Ian, I think that Ian never really appreciated how much Dan saved his ass by taking the blame for what Ian did a few weeks ago. Dan was looking out for his alliance instead of himself and it ultimately cost him the game, becuase I doubt that there’s anything he’ll be able to do to save himself this week. I’m also getting really annoyed with Frank for threatening his jury vote to everyone, especially to Ian. It’s getting a little ricidulous. I give Frank credit for being an incredible competitor, but his ego is huge and he’s really arrogant. I think that Shane has a really good chance at winning, because the house will be focused on getting Frank out for the next 2 weeks and by then Shane will be the only strong competitor left.


Dan mistake in the game was when he didn’t tell boogie and Frank about Ian. Dan should use Ian as leverage. Dan tonight will know it was a huge mistake not telling boogie and frank, when Ian tells him he’s not using the veto on him.


Boogie wouldn’t give hine a chance.


Love how Frank thinks he can control the house. The only way Frank makes it to final two is if he wins 2 of 3 comps in the final hoh – otherwise, no one will take him.


Here’s a thought, has anyone heard of “Genetic Sexual Attraction”. Well what if Nakomis and Cowboy during their season, while not yet knowing they were brother and sister separated at birth; had tried to make things happen ala Jessie/Lydia style?

Do you think BB Production would’ve stopped it? Or would’ve they let it take place and post the video on “hotube”?


Production would have stopped it I believe… Incest would kill their ratings? and i doubt they would have as it was “cowboy” and nakomis(jennifer)”punk and i doubt there would have been that kind of attraction


lol Frank’s plan is a long shot, Jenn needs to win Hoh next week


I wonder with boogie now home watching and knowing it was Ian and not Dan what advice he would have for Frank? I wonder if he would want frank to get dan out now or ian? Especially since he can’t play for the next 2 hoh’s.


Boogie is in sequester.


Boogie has to be home, there is not a sequester any more.


If Boogie is in sequestor, is Janelle in there with him? That would be great! And if Danielle gets voted out of the BB house, will they put her in sequestor instead of the jury house and leave her there?


No, Janelle is home.

This is from an interview dated 8/25 posted on another site. I’m assuming this means he’s still sequestered.

Boogie: [laughter] I don’t know what happened once I walked out the door because I’ve been sequestered but you know uh, Ian could have just voted to keep me & it could have been 4-3 like everybody predicted and he wouldn’t have exposed what he was doing. But, immediately upon that I told Frank, ‘you’ve got to watch out for Ian’ and I wouldn’t have been able to do that if the vote was 4-3. To me, he did a great job and I salute him but he kind of messed up by doing that.

Carol & Steve

Gracie – If I remember correctly in the house Boogie & Frank talked about whether he’d get to go home or if they’d make him to spend the night in the hotel since. More than likely they put him up in the hotel while he did the rounds of interview. No reason to keep him in sequester or Julie wouldn’t have discussed the Quack Pack & Ian’s messaged would have been edited more than it was.


Thanks – that makes sense.


Ian is a little weasel! I hope he gets what’s coming to him! If Frank had half a brain he would have already figured out that Ian was the rat who outed him and Boogie, NOT Dan. If he was smart he would try and cut a deal with Dan and Danielle this week and send home Britney! Split her and Ian up. if only he knew they had a final 2 deal.


He completely overlooked what Boogie told him as he was walking out the door – Ian is not to be trusted. And I’m surprised that he didn’t nominate Ian to begin with to eliminate his extra veto.


Ian couldn’t be nominated, he had the power of veto, you can’t be nominated when you have that, it’s one of those silly rules they have had for a long time now.


We’ll find out tonight but I am pretty sure that his barbarian power is only good for 1 week


I thought that the rule was that he wasn’t safe from initial nominations (even with his veto), but could take himself off if Frank had put him up?

Capt. Obvious

All the Britney Fans out there better be praying that all the HG’s (Frank exempted) are as dumb and delusional as they have appeared. Who in their right mind could think they could take Britney to the final and beat her with that jury? I don’t see her winning the final HOH so she needs somebody to carry her. Britney would be wise to start pumping people up to think they would be unbeatable if they make final two. Danielle is so delusional and desperate for approval, she should lap it up. Frank is so dumb, she can convince him the Captain America shit will win. Ian is such a stooge, she can make him think he’s the new Dr. Will and the jury will genuflect before him.

Fortunately for her the rest of the house is the dumbest in show history, so she’s got a great shot at pulling the wool over their eyes.


I want Dan out of that room and to start playing! He needs to come out blazing! He needs to throw Britney under the bus (classic bb phrase) since he knows from dani that she was playing with frank to get Dan out this week! He needs to talk to Ian ask about the veto and if he says no not using it…march upstairs rat ian out and make a final 2 with frank! Frank needs to jump on that and work with Dan to get these people out! It could work! I am not sure how this punishment will affect him, I would be messed up big time with that punishment it seemed pretty cruel and psychologically damaging! Wtf?!? I hope Dan fights and burns what he has with the others at this point he has nothing to lose he either fights to stay with all the ammo he has or lays down and surrenders to going home!!! Wake up Dan!!! Fight!!! I don’t want him to go home!! Ian and Britney can pet each other all day and feel sorry for themselves along with Shane as to how Dan “threw them under the bus”” boo hoo!! So sick of Britney, go home!! This season sucked, and I am a big fan I wait for each summer but I really didn’t like this season! Dan better fight to stay and someone shake the crap out of frank he is entranced by his own arrogance!! Ugh…..


Frank is such a piece of s**t and I hope his parents are reading this. It’s so disgusting when people threaten other people with not voting for them. Frank thinks he’s gods gift when he’s really nothing but trash. Him and boogie deserve each other. Both losers


You must have those same feelings towards Dan since he’s been threatening Ian too. Your hate is blinding you – chill out.

Go Blue! Go Dan! Ian the TYRANT!

Once again Franks’ threats regarding votes for Ian are the least of Franks flaws. Come up with other reasons to compare Dan to Frank. While i am a Dan fan – if Dan said or acted like Frank has this entire game I would not like Dan either. Dan lost the game for helping Frank. Frank has never done anything for IAN but feels like IAn owes him something.


got to give boogie credit, he at least taught frank a lot about BB.

wish he had gone more into what he could do when alone in the house. losing ashley was just killer. if only joe had gone instead


Let us all take a moment, and imagine a conversation between Jordan and Ashley.


that was the best laugh i’ve had all day…thanks!


LOL – good one!


i love how frank reads the bible and in the next sentence he is bashing someone, he talked negative and has so much hate for dan ….people who say they r good christians shouldnt have so much hate in them….and all the hate is makin him not see who ian really is…..ian is the type of kid iwould have punched in high school if he didnt let me copy off him…..


Is Frank actually trusting Shane after he has tried to get him out twice?Do you guys think it is a smart move on his part?


I blame Dan too, all the goodie goodie bullshit is the reason the ladies won’t show more skin and give us some naked shots, he shittin on my dreams man


So sad about how Nasty they are doing Dan!! – even silly Dani!.. I hope Dan cuts a deal w. Frank and Ian.

Go Blue! Go Dan! Ian the TYRANT!

I think for a deal to work with Frank and Dan – Ian must be cut.


Brit: Jen, did you know a female has never won against a male in the end?
Jen: Well i think that’s gonna change.

Me; So Jen plans to take a male to the end- wake up Dani!




it sounds like jenn only won pov due to franks being dq’d, and she hadn’t planned on how to use it. it makes absolutley no sense to have this kind of power at this point in the game, and not to make a play.

better yet, she needs to coordinate with ian to work out a plan.

it’s time to threaten frank, for once…and mean it!


I think so too! He threatens every once else and they just sit back and not say anything. I hate that!! I have people who threaten other people period!

Dr. J

Read this making only short pauses between lines.
Here’s a little poem dedicated to Frank from Jenn City about dirty fingers Joe:

Two dirty fingered chef Joes, were digging a ditch,
One called the other one a dirty-son-of-a-peter-puller,
Had a dog, and a very fine dog was he,
They gave it to Brittney to keep her company.

She taught it how to jump, oh she taught it how to jump,
It jumped up her petticoat, bit her in the Danielle, Ginger Ale 5 cents a glass.
If you don’t my story stick it up Dan’s a$$ me no questions, and tell me no lies,
If you ever get hit with a bucket of $hit, tell Frank to close his eyes…

I’m now running from the Frank haters out there. LOL