Frank and Dan wonder if their alliance should be called The Last Call Crew Or The Dark Knights.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


12am Britney and Dan are talking in the bathroom. Dan is apologizing for going overboard with Danielle. Dan tells Britney that he regrets what he said and wishes Danielle forgive him one day. Britney says there are conspiracy theories going around about him and Frank working together. Britney tells Dan that he made a mistake but everything will be alright. Joe comes in to the bathroom and tells them that he is going to bed. Britney starts talking to Danielle and tells her that fricking detective Joe cornered her after she went to talk to Dan.


Dan and Frank meet up in the storage room for a quick meeting and talk about how the excuse for putting up Britney will be that Ian is too close and that Danielle and Britney are too close. Danielle goes up to the HOH room with Frank and she asks him how her safety is guaranteed if she is up against Britney on the block. Frank tells Danielle what he is going to tell Joe. Danielle tells Frank that she think Shane’s vote for her is only 50/50.

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12:30am Dan and Jenn are out in the backyard on the couch. Jenn tells Dan that she is concerned that they will send her home. They realize that Britney and Danielle are in the kitchen so they wait until they leave to talk. Jenn moves closer to Dan on the couch and tells him that she didn’t like that Dan didn’t come talk to her. Jenn tells Dan that it worries if she makes this big move it will backfire on her. Dan assures her that it won’t. Jenn says that she has no problem getting rats out. Dan says this is more than a deal, it’s an alliance and that he doesn’t take that lightly. Jenn says that it’s a lot to think about it, you could have given me that respect. Jenn asks if she pulls Dan off, will Ian be exposed. Jenn says that she is being put in a tough spot when she doesn’t need to be and says that it makes her seem like a liar for throwing two chicks up on the block. Dan says that unlike Ian, he never told Danielle to f**k off. Jenn says that she doesn’t want to pull this move and not have Ian exposed. Jenn says that she is adamant about Ian’s actions being revealed as the reason for why what she is using the veto. Dan says consider it done then. Dan asks her how hot she wants it to get at the meeting, should it be a five or a ten? Jenn says a five. Britney comes out into the backyard. Jenn gets up and heads inside.
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Jenn heads up to the HOH room to talk to Frank. She tells Frank about her conversation with Dan. Frank says that he is going to blame Britney for getting in Ian’s ear and not Dan. Jenn asks about exposing Ian. Frank says that he wants to go in and confront Ian about getting rid of his allies. He says that he is now getting rid of Ian’s closest ally. Frank says that he is 100% sure he can get Joe’s vote. Frank says that Shane had told him earlier that Britney won’t take him to the final two, so they may get him. Frank says that he wants to keep his deal with Dan quiet so that Dan can get into Shane’s ear. Frank says that if Ian wins HOH he will put up Frank and Joe.


12:50am Britney then goes back inside to the bathroom and tells Ian and Shane that Dan was outside talking to Jenn. Britney says if Jenn uses that thing… Britney tells Danielle and Shane that Dan doesn’t care if Britney or Shane would go if the veto was used. Shane and Britney talk about how they trust that Ian will stick with the quack pack. They talk about how Dan has had several chances to stay this week and that now he is being selfish. They start talking about Ian. Danielle says that she isn’t sure about Ian. Shane says Ian has been working with them since week four. Shane says that he trusts Ian more than Joe. Britney agrees and says that she trusts Ian 100%. Britney says that Ian has done everything they have asked of him and Ian would have used his veto if Britney or Shane had won the power of veto. Shane says that if they can get through next week the quack pack has the numbers. Britney says that one of us needs to win HOH. Britney, Danielle and Shane decide to go to bed.

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1:10am Ian heads up to the HOH room to talk to Frank and tells him that everyone is going to bed. Ian starts talking about how the veto ceremony will be at 11am tomorrow. He starts talking about how it will happen with his veto… Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Ian is heading out of the HOH room and tells Frank that he is sending his nemesis out the door. Frank watches Ian leave on the spycam and says go to bed, son, I’ve got scheming to do. Meanwhile, Jenn joins Dan back out in the backyard. She tells Dan about her conversation with Frank. Jenn says that she wants Dan to allude to Ian being a rat. Dan swears to Jenn that he will do whatever it takes to save her. Jenn says that she just wants a heads up if she is going home. Dan says that hopefully that’s never happening. Dan and Jenn head inside.


1:25am Dan goes back up to the HOH room to talk to Frank. Dan tells Frank that whatever he said to Jenn worked. Frank says that he is going to tell Britney to pop a squat. Frank says that it’s a done deal, and that his talk with Jenn was his finest hour. They talk about how he will say there is a rat in the house and that eventually all rats get caught. Dan prefers not to say it like that but tells Frank that it is up to him. Frank tells Dan about his conversation with Britney and Shane. Frank tells Dan about how Britney’s got her hand in everyone’s cookie jars and won’t take him to final two. Dan tells Frank about his conversation with Britney about how Frank said Dan had his jury vote and how she helped him clean up, telling him she still had his respect. Frank says that he is going to bring up to Joe Dan’s comment in the Pandora’s Box challenge about ratting Ian out and then explain what it meant. Dan says that after the first time he talked to Jenn, she wasn’t sure, but now she’s totally on board. Dan says that with Britney gone, they can rope Shane in to work with them. Dan says that he still can’t believe we’re pulling this sh*t off. Frank tells Dan about how Britney pointed at Dan’s bed when he and Boogie confronted her on who told on them. Frank says that she is dirty. Frank and Dan talk about what to call their new alliance and come up with a couple names. Frank says maybe The Last Call Crew. Dan says The Dark Knights. Dan says that he wishes the veto meeting was at 7am tomorrow! They hug and say that this is how it should have been from the beginning. Frank heads down stairs and then Dan watches on the spy screen until it is clear and heads down stairs.

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1:50am Jenn heads back up to the HOH room to talk to Frank. Frank tells her that it’s best that they don’t say the ratty rat, rat thing, and says that its better to make it look like it’s a vendetta for what Ian did to Boogie and Ashley. Frank says that he talked to Danielle for a minute before Shane came up and says she is definitely on board. Jenn says see how it benefits you guys, I’m just trying to see how it benefits me. Frank explains to Jenn that getting Britney out will put the numbers on our side. Frank says that he wonders if Joe knows we are working with Dan, then he might be more willing to work with us because we will have the numbers. Jenn and Frank talk about how Britney and Ian aren’t loyal. Jenn says if there is anything I can help to destroy that, done! Jenn heads down stairs to go to bed.


2:20am Frank is alone talking to the camera in the HOH. Frank says that Ian is a dirty little s**t. Frank says that he trusts Dan and Danielle more than Britney and Shane. Frank says that Ian made a big mistake and that he can’t believe Ian went against him and Mike. Frank says that he will do his best to make sure his closest little buddy Britney goes home this week, and Ian the week after. Frank says well Superpass’ers, if anyone is still up tonight; I hope I’m making the right decision. Frank says that he is super stressed and says that it’s hard not having Mike here. Frank says I miss you homie. Frank says maybe you were right about Dan. Frank says I hope we put on a good show for you tonight.


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2:30am – 3:35am Jenn and Danielle talk. Jenn asks Danielle if she is sure she want her to do this? They both head into the bathroom to talk. Jenn says that it puts her in a bad spot. Danielle says that she loves Britney and says that isn’t what it’s about. Danielle asks what do you want to do? Jenn asks if she wanted her to take Danielle off the block. Danielle says no don’t take me off.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the live feeds come back Jenn and Danielle head out into the backyard to talk. Jenn tells Danielle that Dan didn’t need to pull of his antics tonight. She says that Ashley pulled a big move and she left right away. Jenn says that she thinks it makes it look like a liar. Jenn says that on the flip side you don’t snitch and says that Ian has been cocky. Danielle says that Britney and Ian are really close. Danielle says that if the four of us work together, then its 4 out of 7 people. Danielle says that she would never vote her out. Danielle asks what Dan said about her. Jenn says that he said he went way too hard on you. Danielle says that she wants to do the four of them. Jenn says she just wanted to talk to her about it to make sure she was good with the plan. Danielle talks about how Britney is constantly pushing to get Dan out. Danielle says that she think this is a good idea. She says that she doesn’t want Britney to go up, but Britney is going after Dan and that she is close to Ian. Danielle tells Jenn that Ian’s plan was to put Jenn and Joe up on the block and back door Frank. Danielle reassures Jenn that if Ian wins HOH, he is not going after Jenn, he’s going after Dan and Frank. Danielle asks Jenn what she is thinking of doing. Jenn says that she will roll with it even though it makes me look like a liar. Danielle says that she is going to act dumbfounded. Danielle says I just can’t have anyone know that I knew anything so that I can still get Shane’s vote. Danielle and Jenn end the conversation and head to bed.


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I like “The Last Call Crew”, I chuckled a bit when I read that.

Good to know Frank has some people watching his back for at least a week.

Dark Horse

I know THANK GOD now Frank is definitely gonna win the game!!!!!!

Magic Mike

Dan comes down

FRANK : “Sorry Brit, your the Replacement… QUACK QUACK!!!” (shoots a glance at Ian)

Thats how the veto and replacement should go down

Ian's Veto Ball

Sooooo, does Ian have to chose to either use or not use his little veto ball before Jenn has to chose to use or not use her veto necklace? If so then that will work fine, if not then Ian needs to be nominated to flush the ball out before Britney is nominated. I don’t care who from the queef pack goes home this week, it will just be satisfying to see one of them out. It sucks Franks back is against the wall to the point he will work with anyone and everyone at this point. It’s only a matter of time before he gets shanked prison style yo.

Dark Horse

Nah Frank is gonna win this game


Maybe a better name would be: “The Hail Mary’s”

Jumpin Jack Flash



OMG! I cannot all that went down last night. I didn’t know which camera to watch. If this actually happens, Dan will have made one of the greatest moves in BB history. Can’t wait to see the reactions after the veto ceremony. I don’t think that Brit was 100% on board with saving Dan this week – I think she was fearful that she would go up. I believe that she was actually working Ian so that Dan would go home – she told him not to use his veto, even before the veto competition. After last night’s performance by Dan, she is freaking out – it is rather hilarious.


Last night’s antics made up for how boring the feeds have been! I didn’t know which camera to watch either.

It’s definitely getting good now.

Barbara Kosar

Did you get to see and hear the whole speech on what Dan said. The guy is a great gane p;ayer I hope him and Frank clean house. Britt makes me sick, and she is scared right now. I don;t have live feed. share some good stuff.


Seven people left in the house and a big move hings on Jenn (who?). Now Frank, Dan and Danielle have to teach Jenn 8 weeks of game before 11AM PST. Team Dank & Who!


Oops Eight people left, must not have counted Jenn


Funniest honest mistake ever.


This is one of the biggest moves in this game. But it’s funny how after this move dan looks more like boogie this season. I just think throwing ian under the bus is so f’ed up since the kid sort of saved dan from going on the block. This by far made the season but if it is final 4 with frank, jenn, danielle and dan frank and danielle derserve final 2 dan didn’t do anything up to this point neither did jenn. Wish dan would not have waited till now to play


Dan took so much heat constantly for Ian just last week! Ian didn’t do anything.


he deserved to be thrown under the bus. the kid did not respect dan after all, and suddenly he began getting snappy and all superior on everyone – whats that all about

Dannie Boy Rocks

Believe me Dan has been playing the game since day one. Everything he does is strategy. It may not seem like it, but everything is calculated. Watch him work and you’ll soon be on the Dan bandwagon too. He is brilliant!


Dan’s on the block, Ian’s not, so obviously he has to do something to save himself. He can’t just lie down and wait for his Quack Packers to send him home.
Plus he’s been playing the game the whole time. In Big Brother you work with what you’re given, in the first weeks his players were being taken out and he was doing the best with the circumstances.
What the hell was he supposed to do, how was he supposed to play when no one trusted his word coz of past reputation? Talk more and even be trusted less?


he did not save him after he found out he told the girls not to tell dan it was boogie that saved him


Ian has a veto and is not using it on the guy who took all the heat for Ian and covered Ian’s lies. OF COURSE a player like Dan is gonna rat him out now to save his own skin duh!

Ian proved he is concerned #1 about his own game(nothing wrong with that) and Dan is just doing the same now that he knows Dan and Ian does not = Dan and Memphis. I just hope Jenn hangs in there and pulls the trigger—she is wavering!


Get the tissues ready for BRIT., bamb…..her DR cries and swearing at Dan, Jenn, Frank., wheeeeee. If I was Jenn I pull off Danielle and then see the in-fighting between Dan and Brit. Heck, Danielle might win this thing with all her good acting.


Loving these last two posts. What if Ian gets th option to use his veto AFTER Jenn uses hers?


If Jenn uses hers first, she will pull Dan off and then Frank would put up Ian, Ian would pull himself off, and then Frank would put up Britney.
Either way it works.

Jumpin Jack Flash

Just beautiful. I only hope they get that twitchy little pervert Ian out next.


then they would just put up ian and he’d waste the veto on himself and just nominate britney afterwards.

What i don’t get is how Jenn has to think about the decision because it’s so one-sidedly positive for her to do. What’s better, to have a solid final four alliance, or to keep ian, britney, danielle and shane together while Frank can’t play for HOH for 2 weeks…uh home girl, when Frank wins POV, guess who’s going home. It’s not going to be Joe, I can tell you that much.


I really don’t think Jen will use it on Dan, but if she does I will give her mad props. I hope Dan pulls this off. Can’t wait until 1:30p to see what happens. ( I am on the east coast). This game is getting good. Even if Dan goes at least he didn’t lay down.


If ian uses his veto and takes danielle off ! Oh boy then there will be fireworks!

Who would Frank put up but Joe and Britney because he would say to

Joe he is safe they want to get rid of Britney Go Dan ! See Frank you don’t need

to Cheat to get ahead ! Go dan

cc team brit

I think the girls should stick together because there is no way they can win against the guys


if britney were to hear about it, she’d point out all the possibilities in the long run and probably. BUT, i guess not

Team Ian Big Dog

Here’s hoping that Britt rattles a few cages and can save herself from eviction. All she needs to do is point to is Frank and Dan… and say do you really want to go up against a strong alliance with Dani and how the other side will have more numbers? Hope Dani get kicked out of the house on Thursday. And then Frank the following week.


totally agree with you…tis isn’t done yet…it’s only Monday morning. not sure why Danielle is so confident she has the votes to stay.


I agree with this too! Danielle is crazy to trust Dan’s plan. Who else but her would stay on the block for someone?! I think she will crack under Britney’s pressure.


Think about it, the only people voting are Dan, Jenn, Ian, Joe and Shane. If Britney can get Joe and Shane to vote for her, she’s staying and Danielle is gone. (I don’t think Shane would stick with Danielle as much as she thinks, the crazy, clingy, mental girl!) Then that would leave only Dan and Jenn playing for HOH the next 2 weeks. Put up Frank and Dan. Jenn becomes the replacement nomination. Either way, 1 of those 3 will go home.

MU Tigers

She will have Dan and Jenn’s vote. Good chance she can get Shanes vote. and Joe has voted with the HOH all except for once and that was to save Janelle. Her chances to stay are pretty good, I like Frank and Dans chances of getting in Joes head more than Britney or Ian’s chances. Could be 4-1 vote to evict Britney. Her and Ashley in the JH together, that’d make for some funny moments.


Good points. We’ll see though. I don’ t think Britney will go down without a fight. Brit already seemed slightly suspicious (she doesn’t want to be burned again and hasn’t trusted Dan much since the beginning) and it will be pretty obvious that Dan is working with Frank and Jenn after this and Danielle will have to keep up the act. I’m kind of hoping Danielle goes home in this case though, it would be epic to see Shane voting against her.


I think Danielle and Ashley in the Jury House would be better. Danielle, “OMG, Shane voted against me. I’m the love of his life and he voted against me? And Britney called me Fat!”


Pretty sure that joe will vote brit out he is closer to danielle and after fans little stunt joe feels bad for her. It is highly unlikely that joe would stick his neck out for brit he also was the first to want the coaches out.


As far as I’m concerned-

1. If Danielle is too stupid to see Dan really IS trying to win the money & title of “Greatest BB Player” then she gets what she deserves when he serves her up some humble pie. Let’s hope production still has the # for the shrink they brought in to see Rachel!
2. If Frank doesn’t see that flipping the house back on Dan & putting him out this week like he wanted to originally…. he also get what he deserves when he gets cut!


I meant to say
2. If Frank doesn’t see that flipping the house back on Dan & putting him out this week like he wanted to originally cements his win if he gets to F2…. he also get what he deserves when he finally gets cut!

Capt. Obvious

But that argument didn’t save Boogie, who has actually won competitions, so why would it work for Britney who pees herself in every comp?

Shane is going to be rolled by Dan and Frank. “Look Britney has side deals with everybody and has said she wouldn’t take you to the final. So we get her this week, then we get Ian, then Joe.” He will bite on that hard. If need be, Dan and Danielle tell him that we get Britney then target Ian next week, with the possibility of backdooring Frank if the chance arises. He’s not going to take any chances saving Britney.

Joe will go where the power is or more precisely where his fear is. Since Shane won’t come hard, it will look to him like he’s facing being alone vs. Frank and Dan. He will fold like an accordion.

As far as Ian, Frank and Dan will have him on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Picture Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man when Tom Cruise can’t find him a TV to watch Judge Wapner.

At the end of the day none of these three will risk their neck for Britney and from what I can gather Ian won’t get the shot to save her since he has to use his veto before Jenn. Notice that in all the conversations, Frank, Dan, Danielle, and Jenn have not mentioned Ian’s veto once.

The best part is all this is happening because they targeted Boogie way too soon. Had they stuck with the Silent Six for just another week or two, they could have rolled to the finish line. Just goes to show that those who operate out of fear and paranoia seldom win.



Also know that Shane and Joe are terrified that Dan is throwing them under the bus, so when Dan plays it that Britney/Ian were the only victims, relief will set in and then they will go along with what Frank and Dan tell them to do. Ian will try to rally people around Britney…but Britney is his only true ally. Who is going to rally with Ian to save Britney, especially if it comes out that his whole game is being a rat.

It’s the same dynamic that got Boogie evicted. When the people you need to save you are floaters and lack the spine to make a play, you’re doomed. Plus Britney has talked WAY too much. Dan and Danielle will use those words against her with Shane and Joe. Britney has also worked the social game too hard. Shane will hear how she is closer to Ian than him and how Britney has played up a girls alliance. Joe will hear that she told everybody he was masturbating while making fun of him and that she planned to discard him as soon as Frank was gone.

The same tactics the Quack Pack used to get the house against Boogie and Frank will now be used against Britney. Thank god Dan finally stopped playing checkers with his old crew and started playing chess with Frank. Unfortunately for him, he waited a little too long since Boogie was his ideal final two. But he still has a good shot if he’s with Frank at the end.


Britney should just say, the next comp is endurance, and Dani’s too good at that. Dani’s still working with Dan, and Shane,Joe will go up, so argument won, and Danielle’s game is over, as it should be after making such a stupid move.

Jumpin Jack Flash

Isn’t that an Oxymoron, putting the words Team Ian and Big Dog in the same sentence or context? It SHOULD read…Team Ian Twitchy Little Weasel Wannabe…OR….Team Ian, Severely Lacking in Testosterone. Even if I WERE pulling for that nervous little ninny, that neurotic post autistic poster child, I wouldn’t admit it.

Jumpin Jack Flash

Isn’t that an Oxymoron, putting the words Team Ian and Big Dog in the same sentence or context? It SHOULD read…Team Ian Twitchy Little Weasel Wannabe…OR….Team Ian, Severely Lacking in Testosterone. Even if I WERE pulling for that nervous little ninny, that neurotic post autistic poster child, I wouldn’t admit it.

Jumpin Jack Flash



How many shirts does Joe have that aren’t UK blue?


If I had to guess I’d have to say as many as he has balls. Blue balls that is…
Isn’t about time for another Chef UrineHands late night jerk session in the girl’s bedroom.

That’s what we’re gonna really miss if Brit goes. Her recounting of Chef UrineHands giving her a late night nightmare jack-off performance was priceless.



Dark Horse

I’m gonna have to 2nd this comment at this point


yep! – win or lose… Dan is Still the Best Player- Ever! … Come on Jenn, Stay with the Plan!… Jenn goes overboard with that Lesbian stuff .. always takig bout the girls!!


Wow, all I have to say is, what a great season! Everyone is playing the game, so much going on, I love this season!


Simon (or Dawg) one question, what do you know about Ian’s veto? What stops Ian from using his veto on Britney immediately after Jenn uses her golden power of veto on Dan? Can Ian be put up as a replacement if he uses it? If not, then it would seem to me that Dan and Frank’s little plan may not work.


My understanding is that Ian has to use or not use his veto first. The Jenn will use her veto to remove Dan. Ian cannot go back after Brit goes up to use his veto on her.

Carol & Steve

From what I hears last night it appears that Ian has to use his first. I’m sure that could change depending on what production wants to do – LOL!
If Ian were to be able to pull Brit off then I’m betting Shane will go up knowing that Ian & Brit put him there and he will go home as Joe will vote for Danielle to get Shane out.
Pure genius of Dan!


That’s exactly why I think they should put Ian up there first no matter what. If it winds up that he CAN use the PoV after Jenn, then fine…they put up Brit and send her home according to plan, while at the same time making Ian burn his PB PoV. If it winds up that he CAN’T use his PoV after Jenn, then BAM…he goes home with a veto ball IN HIS POCKET (which would be one of the most talked about evictions for the rest of BB history). Either way it’s a win/win for DDFJ.

Just sayin…

Jumpin Jack Flash

I like that thought, good one Blas. That twitchy little twerp keeps wanting to do something to make himself known in BB history, and THINKS he ranks up there with Evil Dick. The kid’s delusional. Why not let it be that the little Weasel got outplayed and got burned with a PB POV in his pocket. I’d really like that. GO FRANK


I had a scenario where I thought Ian should go up at the veto ceremony too.

But as JLON was so kind to point out immediately; she said that is not possible…here is her full quote:

JLON says: 5.2

August 26, 2012 at 11:58 am

one thing wrong with your plan veto winners are immune from being replacement noms… so keep dreaming and dont let the fall back to reality hurt your ass

for being a BB fan ( enough of one to be on this site) yo really dont know the rules too well do you]


I would Love to see Jenn use the veto and Britt goes up then Ian uses the veto and Britt gets taken off Frank and Dan would be in shock.I want Britt to stay so I hope it happens this way


If Ian or Shane wins the HOH on Thursday then this new alliance may be over faster than The Silent Six. Hoping that this new alliance works and that Frank and Dan make it to the final 2 since both of them deserve it. If this works out then well played by Dan and good job with Frank listening to reason.


I think it is only in trouble if Ian wins HOH – chances are slim unless it is a question (but I think Dani could beat him at that too).

MU Tigers

WOW…Bows to Dan. If this goes through, this will be one of the best moves in years on this show. I like Ian, but he did let Dan take a ton of crap for him and has shown no loyalty to Dan. If they pull in Shane, then Dan and Frank will roll to the end. I have liked those 3 all along, would be great if they end up working together. I am 100% on board with Team Dan and Frank.


This move is really not all that insightful. He just ratted out his former alliance when his back was against the wall. It is an all or nothing ploy that looks like it may work.


The hard part was convincing jenn and that was all Frank.

MU Tigers

You think? I would disagree. Frank has had Dan in his sights for weeks now. For Dan to turn Franks view of him around in just one conversation was a damn good move and easily the biggest sell of the whole lot. ?? has been a Frank/Boogie follower all along and I don’t see her stopping as long as Frank is in the house. He also was able to talk Danielle off the ledge. You don’t have to give him the credit he deserves, there are plenty out there that will.


First off, dani will believe anything Dan says. Talking her off the ledge was not hard for him. This is the same woman who follows Dan and shane around like a lapdog (even with the constant rejection from shane).

It is true that frank hated Dan, but that was only because he thought he was the rat. All Dan did was tell the truth. Frank wants revenge for boogie, that’s it.


Exactly. Frank has not trusted and hated Dan for awhile, because he saw through Dan and realized that he couldn’t be trusted. When Dan finally starts being real and honest with Frank, Frank is willing to work with him because he can see the real Dan finally. So who is the smart one? Dan for selling out the quack pack and Ian (his only move left)? Or Frank for being able to distinguish between a lying Dan and a genuine one, and being willing to work with him and not hold that grudge he has had over the last couple of weeks? I say more props to Frank.


I can’t wait for Britney to cry her lying eyes out.

Dannie Boy Rocks

Me too. I can’t wait to see Britney’s face when she gets put on the block. Go Team Dan and Frank!


Dan’s DR
Ring ring…. (Dan answers the phone)
“Hello…… Janelle, your calling for Britney,
she’s not here…. HAHAHA




There has never been a PB veto or power that could not be used during the live show and their not about to start now. As Ian would say it’s going to be TV gold!

Eric CA

What if Jen uses her veto on Dan, then Brittney goes up. Ian still has his veto. What if Ian then uses his to save Brittney? that just leaves Joe and Shane without Veto coverage. Who would Frank put up to replace Brittney? If he puts up Joe. Joe goes home. If he puts up Shane, it is a toss up of votes Ian being the deciding vote. Either way, Boogie fans take notes, this is what a real Mind F**k looks like. Boogies stuff was amateur hour compared to this.

Capt. Obvious

Jenn is so, so dumb.

It’s like last week she finally realized this is a game, one that you have to play to win. And even though she woke up, she doesn’t seem to realize everybody has been playing the whole time.

What Dan/Danielle need to show her is that prior to Thursday night, Britney’s plan was to get Frank, then Ashley, then Joe…then Jenn, leaving a final 5. So in Britney’s game Jenn was her fifth ally. Under the new plan, Jenn is at worst Dan/Danielle’s 3rd ally and Frank’s 2nd. Oh, and she’s got a dominant spot in a majority alliance at the perfect time…the end game. She should also know that Ian/Shane would go after Dan/Frank in a worst case scenario next week…but Jenn City is so delusional about how others see her, she really thinks they see her as a big threat.


Wouldn’t Ian just take Britney off with his Barbarian power? Or does he have to use it before the regular veto? I hope Dan pulls this off!


Ian can just save Brit with his veto. Even if for some reason it doesn’t and Brit goes up, realistically she can still save herself. All she would need is to have Ian, Shane and Joe vote for her tostay. I don’t think it would be a hard sell for her, but I guess you never know. Either way Dan is really a brilliant scheemer and looks to be saving himself regardless. One of the best to play the game.


Long time reader first time commenter…

I’m not sure how this plan is so fool proof? If Britney goes up, then what’s the say Ian/Joe/Shane vote to keep Britney and then Dan/Jenn vote to keep Danielle. Britney is smart, she’ll know Dan is working with Frank and Jenn. Then, if she can stay, then it’s 4 vs 3 in their favor with Frank not being able to play HOH for 2 weeks in a row.

I think Dan saved himself and maybe threw Danielle under the bus.


And I was thinking yesterday that the only way Dan could save himself was if there was a special power in the cake. I underestimated his craftiness! When he called out Danielle, the look on her face was priceless! As he was going upstairs with Frank I still didn’t think he could pull it off, but wow! He is the master! His reasoning actually made perfect sense, and it not only saves him, but it’s the best and only good move for Frank, who is finally playing the game for himself out of the shadow of Boogie! (Though his devotion to Boogie was one of the heart strings Dan pulled at during his pitch). At the beginning of the season I was hoping he would go out first when he was down to just one player, now I hope he goes far. He might be even better than Dr. Will. Yesterday was epic BB feeds. I have to say this is the best season since Season 10.

Ian will always be Judas

last nite was obviously the best nite of BB to date, if dan pulls this off, he is the master of BB, but it is a good idea to hook up with frank n jenn, i never trusted shane or britney, and now ian is busted, LOVE IT! he will be putting some extra miles in today on that hammock, sorry ian your going down in bb not as the villain you so want, but as some fan who really had no idea……

Red Lampshade

Britney can still easily stay. She’ll have Joe and Ian, and will only need Shane. Shane desperately wants final 2 with Danielle, but all Britney needs to do is show him that Danielle is working with Frank and Dan.

Britney to Shane: “You have one of the best competitors in this game and one of the best strategists of all time on the same team. Danielle is also on that team. If you try to join that team, they’ll cut you before you get to the Final 5. Danielle’s also been lying to you about her allegiance with Dan. If you keep me, I have a great shot at winning HOH (endurance) and our side can take power. Remember, Frank can’t play in the next two HOH’s. We need to weaken Frank and Dan an the best way to do that is to send Danielle home.”

^^ This is what she needs to say.


But you’re acting as though Britney gets to operate in a vacuum.

All Dan has to say: “Britney and Ian are working for the end. So we get her out leaving Ian alone, then we put him up against Joe/Jenn, hoping to backdoor Frank. If Frank wins veto we dump Ian and we still have another week to get Frank. Ian has gone squishy on Frank so we can’t trust him”

Dan may very well be totally on board with his new four…but Shane won’t know that and Danielle will back up everything Dan says.

And if Britney is depending on Joe for anything other than urine-encrusted chicken and jiz stains on the comforter, then she might as well just forfeit now.

This week...

I am so mad…I don’t want to see Britney go at all. I sure hope Ian can use his veto second :(


My thought on all of this…

Everyone in the house still feels bad for Danielle. If I’m Frank and Ian still believes he’s working with me, why not convince Ian to use his POV on Danielle? Say something along the lines of “Dan made a douchebag move and Dani just may be broken. Gamewise, it may behoove us to put Joe on the block because Danielle just may not have the will to compete the rest of the way. Personally, it’d be a real shitty week for Danielle to go through the stress of being on the block after Dan ripped her heart out and embarrassed her. Dan’s going home either way so it doesn’t matter who it is and if the votes flip for whatever reason, Joe’s gone like you’ve been wanting.” Ian’s heartstrings are pulled with Dani with the bonus that he sees his short-term goal of Joe being out the door as a very real possibility.

If Ian uses it and same POV rules apply (HOH chooses replacement nom), Frank puts up Shane instead and says something along the lines of “you backdoored me twice, this is your receipt.” Jenn uses her POV on Dan as planned, then Britney goes up. Frank says “Brit, I know you’ve been fed information by someone in this house and since I can’t get rid of that someone just yet, I’m going after that someone’s closest ally.”

That strategy does the following:

1. You take away the uncertainty of Shane’s vote.
2. You definitely have the numbers to vote out Britney (Dan, Danielle, Jenn). Joe may be an insurance vote since he’s pledged undying loyalty to Shane.
3. Danielle’s hands are relatively because it looks like she’s torn between the two people she’s closest with in the house (aside from Dan).
4. Ian is outed.


relatively clean*


it would certainly guarantee that britney goes home, but judging from Ian’s gameplay up to this point, there is absolutely no way he would do this. His philosophy has always been to keep a low target too keep as much blood off his hands as possible and his loyalty is firmly with britney, not frank.


Correct. But Ian would have no clue Britney was going up (or Dan was coming down). The seed Frank needs to plant is the low-risk move of putting Joe up in place of Danielle with the thought that Dan is going home either way but if the votes change, Joe goes to jury… which is what Ian’s been pushing both sides for in the past couple of weeks.


Is it just me or do all of Frank’s HOHs have a pattern: he plans on doing one thing and then someone comes up and convinces him to do something that isn’t very smart for his game


Agree with the first past, disagree with the second part. Frank is in a situation where he’s desperate for allies. Even if it’s outed that Dan turned on his alliance to dine with the devil, Dan becomes the target before Frank does. Jenn is the one making the actual big move in taking Dan off so she becomes a target. Danielle staying is a bonus but her going isn’t necessarily a bad thing for his game because the line is drawn between FDJ and BSI and POWERHOUSE. Not only does Frank have at least two allies but he has one with a bigger target than him plus another one with a target that’s increasing in size.


How is this not good for Frank’s game??? Listen Frank is in a terrible spot with no real allies, can’t play in next 2 HOH’s and everyone from Brit to Shane to Joe yessing him to death—Frank knows that they will turn on him immediately next week so he is taking this risk but in reality if he didnt do it he will still be targeted by the whole house the next 2 weeks anyway.

Frank is desperate for some real allies/protection and Dan sold it well–it doesnt matter if Dan is lying it is a risk Frank has to take at this point to survive the next 2 weeks. If dan is lying then it makes no difference if brit or dan stays because they both target Frank next week. BUT If dan is serious then Frank gets a HUGE ally+Dan+Jenn and frank has a chance. When you break it down it is an easy decision for Frank.


Danielle is a fool to take herself off the block. She’s not a target and Dan will cut her throat again when the time is right.


if Ian doesnt use his veto can he be put up as a replacement? That would seem to be the best thing, put up Ian and amke him use his power on hiself then put up Brit. Can they do that?


I think Dan is really a sad person. The real douche bag is Danielle. Not to even be concerned about dan when it looked like he was going up. Now Dan is going to team up with Frank. Sounds like this is all part of AG fix. Frank could be gone next week . Looks like another fix. I am done with Big Brother.


If the houseguests eat today, I KNOW this game is fixed.


C’mon now how many times I gotta explain? This season is being catered to a Newb(Frank) to win just like last season was catered to a Vet(Rachel) it’s all fixed for entertainment, it’s their game yea we gonna be pissed, but hey it’s the game and get get us swarming them board like vultures about to pick on a dead body with our bashing of HGs each other, and whoever got somethin to say about it HAHAHA, YES this is how the “golden players” are picked “the ones we talk about most are the ones producers push to win” Last season Rachel was the most talked about whether love or hate, and she won, same with Frank..


Te thing is while producers push certain people in the game, they STILL have to WIN comps

The lastcallcrew

I’m a little confused. So Ian CANNOT use his Golden veto to pull off Britney , after Jenn uses hers to pull off Dan ?


Are the rules of Ian’s veto known? Could Ian go up as a replacement to Jenns veto if he doesnt use his veto and Jenn does? Or is it like the regular veto in that the holder cant go up if a veto is used?


Until Julie Chen says them on the TV Show the rules about Ian’s Veto are only unconfirmed.. the predominate 2 rumors are Ian has one week to use the power and uses it before Jenn

OR Ian has one week to use the power and he uses it before the live vote.


Simon…I assumed that they would only let him use it at a veto ceremony. If he can right before an eviction, the DDFJ could be in trouble. CRAP!

Boogie's Revenge


You’re letting you’re anti-Frank bias get the better of you.

Production has definitely made it known to the House Guests well in advance how Ian’s veto works. They’re not about to let the game go on with everybody in the dark. That would kill the drama of Ian’s veto. Production knows that it’s the strategy and plotting of working out scenarios of first Ian gets a veto, then Jenn gets a veto, that makes for good TV. Notice how ALL of the House Guests are operating under the belief that Ian goes, then Jenn. If it were only rumors at this point, we would be seeing some divergent opinions.

Don’t you think Dan and Frank would be taking this uncertainty into account if there was any uncertainty at all?


Nothing is official until they say it on the TV show.. I’ve watched this show for years I know how CBS works..

Chances are Britney is going home on Thursday just like yesterday Dan was almost certainly going home.

Boogie's Revenge

But what we’re watching is the CBS show uncut…by that I mean what were seeing now is what will be edited for TV on Wednesday.

Don’t you think if production was vague on Ian’s power in the slightest way that would be a factor in every strategy talk that happened last night?

I mean would not Frank’s 1st question to Dan be “How do we handle Ian’s veto?” then Jenn to Frank and Danielle to Dan and Britney to Ian…

See what I’m saying. All evidence points to Ian’s power being very clearly spelled out but production is hiding this from us so we watch Wednesday night.


It would be easier for the Dan/Frank plan to get out Brit if Ian had to use his veto on thursday during the live show. Jenn would pull down Dan, Ian goes up on Monday and they use the excuse that Ian is the rat and not Dan and thye house will buy it. The beauty of that is is that the whole house KNOWS Frank will have to replace Ian on Thurs when Ian uses his veto on himself so they will all be campaigning and cutting deals with Frank not to be the replacement nom.

All Frank would have to do is make the deal with Joe/Shane saying you wont go up but you have to vote Brit out in return. If production wants the Dan/Frank alliance then they will save Ian’s power for the live show and pretty much guarantee the plan works. Game Over.


Well done Dan….so far! I don’t want Brit to go though!


Their is now way Jen uses the veto. I just think she is playing it up because the DR said they need some drama. It does nothing for her. And Danielle will realize “this morning” that she would most likely be sent home. Shane voting for her when Shane would know Danielle did all this to save Dan? Yeah, he will want to have noone who is really with him. Votes would go 4-3 and Danielle would go home. If by some chance, Jen does use this veto, and Danielle goes home, Dan has gone from a great player/person who was my all time favorite to an all time jerk. Danielle will look at him with horror and shame if she gets voted out. He would have to feel like crap and leave himself if that happens to salvage his integrity. Danielle has his back completly and he is using her completely. Love this for game drama, but for how I think about him as a person, lost a ton of respect if Danielle goes home. And he knows its no sure shot Danielle stays.


But how would Shane know? The plan is for it to appear Danielle is out of the loop.


Dude, this is A GAME!!!

If anybody went into it looking to make friends and act like they’re above the fray then they deserve eviction.

The point of this exercise is to win, not be Mr./Mrs/ Congeniality.

Grow up.


First of all, you are a child for using the, “grow up ” comment.
second, Dan has been my favorite player since his season. However, he is using this young girl, who may go home for him. She will not handle that well in real life. Dan will regret this in the future IMO.

Jen W

When did Ian tell Dani to F Off?

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Does anyone know which order the POVs are used?
If Ian goes first, Frank should tell Ian that he wants to do a secret move to backdoor Joe (Ian hates Joe and will jump at the chance) and he needs Ian to use his POV on Dan so he (Frank) can put up Joe. When Ian does this, Frank should put up Britney and say Ian asked him to do it, putting all the blood on Ian and destroying his credibility in the house. Then Jenn should use her POV on Danielle under the guise that she feels sorry for Danielle for what Dan did and Frank should put up Shane. Frank should wait to tell Shane he is the pawn and make Shane make a deal for his safety if Frank saves him.

They should also pretend they don’t know Ian is a mole and feed Ian false information that they want to get back to the quack pack like Shane told Frank he wants to cut Britney…etc. Stuff that will make their alliance distrust each other.

well, that’s what I would do…


We have the same end-game (Shane and Britney up) and similar methods of getting there (using Joe to bait Ian into using POV). I really hope they realize this is the best strategy.

Magic Mike

Dan comes down

FRANK : “Sorry Brit, your the Replacement… QUACK QUACK!!!” (shoots a glance at Ian)

Thats how the veto and replacement should go down


Or maybe he could put it this way:

“Ian you better DUCK, cuz Brit it’s your turn…take a squat” (those last three words were Ian’s comment when he put Joe up)

But really I like Martin Luther Frank, Jr’s idea of keeping Ian in the dark about their knowledge and using him for counter-intelligence and false info.


as much as i want dan to go home, i glad frank has some people who can vote for him to stay (because it’s not like any of those three will when too many comps). guess i’ll just have to settle for tits mcgee living in his place which will be hilarious especially since i pegged brit to at least float her way to 4th place before getting brigaded again, oh well, we’re gonna miss you bitchney!

Team Ian Big Dog

Love how Dan is blaming Ian for taking the heat. Playing the victim. Ian protected him when Frank wanted to back door him. Ian took the risk of being the “rat”. Ian had to sit and be bullied by Frank and Boggie. Why shouldn’t Ian get a little cocky with Dan or Dani. They sure have not done anything for him. Dan thinks that he entitled since he is previous BB winner. What did Dan do? He tied himself to some delusional wacky girl. Great judge of character he has. Linking up with wacky girl and a bully in a carrot suit who flings around insults at everyone. Can’t wait until Jenn hears what he said about her. Boy will she look foolish.

Boogie's Revenge

What are you smoking?

Boogie protected Dan from Frank’s backdoor.

Ian is a rat. He had no filter, no strategy other than to rat. In his twisted mind he thought everybody would see him as brilliant, but really they just see him as a rat.

Dan took all of Ian’s heat with Frank and Boogie and if you think campaigning and honesty are bullying, then you,re as delusional as Jenn City.

Ian is yet another pretender who will be gone withing the next two evictions…but it’s going to be funny to watch his meltdown once Britney is revealed as the target.


Ian didn’t protect Dan it was Boogie. If Boogie had said, ”Okay put Dan up, let’s get that mofo out the house,” Frank would have put him up instantly. Boogies opinion mattered more than Ian’s. Yes you’re right he took the risk of being the rat because he made the choice, therefore he can take the consequences that come with being a rat. It’s all fair.
Frank shouting at Ian I can understand he was mad at betrayal, but I also understand it’s a game people will scumbag you. As for Dan being with Danielle, smart move. He knows he can easily beat her in Final 2, and she’s so loyal to him it’s good for him because she might win the comps and preserve him. If he was with Jenn the maybe we could question his judge of character.

Team Frank

FINALLY Dan grows some balls and starts shaking things up in the house!


All I have to say is “Dan is the MAN” Last night’s speech was awesome! Even if he doesn’t pull it off, he is still The Man in my book and will always be my favorite #1 Player


The only way Brit can stay is if she can convince Joe and Shane to vote for her to stay. It’s a tough sell, but it could happen. I would love to see Danielle leave this week and be stuck in jury with Ashley for a whole week. I am going to miss Brit, but she was playing for second place anyways. I still hope she has enough game in her to overcome this, but she made the mistake of throwing Dan under the bus. I understand that she felt she had to do it because otherwise her and Shane would go up, but she forgot how good Dan is at this game. I remember first week when she said that when Dan talks you hear a chorus of angels. LOL. So true!


Now that Dan and Frank are “working together” lets assume everything goes according to Franks plan of getting out Brittany. With Frank not playing in the next 2 HOH comps does Dan turn on him next week? If Shane wins HOH next week who comes running first? Dan/Dani or Frank? And who does Shane believe? I still think that whoever wins the next 2 HOH comps have to put up Frank, alliance or not, unless your plan is to try and backdoor him the first week. You cant give him 2 free weeks.


Perfect scenario is Ian winning HOH, he puts up Dan and Frank or either one of them and Joe. Otherwise, Ian is going home next week. Still hoping Brit manages to stay this week because she is fun to watch on the feeds.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

The rat gets poisoned.

I am really looking forward to watch Ian cry.

It is inevitable.

Frank should totally pin putting Britney up on Ian…announce that Ian told him to put her up. Ian deserves it.


Yeah, you gotta love KARMA. He snitched on Frank and Boogie and now Dan’s snitching on him.


I might have missed someone posting this but shouldn’t Jenn insist that Frank put up Ian when she pulls Dan off to get him to use the veto on himself. This way she can tell Brittany that she knew Ian was a liar and didn’t know Frank was going to put her up when he pulled himself off. Just to cover her bases more and gets rid of Ian’s veto. Was it for this week only?

cant get rid of Frank

This Frank and Dan alliance is awesome!!
Dan is right it should have been this way from the start.
The Last Call Crew!!!


This has backfire written all over it. Ian votes to keep Brit. Shane will vote to keep Brit after he, I mean Brit, figures out Danielle is with Frank. Joe will vote to keep Brit once he runs the numbers and figures out he’d have better odds with Brit/Shane, etc next week and especially since Frank can’t play for HOH. Dan throws Danielle a pitty vote keeping his agreement with Frank and Jenn…..Dan has no blood on his hands and moves back to the Quack Pack minus 1 (Danielle) for next week.


don’t think it’s necessarily a backfire if dani leaves. dan doesn’t care which one leaves, and i bet he secretly hopes brit will survive to work with him to get rid of frank, his number one threat.

this ain’t over yet…


Go Ian who’s Dan ??? No comment

Dannie Boy Rocks

Dan and Frank all the way baby!


Couldn’t ian just use his power on Britney? Brit will figure it out. It’s too obvious when she takes off Dan opposed to dani who she likes. Brit will figure it out, Ian will be on board veto her off and bam Shane or Joe go up.