Dan recounts the events of last night and says he prefers people hating him in this game..

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


7:30am Dan is up and out in the backyard talking to the cameras about yesterday and his plan to save himself. He says that it all comes down to next four hours. He describes the events of last night, just in case you missed his “handy work”. He says that he had his funeral and told something nice to everyone except Danelle. Dan says that Danielle did not take kindly to that. He says that he then went upstairs to the HOH room to talk with Frank. He says that his conversation went better than normal and it was up to him to get Jenn to use veto on me. Dan says that by the time he went to bed last night, Jenn was on board. Dan says that it’s amazing what 24 hours can do. He says that the real question is if this goes through, am I going to stay true to Jenn, Dani, Frank. Dan says yes I am. Dan says the question is who is going up when I come down. He says that he wishes it could be Ian, but he has a veto. Dan says that Britney has thrown me under the bus and I get it now. He says that it all comes down to Jenn City, if she doesn’t take me down I’m going to the jury house. He says now he understands why criminals come up with their best plans in prison. Dan says that these are going to be the longest four or five hours on my life. Dan says that if you are watching me right now and want me to survive you can send an email to my web.

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8:25am – 9am Dan says that it has been an amazing ride the second time around. He says that it has been more difficult. Dan says that he prefers people hating him in this game because he is more comfortable that way. He says that when people hate me in this game they are blinded in what I can do. He says that he has survived 8 evictions and hasn’t won a thing. Dan says that he hopes the carrot man wakes up soon. Dan says that there is a guy in this house hell bent to destroy me, he takes a chum bath every hour for 24 hours, all because he wanted me out this bad. Dan says that 24 hours later I talk him out of coming after me at all. Dan says that now I am at the mercy of Jenn City. Dan says so let’s talk about my boy Ian. He asks do I like him? Yes, do I more than like him? Dan says yes, we have lots of talks, we have a pool tournament every night where we talk, except for scheming. He says that he has been covering Ian for 25 days and for what? Dan says for him to be tacky, to tell Danielle to f**k off. Dan says that Ian doesn’t appreciate it. Dan says that it was pretty funny that last night he was talking serious strategy with a man in a carrot suit, only in the BB house! He says that it all comes down to Jenn City and if she is going to pull the trigger and save me with the veto. He says that he is taking a passive approach with her because she has to figure out for herself it’s in her best interest to keep me on and get little blondie out of here. Dan gives a bunch of shout outs. Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

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9:15am – 9:45am Dan, Frank and Joe are talking out in the backyard. Joe talks on and on about restaurants and how he runs them. After a while Joe gets up and goes inside. Frank tells Dan that he is tired of listening to Joe talk. Dan agrees and says that we didn’t even ask any questions. Dan and Frank talk about how it will go down today. Frank says that he talked with Jenn and told her not to say the rat thing. Frank says that he doesn’t think it will be hard to get Joe once they show him they have the numbers. Joe comes back outside and Frank asks him how large a restaurants freezer needs to be. Joe shows them. They continue to talk about restaurants.


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9:50am Frank says that when Britney goes up, we will maybe sit down and talk to Joe. He says that he agrees that it will be a little obvious. Dan says maybe I should deny it all and so that people don’t think we are working together. Frank says maybe we should just say you told me some stuff up there about Ian, and that wound is a lot fresher. Dan says that best case scenario is if Ian ask if I ratted him out and then I can say I didn’t but you just did. Dan wonders what he should say when they come at him for answers. Dan says that maybe he should just say that Ian got c**ky, you saw him in the ball competition. Frank says why don’t we just say that you came up to me and told me that it wasn’t you, and that you didn’t like what Britney did about throwing me under the bus. Dan says that Britney said right after the veto competition she said we have 2 weeks to get rid of Frank. Dan says that he does like that he kept his mouth shut and Britney told you and Mike it was me by pointing at my bed. Frank tells Dan that he will talk to Joe right before.

10:10am Dan has a quick conversation with Jenn out in the backyard. He asks her they are good? Is there anything you need? Jenn says yeah, we’re good. I just need you to keep your word like a motha f**ker. Dan says you got it like a motha f**ker.


10:15am – 10:30am Dan and Jenn are running around cleaning up the house. Frank and Joe out in the backyard talking. Joe asks is there anything crazy happening that I should know about? Frank says no, but if something did happen would I still have your vote to vote the way I want. Joe say yes. The only person I couldn’t vote against is Jenn. Frank says well she can’t even go up she has the veto. Joe says oh right. Joe says that last night he was lying in bed and Shane, Britney, and Ian were in the bed room and the first thing Ian asked was are we alone, can we talk? Joe says then someone quickly said Joe’s here. Frank says that f**king rat. Jenn joins them. Frank explains how the veto will go, first Ian will get a chance to use the veto, then Jenn and then the replacement nominee will go if there is one. Frank heads inside and as he leave he tells Joe to tell Jenn about what he heard in bed last night. Frank leaves and Joe tells Jenn. Jenn says that she doesn’t know why they would say that either. Ian heads out to the hammock.


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10:35am – 10:50am Danielle is in the bathroom with Britney and Shane. Danielle is freaking out because she is getting hives or a rash on her neck and face. Britney thinks that it’s just nervous hives from last night. Danielle wonders if it might be shingles, she says she is going to flip out if she picked that up in the house. Danielle says that she wants to get into the diary room so bad. She says she wants something to bring her stress down. All four cameras switch to the backyard where Joe, Jenn and Frank are talking about random stories. The feeds switch back to the bathroom where Britney is fanning Danielles face and neck to cool it down.


10:55am Britney says remember last night when we were talking to Joe about cheating and I asked him if he had ever been cheated on. She says that he said yeah and that he is surprised the guy can walk now. Britney says that Joe got a text that she wasn’t where she was supposed to be and so he went there and punched the guy out. Britney says that she asked when it happened and she says he said 11 years ago before Levi was born. Britney tells Shane that there was no texting 11 years ago. She says his stories are so made up. Shane laughs.


11:25am Everyone is just hanging around talking about random stuff waiting for the veto ceremony to start. Danielle is in the arcade room with an ice pack on her neck. Dan joins her and says we didn’t say goodnight last night. Danielle says I though we weren’t supposed to, I thought we hate each other. Dan says yeah but we can say it in private. Dan leaves and then comes back and says that he is going to ask Jenn’s permission if he can say something nice to Danielle during the veto. Danielle says that he scares her when he talks about her in public now. Dan says don’t worry it will be nice. Dan leaves. Danielle motions to the camera and says that he is crazy!

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Would be nice if crazy Dani got the boot yo. Would be some hilarious sh!r.


* sh!t *

Dark Horse

That would be funny


I hope Danielle gets evicted and we dont see her until the Jury interrogation where we learn she shaved her head and gained another 20 lbs.



Janelle's worn out lip

Totally Dank.
I never thought it would happen but very cool

Adj., used to describe something incredibly good.
Yo, this chicken chimichanga is dank as hell!

give the carrot 500G's!!!!!!!!

Team DANK is SMOKING !!!!!!

Dan is the guy you hate to play against because you hate to play without…… soooo happy I can finally pull for him!!!

I just cant wait to see the look on that nerdy little rat’s face when the the carrot tosses a dangrenade into the room and tells Ian “Hey, toss my salad MoFo…..

Jigs up homeboy and Danielle is singing!!!!



If Dan’s telling the truth Frank is dangerously close to winning this game. Pretty excited about that since I think he’s the best player this season. He’ll need to work on his social game before his appearance on BB All-stars II.

On a side note. Where the hell is Britney from?!?! Texting was around 10 years ago, unless you lived in the Arkansas backwoods apparently. Buh-Bye Britney. Take your snarkey comments and pack them next to your crappy gameplay. So excited for Wednesday’s show now!!!


Never thought I’d say this, but I gained a lot of respect for Frank when he came into Dan’s room yesterday (right before the house meeting when Dan was preparing for his speech) to see if he is OK. Wow. After all that happened between the two of them. I have to respect that.

Cant Get Rid of Frank and Dan

Hahaha I love it, Dank!!!


You know what astounds me? The houseguests that have watched BB and have seen Dan operate shoud know that this is a total scam!They are so stupid! Plus, Dan even said he was trying to play like Dr. Will and they still haven’t gotten a clue!

Trey Gorman

So let me get this straight. Danielle’s reward for staying loyal to Dan, in addition to betraying the people who are unquestionably her two best friends in the game, is to go from a situation where she is at the center of an alliance and has three people watching her back to a situation where she may fit in as the fourth member and has one (maybe two) people looking out for her. Not smart, Danni. Dan masterfully allienated, isolated and reallligned her. Not very pretty at all.


it really doesn’t matter because either way danielle was just going to float her way through the game. i mean sure, she got lucky and won one comp but other than that her strategy has been to get buddy buddy with everyone and pretend to be all nice and innocent so no one will vote her out.


Be fair, she won the endurance HOH and the POV. So two comps.


Britney & Ian were still hanging on & made a deal with Dani. Britney could have won it too. Britney has been 2nd in several challenges this season & won several HOHs & POVs in her season. Dan has not won anything. For all that say he’s the best player, he’s said more than once than he’s playing like Dr. Will, so this isn’t his own game style. I respect him even less now that he has thrown his whole alliance under the bus when they have saved him several times.


Thank you for pointing that out – some people seem to forget. If you have been watching the feeds you would not think Danielle was a floater. She is like Dan’s little prodigy, her performace last night was epic. It is true, she is annoying, she is obsessed with her body and with Shane, I will give you all of that. But Danielle is not a floater. In fact, I would say that Britney is much more of a floater than Danielle. Yes, Britney has a good social game, but so does danielle. Danielle is loved by almost everyone in the house and she has final 2 deals with Dan, Shane, Britney and Jenn. She also had the balls to backdoor Janelle and would have put up Frank and Boogie if she had the chance. Call her annoying, call her psycho, call her whatever… but she is not a floater.


ok chicken .. cant you even use your own name .. have to take someone elses…. too funny … NOT


Is this THE Trey Gorman? Lol


great point!……he is helping her and punishing her at the same time!


Might be wishful thinking but God I hope this works and then Dan/ Jenn / Danielle win HOH and target what’s left of the Quack Pack.
But then they’re dealing with the likes of Shane in the competition……….

Ian will always be Judas

shane hasnt been that good lately, especially when frank is involved and if it is a answer comp, forget about it, he will lose.

Dark Horse

Frank knows exactly how the veto(s) will work apparently…just to make sure what he wants to happen will happen

Nicole N.

Go Dan!


I will be really impressed if Dan pulls this off. I can’t believe I am about to write this BUT if Frank goes with this plan I will actually start to like him.

I have been team Brit/Shane all season and will hate to see Brit go, if this goes through. It’s hard not to hope this happens just because Dan was out the door as soon as Frank won HOH.

Wow, the game is getting good.

Ian was doing well but he became a little too cocky. I still like Ian.

I have NO idea who I want to win, now. WOW


LOL!!! Totally get what you’re saying:) For me, this season has been the best I’ve seen in years because I’m feeling the game instead of getting really into the players like I usually do, and there’s been some serious game going on here, alot more to come:)

Dark Horse

I gotta say I’m right with ya on this…

I cannot believe Dan turned this around…and 2nd off I can’t beleive that Frank is going for it…since he wanted Dan out so much. I’m surprised that he is entertaining it…

I don’t want Brit to go but…if this does go down. I hope that Dan stabs Frank in the back next week…if not I hope Frank wins the game…

My BB mind is demented right now…I feel like I’ve spent 24 hours in the disco lights from hell have-not room…


I agree, but I was team Ian. Now I’m looking forward to see who can make it to the end between Dan, Ian, Frank, Jenn, Dani and Sane.
I did not like how Dan lost his cool with PB and veto, but I don’t blame him for freaking out. As much as you try to play as a team to a point, he knows that it’s an individual game when you are the target and the team will not help you when one of them could get put up. They (mostly Brit) made it obvious that he was the expendable teammate. I knew his only chance to stay would be to rat out Ian and the quack pack. It could have gone sooo wrong, so props to him for pulling that off. I like Brit better this year as a person, but her game is still the same. Hide behind guys, only thing new is she added a strong girl. As much as she says Dan would stab anyone in the back to win, I think she sees that because she would do the same. Let’s see how she acts if this goes down and she gets put up. Will she turn on Dani or fall on her sword for her like she expected Dan to do for Ian and the QP.

quack-pack fan

Iam very disappointed Britney will be up on the block. Maybe she can get the votes??? Ian, Shane and Joe. Remember that solid that Joe owes Shane? Crossing fingers

Dani can go – she went against Brit a little too easy.


I wish Shane would be the replacement and go home this week.


AKA AlwayslovedJanellenotnow


or anyone- did Ian tell Danielle to F**k off???? When??


apparently during the veto comp he was obnoxiously tossing balls around and danielle told him to chill out or something like that and he told her to fuck off.


during pandoras box.


right, when they were fighting for the veto. thanks.


So Danielle is golden, with a 5-0 vote coming this week, and risks it all for Dan? What could possibly motivate a game move like that?


You have to remember that as her coach Dan has been with her from day 1, so make no mistake who she considers her closest ally.

Now you have to be a dime store psychologist. Danielle is the type of person who lies to herself. She needs to believe Shane is into her and despite her doubts, she will always choose to believe what she wants to happen will (think about the joking between her and Brit, where she is all sunshine and positivity and Brit is gloom and doom.) So I have no doubt that Danielle believes Dan has her back, Shane will be by her side, Jenn is a devoted friend, and Frank will do whatever he has to to survive.

Then we have to recall her issues with other women. She has ended up hating every female in the house, seeing them as competition rather than friends. In her mind Britney is a rival for Shane’s loyalty. She’s not a romantic rival, rather the last obstacle to have Shane be totally dependent on her. It was always going to be easy to get her to turn on Britney.

It’s also wise to recall last night’s events. After her private conversation with Dan, she goes up to HOH, where she and Frank laid out the plan to shank Britney. Then Britney comes in and Danielle turns on the fragile, wounded girl act, which looked no different than all the other times she was “genuinely” hurt. Danielle is manipulative. She doesn’t always do it consciously, rather it’s so ingrained in her personality to be the fragile victim, Danielle goes to the sympathy well as a default in her personality. But make no mistake, it is manipulation to get the reaction she wants all the same.

The new plan keeps her and Dan (her best friend will always be a man) safe and gets rid of Britney (another female obstacle like Kara, JoJo, Janelle, and Ashley) and I think Dan knew he could mind fuck her as long as Britney was the target.


extremely well put!


Dan has been with danielle since day 1 if it wasn’t for him coaching her to get close to certain people who knows how far she would have gotten. I think danielle trust dan 100 percent and he will always have her back with everyone else not so much


the only reason danielle has gotten as far as she has is because of dan. the way it works is dan makes all the deals/alliances/misting and danielle sits back (usually crying) until dan clues her in on what’s going on and even then he tells her exactly how she needs to react to situations, exactly what she needs to do, and with whom she needs to get/remain close. danielle has no game whatsoever! her entire strategy depends on her personal relationships with everyone in the house not putting her up or voting her out, and on top of that she’s what i like to refer to as an “emotional/personal player” meaning her moves have no strategic or pragmatic reasoning, but danielle takes it to a whole new level because she is completely deranged. her “moves” and motives areall personal…look at the people she’s wanted out jojo, janelle, and ashley, now if you ask danielle why she wanted these 3 out (while they were still in the house) she’d make up some completely false story about things that they said or did that made her feel threatened or hurt her feelings, but as soon as they left she says they were jealous of her and she continues to tell stories about these three of things that never happened, when in reality it’s pretty obvious who was jealous of whom (jojo because she was close to shane/shane liked her more than danielle, janelle because she has everything that daniellusional wants-the husband, the baby, and the comfortable lifestyle, and ashley because she out of the other girls left in the house was the only one who didn’t want to sit around listening to danielle cry and fish for compliments and she didn’t want it to be the danielle show 24/7). danielle neither deserves to win this game nor does she have what it takes to win this game especially not with dan out of the picture.


Haha, I used to be married to a girl like Dani, you are absolutley right, she is a manipulator. And you are also right when you say she does it without thinking.
I hope Brittney goes. She’s been so very disloyal and floats to power every stinking time!. Who cares that she’s funny? I like Frank, I like his will to win.
I hope this plan goes off without a hitch and then we can watch Ian scramble!

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Dan will be playing his Pied Piper pipe more today. I may be a rat, but I’m not listening.

Will everyone be listening? That is the question.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I meant will everyone ELSE be listening (will all the other RATS be listening?)


we are in for a dark bumpy ride! It will behoove Dan and Frank to get rid of Brit because she has influence over Ian and Shane and her girls’ alliance was gaining momentum. Ian and Shane will be angry and target Frank and poss Dan. Shane may be a threat, but Ian is so nervous and out of his comfort zone, he has been rocking like a mofo since Wed! I don’t think Ian will be able to focus or deliver in comps.

The next 2 HOH comps are calling Jenn City and Joe Power to show what they have. Frank better call upon the POV and prod gods so he can survive the next 2 HOH cycles!

quack-pack fan

“rocking like a mofo” LOL

so true! Guess that will be Jenn City’s new single…


Couldn’t be happier that the supreme double dealer, Britney, is going to be put up……..she needs to go to jury………


So anxious to see what Jenn will do.


Oh and what exactly did Dan do to Danielle to cause so much drama?


he wild out on her, in front of the whole house, but it was all a play to get a dea with Frank, he apologized to her and told her, the plan


When Dan had his ‘funeral’ last night he said “you are dead to me in this house” to Dani


Who’da thunk so much would weigh on what Jenn does, huh? I’ve been referring to her veto as the ‘ghost veto’.


Thanks chimes and eripaul. Wow wow wow!!!

That one guy

When Frank walks out the door next week, I like to think the last thing that goes through his mind is how in the world did ever get the better of him.

That one guy



He’s dumb that’s why, Boogie told him what to do, which is why he was so upset when he got evicted, Frank will fall for anything because he’s an idiot… He was HELL BENT on gettin Dan out, and then in one meeting Dan is now his ally? Frank will listen to anyone smarter than him. and Dan is even smarter than Boogie


he was hellbent on getting Dan b/c he thought Dan was the rat, but it was Ian all along.
Frank knows his days are numbered…his sole alliance was in trouble, now he has 3 people to rely on and maybe 1 more with Joe.
Power changes daily/weekly and this power changed to help Frank.


your dumb Dan clearly said hes going stick with the alliance with Frank so how is it a bad move on his part, if Dan went home this week Shane or Britney would probably win HoH and backdoor Frank. He now has 3 people to depend on when going into next week when just 24 hours ago he had only Jen


Goddamn you Frank fan think just like him, I NEVER said it was a bad idea, I just said he was easily manipulated, and will listen to anyone… LMFAO


if you really dig deep into it frank is the one that has done all the manipulating he already knew ian was a rat,and already said in his dr that he didnt trust anyone.All this week he has been throwing out baited scenarios to what people would say so he could feel them out cause he knew the house was against,and even though ian had the veto frank didnt put him up to gain back trust while putting dan against dani forcing them to eventually turn on shane and brit




Dan is signing Danielle’s death certificate. Shane, Ian and Joe will vote out Danielle. Joe has had Shane’s back basically since the beginning of the game. Britney’s not going to get out.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I’m thinking the same thing. How would jenn go along with this, if she just thinks a little. She should see that Joe would probably not vote this way, but maybe she thinks Shane would vote to evict Brit over Danielle. Of course, we know Shane wants Danielle gone over Brit.


i agree. given three days, brit will turn things around for herself quickly. danielle will not be able to compete, and won’t have dan’s help…


Joe flips with power so i would be surprised if joe didn’t go with. If shane was up maybe but joe told frank a few days ago that he paid his debt to shane. This isn’t about shane he is closer to dani and after dan’s stunt i would be shocked if he went against her.


that’s the way I see it happening, although I hope I’m wrong and that Powerhouse votes Brit out.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Hello, Shane loves me. Isn’t that plainly obvious by now? Wow, I don’t know what show yall are watching. So Shane will vote for me. And Dan is gonna protect me, so he will get Joe to vote for me. This southern belle isn’t going anywhere yall. This plan is fool proof, I’m safe this week. These better be hives and not shingles. grrrr, i’d be mighty mad if I got shingles. Did yall hear that Britney said my legs looked really big next to hers. She’s got to go.

I hope hayden comes to the finale.

Dannie Boy Rocks

I’m sorry, but Joe is not going to keep Britney and neither is Shane. I think Shane has been very annoyed with Britney scheming with Ian all the time. Also, Joe will do what Frank wants him to do for not putting him on the block. I think it is going to be a 4-1 vote for Britney to be evicted. It might even be 5-0 if Ian decides to vote with the house.

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Joe is quietly working his way to win Big Brother 14


LMAO… season of the turkey burger;) Gotta admit he’s made it way farther into the season than I thought he would, though. Thank God he spotted that salsa loophole, huh?;)




I think Joe could pull out a win. At least 2nd place. He keeps sliding under everyones radar.


TPH 4 life yo!


hahaha ^^^^ funniest comment on the thread


Dan I had lost faith in the guy I fell in love with on BB9. I love you now only because you gave Frank a much deserved chance in the game. Dan is truly an Evil Genius, I still cant believe how he is able to manipulate people. He needs to bottle that magic up and sell it.


This house has turned upside down and inside out with how the events of pandora’s box began til now. To see Dan and Frank on the same side and to actually see Dan alone saying he is keeping the deal with Frank is just odd, but anything that gets Frank closer to the Final Four is good in my book.


I like Dan but why would Frank save him Dan more of a threat than Britney

Nicky Brand

If Dan gets Jenn to pull him down and put up Britney, then the rest of the QP might talk Ian into using the veto for Britney in exchange for them protecting him the next 2 weeks when Frank can’t play for HOH. What does Frank do then? Put up Shane? Then Joe might switch sides and vote to save Shane (along with Britney & maybe Ian). Then Shane survives and comes after Frank he next 2 weeks, with Britney, Ian & Joe’s help (and probably Dan, too). Or does Frank play it safe and put up Joe, in which case Dan will have saved them all.


If Ian uses his veto on someone would he be safe from nomination? What’s to stop him from using it on Britney? Then Shane will go up…this is not going to end well for Danielle!
This has got to be the best BB season in years! Who needs production interference when you’ve got Dan the puppet master in the house!
Dan FTW!!!


I doubt frank will go home next week because dan needs frank around to take the heat off him. If frank goes home then dan is target number one for the rest of the house and he won’t be able to get to final 4 because once frank goes shane, joe, ian and jenn will go after him. So i believe dan will keep frank till they get to final 5 then screw him

Jenn (not Jenncity)

Forgive me if this has been mentioned already but if Britney does go up in Dan’s place, couldn’t Ian take her off? Do we know when he has to make his choice with his special veto? Have Dan/Frank etc thought that scenario out?


Frank thinks Ian has to go first. We don’t have confirmation of that other than from what Frank’s saying.


the other day ian was telling frank how the veto works and then they cut the feeds which leads me to believe frank might know how it works


I have never been a Frank fan. But watching last night how he won HOH. Wow. He is a beast. That comp took nerves of steel!


can anyone confirm when ian has use veto, i thought it was on thursday live show, but now ready today?


So from what I can tell on the live feeds – Frank is under the impression he cannot nominate Ian for eviction at all. I’m surprised that he seems to think that Ian won’t then use the veto to take Brit off.

Shane will go up but Ian Brit and Joe will vote for Shane to stay and it’s going to be Dani who goes home.

Head of Household

Danielle is an idiot for sacrificing her game for Dan. This week will ultimately lead to her demise.


Did Jen say she is getting a tattoo with flames to honor Dani? Why would she save Dan and not Dani? Its odd but Dan plan might be his way to get Dani out … Just a though


If Dan manages to pull this off and stick with Frank, I’m on his team.

How he managed to do this & get Frank on board is beyond me.

Kudos to him.

I’ve been saying that Britney was in the best position in the house.

Now there’s a possibility that she may be going home.

Just as long as Frank puts Ian up ( if it’s possible; I don’t know the rules of this gold POV ) so he would then use it on himself, and put Brit up.


I am team brit/shane and I thought team dan/danielle but after last night I am pissed off. Danielle who is always in brit face and shane arms told them they will go to the end and now she is faking it to making it. Not happy with this and I have a feeling that shane is going to make them regret it because he is so loyal to them and what the heck they dan/dani just cut him out but she is still crying in his arms … I hope he wins everything………….


I cant stop laughing…This is getting so good…Dan seriously if her survives this week, he def is getting my vote as one of the best moments and moves and big brother history…How do go from being severe target to now being saved by the man who hooted and hollered and cussed you out…LMAO dan is a brain child and the man if he makes it through…If he doesnt even win the BB, thats ok bc he seriously shitted on Franks face with this one and double shitted on Mike boogie..LOL…Oh Danny boy


I think Danielle is very safe and Britney will go.
Danielle is just as protected in the new alliance as she was in the QP…she has solid relationships with Frank, Dan and Jenn.
Shane has already expressed concerns/doubts over Britney, probably after seeing Britney throwing Dan under the bus and scrambling for safety with Frank once he won HOH.
Joe will go with the house so as not to be the odd man out…he really has no loyalties to anyone in the game. He is just trying to stay another week.
As much as I like Bri, I like Dan more and am curious to see how she adjusts her gameplay now that the ebb and flow of the house has shifted and not in her favor.


Frank is in a no-win situation anyways. Two new groups: Dan, Frank and Jenn vs. Shane, Ian and Brit with good ole JOE in the middle going for the win. I agree with the other post that Shane, Ian and Joe will vote out Danielle.


Yeah I’m not sure how they are going to get Joe on board for this. I think he says yes, then votes Danielle out. This is a good move for Dan and Frank, but they haven’t really made sure this is what is best. I think the best thing to do is, to convince Ian to use his first, then Jenn save who is left, and then Frank to pop Brit and Shane up. I just think all that is going to happen is Joe will vote out Danielle and Brittany will escape. I don’t see much hope in this plan. Does anyone really see Joe going with Dan and Frank on this?

Janelle's worn out lip

I really hope they figure out they can get Ian to use the veto on Dan under the pretense of putting Joe up (but really put Britney up), then Jenn can take Danielle down and Frank can put Shane up. Jenn could easily justify taking Danielle down because of what Dan did to her yesterday.

This would give them Danielle’s vote and take away Shane’s vote.

If Shane went home instead, that would still be a good thing.

Frank could tell Ian he thinks Joe is a mole and is telling the other side all of their secrets. I think Ian is naive enough (or scared enough) to believe this and he clearly wants Joe out.

Come on Dank…figure this out!

Janelle's worn out lip

one further comment…it would be EPIC if Dan could convince Britney to get Ian to use the veto on him to put Joe up by telling Britney Frank thinks Joe is the mole. She would be assisting in her own demise. THAT would be just awesome and make for a GREAT goodbye speech (phone call) for Frank and Dan.

Frank: Ring….Hello Britney?….Boogie called. He said he would like you to go to the Jury.

Pan out to Frank and Dan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :)

Janelle's worn out lip


Frank: ring ring….hello Boogie? I need some advice. How can I get Britney out. Oh… get her to help talk Ian into using the veto so I can put her up? Great idea!
(passes phone to Dan) Dan, Boogie wants to talk to you.
Dan: Hi Boogie. Yeah, I can help make that happen. Do you think she will buy it?

Frank and Dan: YES!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!


I don’t think there is a chance that Ian will use his veto on Dan or Danielle because he has been told numerous times that Britney would go up, and that’s the person he trusts the most right now.

Janelle's worn out lip

I think Ian hates Joe more than he likes Britney. Also, if Frank pretends he doesn’t know that Ian is the mole and tells Ian he knows there is a mole in the house and he just figured out it is Joe, Ian will be freaked out and want Joe out.

Ian’s fear of discovery, his emotions and his recently out of control ego (believing he is the ultimate sinister villain) will get him to use it to get Joe up.

Ian believes everything Frank tells him because Ian thinks he has one over on Frank and Frank trusts him.

The nice thing is that Ian has to use his first, so if he opts not to, there is still plan B which is Jenn using hers.


Now that would be smart…I hope they don’t think of it though. I like Brit and Shane.


I could care less who goes home this week as long as it isnt Dan! I believe Dr Will once said “I don’t care who goes home as long as its not me” and thats what Dan lives by


If Dan pulls this off he may Surpass Dr Will. Damn the 24 hour punishment was his best option he came up w/ this plan if he pulls it off, my vote is for Frank then Dan


For all the people who think some past winners were better then Dr. Will. Just understand. Will did all the same things Dan and Evil Dick did, he was just a rare personality who mastered his style both ways. Dan keeps the target off of himself by never winning comps and worked quiet deals. Will did this, but it wasn’t the only part of his game, Will threw EVERY comp he was ever in. Evil Dick made people hate him so much that the had to take him to the finals. Will AND Boogie both have done this. Dan is a good player, but all Dan did was take one (yeah just one) of Dr. Wills strategy and used it to win. No matter what anyone says, Will paved the way. Many players try to use his strategy, Most of them can’t pull it off. Dan and Dick could, which is why they have won. So before you talk about how awesome Dan is remember, no one can beat the original.


It would be awesome for Dr Will to come back and play w/ Dan and Evil Dick. But I don’t think we will ever see that but if so they should increase the prize to 1 million. I will Have to agree w/ you Dr Will was the 1st great prayer of BB and Dan always gives him his props


I absolutely agree! I always hear people say that so and so may be better than Dr. Will. Hell no! The Evil Dr. had so many great strategies and he utilized them all at the same time. I haven’t seen anyone do that. I bow to the master!!


PowerHouse Rules

Nicole N.

I am so happy with Dan getting off the block hopefully. Tho I agree it’s not Danielle’s best move and could end her game. She has to count on Shane(who seems to not really know the game and Joe(a known backstabber) tho I think Joe might vote with Dan and Frank because he goes where the power is and he is close to Jenn.


Britt obviously has Ian and Shane despite Danielle, who is basically just the new Natalie from BB9 obsessing over Shane, thinking she has Shane’s vote. He’s been with Britt since the beginning, he won’t vote her out. If they play this smart I think Britt can get Joe’s vote if Shane calls in that favor from him or as he called it a “military oath”. Britt can stay, she’s just gotta play it smart.


Simon/Dawg, I know I’m behind on this but I’ve seen conflicting stories:

Is Ian’s veto ball good for two weeks? And if yes, do the others know this? They’re essentially talking about pulling everyone except Ian into their new group (including Shane after Britney is shown the door), but that doesn’t really make sense if they’re just going to have to turn around and scumbag someone next week if Ian is safe. Why make an enemy when you don’t have to?


Do you know the specifics of the veto ball? I’ve got the feeds but I’ve only heard from other people the only times Ian has said something just to britney or tried to talk to the live feeders to explain the veto ball the fish appear. Which says to me that production doesn’t want us to know the specifics. BUT I could have just missed something.

So – the veto ceremony is about to start…I guess we will know soon.

Danielle's Rash

What a loser nurse she is….JHC….you can not “pick up” shingles from the house you dip sh!t. It is Herpes Zoster which is a dormant reminant of chicken pox aka varicella zoster in the dorsal root ganglion of nerves. When it activates it follwos the dermatomal distribution of that particular nerve, so where that nerve runs in the body the rash will follow.

I’m sorry but for a nurse to say “Danielle wonders if it might be shingles, she says she is going to flip out if she picked that up in the house.” makes me want to gag…thank God nurses cannot diagnose


The way this has been set up is actually GREAT for Danielle. The quack pack thinks Dan is mad at Danielle, and now that Jenn is taking Dan off the block it looks like Jenn, Dan, and Frank have an alliance. Danielle can easily convince Shane and Ian that she wasn’t a part of it – I mean, her and Jenn appeared close so WTF? So now she can still have Shane and Ian once Britney is gone, but is secretly still in with Dan, Frank, and Jenn. I can’t think of one person who would put up Danielle next week. Except maybe Joe? The person who really gets screwed in all of this in Jenn because it is clear she’s got something going with Dan after she uses the veto.

billy bob

i hope bb riggs something for brit,like they did for frank the taint in the reset,if brit goes then i hope ian goes on a run and takes the dumb ass crew out,ian ftw yo!!!!!!!! lol


bb doesnt care if brit goes home cause she is a floater non factor for their ratings

Chubbz Kanevil

I don’t like Dan as much as I liked him in his season BUT if he is able to pull this off, I see why they say he is one of the Top 3 BB players in history. He was basically one foot out the door and was able to get his alliance out the door…My hats off to Dan, hopefully FRANK “THE TANK” VICIOUS can pull out a epic win if he makes it to the final…


Heck, if Dan pulls this one out, he should get Big Brother’s Best Player award.


I think Dan actually pulled this off and he damn good at this game. Just remember if you get on the show be kind, listen, and when those people who you were kind to and listened to backstab you feed the right people the right information. Dan Is not a mastermind he is just a nice guy who will not let others drag him thru the mud.


Eviction Votes:

Jenn: Brit
Dan: Brit
Shane: Danielle
Ian: Danielle
Joe: Danielle
Danielle goes home!

Why would Joe vote w/Frank? What does he have to offer him
that is any better than the QP can?

After Danielle goes home, Dan has a choice to either stay w/Frank & Jenn
or stay with the QP: Brit, Shane, Ian & (Powerhouse) who works as a mercenary

He will choose the QP who have the numbers and tell them that everything he
did after leaving the isolation room was for the QP, because he knew the
outcome of the votes.

Frank loses Jenn because of her man-crush (Danielle) going home and is left
all alone in the game, not being able to play for HOH the next 2 weeks!

Brilliant on Dan’s part.


Also, here’s why Joe will vote with QP and vote Brit out:

His track record shows that he’s been with the QP,

Frank can’t play for next two HOH’s

Dan hasn’t won anything!

So why does everyone posting here and Frank, Jenn, Danielle
think that Joe will vote for them???

Dan know which way Joe will vote and he doesn’t care, He’ll
be off the block!


See Joe does not know about the QP>>> Thats why and that Ian not him was w/ the QP


Joe doesn’t have to know about the QP!

He’s been voting with it and feeding them
information and will stick with the group because
he knows they have the numbers! He doesn’t have
to know about the name Quack Pack. He is the Odd
member out whether he realizes it or not and uses
them as a “shelter”.


Are you even reading what I wrote??????

What you are saying is exactly what I wrote

yet you say it like you are disagreeing with me.

Retta, thanks for agreeing with me, I forgive you

for misreading my post!


Everyone on this page is wrong about when texting was invented !!!!!!!!!!

Doesn’t anyone realize/remember/recognize that you could text though

beepers ages ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beeper was invented way back in 1949, although its 1st use wasn’t
until 1958 and public use started in 1959!!!!!!!!!!!!

People have been testing with beepers decades before smartphones!!!!!!!

You’re welcome, for the history lesson.

BBKing…signing out…..


testing = Texting


BBKing you are in rare form today lol and o ya thanks for forgiving me lol


I think it would be a mistake to get rid of Britney right now. Hate her or love her, she brings more to the show than Danielle. It would be a great show if Danielle went and Brit stayed. Would love to see Dan’s face then! I would just add more to the show.


stupid britney.. texting was invented in 90’s…

Britney's Cell Phone

Ummm, snowflake, I know you were still a kid 11 years ago, but actually texting did exist. Maybe it was not a common as now, but it did exist