Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I know I did really bad”

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3:08am Tyler and kaycee
They talk about the plan being Haleigh, Sam then JC.
Tyler doesn’t like the confident JC has thinking that he has BRett.
Kaycee agrees notes that JC doesn’t have brett at all.

Tyler – I’m telling you if JC F*ing wins.. He’ll try whatever he can to get two of you up there..
Kaycee doesn’t think JC will win on Thursday.
Tyler about JC ‘He literally thinks he’s control everything”
They agree JC has been on the right side of the vote but it’s them that control everything.
Tyler says JC will be pissed when he finds out about level 6

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POV Competition Results! “I should just go f**k myself! Like why am I even here!”

Bedroom. Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh – f**k dude!! When I sat down I got dizzy. Brett joins them. Brett to Haleigh – you were doing good. Yours was slippery as f**k. I was watching you. Haliegh – I really think they hit me as hard as they could with the pie. The greased up my lane. Just kidding. Brett – she (Sam) was like can you turn the water on again. Haliegh – she’s just a f**king b***h. I stopped talking to her the last 3 days. F**K dude! Angela – you’re fine! You’re going to be okay! Haleigh – I should just go f**k myself!!! Like why am I even here. Kaycee joins them. Brett – I think the technique for that was to start with the biggest balls first.

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“All four of them are working together You, Me and Sam are the odd man out”

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Big Brother Spoilers Fes’ goose is cooked.. Now all we need is Scottie to win the battle back.

Fes is blaming their predicament on Rockstar again saying if she hadn’t given Tyler the POV he would have never sent Scottie home.
Fes says he’s ready to go home now he doesn’t want to go to jury, “I don’t want to sit in jury for 20 days’
H – think of it as a vacation.. STOP we don’t know you are leaving
FEs – one of us is.. I would rather be the one that goes anyways
H – don’t say that ever again
JC – you never really know what will happen
FES brings up his veto performance – I don’t drop balls I DON’T Drop balls..
JC tells Haleigh if she makes top 2 he’ll campaign for her in the jury house.
Haleigh – all four of them are working together you me and Sam are the odd man out
Haleigh asks if Tyler is going to sleep in the HOH all week. JC thinks he will says he told him that after he’s done being a have not he’s moving in up there.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Fes is done! Fes is going home!”

10:35pm Bedroom. Haleigh and Fes. Fes – I dropped so many man! How the f**k did she beat me?! I dropped so many! Haleigh – you did better than I did. Fes – I don’t want to be on the block with you. I just want to go home today. Haleigh – no you don’t. Fes – Yes I do. AHHHhh I’m so mad Haleigh. How the f**k did she beat me! This is so embarassing. Haleigh – why? She’s an athlete too.

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POV Competition Results! “Let those idiots look go look for them. I just going to protect what’s mine. “

5:50pm Bedroom. Tyler asks Brett if he was the one that took all the mattresses? Brett – yeah and all the cushions. Kaycee – so Brett you took all the mattresses and put it in there? Brett – I made a barricade. I literally didn’t even look for any. I just kept barricading mine. Let those idiots look go look for them. I just going to protect what’s mine. (Smart strategy) Haleigh – I am so mad Brett. I literally went to your spot 4 times! That’s such a good idea Brett. You suck!

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POV Competition Results! “Hopefully Tyler is a man of his word. Don’t f**k me Tyler!”

6:46pm HOH room. Rockstar & Fes Rockstar – hopefully Tyler is a man of his word. Fes – what did he say? Rockstar – I said he wouldn’t be up here if I didn’t help him. I didn’t help him on purpose. Don’t f**k me Tyler. Don’t f**k me! He said I won’t. I definitely didn’t throw it, I am just an idiot! I am just a f**King dumba$$! A f**king dumbass. Fes – we’ll figure it out. Worst case scenario he doesn’t use it, you don’t go home. Why would anyone vote you out? They will just throw you on the block next week. Rockstar – I guess. F**King Idiot!

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POV Results! Tyler “She swore she would use it on me & not put him up.”

2:35pm HOH room. Kaycee and Angela. Kaycee – now Scottie has the $5000. Angela – it all would have worked out perfectly. If anything I am mad at myself. I kept this and through away $5000 to keep Tyler safe. Kaycee – it would have happened naturally. Tyler would have taken himself off. And you still had ower to do hat ever you wanted. Now they’ve put so much trust in you, now they probably know its a thing. Angela – no I don’t think so. Kaycee – yes. Brett was like now they know they’re working together. Because he is on the block and he puts so much trust in you.

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Big Brother Power Of Veto Spoilers! “You’re the Veto queen!”

5:42pm When the feeds return – Fes is walking into the bathroom with the veto around his neck. Bay – how are you doing? Fes – I don’t know. Bay – don’t be upset this is a very tough position to be in. Rockstar joins them. Rockstar – best case scenario you tell her (Sam) who you want up. JC joins them. JC – You’re the veto queen! Haleigh joins them. Haliegh – your so smart. I got half of them right and I guessed on one. Fes – where’s my trip to Greece man!

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Power Of Veto Results! “We lay out a strategic plan till the end”

4:30pm Storage room. Brett and Winston. Winston – I say we go up there in the middle of the night just you and me. We ring the door bell and wake him up and have a meeting just us three. And we lay out a strategic plan till the end and I’m talking to the end with this kid. Its the only way he go for it. And I’m talking somehow, some way over the next few days if he’s decided to use the veto on you. He has no one right now. I have it in my back pocket that he lied to the entire alliance that he voted for me. I will shut up and not spread that if you backdoor Kaitlyn. I’m talking about 3am.

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Power Of Veto Results! “You’re not my puppet master. Swaggy go up!”

7:39pm Storage room – Tyler and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – can we have a discussion? Tyler – of course. Kaitlyn – come to my room later. Kaitlyn leaves. JC enters the storage room. JC tells Tyler that when they were waiting for the results Swaggy was behind him and kept saying there is no way you (Tyler) won it. I kept going go Tyler! And he was like WHAT?! He was totally not rooting for you. We will talk more about it later.

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POWer Of Veto Competition Results! “Potty mouth?! For sure my mom is pissed!”

2pm – 6:40pm Paul has the veto around his neck. The veto competition was the BB Comics comp. Paul – Potty mouth?! For sure my mom is pissed!! I feel like you guys cussed way more than me this year. Josh – I am pissed how I f**ked up on Mark’s. Paul – you’re stupid you should have done everything except for Mark and then hit the buzzer, switched it, hit the buzzer one after another. Josh – that’s what I did at the end.

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 10 Summary and Double Eviction Results

At this point Josh is starting to get worried about how Paul is playing, he feels that Paul is making game moves that really only benefits Paul’s game. Josh confronts Xmas about this but she doesn’t buy it, sounds like she thinks she can beat Paul in the final 2.  Xmas and Paul continue to reinforce Josh telling him that Paul playing the middle is best for them all. The tell Josh if Alex wins the HOH Paul can manipulate her to take out Kevin or Raven instead of Josh/Xmas.  Josh is worried that Jason/Alex will be pissed at him when he votes Jason out after telling them he was voting Kevin out. Josh is worried about jury votes, he’s worried about making enemies, and he likes Alex/Jason and doesn’t want to be a dick. 

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