Hisam WON the Power Of Veto! “I think an all Queer alliance would be really cute.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto today if Veto gets played Luke will likely go up.
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)

4:04pm The Feeds come back from being blocked for the POV competition.

Hisam WON the POV
In the bedroom Hisam has the Veto in his hands. The camera switches to another room but the audio picks up Hisam saying Do I relinquish it? Where do I put it? The feeds switch back to Hisam and Cody. Cory and Hisam talk about his family. Hisam says that he doesn’t think his family would watch the show because they weren’t familiar with it.

In the bathroom – Reilly, Jag and Blue.
Blue – he wants to make an alliance with me. Me, Izzy and Hisam. Basically when we were talking about he was like I think an all Queer alliance would be really cute. And as a gay Muslim man its really hard to have representation. Then he was like I want to show America that I could go far. Hisam and Izzy are really sus’d out about Cory. Really, really sus’d out about Cory. With Hisam and Izzy, I think we can take our time. I was just letting you know that this side alliance is going to form and I think its going to be beneficial for us. It sounds like they haven’t really talked game with people in the comic room. I planted the seed. I think it would be really nice for us three, Izzy and Hisam to get together and basically .. and say no we feel weird about Matt and Luke. Basically like .. we got to tip toe. So we will take out time with that. Reilly – I was wondering what he was talking to you about. Like I don’t know if he knows who is in my room right now.

4:20pm HOH room – Jag, Cory and Reilly.
Cory – just a quick word. Hisam just pulled me in and said that it feels really good that I get to help the house and whatever. Reilly – oh he said that to you just now? Cory nods yes. Cory – and he literally said I know the plan is to get out Kirsten and its super sad but I am not going to be like whatever, whatever, whatever… Reilly – okay, then so we’re fine.. Everything is solid. Cory – everything is solid. Reilly – that’s what he was saying before too so that’s good. No one wants to cause a wave. I wanted to take it for myself just because I just wanted to stick it out. Cory – it is probably better this way honestly. Reilly – yeah it would stick a bigger target on my back if I won honestly but I was going to pick him anyways so I can’t be mad. Jag – I think it is idea. The perfect person winning because he’s not in our… Reilly – eight. He is not going to use it, I am fine. If there is a problem next week .. then we deal with it. I am comfortable with the plan sticking with the plan. I am just happy that Kirsten didn’t win it. I was worried if Felicia won it because we never talked about if she won it. Cory – I assume you heard that Blue came up with an alliance name? “Family Style” That is so sweet and warm. Reilly – So good.. that’s what we is, we have to protect each other. Cory leaves.

HOH room – Jag and Reilly.
Reilly – what the f**k is going on. I like that Hisam is cool with whatever but I don’t like that he was trying to talk to Blue about me being in an alliance with Luke and Matt. That scares me that Blue he trusts but doesn’t trust me. Jag – and he doesn’t trust me either. Reilly – he doesn’t? Blue said that he wasn’t even skeptical about you. Jag – it seems like he distrusts you and he doesn’t talk game with me period. Reilly – he only did with me because I am HOH. We’re still final two right?! We haven’t really talked alone. Jag – yes! Reilly – I think that Blue is going to pursue that side alliance with Izzy and Hisam. I think that Hisam was going to try and pull you into it.

Comic bedroom – Izzy and Cirie
Izzy – Blue just pulled me.. Cirie – you know that she is not with them right? Izzy – oh I know. She said I think it is really important for me to build a core. Cirie – You know why because they’re now seeing Hisam b***hes and they ain’t going to win everything. Izzy – she was like I think you, me and Hisam should really talk .. and I really like Jag and bla bla bla. I was just going along with it. I was like for me I am really trying to play slow and steady and stay out of the way. And I also said its good because for me I am not trying to push and for me its best to stay low. Izzy does a dance and says motherf**ka! Cirie – give them some of their own medicine. Izzy – I am thinking for us … our final five… would be us, Jared, Momma Felicia and Hisam. We’ve got comp people, we’ve got pawns, we’ve got shields,

4:45pm HOH room – Reilly and Izzy.

Reilly – Hisam was going to be my choice anyways. I trust him. Izzy – yeah, you’re still good. You’re still thinking keep everything the same right? Reilly – I want everything the same. I want it to be as seamless as possible. I think he is on board. This is exactly what I wanted to happen. I was thinking during the comp, I don’t want Felicia to win and take herself off because I don’t want to put anyone else on because she is already on board with being the pawn. And I of course want her to use it on herself. She doesn’t want to go home and I don’t want her to go home. But we are so set for this week.. Like I am chilling! I want to make sure Hisam is good but we’ve already talked twice. This week is just going to stay as it is.. this week will be simple. Kirsten is leaving. And that right now ..That’s a relief to me. I needed him to win. I just couldn’t risk Kirsten winning. I didn’t want to win and put a bigger target on my back. I started to slow down in it. I think everything happened how it should. I really like Hisam. I trust him a lot. I am feeling solid. Things are good. I’m chilling. Izzy – yeah nice first HOH!

5:10pm Comic room – Jared and Cirie.
Jared – I really don’t want to ride with them. Cirie – why? Jared – truly .. they’re too young and dumb. I always lean on older people. There is a difference. With them I feel like I am dealing with snakes… SNAKES! Cirie – yeah you are. Listen this is the 25th season .. everybody.. Blue is a tiktoker .. everyone is trying to .. .I am telling you that is why they wanted to backdoor me. What would it be for you to take out the survivor legend.. I am hoping that I am wrong boo but I don’t know. I want to talk to Izzy because what rational could they say .. because they wanted to get Luke?! She told Izzy that she (Reilly) threw it. What reason would you throw it? What reason would you have to tell Izzy that you threw it? What would be the reason? To get Luke out? She told me unequivocally that she wanted the noms to stay the same.. so then why did you throw it?! And why would you lie if you didn’t? I believe she did throw it and I believe she was trying to backdoor me. Jared – she is scared of you. Cirie – she better be! Jared – Ma I am telling you .. I swear to god.. I feel like I am on the other side of you. I think that is what is eating at me… making it worse for me. Cirie – dirtbags! Well.. let me take that back because everyone is here to play a game and they’re anxious to make a mark. Jared – it feels like Reilly and Jag really running it right now. Cirie – I know.. they are.. Reilly is running it.. Jared – and Jag is the messenger. Cirie – but they too stupid to know .. I don’t know how they can’t understand that they’re not going to win every HOH and the people that you alienating

5:15pm Reilly and Jag.
Reilly – can I ask you a question? I know Blue trusts Izzy.. do you trust Izzy? Because I will be honest the one person I feel pretty distant with .. and I feel if she were to build an alliance I wouldn’t want to be a part of it. I think she is skeptical of me. I think she looks at me as more of a threat than a competitor… like a partner. Jag – I think Izzy is good with me.. I don’t think I am the closest person with Izzy. I think she is good with me but I can tell that she is closer with others. I don’t know where that side of the house stands. Reilly – that sucks that she is skeptical .. because I did not throw it. I was taking my time and I was at the point where I had 2 pieces left. I wanted to win. I trust you, I trust Blue, I trust Cameron. I trust Matt and I trust Jared. I really trust Jared. Cory I trust. And America. That is who I want to roll with.

5:45pm HOH room – Kirsten and Reilly.
Kirsten – I was thinking the outside and I think that f**ked me. Reilly – I was just talking to Hisam and Jag about the same thing. They are both minorities in this house and they want to represent and like its bigger than the game. They want to represent where they come from and who they are… and a lot of people have this biases out there and not only super hard to be in here .. this is like a pressure cooker. Its that added layer of what the edits are and how people perceive us on the outside. BB cuts the feeds. Kirsten – I understand that you were trying to do what the house wants … that’s why I didn’t take anything personal for me. I was kind of in the dark till now. I really genuinely love everyone.

5:53pm Bedroom – Izzy and Jared
Izzy – Ultimately you’re with us. You’re our number. You vote with us. Jared – oh yeah. Izzy – so even though MeMe, Hisam, Felicia, Red, Bowie.. even though they don’t know that we actually have your number… and now we’re even. We’re going to be good. Jared – Okay I see what you’re saying. Izzy – I didn’t want to tell you before the veto because I didn’t want you to freak out but they were fully going to backdoor moms. Jared – I don’t know if Reilly is feeding you bullsh*t yo. Izzy – she is. Jared – I don’t know if they were going to do that. Izzy – no, she didn’t say that to me. It was just clear in her actions.. and if was not .. the she is not as smart as I thought she was. Jared – here is what I want.. me, you moms.. Izzy – we should be final 3. Jared – we know we’re locked down.

6:13pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy, Cirie and Red.
Izzy – I feel like this was a big win today. I kind of already think that they’re starting to crack. Cirie – I do too. Red – we’ve got our core four. Izzy – I think we have some solid sh*t and a lot of mutual interests in this room and we’re going to be good! Cirie – so you know our reach had already expanded .. with the four.. now becomes six.. and I am working on somebody else who came to me. Red – and to be honest with ya’ll Cam came to me and he is just a homie. Cirie – of course.

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I think because of Izzy and Cirie there will be a tv edit making it seem like there was a backdoor plot


Izzy is saying Reilly told her she threw the Veto competition which is not true.. Izzy is also lying about the plan to backdoor Cirie. I wish there was a way for her to be first one evicted. She is getting on my nerves.

Leopold Stotch

First week is usually the most important when it comes to alliances. Hisam knows he’s not in a core alliance, so I fully expect him to leverage the POV for whatever he thinks he can get. He’s a smart guy, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does and how far it’ll take him.


Hisam is winning all the comps.


And he seems to be onto both Jared and Cory so hopefully he can dodge attacks that may be coming his way

un autre nom

Cirie-noia has reached delta node.
She’s got Izzy and Hisam believing it. now Jared.
why did Reilly throw? a big point in Cirie’s head.
Leave it to someone that I don’t believe ever won an individual comp unless it was thrown to her in 4 seasons of survivor to not understand becoming a bigger target with comp wins.
in bb a woman that wins a comp will be called a comp beast. 2? A threat to be knocked out immediately.

Izzy lied. said Cirie was backdoor. Even Jared called that sus, but backs his mom.

This entire backdoor plot she’s come up with…
it’s laughable.

that said, in any part of the multiverse not controlled by Grod, it should have been the plan.
So what is this? plot device to cause strife and clear 2 side tribe war? oh.

Queen Catia

Maybe there can actually be a backdoor with Reilly pulling down Felicia and putting up Izzy…


Izzy is a loose cannon. I don’t think there was ever a plan to backdoor Cirie.

un autre nom

why is Izzy making up this load of crap?
It certainly fed Cirie’s paranoia.
But why is Izzy doing it….again (not the first fiction she’s spouted as fact)
Her talk with Kirsten yesterday.
the fear reaction.
The worry that she doesn’t have everyone in the boxes she’s assigned them.
So she is actively pulling demonizing tactics so that she can feel safely entrenched in her chosen group, by inventing a scheme, convincing others the scheme is real, and appearing heroic at discovering the scheme she invented.

Fact-checker houseguests would already have her head on a pike. Most of this cast doesn’t exhibit fact checker mentality by casting design so that social manipulators can run roughshod over the game.

un autre nom

Izzy has decided they need to steal Cory from the 8.
Cory knows he’s number 7, wants a parachute.
problem for both of them:
Cirie wants Cory out.
Cory and Hisam truly dislike each other.
Jared pumps Izzy to do it.
Jared feeds Cory’s zeal.
Cirie and Hisham don’t know any of it.

It’s day 4. What could go wrong.
Unless there’s a couple d/r calls that explain this…
this should not go well.

Who has Cory down as the ratfloater this season? maybe.
Who has Izzy burning out by week 4 in a non-Grod production? With hand of Grod, who knows.
Then again, entire house looking at identical mom/son and saying nothing to see here… that’s a problem I think stretches credulity too far past the limit of realism.


this twist with Cirie is interesting. She is playing like it is Survivor. I wonder if the difference in the game strategy will be her ultimate downfall