Michael/Brittany WON the VETO! “Dude he wins every veto he plays in.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine, Turner Taylor is hosting
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

3:01pm – 6:33pm The feeds switch to the kitty cams for the power of veto competition..
The Veto Competition was OTEV
– Brittany got hurt in the comp, medical is coming to see her as she may need stitches.

Bathroom – Alyssa, Kyle, Joe and Turner
Turner talks about how he almost broke his knee cap in the competition. Kyle to Turner – DUDE four vetos! (Michael/Brittany won the veto) Turner – that is insane to think about! Joe – Dude he wins every veto he plays in. Turner – he’s won 60% of the vetos he’s played in… I mean in the comps he’s played in. Kyle – he’s played in 9 comps and he’s won 5 of them. Turner – that is insane.

HOH room – Monte and Michael.
Monte – congratulations! Michael – thank you. We should talk later. Terrance tried to whisper something to me but I didn’t hear what he was saying. I will try to talk to him. I don’t know what it was about. I won’t say anything till I talk to him. It sounded like plan scheme-y thing.

Alyssa tells Michael congratulations! You’ve got all the power this week.

7pm Kitchen – Indy is making salmon for dinner with the help of Kyle, Michael, Alyssa and Jasmine.

In the bedroom – Joe, Brittany and Daniel talk about how everyone got cut up in the competition and how there was a back section to search for clues that most of them didn’t realize.

7:36pm Bedroom – Taylor and Daniel.
Taylor – can I ask you something? Why have I always been such a target for you? Daniel – for me? Taylor – yeah. Daniel – the Paloma situation. I got really close to her in a short amount of time. You’re not a target anymore. Its not even a thought. I’ve told people if you think I am gunning for her.. you’re wrong. And I don’t think people believe me. So you’re not a thought for me…. but in a good way. Taylor – I appreciate that, thank you. Daniel – that was just my loyalty to that girl, you know?! That’s it. This past one was just me wanting to keep Nicole.

7:40pm HOH room – Monte, Joe and Michael.
Monte – Terrance is playing a good game where is socially active and very personable but I think his loyalty has always been with Nicole and Daniel.. even when they tried to vote his a$$ out. Joe – Terrance always tells me this .. my word is my bond. Nicole told him that if her hands weren’t tied she never would have voted against him. He justified the way Nicole threw him out to dry. He said that me and you .. like we basically threw him a bone. Monte – yeah Kyle said that. Nicole convinced him like oh you think they want you. I would have saved you if I could but I had to protect me. Michael – she didn’t even try. Joe – Terrance does not trust me or you (Monte) at all.

7:57pm – 8:11pm Bedroom – Kyle and Daniel.
Daniel – I was thinking of starting with hey dude, we don’t know who you’re with so we’re not here to throw anyone under the bus… but obviously we just don’t want to see the block so either you keep the noms the same or not … so if we don’t touch the block we as Besties we will offer you (Michael) and Brittany for as long as the Besties are in the game you guys will never see the block. If either of us get HOH. Kyle – yeah. Daniel – that is the only thing that I could come up with. I would say see the block as in nominees or backdoor. Kyle – yeah, yeah. Daniel – I don’t know why I am target .. I get that I speak up and say my mind. Is that why I’m a target. I’ve never been after him or Brittany. Kyle – you’re no threat to him and neither am I. Like I just can’t see a logical reason other than maybe because you’re alone .. so no waves. Like you’re not going to piss anyone off but is that the game you want to play. I would pitch it as this is my game plan moving forward that you’re involved with. Next week I am going for HOH, its probably going to be a physical comp… Daniel – he can’t play.. and Brittany is hurt. Kyle – We win HOH.. Daniel – and you guys are safe. You tell us who you want .. like who you think is a target .. that’s who we will go for. Say I’m not a part of anything. I’m a free agent. I am not a threat. Why get rid of a number for you. Like I am ready to rid with you to the end. Be excited, be pumped. Daniel – yeah dude!

HOH Room – Daniel and Michael
Daniel – Us working together and looking out for each other in terms of Besties. I am not saying who to put up or whatever.. Keep them the same or put someone else up… because I don’t have targets and I don’t have allegiances I don’t care. You have two numbers (Kyle & Daniel) who will do what you need to do. Our goal is to not throw anyone under the bus .. we’re not saying put up this person.. leave it the same or whatever. But if you have a goal in mind, I am a free agent. He (Kyle) is down to ride. I know it would be a huge move… like if you kept them the same it would be a mad move…an insane huge move ..especially for week 5. I feel that week 5, 6 and 7 are pivotal weeks for the game. Michael – obviously when the veto came down to me and the three guys… I did not want to have to win but if I don’t I am not going to have a lot of options here. The guys were going to obviously use it. And I know that if they use it, I am going to get a lot of pressure to put you up and I don’t know if that is best for my game at this point and I don’t want to be forced into making a move that I don’t necessarily want to make. So I want you to know that I haven’t made up my mind on anything for this week but I was like I would like to have the option. Daniel – I could be a shield for you moving forward. Like I look at you as like this guy is a killer! You’re killing it and if you have me to shield in like not letting people even think about that.. I am this mad man I guess. Let me be the person that people want to put up. Just another layer of security. I have had no plans of coming after you. Daniel – congratulations! I really respect you. He shakes his hand and leaves.

Dinner time!

9:25pm HOH room – Brittany, Michael and Jasmine.
Jasmine – I am genuinely excited for you. I’ve been excited for you since day one. I am just all about an underdog story. It makes me so excited and happy for you. This definitely changes a lot with you being about to replace or not replace. I don’t know .. you would really have to see what is best for your game. Although I would love to tell you what I would probably do.. Michael – I am open to hearing things. Jasmine – do you think I would change it or keep it the same? Michael – would you keep it the same? Jasmine – I would keep it the same. Not Joseph ..Clearly Joseph hasn’t won anything. He is great but he hasn’t won anything yet. For me Terrance is Terrance, right?! Monte is a beast. He has been HOH, he was up there in the pie fest. This is an opportunity.. and I don’t think it will be often it will come up. Michael – He was HOH last week and I told him I wouldn’t come after him. So it would be hard to .. and I would need to know that there would be house support to do that. Jasmine – I definitely think you would have house support to do that. Joseph wouldn’t vote him out but he is on the block with him so this would be the perfect time to do it. Michael – I definitely have a lot to think about and if I was watching at home what would I be screaming at the tv to do. Jasmine – He already won HOH so you know he is capable. His number one is Joseph. And Monte said it about him. Jasmine leaves.

Michael to Brittany – WE KNEW IT! WE F**KING KNEW IT! Brittany – I am telling you all four of them. All four of them. Michael – yup! How else would she know that all of them would be on board to send Monte home? She wouldn’t! Brittany – I am telling I knew .. that’s why I was so pissed right before veto. Michael – we knew it! Those five .. if they want to pull us over .. we are number 6 and 7. And if one of the Left Overs wins who are the first two people they are going throw under the bus? And they’re going to be like Joseph, Michael took out Monte. Promised he was a pawn and then sent him home. F**K THAT! Brittany – f**k it! Michael – first ones in last ones out.. I do not trust them. Brittany – not at all. Brittany – the pro to getting Daniel out is we know for sure it takes them down a number. And it builds a lot of trust with Monte and them. And we can tell Monte and them you know that little alliance they were floating by you .. they don’t have you. They need to stick with us now. I think its great that Monte, Joseph and Terrance know they need the Left Overs.. that they don’t have anyone else. We need Monte as a shield.

9:40pm Bedroom – Jasmine, Daniel and Terrance.
Jasmine – I told him I would get Monte out. He was like but do you think the house would be on board? If he stays he is going to come for me. I said look Daniel is alone. You have the opportunity to talk to him and get him on your side. She continues to tell them the rest of her conversation with Michael.

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un autre nom

Hey Dawg,
the header has Mike/Britt as noms instead of veto winners.

Dementia Joe

I thought Dawg had some inside information from his Grod connection. 🙂

Vanessa Goodman

I feel like Michael is gonna make a move that he will regret! Don’t break the alliance!!


yeah, if michael keeps the noms the same he all but guarantees he’s everyone’s target next week as a new alliance will surely form that won’t include him.

The Beef

Seems to me Michael has already guaranteed he’s everyone’s target next week by winning every Veto played in that house (except one), even the ones he doesn’t need to win, nor SHOULD he win!

That comp was basically filled with his allies, with the exception of Terrance who was unlikely to win (and even if he did, it meant that both Joe and Monte also won and could use the Veto to remove all 3 of them), and Jasmine, a gimp with absolutely no chance of winning. How in the world does it benefit Michael to win, when all he can do by doing so is paint an even larger target on his back, or decide not to use the Veto, destroy his alliance and become public enemy #1 in the house?

Knowing WHEN to win comps is part of the social game of Big Brother, and Michael is failing miserably at that part of the game. If he decides to blow up the alliance, I believe he’s a week or two too soon in doing so, and runs the risk of bringing total chaos in the house, which might be fun to watch, but may also bring an end to any chance he has of making any run to the end of the game.

Blind Date Escapee

Michael is screwed no matter what he does. He is by far the biggest threat and doesn’t have anyone in his core that will or can protect him. Hope I am wrong.


But I’ll reiterate – which comp would you have had him throw? He was on the block weeks one & three, week two he tried to throw it to Taylor who whiffed & Pooch was on the precipice of winning so it would’ve meant losing Taylor that week if he threw the comp. This HOH if he didn’t win Kyle would’ve but then he goes whole hog on this stupid Cookout 2.0 BS. OR Daniel wins & back doors him.

The ONE comp he could’ve thrown was this POV … BUT – again I think he HAD to win it b/c he already is considered a threat and b/c he won it tonight revealed just how tight the other side is & where they would aim. That IMHO will pay dividends with Joe/Monte who’ll want someone like Michael who is loyal & can save them (and is a bigger threat) in the game.

If he can solidify that bond (I mean Monte is going to owe Michael his game for saving him!) then the Leftovers can agree the next 5 boots are Daniel, Jasmine, Terrance, Ally, and Indy in whatever order (let the HOH pick their target).

Presumably Monte/Joe will be far more inspired to win HOH’s now so that will give Michael time to nurture those bonds as well as (IMHO) the most important guy he needs to pull in which is Turner – that’s who he needs to have at the ready to replace Kyle who proved this week he isn’t a team player & isn’t that great at this game. I still think the Leftovers was just more about Kyle wanting to ensure he had his F3 with him & not quite the brilliance he paints it to be.

The Beef

I would never advocate throwing a Veto when you’re on the block. Saving Taylor week 2 looks great now, but back then nobody knew the Leftovers would end up being formed the following week, so I’m not sure that “hindsight” win is going to end up being so “great” for his own personal game, even though it’s helped it via the Leftovers to this point.

You’re saying there’s information revealed tonight (which was actually last night as I’m typing here – I’m a bit behind on posts, so just catching up and maybe not in the know yet on what you’re talking about) about how tight TOS is & where they would aim, and I get your point about Monte and Joe, but somewhat disagree for a couple of reasons. 1) Those guys are always going to be most loyal to each other – not Michael, and given the choice I think they pick either Turner or even Kyle over him, push come to shove (Pound). 2) Monte may owe Michael his game, but will he even know that? There’s no way Monte will know he was in serious danger of going home this week had he been left OTB. 3) I don’t think there’s any way the LO’s last for even 3 weeks much less 5, especially given Micheal, Kyle and Brit are already discussing blowing things up, and the damn besties twist, I suspect, will end at jury. If they blow it up, who will target whom? Do you really believe Monte, Joe, Michael, and Brit are going to turn on Kyle and Turner? I don’t see Michael and Brit turning on Taylor but I could be wrong about that. I don’t see Monte and Joe turning on Turner. That leaves Kyle I guess, but that’s really just trimming fat if it’s only one, and aren’t Kyle and Michael pretty tight?

Yes, I know Michael wants to go to Final 3 with 2 women, but that’s basically wishful thinking at this point, because his target is SOOOOO big right now. That’s why I feel strongly he should have just let the guys save themselves, or let Turner save them. He could still take credit for saving them – the whole plan was his idea – it came to fruition and the “right” person went home (either Jasmine or Daniel), so it’s a successful week. It would be a win win for him, but no, he had to go and win another comp and paint another even larger circle or two on his back. I just don’t think it was a smart game move.

The Beef

Okay, after reading more below, I see the information you’re talking about from last night (at least I think I do) and get why you say winning POV helped gather that information. I also think Kyle is in deep sh@t with the alliance, or at least it looks that way, and may be the one voted out if he is put OTB with Daniel (I think I’d vote him out if I were a Leftover, or at least do a number crunch and consider it).


He could also form an alliance that wont include them.


Thankfully it seems like Brittany is the voice of reason here, and they will put Daniel and Kyle up. I was losing my mind at the possibility of Daniel not going this week, although with Kyle’s stupidity this week I wouldn’t mind him going either. Kyle really screwed himself trying to split the Leftovers too soon.


Looks like the people who competed in the POV comp really need hot showers

un autre nom

Here’s the reality:
Michael is screwed.
He’s won 4 out of 5 vetoes and an HOH. I’m not sure if that counts as a record, because he wasn’t chosen to play in the week 4 veto… so did he beat the threepeat record or not?
His partner is now cut up and might need stitches… meaning his pair has a much more difficult shot next week, when he can’t play for HOH.
See why I say he’s screwed regardless?

This house: will any of them say our alliance has to have the comp beast?
do they say as a group gotta eliminate the comp beast?


Michael might be a target during double eviction if my theory as to how the double eviction will happen this season is wrong. Meanwhile, basically the jig is up for Terrence because of people seeing through his schtick

un autre nom

Terrance was already revealed as a rat on Thursday when everyone compared notes.
He’s just dug a bigger grave.


The thing is other than today (and I’ll get to that) I push back on that thinking b/c he was on the block weeks 1 & 3 so he needed to win POV to come down. In week 2 he TRIED to throw the POV to Taylor but she missed & Pooch had like four balls all sitting there waiting to be tapped in & he couldn’t chance him winning bc then Taylor would’ve been evicted.

This last HOH he or Britt had to win b/c Daniel told everyone he would probably put up Monte/Joe to start & if they came down backdoor Michael. As we know that shifted to Michael via back door as his MAIN PLAN>

Plus Kyle/Dan were right behind him in HOH (2nd/3rd) so he felt he had to win to protect himself & Britt.

As for this last POV win – I kind of think in hindsight – he DID need to win it. From the sounds of it, the last 4 playing were the trio & Michael (so Jasmine/Britt/Turner out). He wanted to win to have control & to be fair – having the power allowed him to get the intel he needed to drive a wedge between Joe/Monte & their others as well as put an end to Kyle’s BS Cookout 2.0.

Essentially, if any other scenario happened NONE of tonight occurs b/c Joe/Monte/Turner would all have removed the guys from the block & NONE of these conversations of whose really aligned are revealed.

For what it’s worth – it’s NOT ideal but I feel he didn’t have much choice & YES it increases his target exponentially. The trick will be convincing Monte/Joe of how important it is for them to stick together to ensure they aren’t picked off. AND as they get closer to F7 he needs to reveal to them how all of the mess of today started b/c of Kyle wanting to create an alliance with the other side of the house & he was the reason Jasmine/Ally/Dan all felt empowered to push so hard for it to happen!

Actually, Michael might not even have to wait or do the reveal himself b/c Taylor (& Britt) seem to be onto him – social media was floating rumors that Taylor had clocked him on the Cookout 2.0 rumors in the house (not sure if that’s real or someone assuming but sure sounds like she caught onto him big time). Britt & Taylor were already not feeling his obvious shrinking from going OTB while Britt has sat listening to him pitch alliances that Michael & her could join always questioning Taylor. He would spout names that work BEST for HIS game only and used “MY” & “ME” throughout those pitches/chats. In contrast, all of the Taylor convos with Mike/Britt are what works for “US”

Also of note: the record for POV wins in a season is 5. Janelle (BB7), Daniele Briones (BB8), Paul (BB19) & Kaycee (BB20) but they did it in a season & Michael has almost tied them pre-jury!


There is a theory floating on Twitter that Zingbot could possibly visit next week

Dementia Joe

Love Zingbot!


its overrated and not funny most times, but a BB stable… so what can we do.

Roll Tide

Zing used to be very funny. The houseguest were not offended, they thought it was funny, some were upset but very few. Then came the “woke” stuff. Zing lost a lot of his Zingers.


Geesh – Brittany may need stitches, Turner almost broke his knee cap.

The comps have been bad this year – but it sounds like the plexiglass on the OTEV ramp had rough edges on it that were cutting everyone up or hurting them (like Turner).

I know the hamsters’ sign waivers but man – they need to be careful b/c someone could’ve gotten seriously hurt by the sounds of things.

It's me

That comp where Jasmine twisted her ankle, I am surprised no one else hurt themselves.

un autre nom

I’m still trying to figure out how she sprained her ankle on a crash mat.

un autre nom

I’m guessing they didn’t do the mat velcro seaming correctly then?
Either that or didn’t layer well enough around the under wiring.


I think the OTEV competitions have varied in where the difficulty is (when the finding of items has been more difficult the incline hasn’t been steep and vice versa)


It sounds like Britt got cut going into one of the areas to get her name (she made it sound like there was all these very sharp jagged edges under the liquid – I think she might have even said razors- YIKES). Turner dislocated his knee which I’m assuming was on the ramp but maybe also on the course.

Regardless, the crew putting together these comps needs to be better (more careful) I know they changed the main person doing the games but was he also like the supervisor to make sure they were safe? Or maybe it’s a new crew? (cost-cutting?) I don’t know but they need to clean up their act b/c although they signed waivers if the comps aren’t up to a certain standard there is probably a legal loophole.

Let’s Play Fair

Why on earth would anyone want Daniel in jury? He is emotional, irrational and just plain petty. He would never vote for a member of the Leftovers to win! Better to get him out now and to avoid the jury poisoning that he would have done!

It's me

Michael wants him to stay until jury. Nicole told Dan before she left, don’t let Monte win.

The Beef

Nicole is a vindictive bitch. Don’t know how she thinks Daniel is going to keep any particular person from winning when he’s not exactly a cinch himself to make jury, and even if he does, nobody likes or is likely to listen to him.

un autre nom

I’m just repeating this:
the quality of comps this year has gone WAY down hill.
They cut but didn’t shape the plexiglass.
Gotta tell you… that’s beyond a rookie mistake.
That’s liability level error. Just saying.

Otev feels early this season. 4 evictees? Don’t they usually need 5 evictees as answers to the questions?

So how did LA-Z-BOY come in second if there wasn’t some bullshit going on? Did he sabotage his team mates? Or are Monte and Joe just showmuscle? It happens. Some gymbots don’t have actual physical ability, just big muscles.

Turner twisted his knee. (dislocated, had to be reset).
Britt cut her knee. Vetical cut on a joint? I’m trying to remember, i may be wrong, but isn’t vertical more likely to reopen?
Jasmine… I’m sure she’ll find some way to appear more injured than everyone. Surprised she hasn’t yelled whiplash… get me a motorized scooter and a neckbrace yet.

Terrance whispered to Michael during the comp. Michael has hinted to Monte and Joe that Terrance was whispering. They figure it’s Terrance trying to cause trouble or friction between Michael and Joe/Monte so one of them goes this week, and He and Daniel are safe (I added Daniel there, it’s coming). Is it possible that Michael is trying to raise Joe and Monte’s ire at Terrance hoping they will offer to stay on the block? A possible theory. NOT GOING TO WORK… but a possible theory for why Michael would spill.

Everyone complains about the nastiness of the shower. It’s week 5 and only 2 people have cleaned the shower this season. Maybe quitcherbitchin and clean the thing.

Nic denied the existence of OldSkool to Monte. He confronted her with it because she named everyone in Oldskool as people she was loyal to, but denied the alliance. We knew this happened from Julie’s exit q/a with Nic, we just have perspective now.

Joe. Being Joe. Has included Alyssa in the Daniel / Terrance plot… while excluding Indy and Jasmine. Soooo obviously lying that i’m surprised his nose didn’t grow. Dude….
Monte thinks the OLDSKOOL was formed for a woman to win the season (the oldskool was formed JUST to get Ameerah to want to quit POS by getting her out of Monte’s mist). WEEK ONE MONTE is back… i’ve been missing his game related misogyny (sarcasm)
Week one Kyle is back.
Week one Joe…. he’s coming. when he arrives twitter is going to be in tears.

Daniel and Kyle want to offer Britt and Michael safety next week if they don’t use the veto.
Not an alliance, a week of safety but only if Daniel or Kyle win HOH. Kyle wants D/K to talk to Britt and Michael separately and then together. Kyle saying push an alliance with Turner and Alyssa to Michael. Daniel adds Terrance. Kyle’s face… oh. um. Daniel didn’t get the BBQ memo? Don’t push that to Britt, push it to Michael one on one. Kyle now realizes Britt will offer resistance.
Terrance has been pushing the get Monte talk to Taylor while Britt is sitting right there.
Britt’s going to tell.
And she told… as well as told them that Alyssa and Kyle are saying Britt has called Monte/Joe/Indy/Jasmine as an alliance (roughly… it was phonetag he said she said he said she said that I’m trying to brass tack). She also told them Terrrance cornered her before veto saying not to use it and target MONTE.
Taylor has hinted to Joe that she’s got to talk to him about things she just heard.

Daniel is pushing the Kyle plan to Michael. OH I’ll never target you… EVER. Neither will Kyle. Let’s get together with Turner and Alyssa.. oh i love those guys. Kyle loves those guys. Daniel (6’3″) never wanted to target Britt and Michael, he wants the musclebros out. (i know, it sounds ridic because Daniel has always backed down from targeting a musclebro himself, instead saying get rid of Michael and Britt and Taylor and Indy or Jasmine or Turner… anyone BUT a musclebro). Ope. now Terrance is in the alliance proposal with Alyssa and Turner. The constant reference to Kyle? oh. this… okay… if Michael buys this…. this is…. wow. train full of puppies runs off tracks rolls down hill through an old growth forest, hits an orphanage and explodes bad imo. If Michael buys this HE REALLY wants to be evicted next week.
Daniel is making it SO obvious that Kyle coached him on what to say…. it’s… remarkable.
Kyle…. come get your boy Daniel… he’s got the clown nose out again.

THE JIG IS UP. Michael / Britt / Monte / Joe agree Terrance is trying to get Michael to not use veto so that MONTE will be house target. They think Dan/Terr/Aly/Jas/Indy are united and trying to trick Michael into aiming at Monte.
THERE IS A PLAN AFOOT: Michael is greenlit to say he isn’t sure if he’s using the veto in order to get dirt from the other houseguests.
HOWEVER: what happens?

un autre nom

Britt with security has been a better reader than I expected. She’s hiccupped a couple of times… but mostly she’s doing a lot better than Michael was yesterday.
She’s so clocked Kyle.
She’s even told him she clocked him without directly saying it.
“I thought you said you and Alyssa don’t talk game.”
Downplay Alyssa’s involvement? Oops too late.

The entire BBQ united nations alliance idea that Kyle brought to Michael: DOA now that Jasmine is spilling the get Monte plot.

Monte… he didn’t stay at the dinner table long now that he realizes all his parachutes want to give him an anvil when he jumps out of the plane.
Joe… he’s back to kissyfacing Taylor? Oh I guess learning baby (what he keeps calling Indy) will go with the flow no matter who the current turns against isn’t a turn on?

Let’s just remember: house stray cat Turner hasn’t been told he’s being included in the proposed anti-scaryaggressivethosepeople alliance yet.

Jasmine ran to Daniel and Terrance to tell them the (trap) plan. Joseph caught them.
Jasmine has gathered Alyssa and Indy in to tell them how hard their gurl worked. the (trap) plan is in play. They celebrate.
Oh.. the FOUTTE of it all is just… It’s like someone cloned Fessie four times and threw in a piece of furniture.

Turner has now got the Michael / Britt download. What happens if Kyle still tries to pull Turner into the alliance? Damn… if Kyle didn’t read the room after his talk with Britt? ooh boy. She even warned him Terrance is trying to push not to use the veto.
Britt: ripped open knee. Jasmine: refuses to move over on the couch because she had to elevate her ankle. Oh that’s gonna leave a mark.
They just joked that Jasmine is probably telling everyone ‘i got them to do my dirty work.”
The hilarity of that? Jasmine said exactly that… to Alyssa and Kyle.
Let’s just roll back the tapes a bit: Michael never once said to Jasmine that he was going to leave noms the same. This is Taylor called me fat alllll over again. She projected what she wanted to hear as fact and she’ll die on that hill.
Kyle…. okay he’s… is crazyeyes a good description? When he hears that Jasmine pushed the get Monte plan to Michael he facecracks. My suggestion: Get that tail between your legs and run back to the Alliance screaming all for one, leftover solidarity! Ol buddy ol pal i love you guys… all of you… lets group hug!!!
Kyle better pivot and pivot fast. Nobody is going to buy his alliance theory if they’re all out to get each other. Let me put it this way: Kyle is Hayleigh jumping up and down with Level 6 right now. If he suggests a trap question for Indy and Alyssa… you know he’s warning Alyssa right? He suggested a trap question 2 minutes after i typed that. Michael salts the wound: I wonder if Alyssa would vote you out to keep Daniel?
Even now… Kyle is asking if they’re still taking out Daniel or going for Jasmine. Keep pivoting Kyle. Pivot is your only friend right now. piv-ot.

This alliance is still going to implode. By Tuesday or Wednesday. Just saying. How could they work together better? Here is the ground rules a large alliance needs to follow:

  • betray the alliance? You lose every alliance member jury vote.
  • targeting. the HOH alliance member chooses which non alliance goes. No argument, just support and do it. see rule one when it’s time to evict.
  • no alliance member throws any comps. Just do your best every time.

Was the Monte plan viable until the veto? Hell yeah.
Is the Monte plan viable now? Hell no.
Is Kyle going to have to hope the D/R tells everyone to forget the BBQ alliance? Hell yeah.
It worked for Oldskool.

With all the ammo Kyle gave Daniel… does Daniel know how to play big brother well enough to use it?
Will Kyle be able to pivot them all the way to Jasmine?
Will someone tell me why the hell Jasmine is leaving PooPoo messages? Is she having IBS trouble again?


I hope Evil Elvis spills all of KKKyle’s secrets before he is evicted this Thursday.

Like I said, KKKyle’s messy gameplay since getting with Alyssa has guaranteed him to become Juror # 1, 2, or 3 unless he (and or a serious ride or die ally) wins some competitions soon.

I hope they don’t though. He deserves to sit in jury thinking about what he did. Maybe get educated there…

We all know the minute his little girlfriend comes to jury (if she isn’t there before he gets there) what all his time will be devoted towards… I do hope there is at least a week or two between their evictions just because.