Michael WON the VETO AGAIN! “BB F**KING COMICS! **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

2:39pm – 8:50pmBig Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power Of Veto competition.

Michael WON the VETO!!

– It was the BB Comics veto competition.

The house guests are in the kitchen talking about the veto competition. Monte – it took a while to get the order right. Turner – how many zip line trips did you have to do? Terrance – sh*t I did a lot! Michael – I did 8 or 9. Alyssa – 9 or 10. Taylor – I felt like it was 6 max for me. Michael – I did half of each row. Taylor – I thought I had it! It took forever. Michael – it was really hot. Monte – The ice Fest was awesome! Alyssa – I had a lot of fun, that was awesome.

9:02pm HOH room – Michael alone.
Michael – BB F**KING COMICS!

9:15pm Kitchen – Brittany and Terrance.
Terrance – it could happen still. Brittany – you never know. Terrance – I need three and I am working. If I could sway Monte and maybe Taylor .. who knows. I don’t know. Brittany – if it sways, I would be right there. But Michael saved me so many times I don’t feel right now that I don’t think I could actively go against what he says and that is me just being completely honest. But if it sways, I would be the first because I tried to test that today. Terrance – its fine. Brittany – there are a lot of days.

Bedroom – Monte and Turner.
Monte – he (Michael) won again as expected. Turner – yeah. Monte – I was telling Taylor that I hope that competition where they throw the balls at you and they splash is next week. If it is next week, I am locked in! Turner – oh yeah, I believe that. The fact that noms this week are the same is f**king amazing. Monte – yeah, we’re golden. The plan shall proceed. T said in the kitchen, you know I’m going to be campaigning. I just hope it doesn’t get foul between him and Alyssa. Turner – I don’t think there is a chance he would stay.

9:35pm – 9:50pm Kitchen Table. The house guests are sitting around chatting about the veto.

10pm – 12am The house guests are eating and chatting about past events of the season and other random life stories and things.

2:00 am Turner, Michael, Brittany
Talking about what the hardest competition has been thus far. Brittany says the wall was.

3:07 am Brittany and Alyssa
Brittany says one person in the house will win 750K
Alyssa – it almost seems unreal
Britt – what would you do?
Alyssa – I would probably retire my mom.. She’s worked her ass off to help me and support me. She’s the hardest working woman ever I love her.
Alyssa – I would donate a lot to my local animal shelter that one that has the really cute dog.
Alyssa – I would invest in real estate so that I can continue saving money for myself so I can travel and just kinda start some business maybe in the fitness industry. Help maybe postpartum women. so something like that..

Alyssa – what about you?
Brittany – if we can’t have kids naturally we would adopt or do IBF .. that get really expensive. It’s like 40K minimum. Then we would catch up on retirement. We’re behind where we should be in our young 30’s for retirement. Set some aside for schooling of our eventual kids and maybe take a vacation.. Oh and buy more furniture for our house. Right now we have a slot of bare rooms.
Brittany wants to start a business “something to do with guided meditations… I like that” (Cringe)

4:24 am Morning shoutouts…
During the shoutouts they are supposed to say what their favorite super hearo is.. Turner says he doesn’t really like super hero movies. When Taylor gets up to do hers the feeds cut.. When we’re back Terrance is doing his shoutouts.

Terrance – my favorite super hero is wolverine cause even when you’re hurt you can regenerate and get back up.
Monte about to start and the feeds cut. When we’re back. Terrance says his favorite super hero is Batman because he’s built up a lot of skills and doesn’t have any powers.
Terrance – batman is a more respectful super hero cause all he has is a bunch of gadgets

5:00 am – 6:00 am Brittany and Turner
Britt – tomorrow go through everyone that is left and pretend you are final 2 with them and see where you would think the remaining jury votes would fall and who you would have a shot against with the final jury’s I am curious to hear you remaining in this house you think you can sit next to and win.
Turner – who do you think you can sit next to?
Britt – very few people
Turner – you did a good social game..
Britt – a lot of my game is tied to a certain someone. That will be impossible to overcome.
Britt – I was thinking ohh my god if I sit next to Taylor.. she has this amazing story how can I combat that. Monte has played the cleanest most loyal game you could imagine and if Alyssa makes it all of her friends are in jury and she survived while not being a leftover.
Britt – Michael has won all the competitions and Terrance is gone this week..
Turner says he feels he has a good chance to win HOH next week but if he doesn’t he thinks it will be Alyssa going up with him. “Hopefully not but I know I am the one non BroChella person here”
Turner says it would be crazy turn of events if the two of them made it to the end.
Brittany says he can take the shot she can’t take.
Turner – your two best friends in the house are the people that can win most easily..
Turner – people can win against Alyssa.. Everyone has to be honest at the end of the game.
Brittany says it never crossed Michael’s mind once to put Turner up (No matter how many times Brittany hinted he should)

They start talking about Alyssa going this week and how that might be better because it leaves a Clear target Terrance in the house for another week.
Turner – She on the block now I don’t think someone will put her up again. People love Alyssa.
Britt – it might be a little to late for Alyssa to go.. if we have a double on Thursday people will be more apt.. you know it happened so fast.. I don’t think you get easy targets out on doubles.
Turner – Yeah..
They agree nobody in the house will win against Michael. Britt feels bad even talking about this because she’s been so close to him.
Turner – outside of this house we will still be friends but do you want to make a friend move that costs you 750K dollars.
Turner mentions Terrance would be good in the final two “People don’t like him in jury”
Britt – I can see leftovers getting pissed if either of us went to the end with Terrance. That’s like a BID-D. I want the final 2 chairs to be leftovers.

Turner says Monte, Taylor and Michael won’t be taking him to the final 3.
Turner says outside during Dyre fest Alyssa tried to make a final 2 with him and she made a final 2 with Kyle.
Turner – she tried to make a final 4 in here. She was like me, you and Kyle Final 3.
Britt – she’s trying to make a final 2 with me.

Turner asks what would be the argument they could make to get Alyssa out this week other than “it’s good for our game’
Britt – I think she’s Thrown out Monte’s name. I think Taylor’s mind is set I think Michael’s mind is set. Who wants to get Michael mad?
Turner – no one because he’ll just win the veto and you’re screwed.
Britt – I want you to know. You staying here is good for my game.

Turner asks if Monte has anything outside the leftovers.
Britt – he’s close to Taylor.. I don’t know

Turner – If I am going to far tell me to f** off. What if me, you, Taylor and Monte? that in and of itself is a good group that takes a few threats away and keeps two people paired with other people. I think that if people are being honest with themselves that is a realistic group of four that can help each others game and not be a automatic threat to one another.

Britt – that group would depend on you and I winning more for that to work.
Turner – I do have the combined total of their HOH’s. Granted it’s only two
Britt – you would be fourth on that list from a Monte and Taylor perspective.
Turner says that would give them 4 lefts overs and allow them to take out “the winner of the game we’re all paying with now”
Britt thinks it will shake out like that anyways “Whoever gets the opportunity to take out Michael.. if they didn’t take it they would lose”
Turner – Next week Michael can’t compete
Britt – it all comes down to that veto
Turner – as long as we’re all on the same page after the veto meeting this week I think that’s a great group. Let me know if you are uncomfortable with that I would be totally respectful of that.
Britt – I think I just want to be careful.. you have to separate this isn’t a friend competition.

Britt says Taylor “Holds grudges”
Turner – like crazy

6:20 am zzzzzz
9:37 am Zzzzz

10:44 am Lights on in the house. Monte and Terrance are up.

11:13 am Feeds on fire

11:52 am Britt and Michael
Britt – I had a very interesting conversation with Turner last night.
Britt – I get the sense he’s trying to feel me out like Monte was trying to feel me out I don’t underestimate that they still might be working together
Michael – same.. what did he say?
Britt – he wanted to check with me that he’s not the backdoor target.
She goes over parts of the conversation with Turner. Like him suggesting Alyssa goes this week.
Britt – Turner thinks he has Monte.
Britt – Monte is loyal until an opportunity comes up
Britt says nobody knows why she’s actually in the game and how much it means to her to get to the end. (autism?)
Michael wants to have conversations with Monte and Turner to gage if they believe them. “if you can try to talk to Taylor ONe on One
Britt – I got the feeling.. he’s (Turner) in tighter with Monte

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Empty victory. The Emperor stands alone, without his clothes.


I think it’s great! I can’t wait for the double eviction Thursday – this will be a fight to the finish. Turner, Monte, Taylor and Michael are physical threats. Taylor, Michael, Brittany, and maybe Turner mental comp threats too. Like Alyssa said, outside of “Bowlerina” she’s got no shot, so maybe she’s a final 3 goat.


Yes someone will want a goat float.


I agree with you – another victory for the Comp King – is great!

The others don’t come close to his skill, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to pull off another one on Thursday and the second eviction may well be in the cards for him Thursday.


Why is it an empty victory? He’s worked harder than anyone in the house all summer and clearly he has more skill than anyone, even if he doesn’t win.


Bc he’s deflating. Whether we agree on interpretation of events, fact is he’s realizing now he may lose bc of the decisions he made about the Kyle info.

It’s not so fun and fulfilling to be the veto King when you have that sinking feeling, esp as a super fan, that you look like the villain and may actually lose despise the actual better portions of your game play.


If Kyle had gone far because he threw his entire alliance under the bus and got Joe evicted instead of himself, would he have felt deflated, or would he just consider it the game of BB?


YES! Many of us would still feel that way because you can’t unring a bell anymore than we can unsee and not hear what we’ve witnessed as viewers of the show happen between Kyle, Micheal, and Brittany. Instead of enjoying the gameplay of Micheal, we would still be wanting them to vote Kyle out for his comments and knowing he would eventually turn on the LO’s to save Alyssa. We would still be upset Michael and Brittany didn’t share the information which led to Joe being voted out. Also, the majority of people don’t like watching predictability. Where’s the fun on that when you already know who’s likely to win? That’s no different than an alliance taking over the house week after week. I think, Micheal or Brit goes during double.


Also, Rachel was a super beotch the entire summer. Nasty nasty girl. People who come on BB know they’re playing a game and walk in the shoes of what BB is and was, or they wouldn’t apply! They know exactly what BB is!

I don’t see how Michael can win at this point because, really, how many comps can he possibly win?? Thursday could do him in. Plus Terrance the Blob will do him in in jury.

its BB.

Verdella W Fisher

As it was in the house, I don’t think anyone is influenced by Terrance, Showtime, King of Dis and Dat.


I can’t disagree that Michael is now worried. But I don’t at all see him a villain. He’s treated every HG with respect, let’s face it even those of whom he’s far more intelligent. Look how rotten winner Rachel treated many of the HG (of Rachel and Brenden), none of this from Michael.


I agree. I don’t see him as a villain but as a fan of the show, and an excellent player, instead of being remembered and talked about for that, he will forever be linked to Kyle and Kyle’s comments instead of how great of a game he played. So villain no, but I’d rather be remembered as a villain of the game who played well, than linked to someone for comments they made.


Wait, I was with you about Michael and all, but where did the random Rachel hate came from and how does it relates to anything here lol? I don’t follow sm much so I’m not really aware of everything post game but to me she’s one of the most fun winners the show ever had entertainment wise.


You’ve been posting a lot on this it’s clear you are anti-Michael based on those copious posts. I asked this question prior but perhaps you missed it so I’ll try asking again…

Every hamster in the house other than Taylor either HAS or IS currently using the reveal as game strategy.

  • MB are obvious given they held onto the information & only used it after Michael won POV to ensure MONTE didn’t go OTB & they could maintain their Brochella F4
  • Video evidence proves Ally was presented with the same Kyle rhetoric & WORSE as he made other disparaging comments to her specifically about Monte, Taylor & Joseph.
  • Turner brokered safety this week & used the reveal to make a new F2
  • Terrance tried to keep Kyle in order for him “to grow” an odd comment given Kyle was so distraught that going to jury was the best for his mental health at that point – so keeping Kyle was ONLY to help Terrance bc that would mean HIS SIDE held the majority (After Party) & Monte would’ve left bc Kyle/Ally/Michael/Britt would’ve evicted him over Taylor.
  • AND both Monte/Terrance are using the reveal with intentions of poisoning the jury to not vote for either Michael or Britt.

Soooo, my question to you is if you feel the messengers should be punished more than the person who created the message than shouldn’t everyone else who continues to use the reveal for game ALSO be ineligible to win? Meaning ONLY Taylor deserves to win if I align with your rational on this subject.

Can you please comment this time. Thanks.


Well said.


My thoughts exactly!


Your argument would be great had they sat on the revelation of the information and waited to save their game like Micheal and Brittany did. As for Alyssa, like Turner, Kyle said the same thing to him, but I honestly don’t think they were thinking along racial lines or a divide. When you’re no in that same frame of mind, you wouldn’t think that way. Even Brittany, I don’t think she originally caught on, until she said something to Kyle about it. When she mentioned to Micheal the implications of what Kyle was saying, it was only then he admitted to knowing what Kyle meant from the beginning. Turner, was offered safety to get rid of Kyle for Micheal. He didn’t want to “nominate” Kyle. For his final two, it was always a final four with the pound. It just so happens only Monte is left so him “using the reveal” to make a final two, seems the same as his original final four to me. Terrence admitted he was wrong in wanting to save Kyle over Taylor. As a kid who grew up in the church with a father who’s a Deacon, he also admitted to his upbringing as being the reason for wanting to help Kyle and at that point it was no longer about game. Which is evident to him giving up after he was nominated by Micheal. It’s only after Brittany told him to fight because she want Turner out that he decided to have some hope. As for Micheal and Terrance wanting to “poison the jury”, they have a point. It’s not always about who plays the best game comp wise. It’s about who you want representing your season as the winner. Because what Kyle said was deemed as “racial/racism” and they say on that information for three weeks. (A week and a half prior to DE week and week and half after DE week) as POC who will be the majority in the jury (if both Micheal and Brittany are sitting in final two), I don’t think it will take much “poisoning” as they think about who they want representing their season as a winner.” You can’t compare how someone “reacts” to information someone “gives” them or “withhold” from them. It’s called reaping what you sow. Had Micheal and Britt not sat on the information then we’d have a different different discussion but Monte Terrence and Taylor were the ones offended as POC and I don’t think we ever get to tell them, how to feel, think, or act when faced with racial topics.


Way over thinkink this….they have taken the same info and twisted it to fit their own needs i guarantee you the one that wins 750000 dollars will not speak about the so called racicm in the house funny how none of the white people complained about being discriminated against last season and which was another reason it garnered one of the shows lowest numbers no one was interested.


AGAIN, you’re mistaking what they’re doing! IT IS ONE THING TO WITHHOLD INFORMATION FOR GAME! Players have done it since season ONE and WILL do it in the future! What is DIFFERENT is that NO ONE HAS EVER HELD RACIALLY SENSITIVE INFORMATION FOR GAME PLAY! YES, there has been people in the game making racial comments, BUT they did so to peoples faces! YOU can TRY and justify it all you want, BUT NO ONE in that house did what Micheal and Brittany did! NO ONE “HELD RACIALLY SENSITIVE INFORMATION ABOUT ANOTHER HOUSEGUEST FOR GAMEPLAY” like Micheal and Brittany! IT IS A GAME! They can withhold information if they want, BUT what Kyle said and what THEY withheld, was “PERSONAL” and LIFE EXPERIENCES” of other houseguests! Now, you tell me HOW is that SIMILAR?


As for last season, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU GOOGLE SOME OF THE PLAYERS COMMENTS AFTER THE SHOW! THREE OF THEM DEFINITELY COMPLAINED ABOUT IT! AND. IF. YOU. THINK. AFTER. 22 SEASONS. ITS. OK. TO. HAVE. NEVER. HAVE. A. POC. WIN. ISN’T. VIEWED. AS. RACIAL. YOU. ARE. LIVING. UNDER. A. ROCK! It NEVER should have taken that long! For the first time in OVER two decades THEY finally had a cast that had more than TWO POC! So NO I don’t view last year as racial! Had a POC win within the first 22 seasons, there would be NO need for them to band together to ASSURE ONE win! Furthermore, THEY ALL GAVE UP THEIR GAME TO MAKE SURE ONE POC OF COLOR WON! They weren’t fighting for themselves! They were collectively fighting!


There HAVE been other POC winners. More recently, Kaycee Clark, Josh Martinez. They just weren’t the RIGHT color? Is that what you are saying?


Excuse me, bit wasn’t Kasey a POC? She won against Tyler.


I respect your opinion but admit we see it differently. I feel everyone but Taylor has used the reveal as a game strategy.

As for Terrance & his father being a deacon – where was that influence while he said “a ho on a stroll” about Taylor or laughed when Nicole said Taylor was flaunting her p*ssy all over the backyard, or numerous other nasty things he said about her? A day ago, he & Monte were discussing how Taylor is being treated like a stray dog by Michael & Britt who made their F3 way back in week 3 & had been working with her since the first week of the season. And this was based on the fact Taylor wasn’t willing to shaft MB in order to give up her game so Monte can win & Terrance can move deeper in the game.

This man also has at least one daughter so I find his reasoning to be convenient when the narrative suits him. If he hadn’t been so nasty to Taylor (& toward some of the other women with his comments) I’d be more open to buying that argument. But again, I respect your opinion on the matter, we just see it very differently.


I was just thinking about this yesterday. Especially where Terrance is concerned. He’s doing the same thing he’s accusing m/b of.


And exactly “how” is it the same? People are conflating “using something for game” AS MANY PLAYERS BEFORE THEM HAVE DONE AND MANY AFTER WILL DO with “WITHHOLDING” information on a SENSITIVE TOPIC TO BENEFIT YOUR GAME. They are TWO different things! Stop lumping the two actions together. They ARE very different! Terrence neither the others (Monte, Turner, Alyssa, or Taylor) are withholding information on a sensitive topic about other houseguests to benefit THEIR game. What’s hard to understand about that?!



Has Monte admitted to Taylor that he spent four hours putting a target on her back in week one to be the re-nom (two full hours before waking up Paloma to even ask if it was true)? Has he told her how he insisted no one tell her why she was going on the block b/c she didn’t deserve to know & they could tell her in her goodbye message why she was being ostracized?

Has Terrance told Taylor all the nasty slut-shaming things he said about her – inferring she’s a ‘different type of black woman – not a sister’?

The reason Taylor was bullied & ostracized were a combination of the mean girls jealousy but make no mistake what Monte did was what truly lit the fire in the house & the things Terrance said & kept planting kept that vitriol burning with the other women.

You can believe what Terrance & Monte are doing is pure & they had/have no intention to use it to benefit their game versus what Michael & Britt did is entirely different – that’s your opinion & rightfully yours to have.

I respectfully disagree.

Paul Sucks

I like how you state Turner “brokered” a week of safety when others would say that Michael hijacked his HOH.

Turner’s choice was put Kyle on the block because he is racist and I’ll throw you a free week because it is the right thing to do or be labeled a racist too. That is hardly brokering a deal.


100% agree.


I see you put quite a lot of time into your post analyses.

I see you read my posts and felt irked at my points.

So now you want to gain some satisfaction by engaging me in a debate you feel certain you would win.

The very conclusion you start with is incorrect. That I feel the messenger should be punished more than the perpetrator.

If you look carefully at my posts, I analyze based on context and psychology of behavior.

All your conclusions about others using the reveal for game play, are inaccurate and superficial.

I know you’ll see it as avoidant but I genuinely don’t have the time to go through that type of deep analysis explanation on each of those HGs.

I will say you are taking a linear approach with a lot of logical fallacies.

Think lateral. That is where the truth lies.

I stand very confident on my assessment of M’s flaws and unscrupulousness.

If that disturbs you, so be it.

If you want to believe you won an assumed debate bc I won’t engage.
So be it.

I wish you the best.


I never once attacked you or used criticism to describe your thought process. Nor was I condescending by calling your thinking superficial.

I also didn’t presume to be looking to engage in a battle or want to win anything. We simply see the situation differently so I was genuinely asking a question b/c I like to learn why people feel the way they do and potentially grow from seeing a different perspective.


Changed my mind on commenting. Michael saying “bye Kyle” in the pantry was enough for me. Hope he and B get the boot.


Perfectly said.
•also Turner was well aware of all the comments Kyle said about the POC, he approached Turner with the same information but went even further with it. This was during Turners HOH. Turner may pretend he didn’t know but he was fully aware.

Daniel Sucks

He doesn’t look like the villain to a lot of people. As for homophobes, he was always going to look like the villain to you… er, I mean them!


You look stupid.I have 2 gay children who could teach you a thing or two.

Step off.

Daniel Sucks

What are your children going to teach me? I was queer probably before they were born. So you step off.


Weaponing social harms to benefit your own arguments for lack of substantive logic.

Are you LGBTI?

You sure are not an ally.

Shame on you.

Daniel Sucks

Yes I am. Shame on YOU


Because in the “Woke Hierarchy” gays clearly come in below people of color. Better to be a homophobe then a racist.


TWO different topics! Micheal WAS not AND IS not being treated indifferently by ANYONE in the house due to his sexuality. It’s BEST to be NEITHER! “Homophobic and Racism” are ONE in the same…discrimination/racist..both are built out of HATE! As for your comment “gays clearly come in below POC”, ? what happens if you’re both, Gay and a POC? Lastly, just because you’re LGBTQ or a POC doesn’t exclude you from being racist or discriminatory they’re not excluded just as white people aren’t the only ones racist or discriminating against people.


So what do you call it when all the guys came together at the beginning of the season forming an alliance without micheal (LGBT) & Terrance (older)?

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Michael won. ooooh SHOCKER!

The Kats Meow

He didn’t need clothes this week lol, all he needed was that HOH key and that veto necklace! Maybe it’s time for those other lazy bums to try and actually win something! Michael even beat them in the cookie contest. The only one who bothers to take the game seriously, besides Michael, is Turner god love him. Sandly he really doesn’t have the strong will that Michael does.


You defeating your own argument. First you say Micheal is the only one who takes the game serious. Then you say the others are “lazy.” If they’re “lazy” and “ it taking the game serious” doesn’t that mean Micheal isn’t working “hard” to win? ?

The Kats Meow

I didn’t say Michael was the only one taking the game seriously lol. I mentioned Michael while referring to Turner. Calling the others lazy bums, was another way to say lazy a**es because their legitimately more worried about their social media fame, laying around looking pretty, or being couch potatoes. If they came to take the Big Brother Game seriously, they would know more about the comps to have a legit chance of winning them, instead of just complaining when someone else does. They don’t even strategically play well. Other than Michael and on occasion Turner, the rest of them play the HOH and Veto games looking like deer in headlights. I don’t care if you played hard or not, But let’s not get it confused, I care about actually seeing houseguests actually PLAY.


AND AGAIN, if THEY are lazy, Micheal doesn’t have to “work hard” to win! The other houseguests ARE playing! They’re just not as good as him! They’re not intentionally losing! If that was the case, why try to get Micheal out?


Michael is Amazing!!

I’m waiting for the pathetic Terrance the Blob to start whining about it again. Blah blah blah.

Michael has a tough choice now…I would LOVE not to have to look at Dumbo Terrance’s face, but is that really the right move for Michael?


No, it’s not the right move for him, but it’s the smart move for him. Everyone accept Taylor and Brittany are gunning for him anyway. Unless one of the two of them win, he or Brittany are going to be nominated. I’m not even sure I trust Alyssa at this point to not put them up.


Brittany, the leech who has sucked Michael’s blood to the marrow all game, is gunning for Michael. She is encouraging everyone left to take him out.


I get that but they’re not wanting to take him out now. They have this crazy notion of taking him out at final three which is crazy. They should try to get him out now.


Read above, Brit is also gunning, hoping the others can make the hit against him.

I love when the favorite to win does not have that undyingly foolish loyalty from his number 2.

If they can get to Taylor for an aligned goal to get M out, there is some chance he won’t be able to beast every single HOH and veto to F3.


They’re not wanting him out to final three which is crazy. That’s my point. They do not want him out before then…again which is crazy.


Another boring week of the Michael show. He will probably backdoor Turner. Hope Michael gets evicted on the double.


Very possible


I certainly hope he doesn’t get evicted but if I were betting the odds, I’d say he probably will. The chances of him slipping up on Thursday, given all the pressure he’s under, are fairly high.


So Michael can’t win the next HOH Thurs; let’s say Turner does, puts up Michael and Brit. Then Michael can win the quick Veto, right? Michael comes off the block and Taylor goes up. Then they vote out, well, Alyssa could control which woman goes to jury – she’d send Taylor out, wouldn’t she?


Interesting scenario, and yes, I think Alyssa would send out Taylor.

Paul Sucks

If Alyssa is smart she targets Britney and no becomes the new ultimate second seat while chopping a certain number for Michael.

Daniel Sucks

If Alyssa is smart? Bahahaha!

Daniel Sucks

Based on what? Has he slipped up under pressure before?


I find he performs best under pressure – which is why I think he’s more likely than not to get through Thursday.

Consider his opponents…

Monte was OTB in week 5 & week 7 and while he wasn’t necessarily in danger he did know in the latter if Jasmine had won POV he’d be gone. Still, he lost both POV comps and was out before Jasmine so he hasn’t shown the ability to raise his comp prowess when under pressure. He wanted to win HOH badly in week 8 & this week but failed in both.

Turner was OTB in week 8 & lost the POV albeit we heard the wind was a factor but it was worst for Joseph & Kyle & he wasn’t even in the mix & had no idea Terrance was going to save him. His two wins came in week 3 (when most of them threw that comp to get their desired Festie Bestie) & week 8 when he should’ve thrown bc he was safe with literally everyone & Michael wasn’t competing. Granted, Turner has been close to Michael (in the slip & slide) & the double but still lost to him & again I wonder with the pressure ramped up if he’ll be as strong.

Of the four times Taylor was OTB twice she started there and lost both those POVs while Britt has 3 POV wins – one with Michael, one he won on his own (OTEV) & one Michael threw.

Michael on the other hand seems to perform best under pressure winning four POVs (week 1, 3, 8, & 9) when he needed them to get off the block or not to be the post-POV nom. The two he won that wasn’t absolutely necessary were week 2 (but he wanted that to protect Taylor) & OTEV.

Of the nine HOHs played to date he lost two (weeks 1 & 4) one was by chance (finding an envelope) & the other was the first HOH which he said he lost to Daniel but I have a feeling he threw bc most super fans don’t want to win the first HOH. Another two he threw (weeks 2 & 3) mixed with two he couldn’t play in (weeks 6 & 8) because he’d won the week prior (weeks 5, 7 & 9) and those three were all weeks he needed to win bc he knew Daniel was gunning for him with him/Britt as the only team w/o a non-Leftover on it, then the double & this past week knowing everyone was gunning for him.

I think of it like the best NBA players – some are amazing in season putting up great performances but disappear in the playoffs when the odds are raised & the season is on the line.

Michael has the ‘it’ factor & although the odds seem stacked against him I just have this feeling he’ll rise to the occasion when it matters most. I will say I worried about TPTB screwing him over in an individually timed comp but now that he’s tied Janelle & they likely want this season to be remembered for something other than what happened last week letting him play to his potential & having him set a new record hopefully deters them from any funny business.

His POV wins are the most impressive because he’s played in seven & the only one he lost he threw to Brittany.


It wouldn’t be the Michael show if any of the other HG had any skills. What a bunch of losers and floats this summer.


Yes, why does it seem that no one else can WIN anything without it being handed to them? C’mon Monte! C’mon Taylor! I used to like Turner, enjoyed his mugging to the camera, he grew on me and….. then he was too influenced by Kyle and anyone else who got into his head. So, I’m back to rooting for Michael or Taylor.


I hope so. Bye Monte or turner.


I don’t see him getting evicted during DE. However I do see Brittany getting evicted which will make Micheal’s game so much better. He’s dragging her to final two. I’d like to see him not only win competitions but compete/strategize with someone else. It would be interesting to see how he moves and who he aligns with (if anyone) moving forward. I think we’ll get to see another side/version of him without Brittany.

un autre nom

Monte keeps talking about the ball comp that I honestly ONLY remember being a part of Season 20. An individual timed comp. veto players have to catch balls while other stuff is thrown at them. It was a specialized comp for the football player and the soccer player. I honestly don’t remember it being a thing since then….

Much more likely?
Booth comp for HOH. 7 questions. Quick veto comp that can be done in 6 minutes. They haven’t done ballpit in a few years, and might not if production remembers that Michael watched the hack video for that comp. I GREATLY doubt they do what the bleep again as the veto like they did in 23’s double.


He said bowlerina and It’s been a comp for a few seasons. It was played last season as well.


I think Alyssa was the one who said bowlerina. Monte was talking about the ball comp that Kaycee won.


Oh ok. I heard him say the spinning one because he’s good at bowling to Taylor. The boy spinning one with the word “bowl” is bowlerina. I thought that’s what he meant.


I hope Taylor now realizes if she wins the DE she needs to target M. F3 is useless when you have a solid M/B F2 with a comp beast. She needs to see that at this point, she’s going to lose no matter what unless she takes a shot by putting up M and B NOW.

If M does win veto and Taylor is then his target, so be it. It would at least be beneficial to weaken M by taking out B.

M also has good reason to go after Turner, and to not trust Monte.

So Taylor going after him would just be one more adversary in the mix.

He would not necessarily have any control over the final vote for his noms if he won the week after DE.

He puts Taylor and Turner on the block. If noms stay the same, who do Monte and Alyssa keep? There is also the possibility Monte wins veto, takes down one of the 2 and puts up Alyssa, who is then evicted. Some options for Taylor’s survival that week.

If Taylor were to instead take out Alyssa, or Turner.

Then M would next target Turner, or if he’s already gone, then Monte. Time to take that shot.

That leaves Taylor alone the next week with either Alyssa, who has no ability to take out M. Or, best case, Turner or Monte, which would then be a 2:2 against M/B.

What are the odds of one of those combos getting M out in the F4? If Taylor and either Turner or M?nte won HOH, then M won veto, he uses it and keeps Brit. M/B in F3, good luck with that.

I feel her odds are so slim if they don’t use every opportunity from this DE to get out at least one of M/B, that it’s practically impossible.

They need to band together, rally up Alyssa with them to target M going forward.

Alternately, if M can’t go out then he may as well go to F2 with Alyssa and lose, if somewhere in there Brit does get taken out. I need to get my jollies somehow bc I am so done with M.

Actually, there’s a good chance he’d lose against any of the remaining HGs except Brit.

Please, please, anyone put them up next week and at least take out Brit. As long as Brit does not win the DE HOH, if the rest of them can get on the same page.


Do you really think that worthless Taylor has a chance of winning HOH? She burned out weeks ago.


She’s won more HOH’s than Alyssa or Brittany.


I was so happy Taylor won HOH a few weeks ago, but her reign was chaotic, messy, and disappointing. I hope if she wins again, she’ll get her head in the game and not be so flip-floppy. Jury management is one thing, driving your alliance crazy is another.


My brain hurts

Tom the Canuck

I couldn’t read all that verbiage.


There are remedial classes available for that.

Daniel Sucks

Don’t bother, not worth your effort.


If Michael wins veto next week (or Brittany wins HoH ((LOL Yeah right!))) the game is over. He won’t lose again.

Donna w

Hope Michael makes a smart move and takes out Monte! The perfect move to take out the strongest! With monte gone his only competitor would be turner, then Taylor and Alyssa Brittany and take Torrance to the finale. He would win over being a beats on competition and being a good player.


Please tell me why Monte is such a threat? Each week I hear “You should take out Monte!”He’s won ONE competition the entire season. Even Terrance has won more than him. He may be a part of many conversations but he never makes any of the final decisions. Like at this point… Just say you don’t like Monte. But to paint a narrative that he is a threat is straight BULL.


Be cause he’s black, why else? LOL


It’s not only about comp wins. It’s about jury management. Everyone has admitted Monte has socialized with everyone in jury. Micheal hasn’t (Indy, Joe, and Jasmine). When Terrence goes, that’s four. All he needs is one more. I wouldn’t take that chance either unless I’m Taylor. She’s the only one at this point that would guarantee beat him.

Game fan

Indy and jas LOVE Michael . A lot more than monte.


I don’t think they “love” him. They didn’t work with him enough to love him. I think they like him and know he’s a comp beast who’s played the game well. I just don’t believe they will vote for him in the end after all that’s went down. We can agree to disagree.


IMO.. Monte only wins if he is sitting next to Brittany because many (confirmed in after eviction interviews) do not like her gameplay. Everyone else he loses to hands down. That’s not a threat.


You’re speaking of “exit interviews” when they haven’t had time to compare notes with others about what actually happened or happened since they left. I think he wins against turner and Terrance also (even though Terrence will likely go home this week). Alyssa is a toss up in my opinion if he goes against her. I don’t see Micheal and Brittany voting for her in the end as fans of the game and I don’t think she will get Taylor, or Joe’s vote. Terrence and Jasmine I’m not sure about once Jasmine finds out Alyssa wants as loyal to her as she was to Alyssa. Again, I could be wrong but everyone in the house will beat Brittany. Everyone else is a toss up accept Taylor.


Yeah.. I’m actually speaking on exit interviews from sequester. If you take a look on YouTube you will see quite a few ex BB players talk with the players from the jury house days after their eviction. Check them out. It gives a good insight of convos being had inside the Jury house. And it gives a good insight of their current viewpoints.

Tom the Canuck

Lots of muscles and he is holding back to look like less of a threat.


I did think that originally. But week after week in playing HOH’s you can tell he is trying. I don’t see someone throwing it (Think Joseph threw a few) But Monte..He is not good at those comps. The only talent I have seen from him is being on the right side of the vote. Just my thoughts


Michael still sucks!!!


If you liked him you’d think his winning ways and strategy was total awesomeness. That’s quite fine we all can think what we want. But, and here’s a big ‘but’, Michael obviously doesn’t suck — he’s one of those rare BB houseguest. He. Is. Good.
My take on Britt: just your garden variety hanger on-er to Michael’s coat tails; she doesn’t possess an original thought. She’s big on “yeah” and “Un huh”.


Agree 100%. I’m going during DE she’s voted out because I would love to see his game/strategy without her. I also think it’s best for him moving forward. He will always risk being nominated with her and having to fight. Without her, he can move week to week trying to only save himself and not worry about the both of them.

un autre nom

What should be happening tomorrow?
Michael should reveal the pound name and Turner and Monte’s final 2 to Taylor and Britt.
Since Taylor has brought up getting rid of Turner to Monte at least twice, I think knowing about the final 2 cements her.
I actually don’t know why Michael is sitting on the information. Because Terrance will come after him. Newsflash: Nine comp wins. Who is easier to beat in vetoes coming up?

It likely won’t. Because Michael is still fearing confrontation. That’s his Achilles Heel.

Sounds like comics had:
Jasmine and muffins in her comic.
ALyssa was Mali-ssa????
Britt was a flea riding on Michael’s back.
Paloma was excluded as a DOR.
Turner didn’t like his? Looked dirty? As in unclean not as in censored.


Time for another house meeting! Bring out the pound info in front of everyone. Let them squirm. Monte is still playing both sides of the house. Make him talk in front of the group. Terrance may out some good info then. Or he will go to jury knowing they are all playing a dirty game.


Monte has been doing no more than Micheal and Brittany (playing both sides). He just lasted longer. Terrence won’t out Monte. Neither would Turner. Besides, if Micheal is smart, and we all know he is, he’s safer keeping that information. Everyone already want him out. If they can’t get him, they’re going after Brittany. He can’t complain about someone having a final two, when everyone knows he has one with Brittany. He’d be stupid to think others don’t have a final two. Besides, what’s best for him? Getting rid of Turner or Terrence? Both can win. Only difference is, one has said and admitted to coming after him. I see no difference here as to which one is a threat to his game.


Michael is a public defender, he hardly fears confrontation which is something he has dealt with all his legal career. He makes everybody look like they’re standing still (except for Turner, he’s done well).


I swear to my Higher Power this is such a Production rigged game. If a player is able to be this good @ every damn comp, it’s now a boring-ass, grinning M/B (B/M b/c that’s what I feel like doing) fuckfest of smiles & covering their asses from HGs. Mike deserves jury duty, every citizen shows up or should, it is Civic Duty. He doesn’t deserve 1st or 2nd due to manipulation. From himself and other forces. He was cool, until he just wasn’t. Can’t add to the $ that CBS gets from Paramount+/TV, never could do that. Just gonna check in to see if mike is still a part of this BS season. … this one man show is a joke.


Michael is really a competition monster. It may be hard for BB to design later quiz, cause he has won almost 80% of all the competitions.


Like him or loathe him, he’s a comp beast. Well done.


Why does everyone reference Monte as this “strong player?” He hasn’t won shi—! Yes he’s kind, talks some game, but he’s also a floater.

The Kats Meow

Dang another win! How fantastic is that?! Players like Michael are so few and far between, but I love to see it. I personally love cutthroat players who beast things to save their own asses. I don’t always like how they play, but I appreciate the fact that they do PLAY. Instead of those interested in their social media fame, summer romances, or being couch potatoes/seat warmers being bitter Betties. I hope he wins the whole damn game too. I legitimately see him figuring out a way to get thru the DE. In the HOH that he can’t play, he’s got a great chance of being able to play the veto and winning it to save himself. It’s a game and sometimes it’s rough but that’s okay with me. I love the years where it’s like that. I love to see people who bust their a**es win. One final note… How about all those other houseguests who complain about how much he wins, start actually taking the game seriously. I.e. freaking win something instead of whining

un autre nom

That veto feedblock took so long that Kyle and Alyssa could have had sex over a thousand times during that feedblock… and still had time for a nap.
Instead… Indy is asking Kyle if he’s ever heard of Google. Jasmine is asking if the house got chicken wings…. and did he bring her any and she’s more upset about not having chicken wings. Joseph is annoyed but his expectations regarding Kyle were already pretty low. A bit weaksauce… but I’m sure Kyle read the script notes production gave him and remembered to tear at all the right times for the show edit clip. Insert three shock face emojis for the other jurors… well 2 and Indy. What. Joseph heard the wall yellers just like Terrance (despite the show saying nobody heard nothing).


Do we know about what the wall yellers DID say? CBS claims nothing, but did some go through?

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

if he goes in the double I will be loving life.


Michael just broke Janelle’s record of most vetoes won in a single season. He may not take the check home, but he does have that…

And Dumbo Terrance holds the record of all around loser and poor sport.

I Spy

Good. Take out Turner’s conniving ass.


That is the smartest move if you take emotion out of the game.

He is very reluctant to do it though which is dumb. He should just get Terrance to swear on his crockpot p*ssy wife that he’ll spare him for one week (the double that they may or may not suspect is this Thursday).

That along with the face Michael 100% KNOWS that Turner was going to backdoor him last week and was in a final 4 without him (The Pound) that is now down to 2 members so of course it would become a F2 between Turner/Monte should be more than enough reasons why he is bounced the check that he wrote to Turner.

Of course Terrance could still go back on his word but he would need to win HOH during the double and Michael is dumb to think that Terrance has a higher chance of doing that than Turner. Either way everyone but Brittany, and maybe Taylor, are putting him on the block 100% (most scenarios against Brittany) so he should take out the biggest player with a chance to do that which is undoubtedly Turner considering he won two HOHs.

Michael very well could just win his 7th Veto next week but he’s going to regret it so much if Turner wins HOH and gets him out should he finally lose a Veto next week.


I agree with you — but it seems like Michael wants to be able to point to loyalty in his F2 speech. Consider how safe he’s played each of his HOHs (Daniel, Jasmine & now Terrance) each time targeting a non-Leftover.

Sure, he knows about the Pound & he knows it’s likely Monte/Turner has a F2 but my guess is especially now bc of the reveal he wants to say he never turned on the Leftovers except when there was a betrayal.

So I just did a five-parter diving into the POV & upcoming double noting he’s putting all his eggs in Brittany’s basket (Taylor secondarily) to win HOH & has already established she would take the BIG SWING putting up Monte/Turner so they get one of them out (preferably Turner).

He’d then gun for F5 HOH to take out who remains & sit them beside Ally initially. I’ve been trying to figure out why he hasn’t shared the Pound intel or F2 of Turner/Monte with Britt & Taylor & it just occurred to me that perhaps Michael is withholding that so he has an advantage over the ladies via his GBM.

For the sake of argument let’s say Turner leaves in the double & he wins F5 HOH putting up Monte/Ally with the girls voting him out. In his goodbye message, he tells Monte –

“I’ve known since week 4 that I was your primary target at F7 or earlier (in a double). Still, I elected to save you from the block via the OTEV POV, selected you for Brochella to ensure your safety, waited to win the POV in week 8 before exposing Kyle knowing it would save YOU from eviction, & took out Terrance in week 9 and I did all that knowing the Leftovers was a ruse created to protect the Pound & your F4 with Kyle, Joseph & Turner. I knew you were pushing Taylor to target me & yet I never told her or Brittany about the Pound or how you were playing the middle with your F2 Turner. I chose to stay loyal until there was betrayal and in the end, if it had been up to me I would’ve honored the Brochella F4.’

Granted it’s risky, especially this coming week but it sure feels like a very Michael thing to do bc it paints Britt/Taylor as the ones being disloyal & reinforces with Monte just how loyal he was to him.

The Beef

You’re a great writer! Obviously you’re very good with your words, and I respect what you say, your analysis and the thought you put into what you write.

I’ve intentionally not responded here not just to you, but to anybody because of all the hate and vitriol on both sides, but I have been reading since the last live show. I do feel though I have something to say about this post that needs to be said. I’m not trying to make you angry, put you down or anything like that, and it’s a subject I’ve broached with you before, so I’m going to do it again and hope maybe it will open your eyes a little this time.

Above you say…..

“Still, I elected to save you from the block via the OTEV POV, selected you for Brochella to ensure your safety, waited to win the POV in week 8 before exposing Kyle knowing it would save YOU from eviction, & took out Terrance in week 9 and I did all that knowing the Leftovers was a ruse created to protect the Pound & your F4 with Kyle, Joseph & Turner.”

You and I both know Michael did NOT select Monte for Brochella to ensure his safety. He selected him with his final pick so that he had the option to EVICT him that week if he and Brittany chose to do so! The fact is they considered doing it almost through Sunday night, when they decided evicting Jasmine was the thing to do, and after the 4 inside Leftovers had bonded and decided to go after any remaining LO’s from the Dyre Fest group. That was NOT a move born out of loyalty. That was strictly either a GAME move or a move that showed they lacked the courage to make the bigger move (voting out Monte). It’s easy to frame it as a loyalty move now, based on the fact they didn’t make it then, but we all know he in fact TALKED about selecting Monte to have that option, and to twist it now to say he selected him to “ensure your safety” is not only revisionist history, it’s a lie.

As for “exposing Kyle knowing it would save YOU from eviction”, that had absolutely ZERO to do with M&B’s decision to expose the information. Saving Taylor had EVERYTHING to do with it, as she’s the one that is in a final 3 with them. In fact they were hoping that Kyle would go on the block against Taylor (as he did) IF they exposed, and be voted out, and they didn’t really consider who the replacement nominee would be, or if that person would win or lose against Taylor. Monte had already been brought into the AfterParty alliance by that point, and to assume, all things staying the same (meaning NO exposure), that IF he had been the one going up as the replacement nominee that Kyle and Alyssa would summarily just flip and vote him out, is to assume facts that are simply unknown (and another reason why M&B felt they had to disclose the info – to save Taylor). Why would Kyle (and thus Alyssa) do that, when they know Michael is extremely hard to beat in comps, their only hope of winning is to get him out, and Monte is willing to work with them to accomplish that goal, not to mention they absolutely KNOW Taylor is locked into a F3 with M&B? So, the whole assumption that Kyle and Alyssa were going to vote Monte out is total conjecture.

So it seems to me that once again your bias towards your favorite player is showing here. I don’t have a problem with you or anybody having a favorite player and pulling hard for them. I DO have a problem with you and/or anybody else re-writing history, or simply making up facts that either didn’t happen or they thought might have been going to happen, and then giving their favorites credit for those things. Logic is important to me in figuring things out, and while the “soliloquies” you sometimes write for your players to “say” to others are always filled with great lines for “your” guy, don’t you think it’s important for those lines to have a semblance of truth to them, in order to be effective? Maybe not, since this is Big Brother where lying is expected, but since we’re talking to each other here, I think logical facts are more important to the discussion and the facts are Michael did NOT select Monte to Brochella to keep him safe, and he did NOT expose Kyle’s misdeeds to save Monte. He did it to save Taylor and to get rid of Kyle. “Bye Kyle”!

Mike Honcho

Take emotion out of the game and monte should have went at brochella, Taylor should have went last week, and turner goes this week for that stunt last week. However, they have all shown at different times they aren’t seriously just playing the game. They are playing a game of platitudes and semantics.


Go Michael. Go Michael. Go Michael!!
The Veto King strikes again


Sure wish we had feeds in the Jury house now that Kyle is there and Terrance will potentially be joining him. I would love to hear conversations of Terrance trying to poison the jury

un autre nom

It’s a double. that means Terrance doesn’t go alone. his chances of doing anything other than being a piss poor sport nobody listens to? pretty high.


If Turner doesn’t win HOH or VETO, he will probably be joining Terrance

Game fan

Turner can be safe in Alyssa and monte hoh, so i don’t feel like he has to win in order to get f5.


I thought that Turner was next on their agenda, even though it should be Michael, gamewise

Paul Sucks

It is sad that the jury house seems to be more entertaining than the BB house. Double should be interesting and after that the game goes down hill and becomes super predictable.



Penelope Taynt

Much like with his social interactions and gameplay in the BB house, I strongly doubt that the jury members will care much about anything that Terrance has to say.


I sure would like to see if he follows through on his plan though, to attempt to poison the jury


I saw a clip where Terrance said “they” knew this information back when Kyle was on the block with Daniel, why didn’t they say it then. We know they didn’t because leftovers was still good then but I think that is where most of his anger/ hurt feelings is coming from. He is mad his best friend left instead of Kyle who then manipulated him into evicting Joseph. He will be fine in jury once he has time to decompress.


I don’t think that’s where his hurt feelings are coming from. While I agree with you on everything else. Terrence said what hurt the most, “being a black man” and watching Jo (another man of color) spiral and not know why he was spiraling when had he known what Kyle Brittany and Micheal knew, he never would have nominated Jo.” That hurts to know a white person “used” you, a black man, to take out someone based on “race” and not game. To make matters worse, other white people knew and said nothing. It gets no worse than that when it’s no longer about game and you hoped what you live in everyday life wouldn’t take place in the game AND you not only befriended them but thought they befriended you.

The Kats Meow

But you can’t believe anything that comes out of Terrancrs big fat mouth. Mr “I Got You” talks crap and lies about everyone including, that man of color Joseph. That freaking potato has no clean hands in any of this, so his moral high ground is based total BS. He’s mad about being left out of all the alliances. It was only during Dyrefest that he felt like one of the popular crowd, and that hot mess fell apart in three days haha. He’s back to his usual bitter potato seat warmer status.


True, you can’t believe anything he says, but at least he was man enough to OWN his wrongdoing against Joseph! ?where’s Alyssa and turner admission? I mean, they too told LIES about Joseph. Have they mentioned they lied on him as well? NO THEY DID NOT! So spare me about Terrence thinking he’s self righteous. He even apologized to Taylor. ? did Turner and alyssa apologize or even mention they too talked trash about her behind her back? NO THEY DID NOT! AGAIN, UNLESS YOU ARE A POC YOU DO NOT GET TO TELL ANYONE WHO IS HOW TO FEEL OR REACT! AND even if you are, every POC journey and experiences in life ARE different. As for the name calling, I don’t do that! I can agree or disagree with someone about someone without that. Doing so makes YOU NO better than the people/person you’re talking about.

It's me

Michael is a superfan. In the first episode he showed a book with notes on every season with the competitions. On some comps, there are a strategy how to win.


The only way Michael leaves is through a backdoor.

La La La

No more back doors, everyone plays in the Veto.

Don't shoot the messenger

Michael is ruining this season in so many ways!

Game fan

Turner !! Veto still can be used. Don’t say that s** to Brittany ! I sure hope she won’t tell everything to Michael , and start play her own game , but you never know ! Too risky for him.


Michael makes history winning sixth POV: Part 1
With Michael winning POV thoughts shift to whether he’ll consider making a move to strike at Turner or Monte instead of sticking with Terrance as the target. As of now, he WON’T! Can the DR influence this decision? Or would an offer of ONE WEEK of safety influence Michael to switch gears?

While Michael is always open to pushing others to make a big move if we look back at his prior HOH reigns he likes to keep things simple – striking at the Leftovers targets & remaining loyal to his alliance (Daniel, Jasmine & Terrance this time).

While Monte & Turner can spew all they want about the timing of the reveal & plot to taint his jury votes or strike at him at the first opportunity or target Britt if he wins F6 POV there is also a reason why neither man feels vulnerable this week — bc Michael has always demonstrated loyalty. Read that last sentence again — Michael is loyal to a fault!

We can question his choice to target Terrance instead of taking a shot at Turner or Monte which IMHO would be a better move because they are more likely to win a comp than Terrance. But aside from Michael holding onto the Kyle intel until after POV in Week 8, what else about his game can be cited as anything but loyal?

Michael HAS the ammunition to use against Turner & even can pull from his F8 HOH nomination speech to Taylor/Britt citing their F3 with Joseph as proof he wasn’t in their end-game plans. Despite being asked repeatedly if he had a F4 with the men who started the LOs he’s continually denied it – but Ally served up the name (Pound) & offered Monte/Turner as likely having a F2 deal.

It’s somewhat perplexing Michael hasn’t revealed this information to Brittany (or Taylor). Could he be wary of doing so bc they would push for Turner’s oust instead of his desired choice of Terrance? Or could it be bc he doesn’t want either of them to panic going into the double & by not telling them believes they’ll be less stressed? It seems highly illogical he would ignore this information since it aligns with so much of what he already knows.

I suspect he might have another convo today with Terrance and we’ll see if he reveals anything to paint a bigger target on either Turner or Monte. We know Terrance has bombs to drop BUT they are about Monte – – how he is the one pushing him to poison the jury & how he wants Michael/Britt OTB together this week.

It sure seems like Michael intends to have yet another simple HOH to take out his Leftover target & not veer from his safe reigns so we’ll see if one-on-one talks change anything.



Michael holding his cards close to his chest:
If Michael isn’t sharing the Ally spilled intel with his ladies he sure as hell isn’t going to tell Monte/Turner & my guess is it would only be exposed during the double IF one of them wins HOH. Even if he exposed it then it would register as a threat — Michael noting Turner’s F8 HOH speech citing Tay/Britt’s end game didn’t include him while he’s being hypocritical since he’s lied repeatedly about the POUND.

I assume if Monte won Michael would use that moment to tell him everything that was exposed this past week (the Pound, Turner F2, pushing Terrance to poison jury) & tell him he chose to ignore it believing the Brochella 4 deal was real & how Michael has always functioned with loyalty & even his choice to expose Kyle was done at a moment that benefited Monte the most (Kyle wanted Monte renom & evicted).

I’m not sure how deep Michael would get but he could also cite week one Monte & how it was HIM who turned the house against Taylor putting her through being ostracized telling everyone to not speak to her & using their GBM to tell her why she was evicted. Pointing out if he went against the Brochella 4 it would confirm the Leftovers’ anti-bullying mandate was BS & just game strategy to protect the Pound. Then put the finishing touch on his pitch by saying he’ll respect whatever decision Monte makes & know if two of Brochella 4 are OTB then Monte must have already thought this through & have a different F2 speech planned than Michael assumed since loyalty would be off the table under those circumstances.

That might send Monte reeling but I still think he’d put up MB although I’m not sure he’d re-nom Taylor if Michael won POV.

Turner winning HOH on the other hand & his promise to not put up Michael we already know is BS (it’ll be MB), Taylor would be in danger if Michael won POV bc he’d re-nom her over Ally — BUT I think he could get Ally to vote with him to save Britt with a promise of F3 heading into F5 HOH where he would have a great shot of winning.



Nominations likely to stay the same:

We’ll see what shakes out over the next 24 hours but for now, it seems noms will remain the same meaning Michael will be at his most vulnerable on Thursday during the double.

A Brittany HOH is his best bet to be safe with a Taylor HOH presumably second best for him although not guaranteed safety. This is why he may want to rethink telling her about the Pound this week & what Ally told him about the Monte/Turner F2 – my guess is he definitely waits to drop that information – maybe even late Thursday just prior to the show.

The ALLY factor:
Strange things can happen on doubles so an Ally HOH isn’t out of the question where she would have Turner pushing for Michael/Brittany OTB while they will similarly pushed for Monte/Turner OTB. It’s hard to read what her true intentions are but the fact Turner hasn’t told her about his F2 with Monte could factor especially if Michael promises her safety.

I wonder if Michael & Britt will try to make a F3 deal with her this week in an effort to pull her to them in the off chance she wins. Personally, I could envision her putting Monte & Michael or Monte & Taylor OTB. If that happened & Michael won POV I could envision Michael saying if she puts Turner up as the re-nom instead of Britt they wouldn’t hold her actions against her – and THEN vote him out.

Spin doctoring by Michael:

The one other fact we got post-POV is Michael intends to use his POV speech to mitigate Terrance poisoning the jury. Typically, the jury gets to see noms/speeches, vignettes from POV comp & the POV speech so it’s smart on his part since it would show the jury Terrance threatened him prior to eviction.

I suspect his speech would include how he didn’t say anything until Kyle was in the house to offer his side of the story & waited until he won POV so the reveal wasn’t used to keep him off the block or influence re-noms & recognized the person who benefited by the timing was Monte.

Assuming he’ll also point to Terrance using the reveal to try to reposition the game in his favor by trying to flip the house to keep Kyle & evict Taylor as being game strategy!

Ultimately, barring some major push by DR & TPTB (which seems unlikely) Michael won’t use the POV & Terrance will head to jury.

The Canadian girl

First comment here this season. Thank you for the live updates.
Been reading almost all of them and the comments following them.

My comment:

Terrance needs to be gone already. I used to like him. Now not so much. Big whiny baby.

And seriously, can someone tell me why he detest Taylor so much? I mean c’mon what have she done to him for him to be so nasty to her?



Monte pushes Taylor to backstab Michael & Brittany:

Based on recent convos & the look on Taylor’s face when they chat, I think she is simply entertaining Monte but has no desire to take out Michael if she wins. Rather her desire remains to go to F4 with the Brochella four & the only variance I see is possibly the MBT F3 with Ally replacing Monte if worst comes to worst. And I ONLY see that happening if Taylor gets a whiff of Monte/Turner F2 combined with a better feeling that Alyssa wants to take her to F2.

She’s adamantly against taking out Britt if they can’t get Michael feeling her best shot of winning is against Britt & doubled down with Monte saying Michael would be coming for them if they take Britt out! That seemed to unnerve Monte who suddenly realizes any strike against Michael (like taking out Britt) will result in his target growing exponentially at F5.

Taylor also told Monte whoever takes out Michael becomes the biggest target with NO ONE wanting to take that person to F2. Did that register with Monte? Did he receive that information to mean if he took out Michael at F6 he’d have to rely on Turner and him to win all the remaining comps or win out himself?

Monte has been on a rampage to evict Michael since week 3 but after that Taylor chat, I got the distinct impression he won’t try to win F6 HOH & hope Turner does & gets the dirt on his hands (although he’d gun for POV). He can’t afford to have MBT deem him disloyal & hit F5 with two or worst case scenario missing completely & have all three gunning for him to seek revenge.

My best guess for F6 HOH noms is:

Turner: Michael/Britt, Taylor re-nom
Brittany: Turner/Monte, re-nom Ally
Ally: Monte/Michael, re-nom Taylor *although I’m not convinced she’ll put up Michael
Taylor: Turner/Ally (although — I think MB will push her to put up Monte instead of Ally warning Monte could win POV & save Turner & then both would be coming for her the next week).
Monte: Michael/Britt, re-nom Ally

Again, it feels like Monte (& possibly Taylor) will try to throw this HOH believing they are safe in the middle. If true it gives Britt a better shot of winning facing only Turner & Ally who’ll really be gunning for it & favors her if it’s a Q & A comp and it sure feels like time for the before-after comp.

Notably, while MB was so worried about Turner in question comps bc he retold the Better Call Saul TV series with such intricate detail, he stumbled badly this week on timing details of the season. Was he just feigning ignorance or is he that out of step?

What comps should we expect in the double?
My best guess is the HOH/POV includes at least one Q & A comp and the other is either something like the shark maze puzzle Ian won or throwing balls (similar to bocci ball) like the comp Azah won last season. Let’s keep an eye out to see if the HOH is a pre-study comp of picture or video-based that they show them on Wednesday night to keep them up studying. Again that would favor Britt bc she & Michael will know what type of details to study for & how to plant false information.

The Before-After Q&A as an HOH also favors Britt (Michael if it’s POV) while any puzzle or maze comp is partially luck/skill it still favors Michael (or Turner).

Ally has been studying days like crazy but I wonder if in the moment she’ll panic, while Taylor isn’t great on her days as Britt/Michael both noticed recently. Monte I have no clue about bc I haven’t heard him run dates & based on his poor performances in comps especially when the pressure is on I don’t have a ton of belief he’d do well but then again, he’s a super smart guy so perhaps dates/Q & A will be his forte.

What story line will TPTB push now that their preseason golden child is gone?

The other thing to watch for is hints of what TPTB really wants to happen to complete the season storyline. The past show edit sure painted Michael/Britt as the villains while giving Kyle the redemption arc storyline. But will they shift to wanting Michael to stay now that they have a chance for history to be made by him shattering the competition records?

Or will they grasp onto the social media love for Taylor? The problem is Monte who would likely have been paired with her if they took the Taylor route has spent the past few days trashing her again so now social media is back to looking at him like they did in the first week & don’t trust he would protect her.

If it’s the latter scenario TPTB may shift to wanting the trio of Michael/Britt/Taylor to continue & if they want Taylor to win ensure they “help” her at F3 to win either Part 1 or 2 & give her the answers to win Part 3 cutting Michael to take Britt. Hey don’t side-eye me – it happens lol.


Double eviction advantage:

At F6 three players vote so two votes are the majority.

Entering the night the Turner/Ally/Monte trio has the decided advantage of three versus two but again if Monte is throwing that puts a ton of pressure on Turner. He’d still gun to win POV especially if anyone but Britt won HOH & we know no matter who was HOH he’d be pushing for a Michael eviction which I still doubt Britt or Taylor would do.

Again, my gut is telling me Monte will throw this HOH bc he won’t want to show his hand. An HOH win by him would prove to Britt/Taylor he isn’t loyal to them bc he’d be putting up BM which would piss off the trio & would mean he would be their target at F5.

Britt has been ALL OVER the place this week & I wonder if Michael is watching her overplay. Turner suggested a F4 with her, Monte & Taylor which I found interesting bc Britt not only seemed amenable to it she was the one pushing for Michael to be ousted. She is also working Ally hard. We’ll have to watch for what the retells are to Michael on Sunday to find out her true intentions but of all the weeks when she’s had safety this feels like the most she’s been hyper-squirreling. Both Turner & Britt ratted on Ally saying she offered them deals so let’s also watch to see if either goes back to Ally & spills.

I’ve ridden the Michael train since week one and have enjoyed watching him adapt to not being included in the ‘cool kids club’ & being forced to play harder than he wanted. He’s risen to the challenge of being a competition beast & made strong strategic decisions.

Let’s not ignore he had NO CHOICE but to play that way, while Monte sat back cozy & comfy never once being in danger or vulnerable bc his alliance (usually Michael) kept him safe. I’m annoyed with Monte atm, bc he referred to MB using Taylor like a stray dog which really pissed me off. Monte is mad at Taylor & wants her to throw away her F3 with MB — the people who repeatedly HAVE HAD her back in order to help him win the game. Like Ameerah said to him in week 2 – how about you win HOH & stop throwing! Although we now know he wasn’t exactly throwing since he struggles to win.

Therefore, my hope is Brittany wins F6 HOH so that Michael is safe. I’d be thrilled for him to win out setting a new comp record & even be fine with him dragging Britt to F2 bc I expect the social media group will dominate AFP voting & give it to Taylor.

I liked Turner for a long time in this game but haven’t liked how he’s played since Dyre Fest, and I’ve been looking back at the early season and finding reminders of why I initially wasn’t a fan (he along with Monte were the two males who initially went in hard on Taylor with the negative comments).

Anyway, barring some major plot shifts from the DR it’s likely to be a boring few days. I wouldn’t mind a shift to take out Turner or Monte but feel that’s unlikely.


Oh my goodness, you have read my thoughts! I too have picked Micheal from day one! He’s winning cause he has no other choice! I love your entire assessment! I’m sad that Brittney is encouraging others to get him out. I’m done with Brittney. Micheal for the win!


“Taylor holds grudges”. That’s like saying the sky is blue. Does anyone blame her if she holds a grudge against some of these people? I sure don’t. At least Monte apologized to her earlier and then reiterated it unlike Terrence who might have done one of those obvious fake apologies. As far as Michael goes, the only way that I see him going home on DE is if Monte and Brittany are nominated, anyone but Michael and Brittany win the veto comp, and then Monte is taken down replaced by Michael; to me that’s the only scenario that works to that result


If M tries to backdoor Turner based on this lie that Turner demanded safety this week for putting up Kyle.

Who is he likely to take down?

If he takes down Terrance, he risks A going out. Then he’s left with both Turner and Terrance gunning for him.

If he takes down Alyssa, he risks a big target still being on the block against Turner. As no one wants Terrance around anymore, he’s been abrasive and unpredictable.

In either case, M doesn’t have control of that vote outcome.

If the rest of them can band together against M, they could keep Turner. Once he’s gone, the odds of M not beasting the remaining comps, goes down precipitously.

Brit and Turner are saying it’s dangerous to go against M right now, but I hope they can carefully get the house together on this where essentially they have nothing to lose. As M is going to take each of them out no matter what unless they make a concerted effort.

This can be an exciting week on a potential flip. There will be a lot of game play and Turner will be working the house at that point.

It would also be smart for them to take out Alyssa if the noms stay the same, per the logic of the conversation between Brit and Turner just now. Terrance has some shot of winning a comp. I think it also benefits their efforts to get M out when there is a wild card in the game hell bent on destroying M.

It’s hard to read Alyssa right now as she is trying to work on relationships and trust to get M to bring her along. For her own game needs it would not be a terrible strategy to practically assure F3 if she just stays on everyone’s good side. The fact she has nil chance of winning F3 and will be cut by M for sure, is something she may not fully consider. Even if Brit won F3, it would be a hard call on whether Brit has the fortitude to cut M at the very end.

Game fan

Brittany and Alyssa plans for the price .. not even a million dollars would be enough for that.


Dawg, why cringe on the guided meditation business? It’s a nice aspiration to me


Can I just say, enough of back and forth bantering centering around homophobia and racism. Kyle is NOT a racist and NOBODY in the house are homophobic.
Wokeness in America is out of control and it’s forcing people to not see things rationally. Yeah! There has been bulls** said and done. There is every season.
If people want to be petty about “what is said” as perceived to be a racist comment- what about when Clarence said “Big Brother was built for people that look like Alyssa.” Why aren’t people outraged about that if they are concerned about racism of any kind. It’s a two-way street people. Can’t we just enjoy them playing the damn game?


“Turner – If I am going to far tell me to f** off. What if me, you, Taylor and Monte?
Britt – that group would depend on you and I winning more for that to work.”

so its ok for Turner and Brit to have an all white alliance working to get out the black players…*FACEPALM*


If they don’t put Micheal and Britt up together they will win it all Micheal can not play HOH but he will play in the veto and if he and Britt are not on the block together he wins and save both of them again. If they are on the block together he can only save one of them