Brittany wins Veto! “what do you think he’s going to do?” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Monte did not compete in the Power Of Veto apparently he took too long getting ready.

6:13 am Feeds return after being off. Sounds like they did the veto this morning!

6:18 am Turner and Alyssa
Turner – YIKES
Alyssa – what do you think he’s going to do?
Turner – Put Taylor up then it’s me and Brittany that vote. I have no Idea where he will vote but I know where I will. I’m goign to try and figure that out today
Turner – you are not as big of a threat
Alyssa – this sucks..
Turner – I choked that so hard.. I was right there..

6:19 am Brittany and Taylor
Taylor – You had be really scared all week.. you know why
Britt – it’s hard when he left it was like everybody distances themselves from me I don’t know hat to think I feel like I need to talk to everybody
T – Everybody was telling me you were throwing me under the bus
B – why didn’t you bring that to me?
T – The things they were saying where things that only you.. things I told you
B – Like what?
T – like being in the HOH, Taylor was the one getting’s the girls together. Taylor was the one doing this Brittany is saying this
B – You weren’t the one getting the girls together. I wouldn’t say that
Brittany wishes Taylor came to her once she heard it. “Now it’s convenient because I won”
B – it was Alyssa that tried to bring us all together
Brittany says those were all lies “I’ve been working with you since the beginning”
B – I’m not mad I just want to know what was heard..

6:23 am Taylor and Brittany
They being rehashing all the crazy things Brittany has been saying.
Taylor says it was Turner that came to her and said she tried to make a final 2 with Turner because she can beat him.
Brittany denies this “Turner? the person that won three HOH’s.. lets recall who he has put up” (At 5am Sept 3
Taylor – I said to his face how does this make any sense
B – he’s won the most things out of the people here.
T – he told me about the all girls alliance and he said you were the one that told him that the all girls alliance existed.
B – NO Alyssa is going telling Monte..
Taylor adds that turner told her that Brittany is saying because of how chaotic Taylor’s HOH was she doesn’t want to work with her.
B – Are you kidding me? It’s lies.. it’s fine. If you choose to believe them.. I don’t even talk to Turner I don’t even understand why that would be a thing. We all know he is easily influenced and chaotic. Why would anyone think they could tell him anything is beyond me.. (She did say that to Turner)
B – First of all I would never say that second I would never say that to TURNER. He’s put me on the block 3 times.. Every single thing he’s ever said to me has been a lie.. he is a liar.. (ZOMG)
Brittany starts to cry.
T – did you think you were going home this week?
B – I don’t know nobody would talk to me this week
B – what made you believe him?
T – I felt like there was distance between us
Taylor says that Alyssa is telling her that Turner is saying Brittany is throwing her under the bus.
T – you understand why I have been scared
B – nobody is talking to me because everyone is spinning up this bullshit to put a target on me. You know how that feels?
B – then WHY?
B – everyone wanted me to go away but I just won and won’t be going away
B – Turner was targeting you Taylor.. He wanted you out. I don’t understands how something he says holds more weight than what I say.
T – which is why I told Michael after he was told everything and Michael knows we were told the same stuff.
B – So our trust was broken because of one conversations Turner said we had.. Turner has been targeting me the entire game and I haven’t talk to him ever. When do you see Turner and I hang out?

Brittany says if she didn’t win the veto she would never have known this and would have been walking out the door.
T – That’s not true
Brittany continues to deny talking to Turner at 5am says she never stays up that late. She has nothing in Common with Turner. Goes on about their age difference.
Brittany starts crying about losing Michael “he was a good friend he was here when no one else was”

Brittany goes on about Turner lying, “I just assumed that everybody was seeing the utter nonsense that I was seeing I guess that’s not the case because they haven’t been targeted by him like I have been targeted by him.”
Brittany – I am realizing I’m one of the few people that f***ing keep their mouths closed in this house. I’m keeping spam out and not propagating things as lies (That’s classic)

Sounds like Taylor is buying what Brittany is saying.
Taylor – I feel like I am going up.. because you give me these warnings about Monte and Turner working together.
Taylor – I’m scared.. there’s only 5 people
Britt – is there a way we can clear this up. I won’t hold is against you you don’t hold it against me. Done.. Monte is smart. I cannot go home this week.
Britt – who would prevent him from winning things the most?
T – Turner has been talking alot about how Xavier should have taken Kyland to the end and note BIG D
B – why would he be talking a lot like that.. hmm I wonder why
Brittany now talking about Jury management and how important. She says Turner has horrible jury management “He’s playing a Paul game” (More Classic)
B – You can’t pull the shit he is pulling and not expect people to be mad at you
T – I never saw Paul’s seasons
B – I’m taking myself down it’ll be you or Turner. Monte is going to have to show who he’s with
Brittany says if Monte put Taylor up he’s pissing off two Jury votes over putting Turner up.
B – if he puts you up I can’t save you.. If he puts you up he’s saying that us three are done. That would be so illogical.. It would be setting up Turner’s entire game he would have him and Alyssa and Me alone on and Island.
They talk about the HOH next week with Turner gone it would be the two of them against Alyssa.

Taylor asks her if she has any other final twos. Brittany says no.
Brittany – I’ve played a pretty clean game. I’ve kept my mouth shut. I don’t say things unless they are fact checked a strategy attached to them.

(Brittany will likely talk for the next 3 hours 12 hours)

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Ugh!!! ??


Most definitely. I thought that this would be the last week I would have to see those eyes!

orwell the out of work bbad owl

She’s so annoying! She’s Guy Fieri level annoying!!!!


She’s the Zak Bagans of BB. She is 100% attention seeker annoying.

Captain Kirk

LOL….or a couple of more weeks of lying, backstabbing, psycho-babbling, hoeing (is there such a word or behavior?? lol), double-faced “friendships” and “alliances”, watching individuals with disgusting morals and characters , racial tensions and bigotry, etc., etc., etc…..LOL

Game fan

She is probably winning the next hoh as well. Omg. She is f2 i think. 🙁


She is going to be a comp beast to the end and win the game….

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

She has zero self awareness.


Well, that was unexpected. Brittany makes it to F4. She’s like a bad cold that just won’t go away.

It's Dee Dee

Or herpes!!! LOL

Not Jason’s Holly

I will be shocked if Monte puts Taylor on the block. He’s been keeping her safe!
I think it will be Turner and he will be evicted!


Monte has a clear path to $750k if he puts Taylor on the block and she’s evicted. He wins in F2 over Turner, Brit, or Alyssa. The only one who possibly beats him in F2 is Taylor. Monte will be vilified on BB Twitter if he nominates Taylor, and he undoubtedly knows it. But he has to decide if he wants to win $750k or if he wants to placate the social media keyboard warriors.


as before, monte still needs to win next week’s veto or he goes home. keeping turner’s probably safer than keeping taylor though as i think turner is the stronger comp player for that veto and if by miracle turner loses both the hoh and veto, he probably goes home instead of monte which is better odds than if he keeps taylor which equates to monte definitely going home if he doesn’t win veto.

Game fan

I think the opposite. He can’t have it 3 girls v.s himself , when he can’t even win hoh.


Exactly. He has to know that a girl has to go this week or next week it will be him. Taylor had a rough start in the game and many felt sorry for her, but in the past weeks things turned around for her. I think things that transpired have more than made up for her earlier treatment. Given some of the things she has said and done, my sympathy for her has certainly waned. She has been protected long enough. If it ends up being Taylor v. Alyssa, it’s a 50/50 shot at who leaves. Neither one is a particular threat competition or game wise, so whichever leaves I don’t see it affecting the remaining players all that much.


i’d much rather play the f4 veto vs. alyssa than taylor. taylor should be who gets sent out.


Just tuned in. So glad that this is a pie in the face for all those endlessly whining about Brittany. LOL!


yeah, i really hated the initial noms. happy they’ll change. turner/taylor need to go this week. alyssa and brittany are both good options to sit next to in final 2.


*Pulls out clairvoyant boot list from August 19th… yep Alyssa’s 15 minutes of shame is up now “Monte for the win! Boot list: Kyle-Terrance-Alyssa-Taylor-Michael. Final 3 Brit-Monte-Turner – Final 2: Turner/Monte Votes for Monte 6 to 3”


Bye Taylor


we can only hope

Captain Kirk

Now we will get to see back-stabbing, lying, and protectionism at work with Monte being forced to pick between Taylor or Turner to go to the chopping block. Chop, chop, chop.

Monte will likely invoke and modify the TAYLOR DOCTRINE (“i will never nominate a Black female”), and will put up Turner (who should have been kicked out long ago) to “protect” Taylor. At worse,, he won’t vote Taylor out.
Get the connection? Capishe??

Team Taylor

Okay – now I’m nervous for Taylor. I know Brittany would vote to keep her and Turner would vote to keep Alyssa. The final vote would come down to Monte.

But if Turner becomes the renom, they have to take him out now.

Praying for one more miracle for Taylor to stay.


Yes one more miracle for Taylor


Taylor is the only one who has stated that she will prioritize race when making nominations.
She needs to go.


And Taylor is still there. The “has done nothing” of the game


Not Taylor But Alyssa has been the done nothing to this day! Fact.


Oh no Ally has done plenty!!! Ally got 10 seconds with Kyle on her Floaty, she worked on her tan, floated in the pool and was protected by all the guys because she batted her eyes and she twirled her hair and wiggled her butt and all the guys were drooling except for Michael!!! Mikey had to bust his arse to stay in the house cuz his F2 was laying low up until now!!! Fire!!

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all


It's Dee Dee

I would throw my support 100% behind Taylor in final 2! She has been on the bottom for the whole game and managed to still get this far!!!


yeah, joining the dominate alliance week 3 equals being on the bottom whole game. she doesn’t have the underdog story people think.


Brittany winning Veto makes for the most interesting week, so I’m excited to see how it plays out. Even though there have been moments of WTF, for the most part, this has been a great season, simply because one large alliance hasn’t steamrolled their way to the end. While Michael has certainly dominated, he’s never been the leader of a big, aggressive “clique” so unlike season’s past, many weeks we’re truly and sincerely guessing who will be eliminated.

Nicole Lang

OMG with Mike gone, others are stepping up.. how fun!


Monte was not able to play in the veto! Has that ever happened on the show?
He told Turner he is not putting him up, Taylor may be leaving this week!


In BB7 they gave them one minute to get into the backyard – they all made it (video on Twitter – if you want to see them scrambling & Dr. Will DR segment).

Today they gave them two minutes so twice as long but Monte went to the bathroom & was putting in his contacts – Taylor yelled up to him at the 15-second warning but he didn’t make it.


Brittany the “Head On” commercial of Big Brother Live Feeds.
Let this week go fast by goodness Brittany’s voice is tough to bear!

Carlito's Way

I miss Michael’s game play. Sorry but the remaining are bozos. Apparently, Monte was 2 minutes late for wakey wakey and was not permitted to play in Veto comp and Turner choked – said he had 20 seconds to spare to beat Brittany and just choked. C’mon man! Can you imagine Michael not being on time for a comp no matter the time?! He was completely dedicated to the game, thought game 100% of the time, was constantly strategizing. He made the game exciting to watch. Michael was a BB rarity. He was close to legend status. Don’t get all the Michael hate. He was an awesome player. Deserves to be there.


Ha! But according to my predictions, Monte cannot be beat anyway. I think Taylor goes up, Brit votes Alyssa, Turner votes Taylor, and Monte breaks the tie for Taylor. Alyssa goes home. Then Taylor goes at 4. But, why not take Taylor out at 5 right now… Anyway, Turner and Monte for final two…


Agree. Michael’s downfall was his inability to “reel it in”…winning way more than necessary and therefore almost forcing the remaining houseguests to gun for him. He was so caught up in the GAME of Big Brother (breaking records, etc.), that his personal game suffered. I loved watching him as well.


imo his downfall was plotting for other people to take shots at each other instead of taking the shot himself. during his hohs he had the opportunity to take out monte and turner, the two people most responsible for his eviction, and instead he got out jasmine and terrance. his painting the target on kyle also put a huge target on himself as well probably just as much as all his comp wins.


nah fuck him, acted all high and mighty about his “morals” then used it as gameplay. Disgusting. When even the POC grill you about your sleasy race baiting then you get no respect, rightfully so

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Do NOT put Turner on the block. I think Monte is too smart to do something that dumb. But I really hope he doesn’t.


it’s pretty 50/50 on what is monte’s best play. he has to win veto next week or he’s probably gone. odds are high turner wins hoh if he stays. i think i’d like my chances best against the women


Monte not playing in the Veto sounds suspicious! Makes no sense!!!


Pants on FIRE! Everybody all week.


Simon, you must have been rolling around laughing at how Brittany was denying things and claiming that clawing that she “keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t propagate lies”. Also, as someone who liked Paul more than others, there’s no way that Brittany saying that Turner is playing Paul’s game is accurate. If she is in one of the Final 2 chairs Brittany is going to get one hell of a roasting

It's Dee Dee

Honestly, I want Monte or Turner to win the whole thing! Biggest, boldest moves during their HOHs and still played with a lot of honor, integrity, and morality!


yeah, i don’t have a lot of negative to say about either, but i find both a tad boring. i think an all women final 2 would have much more drama as brittany and taylor are both vicious and the jury won’t be kind to either of them (or alyssa).

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Same. Monte should do exactly what gets him closest to winning it all. Brittney’s answers and speech WOULD be entertaining because she gives herself WAY too much credit. Michael dragged her most of the way. I blame her equally with Michael for using the Kyle thing for game play and pretending to be righteous about the ordeal.

Illegal smile


The drama

This is a funny Veto win!! Probably means your eye candy Simon is safe as a Turner or Taylor goes. She will continue to roll on. Noticed that the pound sits near the top of voting. The bromance more popular than thought.


Wow, Brittany won veto, she will use it for herself. Monte needs to put up Taylor and take her out. It is logical to keep Turner, because if he goes, it will leave Monte with the 3 girls, he will be gone. Not really impressed with any of the girls. Brittany telling Taylor she didn’t say things that she definitely did say, is BS. My vote Monte/Turner Final 2