The VETO KING MICHAEL WON The Golden Power Of Veto!!! **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Current Plan – Michael plans to use the veto on Brittany. Turner plans to put up Terrance or Alyssa with Taylor as the target.

7:30pm – 10:30pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for the Power Of Veto competition.

Michael WON the VETO!!

The veto competition was the slip slide veto where you have to race back and forth to fill up a big / small container.

Kyle – Well.. how do I plead my case to go to this movie? Taylor – as an ally to the LGBT community.. It does look good.

They talk about the competition and how they thought there would have been a cash incentive prize for filling up the small container but there wasn’t.

10:45pm Kitchen – Kyle and Monte
Kyle hopefully we get the yard tonight.. Monte – yeah you know. Kyle – there is no way. Monte – I am curious how long it will take to get that rig out .. you never know. Kyle – true.. hopefully at least tomorrow morning. Everyone is probably just going to go to bed tonight. Monte – yeah I am gassed. I hear them already working so.. Kyle and Alyssa head to the bathroom. Kyle to Alyssa – you fell like 10 times? Alyssa – no maybe 5. Kyle – Monte didn’t fall once. Turner didn’t really fall much. Michael fell once. Taylor maybe once. Alyssa fell like 18 times. Michael joins them. Kyle – I am taking credit for that win because I warned you about not eating the hot pocket.

10:47pm Bedroom – Terrance and Taylor.
Taylor – What’s on your mind. Terrance – Well what its going to be tomorrow .. or Monday. I mean I can paint the picture but what the f**k. Its just one of them days.. Taylor – I don’t know who comes down.. but I think its obvious who goes up. Terrance – MMmmm.. Yeah. Taylor – so if there is a chance we can work through my discrepancy then I would appreciate it. But if you want to hold off and take some time I am good too. Terrance – Oh I don’t care about that. I am still here G! You do it again, I’m a kill you. Taylor and Terrance laughs. Taylor – that’s fair. I will tell you the whole story of that crazy a$$ week whenever you want … but here we are again. 4 for 4 tied. Terrance – I think they might put me up .. but you never know. That’s the one thing you never know. Taylor – I feel like you have something to say. Terrance – no I just came to chill with you.

11pm Bathroom – Michael, Kyle and Brittany.
Michael – who had the biggest wipe out? Kyle – I don’t even know because I caught them after. I think Alyssa had the most gnarly ones although she wasn’t going that fast. Kyle leaves the room. Michael – Oh my God! Brittany – so good! I know this goes without saying but don’t pick me for the movie. Go make friends and do whatever you need to. Who do you not want talking? Michael – exactly! Brittany – Turner gassed out. His endurance was not good. There were times when he was doing laps around me but then I was going faster than him. Michael – I just started and was like don’t let up! Get the PRIDE Veto! Brittany – it was awesome. I was scared Turner was going to get it he was really going. Michael – I know.

11:08pm HOH room – Turner and Monte. Turner – I figure he is probably going to pull down Brittany. We’ll figure it out from there. Monte – yeah, yeah. Its all good bro!

11:15pm Bathroom – Michael and Brittany.
Brittany – this is precisely why this didn’t make sense to do… because you’re going to use it on me right?! Michael – yeah. I just have to talk to Monte and Taylor so I can push for Kyle. Brittany – I know. Turner is against us anyways.. might as well. Now he’s got me and you pissed and he didn’t need to. You didn’t have to do that. Michael – nope. Brittany – that’s why you don’t do that. Michael – thank you for pulling my chip (player pick). Brittany – Oh my god! The last one! And I am so glad I got to pull it too! Michael – yeah, what a day! Brittany – I wish I had gotten to fill up mine .. that was embarrassing. I was last but just barely.

11:30pm Bedroom – Michael and Brittany.
Michael – Do I take Terrance or Monte? oh no I only get to pick three (for the movie screening). Oh so I am picking those three maybe? Brittany – yeah, that makes sense. And two more are from Dyre Fest. And I think that is good with Taylor since you’re not going to use the veto on her at least. I think that is great. I think this is big and we need to be transparent. Michael – and I plan on telling everything to Alyssa. Even if she asks about week five. Brittany – I don’t know that is one of the weeks that she hasn’t been pressing me on so I don’t know if we even need to. Brittany – the showmance did her dirty for 8 weeks. I could be wrong but I get the feeling she is ready to jump ship. Michael – and it doesn’t really matter because if she is with them she is with them no matter what. Brittany – oh my god this is turning into your HOH week. Michael – I say we talk to Turner last.

12am Bathroom. Brittany and Kyle chatting. Kyle – I might go to sleep. Brittany – you should. Kyle – I think I will. Michael did tell me that she (Jasmine) was utilizing her birthday week to stay safe that is an amazing point that he hasn’t told me yet.. that is so funny to me. I really don’t want to go home on my birthday week. Never in my life have I ever thought of my birthday as a week.

12:15am – 12:30am HOH room – Michael and Turner.
Michael – I plan on picking you for the movie. Turner – I planned on picking you as well. I felt like that would be f**ked if I didn’t pick you. I appreciate that. I super appreciate it. As far as the veto usage I can go first or you can go first. Obviously ideally don’t tell anyone this because before Taylor came to me and she was like is there a bigger target and I was like yes. I wasn’t going to tell her no. Taylor is the only person in the house I feel genuinely betrayed by. Her explanation .. well its easy to blame things on Joseph because Joseph isn’t here. Like feeling excluded from whatever she was making. Honestly it made me feel some type of way. Michael – yeah. Turner – So Taylor is who my personal goal for this week is but I would love to collaborate on this idea with you. I assumed you would not use it or take Brittany down. Michael – yeah I think my initial thought would be to use it on Brittany. I think she is expecting me to use it on her. So I guess that wouldn’t f**k things up too bad. Turner – I am fine if you use it on Brittany dude. I really like you and I really like Brittany. Michael – okay. Do you have any idea what you would do for a replacement? Turner – I honestly don’t .. it would either be Terrance or Alyssa. That’s who I said was going to go up anyway. Do you have preference of one over the other. Michael – not really. Turner – unless you would rather someone else up. Michael – I think if the goal is that you want Taylor out this week.. Turner – are you fine with that? Michael – personally I really like Taylor but we’re at the point where I like everyone. I am personally okay with that. I think Brittany would be okay with that. Turner – I get the vibe that she is furious with her. I also hope .. I would love to know your thoughts .. I hate that I had to put Brittany up .. not as a pawn but because I didn’t know what was going on in her mind. Do you think next week.. because I put your homies up .. and I also put Brittany up. If one of you wins HOH do you think I am going to f**ked on that front? Michael – No. Turner – are you sure about that. Michael – nope. Turner – okay good! I am glad that if you are HOH, you’re not upset with me so I appreciate that. Michael tells Turner that he also told Alyssa she could come to the movie screening. They agree to talk again later.

12:50am The house guests give their bedtime shoutouts and movie recommendations in the bathroom.

1am Bedroom – Michael and Taylor.
Michael – maybe we can all talk tomorrow but the options are if I leave it the same.. Taylor – its me. Michael – its you. If I pull you down, Monte goes up. If I pull Brittany down, Monte goes up. So what do we do? Like they’re against us either way. I would rather try try try to get him to put someone else up.. because we’re going to go up next week anyway. Taylor – exactly. Michael – so maybe we can formulate a plan of attack. Taylor – here we go! Taylor leaves. Michael talks to the camera – how do we get out of this situation? So now I am in the club with you .. five vetos!! KC I know you’re in there too. Five vetos! Unreal! I just tied a big brother record tonight. Gosh if I win HOH, its 7, 5 and 3. Or 7, 4, 3. I would have the HOH record too. Or two more HOHs and I’ve tied it but why stop there. The target on my back is already huge! Not winning is not an option anymore. I never wanted to be in a position where I needed to win my way to the end but here we are. If you have a good enough social and strategic game you don’t need to. I thought I was, I thought I was setup a lot better. I am going to pull a hail mary and try to get Kyle on the block.

1:08am – 1:25am Bathroom – Monte and Kyle.
Kyle – well, what can you do!? Monte – I tried. Turner probably had the best shot. Kyle – no, it was a wrap from the second it started. Like we take our shot (at Michael) next week, like everyone has to realize its the house vs Michael right now. Monte – logically when someone is just dominating the game.. everyone needs to get on board. Kyle – He’s going to be able to play in every veto moving forward. Heaven forbid he wins HOH next week .. and then he is going to take out me, you or Turner who were the biggest threats to winning veto. Monte – how do you think you would have done in that comp. Kyle – yeah .. no!

2:10 am HOH Room Alyssa and Turner
Turner – Tomorrow me, You, Kyle, Terrance, and Monte get into a room and we say who is comfortable with being a pawn this week and if people are comfortable. .. someone says I am okay great you are the pawn. People can give pros and cons why they are not comfortable with being the pawn.
Alyssa says Brittany and Michael want to talk to her. “I assume it’s about the leftovers”

Alyssa – Brittany pulled me into the storage room 20 minutes ago and said ‘Michael is going to tell you everything about the leftovers tomorrow’
Alyssa – Now I get to hear it again from Michael and Brittany at the same time even though Brittany already told me everything
Alyssa adds that Taylor will also want to tell her.
Turner – you are going to hear everything 5 times this week. All you have to do is act like you don’t know
Alyssa says she never talked game to Monte before. If she’s on the block and Monte flips then they have 3 people to vote her out and Taylor stays.
Turner – you’ve been working with Jasmine and Ameerah all these people that throw alliances around like loose change.. When Monte is in an alliance that’s not how he works. I’m going to figure out who is fine with being a pawn.
Alyssa – will anyone be fine?
Turner – yeah.. people have a lot of trust in what we’ve been dealing with
Turner will make note that she doesn’t want to be a pawn.
Alyssa – I’m stressed

Turner – you are in a group with people that have your back. Me and Kyle would never do anything to put you in harm’s way.
Alyssa brings up an argument she and Kyle had after the Veto.
Turner – I know Kyle likes you and I heard he’s (Michael) picking you for a movie tomorrow.

Alyssa adds that Taylor is going to want to tell her about the leftovers too.
Turner says people outed Po’s Pack to him like 5 times.
Turner – Taylor will say the same thing. Taylor has been up your ass more than anyone else.. what the f*** does she say she’s going home this week who cares? You can tell her to f*** off that’s so crazy.. I just let her talk every single time we’re in here I just stay silent and she continues to give me info.
Turner – the other day we were talking I was telling her Joe told me you and Brittany were trying to start something. She said it wasn’t only me and Brittany, it was also Michael.
Turner – why would you tell me that? She doesn’t have any idea what she’s going in this game. She has no idea how to play this game.
Turner – if she asks for into she’s on the block you don’t have to give her anything. I don’t feel like she has the upper hand. She’s going to go home you have the power.
Turner tells her don’t worry about Kyle “He loves YA”
Alyssa – Loves YA I hope that’s true.

Alyssa starts to tear up and says she’s upset about Kyle’s lying The entire game. “Brittany saying that him distancing himself was him preparing to vote me out”
Alyssa – he did distance himself I did experience that. Was he at one point preparing to vote me out?
Alyssa – he lied to me every single day for a month. So now great now we can be together because it’s okay for you to tell about your alliance and spill everything.
Turner – we were told you were doing the exact same thing by Taylor, Michael, Joe and Brittany. You were going to vote him out.. that’s what we heard.
Turner – we heard you had no problem voting Kyle out and that you were SAVAGE

Turner warns her that Michael and Brittany are going to try to hurt the relationship she has “If they say anything about me let me know or Kyle know.”
Alyssa says turner is the one person in the house she trusts completely.
Turner says once Ameerah left the entire side of the house had no idea what to do. Nicole and Daniel tried but they were “Awful at it”

Alyssa says she feels bad that Monte was up last week. Kyle as up last week and Terrance is up every week.
Turner – if you end up on the block it’s not a blindside you will know beforehand. It will only be if you are comfortable with it.

3:55 am Zzzzz

4:43 am Turner alone
Turner – the veto did not go exactly as I would liked.. BUT check it out. Taylor as far as I am concerned is worst for my game than Michael. Michael just happens to be better at the game. Do with that info what you will. As long as he takes down Brittany I have no problem with getting Taylor out this week. Especially since she was the one saying I was the first one out of the leftovers.
Turner – Ameerah was trying to say I was the first one to go home.
Turner – I think Taylor got overconfident. She has to go home this week I don’t want her here anymore. I saved her game week three and then she’s going against the family. You don’t go against hte family C’mon dude. Can’t send Michael home this week. I guarantee Michael will take Brittany off the block. I get it.
Turner – Alyssa seems to be having a tough time with this all. I just need to ease her into playing the game.

4:50 am Zzzzzz

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The Corey's

Michael was in a bad spot. If he doesn’t win he was going home but because he did win, he almost assuredly targeted him self as the biggest threat, even amongst his own allies.

He has zero chance of winning because he has almost zero chance of getting to the end.

But I’ve seen a trillion hours of big brother to know to know that Michael was gonna win this veto.

Game fan

If Brittany is hoh, he can be safe without winning. So he has a chance. Also if someone can win a challenge every week, it’s him.


I thought Monte would be a factor in slip n slide bc of the same reasons Michael noted (he’s quick af in those sprints they do outside).

The reason Michael won was his height, his endurance, used to skating, walking on ice (Minnesota boy) & his long strides. Turner (also played hockey) apparently was flying initially but his endurance sucked & Monte had trouble on the surface even though he didn’t fall he couldn’t get any speed on it.


They said a jump shooting team would never win a championship. But look at Curry man. So inspirational. They say a comp beast can never dominate the game and win by winning every competition even when they have no reason too. I wanna see Micheal do it …this on is for the Janelle’s, the Frank’s,the Frankie’s and the god damn Victor’s of the world who just can’t help but win at any means necessary. The tryhards of the world. They deserve a win for once.


He has a 6 in 7 chance of playing in every veto for the rest of the season (slightly better actually as he gets an additional 1 in 6 chance of winning hoh next week plus there’s the houseguest choice chip that Brittany will definitely use on him if she draws it). He could just comp win his was to victory




Yeah??? I think you mean yay, Einstein. Smh…


GREAT!! That is what I’ve been waiting to hear!! Now Taylor can go to the jury house and get the story clarified with Joe. Come on Michael and Taylor. Take the house back and kick that bum Kyle out.

The Corey's

Yea man, Kyle plays both sides and reveals the horses and he’s such a bad guy but when Michael plays both sides, shaking his dumb head in agreement to everything that is said to him he’s a hero.

R Michael. Superman or not he doesnt know what he’s doing. You don’t get to be a comp beast AND win. That’s not how the game works.

The Corey's

Super fan**

Game fan

Kevin from Canada would desegree here. So would cody.


You don’t get to be a comp beast AND win. That’s not how the game works.” Don’t worry, Ive made some stupid statements on here also and people forget pretty quickly.


I understand what you’re saying but there’s nothing to be clarified (maybe to confirm). Michael,Monte, Taylor…already know that Kyle & Turner are Rats! They must have, I don’t think they are that dumb.

Ravens Pacemaker

Jasmine would have killed this comp!


This comp would have killed Jasmine.

Game fan


Not Jason’s Holly

On her birthday century!


Gotta hand it to you !! That’s a Hall of Fame comment !!


*Michael & Brittany.


Haha !!! Shut up Kyle


Omg! How disappointing! You gotta be kidding me! It’s going to take an act of Congress to get Michael out. He needs to go already!


No cry baby lmao NEVER he’s winning go to bed now all you haters the king has won ?


Ha! The whole house minus Britt knows he needs to go. He will be the target here on out. His social game blows and he was trying to stir the pot. Ole big head will slip up at some point and he will go! It would be sweet to see him go on a Kyle HOH 🙂


I’m sure if it was Monty,Terr,Tuner who had won the number of comps Michael has you would be saying great game play they should win. or if you just said it would be better for everyones game if Michael left, but there’s always a derogatory name attached , little bitch, ole fat head,rat and i’m sure if you thought you cold get away whit F/Q you might use them.


you seem to have a big problem with gay men, you should see someone about that


GTFOH, if he was black I bet I’d be racist huh? You’re just mad you’re dude has to win his way from here on out bc he played a bad social game.


This is an interesting scenario. If Michael were black and gay would you be considered a homophobe, a racist, or a homophobic racist? We need to do studies on this one. Just kidding of course – Im not smart enough to label people based on their opinions on Big Brother.


Let me school you,the term would be homophobic racist and I should know I’m gay and black and I have been putting up with that sh#t for 50 years.


First he’s not my DUDE!!! second i agree that they need too evict him or they all will lose,but I’m not calling him a derogatory name every time i post


Clearly YOU’RE the one with the problem. Nothing was said about being gay. Get over yourself!


I expected you would chime in, he doesn’t have to use the word gay. as my sainted old grandmother use to say,READ BETWEEN THE LINES


That was so not necessary.


I don’t get the Michael hate. What has he ever done to you? He’s self aware and entertaining to watch moving in the game, that’s all I can ask from my bb players.


So…..Alyssa says she wished there was a smaller money bowl. She would have gone for the money. Meh. Smooth float. Beginning to dislike her. She is too comfortable.


Alyssa is useless !!! Alyssa is here to make out with her showmance, she is depending on Kyle & Turner to keep her safe. Then, her and Kyle will turn on Turner.

I see posts about Brittany being a floater, what about Alyssa?

Alyssa goes for prizes & cash, she’s too comfortable in this game. She’s useless !!!!

Turner needs to dump the After Party Alliance, make up with the Leftovers, which I don’t think Michael is going to forgive him, he might say ok, but he will backdoor Turner as soon as he gets rid of Kyle.


Why? Turner loses to Michael and possibly monte. Alyssa also sucks in comps so Turner can probably beat her out in the final 4 hoh or veto to guarantee himself safety


She is modeling her game after Jordans (Jeff & Jordan)

Wait. . .what???

Agree 110%. Alyssa is Victoria 2.0. “I just need to ease her into playing the game.”? um. . . what day is it?


Did she? I read she said she wouldn’t have gone for the money (but maybe she said one thing to certain people & one to the others).

Only reason I believed what I read is bc of how much heat she took for taking the trip.

Daniel Sucks

She wanted some spending money for her trip to London.


Jaz is going to London not Alyssa

Daniel Sucks

Oh, sorry!


She has every right to be comfortable. She’s been so useless in the game that everyone will carry her to the end. She can still likely win though too if she’s sitting next to Kyle or Terrance

Not Jason’s Holly

She does need to go before final 3! But she’s a great floater!

Turner and Kyle are the only players I see taking her to F3. I don’t think Kyle could take her to F2 because bitter jurors will vote for her! Against Turner, she will lose, so who knows!


She’s disgusting. Hops in the sack with a stranger 3 days in the house. Flips out at Joseph for lying to her meanwhile her man child ten second wonder BOYfriend has been doing the same for longer but she continues to lay down for him. I cannot imagine being her parents at home watching.


Exactly! Plus, Joseph told her the truth about Kyle not using the veto, but she has been the victim of gaslighting, so she believed Kyle, who admitted lying to her. Not a very smart cookie, IMO.


Alyssa is an idiot ! She is never upset about losing a competition, or that she’s been in the house forever, and has won absolutely nothing.

Every time she’s sad or crying, it’s because Kyle is mad at me, Kyle has been lying to me, Kyle did put distance between us, or asking Turner, do you really think Kyle does care about her?

I’m sick of Alyssa being so weak, and hard up for a dude who’s played her like a fool, but she hears all of the things he’s said, they have been confirmed by him and by the people in the leftover’s. She knows Kyle has used her, and she’s embarrassed, but not embarrassed enough to to dump his ass, she keeps coming back for more.

Does Alyssa kick him to the curb, Nope !! All Kyle has to do is hug her, kiss her, lay next to her, and she just lights up like a Christmas Tree. If this were my daughter, we would have a serious heart to heart about the way she lets a man lie to her, use her body for 10 seconds.

Alyssa said earlier in the show, she always gets the guys that use her, treat her bad, well now I see how that happens. Alyssa is her own worst enemy, she allows men to use her, play her, this girl is not concerned about winning any comps, winning the game, all she wants is to make out with a man child as long as they are in the house.

Alyssa makes herself look desperate and like a fool, she said she has to hear about all of the things Kyle has said about her, over and over, she’s upset because it confirms everything Joseph told her, and yet she is still hanging onto Kyle, Alyssa’s parents get to see first hand how their beautiful daughter lets men treat her.

They need to have a serious conversation with her when she gets home, Alyssa needs to seriously get some help, learn to appreciate who she is, stop using her looks and her body to get these men who continue to lie to her, use her, learn how to be happy with yourself, stop basing your happiness off of what man you are with at a particular time.

Love yourself first, if a dude treats you like crap, kick his ass to the curb and move on. Alyssa and Kyle live in different states, does she think an unemployed, 29 year old man who still lives at home with his mother, does she think this is going to last outside of the house?

Kyle will move on, Game play or not, I don’t remember any other showmance other than Mickey ugh, that talked about their showmance behind their back, What other showmance was pushing to have their showmance evicted, went back to his alliance and shared all he was told by her, to his alliance?

Alyssa is a fool, I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for her, she is so desperate for Kyle, she’s making herself look weak and thirsty in my opinion.

I’m disappointed in Turner, I have been rooting for Turner and Michael, but Turner is blind to Kyle running his HOH, Turner is saying he needs to ease Alyssa into playing the game ? Why??? Turner knows in the After Party, he and Kyle are the only 2 guys who might win a comp, they are carrying Alyssa and Terrence.

I have no problem whatsoever with Turner putting Taylor up, and getting her out of the house, as he said, he saved Taylor week 3, and when Taylor won HOH, she wanted to put Turner up as a pawn.

Taylor in my opinion has no game play, she was mistreated in the beginning, and that was wrong. But in all honesty, Taylor is lost when it comes to playing BB. So she can go to Jury, I don’t care.

Watch Kyle try to talk Turner into putting Monte up instead of Alyssa. Turner has hooked up with a losing team, I understand Kyle is playin the game, you have to lie, betray people to advance yourself, but Damn it Turner, WAKE UP, can’t you see that Kyle is doing all he can to keep putting his game in the best position, stop doing Kyle’s dirty work, letting him hide behind you.

Mark my words, Kyle is going to toss Turner aside once he feels he is no longer useful.


I’ve disliked her ever since she started trying to seduce Kyle, touching him, rubbing, on him, groping him- all things that would have gotten a man in trouble if he were doing that to a girl in the house. During those first days, this made him very uncomfortable as he said he didn’t want a showmance but she broke him down. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he is innocent in all this because once he finally gave in to her, he became a creep. I hope the roll in the floaty was worth it. I suspect she was throwing up in her moth through it all.

I Spy

Michael is clutch! Now they can execute the master plan — Monte somehow gets Turner to nominate Terrance/Alyssa (not a heavy lift), flips back to the LOs and they vote out T/A. Next week for HoH its Monte, Michael, Taylor and Brit v. Kyle and Alyssa/Terrance. I like the odds. Take out Kyle, and Turner will be living the nightmare he foreshadowed: his life in the hands of Alyssa/Terrance.


Michael will take down Brittany; Terrance will go up and Taylor will go home. Michael must win HOH and every Veto going forward. He puts up Turner/Kyle and Kyle goes home. Final four prediction: Alyssa, Terrance, Monte and Michael


I would love that (even better if Kyle somehow goes up) but I am expecting Taylor to go home this week.

At least she will likely win AFP and most of her biggest enemies are eternally reviled.

That’s a better outcome than most people get.

Maybe she and Joseph will spark a jury relationship that endures like Derek X/Claire.

In two years they both could also be on The Amazing Race potentially (although that’s not a given since I’m surprised Tyler/Angela didn’t get that gig already…).


Taylor won’t win afp. She’s only liked by obsessive watchers like us not more casual viewers who tend to vote more. Michael or Kyle will likely win afp


Don’t forget all of twitter!


Michael could win but Mr. 10 Seconds is NOT winning lol.


look at some of the past winners. casual viewers tend to favor dudes in showmances.

Big Brother Fan

Taylor for AFP?!?! In what universe does that happen? My heart broke for her when she was being bullied and she was shown crying in the DR, but she went right back to being the person I first thought she was when she joined the LO. She had the worst HOH, she has had horrible game play, she’s only won one comp, and she’s very petty. If she gets AFP, I’ll vomit.

I Spy

Though it still has to play out, Turner’s HOH is rapidly gaining ground as the worst.


DX and Claire are on the new amazing race starting soon!!!

4 be 4

can’t stand them hope they leave early


Don’t forget that the most UNLIKABLE contestant EVER ( Nicole) won AFP one year just because everyone else that season was evil. So she got a better outcome than she deserved. She was hardcore stomach-turning!


She was fine if you only watched the edits. Taylor’s edit will keep her far from afp


Yes!! My Veto King ain’t going no where this week


The absolute VETO KING Wowzah lol !!!!!!!


I have a feeling Turner should have stayed loyal to the Leftovers, Alyssa and Terrance are not great competitors. Turner might have ruined his game, listening to Kyle by staying with the After Party alliance.

Terrance is getting on my nerves with the game he’s playing with Taylor. Why be so fake, dude you talk shit behind her back, why do you keep trying to get information, I hope you are evicted soon.

Now as for Brittany’s talks with Alyssa before the veto comp, saying she’s a bad person, playing the victim, seeking pity, talking too much, giving Alyssa information, Alyssa runs back and tells Turner & Kyle, Brittany, just STFU, you are a floater, you were riding high last week, the entire game, all because of Michael dragging you along for the ride. Shut up, stop talking, stop seeking pity from Alyssa, you and Michael didn’t feel this way last week.

If I were Monte, I would not really be feeling very safe, don’t be shocked if Turner let’s Kyle get in his head, create doubt about you, and you end up being the replacement nominee. I still don’t think Monte is as big a threat as Kyle and Terrance say he is. Monte won HOH, what else has he won ?

Michael, Turner & Kyle have won more than Monte. I don’t see Monte as a powerhouse.


turner should have put up Michael and Brittany to start, then took out Britt. But he had know idea 100 Michael would even play veto. Britt is the only number for Michael. The rest of the house wants Michael out.


What if Micheal uses the veto to take Taylor down knowing that if he doesn’t everyone would send her home. Micheal knows that he is out the door if he doesn’t win HOH or veto. So who would be better for his game, someone who could possibly win a competition or Brittany? If he takes off Taylor and Turner puts up Montey/Kyle up against Brittany, Montey/Kyle goes home.

I Spy

I actually think Brit is better for Michael’s game. Having someone to strategize with is underrated.


Brit is a sounding board he can do that with Taylor. Who is going to win HOH when he can’t play? Brit has won nothing that he didn’t throw her (1 veto win). At least Taylor won an HOH. Also if Brit stays up I don’t think she would go home with another big target next to her. Then all three of them would be there.

I Spy

I disagree with your assumption that Brit and Taylor are equal sounding boards. In fact, as evidenced by her HoH, Taylor is fairly clueless regarding game play and Brit >> Taylor in this respect. I agree that Taylor is better at comps, but doesn’t change my view that what Brit brings > than what Taylor brings.

I Spy

Kyle is not threatened by Monte. He only says he is to protect Terrance and Alyssa because he knows they would choose him over Turner.


for all you Michael haters out there, suck a big one, he won the veto!!


Yesssssssss Veto King!!! I know Michael REALLY wants Kyle on that block and I’ve seen that he’s thinking of calling him out. Interested to see if it’ll happen and if it does, if it’ll make the TV edit.


I have been coming to OBB I think since the beginning of your recaps and day 1 of the show. Were you recapping season 1? I just sent a tip and I I appreciate your hard work and letting us all comment feely over the years. This has been one of the best seasons in a long time, and last year was one of the top 5 worst. It didn’t feel like big brother but I get it and I thank Monte for setting the right tone in the beginning.


If they put Kyle on the block this might be the best week of u.s big brothers in a very long time.

Game fan

Don’t see that happening. But next week for sure.


Now Michael has won the POV again!Nobody is more deserving 2win bb24 more than Michael.No1,I mean No1 has played a better game than Michael.I knew he was smart when he went against what the house wanted which is 2get rid of Monte when he was HOH.He would have been the next target


(As a member of the jury),Michael will most likely vote against a guy like Kyle & Turner,because he is no coward. He will probably give it to Terrance, so will Joseph. which is another scary situation, or Taylor or Brittany. Kyle and Turner are very bad at jury management.

Game fan

It’s known they were the 1&2 targets in the alliance. So they didn’t had a chance to make it to f2 with the LO staying together. And if they did, they are losing also to monte/Michael for sure.

They might be the final 2 now. So jury would have to pick one of them.


I disagree, Kyle & turner were in a good position in the LO, they were protected by the pound. The only reason they were at risk is because of their sloppy game play, Kyle protecting his showmance and turner also protecting kyle’s showmance. Even if joe still went home in drefest it was kyle/monte/turner vs micheal/Britt/Taylor. It was dumb gameplay especially on turner’ part


I don’t think Michael will be a particularly bitter juror. He’ll give it to whoever he feels played the best game, which is unlikely to be Terrance in his opinion


He literally said he would give it to Alyssa before either Turner or Kyle.


I want Michael to win, but I really hope the jury doesn’t vote for Terrance or Alyssa over Turner and Kyle. Turner and Kyle have been nice to everyone in the house, social, and own up to their games to the people voted out. I don’t understand how that is bad jury management since they are not bullying, making fun of, or ostracizing anyone. This jury is not against Kyle and Turner because of bad management, they are simply butthurt they lost the game. Unless “bad jury management” means “betraying people,” I really don’t get what they did wrong.


Yeah!! Wreak havoc to Kyle please!


Brittany does not need to do any one on one’s with anyone. She has no power, Michael needs to tell her nicely, just talk general conversations with the After Party group.

When Brittany calls herself talking and gathering information, she has a tendency to cut people of, and she talks and talks, gives up information, why does she think she needs to do one on ones with people, Michael is going to take her off the block.

Brittany saying she could be wrong, but she feels Alyssa is about ready to jump ship, and switch over and work with them, Brittany is bad at reading people, Alyssa is not ready to jump ship, Brittany needs to go meditate, isolate herself, she talks too damn much, this is why the girls girl Alliance didn’t like her.


Respectfully, I disagree about Brittany’s house reads – I think she has the best reads in the house on a whole. That said, you are spot on about this read.

The reality is everyone has a blind spot in the game —

Britt‘s blind spot is Ally – in this case it’s partially bc on the surface Ally was the one girl in the cool girl’s club who was seemingly nice to her. Brit wanted to fit in with Jas, Indy, Ameerah & Ally but always felt ghosted. She caused part of the issues bc she tattled on Ameerah to Pooch & Joe (a truth) that Pooch took back to Ameerah.

Ally vents to Britt implying there is trust. Notably, when Ally threw out her back Britt hypnotized her to help heal the pain & she went into a deep state which people don’t reach w/o trusting the person hypnotizing them – I think that plays into it. Plus Britt is the one person who fed Ally hints/tidbits while Kyle was still holding everything back so there is some trust between them especially now that things have come out – Ally can reflect back & think ohhhhhhhhhh that’s what Britt was hinting at.

Michael‘s blind spot WAS Kyle until this week & even at the start of the week before Turner’s noms his gut was saying oh -oh but he was still thinking I have a F2 with Kyle, F3 with him/Britt & he has always wanted to work with me. For at least 3 weeks Britt was the one who clocked Kyle as being untrustworthy & sus. In fairness to Michael, I’m not so sure if he’d picked him for Brochella if Kyle would’ve waffled as much as he did.

Monte‘s WAS Joe & earlier in the game Paloma.

Turner & Ally‘s is Kyle (duh)

Kyle‘s ironically was Michael & the odd part of that equation is the reason it stopped was all over Kyle being petty that he didn’t get picked to be inside Brochella instead of Monte & hearing there was possibly a F3 with Tay/Britt.

The stupidity of these two things is off the charts bc Michael’s reason for picking Monte was to have a fallback secondary target if Jas won POV & so Kyle could protect Ally. Now if we’re honest the latter point is BS bc his true reason for wanting Kyle outside was he wanted Joe & Kyle to wage war bc he knew about the Pound & that he was Joe/Monte’s target at F7 so it behooved Michael to drive a wedge in that F4.

The second part of that equation (the F3) is also ridiculous if you consider how much time Britt/Michael spent defending Taylor to Kyle & why his concerns of her being unreliable were false.

Taylor‘s blind spot was also Joe as well as Britt

Terrance‘s blind spot is Michael – example, he trusted Mich so much he was shocked to learn everyone knew about him “throwing” OTEV plus he believed Mich would take out a big target last week (Monte) bc he told him we need to take big swings.


In regards to Kyle jumping ship on Michael, I don’t think it’s necessarily pettiness from not being picked for Brochella. I think the seeds started when they didn’t back him up at the pool table about not using veto despite previous conversations in private. He thought it was a 50/50 alliance split at worse on Alyssa vs Indy, but M/B left Kyle sitting there holding his dick.

Then when it was final picks for the inside/outside, Michael picked Monte over Kyle (a supposed F2/F3). This stings because you are basically a HN on steroids for the week, but you are overlooking the major disadvantage. Michael put Kyle at risk of going home by letting him go to Dyre with Terrance as HOH. Monte was living a carefree life inside all week while Michael put Kyle in a sink or swim situation.


This is why Micheal should save Taylor and spin it to Brittany that they need all of them and this is the best shot for all of them to stay. If he saves Taylor, Turner might take the shot at Montey or Kyle since he already took a big shot and missed Micheal. If Montey/Kyle go up I think one of them would leave.


Smelly knows he f*cked up. His conversation with Michael the undisputed Veto KING sounded so awkward.

“Am I ok for next week?… Pretty please because that would be fire if so…”

He needs to go next week if Mr. 10 Secondsdoesn’t.


They are really mixing up the competitions since that comp was an HoH one


It isn’t going to happen but now that Turner told Michael he is targeting Taylor, I’d love for him to take Taylor down and really mess up Turners HOH lol.


After party would rather get out Brittany than Taylor so it doesn’t screw up anything


If I were on the bottom and knew it and the HOH told me who his “target” (well second target) than I’d save that person just to try and mess him up even more.

Michael needs to tell Turner that Kyle lumped all the POC players together and wanted to target them. That’s how we get Kyle out lol


Me too and I think it would be better for his game.


No, the first thing Taylor would do is run back to Monty for F2.


I don’t think she would flip on Micheal and Brit.


Hmmm. If I were writing the storyline, Brittany would win the next HoH and she would “return the favor” by putting up Turner with Kyle (with Kyle being the target)

Paradise island

I don’t know if any one else feels this way or has seen the Canada seasons but Michael this season feels a lot like Kevin Martin in BB Can 5 where he was never in the best position in the house post jury but was able to comp win his way to the end of the game and win. If Michael is able to do that (which his track record makes it seem possible) he’ll probably end up being my favorite winner out of the past ten seasons (not that there’s a lot of stiff competition for that spot)

It's me

I don’t know how you do it CBS, however, we knew MICHAEL was going to win so he would not leave.
Your golden boy.


BB has already had several gay winners. No need to push that agenda…


And sounds like the prize was a viewing of a LGBTQ movie? Of course production would only want it to go to Michael.

It's me

I for one hate showmaces, however, I don’t understand the hatred of Kyle. He is playing the game. The object if the game is to win, even if you have to lie and play both sides.
Why is everyone turning on Turner? His f2 has always been Kyle.
CBS would never want Michael to leave.
I want Turner and Monte and Terrence to be f3.
Just my 2 cents.


I dont understand the hatred of Kyle, either. I think it’s just racism. Whites are the victims of racism these days.


To me showmance’s and “tight 2” (Michael/Britt) are no different! The only difference with these to scenarios is, Michael and Britt are far more dangerous as a duo. Kyle and Alyssa aren’t a true showmance, they aren’t tight and aligned like most showmance’s are. Agree, Kyle is playing the game, no different than any other player in there, different styles and approaches to situations.


Record Setter – Michael ties single-season POV record:

Michael joined an exclusive club with his fifth POV win this season adding his name to a list that includes Janelle (BB7), Dani Donato (BB8), Paul Abrahamian (BB19) & Kaycee (BB20).

He spoke to feeders noting he hadn’t planned on gunning to win all these comps but felt he had no choice. In truth, of his seven comp wins (2 HOH/5 POVs) there is a solid argument behind him winning both HOHs & three if not four of the POVs. OTEV is the most suspect although he gained a ton of knowledge by winning.

The only other questionable comp win was week 2 POV. He blatantly tried to throw it to Taylor who was OTB with Pooch but when she missed her shot he felt he had to win bc Pooch had three or four balls sitting just shy of the open slots & if he’d won Taylor’s fate would’ve been sealed to leave which wasn’t in Michael’s long term plans.

History in the making?
Moving forward, Michael said he’ll be GUNNING to win the rest of the season with the F7 POV next week representing the final time a player sits out of the POV. We know he wants to win HOH to have the opportunity to put Kyle & Turner OTB & reek some revenge on them for how they ghosted him & failed to hide their intentions this week.

He’s already looking for his ‘give me the key b*tches’ (Janelle) moment stating he’ll have a spicy speech at the ready if he wins. Although he’ll try to circumvent part of that plan this week (see an upcoming post).

As a super fan, Michael also knows there will be another double-eviction bc of the finale date so if Britt is in step with him on the HOH he’ll throw to her to be available for the next HOH in case it is the second double eviction which seems likely bc the Sept 8th episode is two-hours. He might also be willing to throw if Monte or Taylor are within reach depending on what happens this week.

He’s also poised to make history if he captures one more POV & could challenge for the all-time single-season comp wins record also held by fellow Minnesotan Janelle BB7 with 9 wins (4 HOH/5 POV). He’s sitting at seven total comps (2 HOH/5 POV) & currently tied for fourth with Dani Donato (BB8), Vanessa Rousso (BB17), & Kaycee Clark (BB20). Paul & Michie (ugh) are tied for second with eight.

With the comps complete for this F8 week that means there are 11 more competitions 4 HOHs, 4 POVs & the 3-part F3 HOH. If Michael were to get to F3 & play in next week’s POV that’s 10 comps with him needing one POV win and 3 overall comp wins to hold the top spot for in single-season POV & combined comp wins. He’d need two more HOH wins to tie for most HOH wins & if he manages three more he’ll outright own that record too.

Suffice to say we could be witnessing the greatest Big Brother competitor to ever grace our feeds/screens folks.


Correction – I forgot if he wins any of F7, F6, F5 or F4 HOH’s he wouldn’t play in the one after so he could play in all four of those or could win two and miss two. So a max of four HOH opportunities (plus F3 if he gets there) and a minimum of two if he wins F7 & F5 HOHs.

My bad.


Sitting at seven comp wins (5 POV/2 HOH) he could shatter the single-season record with the potential to win at 3 HOH’s & 4 POVs. Again, the single season records for HOH, POV & combined comps is four, five and nine so POV & total is most likely for him to overtake sole ownership of with a maximum of 5 HOH, 9 POV and 14 total comps. I mean he’s already made his mark but let’s see if he can create history & shatter the POV & total comp wins mark.

Given Janelle is his favorite player it would be awesome if he were to break her BB7 total comp wins record it would be impressive given she’s held it for 16 seasons!


Anyone know what the movie is that Michael will be watching? The only reason not to have Kyle as one of his guests is that he seems to be one of the people who can’t help but talk during a movie

Team Taylor

Way to go Michael!!

And with Turner wanting to run with The Pound alliance, he may not put Monte up. If Alyssa or Terrance become the renom, Taylor might survive another eviction. As long as Monte can still vote on Verizon night, Turner and Kyle’s plans can implode.

Not Jason’s Holly

If Turner is smart, he will put up Monte. If not, Monte could flip the vote!

Big Brother Fan

I agree 100%! Monte would be stupid to go with the AP. He knows, my belief is due to production meddling, that they are lying about Joseph. If he sides with the left over LOs, there’s a way better chance of them winning HOHs and vetos. If he’s not put on the block he’s going to vote with Michael and Brittany to evict whoever is up against Taylor. Then it’s four vs three and Michael will probably win the next HOH. Then it’s four vs two. It will be the four leftover LOs final four. I don’t think Turner believes Monte will betray him…stupid, that’s the name of the game. I also feel that if Monte does flip, it will be totally accepted bc it’s Monte. Only Kyle gets hate when he does what’s best for his game.

Only Reading Feeds

I kind of feel bad for Alyssa and Taylor. They both are bad at this game and play emotionally.


Wow BB fans are fickle!!! Y’all really went from adoring Turner to hating him and wanting him out in 2 days lol

You know you can like people on both sides of the house right?

4 be 4

not in this current world ….HAVE to pick sides , I’m afraid-sad


this house is the biggest bunch of idiots if they dont get michael out the very first chance they get


Monte should volunteer to be the pawn so he doesn’t have to show his cards with his vote! Either vote will piss half the house off


What?! No!!! Monte has volunteered to be pawm twice already & came that close to be voted out the first time. He would EXxxxtremely stupid for him to do it again. Because I guarantee, this time , he would get voted out! Crazyyy!!!

I Spy

Exactly! Monte better not volunteer to be a pawn. Let Alyssa earn her strips in the alliance.

The Beef

Actually, that’s a really good point and something he might consider. Just depends on how much he trusts Kyle and Alyssa to keep their word to not vote him out, as he should know Britt and Michael will probably choose Taylor over him (and we know this since they’ve been talking about getting him out for WEEKS!).

If I were him though, I’d resist doing that, as it’s getting too late in the game and people tend to take shots at pawns later on. But we already know Alyssa is resisting, Kyle damn sure will resist, and Terrance, who’s been on the block I think 4 times already will most likely resist too, especially since he took Turner down just last week.

Turner’s in a sticky position here, and whoever he puts up there is not going to be happy about it.


Oh how quickly the tides have changed!

I held my breath for a good portion of the day anxiously awaiting the POV selections. While Michael had a 60 percent chance of being selected history hasn’t been kind to folks needing to play when at their most vulnerable.

Perhaps my anxiety has me confused but it seemed the POV picks took place much later than usual. Michael must’ve been on pins and needles too since we learned his was the LAST name selected from the bag by Brittany. I’m not sure if Monte or Ally had their names pulled or were HG choice.

The comp didn’t start until 10:30(ish) EST and when feeds returned approximately three hours later it made sense bc it was a version of slip-n-slide. Producers were clearly waiting for cooler weather conditions and closer to night (7:30 PST).

Like Michael, I would’ve thought Monte would excel in that comp given his athleticism. Hey, if you’ve seen him run wind sprints in the backyard he’s fast af. But, it sounds like he struggled on the surface to find his stride. It also sounds like Turner jumped out to an early lead with both him & Michael capitalizing on their hockey experience but Turner ran out of steam while Michael was pacing the others with his long strides. He credited having spent time walking on ice (rinks) in Minnesota & his cross country training.

It was Michael’s fifth POV win of the season tying a single-season record and he also won a movie that he can bring three guests to watch. He’s going to take Turner, Ally & Taylor.


PART 2 – Ghosts no more:

Since Friday when nominations were announced Turner & Kyle have been blatantly ghosting Michael. Friday night Michael walked into the HOH room & Kyle immediately got up & left while Turner said ‘yeah, I gotta take a shower if that’s cool’ about a minute after Michael arrived. Another time, Kyle came in to listen to music but bc Michael was there listened to one song & left the room.

Gone were the typical hang-out sessions of the Leftovers which is understandable given the circumstances but they were treating Michael like he was already out the door. There was no effort to spend time or initiate talks when in the same room, & eye contact was avoided. If they ever had any plans to camouflage their true intentions they failed miserably.

But with Michael now guaranteed safety, suddenly Kyle was back in rooms with him trying to spark up conversations and joke around. He spent more time with him in the first hour the feeds returned than he has in the last 36 hours. Go back & watch the ‘I claim ownership of your win bc I told you not to eat the hot pocket’ for how forced the situation is. Neither party is comfortable with the other & I know I’m biased but IMHO it’s worse bc Turner/Kyle created this dynamic by ghosting him.

Kyle is a movie lover so the fact Michael is taking his two BFFs Turner & Ally (plus Taylor) will be like rubbing salt into the wound. Notably, Kyle & Ally had some argument last night – not sure what it was about but she’s upset. Initially, I thought it was Kyle being petty that she got invited to the movie.

But I think it might’ve been tied to Brittany telling her how Kyle was prepared to vote her out week 4 & specifically discussed distancing himself from her. Ally KNOWS THAT’S TRUE – could it be the girl is finally waking up? Clearly, the relationship is still more important than playing the game but if she’s finally cluing into what really happened to her & how she’s being perceived on the outside, perhaps she’ll also remember she’s on Big Brother, not Love Island.


Right now with the assumption that Taylor is leaving I can’t wait for Taylor do a version of “Honey, we need to have a chat…” with Joseph so that they can compare notes and do a bit of a Mea Culpa for what he did say regarding Taylor while outside

I Spy

The kiss assery from Turner and Kyle was so prominent.


If Turner wants to make sure Taylor goes home he will need to put Monte as the replacement nom. If he puts up Alyssa, Monte may flip again and vote Alyssa out and you never know with Terrance.


What?! Monte would go home if he did that! This is Crazy talk…


PART 3: Be careful when you shade other HOHs as messy bc…

Turner also rediscovered where Michael’s eyes are & found the ability to hang with him in rooms again. They briefly discussed the POV with Michael saying he’ll take Britt down & Turner proclaiming his target is Taylor & he’d put one of Ally/Terrance up as he had originally planned.

Just like the night, he won HOH Turner was back to claiming how he really likes Britt/Michael & wants to talk again about the three of them moving deeper in the game (major eye roll) & probed about if they were cool this coming week in regards to his safety. I’m not sure why Turner is doing this dance – I mean I get it but seriously buds, you just ghosted him & made it crystal clear he was your target & now that your sphincter is getting tight you want assurances of safety next week? Yikes.

As for Turner’s new target – Taylor… Kudo’s to Another Name for nailing how him being suggested to go up as a pawn initially during her HOH registered and was NOT forgotten.

Although Turner did begin his HOH wanting to ease back into the Pound & Leftovers it’s clear AN was correct & he’s been carrying that moment around with him for two weeks. That Taylor also confirmed he & Kyle were her top targets on her Leftovers hit list only served to amplify the feeling.

While I get into other aspects of where Turner’s HOH is headed (in the upcoming posts) at least in his conversation with Ally he’s not as panicked as one would expect (I guess Michael’s mist is better than I thought) given how his HOH has played out. Perhaps that’s because taking out Taylor would be removing a personal target for him.

There are two big questions upcoming though. The first is Turner’s plan is to get the After Party & Monte together in a room and to ask whose comfortable being a pawn bc Taylor is leaving no matter what since they have the votes.

Good luck with that Turner bc we all know Kyle’s aversion to the block, Ally who has sat on the block ONCE & only for half the week is in tears at the thought of having to go up again. Isn’t this the same girl who was digging a knife into Taylor’s back on Friday?

Ally rejoiced in telling her lies about things Joe said taking advantage of how hurt & confused Taylor is about that situation all while she IS sitting OTB. Umm okay clearly the empathy gene is missing from her DNA, Monte can easily say I was just on the block last week (and besides he needs to stay off it to vote to keep Taylor, lol). So unless Terrance is really buying into his security with this quintet he could be stuck.

Could we have a gummy bear 2.0?

The second part of this equation is what happens when Kyle wakes up bc I take you back to Friday morning when Turner had his whole day mapped out with the intent of putting Ally/Terrance OTB & then his Daddy Kyle told him – no we’re not doing that.

I suspect Sunday morning will be a repeat of that situation with him insisting Monte goes OTB bc Kyle doesn’t care what the HOH wants or that getting Taylor out is best for Turner’s personal game. Because this week’s real HOH wants Monte put OTB and as soon as he is he’ll shift him from being a pawn to becoming the new target.


I guess he Turner will have to accept that whoever he puts up as a pawn will be holding on to hate and will want to pay him back since that’s his reason for wanting Taylor out. Because no one wants to be a pawn yet one is always needed. And if Terrance told Turner, Alyssa and Kyle that you don’t put someone up unless you want them to go home and that includes pawns. So whoever he picks should shit on him like he is doing Taylor. And it was ok for Taylor to be a pawn for the LO but when she wanted to put up a LO as a pawn to help her game it is somehow messy.

The Beef

Taylor wanted to put up TWO Leftovers as pawns (Turner and Monte), not one!!! She failed to consider what would happen if somebody outside the alliance played in and WON the veto – that is, decided to leave those noms the same, in which case one of them would have been voted OUT!

It was a catastrophically DUMB idea, and one she wanted to make simply to curry favor with the women in the house, even though most of them (Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa) were outside of her alliance, not to mention there were other options (Terrance). Turner is having to consider which of his 4 alliance mates (or he thinks are his alliance mates – Monte is certainly a question mark at the moment) will be OTB on EVICTION night, and therefore be in danger of being voted out of the game. The two situations are not even remotely similar.


Every hamster in the house can come up with something someone has said, agreed to, or something someone has planted as a lie.

In this case, Turner (as Another Name astutely pointed out when it happened) hung onto Taylor considering using him as a pawn. Of course, Turner was ignoring Taylor not only went up as a pawn for the Leftovers she also isolated herself to pretend she wasn’t with them.

As we ponder that thought, flashback to last week & Turner saying how stressful it is to be OTB (his FIRST TIME EVER) & think of how many times Taylor has sat OTB. Add in the fact his F2 had just SOLD OUT the Pound & Leftovers without ever discussing it with him clearly prioritizing his OWN safety & his showmance over Turner!

Granted, Joseph DID tell them about the F3 with Britt & F4 possibly with Michael, & Taylor who can be her own worst enemy by being honest – didn’t deny they were at the bottom of her Leftovers hit list.

Monte knowing he’s vulnerable this week reaffirmed his Pound loyalty & dumped a sh*tload of things said the week prior (occurring the morning after they reunited – so EARLY in this process & his position may be closer to the middle OR actually more with the Brochella 4-some – we’ll have to wait to learn the answer to those questions).

The fact that Turner also had a F4 in the Leftovers (Pound), and a F2 (Kyle) plus a F3 (+Ally) & F4 (+Terrance) outside the LOs is beside the point.

Bottom line, Turner could find reasons to put up virtually anyone in the house however he wanted to spin it.

To be honest, I think the truth is very simple — Taylor is his target bc he has multiple F2, F3 & F4 deals none of which include her AND more importantly JASMINE IS GONE. Instead of having multiple enemies, the best play is to always have ONE & with the Muffin Top princess gone Taylor is Turner’s new enemy.

I Spy

I enjoyed this read! The pawn decision will be HUGE!!!

I’m leaning Alyssa. She’s barely touched the block and will need to earn her stripes, but with Kyle also pushing, she might just cry and eye bat her way out of it. Monte will say he was just on the block and Kyle will be Kyle. That leaves Terrance drawing the short straw (couldn’t happen to a nicer guy).

Love me some BB

DX and Claire are on the new season of Amazing Race !!!!!

I wonder who will be on it from this season next time?!? Joe and Taylor?
Jasmine and Muffin?
Taylor and Lays potato chips?
Pooch and Joe?

So many options…..

East Coaster

Jasmine and muffin lmao

4 be 4

NOT funny, it’s muffins birthday, show respect


The situation at hand is like confusing to me: Like if the Leftovers that are still loyal REALLY wanna be strategic, Brittany doesn’t have anymore beef with Taylor, Turner puts Terrance or Alyssa up, and boom: Monte, Michael and Brittany on one side, Kyle and Alyssa/Terrance on the other side. So yea it’s most likely Monte is going to be a pawn then to ensure Taylor’s fate :/




PART 4: Brochella Four – have everything figured out:

Michael played along in the HOH but later when alone told feeders he was not buying anything Turner said. THIS is why Turner’s declarations of safety & emotional connections with the four LO-Brochella members & distance afterward was terrible social management by him.

Had Turner been more upfront the four-some likely would respect him more but as Britt accurately read – everything he did only served to put him in a terrible position now that Michael won the POV.

She noted even if his plan was you (Michael) why not ask your new allies (Ally/Terr) to do me one more favor & be the initial pawn bc we’re hoping Michael doesn’t play & we’ll backdoor him & if not we can shoot at Taylor (or Monte). Instead, he pissed off three people & unbeknownst to him also Monte.

The latter did the right thing playing up his Pound loyalty, smartly reconnecting with Turner & Kyle in an effort to secure his own safety. There are some who believe Monte is really aligned with them & the After Party – I DO NOT. Monte absolutely wanted to ensure his safety first & perhaps after talking to Turner he reinvested in the belief the Pound could still be F3.

But as he spent more time with the AP members as a group he witnessed their connection, & more information poured out which IMO shifted him firmly into the Brochella 4 camp. And I can tell you the precise moment Monte made that decision.

Feeling secure & in the catbird seat, Kyle decided to cop to being the one who told Terrance about the Leftovers (of course taking creative license to paint it occurring differently than reality). Monte is usually able to hide his emotions on his face but when Kyle told him that & followed it with I told him BEFORE NOMS & then AFTER POV Joe went crazy & started blowing all kinds of things up. IMHO, THAT was the moment Monte decided Kyle & Turner would have to pay for doing Joe dirty all so they could protect themselves & Ally.

Turner feels he has him locked back in with a Pound F3 he’s freely sharing information with him. Factor in that includes having him in the room with the After Party that only cements that four created a F4 deal before coming back inside. Monte also had some in-depth talks with Terrance & I wonder if they revealed differences to ‘the story’ Kyle gave filling in more gaps.

Joseph was Monte’s #1 – the person he trusted THE MOST & having to hear him being saddled with all the blame & being disloyal you could tell wasn’t sitting well with him. From the start, he said there had to be more to it & bc he knew how loyal Joe was he also correctly ascertained there must’ve been extenuating circumstances for Joe to say ANYTHING.

Shortly after Kyle’s revelation, Monte’s discussions with the Brochella 4 dramatically increased (as did the substance), especially with Taylor & Michael. The latter had already locked down precisely what happened.


I still see a chance for Turner to get to the Final 2 if not win. Michael was not buying what Turner was saying from right before nominations because of remembering Turner’s 1st HoH and was even more suspicious when he noticed Kyle was avoiding him; so he definitely had an idea of what was going on before his discussion with Monte. I do believe Taylor was telling the truth when she said to Turner that she understood him putting her on the block. Sorry for pretty much calling that it would be Kyle Vs Michael as soon as the Outside team rejoined their housemates

The Beef

Okay, let’s examine Brit’s strategy, knowing how things played out.

Turner puts up Alyssa and Terrance, as she said and nobody is the wiser or angry. Michael gets picked, just like he was, and WINS the veto. Keep in mind the 4 inside LO’s already made a pact to go after the remaining LO’s from the outside, but given Turner is HOH, they’re fine getting out either A or T, and since they know Turner isn’t turning on Kyle, Michael leaves the noms the same.

Doesn’t really matter who’s side Monte is on at this point, the Afterparty is losing a member this week, if Turner had used Brit’s strategy. Either A or T are going to jury, so the whole, “not necessary to piss somebody off” argument really isn’t there is it?

I agree he went overboard with the way he promised safety and the whole “no pawn” thing – no doubt, but he had to put two of them up there, or at least he had to put up one for sure, and if he puts up one, he might as well put up two in my eyes.


That’s fair. AND Britt is BRUTAL when she’s nervous. After playing what I thought was her best for a few weeks (bc she was safe) I spent most of today wishing she would STFU & just let Lawyer Michael talk. LOL


Omg! Put Alyssa up on the block! What makes her so special that she can decide she’s too stressed about it? It’s her turn to contribute to the game in some way.


She & Turner have both only been OTB once and both came down when the POV was used. But there she is getting all teary-eyed with Turner about not being able to handle it bc her & Kyle are fighting.

Turner didn’t go up partly bc his Festie Bestie was Jasmine & no one wanted to put her up when she was injured. But also bc he (up until this week) was playing a solid social game but all those promises he made (yikes) – if he ends up putting up Monte it’ll be another broken promise but even worse bc Turner was most loyal to the Pound since it’s formation.


Honestly 1) Turner is more loyal to Alyssa than Kyle is and 2) more importantly people see her as easy to beat in a Final 2 scenario (other one being Brittany)


The concern with Ally is she could very well have Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Turner & Terrance’s votes if she got there (especially after Sunday – & depending on how she deals with it moving forward).

I couldn’t help but think of Sam in what season was it? (the one Kaycee Clark won -20 maybe) anyway, I kept envisioning Sam putting up the two girls & in her DR after noms saying she didn’t respect their gameplay – throwing themselves all over the men & looking doe eyed at them. Ally would’ve been in so much trouble if this season there had been a player similar to Sam lol.

Love me some BB

Do you remember how excited you would be to watch each episode, (this was before they had the live feeds); my friends and I would get together and only speak during commercials or if we had DVRd it would only talk afterwards about that episode.
Omg so much fun! Tons of food and drinks… our boyfriends started watching with us and getting into it… and now….. I’m like , oh it’s on tonight? I’ll watch it tomorrow maybe or right before the next episode is on.

What happened to all the excitement? It used to be so fun… I miss that! ???

Maybe it’s just me …


I also remember those times but I’m okay with how things are now too. Things evolve. But I definitely understand the missing of those times. Nostalgia for another time that’s since lost. For me I was doing the same thing in say 2009 and 2010.


PART 5: Operation Get Kyle OTB:

Since everyone was exhausted from the comp there were no major game talks Saturday but there will be several meetings on Sunday. Michael is intent on swinging for the fences in an attempt to get Kyle put OTB.

First, he and Britt will meet with Monte & Taylor – Michael will relay what Turner told him & also emphatically state there is no way Kyle doesn’t push for Monte to be the re-nom & if he’s willing to push Turner to do that it means he’ll also be pushing for him to be the target.

I’m not sure if Turner gave Monte a heads-up about his desire to pull the five into the HOH for a pawn meeting. If he did it could impact how Monte views the following conversation & conversely if that meeting gets canceled it’ll raise red flags for Monte bc he’ll know something has changed (Read: Daddy Kyle changed the narrative).

Note: this next segment is pure speculation on my part as to how Michael would present his plan – but it’s a combination of how I think he’ll lay out & what he’s already alluded to.

This tough discussion will reveal why Michael & Britt pulled away from Kyle. They’ll highlight how he had always shown some disturbing biases, particularly towards Taylor & never trusted her which they always offered counter-arguments as to why he was incorrect.

Taylor knows this bc they discussed in when they met more regularly (pre-fauxmance days) with one of those chats being in the bathroom & one up by the bumper pool table. Britt/Michael told her how frustrating it was to deal with Kyle once he got stuck on something & shifting him off it with facts that he would absorb & then return to the same points again.

But during Taylor’s HOH the situation grew in intensity – they’ll outline how Kyle referred to Monte, Joseph, & Taylor as the aggressive people in the alliance & felt the other four were the ‘silent minority’ & how Kyle then began pushing for an alliance of five that included them Ally & Turner – the ‘white alliance’.

Michael will tell them how Kyle exposed prior to the Leftovers the four guys formed something & then decided to add Britt, Michael & finally Taylor to have the seven needed for a majority but how they were disposable & will reveal Kyle had been telling Michael for weeks that both Joe & Monte wanted Michael evicted first & possibly even before F7.

I’m guessing Britt will tell them how she sat Kyle down to try to reason with him on why he was looking at this all wrong & how she flatly refused to be a part of any such alliance & that both she & Michael much preferred rolling with the Leftovers to F7 even if what he said about Michael being the top target was true.

Having watched copious Michael strategy talks I’m assuming he’ll go back to the pool table night (especially b/c he knows that’s a sticking point) & say I’m sure you could feel how uncomfortable I was that night especially when Kyle specifically asked me for my thoughts. He’ll say Kyle pre-planned to ask him & wanted Michael to demonstratively back him up BUT that it was all a part of them moving forward for this white alliance he wanted to create which he wanted no part of.

He’ll tell them how Kyle was anticipating a double-eviction & had hinted that could be when he took the strike which Michael wouldn’t commit to. Instead, Michael went into that night knowing he would gun to win HOH & had planned to have this discussion with Taylor/Monte on Friday after. But then the house twist occurred so he went ahead with his plan to win & purposely selected this four to ensure their safety as well as Jasmine as the target.

I’m not sure if Terrance & Michael talked before or not since there are contradictory reports but Michael can say he knew Terr would pick Ally & Joe and thought he would pick Turner so everything worked out for him perfectly except he couldn’t also save Joe. But thought out of all of them he would be the safest bc he thought Terrance & him were close. He can also say – when it went down the way it did, he thought there was a good chance the showmance would go OTB & split up with the LOs hopefully taking out Ally. And further hoped that would take all the extra stress off Kyle & when he returned without her he’d go back to playing like he had prior to the showmance heating up.

As for why they waited to have this talk – he wanted Kyle back in the house when this discussion occurred but wanted their four to speak first. With Turner winning the POV & clearly aligned with Kyle/Ally once Taylor & Brittany hit the block he knew he was the target & wanted to focus his energy on winning POV so they could arrive at this moment.

That is because he has a plan but wants to ensure Monte/Taylor are completely comfortable with it before they put it in motion.

Next he’ll outline how it’s blatantly obvious Kyle set up Joseph outside ensuring he & Ally were safe but didn’t account for Terrance being a wild card bc he still landed OTB. Still, they can see that group created a F4 & Terrance is only in it bc he happened to be outside & won HOH. Michael will tell them he’s confident once Terrance inevitably spills the tea he’ll confirm that I’m the top target bc I f*cked Kyle’s initial plans & that you two (Taylor/Monte) are the next on the hit list & he suspects they’ll take out Terrance to keep Brittany as their fourth.

He’ll say with your approval I’d like to reveal this to the house speaking to Terrance first, then Ally & Turner last (but each separately). Each conversation will take on a different mandate with Terrance needing to know for the same reasons you two should. Nothing may shift Ally off Kyle & Turner but I strongly suspect she’s not been made aware of how Kyle represented her to us for the first three to four weeks of this game.

Or that Kyle was the person who created the Leftovers which he didn’t even suggest including her in. Or that the alliance & all our targets were a direct result of the secrets she spilled to Kyle. To be honest, she isn’t our greatest concern but we felt she should know why this is happening.

Finally, we’ll speak with Turner the man who gave the dog pile speech & is a philanthropist and I believe prior to last week was loyal to the Leftovers & your foursome. We’ll lay out this situation & in his case make him aware that it should be Kyle OTB & if he’s unwilling to do that he is drawing a line in the sand that will position him side by side with Kyle as this group’s priority targets.

There is no way to know how something like this will be received by Monte & Taylor. They will definitely be open to finding a plan to ensure someone other than Monte goes OTB but may prefer to handle it differently. And, again if Monte trusts Turner he might suggest holding off.

Much will depend on how much he wants to get revenge for Joe, how much he believes Turner, and also whether he gets annoyed it took so long to broach this. To that end, if you’ve watched Michael & Brittany this season it’s very much a part of their pattern to not speak on something as soon as it’s learned (at least Michael = Britt only when she’s safe). I swear there are conversations they’ve had that you could pull up five samples of a certain subject and the spoken word likely doesn’t vary by more than 5 percent.

The other uncertainty is whether we’ll get to see any of it since Skippy tends to cut feeds any time discussions of this nature occur.

I’m curious to see what comes out of this convo & if they proceed with the plan, especially with Terrance as that may lead to us learning whether any of the wall yellers included any reference that would align with this discussion.

Regardless, today could be a busy day in the BB house. There’s also an outside chance Turner ignores Kyle & moves forward with his version of the gummy bear pawn – and if that happens the above conversation may never even take place.


Using the veto on Taylor is the right move. I hope he does it. Michael is right, at this point in the game it’s about winning comps and Brittany has no where near as good a chance as Taylor. Hopefully it’s time to swing on the discs and Michael or Taylor win.


While Michael did bring that up when talking about scenarios I highly doubt that will happen


I’ve been saying Monte is playing the best so hopefully he doesn’t prove me wrong by saving Taylor. At this point they need to get Michael out asap and a Taylor or Britt hoh would protect him and give him a week he doesn’t need to win so they need to cut her first and then come at him and brit if they’re not hoh next week


Why is everyone assuming that Taylor is going home?

If Terrance goes up, Monte, Brit and Michael could vote him out.

I feel that is a very likely outcome. Right now they are all about maintaining a block of people against Turner and Kyle. They also have no reason to trust that Alyssa or Terrance are on their side.

Putting up Terrance instead of Monte would be a fatal error for Turner. He just told Alyssa that Monte can be trusted bc he’s a loyal sort.

He’s forgetting that Monte’s first loyalty would be to the LOs.

Turner and Kyle need to work on playing up how dangerous Michael is, the need to get him out at next opportunity. Put up Monte this week to ensure Taylor is gone.

Tim Z

Kyle has turned into Nicole and Daniel…he’s terrible in comps and bullies everyone. He’s like a rabid dog the way he talks about Michael. And now he has Turner acting the same way and how he turned on Taylor. They’re both like spoiled brats throwing tantrums.