Dane wins Power of Veto

Big Brother Spoilers – Dane wins the power of Veto. He will be using it on himself and Sam will be the replacement nomination. 12am Hot Tub room. Mark, Dane, Damien, Kyra, Adam and Sam chatting about random things. 1:30pm The house guests start getting ready for bed. 1:38pm HOH room. Cory and Dane. Cory […]

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Sam Wins the Power Of Veto! Anthony “What Kyra just did is irreversible.”

*** UPDATED ***
2:32am HOH room. Chelsea, Adam, Kyra, Sam.
Chelsea – Also Sam, its good to be able to say I had power and I used it. Its good for your game. Sam – yeah, I know. I know what is happening. I just feel obviously bad. Chelsea – I know. Sam heads to the bathroom. Adam – I hope she uses it. Chelsea – she will. Kyra – yes I know that was really stupid of me. Adrenaline was pumping and I shouldn’t have done that. I am sorry to you guys. As soon as it happened I was like you f**king idiot. Adam – yeah Anthony was questioning you up here. Kyra – I know. He was like why did you throw that?! I said no, Sam and I said we would yell out if we saw the ball.

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“In Some ways the best thing that can happen is Nat doesn’t use the veto”

9:23pm Tom and Kato
Talking about them winning HOH back to back..
Tom – it looked like he fell for real
Kato – Ricky? That’s what I’m saying..
T – I don’t know if he was bluffing when he kicked that ball. It didn’t go through the hoop.. I don’t think he’s the biggest threat
T – these games are not just about being an athlete.. It’s about analyzing the game..
T – I think also because we’ve been on Television more than anyone in the house you’re sorta like a little bit more aware of how this all works..
K – you’re right
T – I think we might win these games a lot
T – My thinking.. OK.. We should probably get Joey out of here anyways.. He’s probably the best player other than us Including Natalie and LOLO (lol)

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Power Of Veto Winner Results! “We’re bad motherf***in b****es!”

9:20pm Storage room. Natalie and Lolo. Natalie – I am not going to lie… If I didn’t win that my parents would have been like What The F**k?! Lolo – why? Natalie – I was a soccer player all through college. Lolo – I am just going to let you know that I could have totally bit that pain and won but I… Natalie – I know you could have. It was a fun competition for us. Lolo – I just feel that I would have got it more from Kandi. Natalie – agrees. And if anything we’re in this together. That was fun for me and it was win win no matter which way it goes.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Four vetos! You’re the f**king champ!”

They all have medieval costumes on. It was a maze competition. JC – four vetos in a f**king row! Tyler – four vetos! You’re the f**king champ! Kaycee – how the heck did this happen, I suck at mazes! Kaycee tells Tyler that he was so close. Sam – I ran through it like a f**king psycho. It wasn’t even that hard of a maze either. Angela – it wasn’t hard but once you start running you forget where the last one was. Tyler – not easy! Sam – congratulations, that was hard. I have no idea how you did that so fast. Sam – JC you did good too. I was the only person that didn’t complete it.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I know I did really bad”

*** updated ***

3:08am Tyler and kaycee
They talk about the plan being Haleigh, Sam then JC.
Tyler doesn’t like the confident JC has thinking that he has BRett.
Kaycee agrees notes that JC doesn’t have brett at all.

Tyler – I’m telling you if JC F*ing wins.. He’ll try whatever he can to get two of you up there..
Kaycee doesn’t think JC will win on Thursday.
Tyler about JC ‘He literally thinks he’s control everything”
They agree JC has been on the right side of the vote but it’s them that control everything.
Tyler says JC will be pissed when he finds out about level 6

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POV Competition Results! “I should just go f**k myself! Like why am I even here!”

Bedroom. Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh – f**k dude!! When I sat down I got dizzy. Brett joins them. Brett to Haleigh – you were doing good. Yours was slippery as f**k. I was watching you. Haliegh – I really think they hit me as hard as they could with the pie. The greased up my lane. Just kidding. Brett – she (Sam) was like can you turn the water on again. Haliegh – she’s just a f**king b***h. I stopped talking to her the last 3 days. F**K dude! Angela – you’re fine! You’re going to be okay! Haleigh – I should just go f**k myself!!! Like why am I even here. Kaycee joins them. Brett – I think the technique for that was to start with the biggest balls first.

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“All four of them are working together You, Me and Sam are the odd man out”

**Updated to NOON *****

Big Brother Spoilers Fes’ goose is cooked.. Now all we need is Scottie to win the battle back.

Fes is blaming their predicament on Rockstar again saying if she hadn’t given Tyler the POV he would have never sent Scottie home.
Fes says he’s ready to go home now he doesn’t want to go to jury, “I don’t want to sit in jury for 20 days’
H – think of it as a vacation.. STOP we don’t know you are leaving
FEs – one of us is.. I would rather be the one that goes anyways
H – don’t say that ever again
JC – you never really know what will happen
FES brings up his veto performance – I don’t drop balls I DON’T Drop balls..
JC tells Haleigh if she makes top 2 he’ll campaign for her in the jury house.
Haleigh – all four of them are working together you me and Sam are the odd man out
Haleigh asks if Tyler is going to sleep in the HOH all week. JC thinks he will says he told him that after he’s done being a have not he’s moving in up there.

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