“We have to make sure it’s Taylor and Monte. If you go up next to Taylor I think Monte sends you home. “

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

9:19 am Michael and Brittany
Michael says he talked a bit to Alyssa she says she’s very stressed about what to do. He told her that the three of them will talk. “she did hang out with Turner last night maybe an hour or so”
Michael – she said ‘my mind’s just racing because of all the things Joe said’

Michael – maybe we talk to her first then leave out some of the stuff about Kyle until we talk to Monte and Taylor
Michael – who do you think we should talk to first?
Brittany – I was trying to think through all possible scenarios. Say we talk to Monte and Taylor today I just want to be cognizant that we’re..
Michael – using this for game
Brittany – or this white savior bullshit that’s not.. you know what I mean. That’s not our intention that not how I want it to be construed. Also how..
Feeds flip to Terrance brushing his teeth.

9:42 am – 10:50 am Monte, Taylor, Michael and Brittany
They all meet up in the have-nots room to talk about Kyle. I assume Britt and Mike will tell them that Kyle was worried about a cookout2 forming. Maybe Monte told them about the pound. Who knows. The feeds are not showing this conversation.
(We can discuss in the comments below why CBS won’t show this conversation.)

10:36 am Kyle and Terrance
Terrance – First thing in the morning Michael and Brittany says they are going upstairs to stretch. I was on the bike.
Kyle – Monte, and Taylor on the block.
Terrance – that’s what I’m saying
Kyle – I trust him ISH..
Terrance – I want to put him up instead of us.
Kyle – If Alyssa is up next to Taylor He’s sending Alyssa home. If you go up I don’t trust it.
Terrance – same page.. samge page.

10:38 am Kyle and Alyssa
Kyle – you are amazing. Everyone is up there.. Monte, Michael, Taylor, and Brittany they’re up with Turner right now. I just talked to Terrance he was like Yeah they’re all up here.
Kyle – we have to make sure it’s Taylor and Monte. If you go up next to Taylor I think Monte sends you home.
Alyssa says she told Turner she’s not comfortable going up.
Kyle – it has to be Monte then it will flip I bet..
Kyle – I trust Monte but I trust you and Terrance 10 times more. Him and Taylor had a week to bond.

Terrance joins them.
Kyle – we got to talk to Turner us four before Monte cause Monte is going to go in there like ‘I was on the block last week’ he’ll come up with a laundry list of reasons it should be Alyssa, or you or me.
Alyssa – I told turner last night I didn’t want to go up as a pawn he said we can talk it as a group
Kyle – I don’t want to take the risk of losing one of our numbers.
Alyssa – one of us can’t go home on Turner’s HOH
Terrance – taking away one of our votes. it makes me nervous
They talk about Monte wanting to disguise they are working together. They will bring this up when pushing for him to go up as the pawn.

Kyle says Turner trusts Monte a TON. “Why put the risk in Monte’s hands”

10:51 am Kyle, Alyssa, and Terrance
They’ve figured out Turner is still sleeping in the HOH. Michael, Brittany, Taylor and Monte have been in the have nots “For awhile”

10:55 am Monte and Kyle
Monte – they pulled me up there and were trying to figure something out I guess. It wasn’t anything Concrete
Kyle – what are they even going to try to do
Monte – I have no idea dude..
Kyle – something to save Taylor?
Monte – he’s told Turner he’s taken down Brittany so like at that point I don’t know what there is to talk about. I think they think maybe I’ll go up as the replacement. I don’t think Turner would want to put me up.
Kyle – trying to get you out over Taylor?
Monte – that’s what they think
Monte – I didn’t tell them anything about us
Monte wonders who Turner will put up says Terrance will be the easiest option
Kyle – Terrance won’t be okay with that

11:07 am Brittany and Taylor
Taylor – crazy shit
Britt saying this game is harder than she thought.
Taylor – love you
Britt – love you to

11:16 am Alyssa, Michael, and Brittany (They’re rehashing the entire season. Spill the leftovers)
Michael says he’s going to spill everything to Alyssa. They start with the Ameerah week.
Michael says Joe and Kyle were acting like double agents.
Britt – I thought it was taking it too far but whatever..
Feeds flip .. when we’re back They’re talking about the five swatters
They go over Taylor’s HOH. Micheal mentions how messy it was. Brittany says they were trying to do things for TV.
Michael says that Taylor was not happy about the veto but Joe was in her ear the entire time about Alyssa. ‘She’s clowning you ‘
Michael – Getting Taylor all rilled up

Brittany says Kyle wasn’t doing anything malicious.
Michael says Kyle has had her back on instances.
Michael – there has been instances where he has stuck his neck out for you but on the same token there have been times when he’s made it clear.. maybe he was just doing damage control.. .Apparently, he told Taylor I regret not using the veto.. maybe he was just saying that because he knew Taylor and Joe weren’t happy about that decision..

Alyssa – are you going to have the same conversation with Terrance?
Michael – I don’t know I don’t have a good personal relationship with Terrance. There 8 people in the house now 7 people know everything. Who cares if Terrance finds out

11:54 am Michael, Brittany, and Alyssa
Michael – He was basically saying the people of colour in the game have a unifying goal and they’re closer with the other people of colour in the game and they will turn on us. So without saying the 5 white people ought to stick together he is saying us five need to stick together without putting that label on it. It was very clear.
Brittany – Kyle is a nice person he’s not being malicious I don’t think he’s probably aware of the things that he was saying was coming off that way also. We would never say.. We don’t want this to be construed that we’re using this for game.
Brittany – I said to Kyle you can’t assume there is another cookout because there was a cookout last year. Are you looking at these two groups like that.. do you see what you are saying?
They go on about how there was no evidence of a cookout 2 forming.
Alyssa says she never saw that a cookout was forming. “I did hear what Taylor said about Jasmine I thought that was a respectful beautiful thing I didn’t think it was for the entire game just her HOH”
Brittany mentions to going back watching the season and finding out you were inaverdenalty in a white alliance.
Alyssa – I appreciate you telling me that that is something I wouldn’t want to be part at all.
Michael – to be honest with you I would like to see Kyle leave this week. I’m going to talk to Turner about this. I just don’t feel like.. if it f**s my game over so be it.
Michael – this is a weight we had to carry.. This goes beyond the game. I won’t be a part of it.

(a new dimension of BigBrother game play)

11:50 am Terrance, Turner and Kyle chit chatting about camping.

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Team Taylor

If they can get Kyle to blow up publicly, it may be enough to get him up as the renom/backdoor option. We’ll find out soon enough.

The Corey's

Why are Brit and Michael white apologist?

As a minority him self, Michael really ought not be out here with the white savior game play.

Are we really at the point where Turner has to put a member of his own alliance up on the block just because the literally only other option is a person of color and now he has to sacrifice his own game in the name of not looking sketch?

Cbs did this to them self, this season was really really good, best one since the last time Dan played and now CBS identity politics are creeping in to ruin the day.

I Spy

Identity politics? That’s your perspective. I see this as nothing more than strategic game maneuvering (not unlike Jasmine’s foot/birthday, which worked to get her to jury). Don’t hate the player, hate the game. All’s fair in love and big brother.

The Corey's

So you’re saying it’s Michael’s game to accuse Kyle of being a racist and thus targeting him for eviction?

Using race to prompt your self above others is the definition of racism. So Michael is the racist. Got it.


I think if Alyssa runs back to Kyle with that info, then she has an opportunity to talk him down and tell him NOT to react when they say it, which will make it look like they’re lying to save their games.


If she doesn’t warn him and he’s blindsided with that, there’s a good chance he might flip out defensively and start yelling, stuttering, etc.

Kyle is extremly immature, so it will all be dependent on whether Alyssa chooses to warn Kyle of what’s to come…


why oh why can’t they see they need to put up Kiddie Kyle or his Bed-bunny? Leave Taylor until later!

Big Brother Fan

As a bi-racial person I will once again say how disgusted I am over calling Kyle a racist for simply being paranoid about something that happened last year. It’s hilarious to me that all these white people will be running from Kyle to avoid being labeled racist and the repercussions outside of the house for working with him when the Cookout, the most racist alliance in BB history, was celebrated last year. Make it make sense! And I don’t want to hear about “the cause” bc I didn’t see Xavier giving a dime of his winnings towards any cause other than Xavier.


yes yes yes




I don’t say anyone not working with Kyle over this Turner and alyssa aren’t going to care and I doubt Terrance will either. Monte could use it as an excuse to flip if he wants to save Taylor but doubt he’ll really care either


It is evil what’s being done to Kyle. Straight up evil. He’s just a paranoid kid playing a game that makes everyone paranoid. He had every reason to wonder if a cookout 2.0 could happen. He’s done nothing wrong.


I think they’re probably paranoid about what will happen outside of the house. Have you seen what can happen on Twitter over this sort of thing? People lose their jobs, reputation etc. I know I would have it in the back of my mind. It sucks but it’s the world we live in


As a biracial person were you just as upset the many previous seasons (and this season) where black people were attacked ostracized and voted out early? Or is it only white people getting targeted that upsets you? And yes it is racist or assume all black people are working together with no evidence. Taylor (black person) would have been gone week 1 if Paloma didn’t have a mental breakdown. Ameerah (black person) was gone week 3. So if there was a black alliance why are all the black people at risk?

Slim Geezy

*slow clap*

The Beef

Would you prefer he stick his head in the sand, like the players did last season, and just ignore the fact they are doing it? NO, I’m not saying they were doing it this season, but the fact it happened last season makes it a legitimate strategy to be leery of, and BEING leery of it does NOT make you a racist in any shape, form or fashion! It only shows you are aware that strategy does exist, and has been used in the past to WIN the game, so you ignore it at your own peril.

It’s unfortunate players can’t play this game without having to worry about things like this, but it seems it permeates into every facet of our lives, no matter how far we’ve come in the past 60 years. Yes, we still have a ways to go, but not everything can be viewed through a racial lens, nor should it be. It’s just a damn game, and this young man doesn’t deserve to be tarred and feathered for making the mistake of thinking a strategy that WAS used last year, might be being used again this year, due to the paranoia we all know runs rampant inside that house.

And for Michael and Brittany to sit there and say they’re not using this so-called information for game purposes – that’s just another damn lie. They’re absolutely using it for game purposes, to try to evict Kyle, to save Taylor and to preserve their own numbers. They obviously don’t care if they destroy Kyle’s life in the process either.

I Spy

Kyle’s thoughtful and logical. He didn’t make a mistake. He basically tried to pull a reverse cookout ( the “tailgate?”). Not mad at him, it’s a game move. This one just blew up in his face and may blow up his game.


You are comparing apples to oranges, most seasons had few players of color. They weren’t targeted based on race. The first few players to go are typically based on who hasn’t developed any relationships at the time of eviction. Typically over 24 seasons, it has actually been the older players to go first.


You already know that person isn’t bi-racial, Wizard. It was just fine & dandy when the Black people were targeted all of these these DECADES, but the ONE year Black folks banded together THEY were racists. LOL Make it make sense!


Thank you! I appreciate you saying this so much.


Thank you!


I’m sure you must have heard so I suppose you just dismiss, that it is impossible to be racist when one is in not in a position of power and privilege in society. It would be so nice if people could at least make their arguments with understanding of this very basic premise. Otherwise, the logic is all fallacy.

Being also that all people of dominant culture ie Caucasians are racist to some degree, that is something that needs to be examined in Kyle’s case.

Although he seemed to have no malice and was basing his conclusions on the fact of the Cookout last year, he went too far in them suggesting that the White people start picking off the Black HGs as a just in case suspicious. He needs to learn that with so much past and ongoing harm that exists towards Black people, he was contributing to that sort of random targeting.

Inadvertent and even good intentions don’t cut it. He failed.

That being said, I like to use nuance in these assessments and not just go mad rabid against a person like him. He really seems so immature and impulsive, unable to think through what he is suggesting. That is not an excuse, but I do not think he deserves the labeled vitriol.

I like his game play and as a woman pushing 60, I have a bit of a soft spot for a young kid who is still working on finding his way.

I Spy

It’s all game play….whatever works. Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

C wade

Wasn’t the cookout racist


Lmao not telling them this because of game but yet waited 3 weeks and until he wanted Kyle nominated to tell anyone. Hoping Turner puts up Terrance as Kyle is messy wnd might flip on Monte and Monte might also be convinced to save Taylor


I don’t understand why they keep telling Alyssa all of this information about Kyle. Alyssa is not going to turn against Kyle, Alyssa is not here to play BB, Alyssa is on Love Island, all she wants is to keep making out with the man child.

Nothing anyone can tell Alyssa is going to make her go against Kyle, When Alyssa is out, and I hope she watches this season back at home, Alyssa’s role is the desperate girl who just wanted a showmance.

Alyssa’s in my opinion is playing the role of a weak woman who cannot do without a boy, because Kyle’s immature ass is not hardly what I would call a Man. Alyssa is weak and she is willing to remain with Kyle, she does not care about all the shit he said about her.

I don’t know why they keep telling her what Kyle has said or done, Alyssa is desperate to have Kyle’s attention, to hell with playing Big Brother, she wants a Showmance, that’s all Alyssa wants, forget about 750k or 75k, Alyssa just wants to be with Jr. High School Kyle.

Alyssa is useless in this game, except for Kyle when he needs to release his sexual tensions, all of 10-seconds from what everyone has said on this site. How Pathetic !!!


Lol I agree


Can BB be anymore obvious in their script?! Everyone and their grandma knows the best move would have been putting both britt and Michael up at the get go. If Michael won the veto ( and we all knew he would) he takes himself down and Taylor goes up…
Simple!! But they want everything to be convoluted. Now the debate will be: yo can’t put two black people on the block it’ll look RACIST!! Just mind numbingly obvious.
Oh and OF COURSE Kyle wasn’t picked to play in the veto.
Give the people what they want I guess.


Sorry can’t blame the show. This was all Kyle


Anyone in their right mind would wonder since racist big brother it happened last year, in fact every person of color talked about it wondering if they could do it so just because a white person brings it up, he is now considered a racist and everyone hates him and wants to ruin his life. He hasn’t said ONE racist thing and all of his alliances have included everyone. What a disgusting world we now live in.


this is the year of the backdoor


They’ve already had two black people on the block: Terrace and Ammerah, Taylor and Nicole, Monty and Jasmine. This happens on Big Brother all the time. No one is going to care whether it looks bad or they wouldn’t have been doing it for so long.And if it is pointed out, no one will care. Brittney and Michael have already told Kyle how bad this looks and now he is suggesting Taylor and Monti. So don’t use the reverse race card because it is only pointed out when people complain that people are doing it.

I Spy

They didn’t want him to play in the veto (as a nom would have guaranteed), so they chose backdoor.


If Turner listens to Kyle, then he might as well just move downstairs and let Kyle have the HOH Room. I knew as soon as Kyle heard Turner is thinking about putting Alyssa up as a Pawn against Taylor, I knew Kyle would want Monte put up.

Kyle is a snake, I hope real soon his ass is sitting on the block next to Alyssa. If Turner lets Kyle talk him into putting Monte up instead of Alyssa or Terrance, and then Kyle, Terrance and Alyssa vote Monte out, Turner will see Kyle is willing to lie and back stab him.

I keep saying this, Turner messed up his HOH by letting Kyle make Turner fall in line with Kyle’s messy game play.

When is Turner going to realize Kyle does not want Alyssa up on the block, Turner can’t see that Kyle is planning on it being him and Alyssa in the F2, Kyle is not going to keep his word and let Alyssa go to jury and keep Turner.

I thought Turner was smarter than this. Tuner is carrying 2 floaters,”Alyssa & Terrance” who cannot win a Competition to save their lives, Turner cannot play in the next HOH, Turner can only hope Kyle will win HOH. Turner needs to stop being led by Kyle !!


I was hoping Michael would be this seasons winner until he started acting like he is superior to everyone else. Him and Brittany act like how dare anyone put them up for eviction. Brittany is just riding Michael’s coattails. I think Turner and Kyle are playing the game. Hope Turner wins!


The feeds did show the conversation. I just watched it


I think Mikes game just became a slice bit dirty. If viewers and house guests are not aware that the last six people were African-Americans last year, only one year removed, then the fools get fooled. Kyle was not waiving his Grand Wizard flag. He was stating history, & was stating he is aware of it. I mean damn, he has Terrance & a recently pulled in & possibly loyal or unloyal Monte. For Mike to make it about optics on TV is disgusting. It is not about white versus black, it is about getting rid of the best game player. I mean, come on mike. He was trying to get rid of, you a white person.


He didn’t pull in Monti, Turner did. And he pulled in Terrance first because he was HOH and then because he knew he needed the numbers. He will throw Terrance away just as he did Monti when it suits him. He truly has no loyalty to anyone. People are just numbers to get him where he wants. He wasn’t even loyal to Alyssa until his 10 sec encounter.

The Beef

Don’t bother with facts. The tar and feathers are out, as is the rail to ride Kyle out of the house on.

Don’t worry though because Mike and Brit say this isn’t about a game move.

And people said Kyle played dirty when he outed the Leftovers? This may be the dirtiest move in BB history.


Nevermind. Did not read far ahead enough. Sorry

Only Reading Feeds

I know it’s a game. Kyle isn’t racist, he’s an immature goofy snakey person. He’s not loyal either and I think he will emotionally destroy Alyssa over time. He needs to go. I can’t wait for him to be out of the house even if he makes final two he will not win, he will then see all the dislike for him. He dances or something on social media he may see the negative comments when he out.

Only Reading Feeds

He reminds me of the main character from House of Cards. If you look up or have watched that show.


Brittany should not have joined this conversation IMO. She should have just left it as Michael talking one-on-one with Turner


The feeds being blocked during the Michael/Brit/Taylor/Monte conversation is symbolic of a shift in the age of social media that has compromised the very basis of BB as a reality show. For better or worse, BB has changed substantially because HGs (and CBS) are hyper-cognizant of perception and post-season repercussions.

I’m not a fan of Kyle. He’s been annoying to me since Day One. I’d like to see him evicted this week because I’d much rather watch others on the feeds than him. Moreover, it would be amazing BB gameplay to see Kyle evicted on the week that he orchestrated the plan to backdoor Michael. With that said, I’m sorry that the feeds are “edited” as CBS attempts to control perception. We are literally watching Terrance brush his teeth rather than real conversations among HGs. The hamsters are no longer hamsters being studied by the outside world, which is an unfortunate reality in Modern BB that has diminished the game as a whole.


They did show Michael telling Turner

Just A Fan

I don’t buy that kyle is racist. I’m disappointed that Michael and Britt are telling turner and Alyssa all about it now and expressing concern about being associated with him. He is playing a game, and maybe not the way I would or you would play, and thinking of all the possibilities. So so disappointed in some of these people that I really liked until the last week.


It will be interesting to see what Michael and Brittany do once they leave the HoH.


As a PoC, I never once had the feeling that Kyle was being racist. It seemed to me that Kyle’s actions/words were just a mix of classic BB paranoia and bad reads of the house. The comment that Taylor made to Jasmine obviously didn’t help either. Also, considering that we saw the first alliance born solely based off of race last season, I just really can’t fault Kyle, or any future houseguests, for questioning if there is a minority alliance,

If Michael and Brittany really cared for PoC and what’s right, they would have voiced their concerns to the houseguests right after becoming aware of Kyle’s views of the house. Instead, it seems like they’re just using this as fuel to try and get PoC and the rest of the houseguests on board with getting Kyle evicted weeks after this information became available to them. It’s pretty fucked up that they would use this as part of their strategy when this shit has consequences far outside of the game that can ruin a person. Michael and Brittany really should have brought up all the stuff about Kyle weeks ago if they were so concerned because now it just looks like they’re trying to pit the PoC against their preferred target.

I was really enjoying this season. A lot of unpredictability and drama. Not too many people I disliked on a personal level. Mostly everyone seemed to have their heads in the game, even if they were making terrible decisions. This race stuff is really pushing it for me though. I had a lot of respect for the game that Michael was playing. He was on track to being one of the greats, probably still is, but he’s lost a lot of respect from me.


Bad path.


Micheal for the ALL TIME MVP!!!! He actually has Turner considering putting Kyle on the block!! Just wow!!


I read someone suggest that perhaps Kyle has Asperger’s. I don’t think that’s accurate.

He’s too in tune to the social vibes of the house,

He seems to be a classic ADHD, being hyped-up, immature, impulsive, very smart.

It totally fits how he could not sleep and went to wake up Turner in bed to discuss targeting Michael.

Young men with this presentation need a lot of time to grow up. Likely at college age he was like a raving 14 yr old. I can only imagine.


So the black peoole can rally together and not vote each other out last season and this one… But when 1 white person notices it and tries to figure out of thats happening again in the house… He is out now? Im done with big brother if he gets voted out. Im sick of the racist bullsh*t.


Once season out of over 20 season of POC not wanting this to continue to be the first ones voted out and that is worth getting upset about. All these years are erased and you get upset at something most white people in Big Brother do but don’t talk about it. This is about people’s comfort levels. I am not saying Kyle is racist. I think he is more dealing with white male privilege. I don’t like the way he is playing the game but more because he has absolutely no loyalty. He will throw anyone under the bus to save himself. It’s a game but show some loyalty.


The racist BS has been a large part of BB History. Last season was the first time that it became possible for there to even be a large enough alliance of minorities to make it to final 6! It wasn’t “reverse racism,” which is not a real thing BTW. The people that are still crying about last season are just pi$$ed because for once, the tables were turned.

Kyle did go beyond making just an observation about a possible Cook Out 2.0. He’s really an immature 29 year old. Maybe it’s just learned bias, ignorance, etc., or he is actually racist. IDK! I’m sure he will have a rude awakening when season ends. It’s what he does with that knowledge. Time will tell.


The current events in the house are a prime example of why I was so against the Cookout last season. It set a precedent that I knew would change the game forever. If you don’t expect another cookout, you are a stupid player. Add in some players saying they do not want to vote out a black person just reinforces the possibility. Kyle is my least favorite player in the house but this treatment is wrong just like what they did to Joseph was wrong. I wanted karma to catch up to Kyle but not this way.

C wade

So doesn’t that mean the cookout was racist


Not racist but but they definitely, against any WHITE person winning. SOOOOO they formed a Gang.