Daniel & Kyle WON the VETO! “This is very poetic! Daniel thinks the plan is to backdoor you.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

11:10pm – 1:31pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto competition.

Daniel & Kyle WON the VETO!!

HOH room – Monte and Taylor.
Taylor comes in celebrating. Monte – what’s happening? Taylor – let me go grab my chips and lay down because I’m so sad. Monte – this is very, very poetic! Taylor – yeah. Oh my god its going to be so good! Monte – I hope Kyle allows Daniel to be the one to do the speech. Taylor – it would be an amazing speech. Monte – are you still good with the plan (Backdooring Nicole) though… 100%? Or how are you feeling? Taylor – I mean I not 100% excited about that but .. I’m 80% and only because I am nervous about next week and onwards. Monte – Mmmmhhmmm. Taylor – I really am nervous about Brittany and Michael’s safety and that f**ks all of us. Monte – yeah. Nicole came in here and came up with a wonderful plan that she already told Indy that if she wins HOH… If Indy wins HOH that she should put up me, Terrance and Joe as pawns and then backdoor Michael and Brittany. And she is telling me this like the plan is already set in place. Taylor – oh okay.. on your HOH?! Monte – I am like yeah, I got to get you (Nicole) out of here! Like this is just unacceptable. So I just wanted to check in with you. Taylor – oh yeah I am good! I am going home .. does anyone want one of my dresses?! She laughs. Monte – yeah, yeah. Taylor – I have to pack you guys. Monte – I am glad they won it because its not going to look fishy at all .. Daniel thinks the plan is to backdoor you. And then we got plenty of votes to make it happen. Taylor – yeah plenty of time.. plenty of votes. Joe joins them. They talk about how good it will be for Daniel to take down Alyssa/Indy thinking Taylor is going up but really Monte will put up Nicole. Kyle joins them. Kyle – should I say anything to Alyssa and Indy? They’re going to ask if we’re going to use it. They tell him yes. Kyle – okay so outline the backdoor plan. Kyle leaves. Monte – its all going to be very discrete.. for my game personally.. I would love an unanimous vote .. I don’t want it to be as split as last week. If people just get the word that Nicole is going out this week and they all go into panic .. they won’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote. I think at that point they will .. but Daniel will not. He will throw a sympathy vote to Nicole. Taylor – you can’t do that until right before. Monte – yeah like 2 hours before. And then that will release Nicole out of contention for HOH.. then we’ll have 6 people who can go for HOH next week.

1:50pm Bedroom – Indy and Nicole.
Nicole – I went and talked to him (Monte) earlier today and told him how I sat with you and all this stuff and to make sure next week especially if you guys get power _____ I want you to be safe. Indy – I don’t even know if I can trust her. Do you understand. Nicole – okay but listen to me. I agree with you about the Ameerah thing. We don’t know what she was saying to other people about either one of us .. because I fully trusted her. Indy – and who was with her. Nicole – I fully trusted her 110%. So for me now I want to have your back as much as I can and thats it. That’s why I made sure I told Monte that you know .. whatever happens especially if Indy and Alyssa are in power next week I said I want them to be able to talk to you and the three of you .. and lets work together. Indy – oh with you as well? Nicole – yeah! Trust me I want to here next week. Indy – my question was she picked me because she was working with Ameerah behind my back. Nicole – I know what you’re saying but you have to remember now that Ameerah is not here .. its a clean slate. It changes everything. Plus none of us knew she was going home. Me, Daniel and Terrance felt very blindsided.

1:51pm Outside the HOH room – Michael, Taylor and Brittany.
Michael – is the plan to use it? Taylor nods. Michael – when did we decide that? Like I know we talked about it but Joe is down there telling Alyssa and Indy .. like oh you guys are going to come down. AND I am like I don’t remember agreeing to a plan. Taylor – I go upstairs and talk to Monte and he is very excited about it of course .. and he was like are you okay with us getting Nicole out? And I was like I am 80% on board because I want to protect you two (Michael and Brittany). But he really wants to make the move and I get it. Michael – I know its the flashy move but is it the smart move? Taylor – I don’t think its wise but there is no way it makes sense for Daniel not to use the veto. Kyle not using the veto makes sense but Kyle trying to convince Daniel not to use the veto is fishy. Like hey don’t use the veto and Daniel is going to ask why?! Nicole might not be safe… that f**ks us. And then Nicole has incentive to actually win HOH next week. And then we’re done!

2:21pm HOH room – Daniel and Kyle.
Daniel – he’s my plan I am going to hear him out (Monte) 100%. Kyle – I think we.. I mean you’ve been in this situation before as the HOH with people winning veto. How did you want to go about it? Daniel – well Michael won it so I knew he was using it. But he still had to touch base and I respected that. It is our power but I also don’t want to be rude. Like is the plan still what you said before? Kyle – I mean he made it very clear from his first speech and I think Taylor knows to be honest. But we should ask what that conversation was like .. like did you break the news? Daniel – also things can change in two days. Like on my HOH Taylor made herself a target by lying. Monte joins them. Daniel – has anything changed? Monte – No, I wanted this to be a straight forward week. Kyle – my question is like just setting expectations for Taylor .. are you going to be transparent.. should we be transparent? Like I just feel bad if we’re like you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe.. even just sitting down there with Nicole ..I was like should we just say something? Monte – I think production has been pretty clear with us not being too.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Monte – I haven’t thought about what I would say once I put Nicole & Taylor up as replacement nominees.. I haven’t gotten to that point yet. But I think Daniel, you and I have been on the same page regarding Taylor. Kyle – she has to have an idea though because you (Monte) won HOH and then you (Daniel) win power. They talk about how a lot can happen over the next two days.

2:27pm Bathroom – Brittany and Michael.
Michael – I prefer if noms stayed the same honestly. Brittany – I would prefer that too. Michael – we’ll talk about it I guess.

HOH room – Monte, Joe and Brittany.
Monte – the crazy part is we did the best thing for our group by getting out Ameerah last week because she was good at doing what she did. Nicole is actually not good at doing what she is doing.. She is coming over telling us what exactly she is telling other people. She isn’t even sending minions or she is in some sense with sending Alyssa and Indy. We now recognize this strategy from when Ameerah did it. Joe – its a very very hard aggressive approach and unless you’re playing a bunch of passive people it wouldn’t work. Brittany – I still have to let them think that I trust them. I need to still let them think that I trust them. Joe – we have your back. Monte – I think if we have the power next week .. the targe is Danie.

3pm – 3:17pm Bedroom – Nicole and Daniel.
Daniel – I have to convince Kyle to not use it. Nicole – yeah. I think they think we’re in a showmance. Daniel – who?! Nicole points around the house. Daniel – everyone? No. No one cares about the obvious but this is still apart of the twist that we don’t know about. If I don’t and he does (use the veto) because its an option. That’s what I went to go ask (production). Nothing. But the line is that we’re told in the meeting … The line is .. It only takes one of you.. to decide if the veto is used or not. Nicole – correct. If its not agreed upon we don’t know what happens. Daniel – Correct. I am thinking if I don’t use it.. and then he uses it for one person? He will take Alyssa off, but does HOH replace? Maybe I could pitch that to Monte? As like yo bro .. just to make sure it all goes smoothly. I don’t want the house flipping on Nicole. If I use one, take off Alyssa and Taylor goes up. He’ll say fine but he could put you up. Nicole – it will be clear if I go up, I’m the target. Daniel – absolutely. I just don’t trust anybody. I think if I’m very clear that I don’t want to use the veto to Kyle. Nicole – it will get back to Monte.

3:50pm HOH room – Monte, Joe, Michael, Brittany and Kyle.
Michael – Would it be smart to try and get Daniel not to use it because then Indy and Alyssa would then be mad. Because they would be pissed if he was going to leave them up there .. and then you (Kyle) pulled them down. Joe – that would be dramatic! Michael – because who would be mad at you at that point? Kyle – Daniel. So how does the veto work when its two people. Michael – Daniel could say I do not want to use the veto and then you could say actually I have decided to use it.. so he would go first. Kyle – I would have to straight up lie to him and say we’re not using it.. then he talks and then I use it. Joe – I’m so scared if one person wants to use it and the other doesn’t .. that a rule is going to pop up. Kyle – they’ve been clear .. one person.. Michael – and its in the script. Kyle – that would be dramatic. I wouldn’t love to do that to Daniel. It would be a little messed up.

4:43pm Bedroom – Jasmine and Nicole (Side note – why does Jasmine look like a bag lady that just came out from under a bridge?)
Jasmine – what’s happening? Nicole – I fee like we haven’t spoken since everything happened (Ameerah blindsided). I just don’t know where your head is at as far as what’s going on as a whole. Jasmine – I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. Nicole – how do you feel about Monte? How do you feel about anybody how voted to get Ameerah out? Jasmine – I mean I feel like everyone had their own reason. Jasmine – of course I would have loved to have known what was going on and not been left out. They probably didn’t because I was close to Ameerah. Nicole – right. Jasmine – Everyone had their own reasons and now I’m finding out things that were transpiring when she was here. Nicole – same! I feel like they didn’t tell me because I was close to her but I am also close to Terrance. Jasmine – I’m on slope so its hard for me to mentally be here let alone physically. Nicole – well I am definitely going on the block as the replacement. I think the boys are going to pull Indy and Alyssa down. Jasmine – why do you think that? Nicole – because they want to get rid of Taylor. So naturally I am scared about getting backdoored the way that Ameerah did last week. That’s what I felt the day Ameerah left .. Like who the hell is next?! What are your thoughts about Fem fatal or Old School. Jasmine – well we lost a person.

5:20pm Big Brother opens up the backyard..

5:23pm – 5:30pm HOH room – Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – the plan is Taylor. Alyssa – I am just going to stick with that so that everyone is on the same page but I still think thats sus. Kyle – yeah just go with the plan is Taylor but either way .. you should be good. I just wonder if Daniel will use it knowing that it will be Taylor and Nicole that are going to be the replacement ones and based on the last three weeks .. I wonder if he really trusts that Taylor is going to go home especially after the last vote. Alyssa – like do you guys (Daniel & Kyle) have to discuss it before .. and like someone just takes initiative? Kyle – so Michael said that ..because I was curious about that too. He said they gave him a script so basically they dictate who goes first and says I am not going to use it… and then I would say I am going to use it. Or something like that but we’re on the same page right now. Alyssa – that’s good. I am just going to sit back and wait for that to happen because I don’t want to talk to anybody. Nicole keeps asking why Jasmine won’t talk to her and Jasmine doesn’t want to talk to her because of what Ameerah told her.

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Not Jasons Holly

Oh, this will be great if they do keep it a secret from Daniel & Nicole!

These people must not have noticed what’s happened the past two evictions! Clueless!?

un autre nom

If I’m understanding the entire ‘panic’ of Michael and Britt:
they are the only members of leftovers that don’t have a non Leftover partner.
they wanted Indy to be steered to join them so that every Leftover had a non leftover in their group so that a non leftover left in every block scenario.
With Nic as target, they remain the exposed members.

Not Jasons Holly

I think it’s more important to get Nicole out for their game.

un autre nom

Oh for sure. But I think Britt is a panic player.
She feels insecure, she spills shit to the exact wrong person.
She overshared with Jasmine, saying Kyle told her about the business stuff in order to lead them to voting out Alyssa as the leak. Jasmine went to Kyle apparently.
So she’s already in that nailed again spot.
The fact that she and Michael are the pair that is out in the open without a non-lefover patsy… that’s adding to her paranoia.

If she were clearly thinking about who is saying her name? She’d be able to see. She’s looking at the immediate not long term.


Yeah, this was obvious week one when she threw everyone under the bus to pooch. Her logic made sense but there was a much more subtle or tactful way to do it

The Beef

Yeah, I get that, plus since Brit seems to be the #2 target for the women (after Taylor) maybe they think getting Alyssa out is better for their personal games vs. Nicole, as Nicole doesn’t have either one of them high on her hit list. This is exactly the kind of “split” that divided Po’s Pack though, with the difference of opinion between Ameerah/Nicole and Monte, so if they can’t get together and determine what’s best for the alliance, it might not bode well for it’s long term future.


Game-wise Daniel unintentionally letting Nicole be voted out on Monte’s HoH would be epic and can be added to Monte’s resume if he makes it to Finale night; that is assuming nothing bad is happening with Turner and throws those plans into chaos


Are they actually taking Nicole out?


Oh Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. Have you heard this phrase before:

  • Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When at first we Attempt to Deceive.

Nicole thinks she is so smart, running everything, your best buddy Evil Elvis is about to stamp the date on your EVICTION NOTICE.

I love it, both of you think Taylor is going to be leaving on Thursday night, but if all goes as planned, Evil Elvis just set the ball in motion for Cruel Narcissistic Chef to be sent home.

Please let this work, Cruel Chef and Evil Elvis just don’t get it, they are not in with the cool kids. They do not trust you, as you say, the HOUSE thinks you both are shady people.

Icing on the Cake:
Leftovers, please let Terrance be the one to go and talk with Cruel Chef 1 hour before Eviction, tell her he knows she’s safe, everybody in the house loves her, she’s the Mother of the house, she will be here next week, so he has to throw Taylor a sympathy vote.

Get Nicole’s blessing to give Taylor at least 1 sympathy vote !!

Camera’s now zoom in on the face of Evil Elvis and Cruel Chef as Julie reads the Votes, this will be TV Gold, Daniel is going to flip out. House Mom of course will blame Taylor.

Please let this happen.

Dixie Lee

“Attempt” or “Practice” 6 of one/half a dozen of the other . Very appropriate quote for the situation;
” Walter Scott written in 1808.  The full phrase is “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”. It means that when you act dishonestly you are initiating problems, and a domino structure of complications, which will eventually run out of control.”

Palm Oil's Meds

That is totally happening to the other side of the house. They are so caught up with their hatred for Taylor and (sometimes) Britney that they are creating their own demise in the game. Nicole is ruining her game with her arrogance, neurotic behavior, and obsession over Taylor. Nicole could’ve actually won this season!

The Beef

Absolutely LOVE your idea of Terrance talking to her before the live show to congratulate her on “staying”, and asking if she wouldn’t mind if he gives Taylor a sympathy vote (I just don’t understand why people feel the need to do that, but oh well). It would be high comedy if she gives him permission to do it, just showing how out of touch she is with where that house is, and that she learned absolutely nothing from neither the Ameerah vote nor the Pooch vote (which she helped to set in motion) from the previous two evictions.

I’m not sure Terrance is “mean minded” enough to do that, but it still would be funny.


I believe I read on here that Daniel was hip to the lets make believe Taylor is leaving in order to send Nicole home. And that he said he would not use the veto so the house would have to vote out whoever Monte put up. Do you know if anything changed since then? I hope Daniel has realized that Nicole might not be so good for his game and is willing to cut her loose.


Your “The New Couch” telling Cruel Chef he knows she is safe idea is diabolical but I co-sign!


I can see Lays potato chips seeking out Taylor after this season to promote their chips

Let’s Play Fair

Now that would be poetic justice for Taylor to receive a lucrative ad sponsorship. “When you need to munch away, munch on Lays…”

Palm Oil's Meds

“When Evil Elvis and the Cruel Cook are gaslighting you, escape with Lays.”

un autre nom

If i caught the way Daniel is seeing house dynamics:
this is what he thinks the breakdown of the house is right now.

Steve Cocks

Is there a way to shut the comments off? People take this shit too seriously. It’s a show. I mean, once it over you will foegt about these people. You folks know more about your shitty neighbors.

The Beef

No need to shut them off. Just read the update until the end then move on to the next update. Simple as that. You don’t like the comments and don’t want to read them? Then don’t!


Just don’t scroll down to the comments and read them. It’s pretty simple


Hmmmm, how about you just don’t read the comments, simple!!

Sanctimony does not suit you

How ironic of you to say so.

Palm Oil's Meds

Maybe block yourself?


Avert your delicate eyes from the comment section then! Bye!


I vote to evict Steve Cook


Get Nicole out please.

It's me

Please use veto. Get Nicole out!


Wow would it be dumb to use the veto, but so hoping it happens


” (Side note – why does Jasmine look like a bag lady that just came out from under a bridge?)”

She’s playing the Have Not role well LOL


Ok, so they are having Turner do some sort of protein shake while still on slop (probably means there’s something wrong with his metabolism/nutritional intake that was exposed by being a Have-Not; which would explain why he is not getting a penalty point for trying to eat a cucumber by pickling it


Holy crap! You can literally see how pale Turner is now that he is in the pool


I hope Evil Elvis thinks he is able to save Cruel Chef by not using the Veto but Kyle drops the bomb that actually I DO want to use the Veto…

It would be even better if when Monte puts Taylor/Cruel Chef up he makes it clear Cruel Chef is now his target!