Michael “I fear leaving Terrance in, someone is going to drag him to the final two.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:15pm Storage room – Brittany and Michael.
Brittany – I can’t tell if its because he is extremely wishy wash which we know to be true or if I opened up a little bit more about the possibilities of this game and then he felt like he could divulge more. Michael – yeah. Brittany – it feels like sometimes you get a foot in the door with him and then he gets… ah okay that was the real story. Thanks. Michael – yeah. Brittany – I just feel like Alyssa is playing the convenience game which we know her whole game to be. It doesn’t change now. I think she is telling us what we want to hear because she wants to get as far as she can. Which I think is fourth. She needs you more than Turner needs you to get far. Michael – yeah. Brittany – and I think she is banking on a big move at four to narrow it down. I guess just at the end of the day, what makes sense this week. I feel like we have three people that are targeting you the most. Not to discount that if Taylor and Alyssa had the opportunity that they wouldn’t take it too. Michael – yeah. Brittany – but Monte, Turner, Terrance .. you can only get one out this week. Michael – yeah. Brittany – who do you want to leave next week? Michael – I don’t know. I do have the fear that leaving Terrance in, someone is going to drag him to the final two. Brittany – I have that fear too. Me and Turner used to joke if anyone got to final two with Terrance.. then Terrance deserves their vote. I think that still stands and he was like yeah yeah yeah. At least Alyssa has the jury liking her .. and she can’t win anything. Terrance has at least won some things and the jury. I think maybe he has Jasmine and maybe Kyle now (jury votes). I don’t know how many people he has and that will be appealing to anybody. Michael – right. And he hasn’t made anything happen in the game. Brittany – no, and he would be fairly easy to win against. I don’t want Monte or Turner to think that is appealing. Alyssa and him have no reason to work together. Him staying in lessens our chance of having any loyalty with anybody else. I wonder if we have it anyways. Next week is final 6… so I think we have at least 2 weeks with Alyssa where I don’t think she would put you up if she were to win something.

Michael – yeah. I just need to talk to everyone today. Brittany – what could anyone say today? Michael – just to read people. Brittany – and that is the thing with Monte, his strategy because he is playing such a clean game is to not say anything at all. But if we put him in a conversation like what would you do next week? Or what would you do in a double? He is going to have to say something. And that means he is going to have to go back on that and he pisses off both of us and one of us goes to jury .. that is our story. That the thing with Monte, like come on dude .. get some blood on your hands. He was already hinting at that during Big Brochella .. I haven’t heard it since. And maybe it was Terrance’s idea to backdoor you last week but whether or not Turner was going to do it. Michael – I just need to talk to people today. Brittany – we just need people to say what they would do next week and then see if they’re lying. Michael – the only thing with Alyssa, if we kept Terrance this week. Who would she put up next week? If Monte left this week.. She is not going to put up Terrance. Michael – she would put me up. Brittany – she would put you up. The only thing she is willing to throw under the bus is Monte’s name. That means leaving Monte and Turner in. Michael – which I don’t love.. Do we lessen the competition or try and hope someone takes a shot somewhere else. If Monte does go this week.. obviously best case is you win next week. But if Taylor won and she was mad she would put me up. Alyssa would put me up. Terrance would put me up. Turner would put me up. Brittany – yup. Michael – But if Terrance goes this week.. there is a change Taylor hold for one more week. There is a chance Alyssa goes after Monte. And I know Turner promised to not put me up next week.. I expect him to go back on it but at least its something there. Brittany – we have to remember that Turner is very easily influenced. We can make him feel even more solid. I think he feels like he is safe this week because of that one week promise. And I don’t know if there is a way for you to make him feel more safe beyond that. Michael – like we need each other. Brittany – we just need them to delay it.. because if they take the shot and opportunity all eyes will be on me. Like at least you can win things to protect yourself.

1:33pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.

1:22pm – 2pm Bedroom – Brittany talking to the camera about how thankful she feels to be on Big Brother, and all the other things she’s grateful for.

1:50pm Kitchen – Turner and Alyssa.
Alyssa – so what was his plan? He had a final two with you. A final two with me. A final three with Michael and Brittany. Turner – everyone that does that in this game gets kicked out. Alyssa – he had a final four with Joseph, Monte.. Turner – well they’re gone.. why would he say that? Alyssa – I don’t know. Turner – why is he telling people his plans? What the f**k? Alyssa – I don’t know! Turner – I am glad I did not give him a nice goodbye message. Alyssa – was it mean? Turner – No, it was just like you’re destroying my game and I can’t have you in this house. Alyssa – mine was you need to be a better man. I don’t know what was up with him. Turner – well a lot .. not you know what? erectile disfunction. Was that a real thing? Alyssa – no. Turner – was it? Alyssa – no I promise. Turner – not that I am trying to dig.. its just so funny. Alyssa – do you want to know the details? Turner – no. Alyssa – its not a $exless house. Turner – I don’t need to know. I’ve heard about under the pink blanket. Alyssa – under the pink blanket? Who told you? Him? Turner – MMmhhmm.

2:35pm Backyard – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – its going to be crucial who wins HOH next week and if its a double.. We all just need to be prepared for what that looks like. You and I are going to get a special amount of pressure to take a shot at Michael if that was the case. I am not convinced that next week is the week to do it… unless maybe it makes sense .. I don’t know. You don’t know if you will have the opportunity. Taylor – that is the thing. If I was going to have a shot at having a single veto I thought it was going to be yesterday. Brittany – so you think if the opportunity comes up next week .. we take the shot? Taylor – we just have to figure it out. Brittany – we just need to be on the same page. Taylor – yes. Because now its looking like 3 roads. I don’t want to make a decision without you. And we don’t want to make the wrong decision and squander our other two roads.

3:15pm Backyard – Turner, Taylor, Terrance, Alyssa and Brittany are chatting about random things. Turner, Alyssa and Brittany head inside. Monte joins Taylor and Terrance. Taylor – here is a hypothesis. Terrance – all the BB comics mean something.. they do. And we could not figure out for the life of us what Brittany’s was. Taylor – Brit-flea the Head Itch in Charge. Terrance – what do fleas do? Monte – I don’t know, lay it on me. Terrance – the main thing that a flea does is attach itself to a host and live off of it. Monte – is speechless. Taylor and Terrance start laughing. Monte – are y’all the only ones that have deduced this? Taylor – yeah. And.. Zing-bot confirmed .. we got the audio after he explained this. Monte – are you serious!? I wish I had known that before my DR! Damn!

3:17pm – 3:50pm HOH room – Michael, Brittany and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I would obviously love to see us in final 3 and Taylor with us in final four.. and that’s just me being completely transparent. That’s how I think. That would be best case scenario for me. But what is better for how you guys see it? I am just thinking if anyone else won, I would definitely go up again. I just want to get past this week for sure… have you heard anything otherwise? Michael – no. Alyssa – that’s nice, I appreciate that. Brittany – no one has come to me saying anything otherwise either. Alyssa – I get that Taylor doesn’t have a lot of people so if she was to win next week.. I could see me being an option but I would prefer that not be the case but if it was I still wouldn’t fault her for it as long as I know that we can still work together. Michael – and if she did win next week and put you up… obviously I think I would vote to keep you. Brittany – yeah, you would have us not up which means we would be able to save. Brittany – I don’t want to speak for her but Turner put her up so I don’t think they’re the closest.

4:07pm – 5:20pm HOH room – Brittany and Alyssa.
Brittany – I don’t think there is any scenarios .. like literally I’ve been running all the scenarios in my mind and you are good this week. Like there is just no if ands or buts about it. Alyssa – thank you! I feel good. At least with you, Taylor and probably Turner. Brittany – I mean Michael hasn’t said anything about replacement noms or anything .. I mean I think its still 98% Terrance. But even if there was a situation like that .. there is not a chance you are going.. Alyssa – I also don’t want to me like use the veto on me.. because he made those nominations and I have to build trust somehow. Its like okay I trust you .. even though I feel like I am going to throw up with anxiety.. its fine. Brittany – you’re going to be fine. Because the votes are Monte, Turner.. Alyssa – you and Taylor. So worst cast I have you and Taylor. Brittany – and I think you would have Turner. Alyssa – I think so. Taylor joins them. Brittany – if Terrance goes this week its going to be 3/3.. 3 boys / 3 girls. Alyssa – and us three have the majority to win this next HOH. I think we have pretty good odds of winning that. Brittany – in terms of comps the biggest person we would need to beat is Turner. Alyssa – I think so too because Monte hasn’t won a ton which is confusing to me. I thought he was a big threat. Alyssa – if I stay this week I would 100% not nominate you two. I would not put you up as the replacement. That is just not in the cards of my best interests of the game. How can I… like if I am lucky enough to stay this week.. Taylor – you keep saying that.. I am not letting you go anywhere. Alyssa – thank you. How can I benefit you going forward. Like what makes sense for you final five? Four? Like I am pumping this as three. Taylor – I think Turner and Monte would prefer to take a shot at Michael before any of us do. See how that works out. But whoever is the fourth person, I do feel good about us gunning for that person. Alyssa – I don’t three women have ever made it to final 3. Taylor – This would guarantee 2 women sitting in final 2. Alyssa – this gives me chills. They reminisce about the past events of the season. Turner joins them.

5:43pm Hammock – Taylor talking to the cameras.
Taylor – I have too many paths ..which is good but also scary. What am I willing to forgive and what am I willing not to forgive?

6:35pm Backyard – Monte is working out. Turner, Brittany, Alyssa and Taylor are sleeping on the loungers/hammock. Michael is eating dinner.

6:40pm Big Brother gave the house guests 2 bottles of wine. Alyssa – we’re going to get drunk tonight! We also have the ciders and beer.

7:50pm Turner and Michael playing pool. Alyssa and Brittany are getting ready for party time! Monte – are we going to take it easy tonight or balls to the wall? Alyssa – I will let the night take me where it is feeling it. If we have a glass .. and we’re feeling it we will have 12 more.

8pm – 9:05pm The house guests cheers to final 7. They all sit around the table and reminisce about the first day move in impressions of each other / other past events of the season. They then state what they love about each other and what they’re grateful for.

9:15pm The house guests offer advice for future house guests. Alyssa – be very open to having conversations with every house guest. Get to know everyone and don’t judge anyone by who they are or what it seems like their story is. Be very open to learning people and who you could work well with..
Turner – don’t make yourself a target and with peace and love don’t pawn yourself week two. Everyone is obviously gunning for HOH but if you try to win one of the first 3 .. fight for your life for one of those. Connections will come to you one of those weeks. By week 4, connections are made.
Brittany – be true to yourself. Sometimes we think we have to be other people. Hold true to your vision. The how will work itself out.
Monte – prioritize your health. You could be sleep deprived or not eating the best food. The other thing I would say is actions over words.
Terrance – if you’re the older person in the BB experience, just for it with your game. Do not be discouraged. If you’re in a room with people half your age, make those connections, talk to them, get into it with them. They will embrace you and they will carry you.
Michael – I would echo everything that everyone else said and I would also give a little practical advice.. Number one practice staying up late. Try to memorize a couple of recipes. Bring sweatshirts and lounge wear. Bring a wide variety of clothes. Bring dressier clothes too. Those are my practical tips.
Taylor – Never throw a comp. Always always fight in this game because things can change over night. You want to believe in yourself and never give someone to take that opportunity away from you.

10:30pm Hammock – Brittany and Taylor.
Taylor – oh my god Brittany, we have so many options. Brittany – its either the best thing or the worst thing. I am scared because we’re going to have to show our cards at some point. Taylor – yeah. Brittany – and its going to disappoint somebody.

10:35pm – 11pm HOH room – Alyssa and Michael.
Alyssa – I think Turner is very easily influenced. If Turner was to win the next HOH, how do we make sure we’re not the target. Michael – right. Alyssa – I think that he could be convinced that Monte has played a clean game. Like you can’t win next to him. I think that he could be convinced to do that. Do you see them (Monte and Turner) as close? Michael – I have never saw them as a pair. They seem good with each other in a away that I wouldn’t have expected based on how the Leftovers crumbled. Alyssa – I was hoping to make it through this week. I assume you’re not going to use the veto? Michael – That’s what I am leaning towards. If everyone is cool with Terrance going, the I would leave it as that. Alyssa – I am cool with that, that you’re going to keep it the same.

11:10pm HOH room – Michael and Terrance.
Terrance – after yesterday I know I was feeling a little overwhelmed and.. Michael – understandably. Terrance – so I had a therapy session because I felt like I absolutely needed it. Big Brother switches the feeds. Michael – no matter who is on the block .. that is what I want to hear, that you want to be here. Like I know from a smart perspective but as a fan I never want to hear that someone isn’t going to fight. Even if that does make the road to the end harder. So I do appreciate you saying that. Terrance – just looking at it from a transparency aspect, I did withhold a lot of information from you coming into it and I should have been more forthright. And to find out I was the only one holding the water and everyone else was throwing me under the bus. It was a conversation had between all of us. There was I guess you could say an alliance (The After Party) but it fell apart as quickly as it came about. That was the only thing that I did not disclose. And I look at the game perspective between me leaving as a posed to her leaving. If the game stood as it is right now she (Alyssa) definitely has the votes just with the people that are in jury right now. I know it is possibly smarter for your game to get rid of me but I just strongly feel that I am still valuable to your game. Michael – I would lean towards probably leaving things the same. Terrance – I respect leaving it the same and just making it a vote situation. I just want a fighting chance to show you like hey we could work together more than I could be a hinderance.

11:18pm HOH room – Monte and Michael.
Monte – unless you have any news, I don’t have any news. I don’t think whatever happens tomorrow, I don’t think it will be a surprise to him (Terrance). Michael – Both of them want to be off the block but neither of them are expecting it. On finale night I would much rather be sitting next to Alyssa than Terrance. Monte – I am fine with Terrance this week. It really doesn’t matter to me.

11:28pm – 11:44pm HOH room – Taylor and Michael.
Michael – I am not using it. Did Alyssa talk to you today? Taylor – it sounds like she really wants a final four with the four of us. The conversation didn’t go super deep but it sounds like she wants to protect you. Michael – surprisingly she is very questionable about Turner which really surprised me. Taylor – it surprised me too. Taylor – she is ready to send him out the door. Michael – is there value agreeing to this with Alyssa in case she wins to ensure that Turner does go up and then we can vote Turner out. Is there value in playing around. Taylor – I feel really good about our Big Brochella. It is possible that she could win HOH. He asked why are people keeping Alyssa over me. And I said people feel that they can trust her over you.

11:52pm – 12:15am HOH room – Turner and Michael
Turner – I mean this peacefully and with love.. you have won far more comps than I have. I have won the second most HOH so I feel like I fall into this crack of being someone people want to take out but someone if they miss they’re not terrified of. So I feel like I am a good player but f**k I don’t know where I stand at in this house after this week which is scary. But you have my word, you kept me safe this week, I will I promise you.. period! Michael – thank you. I appreciate that. Turner – we can trade that key back and forth. Turner – I am definitely not lying about this because if I was I would be a psychopath. It was Brittany and she came up to me.. oh my god I feel so bad about this and I promise you this is the truth. It was after good night messages she came out of the DR and she was like I feel good with Michael and I don’t think he would ever take a shot at me but I don’t want to be in second place. And then she was talking about how Alyssa, Brittany and Taylor are forming some sort of group.. and I was like well great I am not in that. But then she was like I don’t feel good with Alyssa because she has the jury of votes with all her best friends in there and I also don’t feel good about Taylor but I do feel good with you. I feel like we’ve played the same game and I am like with peace and love I feel like I’ve played a much better game but that is fine, I don’t care. If I was in the end with Brittany .. with peace and love I think I would beat her. I think anyone would. And with Terrance going home this week.. I don’t trust Terrance with anything at all. I think that it would be best if you, me and Monte work together so that we can trade off winning HOHs. Michael – and I think once one of us goes, the other will be next. We are in similar positions where we need each other. I do believe what you’re saying. I think if the three of us can get in a room this week. Turner – I am pumped about it now. If I win HOH next week there is 0% chance of you going up or Monte going up. Michael – you have literally no idea the relief.

1am Taylor resting/sleeping in the hammock.

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Donated again today! Thanks for all of your hard work.


Please please get Brittany out! She is the worst. I can’t stand listening to her anymore. She is riding Michaels coattails and has done nothing in this game oh I’m sorry Michael let her win a veto! I was team Michael until the whole Kyle situation. What Kyle did wasn’t ok at all but Michael and Brittany using that for game is just as bad. I’m team monte or turner they deserve it! I would love to see Brittany or Michael out at the double this week.


I’m not crazy about Brittney but I don’t agree that she’s done nothing in the game. Michael seems to value her insight and I believe he has told her that. He likes to be able to bounce off ideas and different scenarios with her and has trust in her. Just saying!


Watching the cats and dogs when the feeds cut is more entertaining than listening to Brittany.


Agree completely!


Remember that Michael and Britney both talked to Kyle and told him what he said was racist. Michael also said he didn’t see signs of alliances based on race. So he maybe gave Kyle a chance to learn something from it. Was the timing bad, yes absolutely. But I’m still team Michael. If not Michael, then Turner. Alyssa has done nothing. Britney has been a good source of info and a sounding board … but she doesn’t deserve to win.


I don’t think he said racist. He pointed out the optics and Kyle said you are right. I honestly do not think in the moment Kyle understood what he said sounded like. He has clearly thrown hisself on the sword asking for forgiveness. Michael and Britt are far worse to me because I don’t think his comment was purposely racist and he threw a kids reputation and mental state on the line to further his game.


You said “I think” several times, but based on what? Your lack of facts. He admitted several times that he did make comments based on race. Do you see him denying it? No he is asking for forgiveness. Is 29 years old your definition of “a kid”? He panicked, spiraled, overplayed and got caught. The night before this came to light he said directly to the camera that he “wants to make love to America’s face”. He thought he got away with everything. So proud of himself for betraying Joseph and laughing at his pain. You know why he felt left out of decisions in the Leftovers? Because he laid all day in bed with Alyssa when the other 6 met. You know why they wanted to target Alyssa? Because he told them that she was untrustworthy, not good for his game, dumb, and that she can’t keep a secret. It was his idea to get rid of her. Then they had 10 second sex and he changed his mind when he realized how bad he would look after having sex with her and being the reason she left. It was all about his image, how America would view him and he said directly to the camera that he and Alyssa were the perfect American couple. He is not a dumb kid, he’s an insecure man that projects what he doesn’t like about himself on others and tries to convince himself that “he” is the hero.


Brittany may not be a big Comp beast but she has did alot of the strategizing for and with Michael! If she hadn’t held alot of the conversations with people Michael wouldn’t know what’s going on. Michael is smart….don’t get me wrong, but she has gave him alot of info. She has been working lately to get info on who wants him out. Now….Alyssa has rode on Kyle’s back and I don’t think Taylor has done any strategic moves. She talks alot about what she wants to do but she’s all over the place. Give credit where credit is due! ? As for Michael and Brittany telling the houseguest about Kyle……..They had been wondering about what to do since he said it. When they found out he was against them of course they figure they should tell them now! Why let Kyle get any further in the game? Letting it go until the game was over was a natural reasoning since they were in a game,but letting someone who said that take me out would have forced me to tell too! Darned if you do and darned if you don’t! I don’t believe Kyle meant any harm though. He’s not racist, just young!

un autre nom

Michael and Britt used the information reveal for game purposes.
Monte is using the information reveal for game purposes to Vannessareason for targeting people he’s already been targeting for weeks.
Turner used the information reveal for game purposes to gain safety promises for this week, and even then wanted Taylor evicted last week.
Terrance is using the information reveal for game purposes to taint the jury when he’s been saying he was going to taint the jury against Michael since week 5.
Taylor knows the information reveal was for game purposes, acknowledges that it might have saved her from eviction.
Alyssa…. yeah, she’s playing dumb and woundedbabybird. She knew. She was the first one to point out the idea didn’t pass the smell test.

Now that Turner has suggested evicting Alyssa instead of Terrance to Britt and Britt has revealed to Michael:
Smartest move they can make if they want to keep the promise to Turner (i still say that promise is weightless and should be dumped), then they actually should use veto and put Monte up. I didn’t say target him (though that is smart), I said replacement nom him.
Problem with that: Terrance will add that to his Kyle Michael and Britt were a white power trio so of course they put two black people up for eviction. Never mind he wanted to keep Kyle, they omitted that from episodes anyway.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

just leave the noms the same so turner and monte can send you home in the double michael. unless production keeps catering to him in every way possible.



Daniel Sucks

How is production catering to him? He is better at most of these competitions than the others.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

the viewers don’t know everything that is told to them in the DR. I will leave it at that.


I know Michael has said that Brittany is the person he can bounce ideas off, and she is someone that he can trust. But honestly speaking, Brittany is a nice lady, but she really does rub me the wrong way at times, when she was talking with Turner, it was so fake when she told him that he is important to their game, I don’t know what that means.

Also when she was trying to pick Turner’s brain, what would you do, who would you put up, who would you take with you to F2? Brittany shut up, Turner was smart, and he turned her questions right back at her, Brittany thinks she has the gift of getting people to talk?

I’m hoping Michael keeps the Nominations the same, send Terrance out, don’t let him bully you by saying he is going to poison the Jury against Michael. Terrance needs to go, you can’t trust him, he jumps from side to side, I thought it was messed up with Terrance told Michael, he’s keeping Turner safe this week, just to have Turner put Michael on the block next week if he has the opportunity.

Terrance told Turner “I Got You”, well we see exactly how Terrance has Turner, he has a knife in Turner’s back. Terrance seems to not understand he is not trusted by most people in the house, Terrance tried to get Monte out, he was working with Evil Elvis and Cruel Chef Nicole. Terrance worked with Daniel, tried to save him when he was on the block.

Terrance needs to be evicted this week, this is the 5th time he has been on the block, put him out of his misery, evict “Ya Boy”, “DJ Smooth” put his ass on the bus, send him to the Jury house. Next week, send Alyssa out the door.

I’m pulling for Turner, Monte or Taylor, I’d like to see anyone of those 3 in the final 2. I have jumped off of the Team Michael Train, I did not respect what he did last week with the Kyle Slaughter week.


I like your thoughts a lot and Brittany is very annoying and as I see her talk with Monte about evicting Michael, it’s clear she’s not loyal to him. Michael is clever enough to know this.

Re. Obnoxious Blobbo Terrance, I truly hope he’s evicted this week. He’s whining and pity party are beyond worthless. He’s a great big NOTHING and his eviction interview would be a joy to watch!!

The problem is Michael might be stressed out about his taking the pity party whining into jury and need to keep him around.

I disagree with your choices. I would love to see Michael win and he’d have to take Brittany and Alyssa to F3, and subsequently Brittany to F2 to have a chance.

Realistically though , I don’t think he can go on winning all these comps and vetoes. As much as I would like to see that happen, there’s a significant chance he’ll go to jury wuth the DE. It will be a tense but exciting BB!


Get over it…..every poc in the house has tried to use the information to their advantage if someone had really been hurt i could see your point but after Monte cried he tried to use it to his advantage, dont get me started with DJ couch potato he tried to keep Kyle for numbers on his side and Taylor hasnt got a clue as to whats going on in the game she needs someones guidence to make a decision so i dont want to hear about information provided by someone desperate to save their own game have we all forgotten this is BB where anything outside of inflicting bodily harm to another player is accepted.


Michael is a Comp Beast. I believe that he is going to be the first person in BBHistory to win out


I would love that!!!


If only…

Alyssa's Vagina

Turner, Monte & Michael are the only real players left. The rest are floaters & half Ass players. I just hope they are the final three.

Daniel Sucks

I agree with most of that. But how is Monte not half-assed too? Maybe 3/4 ass?

Alyssa's Vagina

Because he has a great social game.


Misogyny = great social game to men


I agree mostly, it as “Daniel sucks” says, Monte is not the best at game


What has Monte won? Did I miss it? I do remember Taylor winning Wall comp. You must believe the Monte mist that he is a comp beast.

Alyssa's Vagina

Well I said he had a great social game. Not that he was a comp beast. But he has won an HoH if you payed attention lol.

un autre nom

Oddities I’d be noting:
Monte briefly proposed a final four including Britt and Taylor… with Michael at first then with Turner. This was before Pissy Monte took the wheel.
Taylor has proposed a final four to Britt that includes Michael and Monte, then excludes Michael and still includes Monte.
Turner has proposed a final four to Britt that includes Taylor and Monte (the plan Turner and Monte discussed before Monte changed his mind while ranting with Terrance). He has suggested evicting Alyssa to keep Terrance as a house target.
Alyssa has proposed a final three to Britt that includes Taylor, with Michael as the 4th.

Britt is only seeing the opportunities and not the overlapping conundrum.
She’s relating parts of this to Michael, but not the whole of it.
Then again, Michael is stupidly withholding information as well: Pound, Monte/Turner final 2.
I don’t understand why Michael is not acting on knowing that 2 people with a probable final 2 are targeting him just because Terrance’s talk insults his dignity. And that is the point of still targeting Terrance, he’s playing personal not strategic or smart with this HOH.

Daniel Sucks

Yes. But after seeing the way Terrance acts, including at the veto ceremony, I wouldn’t want to live in a house with him either. I think living with people 24/7 could sometimes make you play less strategically.

If Terrance wants to threaten poisoning the jury, then go ahead and do your worst. Let me help you out, make that jury house happen for you!

I would never win this game! I’m too spiteful. LOL

False Equivalence

I see people proposing conclusions with no evidence that HGs besides Michael are using the reveal for game.

Presumptions about behaviors are not evidentiary. Those are suppositions.

A reaction to a shocking event is not equivalent to a premeditated plan.

There can be happenstance benefit to one’s game that comes from decisions that are based on feelings of having been violated.

Most importantly. It is gaslighting to assume the worst regarding the response by any POC to racial harm.

If you could tell Monte to his face then he’d have opportunity to explain his actual thought process. Although it’s just more harm to expect him to do so.

un autre nom

Was Monte targeting Michael before the reveal? Yes. Is he now saying the timing of the reveal is the reason to target Michael? Yes. That isn’t suppostion. That’s coming up with a justification for an action he was already taking. The same way he revealed his discussion with Taylor to other houseguests hours before Paloma ran with it. Monte had already gotten Daniel to agree to renom Taylor. He was trying to provide justification for an action that was already decided then too. It’s a pattern that we can see in his style of game play.
Was Monte always more Pound than Leftovers? Yes. Monte has said this repeatedly since week 3. His first target was always Michael. This isn’t presumption. This is fact.
While I acknowledge and support every person’s individuality in terms of race, gender, sexuality in the game… in terms of game analysis of what a person says in the game: those factors are irrelevant. By the same token, IF ANY houseguest could be asked to their face what their thought process was, they’d be able to explain themselves. That’s not how feeds work. It isn’t a dialogue. What the viewer can see and judge: What they have said to multiple others in the house, and weigh that as how it pertains to the game, that’s how we assess their game play.


You just contradicted yourself.

You seem to be saying that in the absence of a dialogue, and relying only on feeds, viewers are left to assess and judge game play. I assume by game play, you include what you perceive to be motivations and thought processes. Otherwise, why say that?

Or do you first assume game play and then go back to fill in the blanks on thoughts and motivations?

You surely have not presented any evidence.

All you know is that Monte brought up M as a target at some point last week, agreeing with Turner’s pitch that the guy has to go very soon. Then, after the reveal, you see Monte expressing genuine distrust of M’s timing. From there, he proceeds to speak more consistently about targeting M.

From there comes the conjecture, which is exactly where the vulnerabilities of the human mind come to mistaken and distorted presumptions about others.

Monte’s reason for agreeing with Turner last week, was in M’s comp wins.

His reasons now, on a personal level as a POC, is that he is quite alienated by the harm of M’s game play. That adds fervor to M as a target, vs what was previously just an impersonal strategic decision.

Feelings greatly affect thought process, decisions, actions. Bc he feels betrayed by M, he will feel and think that he needs to get rid of him for that reason. Bc to him, M is not longer such an honorable guy.

The past week will have no bearing on that.

Perhaps there would be some evidence if Monte had long been planning to target M before F7, although not necessarily unless we can find where that exploitation kicked in through his communications.

But that was not the context. He was still in the early stages of that game shift to M as target, and not focused or single-minded about it.

Perhaps that can seem like evidence to your point, the shift in intensity. It actually is quite the opposite. It’s proof of emotions reconfiguring his motivations.

You can judge as you wish, but it is very ungracious to boldly assume that his behaviors are game moves, vs inner reactions to the actual harm that M caused him.

Deciding that Monte’s reaction to a racial micro-aggression is ‘irrelevant’, leads the pathway clear to dismiss that portion of his thought process in the actual actions he is taking now.

So of course, that would lead to said erroneous interpretations.

I think people often see others’ behaviors through their own lens of thought and emotional process. We have to consider the huge spectrum of permutations of all those factors.

un autre nom

The fact of the matter:
There seems to be some thought that only some houseguests game strategies can be judged. No. I refuse. I’m not going to gage and measure scrutiny of game strategy based on the race, the gender or the sexuality of a house guest. I scrutinize and sit in judgement of EVERYONE from the perspective that ALL are equal. Nobody gets latitude. Setting up a metered judgement scale based on race or gender or sexuality is not equality. I completely refuse to only judge some and not others. Every houseguest’s game moves are fair game to be judged on the same scale, because there are currently 7 PEOPLE in a studio and a parking lot performing for us to judge.
I’m not willing to base judgement of the game on race. In fact, if I did, I’d be guilty of not viewing everyone as equal.

Daniel Sucks

Yes. Sing it!


Of course, you would agree. You only add credence to my arguments, as you have absolutely demonstrated willful ignorance in many of your posts.

Daniel Sucks

I agree with you that arguments is definitely the right word to use for your posts. You only come here to argue with people.


You are missing my points.

You are refusing to consider Monte’s feelings of racial harm in his targeting of Michael.

Your comments about equality are akin to that of colorblindness. Surely you know that the latter concept is not anti-racist.

I see you also have not offered any evidence, just went on a proclamation.

un autre nom

I did not offer evidence because no evidence is going to alter your point of view. You have made your bias perfectly clear. I could go back to feeds, pull up exact quotations, and you would whatabout at me ad nauseum to fit the narrative you view as the only acceptable narrative.
By asking leading questions such as “Or do you first assume game play and then go back to fill in the blanks on thoughts and motivations?” What you are actually doing is trying to invalidate my point of view because it is not the same point of view that you hold. It’s a right-fighter technique that people that just want to ‘win’ use without actually weighing what the other debater is really saying. To be clear, How i come to my conclusions is irrelevant to you, because you’ve already made your disdain for my though processes quite clear. Now if you weren’t approaching me with condescension, perhaps I’d be more inclined to engage further.
With your most recent comment: why don’t you actually say what you really are itching to say in your subtext without the hedging. You want to say that my view that all human beings deserve equality and equal human rights regardless of their differences because of what they share… humanity, and therefore all human beings must be judged by the same standard (Choosing to BE the change I want in the world)…. That i’m somehow racist. You’re wrong, and again, operating from a level of disdain and condescension that further shows that you don’t WANT to debate, you want to be RIGHT.
Instead of attempting to debate the intractable, I informed you of how I view all humans as equal, and judge all players of Big Brother by the same standard. If that isn’t to your liking…. I don’t care.


On the bright side, she didn’t tell you all your conclusions about the reveal are inaccurate and superficial or that you suffer from the inability to think beyond a linear approach. 😉


Your entire argument is deflection. And your minions don’t even realize that argument is a debate word, of which you are supposedly attempting to engage in.

It’s all ad hominem tactics where you are not addressing the substance of my positions. Other fallacies as well, rife.

If you don’t believe me, I literally have a niece who is a rhetoric professor.

You get an F.

Constructive criticism: Your writing overall is pretentious, BTW. There are people who will fall for that.

un autre nom

sad trombone. Oh no, the troll with a thesaurus doesn’t like me. what EVER will I do?
Gee, you have a niece that’s a rhetoric professor?
I have an uncle that’s a garbage man.


Can we stop with ever-so-common phrase “hurt feelings!” If you aren’t both mindfully and emotionally of sound mind than you aren’t fit to play. PERIOD!




You are attempting to minimize the internal experience of racial harm, by equating it to a mental breakdown.

Everyone in that house is of sound mind, while also having emotion responses in the game.


What about Monte targeting a gay man that consistently beats a professional trainer in physical competitions? He keeps saying “put a ball in my hand”. So he can beat Michael at that. I agree with un autre nom that he is using withholding information as reasoning to target Michael, because he can’t say that he is embarrassed that he can’t win a comp.


If your logic holds, then why doesn’t he feel the same about Brittany? Because she isn’t a threat. So it’s a rationalization for targeting Michael.


The problem with Monte is that he does nothing but blah blah blah. He has no physical or intellectual skill to win anything so he’s signed onto the Terrance Blob’s pity party train.


Wish I could up like this 100 times!


The only zings that I felt were undeserved were the ones to Monte and Turner. The others were pretty spot on.


I didn’t understand the Michael zing, something about a map in his face? Is it full of lines or something, I don’t get it?? I watch big brother on my phone so maybe I can’t see it well I don’t know?
Someone please explain. Thnx sm


In essence, Zing bot was referring to how masks had been common (COVID) but now not a necessity unless you’re Michael (ie: he’s ugly)


I don’t understand that, he’s handsome!


I know – I agree -the house took it as he’s ugly – I wondered if TPTB were still a little petty so it’s meant to be 2-faced – re: Kyle (shrug)


I have a hard time understanding Zingbot too. I DVR episodes so was able to CC upon playback. Zing said MASKS not maps. His zing to Michael was just rude and mean. I don’t think Michael is bad looking.


Zing Bot sucked tonight

Daniel Sucks

Alyssa’s zing was dead-ass!

A Silly Fool

Zing Bot is a yearly crushing bore. Yawn … zzzzzz … why does Production persist with it?


Agree, I never watch zing bot night. I wish they’d ditch it. Even Rachel (of Rachel and Brendon) running through the doors would be better!


Zing Bot Always Suck….I hate the voice….I just hate it period.


BB needs to get rid of Zingbot. I don’t watch the episode it’s on.

It's me

Last season CBS had the cookout for a POC to win. This season CBS will have a personal from the LGBTQ to win
Yes, I am observing just like Kyle. Will my saying this get me evicted?
Oh wait, I’m not a houseguest.


So it’s ok for Michael to say he fears Terrance staying in the house, b/c that is game related? Why is no one twisting that into an inappropriate comment? It is being commented on that in his interviews Kyle is giving trite or what seem like scripted answers. Likely so, partly to protect himself from any further backlash and partly b/c I think CBS hooked him up with a PR person who coached him what to say. I believe the same thing happened with Aaryn from season 15.


I don’t comprehend the inappropriateness of Michael’s fear? Isn’t it kind of obvious. Terrance is a one Blob pity party for his stupidity in letting Kyle trick him into evicting Joe. And he’s defusing it into Michael.


Remember Big D last season??? That’s the fear.


Come on I don’t think CBS has anything to do with who stays and who gets evicted. I personally love Michael, but I know that most of you on here don’t. But I really do like him.


I love Michael and his skill and intellect. He has made this a season worth watching.

It's me

I’m not a fan of Zingbot.
Can never understand a word Zingbot says


I suggest you watch every Batman episode/movie with Riddler in it 🙂


Me Either

un autre nom

Recap… pushing Michael is the house target, Kyle gets a velvet glove.
HOH Zingfest. Monte thinks this is where we grow as people, tough conversations.
Alyssa feels alone. Alyssa trusts Terrance.
Michael feels good about Brochella group. (ED. sideye)
Turner feels good about Dyrefest.
Everyone says Michael is the target in the montage of d/r visits.
Britt d/r important Michael or Britt need to win.
Michael is running away with the comp puzzle.
Turner d/r bad for my game. (ED. still not talking about those promises of safety.)
ED. Elapsed time was about 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Nobody is happy.
Pretend enthusiasm when they get in the house.
Monte is feeling safe and he’s pissed he couldn’t go after Michael.
Michael still feels safe with Brochella (ED. ummm…….. really?) Usually would gun for Turner BUUUUT:
Michael promise clip…ED. not showing the group elicited promises Turner was giddy for getting from M/B/T in a later talk with Monte. ( ED. Hmmm. Another ODD edit choice.)
Britt has a scary looking d/r. Good to be Micheal’s best friend.
60’s Batman theme type music for Taylor and Britt and Michael.
Taylor d/r wanted to take shot at Michael.
Monte and Turner sad sack losing comp:
Turner happy he got that promise. Sick of Michael winning.
Alyssa Taylor talk:
Alyssa says voting out Kyle was hard to do to Taylor. They’ve patched up. Butterfly pool floatie is pissed.
Terrance Monte talk:
Terrance d/r now Michael can play in every veto.
Monte: if Michael slips in winning vetoes once he’s out.
Britt getting more d/r than usual. 2 of them together.
Turner: you used to be a van lifer, you’ve been everywhere except the shower. ZING.
M d/r at least 4 showers
T: Zingbot wouldn’t function if he was in a bath.
With all going on in the world, masks optional unless you look like Michael. ZING.
M: dragged. Tay: Michael face not ugly
Monte good at impressions I’m Monte and I’m sooo Boring. ZING.
Mon: how can i be boring. You are actually boring.
I heard the backyard was hot, could use something Icy and cold. Could i borrow your Taylor. ZING
Tay: I am an Ice queen
DJ showtime so popular in underground… that’s where you find fossils. ZING
Turner: don’t tell the oldest he’s old
Alyssa, Heavy winter coats in the desert, dead weight and useless. ZING
Brittany song jeepers creepers where’s you get those crazy fuqin eyes? ZING.
Everyone d/r yup. crazy eyes.
Laser eyes animation.
Could Zing you all night, but everyone is a little hard to look at.
ED. How did Monte turn those zings to Britt and Michael being worse?

Monte is plotting against Michael and Britt to Turner. Nobody is taking Monte to final 2 he says.
(ED. No final 2 with Turner made last week shown). Monte still forgetting he was the renom, and knew he was renom that was potentially saved by information reveal because it doesn’t fit his narrative.
Withhold information. ( ED. Used info reveal to get safety and didn’t care… because he still watned Taylor evicted isn’t shown). Oh. Just need to win one veto to take the shot.
Taylor and Britt talk: 6 and 5 talk. Everyone knows they have to take out Michael. Taylor would do it. Whoever takes out Michael is the big house target. Britt d/r she has no intention of taking out MIchael.
Another laser eyes animation.
Alyssa back hypnotherapy…. from WEEKS AGO. I MEAN WEEEEKS
Michael one on one with Terrance:
information digging. Michael doesn’t want to break his word. Sideye.
Terrance brings up Dyre fest. Michael asks what happened. They don’t actually show what he learned. A version of the truth. Nobody confirms he was backdoor target.
Terrance is going to rat Turner d/r… (ED. wait for it after Turner blames it on Terrance.)
Alyssa one on one with Michael:
Michael setting himself up. Alyssa mea culpe hope I’m not lumped. Deadweight Useless…
Do I have value. Secret reveal: POUND. Flashback. Pooch Pound. Final 4.
Turner one on one with Michael:
Turner says he likes Alyssa more. Turner is telling Michael what he wants to hear.
Turner promises safety. Michael d/r is odd. sounds like Turner Target… odd.
Michael wants Terrance out…. maybe not Alyssa. Turner is the biggest threat. Micahel was backdoor target. Britt wants him to see it. Turner is the biggest threat to Michael.
Michael: Morals vs. game. (ED. or STOOPID vs. Winner… potato pahtahto. Not showing unless he gets game info. to negate that promise I’m really sensing the prodo-play this episode and the drive of d/r scripting to manipulate house play).
Terrance. Alyssa.
No easy decisions: Terrance you were planning against me. Alyssa only share info when I’m HOH.
Terrance pissed.
Least connection. Terrance not with me against me. Bus comment.
Alyssa week from HELL. not just winter jacket in desert.
Britt wants TURNER OUT.
Terrance i didn’t snitch, that’s why. ED. he had a lot more to say that is house talk, but was cut.

ED. OPINION: anyone else noting what it going to happen foreshadowed by this episode edit? They aren’t revealing a final 2? There are 2 final 2’s in the house, and they are not revealing one? They Michael wrestles with conscience is also a d/r driven clean your image move. Put those together with the MULTIPLE everyone after Michael D/R and think like Grod. We’re either seeing swan song foreshadow or we’re seeing burned by everyone rise from the ashes foreshadow. Your choice which you think Grod would push.

A Silly Fool

Michael is savvy enough to be well aware of his imminent exposure to the danger of eviction. You’ve outlined some smart observations for digestion.

His other issue really is what to do about Brittany? If she can’t bring him intelligence from other parts of the house, then other than as a vote, she’s of no game use to him. Particularly as he is House Target #1 and she wins nothing! Their SisBromance is now dangerous for him.

The lack of actual competition gameplay exhibited by Alyssa, Brittany,Terrence and even Monte & Taylor is shocking and the worst for many a season. The DR RaRa comp talk from Terrence is, frankly, laughable but it keeps being broadcast – seriously? His infantile reaction to nominations is deserving of eviction on its own. Who the hell ever takes the expressed reason for nomination seriously eh?


Completely agree, B is a liability and now she’s conspiring with Monte to get Michael out. No real loyalty there.

Daniel Sucks

Terrance is almost 50 and the biggest baby in the game. He acted like a spoiled brat at the nomination ceremony. If I was his wife, I would be embarrassed.


Well jury management is a game strategy. Big T has warned Michael he will be revealing his timing about info release. Im Sure Kyle will validate his comments to help destroy m & b. Thats 3 weeks to destroy the jury. If they send Terrance to jury too soon Michael could be second place to anyone but Michael.

A Silly Fool

I feel Jury management isn’t as crucial as we viewers feel it is. And, generally speaking, contestants get the winner right and put aside their petty upsets to reach that conclusion.

That said, the intellectual capacities of this jury might indicate that even a very poor game player like Terrence might have a undue sway on things. Ina normal season, no-one would take a blind bit of notice of him.


I’m afraid you’re right. This is not a smart jury. Michael might actually have to keep Dumbo Terrance to try to salvage some jury dialogue.

Dumbo will not get over the embarrassment on National television of being so stupid as to let Kyle trick him into evicting Joe. So he’ll take his pity party right into jury.

Daniel Sucks

Yes, jury management matters. But Terrance is not the only one in jury with an opinion. And I’m sure Joe will tell Kyle and Terrance the reason he (Joe) is in jury is because of THEM. Not because of Michael. And he will let the rest of the jury know too.

If Terrance acts like a big sore-loser baby for the entire time in jury, like he is now, nobody will listen to him or want to be around him.

Everything else aside, can you imagine being stuck in a house all day, everyday with him acting that way? I just couldn’t do it. I would likely end up screaming at him to stay away from me.


Daniel sucks, I agree with everything you say except for that jury management really matters. “A silly fool” is right when they said that the jury usually gets the winner right even if they are miffed, they usually put their pettiness aside.


I have to agree with you. Michael is in a very position. He wants desperately to get rid of Dumbo Terrance’s, but if he does this week, Dumbo will start poisoning the jury as soon as he arrives.

As much as I dread and hate the thought of another minute at looking at fugly, dumb, pity party Terrance, it’s probably better game play for Michael to keep him.

The Kats Meow

No way those bitter women in jury, Kyle, or Terrance’s the potato give Brittany or Taylor a win over Michael if either are F2 with him. But Turner, Jealyssa and Monte beat him with that spiteful jury.


Dumbo Terrance is vile and he’s filled with poison so it’s unpredictable how he’ll impact the jury. Unless they see him for the a**hole that he is..




Terrance is an embarrassment to his race and to the human species. He’s an a**hole who was stupid enough to let Kyle trick him into evicting Joe and now he’s defuse his dumbness by blaming everything on Michael. Terrance the Blob is a completely worthless player.


He hasn’t convinced one person in house to work with him. Now he’s going to convince the jury? I don’t think so.


The tale of 2 glasses: Turner is a hippie when he wears his and Taylor is a Diva with her “I don’t give a **** look” when she wears hers

Paul Sucks

Dear BB, please reduce Britney DRs by 40%. I can only take so much.


You know that you want to make an appointment with her just to see if you can be hypnotized, lol.


Her new command will be, “Look into my crazy, f**kin eyes!”

The Kats Meow

Thanks, now I’m gonna have nightmares of crazy a** Brittany calling herself Sex Panther lolol
No bueno!


They’re awful!

No hate please

I do not understand the hate Brittany gets. She has won more comps than everyone except Michael and Turner, her insights and reads on people are more accurate than Michael’s, she (and Taylor) are more loyal than every other houseguest and she actively tries playing the game. Even when she was ostracized by the girls, she was never nasty or rude or vindictive. Even Jasmine said Brittany is the nicest person in the house, and Jasmine didn’t have a kind word for anyone.

un autre nom

More oddities of note:
Michael imo is still being willfully myopic.
He knows Monte will take a shot. He knows Turner will take a shot.
He knows Taylor has been spoken to about taking a shot, because Britt has told him there have been conversations.
Nobody has conversed with him to make sure the plan is still the plan. The only conversation today has been Alyssa with Britt? That’s disconcerting in a season where there have been plotting sessions multiple times a night for weeks.

So… he’s hoping to show loyalty to this Brochella four that have met exactly ZERO times this week. Name another week where Monte wasn’t up in the mix with the plans. There isn’t one.
Something smells…. it’s not Denmark or Newark in this case…. but something smells OFF.
Even in a state of denial and delusion… nope, there’d still be thoughts. There aren’t any, and I’m beginning to wonder why. Fear of confrontation? Fear of losing the Pound vote as a unit in jury? D/R suggestioning? What is going on? It’s TOO far off not to make me wonder.


I know…I’ve thought about that too. IMO Michael is laying low and struggling with the decision of Vile Terrance out or Turner. He knows how much is at stake!


Terrance is either poisoning the house or the jury. Let him be the dj in the jury.


Where is Dumbo Terrance more damaging though – in the house or in the jury?


What I find sad is that after Michael’s hard work summer of in incredible BB gameplay and intellect, he will most likely end up going to jury on Thursday. I say that because I don’t see how he can keep up with the pressure of these wins time after time. He just excelled Janelles record for most veto comps in a single season.

un autre nom

What he needs to be doing is realize that None of his supposed allies have been coming to his room to talk game, and move accordingly. He had to go and invite people to talk game with him in his HOH tonight? Name another week where THAT was the case.
He should reasonably be saying to himself… who is the head of the movement to get me out, and strike first. Even if he doesn’t get that person out of the game, at least he drops this ‘maybe they’ll aim at someone else’ crap.
Given numbers, and given numbers that are talking game to him… the time for Michael to draw the line in the sand is now. If he doesn’t… he’s foolish.


You’re right, it’s been a very very quiet HOH. He knows that their plan is to evict him next, that’s a no brainer and not much he can do to stop their thoughts.

The struggle for him is whether to get rid of Vile Terrance now and have him take his foul mouth to jury or keep him away from jury for the time being. He wants Dumbo out, but at what price?

Daniel Sucks

Janelle wasn’t playing against this group. I am hoping Michael can keep going.

Daisy may123

I wish Kyle would have fought more for himself, I also don’t understand why the cookout last year was allowed to form because of the black lives matter movement? He was pointing out to people what he was seeing going on, not being racist about it. My family and I have stopped watching big brother because of this. I hope Kyle out in the real world stands up for himself and not turtles. How can one say “I won’t put a black woman up” and not sound racist? Because she’s black and said it but if someone white would have said that they are racist. Kyle only stated what he was seeing and production ran with this and very well could ruin his life. Big brother is a terrible show if it doesn’t go productions way they will make it go their way. We used to get together and watch this week after week now it’s a show that shouldn’t even be on anymore. Good bye big brother.


Once Kyle threw Joe under the bus to save his hide, Kyle was done.

I agree it’s a terrible show, I stopped watching beyond a week. But Michael’s genuine skill and intellect caught my eye in the early weeks so I stayed on this summer.


This might be Michaels first mistake not getting Turner or Monte out now. He’s relying on Britney to win HOH next week when he can’t play(yeah right). Also it could be a double eviction. Who the heck cares about Terrence or Alyssa.


And Brittany could easily betray him.

un autre nom

In essence today has been about EVERYONE making final 3 deals with EVERYONE else.
Deals Deals Deals Deals.
And there sits Michael having to ASK people to game talk with him.
Catch a clue Mensa-guy.
Turner speedtalked during his talk with Michael. Like no breath speed talked. Sure sign that he was obfuscating.
Instead of actually reading the room as he talked to each house guest, it felt more like Michael was trying NOT to read the room.
He SHOULD be scared shitless. His theory… if it’s a double Terrance could win HOH. Yeah… so could Turner or Monte and they are 100000000000000% taking a shot… and competing in veto.
Britt has been trying to get Michael to see the chalk outline everyone is drawing around him. Yes, Hyperhypnotoad is constanlty paranoid… but she’s right, he’s wrong. Her read on the house barometer is WAY better than his right now.
Honestly though:
As much as they say they are a duo, and as much as they say they are a final 2…. Michael chose to get and stay close to Britt because she was a safe bet to sit on the block with in week 2 and 3. Her personality and hyperhypnotoading was rubbing people the wrong way. He thought if they were on the block together, his allies would have the numbers to keep him. When it comes to opinions on strategy, and what dangers exist… Michael has not ONCE taken Britt seriously as an equal in their partnership. To be fair… she’s a whackjob and a bit toooooo paranoid, but she’s had better reads on what they should do, and what would be better for Michael in the game than he has. If Michael had listened to Britt: the Kyle reveal would have happened one to two weeks before it did. If he listened to her now seriously…. he’d realize Monte and Turner are gunning for him hard.
Michael’s hubris is a mix of fear of confrontation mixed with not taking others seriously because he is convinced he is the smartest person in every room. A high IQ doesn’t mean he can read a room. He’s an introvert that doesn’t perform well socially. That means he can’t read social cues and group barometer well.


Good post! Michael truly is scared and struggling right now. It’s ominous for him. But I hope he can take some satisfaction in that his physical skill and wonderful intellect have breathed life into an otherwise worthless bunch of jealous floaters this summer. I only watched BB because of Michael.

un autre nom

About to crash.
Well than and there’s an impending update that i’ve been putting off installing for an hour now.
Michael is in d/r after his latest talk with Britt. She tried to give him warnings.
Britt, Alyssa and Taylor are talking. Honestly, who cares what Terrance is doing… probably trash talking in his sleep.
Turner and Monte are getting paranoid about the women becoming an alliance.
This is coming because of the Turner Britt conversation earlier. The one where Turner was trying to ensure his safety and hint that Michael was house target.
So at the moment Turner and Monte are weighing making a final four with Britt and Michael? Cutting Michael at 4.
I don’t really understand where this is coming from. This is weird sauce. Yeah, I know, everyone has been in d/r a LOT today.
Monte… of the Oasis and the Pound (remember the Oasis line the women up at the door so the game could go back to the way it’s supposed to be played talks… they were testosterone driven dick measuring contests of alpha bro he man woman haters talks) doesn’t know why there is talk from the women wanting to go gender lines. Sorry. Yes the Oasis talk was alll of them, but all of them contributed. Hey, didn’t see any thought of adding estrogen to the pound… did I miss that?
Now the guys are saying let’s take out Alyssa this week. Are they planning to say this to Michael? When they plan for noms next week… they include Alyssa as a nom after saying get rid of Alyssa. It… what? Am I really that tired? Okay, still taking out Terrance is the call. They don’t have the votes.
Monte worries about Alyssa and Taylor as a duo.
Monte, who has spent over a week trying to get Taylor to go after Michael… is sketched that Taylor wants to go after Michael. Sideye. Big Sideye.
Turner thinks Michael felt really assured after his talk with Turner…. like maybe Michael was feeling less stressed about having to win out in every comp.
Turner reveals the after party. Turner has already Monte that Kyle revealed the Pound to Alyssa.
Fifteen minutes before the update is going to start downloading and shutting me down whether I like it or not.
It sounds like Monte is more worried about… Taylor and Alyssa teaming up than Michael winning every comp in existence. WTF is in that D/R air? do they just project Britt’s eyes on a screen and make them stare while telling them what to do?
Monte was hoping to go Pound strong, and wouldn’t commit to the Brochella 4 he tells Turner. Sideye. Who was the first one to say if Joseph is gone, no excuses, Kyle and Turner are out? That was also Monte…. who later softened his stance because… okay. I said this a while back, it still feels true… neither Monte or Turner wanted to go to the end with women. There I said it again, shoot me.
Michael out of d/r is talking with the women in the open bedroom.
This entire Monte and Turner talk… no really, it feels like somebody just pushed me into a time machine and deposited me at week one day 3. This is…. This is the biggest wtf is this talk… that I’ve ever heard. Are they still drinking? No really… is there lsd in a whiteclaw?

Now Turner and Monte have clocked that all three women and Michael are in the bedroom. Are they going to… please don’t go back to ‘Michael’s like a woman’ talk they did in week one…. okay that doesn’t seem to be the road. Given how much tonight’s talk sounds week one… i was afraid we were going ALL the way back to week one completely.

Takeaways: 2 guys that have ONLY been loyal to alliances that are all male in gender… are wondering why the women have talked about working together. So.. okay. update shutdown in 30 seconds, i’m tapping out… Ciao.

It's me

Notice Michael’s Advice didn’t really tell his secrets. He really studied his notes before coming on this “reality” show.