Terrance WON the VETO! “Good job BRO! This is your week! God Damn!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Big BroChella SIDE

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, and Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week
The Situation: As it stands now Brochella won’t be using the veto and Jasmine will be sent out.

Dyre Fest SIDE

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, and Turner
POV Winner: Terrance
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Terrance WON the Dyre Fest VETO

2pm The live feeds return from being blocked. Turner – Good job BRO! This is your week! God Damn! Alyssa – so Tracy (Terrance’s wife) is going to be so excited when she sees Sunday’s episode (HOH).. then Wednesday’s episode (Veto). Terrance – I owe this to little mama! I said it in my vows when I married her. I said you’re my super power! Alyssa – stop! You’re going to make me cry. Terrance – I am serious. Alyssa – were you thinking about her when you were playing? Terrance – yeah this morning I was.

Over by the Backyard Kitchen – Kyle and Joe
Kyle – what do you think? Joe – I don’t know, probably keep it the same. Kyle – you think? Joe – We should talk with Turner. Kyle – and say what? Try and get him to flip it to Alyssa. Joe – I still think there’s a chance he puts up Alyssa. Kyle – How? We would have to mix something up. Anything we could do with the Fly Swatters ..like with Alyssa leaving him out or something. Joe – as long as Old School will back him up .. me, you and Turner.

2:35pm Backyard – Turner, Joe and Kyle.
Joe – I think we approach Terrance together. Turner – absolutely, what’s our pitch? Joe – Alyssa exposed Old School. And then if we go back in the house .. us four are one. Kyle – sure. I’m down. I have no idea if he would even be open to entertaining it. Joe – we might as well try him. Kyle – worth a try. Joe – otherwise he sends probably me home. Joe – Or Kyle because he keeps pitching to me that he’s going after Kyle. Kyle – and then to me its you. Joe – yeah so we might as well unite. Turner leaves to change. Joe – yeah dude, he’s telling me its you. Kyle – we’ll see .. if he (Terrance) uses the veto, then I am f**ked. Joe – then if he does maybe we can get Alyssa up. Kyle – maybe. I wanted to cry dude when he won. Like frog in my throat. Joe – me too dude. We have one more shot (veto ceremony). I’ve seen you do it in bumper but it will take all three of us. Kyle leaves to go get in the pool.

3:30pm HOH room – Jasmine and Michael.
Jasmine – have you been able to chat with Brittany? Michael – We touched base a little bit.. just briefly after the veto last night. I think she plans on leaving things the same. Jasmine – yeah that’s fine if the plan is still just what it was supposed to be then. Michael – yeah. Jasmine – hopefully it could be … I talked to Taylor. I talked to Brittany. I told Brittany the exact same thing that I’ve told you that like y’all are no where near what.. like I have too many other fish to fry right now to be completely honest. When I talked to Taylor she asked did Michael tell you the plan before the veto thing and he was like hopefully one of us could get the veto. And that Monte was still the target and all that good stuff. Michael – in that one round when Monte and I were the only ones that stayed .. I was worried. I was like either this is the round that gets him out or.. Jasmine – that was my strategy to fold until he was out. Michael – that is smart. Jasmine – and then even if it came worst to worst.. I would have to go against him. That’s why I kept folding. Everything I’ve said I was going to do, I’ve done. Michael – I think the four of us all knew before we even had one on ones this week what the plan was. Not that I would expect the vote to come out into a tie but I wouldn’t mind if I got to stand up there and say it but I am not going to ask anyone to do it. Jasmine – I definitely think if it is on Thursday its going to be an emotional day whether I stay or go.

4:08pm Outside the HOH room – Taylor and Monte are studying the days/events of the season together. They talk about how well Michael does in the comps. Monte – I was like wow! I don’t think I stood a chance. And you had asked, I wonder if this one would be a good one to see if he is beatable… and if Brittany hadn’t been there we would have won. Its just something I’m taking note of. Like I don’t know if he tries to hide how good he is but he was spot on on everything outside of the first one. Its just something I took a note of. Taylor – I know that it doesn’t matter what the comp is he is GOOD! Monte – he is good! He’s always been 100% with me. He’s always been very transparent with me. He is really close with Brittany. So I am not going to assume he is going to pick me over Brittany. Do you think he would pick you over Brittany in any circumstance? Taylor – Brittany know and I don’t think she is ready to talk about it… but there isn’t a world where Michael takes anyone over Brittany… because its an easy win over Brittany. Monte – I don’t know if this is anything you’re thinking about.. like once we get to five.. and maybe I’m talking about this too soon and should be since I’m on the block. Taylor – its natural for us to think about our like 3, 2, 4… Monte – yeah. Its nothing to act upon right now because I want to get to five. Taylor – have you talked about this with Joseph or.. Monte – no. You may think this is weird but Joseph and I do not talk game. I feel like now I have to start playing the game again. Taylor – we HAVE to win! We have to win!

4:40pm Bedroom – Brittany and Monte.
Monte – I think we should probably gather around to make sure we get the same story from everyone because if there are any discrepancies that would be a tell tail sign. Brittany agrees.

4:50pm – 5:05pmThe inside crew are following Monte’s lead in a workout.

5:37pm Workout room – Taylor, Michael and Brittany.
Taylor – Monte is 100% in. Michael – you think? Taylor – yeah. Brittany – what makes you think 100? Taylor – we talked upstairs. He was like we hope and pray that Joseph comes back but if he doesn’t its final 4. And I was like …alright! Michael – I like that. Brittany – me too. Taylor – if Joseph comes back we can figure out where we want the final four to be.. but the decision could be made for us. Brittany – yeah I couldn’t go to sleep last night because I was so excited. Just the adrenaline of everything and feeling so good about us. It feels good.

6:35pm Backyard – Alyssa, Terrance and Turner are sleeping. Joseph and Kyle are playing Chinese Checkers. Inside the house – Michael and Taylor are talking about wanting a tour in the maze behind the mirrors / who really plays Zing-bot and if its the same person each season. Monte is on the bike.

6:40pm Backyard – Kyle and Joe
Joe – is there anything else that I can bring up to Terrance? I just need you to back me up. Kyle – I have no idea what else. Joe is whispering and its really hard to hear over the other back ground noise. Joe – Turner betrayed him and unless he is her to just make friends it doesn’t make sense. I just need you to always back me up. Joe talks about the gang inside the house. Joe – they’re bonding over kicking Jasmine out .. that’s it. Kyle – 100% they’re chilling. Joe – we can probably get Monte back. If you’re alone in there with just Alyssa.. you’re done. Kyle – I bet I go before Terrance.

7:10pm – 7:35pm Bedroom – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – I think this is best case scenario getting us to where we want to get to because I think its an incorrect perception but I think the other Leftovers might have the perception that we’re the easiest to beat out of the Leftovers. And let them think that all they want till we make the big moves. And we have the stories of what we’ve had to overcome. And I am sure that not using the veto is not a flashy move.. Taylor – but its the best move. Brittany – its the BEST move because you can’t always think about flash because I want the Leftovers till the end. And I want .. even though its not true.. I want us to be perceived as the weakest ..especially when we can prove that’s not true. Taylor – we’ve just got to get through and I am glad that Monte has Kyle as a target now because Kyle is hard to beat and the more people we have gunning for him the better. Let Monte try and go for Michael. Joseph is beatable. He has an impeccable social game but he is beatable in comps. And I am laughing because he knows. Brittany – we will just have to be really careful because we don’t want Michael to find out. Taylor – if something happens.. we have a solid backup final 3. Brittany – we have to think honestly about being so close to Michael. We have to think about the contingency plan if he is not there anymore.

7:46pm Backyard – Alyssa, Kyle and Turner.
Turner – I don’t think Terrance is going to use the veto. He made his noms for a reason so come the end of the week I think we are sitting pretty. Kyle – I think we need to think about how the four remaining in there are going to be bonded. Turner – oh for sure. I think if we could all talk to Terrance .. obviously without Joseph here. We could talk about that .. I hope I am not his target. I don’t think I am. I am totally fine with him not using it. I trust you guys with my life. Alyssa – I would take a bullet for you bro! Turner – I honestly might now.

7:52pm By the Pool. Kyle and Terrance.
Kyle – in two days you win two comps! Straight shooter. I quickly chatted with him (Joseph) and what he is going to do is he is going to tell you that there’s an alliance that doesn’t include me, Turner and Joseph. That its just going to be like Michael, Monte, Taylor, Brittany, and whoever else is in it. I think that is it. He is going to try and pin the Old School thing on Alyssa. That is still his play to try and protect the boys. I will go along with it with him but at the end of the day I know his allegiance is with Monte. So I am like keep running your mouth dude. So he is going to pitch that. He is going to pitch like the showmance thing with me and Alyssa. Terrance – I already know that. What is your thought process when you go back in the house? Say they went really soft and got rid of Jasmine. Which I really think that they did. Kyle – I think so too.. I don’t think Michael is willing to risk his game even more by taking a big shot and be even more of a threat. If he adds his comp wins to taking out a big threat he has already won the game at that point. Terrance – right. Kyle – if he gets to the end. I think he take a safe route and takes out Jasmine .. which sucks. Terrance – I think that’s a whack move. I definitely can’t come back in with a whack move. Kyle – I was talking to Turner and Alyssa when Joseph was shower and I brought that up .. I was like listen we’re going into the house when four people that are already in an alliance …that have an entire week together. They’re going to be rock solid when we go in. We need to be ready for that. You won HOH and veto. I don’t have any blood on my hands for taking out Joseph so I can still stay in that group and try and get information. Terrance – okay. Kyle – if I win HOH next week. I am thinking Monte and Michael go up. And say f**K it .. you guys hit the veto .. one of you goes home. Terrance – I think that has to be the move at this particular moment. Anything else we will be playing ourselves. Kyle – I am not afraid of Taylor or Brittany. Its Monte has been running this game. You look at Joseph, he doesnt know what to do without Monte. So I don’t think I told you the name of the alliance.. it was the seven of us and we called ourselves the Leftovers. Terrance laughs. I want to keep this momentum and build. I just want to make sure that we’re locked bro.. because I am definitely going to make this move. I am not going to blow you up. He is going to come for you after my conversation with him. I am going to tell him I am 50/50. Kyle – he just has to realize that we have four people and there are four people when we go into the house.

8:06pm Alyssa and Terrance.
Terrance – so we accomplished our goal today. I didn’t want any pieces to be moved around. I wanted the control to stay right here so that I could do what I wanted to do and no blood would be on no one else’s hands but mine. You can put all the blame on me. Alyssa – I am not going to do that.

8:08pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

8:20pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitten cams.

9:41pm Still blocked. (Apparently, there was a person outside the compound yelling so they’ve blocked the feeds.)

10:32pm Still nothing..

11:35pm Nothing but kittens

12am Still blocked..

6:30 am no feeds for you

9:00 am Feeds still down. Likely caused by a wall yeller.

10:14 am Feeds return to a sleeping Jasmine.

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un autre nom

Someone said something about a wall yeller.
What have wall yellers acheived in the past:
season 17… did nothing about it. didn’t change the game.
season 18… did nothing about it. didn’t change the game.
season 21… cliff and nic heard it. did nothing but talk about hearing it. didn’t change the game.
season 22… multiple wall yellers. people heard it. talked about hearing it. Did nothing.
Wall yelling doesn’t change any outcome. If it were that easy, Jackhole and Cody would have been voted out in their seasons.
There’s a 4 minute delay between live and feeds.
People are separated. called into d/r. asked what they heard. Told to disregard.
whoop de doo.
The only thing that REALLY happens is whining and bellyaching. THE STORYLINE doesn’t change.


Love them or hate them wall yellers do little nowadays.

Just a viewer

Except, this cast was saying in earlier shows, that they hope someone would yell over the wall and help them out. People were locked outside this time and probably heard much more and clearer. Production is probably scrambling, trying figure our how to clean up their messy twist. Plus, the people inside now know who’s on the block. The Leftovers know what Kyle did and it’s probably a mess right now. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Terrance has a change of heart, Joseph and puts up Alyssa. Alyssa/Jasmine voted out. They can join the other mean girl in jury.

un autre nom

Well, they would have been playing music over the speakers all night to make sure any subsequent yellers would be discouraged. Another reason for feeds to be down. Copyrights on music they played.
The storyline department is loathe to put a wall yeller into an episode to explain a decision change. If there isn’t an organic way they can edit that… they will be heavily discouraged.
This is the same show that told houseguests in the d/r not to nominate Nicole Franzel in season 18. Houseguests on feeds talked about it and had hissy fits about production protecting her and not allowing them to nominate her for weeks on end.
If production doesn’t want it to happen, or if it isn’t in line with what they’ve plotted, it’s not going to happen.


I’ve never been a Kyle fan, but Michael started the rat game before he did if Terrance and Turner are telling the truth. Terrance said Michael told him he would get rid of Monte and Terrance should get rid of Joe. I’m not sure how Michael is going to blame it all on Kyle when Terrance was HOH and won the veto.

I’m down to Turner or Monte for the win!

Great Week

That could pretty much wreck Michael’s game if Terrance lets Monte know about the deal he had with Michael as HOHs.


The indoor team is operating on the premise of pretending that Monte is the target. Michael can easily say that he was throwing Terrance off track by extending that lie to him.

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle is a fool. Michael is more of a threat to his game than Monte. Monte is a loyal, passive introvert that almost never win anything. Unfortunately, people like Kyle think Monte is the archetype of a muscular, alpha jock.


If Terrence said this during his HoH reign now it could be Terrence just saying something to Kyle & Alyssa that they want to hear. If I remember correctly, Michael said to Brittany that Terrence was trying to say something to him but he either couldn’t hear or understand what he was saying during the picks


No he was talking to himself about taking Joe out.

un autre nom

Kyle’s entire game has been the rat game. He’s been plotting against his own allianced since week one when he asked Monte if they should get rid of Joe. Then he entered the POS, and within 5 days was saying let’s get rid of Nic. Then he entered the Leftovers, telling the pound next week we take out Taylor, while saying to non pound, we have to be careful and take out Monte as soon as we can.


That’s called strategy. IMO, Kyle is playing the best game right now.

un autre nom

pointing out what a person’s game has been without labelling it as good or bad doesn’t mean condemnation. I mean, I like a good villain, I like a good rat game. His strategy is to constantly be more worried about his allies than the people not in his alliances. That’s all I’m saying, I’m not adding value judgement.

Palm Oil's Meds

yeah, but you have implicit biases so I can take your opinion seriously


Michael already admitted he was doing that. While Michael was a little more covert about it, Kyle took his chance with this twist and did it a little more brazenly. I think both of them see that after this twist the alliance is not necessarily done, but definitely fractured so both of them are making a move to keep themselves in the game despite the state of the alliance.

Palm Oil's Meds

I just realized Kyle was caught in a lie! He told the DR and the other white hgs that Terrence, Monte, and the other people of color are all working together, but if he really thought that was true then why would he tell Terrence to put up Joe (if Terrence is working with Joe)? Kyle is full of crap. I know people like to gaslight and pretend Kyle is not on a racist mission, but he is. He needs to just be honest and say he only wants to work with white players and only wants to see a white player win. If he keeps Michael around, Kyle will lose. He’s risking 750K or a woman and being anti-POC. smh


Am I reading a 2021 cookout, reverse post??


Wow here we go again. Kyle’s reasoning for who he wants to play with is game related, period. If you go searching for ill intent though, you can “find” it anywhere. Congratulations


I disagree with that. Quit bringing race into everything. So sick of it.

Julie Chen

Palm has been doing it all season, even under different names. It’s always about race.


Kyle is the houseguest that brought up race to Michael and Brittany in claiming that there is a Cookout 2.0. Kyle has to know that this isn’t true based on how Taylor was treated and Ameerah’s eviction.

Kyle is not a racist though – he has legit reasons to suspect Monte, Joseph, and Taylor of being in an alliance after Taylor’s HOH.

I think this is all gameplay/paranoia from Kyle. He knows the other 4 members of the Leftovers will be after him after his move. What he doesn’t realize is that Terrance is a rat and will not be loyal to him if Brittany, Monte, or Taylor will HOH.


I thought Another Name covered this that Terrance whispered something to him & he didn’t hear it? Michael did tell Monte that Terrance had (previously) said Monte (or Kyle) would be his targets so it was a good way to show Monte his loyalty by picking him to be on his team — in essence protecting him from something going wrong outside.

Besides – the initial movements of Terrance don’t align with what’s being said – – his first chat was with Turner (who he picked first – bc he trusted him the most) was I’ll put up the showmance & Kyle’s my target. After talking to Ally she switched him off that thinking so then it became Kyle/Joe & finally switched to Joe/Turner after Kyle spilled everything. None of that aligns with Joe being his initial target.

And even if Michael did say that was the goal (& honestly is his preference) at this point I doubt Monte buys it. He’ll be sitting OTB on Thursday so who will he believe – – the guys who just put up Joe/Turner – protected the showmance & evicted Joe OR the guy who could’ve blindsided him but still evicted Jasmine?


The first conversation with Turner, they said stick with the plan and were going on about who to put up to “backdoor” Joe. Alyssa and Kyle weren’t the plan — just the distraction.

3:13 am Turner and Terrance
Terrance starts his one on ones “Let’s go in the order we were picked” Tuner is first
Turner – the plan is still the same
Terrance – the plan is still the same we have to act like we’re talking
Turner – I wonder what their pitches are going to be
Terrance – how do we guarantee? who do we put up
They are talking about a plan to “backdoor” Joe. (Everyone plays in veto)”


Pushing Kyle to backdoor Alyssa over a silly trip that Taylor didn’t earn ruined Joesph’s game. Taylor and her leaders backed Kyle into a corner. Kyle took advantage. Flipped it on Joesph with his hands clean; one Hell of a play. That’s poetic justice.


Yes he’s doing it correctly, his risk has paid off.


Yes sir! It was the right thing to do. Kyle knew that those three (Taylor, Monte, and Joseph) put him at the bottom of the alliance for no reason. Other than being petty, vindictive, entitled over a stupid trip. Shouldn’t have pressed Kyle about backdooring Alyssa after Taylor made it apparent for race and sex reasons not to put up Jasmine. This all could have been avoided if Taylor would have just put up Jasmine or Monte and Joseph as renom to get BIG T out of the house. Taylor functions by not being an adult. ie. Blame other people and not take responsibility for your own actions or nominations. It was complete insanity to blame Kyle and Alyssa for Indy leaving when Taylor was the instrument of Indy’s undoing. Broke a deal with Indy and basically Alyssa in the process. Taylor pawns go home. Her dysfunctional everyday pink robe wearing queen of the castle HOH reign was her own fault. Joseph has now paid the ultimate price for being on the petty London bandwagon.

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle was never at the bottom. That was all paranoia in his head. Ironically, Monte and Joseph were more loyal to the Pound than they were to Taylor. Monte and Kyle were going to take Kyle and Turner to the final 4. Don’t believe that overly edited episode that was shown in reverse order of events. Grodner loves guys like Kyle so they are giving him a great edit to the casual viewers. They are covering up the real reasons why he’s targeting certain people.


cookout hmmmmmmm…


Kyle was at the bottom once he was pressured to use the veto. That scene at the pool table was thick with implication.

Paul Sucks

I think the threat of Taylor taking his spot was very real. Either way he was at 6 or 4 in the boot order and he knew it.


Even if it’s true and Kyle would’ve been at the bottom at least he was in an alliance I really wanted to see the leftovers make it to final 7 but he ruined that, You should’ve waited until the seventh and then start making noise

Palm Oil's Meds

You can’t be serious? lol Kyle is a weasel and a simp that will lose to Michael. You guys just have biases. lol


I don’t think you realize that Alyssa did nothing game related to hurt Taylor’s safety in the game by taking that trip. Taylor was completely personal last week. Not wanting to put up Jasmine and backstab Alyssa after they made a safety deal hardly a week ago. All for a trip that Taylor didn’t earn (4th place). That is not bias. Queen Taylor has an ego problem and thought that since she was HOH everybody had to be subservient to her demands. It doesn’t work that way. Even Michael, knew that Taylor’s reasoning to take out (backdoor) Alyssa for London; was rash and emotional. You don’t backdoor somebody for a trip especially when they just made a deal a week ago to not target you and put you up.


If Alyssa didn’t take the trip someone else would have. Taylor was being petty and forgetting to honor her own commitments. Why was her promise to Jasmine to never put up a black woman kept but her other promises weren’t? She playing weak and messy


Yeah, Taylor’s whole reaction to that really pissed me off. You placed lower than Alyssa , Taylor, you don’t earn a reward.

Alyssa had every right to take that trip. And what’s the alternative? Alyssa takes veto and Kyle and jas take the trip and 5k thus allowing alyssa keep veto and pull down Indy and then what do you do Taylor? You did everything wrong in your hoh and I won’t feel bad if Alyssa outlasts you


Thank you.Alyssa earned that right to choose. Can’t expect her to take the punishment after she performed better than Taylor.Truthfully, the worst part about the whole situation was that it wasn’t as if Alyssa did anything in a game sense to hurt/target Taylor’s safety in the house. Compared to Taylor, Monty, and Joseph thinking it was justified for Taylor to break a deal and backdoor her for a stupid trip. Which is personal and irrational. That’s why this whole thing was insanity.

Palm Oil's Meds

Am I in the Twilight Zone? So Terrence is a comp beast now?


we are all in it together!


This was the week he needed to win and throw off LO.

L.L. Bean Dip

I’m pretty sure he’s been throwing comps. Now he’s striking while the iron is hot.


Looks like that. He’s going to win out from here.


Terrance looks 60 but he’s actually only 47. That took me by surprise!


Hard living

The Beef

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA – Terrance showing the old man strength! You just never know with some people.

Palm Oil's Meds

Will the evictions be held in separate places (inside/outside)? Or will they come back together in the house and everyone selects two of the four noms to get evicted?


I’m pretty sure they will be done seperate and then come together in the aftermath.




Can someone please remind me; Is Monte really a personal trainer because I hear him talking with Brittany of the type of clients he wants to work with and with him causing injuries in two different age groups not sure he’s a good one

Palm Oil's Meds

I thought he was a chemist or chemical engineer but changed his career to fitness?

Julie Chen

Personal trainer. Joe is the undercover lawyer pretending that to be a personal trainer

Palm Oil's Meds

Joseph was an underrated good player, but his biggest flaws were that he sucked at comps and too trusting of Kyle.

Great Week

He should have ended the spy game as soon as he saw the alliance wasnt too comfortable about it or perhaps just make then think he stopped it – not share info, back down a little bit. He put a really huge target on his back. It was just a matter of time before anyone took the shot. Michael also wanted Joe gone first.

Palm Oil's Meds

I think Michael, Kyle, and Britney were insecure over his closeness to Taylor. Michael and Britney think of her as a number but not a friend. So when Taylor actually starting becoming friends with Joe and Monte, they became worried. Same with Kyle, plus Kyle had his own agenda and biases that played a part.


Michael, Britt and Taylor made a F3 deal weeks ago when no one would even talk to Taylor–even the other LO members. When Taylor won HOH, suddenly she was the popular girl and dropped Michael and Britt for her new ‘friends’. Michael and Britt took notice (they notice everything) and realized she could not be counted on.

Big Brother Fan

Your biased hatred toward Kyle is alarming




For real

Kyles Mom

Here is palm oils med again promoting her Biased and agenda against my son EVERY chance she gets. Palm Med so woke! We get it he is the devil. Everything and everyone is racist if it doesn’t go your way. “ I’ll stop watching now since BB is rigged.” Give me a break. Lol.

Paul Sucks

Regardless, the events in Dyre are playing into Michael’s game perfectly. Only question is does Turner catch what Kyle did or does T spill the beans that he knows. If so, the war begins and Michael is positioned in the middle just like he planned.

The Beef

Couldn’t agree with you more, but that was his whole game – trying to play the middle – throwing comps so as not to get blood on his hands – trying to keep his “pawns” (Indy, Jasmine, Terrance) around as long as possible – and yes, ratting/lying to his own alliance in order to accomplish the “pawn” goal.

He’s been a pretty good social player, but he’s been too obvious lately in trying to protect his pawns and been caught lying to his alliance, and frankly, the damn twist is what’s getting him this week. If it weren’t for the twist, Joseph most likely wouldn’t be going anywhere.


He did wayyyyy too much talking


Yeah – because he was sooooooooooo good at playing the double-agent role I sort of expected him to be a comp beast. We knew he’d been throwing comps but I honestly expected he’d be able to flip a switch when he needed to turn it on but between the HOH & hearing he performed poorly in the POV it turns out he doesn’t perform well (at least in comps) under pressure.

The Beef

Yeah, I thought Joseph would end up turning it on and being a comp beast when the game reached the half-way point, but I guess I was just going off the way he looks. Shame on me for doing that.


I may be the only one around here that is liking Kyle taking a shot at the leftovers early.

It’ll be great hearing how Kyle spins this to the insiders. Also looking forward to how Turner is going to navigate this.

Great season.

un autre nom

I don’t have a problem with Kyle outing the alliance. For his game from his perspective it was the right move. I just think he did it too early. He should have done it today, not yesterday.

Great Week

If he had waited for today and Alyssa or Kyle were on the block with Turner or Joe and the other one got Veto – Alyssa and Kyle would have ended on the block with one going. The way he handled it ensured that Terrance put Joe and Turner on the block. that way no matter who won Veto both Kyle and Alyssa were safe. It was pretty smart on his part. And Im usually team Michael/Brittany but I think he played a really smart week.

un autre nom

Was Terrance not thinking maybe showmance on the block maybe not? Only person I heard say it was showmance was Joseph. Then Joseph said to Kyle it looks like me and you. That’s when Kyle decided to out the alliance.
So if the plan was put up Joseph / Kyle and if veto is won put up the other member of showmance… waiting until after veto would not have altered where we are now. Replacement nom would have become Turner.


But doing it when he did it guaranteed there wasn’t a chance he could go home. I saw last post you saying you weren’t calling Kyle’s game good or bad just a rat game, but you have called his game poor plenty of times so you were just backtracking. I really appreciate and like reading your posts but you are nitpicking an awful lot here. Revealing it when he did and getting both Joe and turner on the block with the hoh on his side ensured he and Alyssa would not be going home no matter what happened. If he waited until after the veto maybe Terrance says why did you wait until I have the veto to tell me this. Sounds like you’re lying and I don’t buy it. It worked out and so far he has received little blowback so you can’t argue with results

un autre nom

OF course I’m nitpicking. When i’ve called out dumb things Taylor or Britt or Michael or Joseph or Turner have done i’ve been nitpicking too. I’m giving my feeling on the move they are making when they make it. That doesn’t mean I’m condemning their entire game. That means i’m looking at that moment, assessing pro’s and cons, and saying what I think. There are ways to reveal enough without revealing too much. he revealed everything. That’s why he now has to depend on other people lying to cover his tracks. Has depending on others been Kyle’s strong suit?
The thing I’m trying to avoid is saying someone’s whole game sucks based on one move. I’m judging moves alone, which at the end of the game will have me feeling positive or negative about each finalist.
In regard to Kyle’s telling the Leftovers secret, I wrote a pretty long post saying why I thought it was a positive move for his game right after he did it, but that I felt he jumped the gun. If that’s being wishy washy, so be it.

Palm Oil's Meds

I hate how Alyssa is getting a free pass just because she’s the love interest of Kyle. People complain (rightfully so) about Jasmine getting free passes because of her injuries and birthdays, but Alyssa is getting a free ride. Literally! A free ride on the floatie for 10 seconds.


Taking a trip when you are not protected from any person who protected you is dumb.all of you who say it’s petty would not say it if reversed.

Paul Sucks

Is what Alyssa doing any different than Britney? Just cause you don’t like the strategy of it doesn’t mean it’s a bad one.

Great Week

Im also enjoying it. Actually what gets me more excited is the anticipation of how everything is going to play out next week. Plenty of possible scenarios.


I am with you Simon, I love it…makes it interesting! It’s great when people make moves instead of following the pack like sheep!


I agree with you. I like the leftovers, but I think Terrance winning hoh and veto make things exciting. It gets really boring when an alliance dominates the season. I actually think it was a pretty smart game move for Kyle to let Terrance know about the alliance. He was already on the bottom anyways. They were definitely going to take a shot at him first.

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle put himself on the bottom the moment he CHOSE Alyssa over his alliance.


…and Taylor didn’t choose Jas over her alliance? Or is that somehow different? The LO all wanted Jas last week and Taylor flat refused. I am seeing apples and apples here. Why is it OK for Taylor and not Kyle? Or do you have a bias against Kyle because he is a white boy who lives in his mother’s basement?



The Beef

And ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s from Palm Oil’s in response…….


….you left out the part about it also being his best game move


I don’t mind that he outed the alliance. It’s more the way and the timing of him doing it. Also his plan of blaming it on Joseph will literally blow up in his face so none of his moves are methodical (which is why I think you are enjoying it because you also see the chaos yet to come)

The Beef

I’d really like to hear more details as to your explanation about the “way and the timing” of him doing it. Seems to me he was perfect timing wise due to the following…..

The split in the house pretty much makes it clear the Leftover’s run in the house is OVER. As things stand now, there are only 10 players left, 5 in each house (4 LO’s inside – 3 LO’s outside). Kyle is in the house with only 3 alliance members, and a NON-alliance member as HOH. Logic dictates the lone non-LO will most likely be evicted from inside the house, and since Terrance isn’t going anywhere as HOH, that means the only other non-LO target is his main ride or die Alyssa. So, he had to do something in order to save both himself and his ride or die, like right NOW, or it was highly likely one of them would go home given the dynamics of the 4 possibilities available to Terrance to nominate, and available to vote to evict. Since everyone was playing in the veto, why not do it BEFORE it was played, so it wouldn’t appear to be a desperation move (and a lie) to get one of them removed afterwards?

As for the way he did it – I’m not sure how else he could have done it. He basically laid it out honestly and logically to Terrance, explaining how the pound was formed first (without naming it, I think) and then bringing in Michael and Brit and finally Taylor to form a majority alliance to get rid of Ameerah (and save Terrance). He told him the truth, and it made logical sense, which is why I think Terrance believed him (the old “light bulb” moment, if you will – although he should have had that several weeks ago after the Nicole vote, if not before).

Maybe you just don’t like the fact he spilled at all, and I normally don’t like that either, but given the facts in the situation, Taylor’s messy HOH, the ever changing targets, her refusal to put up the ONE target everyone in the alliance agreed on (except her), and then finally the strong arm tactics the alliance tried to use on him to get him to take out his own ride or die (even though she’s outside the alliance) when there were two perfectly good outside the alliance targets already sitting on the block, along with his drop in standing in the alliance because of all that, I think he made the exact right move at the perfect time. I just don’t see that he had much choice in the matter, and it was his alliance that put him in that position by worrying more about their own individual agendas, while completely ignoring his, and that’s just not fair and/or reasonable.


I agree, I absolutely hate when the house votes all together and have to agree…it’s so dumb waiting to be picked off. With all the blindsides and this twist it’s nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. I just wish Micheal would make the same type of move. Knowing Monte wanted Micheal out first, he should take a shot.


I would rather the first shot be done against one of the more boring leftovers like Monte or Brittany but I’ll take what I can get. Joe was one of my favorite players. I always like a strong flirt social game.


Somewhere in my mind I have always seen Brittany being taken to the Final 2 ala previous seasons where those who did the least were taken as a sure bet to win against


Yeah, it’s my worst-case scenario outside b/c I also love Joe & Turner is my favorite for entertainment value (and also playing a great game).


I agree Simon, basically Kyle is playing the game just as Michael is. I still think Michael should take out Monte and then that basically kills the LO and Pound in one play.

The only issue is how to spin it…As much as I can’t stand Jaba the boot.

I also noticed that she is noticbly limping again now that she is on the block.

Bring on Thursday popcorn and booze ? standing by.


Big papa T is on a roll!

Palm Oil's Meds

Birds of a feather flock together.


I know right!


I miss Paloma.


I’m Sorry Simon. Didn’t like her at all. I am so glad she is gone and I don’t miss her not one bit


She is very polarizing.


I honestly hope that she has gotten the Mental Help that she needs. I have read that she is still in denial about her behavior on BB


This is the 1st time that I have heard a direct staff message instead of one of those automated warnings/messages. Guess they don’t want them to look like a Red lobster, lol

un autre nom

rock back and forth on a pool floatie creating a perpetual motion machine rocking back and forth to 100.
Kyle times out every ten seconds.
turner takes a running start… pool floatie doesn’t move, it weighs more than him.
Alyssa suffers the vapors after about 35 seconds realizing what she’s giving up.
Joseph is all showmuscles.
Terrance has an ass made for this comp.
I have no idea. I’m just trying to think of past vetoes made for Terrance’s frame.

Just a viewer

He took a unnecessary shot too early. Now he wants Turner to lie and say Joe exposed everything, now letting Turner know he betrayed him as well. Turner will let the LO know Kyle is not to be trusted at all. And he has been throwing Micheal’s name out. Kyle will be out before Terrance. Kyle will get zero worthwhile info from the other players after his rat move.


Mr. 10 Seconds is out next week unless he or Miss # 3 win HOH/Veto.

It could very well happen since he isn’t bad in competitions.

I wonder if Miss # 3 could win the Veto and if so would use the Veto on her man? I mean he does give her 10 seconds of bliss every day right… :p

Plus let’s be real she has zero chance or winning the game so maybe she should take the current hit for her future success once they are happily married with their litter of six?..


If the other side wins HOH I’m betting if Terrance doesn’t get to that person first then Ally will SPILL ALL to save her own a$$.

Even if they win HOH I’m not sure Turner doesn’t spill to them bc he’ll know by then that Kyle exposed everything before nominations.

un autre nom

In the last 24 hours, I think Alyssa’s entire game world has been rocked. Kyle finally rocked her world.
She has learned he didn’t consider himself working with her until after week 3. She thought she was passing info to her game partner since week one.
She has learned that she has been lied to by Bunny at all times, even after he says they were working together.
She’s realized she’s going to look like Crazy Kaitlyn from season 20, believing all of Tyler’s lies and turning on her own alliance mates repeatedly.
She now knows her entire edit in the show could easily have a slutty clown music soundtrack.
Meanwhile Kyle is saying let’s share a sleeping bag.

I’m not being 100% objective, i don’t think, but I’m not being 0% objective either. Her love island Summer Vacation is making her look like a fool.


Are you saying that when Alyssa finds out the full truth Kyle’s fate is that of those who encountered Medusa or like the men who got in the Mata Hari’s path?

un autre nom

I’m saying when they get out of the game, and she is told everything… I don’t think Kyle’s mom is going to have a worry.


I really can’t say that I feel bad for Alyssa. She has been acting like as you said, Love Island Summer Vacation, she put more effort into seducing an immature 29 year old man who acts like he’s still in Junior High School.

With all she has learned about the 2 faced game play Kyle has been playing with her, she still keeps snuggling up with him, Alyssa said earlier in the game she has a habit of picking guys that just play her or use her.

She’s a pretty girl, but she needs to stop making it so easy for dudes to play her, she comes across as if she’s desperate for attention, the one thing her and Kyle have in common, neither one seems to have a back bone, Alyssa can do wayyyy better than Kyle. She should kick his sorry 10 second butt to the curb.


For Miss # 3’s sake I hope she does something about that. Change the narrative!

Drag him publicly.

“I can’t believe I threw away my game for 10 seconds in the Have-Not room!”

That would be an iconic moment lmfao.

Big Brother Fan

Wow, public humiliation along with being called KKKyle…how would you feel if all this hate made him do something to himself? I guess you wouldn’t even care.

Just a viewer

Every season people say, no one’s playing and then we get that one person who is ( Joseph) and people say he’s doing too much. Joseph got in that position trying to protect the LO. Or should we just change Big Brother to the IG/Twitter show. Or maybe, The Nap and Cheesy Showmance Show? After Joseph and Turner leave, we are back to the same crap every season. Big Brother needs to create a show based only on the Jury. That’s where the best stuff happens anyways.


Joseph got in that position trying to protect Joseph and only Joseph.


Ok, they said Joseph is playing dumb, I’m not really 100% sure it’s an act, I think it’s very dumb of Joseph to still be pressuring Kyle to get Alyssa evicted.

Why is Joseph so obsessed with talking with Kyle about getting Alyssa nominated for eviction? What else does Kyle have to do to show Joseph he’s not willing to evict Alyssa.

When is Joseph going to understand Kyle cannot let Alyssa go, he’s head over heels in deep lust, Alyssa is Kyle’s #3 when it comes to sex, Joseph is coming across as not being very bright, I’m kind of thinking he’s not playing dumb, Joseph is dumb in this game.

I don’t know what the comp was, but how could Joseph, Turner & Kyle lose to Terrance? How can that happen, I cannot wait to see this competition, maybe Joseph has not really been throwing comps, maybe his entire game was built on playing the spy game and being a rat, running back and informing his alliance.

Remember Pooch did say before he left, he loved Joseph, but he’s an idiot. I’m starting to agree with Joseph not really being too bright, why keep bugging Kyle to evict Alyssa, what is Joseph thinking?

Oh well, see ya later Joe, looks like you are off to Jury with your Baby Indy as you called her, and your sister Jasmeany, and look who evicted you, Terrance of all people, you let a dude who had a back injury last week, and who’s not in the best of shape, kick your butt in a veto comp, a veto comp that you needed really bad to save yourself in the game.

I really can’t wait to see what was this comp, how did they all lose to Terrance, Whyyyyyy !

Taylor’s wishful thinking about eventually hooking up with Joseph, who has someone back home, who said that he cares about, but things are up in the air right now, but he hopes to be able to work things out.

Taylor, no showmance for you, no more extra camera time, I don’t see anything kicking off with you and Monte, all the other men in the house are spoken for.


Spoiler Girl posted on Twitter that Terrance won long before we knew – BUT the other posts were more interesting:

  • Kyle tried to cheat & WAS CAUGHT
  • Joseph did NOT perform well (seemed to be anxious/panicking)
  • Production was visibly upset that Joe lost the comp & her sources were all saying they are all upset knowing this means Joe is leaving (he was a production fav).

Yes but there was also a post that she apparently deleted about Terrence and she claimed she took it down because her “source” told her to. We shall see what happens with the Wednesday episode to see if anything resembles what she stated. Also, let’s face it for girls and gay guys alike he is eye candy and as an added bonus his overactivity gave Production more to work with (not to beat a dead horse but do you know how bored Production must have been during Derrick’s season?)


Right – but wasn’t that just saying Terrance won? (or was there more to it?)

un autre nom

I’ve looked. I rarely do with sg. The deleted tweet was that they (prodo) didn’t view Terrance to be much of a threat in this veto.


Yeah – I went and looked too lol.

I never looked last year but this season she’s been spot on for the majority of her posts.


I wonder if anyone has called her Julie yet to try and get a reaction from her, lol


Well the D/R has time to put it in Terrance’s head, use the veto, put Kyle up and evict Kyle, I hope they don’t do anything that messes up things and Turner gets evicted.

Kyle’s showmance has been a strange and weird, Kyle can go to Jury, and then Alyssa can be evicted next week, and they can go at it all day, this way Alyssa will see Kyle is not what she really needs or wants, get a real Adult man, Kyle is like dating Jr. High !!!


They probably were able to lay off 2/3rds of the production team for derricks season.


She just posted there may have been a wall yeller, that’s why the feeds are down.


Kyle looks kind of crazy in that picture, looks like he’s ready to flip out!!


He looks like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.


More tidbits flowing since the outside POV played.

SG is hinting production will try to plant some seeds with Joseph that Kyle flipped on him & (sold out LOs).

I mean that’s not that big of a deal bc that’s what Production SHOULD be doing if they’re doing their jobs well.

There is also lots of speculation that this week’s HOH will be similar to the tiny veto comp since the comp will occur in the basement (bc they can’t set up a comp in the backyard).

That favors people with small hands, steadiness & calmness. Turner would perform well given he’s a painter and possibly bode well for Ally, Taylor, or Brittany. Doubtful Monte & Kyle would be as good just based on their hand size but you never know.

I wonder what a Turner HOH would offer bc Kyle would be on him hard to put up Taylor/Monte which I doubt he’d be on board with. He’s always pointed at Michael/Taylor as the first targets of the LOs but after this week I’m not sure he’d be willing to align OVERTLY with Kyle/Ally/Terrance bc he has to know that would mean the LOs would put HIM/Kyle up as the targets from that point forward.

Even going after the non-LOs would be hard for him – not Terrance bc he put him up this week but he just made a F3 with Ally/Kyle & then immediately goes back on it?

Turner loves doing stealth moves with finesse so I can’t see him putting up two LOs out of the gate but would he just say F it & put up the showmance to prove this loyalty?


Watching Monte, a question for readers of this blog and Simon and Dawg: Of those who have used a personal trainer how many of you have wanted to curse at or strangle him/her after at least one session

Only Reading Feeds

Can’t stand Kyle at all. Immature cat whipped bad dancer. Still hoping Turner and Michael make it to the end.


How can Joe not see that the more he’s pushing for Aylssa to go on the block, the more Kyle pulls away from him. After last week with the Veto and how hard Kyle pushed back to not use the veto so she could go up. You would think he would realize Kyle has decided he’s not giving her up that easily. By pushing Kyle going to Terrance with him to try to get her up again this week, he’s sealing his fate.


I was expecting Joe to pull out his first win today, knowing his butt is in danger, he failed to save himself. Now he’s back on the get Alyssa evicted, with her showmance, Joseph does not seem too bright, Kyle does not want Alyssa evicted, but Joseph keeps pushing it.


yikes this season got bad real fast. twist destroyed it.


I agree, Production needs to stop messing with something that’s not broke. The twists they come up with, they are not good, they end up taking away from the game.

I also miss back in the good ole days on Big Brother, the contestants did not all keep saying I don’t want to get blood on my hands, they did what they needed to do to advance themselves into a better position.

They did not worry about voting with the house, they did not fall in line and evict who the HOH wanted out, they did what was best for their game, the worked at blindsiding the HOH if it was something that they felt would help their game.

They also did not keep saying it’s too soon to evict certain strong players, the D/R did not interfere as much, putting ideas in people’s head, it’s so obvious now how contestants go in the D/R, and come out a changed person, stop doing things the viewers complain about, inform contestants they are being viewed in a negative way.

Think back to when Evil Dick was on the show, the things he did to drive people crazy, back then people played the game, made moves, blindsided each other, the HOH, they didn’t keep saying we need to respect what the HOH wants, or I’m voting with the house.

Production butts in too much, gives the contestants corny phrases, etc… they are messing the game up.

Buh Bye

So, no have nots for the past three weeks… Is that so production has a room available for the Kyle “10 second rodeo” or so JasMean doesn’t get slop during her “birthday year”? They seem to be Grods favs ….


Sounds like Kyle is rethinking strategy a little for when they re-enter the house based on what he is saying to Terrence now and he is doing a “Joseph” right now. How long of a timer do we set for the stick of dynamite that he metaphorically is carrying with him. This is where Terrence’s DRs would be good to listen to in order to see how much of what Kyle says he actually believes. Notice the difference between Indoors and Outdoors; Indoor team is much more relaxed


The jokes on Mr. 10 Seconds if he thinks Monte/Michael/Brittany/Taylor trust him at all after seeing the results of the week the outside 5/4 had… Once Turner spills the beans they will surely distrust Mr. 10 Seconds and be 1000% onboard with making him the next one sent to the jury house.

It will be sweet to see that rat on the block with Miss # 3.

Palm Oil's Meds

Alyssa loves being the only girl now. lol Poor Joseph looks miserable in the live feeds.

un autre nom

I was out lifing for a bit… y’know. life happens.
I’m doing catch ups.
Basics I’m getting.
Monte said final 5 with Jo/Ta/Mi/Br if Joseph comes back. Shoot at Michael at 5.
Taylor told Britt.
Britt told Taylor about the first four boys (pound). Taylor wants to ask Monte directly what was discussed in that meeting before the 3 others were added.
Thoughts: even if Britt tells Michael, Michael’s plan at present is aim Monte and Kyle at each other for at least next week. Would he change that?
Would the two girls vote out Monte? No. Taylor still thinks Joseph will come back no matter how many times she’s warned he may not.
If Joseph doesn’t come back it means Monte is either locked into a 4 he doesn’t want. Anyone thnking he WANTS to work with Britt and Michael long term? no. he doesn’t.
Kyle thinks if Joseph goes he can continue with the Leftovers being a spy. looks left, looks right…. ummm. ONLY if Grod D/R’s the HELL out of them.


I agree Monte’s ideal F4 isn’t with MB — BUT he’s very loyal & didn’t appreciate what Kyle did last week. You’ve pointed out repeatedly how Monte likes his agenda to be the priority & even with Turner barely saying much he got grouped in with Kyle for ‘going against the alliance’. READ: not doing what I want, lol

Michael/Britt have him on lock in that regard something I think Michael picked up early on with PO’s Pack when Nicole/Ameerah had the nerve to go against his desires. And, this is where Britt shines – as she’s the one to say ‘what do you think Monte?’. It’s why MB never really get in trouble with him bc they either take the middle ground, stay silent, support him or ask what he prefers. In other words, they know how to placate Monte & not become his target.

Sure, Michael knows Monte has his eyes on him but it’s bc he’s winning & if we look at the season he’s gone from being an outcast to being included in PP’s to being added to the Leftovers with Kyle suggesting him & Monte jumping on how he’s a smart, loyal guy. Now he’s leapt from 7th out, up to 5th & when Joe doesn’t come back he’ll rise to 4th.

I just don’t see any way Monte will shift off wanting Kyle being the primary target or be able to forgive/trust Turner (barring Turner walking in the door & spilling immediately). We know he’s not cool with Terrance & now that he won back-to-back comps will he want to keep him? (doubtful) And there’s no way he’ll want to keep Ally over loyal Britt/Taylor.

So, serious question: given all the above factors if you’re Monte once Joe doesn’t return do you consider making a F2 deal with Michael?

We know M & M will quickly learn Kyle intends to target them bc one of Turner, Terrance, or Ally will spill or they’ll be OTB if Kyle/Ally win HOH (giving them a heads up if one of them leaves they’ll be the primary target every time!)

OR if you’re Michael dealing with the return of Kyle/Outside Crew should HE be the one to make a F2 deal with Monte?

He can say – look you & I’ve been on everyone’s lips all season. I assumed you & Joe had a F2 – just like people assumed I have a F2 with Brittany but I don’t – she’s been my bestie but we never formalized anything bc I know her/Taylor have a F2 (that’s a great seed to plant with Monte bc then he’ll question bringing Tay/Britt to F3 instead of Michael). So given these factors, I’d like to offer us pairing up as F2 partners. We can keep each other safe & take out the people who don’t value loyalty. I think we both have strong arguments to win & we both get along with Taylor & Britt.

OR does he just reinforce the F4 deal knowing if he reaches F4 he can skate to the end & win out?

PLUS: – As soon as the Outside group returns inside, I’m sure the red flags will be rising everywhere. So if you’re Michael (& Britt) do you share what Kyle said and if yes are you selective with what you share & how do you explain why you waited to share?

FINALLY: Should the Leftovers tell Ally it was Kyle who put the target on her – that he told everyone about Old School & Girl’s Girls bc Ally told him? OR leave it for her GBM?

un autre nom

I don’t see Monte entertaining a final 2 with Michael. I thought Monte was actually trying to pull one of Terrance or Jasmine to the end as his xavier goat. Terrance now has 2 comp wins and Jasmine is on the block. Oops.
As i’m tinfoil hatting scenarios, trying to forecast storyline, there are more where he is evicted than not. What Michael isn’t anticipating: just how much Kyle will shit talk him and lump him with Monte. He SHOULD, knowing Kyle has already thrown him under the bus. He isn’t, at least not to the level he should be planning.
The only way Monte even thinks about Michael seriously is if Michael actually defcons and spills all of the Kyle story he keeps holding back as too risky right now.

With the house split being the house split, i’ve said Kyle is being foolhardy to think he can get back in with leftovers unless he wins HOH and backstabs them. By the same token… the middle has disappeared. A week of bonding. Michael isn’t seeing the new reality because the new reality is ateotd, he’s only safe next week if Britt wins HOH imo.

At this point telling Aly is worthless. With autonomous game out the window, she’s locked in with him, lies and all, because the lies and all have painted her into a corner.
Past showmance women who have had their games pointed out to them haven’t altered their game, they’ve either been sent out or become bbwidows crying in d/r about missing their pookiebear.

The Beef

I agree with you AN. I think Monte is a “man’s man” and as soon as he sees that Joe isn’t walking in that door, he’s going to first, sh#t a brick, and then second, try to figure out a way to work with Turner and either Terrance or Kyle or both if he can. I still think he sees Michael as the biggest threat in the house because of his comp wins, and he knows he’s loyal to Brit first, probably Taylor second, and maybe even Alyssa third, which would be an easy path to a win for Michael.

Monte might be persuaded to target Kyle as a mutual benefit target to both of them, but I see him going after Michael the first chance he gets, which is why Michael should have taken him out this week instead of Jasmean.

I could be wrong, as I certainly have been wrong before, but we all know Monte’s tendencies regarding working with men, and he’s never included Michael before when those alliances were built.


Thanks AN & The Beef for your thoughts on this.

I was surprised by the prospect of him forgiving Kyle for the betrayal & target Michael immediately. That never seemed like a logical next step.

I agree it was unlikely Monte or Michael would want to make a F2 deal but I’m on the opposite side of the fence about next week. I can’t see Monte winning/targeting & taking out Michael next week instead of Kyle/Ally or Ally/Terrance. If he were to do that I’m pretty sure he’d be pushed ahead of Kyle as the next target for his own betrayal. AND he’d lose the ability to talk ‘loyalty’ in his end speech which we know is what he’s planning to do.

We’ll see I guess, bc he told Taylor if Joe doesn’t walk through that door – then it’s the showmance OTB.


People on Twitter said The Wall Yeller said “KYLE IS A LIAR. SAVE JOSEPH”


I hope Terrance heard what the wall yeller said, Kyle needs to be evicted!!!

Big Brother Fan

If Joseph isn’t evicted, production was the wall yeller

The Corey's

If production was responsible for the wall yeller, it never would of made the feeds.


It didn’t make the feeds


I read that it did make the feeds and it the feeds immediately went down


These people are too much but I generally agree with the people they hope to help out.

10 second Kyle

Hoping for a Monte/Taylor HOH next, so looking forward to Terrence spilling his guts, Kyle panicking & trying to save his slimy ass; hopefully them finding out that Michael is a snake as well…. Feeds are dull as sh*t right now, but should be lit next w/e….. Kyle /Alyssa otb together will be quite satisfying

Biff Tannen

This is the best season since BB13 or 14. Admittedly, the competition hasn’t been stiff since then (though there have been some bright spots), but it’s nice to have so many people actually playing the game. The only thing missing is some high drama. If we could get just one really good blowup, this season could be a minor classic.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Bring Back production from 15 years ago please.


Sorry they are enjoying retirement


The RAT game:
Another Name had a recent post covering how Kyle has been playing the rat game from the jump – wanting Joseph targeted in the Pound, put the target on his own showmance, Nicole in PP, Taylor only kept for one week in LOs, tagged Monte/Joe to go first from LOs with MB, threw both Joe/Turner UTB to Terrance to save himself/Ally (but mostly just himself) & now is pointing Turner/Terrance/Ally at targeting Michael/Monte when they reconvene inside, all while trying to ensure he’s put targets on Turner/Terrance ahead of himself.

In short, there isn’t one person Kyle hasn’t sold out whether they were in his alliance or not. Every single one of them has either been offered as a target, been painted with dirt often with lies that are actually HIS dirt, or had secrets they shared exposed. He is loyal ONLY to himself.

Is Production prepping a 4 versus 4 showdown?
Granted, it feels very much like this sudden shift to target Michael came about b/c the DR pushed a new storyline but he’s now targeted every person in the house & sold out every ally. Much like his performance on the floatie showcases his inexperience his game is equally naive & immature. Whining about going OTB even beside someone he KNEW the entire house wanted out (Daniel) was one of the first signs this guy acts like a petulant child.

In fact, he NEVER wants to go OTB. Even with the confirmation Ally wouldn’t go OTB he couldn’t let that ride. He has a F2 with Turner but went out of his way to get Turner put up instead of him. The only player who whines as much as him about going OTB is JasMEAN & even she acquiesced this week before he did.

Position dictates game play:
So I have a hard time with those who compare his gameplay to Michael or suggest Mike is just as much of a rat. While I don’t deny Michael has painted targets on people he’s not running around spilling secrets. He was told by Nicole that she was a former cop & never even told Britt. Michael possesses so many secrets about Kyle, Ally, Joe & Taylor, if he started spilling the house, might spontaneously combust.

YES, Michael wasn’t the most loyal of the 7 LOs but that’s bc he knew he was at the bottom of that seven. It’s much easier to be loyal when you think you’re in the majority (at the top) of an alliance like Monte/Turner were as members of the Pound. If they thought they were on the bottom I suspect they’d be acting differently.

Case in point, think back to week one when Monte wanted to ensure he wasn’t a target he jumped on painting Taylor UNFAIRLY & INACCURATELY as the target – it was messy at best!

As for Turner, he dealt with landing OTB for the FIRST time in the game by abandoning his Pound/Leftovers loyalty to create a F3 with the showmance. Granted, I’m not sure how real this is – bc he’s on the block and with Kyle intending to force him to out the LOs to Terrance I doubt that will go over well with him (or if more wall yellers show up!).

Funny how a bit of stress/vulnerability brings out the true nature of an individual.

Mastermind has very little rat in his game!

In contrast, Michael just goes out & wins. Does he do it too much – well he needed to win the POV in weeks 1 & 3 to get off the block, in week 2 to save his ally Taylor, HOH in week 5 to stop Daniel from coming for him/Britt (as the only unprotected LO duo) & you ALWAYS want to win in a double eviction. So of his six comp wins the only one he should’ve probably thrown was the OTEV POV (although he got a TON of intel by winning) & possibly week 2 but then Taylor would probably be gone.

As for Michael being a rat – there are few examples and most were warranted based on his intel. For example – he spent time early with Kyle & saw his character (or lack thereof) so my guess is he probably always knew how this would play out. He listened to Kyle wax on with his envy toward Joe’s placement in the house & how Monte/Joe were viewed compared to his position & I’m sure Michael saw it as jealousy and/or insecurity.

Knowing he needed to find a way to move up the ladder it was IMHO simply smart strategy to poke a volatile player like Kyle toward his nemesis and also plant seeds with the person Michael most needed to leave (also Joseph) to improve his position.

He may have riled up each side but the existing issues were simmering beneath the surface already. When push has come to shove Michael’s ACTIONS have always been routed in strategy with loyalty to specific people.

Schoolyard picks dominated by Michael:

Think of how he masterfully played the schoolyard picks removing JasMEAN first so Terrance wouldn’t pick her & protect her. Then selecting his F3 (Britt/Taylor) to ensure their protection. If it’s true he & Terrance agreed on Monte/Joe as targets I can understand why Michael would ask to get Monte in order to ensure Joe & Kyle would be outside targeting each other (& so he could improve his relationship with Monte).

These picks were the best scenario for Michael who truly doesn’t want to go deep in the game with Kyle. He KNEW one of Joe or Kyle would blow up the LOs & he bet on conflict occurring expecting to see Kyle/Ally return to the house which will make him the biggest target NO MATTER what BS plan they try to sell. Barring Kyle/Ally winning out the second any of that side is in trouble the tea will be spilled & I’m not even sure it will take losing HOH for that to happen.

Is production setting up the 10 second man?

The oddity from Saturday was the sudden shift from Kyle to target Michael – WHERE did this come from unless it was sparked by production? It makes ZERO sense that he suddenly wants to work with Terrance instead of Michael. Kyle has told Michael (& Britt) far too many secrets about others for this to have anything but a negative impact -surely he realizes that – no?

If Kyle (or Ally) was to win HOH & put him OTB all hell would break loose. MB could tell Ally how Kyle was the one who shared all her secrets with the LOs, Terrance, Monte & Taylor would learn about Kyle’s ridiculous ‘silent minority – loud majority implicit bias BS’ & Monte/Turner would be told how Kyle spilled the 4-some that first convened & how they ONLY pulled in Britt/Michael/Taylor for numbers. The latter would spark major fury bc they positioned the LOs supposedly due to Taylor’s bullying. For players who demonstrated loyalty first like Monte/Turner, I think it’s safe to assume they’d be pissed.

I’m not sure how Kyle expects to navigate putting Michael OTB & coming out unscathed or the priority target for the remainder of the game. Let’s say Michael won the POV, Kyle would be sh*tting himself & I suspect the LOs would try to get Terrance put up as the re-nom.

Anyway – without feeds, I figured I’d wax a bit on why I think Michael’s game is far superior to Kyle & why I don’t see them as remotely similar players.

un autre nom

A good floater game is something to be appreciated. It’s the most difficult social strategy to pull off. Being able to move from side to side in the house undetected while controlling the flow of information is not easy.
I’m just not sure anyone’s game this season has met the threshold of admirable floater game. Multiple players have shown aspects of the strategy, and performed the aspect well, but haven’t performed the full strategy in an effective enough manner, in my opinion, for any of them to be called successful classic floaters.
Joseph came close, but spying isn’t floating.


Perhaps this is a stupid question but — even if there were wall yellers I’m confused why feeds are down. The house is separated into two teams so why couldn’t they just show feeds from the inside group?

un autre nom

When a wall yeller situation occurs, all house guests are called into the house for lockdown in case it’s a nutjob that intends to do more than yell.
The reason feeds have been down for 10 hours now?
It’s something that I think happened in 22: they locked feeds down for a sustained period to show the feed watchers the consequence of wall yelling. You yell, we take down feeds.


I hope something MAJOR has happened and everything is chaotic!


While I don’t expect Terrance to shift gears from not using the POV I do wonder how he’s processing all this information. Or rather, the MAJOR SHIFT in Kyle’s information from Friday to Saturday.

On Friday morning when Kyle spilled ALL the tea he told Terrance how he was pissed that Monte/Joseph were running the house (& how Taylor had joined them) & that Britt & Michael were also fed up & ready to make a move. He insisted when they returned inside the showmance, Terrance & Britt/Michael would need to team up.

As for Turner, Kyle vacillated between saying he was IN with Monte/Joseph – loyal to the original 4 & to the Leftovers. To stop from being put OTB he insisted if Turner won POV he would remove Joseph & that he would always take out Ally over Joe or him.

Flash forward one day – and we’re supposed to believe there was no DR influence??? PLEASE.

Now Kyle has done a 180 & is saying Terrance, the showmance & Turner have to enter the house as a strong four-some and take out Monte/Michael.

I know Turner offered a F3 to the showmance but he’s on the block what do you expect? Are you telling me the guy who wanted to go F4 with the Pound & wasn’t willing to cut any Leftovers until F7 is now suddenly willing to cut not just one but FOUR of them in favor of the showmance and Terrance? How did Turner who Kyle said was most loyal to Monte/Joe become DISLOYAL overnight?

Moreover, what is the rationale for stating Michael/Britt were ready to take out the alpha players like Monte/Joe/Turner but in a day Michael is now one of the two main targets? I’m not saying he shouldn’t be a target given how he’s played — I’m saying I’m confused by the about face (and wondering what Kyle thinks Michael will do with the myriad of secrets Kyle exposed if he comes guns blazing at him.

Kyle also said Taylor was a beast but not today – nope now her & Britt are easy to beat.

I mean Kyle is a mess to begin with always talking himself into crazy scenarios like Taylor was really going to put him up last week (eye roll) but for him to switch back track on the majority of what he told Terrance on Friday & shit 90% of his strategy is just ridiculous (AND VERY SUS).

Meanwhile, we need to see some Terrance DR’s bc even for him I can’t believe he wouldn’t be questioning all these drastic shifts & stories.

Btw, I read somewhere that Monte said there was supposed to be a concert last night so perhaps that’s why feeds went down. I’ll reiterate my previous point though is just bc we can’t watch outside feeds why does that impact inside feeds?


I agree that seeing a couple people’s DRs is key to understanding how much they are buying what Kyle is selling


Turner is 100% switching to the Michael/Brittany/Taylor/Monte side imo.

I mean even if Mr. 10 Seconds or Miss # 3 wins HOH he’ll be fake AF with them to ensure his safety but the week after Mr. 10 Seconds is a goner or at worst the poor girl who really thinks 10 seconds is enough to satiate her sexual appetite…..

Hopefully Monte wins HOH next week though and gets Mr. 10 Seconds out!


if Monty wins next week he’ll go after Michael and no one will call him a rat.


I saw on Jokers (which isn’t always the most reliable) that Monte pondered saying he won the POV to the outside crew.

I sort of hope that four-some gets together & revisits that thought agreeing if Joe doesn’t return they will throw out a different narrative to see how the outside group reacts. My preference would be for them to say Taylor won POV & used it on Monte – Britt went up as re-nom & they (TM) voted out Jasmine. I think that would lead to learning more accurately what occurred outside.

Terrance might squeal to Monte about pre-planned targets but I suspect he’d be happier thinking Michael tried to take the shot.

I don’t think production would let them do it – but they might & I’m only suggesting this bc they’ve already said if Joe doesn’t return they won’t trust them.

His exit seems like a foregone conclusion bc Terrance won the POV so I’m pulling for the Inside 4 to cause some conflict. Saying Taylor pulled down Monte feeds into how Kyle has tried to insist on how the house is aligned. It should also shift Kyle off Michael (at least initially) which should afford him some time to learn what happened outside.

Honestly, I think the minute Kyle reenters the house his sphincter will pucker up as he spirals suddenly realizing he’s aligned with a girl who HASN’T won a comp, the elder statesman who won B2B (but also for the 1st time this season & in one he was really 2nd) & a guy who won ONE comp (and might STILL want to be Pound/LO loyal) versus arguably four of the five best Leftovers competitors who are capable of winning any type of comp and will be motivated to get revenge for Joseph.

I have a feeling if they bought that ^^^ story then either Kyle would spill everything or Terrance who’ll be happy Michael tried would reveal he knows about the Leftovers or loose lips Ally would spill all to Britt.


I LOVE the idea of the inside switching the narrative of what happened with the the veto. It might make Taylor more of a “comp beast” and target her and monte as together and not give Brit credit, but then at the end (or after people have been flushed out) she can reveal she has won comp(s). Team BMMTT!!!


Not that it will work but I tweeted to CBS BiG Brother the annoying “Hello anyone there?” Gif, lol


That’s the first thing I thought of when they said half will be outside for a week. Wall yeller or banner, And Kyle gave them a reason to do it


The bottom line in BB is if you want to move on and stay in the game til the end, at some point you MUST win some comps. Joey choked and blew it.

Kyle is showing no strategy. All his moves are reactionary and he cannot win like that.

It's me

Use Veto, put up Alyssa, this way Joe and Turner still in the game for excitement.