Michael / Brittany WON the VETO! “Way to f**king fight! You killed it!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

1pm – 6:12pm Big Brother blocked for the power of veto competition. When the feeds return we learn that Michael/Brittany won the veto!

Michael/Brittany WON the VETO!

– They competed as pairs and won as pairs.

Bedroom – Michael and Nicole.
Nicole hugs Michael and says – I didn’t even have to throw that. Michael – really? Nicole – yes. Michael – I noticed that she was dropping pieces but.. Nicole – she dropped the second piece. I was even telling her what to do. Michael – that worked out perfectly! I was so nervous when Jasmine and Turner weren’t competing. Just one on one then. Nicole – I know! I am just like, I have a heart you know and …I just am so like speechless to the point where I don’t even know what to say to her. Like I want to talk to her. Michael – I am glad that you didn’t have to sabotage her or anything. Nicole – no, and I am happy I didn’t have to either. But the whole situation is like… I just said to Alyssa, I hope that she didn’t do that on purpose. Michael – oh I don’t think so. No, there is no way she threw that. I think she knows that its going to be her. Nicole – I feel like such a villain. I feel horrible. Michael – oh you didn’t do anything. Nicole – I wouldn’t have even said anything if Daniel hadn’t blown up on her. But I can’t be mad at him for expressing his feelings. Michael – no, I know you didn’t want any of that. Nicole – I was pissed when I walked out of here but that was to vent. Michael – yeah. No you didn’t ask us to do or say anything to her. Nicole – I wasn’t going to say anything to her. I just, I .. once I saw that you guys were ahead I was like now I just have to motivate her to keep going. Michael – I don’t really know what you do say in these situations. Nicole – I just don’t know what to say because I feel like I said everything I needed to. That wasn’t me, I’m not confrontational. Michael – I don’t think anyone is like oh Nicole is stirring things up. Brittany joins them. Brittany to Nicole – whatever happens this week or next week. I got you. Nicole – I am very proud of you. Brittany – thanks. Nicole – way to f**king fight! You killed it! Brittany – it feels good. Nicole – hold on to it. Brittany – I hope other people see that I’m an asset. I’m not expendable. Nicole – you killed it! You’re a force to be reconned with. Nicole leaves. Michael to Brittany – it worked out perfect!

Outside the diary room. Taylor and Brittany.
Taylor – I just want you to know that I love you and you vote how ever you need to vote to get yourself further in the game. All I want to do is leave on a high note and make apologize to everyone that I hurt.. but you do what you need to do for your game. Ok? Brittany – love you to Taylor. It isn’t over till its over. Taylor – you never know. I love you. Brittany – I love you too. Taylor – I am so proud of you.

6:42pm HOH room Turner and Kyle.
Turner – that was an interesting outcome! Kyle – how are you feeling dude? Turner – I honestly don’t even know what to make of it. I would have liked to play for it but I can’t control the circumstances. I know earlier .. Taylor is going to be on my a$$ today with what we talked about earlier. I want to talk to the boys because I talked to Taylor and I was like dude I think its going to be harder to get her on board.. I think it is going to be easy to get her on board but it will be harder to trust her. What do you think about the bestie situation? I think the house is going to be sharing knowledge with their besties. Taylor basically told me that whatever happens has to go through Nicole as well before the whole thing happened. And I wasn’t even there so I don’t know what happened.

Kyle – so Nicole had some issue and Taylor went in to try and console her and I think it was genuine and she said something like game aside if its necessary to focus on your mental health and leave the game that is totally fine. And Nicole FLIPPED! And she wants me out bla bla bla .. she is trying to play mind games. And then Nicole basically chewed her out for like 10 minutes in the bathroom. Her loyalty dude, she is in conversations and she is not even a part of them. Turner – my only other concern is every other person in the house.. Daniel explained the long and the short of it .. obviously more of a position of the opposition .. everyone was like she (Taylor) needs to be f**king gone by the end of the week.. not like that but .. But I want to do our plan (Getting out Ameerah).. but we have to have all the boys in here to discuss it. I would hate to not kick out Taylor, have my bestie and the rest of the house be so god damn mad that I did not take her out of the house but I am down to talk through everything with us. Whatever we decide I want all of us on board. Kyle – I talked with Michael and he and Brittany are feeling on the outs and just looking for a home. He was like how are we feeling with the girls teaming up and Nicole and Daniel .. I was like yeah I was thinking about that yesterday. Turner – I think whatever we decide to do this week .. its like the boys HOH, not just mine. I want everyone to be down. Whatever happens whether we pull in Taylor or not we can pull in Michael and Brittany .. in a world where we don’t put up Ameerah.. all we would have to do instead of pull in Taylor is just win one more HOH. Nicole joins them. They talk about the veto comp.

7:04pm HOH room. Daniel, Joe and Turner.
Daniel – I am just going to chill like I have no desire to cause anything. Joe – that’s what I was going to say just stay away from her (Taylor). Daniel – if we’re in the same room, I am not going to be weird. I will probably just get up and chill and walk out. I am not trying to make it weird. Joe – and Nicole called her (Taylor) out and made it really clear like you need to watch your words. So like Nicole did put her on notice… so her social game is going to be so interesting to watch in terms of her word choice and how she talks and how she treats people. But I don’t know, I naturally don’t talk to her much anyway. Dude this season has been so crazy already. Daniel – and now 2, well three have been because of personal / medical things. Paloma, mental part .. not the drama. Jasmine’s foot. Joe – and Nicole ..(Mom’s cancer diagnosis) that was draining for me. Daniel – I don’t know is this just kind of normal for a season and they just don’t show it? Big Brother switches the feeds.

7:19pm Bedroom. Joe and Taylor.
Joe – I don’t think someone should be constantly .. I don’t want to say attacked up … put the pressure on. So take some time here.. People know that you like to be alone and stuff and talk to Turner.. and I don’t think you’re dead in the water. I know it might look that way. Taylor – you got to feel the feelings but there is time between now and Monday. Joe – so give it some space, give it some time and Taylor try to have those conversations with Jasmine. Have those conversations with people and make it so like as genuine. You’ve had a few miscommunications. Taylor – I know how many chances do we give her (meaning herself). Joe – I know that loss probably hit you. You needed that. I still believe in you. Taylor – I appreciate you always being a friend in here. Joe – I know I don’t care.. every time I talk to you, I get attacked ..I get a .. there is something going on there and I am literally just trying to be there for you. I am not going to leave you alone. One thing I will tell you is get close to Michael and Brittany. Taylor – I am close with them. Joe – just stay close with them. They’re good people. You can trust them. Taylor – I am sorry you’ve received backlash for… Joe – its okay, I don’t mind. I’m not going to leave you.

Ameerah and Taylor
Ameerah – I hope that you don’t .. whenever you do go home.. I hope that you don’t take that with you because that’s a sh*tty a$$ feeling. Taylor – I don’t think anyone in the house is explicitly.. Ameerah – no, its subconscious ..everyone knows that.. its a bias. Taylor – I’ve just upheld a black b***h stereotype. Ameerah – its true.. I don’t think people are perceiving you like that on the outside. I don’t think the viewers are viewing it like that. Taylor – I hope not. Ameerah – I think people are rooting for you. I think we’ve been here for 3 weeks and you just had a bad start. Taylor – I just hate that I hurt both of them (Nicole / Daniel) today. And it is hard.. I just hope when I talk to Nicole and that she can talk to Daniel and that he doesn’t continue to hold me responsible for Paloma. Ameerah – yeah I don’t agree with that. Big Brother switches the feeds. Ameerah – I don’t think when you get out you’re going to be like the villain. Taylor – I hope not. Ameerah – I don’t think so at all.

7:25pm – 7:40pm Storage room. Joe and Michael.
Michael – I went to bed early last night, did I miss anything? Joe – not anything intensive but I made it clear that I am not going to let you and Brittany be this like sacrificial thing and get booted to the side. Especially Brittany because you obviously have a better reputation game because you win a lot. But still I am not going to let Brittany be booted like that. She is a good person and she is trying hard. Like she shouldn’t be penalized for that. And I feel bad for Taylor as well.. like she came to me right now asking if she could talk. She said she likes to be alone but doesn’t know who she can talk to. And we’re talking and I see people walking by.. not you and we’re getting sh*t for it. Because I am not letting her rot away. And I don’t care if it hurts my game .. if it doesn’t. If someone had their mishaps like Taylor did .. and I don’t think she meant it. I think its just miscommunications. And I don’t think she should be bullied .. bullied is a strong word … or ostracized.. and left alone. Like me and her are not close… the fact that she is coming to me and being like please can I talk to you. I am not letting her sit in there alone all day. I would do it for anyone.

7:57pm Bathroom. Joe, Turner, Nicole, Ameerah, Jasmine and Daniel are hanging out chatting.

8:10pm Bedroom. Taylor and Michael.
Taylor and Michael discuss the votes this week. Michael – 6 votes (how many she needs if she goes up on the block). Taylor – I just need one more vote if something is happening. Michael – I don’t know if something is happening but I think if Turner might be involved in it and he picks the replacement .. I don’t know but it sounds like there might be a move he wants to make and its not you. I just don’t know a whole lot because he just came to me and we got interrupted. All he said to me was that there was some people in the HOH and they see the game going in a certain way with who they wanted to go with. Taylor – okay! Michael – everyday is a new day. I am really glad you’re here and I know America sees everything. They hug and Michael leaves.

8:13pm Bedroom – Taylor and Monte.
Taylor – right now I don’t want to talk game. I am just kind of struggling with .. I told you when I came into this game I wanted to be strong, fierce and independent. That is how I am in the outside world. I told Terrance this .. but I won Miss Congeniality and Miss USA so to go from that person and being rewarded literally for it and being the same person here and hurting people with the same behaviour .. that is what is hard for me. And the one mission I had coming here was to not be the black B***H. Monte – yeah. Taylor – and I am like am I living up to the stereotype?! And that is why you always see me apologizing because I hurt people and that is just what you do. That is what good people do. I am just struggling with that right now and knowing that I hurt someone that I cared about. I just want to give the people that I hurt.. space. Monte – I am sure when you went into that room and you said what you said you were coming from a good place. Its just how it was interpreted in a sensitive moment. Taylor – telling someone how its an option to leave, I get how that can be hurtful. Monte – people look at how that could benefit you and that’s how it becomes hurtful. Is there a benefit to you for saying it? You know. Taylor – and I was just trying to learn from the whole Paloma situation. Monte whispers – you may have a chance this week. And I am telling you this because we definitely have to chat later. Taylor – with Turner. Monte – with Turner. Taylor – and Daniel? Monte – no. We’re starting to realize what is happening in this house. I’m involved. Josephs involved. Kyle is involved. Turner is involved. Brittany is involved. Michael is involved. You’re now involved. Seven people. Taylor – I need seven votes to stay. Monte – you’re not even going to go up. Monte tells her they’ll talk later.

9pm Workout Room. Joe and Brittany.
Joe – I just have this weird feeling that I am on the outside. Brittany – me too! Joe – maybe I’m not the target now and I think that you and Michael might be more on the outside. I can just tell from last week with the whole Pooch thing that we were definitely not in on what happened. Brittany – we were told at the last minute which it wasn’t us but it might be next time unless we create our own inner circle. Joe – unless the outside people band together we’re going to lose to whatever. Brittany – Turner told us that he was going to take us in no matter what. I don’t know if I believe it. Brittany – lets start thinking about who we trust. I trust Michael. Joe – I told Michael that you and him are my hardcore people .. like that’s it.

9:25pm – 9:54pm HOH room – Kyle, Michael and Turner.
Kyle – Alyssa told me a lot of stuff that I have not shared with you guys but I’ve talked to Monte about it. We’ll lay out all the cards tonight. I am putting all my eggs in this basket. Like we have no other choice. Alyssa told me that Paloma started an all girls alliance like day one or two we were in the house. And Monte is like looking back on it Taylor could have been possibly telling the truth that maybe Paloma was starting an all girls alliance because she is a big feminist and that means a lot to her. She started multiple alliance the first week. Monte is like wondering if I brought it up to Paloma, she blew it up and then the house kind of flipped it on Taylor as the bad guy when in reality she might have just been looking out for him. That’s where his head is at. I feel good about you (Michael). Do you feel good about Brittany? Do you think she would be open to something? Michael – I think so.. I don’t think anyone has brought her into anything. I think she will be loyal. Brittany joins them. Kyle – just talking a little game talk. Where do you stand in the house? Brittany – that’s a good question. Joe joins them. Brittany – I get nervous .. Tuner I get scared if we hadn’t won. Tuner – it was a awful pick and then me and Jasmine couldn’t even play. Kyle – do you feel close to the girls especially after last week? Brittany – like arms length. For example I won and I thought there would have been more celebrating. Not so much celebrating, just some pats on the back. And that is scary. Michael – I don’t even think I got a hug from all of them. Joe – I got the same energy from his (Turners) win. Like sh*t that’s not a part of the plan. Kyle – I am all in with you guys. Alyssa opened up to me a bit. For like obvious reasons.. She kind of has a crush on me .. and its played to my advantage. She said when Indy got the alcohol she said there was an alliance made that day called Old School. She said it consisted of Terrance, Nicole, Daniel, Jasmine, Ameerah and then the adopted Alyssa. Alyssa I love her and I have feeling for her and I know she does for me too but at the end of the day I am here to play the game.

10:40pm Kitchen – Joe, Ameerah, Brittany, Michael and Alyssa are hanging out. Joe is cooking and Ameerah is doing the dishes.

10:45pm Storage room. Michael and Brittany.
Brittany -… I know and I feel good about it. Turner is like a question mark. He wasn’t talking much. Michael – he was talking more earlier before you came up. Brittany – but him and Daniel, aren’t they close? I feel good about us too. It was such a defining time because Joseph was talking to me about the like hey we need to go all in. The only thing .. I would need to know who was talking about scenarios where Ameerah said she would vote me out if we were to stay on the block. Michael – oh he did say that. Brittany – I need to know who would have done that because if I am going to vote Ameerah out or something like that I need to have a solid reason with the other girls. So that I could be like my name was thrown around by you guys, you took the first shot. Michael – if they do put up Ameerah and Terrance .. you could also just say that the house was keeping Terrance so you went with the house. Brittany – that’s true.

11:30pm – 11:52pm Bedroom. Joseph tells Jasmine and Alyssa about his conversation with Taylor earlier in the night. Alyssa – I am not telling her that I am saving her this week, when they (Nicole / Taylor) go up I am just going to say I am sorry. I’m not going to tell her I am voting her (Taylor) out, I am just going to say sorry its not looking good. Joseph – no, she knows she won’t stay over Nicole. Taylor joins them. They talk about past big brother house guests and past seasons. Brittany and Ameerah join them. Jasmine turns the conversation to talking about her IBS..

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Paul Sucks

Jasmine passes out during this veto comp!?!?

What’s that worth…I’m thinking at least 5 weeks of safety.

Palm Oil's Meds

At this point they might have to take jasmine out to barn and put her down like a horse. Her body is falling apart! lol


1) I recommend everyone see “Everyone Everywhere All At Once” 2) Michael is a Comp Beast! With Michael winning again no one can legitimately claim that they are throwing those competitions anymore


A24 movies are the best.

un autre nom

Jabberjaw passed out in the harness before leaving the ground. Did someone say MILKING IT!!!!! Yeah… m’kay. How is a sprained foot gonna cause…. y’know what, never mind. Fraud. I mean…. did her dorito/ oxygen level drop under 95%?
Stinky really wanted to play.
Daniel and Nicole? Assholes. Trash. Vile. Repugnant. Trash-assholes
To me they are Trasholes.


Spot on! I’m so disgusted right now! I really feel bad for Taylor.

Nicole wants you to know that she's a good person

This twist is so easy to manipulate. Just about every pair has one in the alliance and one that is expendable. And I’m tired of all the hate on Taylor. The next couple of weeks are going to be a snooze fest unless they redraw the pairs.


Daniel is an idiot for what he said to Taylor


Can someone tell what he said?

un autre nom

The worst one?
Paloma’s mental break was all Taylor’s fault.
accusations Taylor tried to get Nic to quit.


He said to Taylor that what happened with Paloma was all Taylor’s fault

Palm Oil's Meds

Ugly Elvis (Daniel) is the worst person in the house. I honestly think he’s an abusive narcissist. To blame Taylor for Paloma’s mental breakdown that Paloma brought on herself from over lying, bullying, and bad karma is a new low. I feel like this type of bullying could cause mental harm to Taylor. Hopefully, she’ll stay strong in a house full of high school kids. And Officer Bruno Mars (Nicole) is not much better.

Big Jim

Ok let’s get this game going. Put Terrance and Ameerah up and get her ass up out of there. She is clearly the biggest threat IMO

un autre nom

Anyone wondering why Daniel chose the veto to attack?
Look at the reaction of the boys.
Nic worried about being Pooched.
It was intentional.

From the strategic point of view I get it.
From the sounds of what and how he said it… i don’t endorse method. I see the strategic reason.

Doesn’t mean i like him. I really don’t.
He’s an Asshole to the nth. I’m just saying I see WHY in his fuqed up brain, that was the way to go.

Palm Oil's Meds

That was not strategic! it was personal and below the belt to blame Taylor for Paloma’s downfall. Ironically, it was the opposite. Paloma caused Taylor’s downfall since day 1.

un autre nom

Daniel’s strategy is to warp perception, and cause group hate.
Therefore, Daniel going in on someone that is the house target due to his strategy…
That’s strategic in his mind.
He’s a hate troll.


Although I’m appalled by his choices, it was obviously game strategy. And in truth, it almost worked. Fortunately, Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef are the give me an inch & I’ll take a mile ego types & it backfired.

After the POV comp, of course, Evil Elvis made sure to get in that HOH room immediately to lay out how the whole house feels Taylor needs to be f*cking gone at the end of the week. I was asking myself WHY is Turner so loyal to EE but then I remembered during the first week when he was HOH, Pooch/Turner made that alliance (plus Oasis) with him. So with Pooch gone it makes sense why there was some initial pushback on the Ameerah nom.

During his download of that ^^ convo to Kyle for a second, it felt like he had shifted back to putting up Tay/Nic. When he said we could still take out Taylor this week & win HOH next week I wanted to throw something wondering if this kid can’t do basic math or if he was feebly trying to keep both his options open.

What swung the pendulum was the reveal of key information (and btw – like your Nick/Kyle thing I call Turner – Tucker sometimes lol)…

Kyle sharing the Ally tea of an All-Girls alliance that Pal created on Day 1 or 2 was one thing, but the outing of the OS alliance & members proved EE wasn’t sharing with Turner and more importantly it confirmed he was in on the Pooch oust & had lied to him all week.

The more the group discussed how Taylor was being ostracized/gaslight/& yes even bullied (a word I’m careful to use b/c it’s often misused) the more it became clear the path they would take. Shockingly, Turner was the guy making some astute observations (where was this guy the last 3 weeks?). Michael brought up the “broken telephone” part & just with four of them in the room they all had 4 varying accounts of what Taylor said to Nic with each more egregious & of course, the version EE gave to Turner was the worst – he made it sound like Taylor said “go home”.

Yet, I think what finally cemented the Ameerah/Terrance nomination was something Brittany said which is sort of ironic since she typically overshares & never gets her timing right but hit a bullseye this time with “prior to the FB twist that group’s plan was to put up Turner & Taylor”. That likely sealed Ameerah’s exit and offered the ammo to drive the wedge between Turner/EE b/c it’s one thing not to share all your alliances but to know your ally is in danger & not warn the individual is another.

Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef thought they had this game by the balls as their heads swelled but a series of arrogant choices in less than 24 hours likely (fingers crossed) ended their games.

As soon as CC said “beat her ass” TPTB had no choice but to reprimand her but CC/EE just kept adding logs to the fire. Her DR warning led to tears with the realization of how she’s being perceived externally. But, instead of stopping to make the proper corrections she & buddy Evil Elvis chose to blame Taylor! The implication is Tay is going into the DR & complaining about something she doesn’t even know was said. It’s absurd.

So while this crying & Taylor bashing is going on – outside the room the house thinks CC is crying b/c of news about her Mother (who is fighting cancer) & Taylor asked Monte to say a prayer for Nic. This occurs 3 mins before EE doubled down with: “he doesn’t care – if he has to apologize to America once he’s out of the house, he will. But inside of the house, Taylor is a shitty person. They can ask any of the HGs.“(HELLO – receipts!). Um, remind me how many “super fans” aren’t aware of the live feeders (yeah – he’s NOT a super fan- he saw a few seasons – likely 9, 15, 21 based on how he plays).

People keep coming in the room to check if she’s okay (still thinking it’s her Mom) but when Taylor does it – CC blows what she says out of proportion which leads to a 10-minute dress-down from her on “how she needs to speak to people- & word use” (that’s rich) followed by EE tripling down by attacking her in front of everyone blaming her as the key reason Paloma self-evicted & accusing her of trying to mind-f*ck CC.

Sure, we know those were specific choices to 1) offer a CC segment (fodder for why she was angry with Taylor) & more importantly 2) to throw off Taylor so she would lose the POV.

BUT it also demonstrated the threshold for this cast. They were willing to ignore the obvious as long as it was in small groups but the public attack crossed a boundary they couldn’t ignore. Others who are culpable (like Monte) could no longer suggest it was a misconception or a few people talked – but we didn’t have the full picture argument.

EE went for his Regina George distributing the Burn Book pictures moment & it backfired. Barring a miracle, Ameerah is gone this week and b/c of his overt attempt to bully & humiliate Tay in front of everyone he’s been moved in front of CC as the next target with Kyle even willing to go OTB to ensure it happens. Presumably, if they can win three HOHs in a row then CC would leave next.

BTW – I think there will be a TV segment upcoming on this based on Taylor suddenly choosing to share her secret (she won Miss Congeniality at Miss America) with numerous people. Just feels like a natural segue to lead into what EE/CC said about her – the verbal attack (of course well edited) — the formation of The Leftovers — outrage over how Taylor is/has been treated — Ameerah out first (brains behind OS), then ridding the house of the worst offenders (EE/CC and hopefully Mrs Milk-My-InJASry).

Maybe TPTB will try to avoid it (like that BS article in US with obvious spin-doctoring quotes but I honestly think CC’s physical threat (although we know it wasn’t going to happen- it was her grandstanding) set everything in motion & now they’re about to be served (KARMA that is which we all know is a dish best served cold)!


Wait….Is Indy still complaining about being on slop? I wish Big Brother piped in violin sounds every time someone complains about that in the House


Can someone tell Production to get Kyle Aquaphor and suntan lotion. He looks like he is getting sunburn now


Nothing more annoying when they turn off the live feeds mid conversation.

un autre nom

Dear Stinky,
The girls don’t want you.
If you lose the guys…
You’re just walking talking dirty laundry.

I STILL say Nic got a verbal warning about uttering threats, and some of her comments.
That’s why she was crying. Goes around today saying she’s non-confrontational? No. She just doesn’t want anyone to fact check her stanky ass mouth.

Y’know what? Since I’ve broken the seal and i’m in a cranky mood, screw it.
Elvis is NOPE.
The trasholes are NOPE. I’m sick of holding myself back.

I don’t respect their STYLE of play. It’s Gr8ful and season’s 19’s satanic spawn.
Guess what Dan… you and Nic both have names that have won before, and there are no same name winners yet in bbus. For both I am making this my curse on them.
Karen haired Kate Gosselin impersonator.


I was watching the live feeds for a little while tonight. It is really sad how Taylor is being treated, all of the mean girl crew treat her like crap, as I watched tonight, it made me think about how would I feel if I were locked in a house with none of my loved ones or friends, just a group of people who treat me like crap, and make me feel so unwelcomed.

I am really hoping things turn around, Daniel, Nicole, Jasmine & Ameerah, Daniel is too old to be acting like grade school, ignoring people, treating people like crap, just so he can feel that he is a member of the cool team.

I don’t know what was said when he blew up on Taylor, but I will say this, if one of the men said whatever Taylor said to Nicole, how much do you bet that Daniel would have kept his mouth shut ? I doubt very seriously he would speak to a man the way that he spoke to Taylor, Daniel and Nicole are very annoying, I understand in big brother you have to lie, deceive, and do things that you normally don’t do outside of the house, but you don’t have to ostracize people, treat them bad so you can fit in with the mean girl group.

I’m not saying Taylor is innocent, all I’m saying is, play the game, don’t make it personal, don’t treat people like crap, Daniel is mean to Taylor, just because the leaders of the mean girl group “Jasmine & Ameer”, treat Taylor like crap. I’d love to see if the mean girls were to suddenly start laughing and talking with Taylor, I bet Daniel would fall in line, and he’d be laughing and talking with her.

Daniel is old enough to know better, I hope when he’s home, he watches this show and he see’s just how much of a jerk he was, how much of a wimp, spineless little wanna be he was on this show. Daniel has shown exactly who he is, a Weak spineless Jack A@@!!!

I want Daniel, Jasmine and Nicole gone ASAP..

Palm Oil's Meds

Taylor said to Nicole was ‘I understand if you have to leave to take care of yourself (mother is ill).” While Taylor left the room and had Monte PRAY for Nicole and her mom, Nicole twisted Taylor words and told Daniel that Taylor is trying to get her out. I noticed some of the houseguests use a lot of projection towards Taylor.



I’m watching the live feeds, Daniel & Nicole are talking. Here’s my question, is Daniel’s only job being a Elvis Impersonator ? How old is he ?

I really hope things work out and Monte, Kyle, Joe & Turner bring Michael, Taylor and Brittany into their group. Also if they do, Brittany needs to keep her mouth shut, and stop telling everyone what was said, so she can fit in.

I can’t wait to see Daniel, Nicole, Jasmine & Ameerah find out they are on the wrong side of the house. Please make this happen, this will be great TV.

un autre nom

1/2 hour or so ago Alyssa went to go hide.
Nobody went to go seek.

Starting to get the feeling that on finale night she’ll pop out of a box.

un autre nom

Dear guys,
You’ve just given Brittany A LOT of information trusting that she will know to keep her fool mouth shut… and let her go free range?
NO. tether her to your damn side until Monday. Just in case.
I mean it.

un autre nom

Jasmine has a stomachache.
Needs someone to sit by her while she is sore.

  • or maybe grow tf up and deal with it like an adult.

She doesn’t know why she has a stomachache she hasn’t eaten anything

  • except her daily dorito/popsicles, three slices of pizza, tatertots, sprite and crackers.

She’s mad nobody delivered her any fajitas to her stomachache death vigil.

  • sideye. eyeroll. grumblegripbitchmoan…. like she just wouldn’t have complained that they weren’t made to her exacting specifications in expectation of getting a special fajita made just for her while someone wipes her ass and someone else burps her.

Nobody is allowed to rub her stomach.

  • i don’t think ANYbody offered…. who da fool that offered to rub her tummy?

Oh for Grod’s sake, someone call a vet… they have a lot more leeway when it comes to a hoof injury.

No Name

Thank you for that.

un autre nom

After over an hour of trying everything but the jaws of life to get Taylor out of listenting to Jasmine complain about her IBS (even her bowels don’t want to deal with her shit)…
They finally get Taylor up to the HOH.
Brittany follows. Michael follows. Joe is still placating Jasmine… oh wait.. there he is.

Monte is first to speak using the empathy lessons Joe and Nick were giving him to speak to women without being a condescending general. (I sorta… strke that… i hate that he’s going to get a free ride on starting the gaslight week one).
Monte and the boys recognize that Taylor and Britt are being excluded. None of the boys like it.
Monte explains that Paloma started a girl alliance day one (Kyle gets info from Alyssa because of the crush), and the women framed Taylor to cover their tracks.
When asked who she thinks will be nom, Taylor is still thinking it’s going to be Indy and Alyssa. buckle up. She admits she’s trying to build relationships with the women.
Kyle exposes Nic. How she’s two face lying to Taylor, and pumping her ego to the boys about how good her performance was.
Joe exposes as well. apologizing for hurting Taylor by telling her this, Nic is trying to get Taylor backdoored this week.
Nic only chose Tay because Nic KNEW she would be safe and thought she’d get a power. Britt adds she heard that as well.

  • Girls Girls minus Britt and Indy is on the outside, Nic added.
  • Oldskool
  • Turner / Tay noms if there wasn’t a Besties twist and Turner wasn’t HOH. Britt adds.
  • Mike Britt were expendable. Britt target.
  • Nic’s a backstabbing two face.

Nobody was celebrating the veto win. Nobody was happy about the HOH win by Turner.
Taylor is suprised by Terrance. Boys explain he’s trying to coast, and isn’t so deep with the girls, but doesn’t want to make any waves.
Most of the comp wins in the house are in the room, they need to mount a counter attack or they are getting picked off. Monte/Joe and Britt/Mike are the most in danger because both members of the pairing are in this group. They have to aim at Ameerah and Terrance because Ameerah is the head of the snake. She is the narrative twister good at comps and the glue holding Dan / Nic to the girls.
Michael says Dan / Nic are already sick of Indy.
Kyle wants the bad ass ready to win comps Taylor back, not the punching bag doubting herself Taylor they’ve been making her.
Today was intentional witchburning is what Britt is wondering (my words, her sentiment) Elvis was insistent on wanting to talk to Turner so that he could control / spin what Turner heard (both Turner and Britt are giving their perspectives here). Turner says if any other girl (Alyssa example) said what Taylor said, it wouldn’t have been twisted and it would have been fine.
Taylor would rather be with the outsider people than get kicked out of the game.
She’s trusted Michael and Britt since day one.
Britt feels she’s been used by lots of people.
Kyle likes Alyssa, but wants to play the game. If she has to go, she has to go.
Michael is good with the idea of Daniel leaving before jury. the group agrees.
Terrence they can keep to jury for sure. Alyssa… her social game is scary good.
Ameerah and the trasholes? They can go.
Kyle is okay going up with Daniel on the block because they have numbers. Tay would have to leap of faith trust, because she’s just hearing everything about Nic. Tay says Daniel throwing Pal’s issue in her face was dirty.
Michael: The Leftovers sounds funny.
Kyle jokes about crumbs and leftovers.
JOE RETURNS. Did i say he left? he did. He’s back.
Taylor says she is All In. Kyle is all Let’s Go! (I really hate the LET’S GOOOO thing).
Glasses adjustment is the meeting signal. Never say alliance name and never name targets to anyone.
They all hug and smile a lot.
Kyle giggles eating a Fajita.
Tapping out.

Not sure how I actually feel. I mean, the Pound were never on the bottom, especially the Oasis boys that were in with POS Pack. They just didn’t have total control.
They were part of the mob. Many loudly, as little as two days ago.
Did anyone check if Alyssa is still playing hide and seek and just thinking she’s the world’s best hider?
If this was BBCAN, she’d come out of the HOH bathroom right now.


All I can think of is that HBO show with the name that they chose


This plan hinges on nobody in the group opening their big mouth. Brittany has been in the spot she’s been in because of her gameplay not anything personal like Taylor so she has got to play smarter if she is to stay with this group

un autre nom

There is a personal element to Britt, but there is more game.
There is a game element to Taylor, it’s been buried. The guys originally feared Taylor for being The Old Taylor they talk about in the Leftovers meeting. THAT was why they pushed Taylor as the renom to Daniel BEFORE the Taylorgate stuff.

Palm Oil's Meds

Last year was the Cookout. This year are the Leftovers.lol


LOL – I was thinking super fan Michael either had that pre-prepped before the season but then remembered he’s Mensa so maybe it thought of it when he was dreaming of his F4 (himself/Britt/Taylor/Indy) which fwiw just became more plausible.

Palm Oil's Meds

That would be cool if he imagined it pre-show.

Palm Oil's Meds

Joe turned 25 and now his brain has fully developed. He’s playing the game!

Christine Gill

I’m liking Joe more since he was so kind to Taylor and Brittany.


He’s all growns up now


This morning 7:30am in Massachusetts I turned on the I turned on the live feeds for the first time this season. I haven’t had a chance to watch any episodes yet just following the OBB updates. Thank you Simon and Dawg for the updates and all of you for the comments that have helped me follow along.

It must be 4:30 in the house and Daniel is telling a story to Joe and Turner about getting a tattoo on his arm. He has some tat that is based on a movie on his arm that is something like Est 1986. I came in part way through the story and he is explaining he has to run to a Taxi Shop after a show and they are staying up late waiting for him. He continually calls the tattoo parlor a Taxi Shop. I don’t get it.
Then he continues talking non stop about all his tats and how much he loves Elvis and he is able to see ghosts. Apparently he can turn off his ghost seeing ability when he wants to and BTW don’t ever cry in front of a ghost. Does this person every stop talking?


I feel like I’m so lost with this season. Combined with so much going on behind the scenes that were NOT covered on the show also with a show (Wed? Thurs?) that was preempted by the Jan 6 hearings and now…..I don’t know what’s going on! Thank goodness for this site, but still don’t feel like I “get it” LOST. lol Thanks for listening – am I the only one?

un autre nom

The edit this season is shit. Episode only people must be scratching their heads and saying ‘well why did the magazine in the grocery check-out line make it sound so bad… this isn’t that bad.”
This is the way I’m categorizing the alliance shifts in the house.

progression weekly bb24.jpg

Thank you so much! At least for reassuring me it may be the EDIT that’s causing my lost feelings. Also, thanks for the infographic! But…could you please put the names in the boxes that go with each subset? LOL

Feeds got good

Can someone explain the votes to me? I feel like there is no way Brittany or Taylor vote out Ameerah, but then again Daniel and Nicole are super close to Terrance. I think nominating those 2 is too dangerous, the safer play is to nominate Alyssa and Indy IMO


I think the votes are:
Against Ameerah: Joe, Turner, Kyle, Monte, Britt, Taylor, Michael
For Amerah: Daniel, Jasmine, Indy, Alyssa, Nicole
Can’t vote would be: Ameerah, Terrance

un autre nom

Turner doesn’t get to vote. He’s HOH and there is no tie scenario: 11 votes this week.


Turner cannot vote.

Cee Dee

Why does everyone keep calling Jasmine stinky? Did someone say she smells? I thought they they said Turner smells. Who is the person that smells like sh*T?

un autre nom

Stinky is Turner.
Jasmine just refused to change her clothes or move for days as HOH.
Turner has now showered 4 times in 19 days, and hasn’t done laundry. in 19 days.


I thought his name was Matthew & not Turner? See? I feel like a LOST newb when I’ve been watching this dang show since day 1. LOLs. But bless his heart, he does M or T or Stinky – look like a festival kid who is water adverse.


I’m loving these Favorite Pair results: Dawg & Simon 15.58% (396 votes)
‘Cause that’s how I voted!