Brittany Wins the Brochella Veto! “That’s my Bestie! She crushed it! **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle and Turner
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Brochella (inside of the house) had their Veto competition tonight and Brittany won it. It was the Stay or Fold Veto

11:14pm HOH room. Michael
Michael – that’s my Bestie! YES! I could have had my 5th veto but its okay! The goal was defense not offense. And now Brittany got a comp win. A solo comp win and I am very proud of her. She crushed it! Brittany joins him. They jump up and down and hug. Michael – this is so good. That was perfect! This is perfect. I was as long as Monte or Jasmine don’t win. Its perfect. Brittany – at least I won it so we’re in control. Have you been thinking any more? We were so focused on Terrance can’t play HOH but you can’t play HOH next week. Michael – my thoughts today were if we get rid of Jasmine and they get rid of Alyssa. We’re still Leftover strong. Its a little bit of a risk that if we win, why would we get rid of Terrance. But if we keep Jasmine and the do something crazy.. Brittany – then the attention is on Kyle and Turner. We do something crazy and they kick out Alyssa. Michael – yup. Brittany – Kyle and Turner are going to be pissed at us. Michael – they might not be .. like I don’t think Kyle would. But Turner might. Brittany – and the attention might be put on us. Michael – yup. We don’t know, they might kick out Kyle. Brittany – thinking of Kyle’s psychology .. what percentage do you think he is going to make a big move if he can and get Turner? Turner seems highly suggestable and Joseph is suggesting. I’ve always questioned how much Kyle thinks he has Turner in his pocket. Kyle has also been the one that has shown us that he would be the one that would turn on the Leftovers before they get to the final seven. So I think if he had the opportunity he could probably convince Alyssa to help. I just don’t know how its going to shake out over there. It would also make Terrance happy to get Joseph out if we can’t get Kyle. Michael – yeah. If we did get rid of Monte, do we know for sure they would put us up? If they’re against us, they’re going to put us up. Brittany – yeah. Michael – and if Monte is here there is a chance the put up me and Monte on the block together. Brittany – yeah, I just think its going to be too enticing. I’m just worried about next week. I mean it would be awesome if I could win HOH. Michael – so are you thinking of keeping it (noms) the same? Brittany – yeah for sure. Michael – so the rest of the week we can weigh our options and discuss. Brittany – I just feel like we can’t let this week slip through our fingers. By build more goodwill. I think it is an easy-ish promise to make especially if we want to make sure we’re good the next two weeks. That we just say hey guys, Taylor, me you, Monte and Joseph. And if Joseph ends up leaving on the outside oh well it didn’t have anything to do with us .. we’re so sad.

Kitchen – Taylor and Jasmine.
Taylor – is this for a whole week!? Is this going all the way to Thursday? Why the hell was the veto competition today. Jasmine – but you know how one time there is a week were everything comes early. I can’t remember if they said next Wednesday or next Thursday.

11:47pm Storage room – Monte and Michael.
They talk about the veto. Monte – it worked out. Michael – we just had to make sure she (Jasmine) didn’t win. And she didn’t win so.. Monte – yeah! So now its up to the vote and we’ll go from there.. but I think it might be happening sooner. Like I don’t think this is going to last all the way to Thursday. I have a weird feeling that they’re going to cut it short. Like why would they do this tonight? Michael – if we can meet with Taylor and all of us we were just kind of talking about what is going on over there and what happens if one of us doesn’t come back. We could maybe run scenarios tonight. Monte – yeah. No seriously dude that would be concerning if that’s the case. Yeah, we’ll chat. Michael – sounds good.

11:48pm – 12am Backyard – Kyle, Joseph, Turner and Alyssa playing Chinese Checkers.

12:30 am Brittany and Jasmine
Jasmine – I want to make it as far as I can not only for myself but in honor of my dad.
Jasmine – you are a fan of the show and I respect that as well.. you know what I mean
Jasmine – I’ve been loyal so far I hope you can see that.
Brittany – who we want out this week is on the block already it’s coming down to Taylor and I voting. I want to talk to Taylor to make sure we are on the same page. Worst case scenario Michael breaks a tie
Jasmine says she will reassure Taylor and Michael that she is not coming for them.
BRitt – in this point in time I’ll probably leave things the same.

Britt – who do you think will leave from the other side?
Jasmine – depends on how it goes. He only has so many options right.. the problem is I don’t know who he is super close with
Jasmine – he wants to target a big threat.. I don’t think it’ll be Alyssa or Joe. I really think it could be Kyle and Turner.

Jasmine – I told you my prayers are the opposite. I didn’t pray to win I was like ‘Lord please let him be out that’s all I need. I trust you to let the person win this veto that will help save me that’s all I prayed for cayuse it’s not about me every time;
Britt – it’s interesting thinking of the other side. It feels like Kyle is the target.
Jasmine – could be Joe.. I don’t think he will send Alyssa home.
Britt – it gave me vibes that he was picking people that can make his plan happen.
Britt – He picked Joe which was interesting to me… Then Michael picked Monte and Kyle went over there by default.
Britt – Terrance will want to make a big move
Jasmine – that’s what he told me.
Jasmine doesn’t want to be blindsided this week.

12:55 am DIY cornhole

1:05 am Taylor and Monte
They talk about how everything is going as planned on their side. Taylor speculates based on the questions she gets in the Diary room that things aren’t going as planned outside.

Monte – if there’s any hesitation on TUner and Kyle’s side we have to come up with a strategy for us winning a Hoh next week.
Taylor – I can see a scenario where Kyle asks to be sent to Jury first
Monte – really?
Taylor – out of who is out there
Monte – you think so? You think he’s that mad in love?
Taylor – I don’t know
Monte – my god
Monte – we’ll be fine. Michael is the only person at risk next week.
Taylor – who would you put up next to Terrance next week
Monte – Maybe turner maybe Joe.. process of elimination who has been up the least.

1:12 am Brit and Mike
Talking about not wanting Jasmine in the house anymore.
Michael asks if Monte will really send Terrance out next week?
They talk about throwing Kyle under the bus and exposing that Kyle was ready to take a shot at the leftovers.
Feeds flip to the hammock

1:17 am Kyle and Alyssa
Kyle – it was either me or Joe this week. I had to do it. I wonder where Michael and Brittany are at.. take one more week get Jasmine out then it’s you and Terrance.
Kyle – Turner is really close with the boys now.. Monte and Joe. I think we have Terrance for sure now.
Kyle comments that their showmance started working together a month in.
Alyssa thought they were working together all this time. Says she probably looks like an idiot.
Kyle apologizes.
Kyle – we have to get Michael and Brittany on our side when we get back into the house. If we don’t it’s me you and Terrance Vs the entire house.

Kyle – if Michael takes a shot? there’s no way he will unless Jasmine wins the veto.

1:25 am Monte, Britt, and Michael
Monte says he’s fine staying on the block.

1:50 am chit-chat about past seasons and cleaning out the fridge.

2:05 am Alyssa tells them her mom is a big fan. told her she’s fulfilling a life dream by being on the show.

3:25 am Brittany, Michael, Monte and Taylor
Monte – I do feel naturally concerned with both of them last week (Turner and Kyle). Everything that came out of Turner’s mouth was
Taylor – counter point.. devils advocate
Monte – I hate to say this but I’ve been feeling really good about those guys before right after that night.. even during that day I saw the two of them really tight I saw them playing pool by themselves.. they were whispering and all that stuff.
Mont e- I’ve ignored these signs before when it was Ameerah. I’ve ignored them when it was Nicole adn Even Paloma to an extent. NOw when you see a sign
Taylor – you run with it
Monte – yeah you take it at face value and move on with it. Joe saw the writing on the wall last week when the both of them were acting that way. he would understand what the situation is if that is the case. We have to see how things play out.
Michael says action speaks louder than words and he trusts the actions of Monte and Taylor. Kyle hasn’t won a HOH yet to show them what he’s don’t. “But what he’s done with the veto”
Taylor – Has been very alarming
Britt – we’ve gotten a lot of blood on our hands.
Monte goes on about how Kyle’s ears were “Shut off” when they tried to get him to use the veto. “I’ve never seen that side of Kyle”

Britt – hopefully, Joe comes back he will give the story of what went on. If something goes wrong and he doesn’t know that we’re good and we have our sights set on what the next three weeks look like should we win HOH would be really important. If Kyle and Turner win that will be a whole different thing.
They talk about how the outside crew might bond like Have-nots have in the past.
Taylor – if They win we just run with the Leftovers’ final 7 if they don’t win then..
Monte – if they win are they going to be fine? If they win and Joe leaves are they going to put Terance or Alyssa up immediately or will they want us as pawns?
Michael – if they want to use us as pawns that will be really shady
Monte – what if they do get Alyssa out what do we think is the best? who is the pawn? (To get Terrance out)
Taylor says the only one that makes sense is Kyle and Terrance.
Monte – yes
Britt says Turner would make sense for her because he put her up.
Britt says the only reason Kyle ios p[rotecting Alyssa at this point is he needs a number “Who do you need a number against?”
Britt – it’s us! that is scary we’re not stockpiling people outside of the alliance we’re here.
Taylor – we are fully invested in the alliance.
They agree Kyle messed his own game up not using the veto so they could take out Alyssa.
Britt says if you make it to the jury and you get the leftovers vote you win. “That is what matters”
Taylor – you told him before the veto if he didn’t use it would be bad for his game and he didn’t do it.

Monte – I feel great about the people in this room I feel great about Joe.
Taylor – maybe there’s some crazy snacrio where Kyle outside falls on his sword. Send me to Jury so Alyssa can stay
Monte – I don’t think he will but if he did.. he’s gone rogue
They go on about how Alyssa gets people to connect with her then she’s able to get them to do what she wants them to do.
Monte – how did she get Turner so he’s so adamant to keep her?

4:00 am Zzzz

6:30 am Pillow fort

8:56 am Houseguests outside are waking up

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un autre nom

Theoretical Assessment:
Been thinking about this.
Is best play to keep Monte?
I think yes actually.
Why? Jasmine is a defined risk that you know lies.
Monte? undefined risk that pushes loyalty.
How should the undefined risk be removed?
Call a creative partial fact sharing leftovers truth circle.
Don’t give Monte all the information Kyle has given. Tell him that there was hushed talk and innuendo back when Michael was first HOH that the 4 boys had an alliance, and agreed to get rid of Michael sooner than later. This is while Monte was on the block before Michael won Otev. Say that M/B kept most of that to themselves because they had to take time to think if they believed it. They decided they’d rather believe in Monte than house gossip. They decided to be loyal to the seven and show their worth by winning comps and maintaining loyalty, because if they got screwed out of the game for being loyal, at least they’d be able to hold their head up high when they left, and wouldn’t be considered punk ass backstabbers. Say that they still believe in the leftovers, so they want to go to the end with their group, and if they went before 7, or if someone took a non leftover to final 2, they’d vote for the non leftover for backstabbing the alliance.
Play on Monte’s sense of loyalty and honor. Snow him with ego stroking.
I said creative when i said partial fact sharing.
You know Kyle and You know Joseph. Chances are no matter what happens outside, something snakey is going to go down when two rabidgamersquirrels are stuck in the yard with one nut, one blowup doll and one hippie.

No Name

I’ve been thinking that strategically Michael will be better positioned in the house if he keeps Monte.

Daniel Sucks

I’ve been thinking, from a viewer perspective, make the big move now.

Get Monte out! I want to see whatever LO members remain from the outside (Kyle, Joe, Turner) faces when they are blindsided with that news.

Michael has already made a huge target of himself, he doesn’t seem to be worried about that, so WTH. Go for it.

After last weeks 2 hour snooze fest, do something to entertain us. Bring on LOs battling each other. Getting out Jasmine, then Terrance next week is not good TV.

Palm Oil's Meds

I am still trying to figure out how Monte is a big move or a threat. He is terrible at comps and only won an HOH by luck. Kyle and Michael are the only huge moves if someone got rid of them.

Daniel Sucks

I want a big move this week. It’s double eviction! Michael’s only choices now are Jasmine (boring), Taylor and Monte. So of those 3, Monte is the biggest move. And it would make for the best TV.

Palm Oil's Meds

It’s ironic how Michael doesn’t want to work with the muscle guys like Monte and Joseph but they are more loyal than someone like Kyle. Kyle would always save Alyssa first and throw Michael under the bus in a heartbeat. lol


Keeping monte is good for michael’s game only if he knows how much the alliance is imploding outside. With the alliance holding strong he ends up on the wrong side of the alliance splitting 4-3. But any division (which is happening, he just doesn’t know it) has that 4 targeting each other and ignoring him. Maybe he thinks he put enough work with Kyle to start that division, but I’m not sure he’s in a spot to safely keep monte not knowing

un autre nom

Jasmin speedcampaigning to Britt so damn fast she isn’t taking breaths and her accent completely disappeared.
Damn. What if both voices have been fake all season and she really sounds like Bea Arthur?

Not Jason’s Holly

That’s hilarious!

Are you a comedian in real life??


I needed to read both of your posts, because the soft side of me was feeling sorry for Jasmine, and I had forgot about the lies, and how she treats people not in her group.

So I still feel sorry for the way she looked so sad in the picture, but I can’t cave, because soon as she feels she is back on top, the mean girl will reappear. So Jasmine needs to be evicted next week, her Birthday week will be over ?.

un autre nom

Here’s the thing with Jasmine:
sure. have empathy for her because she’s a sentient being.
Do I wish her ill in life, no. Do i wish her ill in the game? Yeah.
It’s not like they evict them and execute them. If she’s evicted she still makes 11k more than she would have if she were evicted before jury. So really, it’s not like she’s being sent to a forced labor camp. I just don’t want her to stay any more.


Exactly, I don’t wish her ill in life, but I do wish her game to go down the drain. She can as you say, go to Jury, collect her 11k, I’m ready for her to get evicted.

I Agee with everything you said.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

At least in the jury house she’d have to fix her own food and do the dishes. No servants.


And she can be with Indy in the Jury House! With Joe! Hahahahahahaha


I don’t know what’s up with me, I guess it’s just me being me. But seeing that picture of Jasmine, I started feeling sorry for her, and felt like she’s all alone in the house with all of the Leftovers.

I will say, Michael is playing a hell of a game, and he is point on with his predictions, when he told Brittany, Kyle would be the first to make a move against the Leftovers before they are at 7, I was like WOW, Michael is playing this game, and he’s very observant of who he’s working with.

Kyle is definitely already throwing the leftovers under the bus to save he and his showmance that is not going to last outside of the house.

The Beef

But Kyle knows he’s at the bottom of the alliance. Like it or not, his refusal to kow tow to their demand (and it was basically a demand) that he use the veto to evict a person that is close to him, when there were already not one but TWO people on the block who the entire alliance had agreed to target just hours before, didn’t seem right or fair to him, especially given he knew half his alliance (Joe, Monte, AND Taylor) was trying to protect their OWN people on TOS was the real reason for the switch (can you say hypocrite?)!

That’s why I’m “okay” with his exposure of the alliance, because the twist made it pretty much over anyway (if they did stick together and vote out Jasmine and Alyssa – only Terrance remains – 7 against 1 is not much of a battle to watch). But Kyle wasn’t the only one considering putting a slug into the LO’s was he? But now it appears Michael and Brit’s big talk of voting out Monte was just that – big talk – as they seem to have lost the stones to actually make the move now that it’s presented itself with Brit’s veto win. Why does Kyle get all the vitriol for actually putting a plan of action in place given his position, when not only has Michael and Brit talked and planned of doing the same thing, so has Monte, Joe, Turner and Taylor? NONE of them are true blue Leftovers until the F7, and even if they are, and you know you’re #7 on that list, wouldn’t you want to do something before you got to that point to try and improve your finish in the game? Hell, it’s Big Brother 101 – know your standing and move to improve it. Both Kyle and Terrance are doing that this week. Michael? Not so much it appears.


Good for Brittany although it seems that Michael basically threw it by playing defense. That’s the perfect move for him though since he has 6 wins under his belt and a couple more is getting into record territory for a single season.

I mean shit Michael very well could have the most wins in a single season if he makes it to final 3/2. Winning final 4 HOH, the final Veto, and the final HOH would be the three best competitions to win of course and Michael will be very hard to beat in all of those should he still be there.

I really hope they stick with the plan and get JasMEAN out.

I’d like to see a Monte/Michael/Brittany/Taylor/Turner or Joseph take out the trash on the other side (The Couch 2.0/Miss # 3/Mr. 10 Seconds).

Mr. 10 Seconds is a rat and he has to go ASAP. Miss # 3 (Mr. 10 Seconds 3rd notch on his bedpost) can go the following week although maybe The Couch 2.0 is stronger than her and The Couch 1.0 (did that dude win anything even though he got to the Final 2)?

un autre nom

Well… couch did stay on the wall for just over 10 Kyles.


Over 10 Mr. 10 Seconds makes Couch 1.0?/2.0 comp beasts. :p


Couch 1.0 never won any competitions. Always talked big talk, but never won anything. Totally useless.


I agree. At least this couch can win a mental competition and one where he was the clear underdog so I respect it although I’m annoyed that Joseph or Turner are going due to his win.

Palm Oil's Meds

Next season they need to cast more comp beasts. These players suck at comps which is why Michael wins everything. I would love to see how Michael plays against someone like Cody or Xavier.

un autre nom

I sort of enjoyed it when cam three went to kitties while nothing was going on in the backyard.
It was like it was saying ‘we now take you inside of Alyssa’s brain to see what she is plotting’ moment. get that scratching post white kitty.


Miss # 3 is so sad… Like girl…you are throwing away your game for Mr. 10 Seconds!

She can do better! At least 60 seconds.

un autre nom

As Kyle plots next week with Alyssa…
has anyone seen the hole in his logic?
It’s Turner.
He’s counting Joseph as evicted already.
He’s talking about the house inside. He’s saying has to have Mike and Britt.
He says target Monte and Taylor if he wins HOH.
But he wants Alyssa and Terrrance to say Joseph spilled the Leftovers secret.

No Name

In fairness I often overlook Turner as well,which is why he’ll probably pop up in final 3 without anyone noticing.


For real.

Turner needs to immediately tell the truth about Mr. 10 Second’s betrayal and get him to be the house target this following week. Barring Mr. 10 Seconds winning HOH or Miss # 3 winning they both should be on the block with him being the target. We all know Joseph will savor the chance to do it if he wins Veto but it’s 4 vs 1 so I’m also kinda already acting like he is gone. :'(

“See when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite!” – Mo’Nique

I would quote Queen Mo’Nique when I nominated this sad little showmance. In particular Mr. 10 Seconds would be dragged for being a rat.

The Beef

Does Turner know Kyle spilled? I can’t remember if Kyle told him or not – I don’t think Terrance did. If Kyle didn’t, I don’t see why he couldn’t blame Joe for telling him this, as everybody knows Joe has gone around lying, putting words in other people’s mouths saying they said things they didn’t say for the entire game, to try to get what he wants done. Why wouldn’t Joe spill in an attempt to stay off the block (especially with Turner) in a last ditch effort to stay in the game, especially when he knows the only two votes are coming from Kyle and Alyssa? It’s not totally out of the realm of possibility that he would do that, and given he’s lied to every single one of the Leftovers (and they all know it), they just might buy it.

Of course, given their feelings towards Kyle, they might not, but what if Turner decides to work WITH Kyle, Alyssa, Terrance and possibly Michael and Brit? Is it not possible he might back Kyle up, rather than rat him out?

It’s a long time until Thursday, and anything could happen between now and then. I’m still a post behind and haven’t read yet who won the veto for the outside group, and that too could be a major factor if Joseph wins.

un autre nom

The dyrefest dumpsterfire. slow burning.
what were the errors?
error 1: Joseph. Told nomphobic Kyle he was going on the block.
error 2: Joseph. Didn’t watch Kyle like a hawk and become his shadow once he told Kyle that Kyle would be going on the block.
error 3: Turner. Knows Kyle doesn’t trust Joseph, Knows Kyle will do anything to save Alyssa. Didn’t do anything about it.

Possible course change: Joseph or Turner win veto.
40% base possible chance.
This is why I’m saying to everyone writing eulogies: Veto hasn’t even been played. Calm down.
If veto is won by Joseph or Turner… Kyle is nomphobic still. What does Kyle do?


Kyle cries for his mommy, Kyle pisses his pants, Kyle slobbers all over Alyssa…..take your choice!

Daniel Sucks

All 3… it could be all 3!


Alyssa should be rethinking her decision to keeping the showmance with Kyle going, now that he’s spilling his guts to her about the leftovers. She even said, she thought her and Kyle were working together all this time, Kyle is really showing just how much of a flake he really is.

Alyssa should use his words against him now, she should tell him that they need to kind of put the brakes on the showmance, mingle more with people, Kyle would start crying like a baby, he would beg her to not distance herself from him.

‘’In my opinion, this shows just how immature and naive Kyle really is, yea you kept you and Alyssa off the block by selling out the leftovers, you also exposed yourself to Alyssa, who thought you and her were 100% on the same page, and were working together.

If Kyle is able to stay off the block, and he makes it back into the house, the Leftovers are going to possibly target him, they will say they are upset that he made a move against the Leftovers before they were down to final 7. All this for his showmance, his game took a big dive this week, just like last week when Taylor’s game took a dive with the hectic HOH.

I hope Turner wins the Veto, and Terrance puts Kyle up on the block, Terrance can say he broke up a showmance, and took a strong player out, so in his opinion he took out a double threat with his HOH. I for one would love to see either Joe or Kyle be evicted this week, and Jasmine evicted on the other side of the house.

Speaking of Jasmine, she needs to stop playing the sympathy card regarding the passing of her father, to me, it’s like she will say anything to stay in this game, I just don’t think she needs to keep throwing up, keep her in the house, this is for her dad.

Everyone has their own reason for being in the house, stop trying to come off as being so loving and caring, that is not how she has been playing the game since she has been in the house.

When she had her mean girls group, Jasmine’s attitude was totally different, now she’s trying to get sympathy from Britt, she’s talking with Taylor, Jasmine has no loyalty, she has shown everyone, she will use you, then toss you aside so she’s always on the right side of the vote.

Why would the remaining people in the house think her word means anything, Jasmine and Terrance both float with whatever the house wants, Jasmine did not really sincerely try and campaign to keep Indy.

She said tonight she does not want to be blindsided, Jasmine needs to understand this is BB, it’s not all about you, your demands, your needs, your me, me, me attitude, those days are over. I was feeling sorry for you for a minute, then you showed why I am not a big fan of your game play.


I agree with your assessment but I have a question for everyone on this board in case I missed it. Do Turner and Joe know that Kyle sold them out or do they just think Terrance went rogue? Because if they don’t know about Kyle and he doesn’t win veto to show his cards, then they won’t know any of this was Kyle’s doing and he can continue being a rat. If they do know however, once the other leftovers find out, he would probably leapfrog Alyssa and Terrance on the hit list as I doubt they’ll be ok with him blowing it up this early. Even Michael and Brittany who were thinking of aligning with Kyle probably won’t like the fact that he took the shot during a week where they couldn’t at least have input over if it was the right time. That’s the irony of this move, his effort to save Alyssa is going to guarantee he goes home before Alyssa.


I’m hoping for Joe or Turner to win the veto, and then Kyle going on the block. If Alyssa was smart, and that’s a big if, her voting Kyle out and linking up with Joe and Turner would be the best move for her. She would get major game cred, she did to Kyle what he refused to do to her. When they merge with the others she could connect with Brittany and Taylor, because of “girl power”, and she can be an asset to Turner and Micheal to take out big targets Monte and Joe. I just really want Kyle out, he’s a traitor and he annoys me. It’ll be nice not to hear his little boy talks to the camera and see his dumb dance moves. Get the immature 10 second man out.

un autre nom

Last thought before I crash.
Say for arguments sake Jasmine does go.
Best way to do it?
rip the bandaid off Tuesday or blindside?
I say this because: juror.
Who gets her vote: person that tells her in gbm that they had to get her out because her game was way too good and they couldn’t beat her in finals.
That’s right. The person that can say that convincingly in gbm gets her vote.

un autre nom

Yeah. hard time sleeping.
It looks like, at the moment, in order to campaign,
Turner is saying final 3 with Kyle and Alyssa. Rip off the bandaid.
Alyssa and Kyle think they should pull in Mike and Britt.
Aly thinks Monte and Tay would target her.
Do I think Turner means this? I think Turner means this as much as someone on the block means anything they say. It will depend on who wins the next HOH.
Veto will mean everything for the dyres.

Britt and Taylor were just talking. Taylor was still pushing Joe as working with them. Britt said if Joe goes, we better have Monte locked down so we have 3 more weeks of safety.
Taylor does NOT want to go to the end with Michael. Britt is agreeing with Taylor. Britt agrees with whoever she’s talking to.

I will give Britt this: she’s been hustling a lot more than every other person inside. She’s been getting around and passivehypnotoading with everyone. does she have a chance to win? Not really because the jury won’t like her calling them out in gbm with justifications, and nobody respects her. They don’t. They decided week one they didn’t respect her. They never changed their minds.
I will give Turner this: he’s been so low key on his game that I honestly don’t know if he means what he’s saying, or he’s just trying to stay.

Palm Oil's Meds

Taylor is smart for not wanting Michael in a final 3. He will win! Brit needs to realize this too! And the house has a good reason to not trust Brit, because she’s a a snake.


It’s definitely smart of Taylor BUT – should that be concerning for Britt whose ideal scenario is getting to F3 with them so she’s ensured her F2 spot?

They need to think through the risks of cutting Michael too early bc then the Pound guys could just cut them next (and Britt knows about that alliance).

I think she may wait to drop that truth bomb on Taylor if Michael is in danger too early in the process.


Just curious. What has Britt done to deserve a “snake” label?

The Beef

She “overshared” very early on in the game, but I think calling her a snake is beyond overboard.


Do you honestly think Michael would leave that type of message for Jasmine? Meanwhile I sense it will be Michael Vs Kyle when people come back. There’s no way that everyone will believe that it was Joseph that exposed the alliance; it is something they would expect Kyle to do

Meatloaf steak head

Oh my god, so true. She would believe that 100%. She and Terrance believe their masterminds. Lol


Do Not like Kyle’s rat move


Kyle has shown that he has no game, I hope he’s evicted soon.


Monte reminds me of Kyland. He pushes loyalty in his group the hardest and members of his alliance were also scheming on him behind his back.


Monte is much more laidback than Kyland.


I am watching the Challenge every week after BB. Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa are on the show.

Hearing Kyland talk and that tone like he knows best, makes me remember I was not a big fan of Kyland.


Tiffany, Derek X, Enzo, and Angela are on it too but Tiff, X, Derek & Kyland are all out.


X is a very sore loser.


I also watch The Challenge. I liked Kyland at the beginning of BB but it didn’t take me too long to get over it. Same with X. Admittedly, I absolutely enjoyed seeing Kyland take out X on The Challenge. I expected that X wouldn’t be too happy about it but he exploded! What an a$$hole sore loser.


Very interesting reveal by Michael during his GoodNight shoutout (At 4:15 AM Pacific time). One of his favorite Big Brother Seasons is Season 8

Daniel Sucks

Mine too. Dick and Dani.

10 second Kyle

Whoever gets Michael out should win… I’m choking while saying this , but Evil Elvis was right when he ranted about Michael steamrolling to the finals…. Wake up , little sheep

Daniel Sucks

I want Michael and Brittany to take out Monte now. They will never have an easier opportunity. Right now, they do not need anyone else to get him out. It’s guaranteed. And Monte will be hard to get out later.

I really like Michael but he has a huge target on his back already. He might as well go for it while he has Monte in the bag.


Listening to Michael and Brittany go through scenarios, they correctly believe that if they get rid of Jasmine most of the backlash would end up on Kyle for whatever he made in the Outside group


Mike & Brittney do not have the balls to make such a move. I think their gameplay sucks!


It would be interesting if Taylor voted to evict Monte while Brittany voted to evict Jasmine. Michael was able to throw Indy that one sympathy vote, and Taylor could repay that by forcing Michael to show his hand on who he would prefer to get out, potentially nullifying Indy’s vote by not getting either Monte/Jasmine’s.

If Michael also votes Monte out this week, this signals to Terrence that what Michael had said about getting Monte out as they split the house in half wasn’t true. Everyone wants to work with Michael and Brittany, but if they don’t make pivots and soon, Michael will run this all the way to the end.


I agree, strike while the iron is hot! Monte will target Micheal first anyway!

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I wished the Leftovers would’ve listened more to Taylor. Her original target was Terrence but they convinced her to switch it to Indy who never wins anything. They should’ve known when Terrence almost won OTEV that he has some comp potential. She also became suspicious of Alyssa and Kyle but they didn’t listen. I wish Joseph, Monte and Turner were more perceptive and were not so loyal to Kyle. Kyle is playing a rat snake game! I hate players like him because he makes the game dirty for no reason at all.

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Again, the double standard of Americans with race is unbelievable. Last season six black people can openly base their entire game on race and it was applauded. So this season a white person is afraid that it will happen again and he’s labeled a racist and called KKKyle. This will ruin his life. How come no one is calling Taylor a racist in the news for refusing to nominate a black woman? The woman her entire alliance wanted out? Last season was the most racist season of Big Brother ever and yet editors didn’t have to worry about editing at all. Racism will never be eradicated because it’s allowed to be committed by the black community on the daily. And for those of you ready to call me a racist, I’m half black so apparently you can’t!


Yes I agree 100% with this!


well said!


People and comments like these are the reason I hardly visit this site or comment anymore since last season. It’s a shame people are so petty and ignorant on purpose.


I agree totally. Thankyou. Brittany was also worried and expressed it a few times that both Michael and her didn’t want to be in a situation of them being in an all white alliance against a POC alliance. I think at one point they were considering Kyle and Ally and possibly Turner but based on their worries that will not happen. Too bad if they thought that might be the best game move for them.


Does Taylor telling Britt she wants to target Michael sound like a good idea while Britt has the veto and Michael is HOH? If there is one person Britt is going to be loyal to who has the ability to drag her to the end its Michael. She knows she is fighting for second place. I wonder if that comes up today


I thought the same thing when Taylor said that she does not want to go to final 3 with Michael. Taylor might have made a mistake, why not say that to Monte, but don’t tell Michael’s closest ally that.

To me, this will show just how loyal Britt is with Michael, will she inform Michael of what Taylor just shared with her? or will Britt keep this to herself, normally Britt tells Michael everything. Not a very good move for Taylor, I would have never told Britt that.

Let’s see if she shares this information with Michael, this was a big mistake on Taylor’s behalf, she should have kept that to herself until Michael was on the block after the veto comp.


Big move would be use the veto pit up Taylor and backdoor her. Looking at future weeks she will be difficult to get rid of, this is handed to them.


Mike & Brittney’s sanctimonious style is really starting to irritate me. I hope Kyle, Alyssa, or Turner win HOH next week and get one out. Mike would be best, followed by Taylor, then Monte, then Brittney. I would very much enjoy seeing them squirm.

Best final 3: Turner/Kyle/Terrance


I would love to see Turner win but would hate Kyle and Tubby to be in the final three!


I like him, but that’s fire, gas, etc… does not work with me as a good player, but I’d like him to be there at the end. They need to kick ass together.


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I’ll leave it up for a bit maybe it’ll correct itself. If not I’ll make a new one.