Big Brother 17 NEW House Guest Video & Final Cast Speculation!

The first of the two-night première airs in just 2 days! CBS has just released a new video including each of the 14 house guests. The video also has Julie Chen and executive producers Allison Grodner & Rich Meehan discussing the “BB Takeover” twist. The new house guests each talk about what they’re going to bring into the game or the strategy they plan on using. Jackie Ibarra & Jeffrey Weldon have also been cast as house guests for the season!

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Big Brother 16 Producers Discuss Controversy, Competitions & Twists!

During last the last season of Big Brother, there were a lot of controversial moments that resulted in a number of the house guests being fired from their places of employment due to their words and actions inside the house. A few of the house guests displayed racial, homophobic and misogynistic views inside the house which obviously upset the viewing public and forced the network to display a disclaimer preceding each of the 3 weekly episodes.

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Big Brother 14 Confirmed Summer 2012 and Application and rules outlined

We’ve just survived a Season of BIG BROTHER and CBS has announced that BIG BROTHER 14 is a go for summer 2012. Thought Big Brother 13 Sucked? we’ll it kinda did but according to the TV ratings it rocked which is good news means CBS is keeping our favorite show around.

This summer’s edition of BIG BROTHER delivered its largest audience and highest adult 18-49 ratings since 2004 with year-to-year increases of +4% in viewers (8.11m from 7.80m), +11% in adults 18-49 (3.1/09 from 2.8/09), +4% in adults 18-34 (2.5/09 from 2.4/08) and +12% in adults 25-54 (3.7/10 from 3.3/09).

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BB13 Cast

NEW Houseguest Pics NEW Big Brother Live Feeds Website

There is so many rumors floating around the internets right now, especially twitter were you can find dozens of accounts tweeting out “RUMORS” and “Confirmed Spoilers” from people claiming they have inside sources or work for production. The general consensis of all these rumors is that Jordan/Jeff, Dick/Dani and Rachel/Brendon are coming back. We’ve already learnt that Boogie/Will and Natalie/Jessie are a no go which only leaves Harden/Enzo, even though I found Enzo entertaining Hay

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Big Brother 13 Kaila Booker

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Houseguests Move in, Jason Thomas Speaks, No Jessie/Natalie and Kalia Booker superstar

8 BB13 Players Move into the house July 2nd

Today the Big Brother 13 Cast moved into the house were they will spend the days leading up to the premiere July 7th getting use to the Big Brother House. Rumor has it that the Mystery Six is in sequester and won’t be introduced to the regular players until Thursday. Follow @BigBspoilers and @Dawgsbigbrother on Twitter for recent crazed out spoilers. There is also a Facebook page here . Don’t forget The early bird special last until July6th this is going to be one of the greatest season of BB in history, imagine what couple happen with Dick and Rachel in the house… AWESOME! Get your feeds early get them cheap $29.99 limited time offer

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – WLBB Grodner Interview and New Press Video Reveals some Clues about the Twist

The good folks at WLBB were able to have a audio interview with the “wonderfully twist happy Jessie loving” Allison Grodner. All in all it was good news unless you’re a Dr Will/ Booger fan. Like usual Allison built up the Thursday premiere show saying it’ll be one twist after another yadda yadda. Basically it’s what we should expect Big Brother 13 is going to be a insane with the potential to have Dick/Rachel in the house together battling it out.. CAN’T WAIT! You have to only July 6th to get your early bird discount on the Big Brother 13 24/ Live Feeds.

Follow this link and get the entire season for only $29.99 that is a savings of 25%.

Here is a Summary of what we learnt.

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Big Brother 13 Video Rick Campanelli

Big Brother 13 Spoilers Video Wrap UP – Featuring Rick The Temp

The Big Brother 13 House was revealed Yesterday showing us 2 versions of the house. Yesterday on the live feeds the Ragan show squishes some Rumors. Now we have a bunch of videos being released showing Rick Campanelli in the BB house during press day getting his ass voted off for being a “Canadian”.

If your on a mobile device and reading this blog don’t forget that the Big Brother 13 live feeds are accessible this year on your Andriod and iOS devices. Sign up 3 day trial

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: TV Guide Article – Executive Producer Allison Grodner talks about this seasons twist! 14 Houseguests?!

  Host Julie Chen (Left, with exec producer Allison Grodner) will play puppet mast to 14 houseguests – one more than last season…   So on the CBS website there are the spots for 13 houseguests but there will actually be 14! 13 houseguests playing for the half million dollars and 1 trying to mess […]

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