Big Brother 13 Spoilers – WLBB Grodner Interview and New Press Video Reveals some Clues about the Twist

The good folks at were able to have a audio interview with the “wonderfully twist happy Jessie loving” Allison Grodner. All in all it was good news unless you’re a Dr Will/ Booger fan. Like usual Allison built up the Thursday premiere show saying it’ll be one twist after another yadda yadda. Basically it’s what we should expect Big Brother 13 is going to be a insane with the potential to have Dick/Rachel in the house together battling it out.. CAN’T WAIT! You have to only July 6th to get your early bird discount on the Big Brother 13 24/ Live Feeds.

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Here is a Summary of what we learnt.

  • 1) No Dr Will he noted on his blog “My focus these days is my family, my friends and my profession. While I sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm of reality television fans I have other priorities that supersede any possible participation in non-scripted programming this summer. … There is simply nothing left for me to accomplish in this genre.”
  • 2) No Mike Booger “he has a new show, Famous Food, premiering on Vh1 on July 10th at 10:00 pm so you’ll be able to see him all summer.”
  • 3)There’s a second twist, “two twists going on that are part of the same theme this season that has the game being played quite differently right off the bat.”
  • 4) In regards to the duos Twist, they are going to be “notorious twosomes, power couples, potentially pairs that have been aligned that have really stood out”
  • “a twist to the game”
  • 5) She hints that all the pairs may not be the ones shown on the CBS website. noting that they may have only had room for 6 on the website ( I call BS on this reason)
  • 6) She specifically mentions that there could be other player chosen Dan/Memphis (Renegades) (Hayden and Memphis in the same season BORING) , Danielle/Jason, and Marcellas/Amy
  • 7) Conflicting HOH room pictures was simply a design change and does not involve a twist
  • 8) She will not deny or confirm how many duos there is or how many houseguests in total this year
  • 9) House guests are in sequester
  • 10) America will be involved some way this summer
  • 11)The Poll on CBS is just for the public opinion and has no bearing on the who gets to reenter the house (Our Poll on the other hand changes the game FOREVER.. lol
  • 12) Huge diversity of house guests but all are young at heart

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New Big Brother 13 Press Video Showing the handwriting of 2 returning houseguests…

WLBB interview

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Jordan K.

Okay so now I think it’s Brendon and Rachel or Jeff and Jordan.
I’m excited to know how this summer is gonna play out… we’ll see how it goes…
Can’t wait


Twist? What twist? Everyone knows Allison Grodner is too fat to twist in any direction.


😛 I’m baaaaaaaaack!

Is there any way to get the Recent Comments section back to the setup where you can read the first few words of each person’s comment on the front page? And put it on the right sidebar of the site? You’ve got like 4 awesome upgrades on the site this year, but the new Recent Comments section at the bottom is the only one I’d say is a step backwards. Keep up the good work and I’ll see you all in a few days!


I like that better, Simon. Thanks for changing it!


I love it. Thank you so much.


Looks awesome! Always good to see names from last year return! Rockstar, weren’t you hit with that huge flood last year? Everything go okay?


Now QAZ, don’t go getting all nice on me. But thank you for asking. We didn’t have insurance so we lost everything in the basement but luckily it had only been a dumping ground for most stuff as it is not had been finished. ( we did lose 3 computers, 2 tv’s, sofa, chairs, christmas decorations, 2 table sets and chairs. ) We are still trying to fix up the land that washed away as well. We live on a hill so when the cliff above us flooded it sent it down on us and washed away everything down to the foundation. Some of the towns close to us have not been put back together yet while some people have brand new extensions on their homes, patio’s, cars etc. The rich get richer I suppose. -kick-


interesting news. glad to hear the list online isn’t the entirety of our options for who can come back. wonder what the game changing twist is…


same here


It does look like Brenchel coming back. I would like to see Dick paired with Eric. Really, Eric did more to help Dick get to the end than Danielle. Eric deserves a chance to play for himself, and Dick vs Brendon and Rachel would be great TV. I would like to see Dick sans Danielle because he is one of the few HG that remembers us feedsters. I would hate to see Danielle or Jessica back. I think Jeff and Jordan are a shoe in, CBS would want them, I don’t know if they would accept though. BTW that photo of AG is scarier than the fortuneteller in a box. LOL


I don’t think it will be dick and danielle cause she’s doing rumor control on the live feeds so I doubt she would be able to do that and be I on the show

BB King

It can’t be Dick, Will or Jeff I would assume. Apparently these guys have all been emailing or on twitter but the dynamic duos have already been sequestered.


Dick has been pretty quiet, so hopefully that means he will be in the house. I hope that Porche wins first POV and puts up Brenchel. This would mean lots of cat fights between Porche and Rachel. Great entertainment. Of course Rachel would hate her for coming between her and her man, and then vote out Brendon. Imagine Rachel without him. They could make her a crazy hot mess by suggesting to her that Brendon was out there alone with all those hot girls and a skype connection. Add Dick to the mix and it could be great fun!

BB King

It can’t be Dick Jeff or Will. These guys are emailing or on twitter. The contestants have already been sequestered. Sorry if this is posted twice.

Jordan K.

Simon, if I sign up for the feeds do I get a month trial??

Jordan K.

Also, when do they move into the house? If I get a 14 day trial I want to start it the night they move in, not before… I’m not sure when I can pay for the monthly stuff, that’s why i’m asking. THanks

Jordan K.

Thanks Simon, I will. God bless


I’m feeling Brit and Lane. Lots of speculation on this one all over the Internet. In a perfect world, Brit/Lane, Jeff/Jordan, Dick/Daniele. But I can only dream.

Karen S

Dick and Rachel… hmmmm I might watch if they actually both get kicked out first week. lol
Looking forward and counting down the days! Love you Dawg and Simon.. where’s my lil girl?
I think I’m gonna need back up this season and need to coordinate our efforts now! : )