Big Brother 16 is coming to you in HIGH DEFINITION!

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We recently learned that the Big Brother 16 house was outfitted with more cameras and microphones to capture all the lying, backstabbing, twists, fights and showmances. However what we didn’t know until now is that the Big Brother house reportedly went through a make-over and will now finally be brought to you in high-definition (HD). This means that Big Brother 16 will have 76 high-definition cameras to go along with the 90 microphones.

CBS decided to switch Big Brother over to high definition years ago but due to the changes in the infrastructure it was too complex to do all at once and therefore needed to be done in waves. For instance the producers needed an entirely new post production centre that needed to be designed, built and run through its paces to ensure it was ready for the 3 month big brother season.

Executive producer – Rich Meehan states:

“It’s not just about swapping out cameras, everything had to be changed and we couldn’t do anything that would jeopardize production of the series.”

Executive Producer – Allison Grodner states: for the upgrade to take place “14 miles of HD cables” needed to be replaced as the high tech system couldn’t run on the old low definition wiring. Additionally each new HD camera had to be installed and tested on the new digital control room.

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Brother engineering-operations supervisor David Crivelli states: “We only had six months at a time to do [the changes], we had to do a heart transplant,” even as the “patient” – the big brother series continued to run on schedule.

Rich Meehan added that for better coverage of the houses rooms and corridors:

“We’ve added 11 new cameras in the house for better coverage, we’ve also lowered some of the cameras so viewers are in the action more.”

In addition to more cameras each one now covers more ground as HD uses an aspect ratio of 16:9.

“You can now see from the kitchen area to the bedroom in one shot, it changes the whole look of the house.”

Allison Grodner states that she can’t wait to run the “high-performance machine” through its paces this season. She states that:

“We’re mindful of color and texture more, we’re making sure there are layers and dimension to the house.”

Adding that the big brother viewer that subscribe to the 24/7 live feeds will benefit greatly with vastly improved picture quality. David Crivelli states that “It’ll be a noticeable improvement for the internet viewers.”


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41 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 is coming to you in HIGH DEFINITION!

  1. The more cameras is great but so are the additional microphones to pickup all of the whispering. Bring on the houseguests!

  2. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the 21st century big brother. Makes me feel like my money for the feeds is finally going toward some good use. Can’t wait. See you guys in the chat rooms. What twists could BB have in store….

  3. How can they say that we will be able to see the bedroom with the kitchen camera?…do they know where the bedroom is?…i think they meant to say we can see the “living room” Not the far away bedroom, right?

  4. Better soundproofing of the rooms would be far more worthwhile. There’s nothing worse than whispering housemates, especially when they’re talking game.

  5. Does this mean we get to see all the bugs and filth as the season progresses. I can’t wait.

    HD sex scenes! WOW!!

  6. Just clicked on Online Big Brother and “WOW”…. nice new site this year! Great work Simon and Dawg! Now, let’s just hope this year has some great entertainment and not so much disdain!

      1. but sadly, it’ll be on tvgn again. put it back on sho2! that’s how i started watching big brother.. got interested on season 8 with after dark, then really got into it with season 10.

  7. The cast will be revealed on the 19th the first week of the show will have additional episode alot of people saying the first episode is meeting the returning players and there love one’s LETS go plus live feeds delayed one day.

    1. Yeah the live feeds are starting a day later which is weird as they usually start after the première. I’m wondering if there will be some type of twist or a vote announced on the première episode and thats why they’re delaying the feeds.

      The live feeds state that the Big Brother Live Feeds Season 16 will start on June 26, 2014 at 10:00 pm (PT). …A full day after the premiere on June 25.

  8. Hi Simon, I already email the new stats of Big Brother 1-15 and I check the stats and it’s still the same. What’s the update for the new stats?

  9. Simon/Dawg, any idea on what you might think the makeup of the hamsters will be this year? Twists? Everything I’ve gathered seems to point to a twist with a mix of newbies and veterans? I could be way off the mark though.

    1. Yeah its really hard to guess at this point. I’m always wrong whenever I think its going to be something. I have a feeling its going to be All-Stars 2 with a fan vote to decide who some of the house guests are going to be which is why the live feeds don’t start until the day after the première. Just like on BB7 all-stars there were 20 potential house guests with 14 selected. …Although now that I’ve said this it will probably be an all newbies cast … which I am perfectly happy with!

      1. Thanks…Usually, Evel Dick is unreliable with his twitter, but this is hilarious. “I keep hearing mentions about a BB couples season, but keep hearing Eric Stein. So will he be bringing his right hand or his sock… mystery”

    1. I want all new house guest only how I would like veteran’s is if they come with love one’s and it’s a twist that they put up against there love one’s.

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