Big Brother 13 Video Rick Campanelli

Big Brother 13 Spoilers Video Wrap UP – Featuring Rick The Temp

The Big Brother 13 House was revealed Yesterday showing us 2 versions of the house. Yesterday on the live feeds the Ragan show squishes some Rumors. Now we have a bunch of videos being released showing Rick Campanelli in the BB house during press day getting his ass voted off for being a “Canadian” (I remember this guy on Much Music, “Rick the temp”).

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Get ready because the Big Brother 13 Storm has begun tomorrow morning we Find out about the BB13 Cast, On Friday we’ll hear from Alison Grodner possibly about the twist, June 6th the Live Feed Early Bird Special is over (Click here to get the feeds for the entire season $29.99) and finally July 7th the show starts and we’re back to what we do here at

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Big Brother 13 Video Rick Campanelli

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