Jon Pardy says Worst Part About Being A Guy: CHUBS! CHUBS IS ME!

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Most of the house guests are waking up and showering. Jon and Arlie are in the bedroom talking. Jon says that he tried to get up several times to go pee but couldn’t because he had a chubby. He says he thought he could just rest his eyes for like 10 minutes and wake up and go pee but the chubs was still there. Jon says Worst Part About Being A Guy: CHUBS! YO CHUBS ITS ME! CHUBS IS ME! Chubs & J-tugs! Arlie and Paul head out of the bedroom and to the kitchen for breakfast. Paul & Adel come into the bedroom and talk about how Andrew will be making his nominations today. Paul tells Adel how he hopes they aren’t nominated and how they should just stay away from Andrew. Adel comments on how its obvious the other guys have an alliance. And we’re not apart of it.

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Big Brother Canada – Watching People Watch the Feeds “Oh My god.. They all look pissed off”

1:40AM Feeds come on for the mystery Houseguests. They 3 mystery players start freaking out looking at the feeds..
Scott: “Oh my god oh my god.. who is the gay I can’t tell.. oh my god”
Scott: ‘Look at Kenny’s face i would love him”
Allison says she likes Kyle.

Sounds like a big chunk of the houseguests are still up. We cannot see what cam 1-4 is showing but we can watch the mystery houseguests commenting on their feeds. Sounds like PAul isn’t very happy..
Scott: “That guy can’t keep his hands away from his crouch”
Nate: “Andrew”
Scott: “Adel”
Scott: “I need to put on a cuter outfit we’re going to be up all late”
Nate: “They all look pissed off”

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Scott Analyzes the Bobble Heads: “Paul looks like a sleazy strip club owner”

10:05pm Feeds are back

3 Mystery house guests chatting about the bobble head houseguests in the Mystery room. Allison says she likes Anick but thinks Neda give her bad vibs. Scott says he heard a rumor before entering the house that a relative from a Big Brother Canada Season 1 cast member was going to be cast. Scott thinks that Kenny is Emmett’s brother.

Scott thinks Andrew is gay
Scott: “Paul looks like a sleazy strip club owner”

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Big Brother Canada Season 2 First ‘Live’ Eviction

Yesterday we watched the premiere of Big Brother Canada Season 2 and found out that this year one of the twists is to have a 15th player voted into the house out of a potential 3.
Scott A drag queen, Nate the sheet metal worker and Alison psychiatric nurse are the pics. There is also a series of “Twisto Twists” which I place a curse upon.

Paul won the first HOH and proceeded to get a terrible case of HOHitus. The first 12 hours of the feeds was packed full of him making deals and talking game. Paul nominated Anick and Andrew, His reason was Anick was the first Girl to get off the ice block during the HOH competition. Andrew was the first Boy off.

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The Big Brother Canada 2 House Guests Get READY for the LIVE EVICTION!

10:30am In the kitchen – Anick, Kenny, Andrew, Adel and Arlie are talking about people sending food back in restaurants. The talk about random things and about different diets. All of the house guests are waking up and getting ready for the day. Meanwhile in the bedroom Sarah, Ika, Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda and Kenny talk about how this experience will bond them together for life.

11am ON the living room tv screens the house guests notice the Live Eviction Today displayed. They then see something else on the screen and comment on how they could see Paul talking without audio. They comment on how Big Brother f**ked up and then the camera turns away.

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Big Brother Canada 2 – ARLIE says “Day 8 baby! DAY 8! Life is so good! You got this!”

6:45am Arlie is the only house guest awake. He’s in the kitchen doing the dishes. He then heads to the diary room, presses the button and gets let in. When he emerges again he is holding a dish. He returns to doing the dishes. He heads to the bathroom. When he comes out he washes his hands and says “Day eight baby! DAY EIGHT!” “Life is so good! Life is so good!” “You got this, you got this!” He then heads back downstairs to the storage room to look for something to eat.

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IKA to Rachelle – You’re Kenny’s type “Rubbing his back and his underwear”

12:30am bathroom Rachelle and Neda

Neda thinks she is spending too much time Jon

Neda “Andrew hates me so much.. ” Neda says that Kyle and Jon do not want to win HOH she thinks Andrew will be trying to win. “He’s going to win and win and win”

Ika joins Rachelle in the bathroom.. Ika is relaying her conversation with heather. Ika points out that Heather is saying to people that Rachelle and Kenny are getting close. “When you were rubbing her back she said you guys were getting close”
Ika adds that Heather told her she is safe tomorrow so not to worry…
IKA: “It’s weird cause sometimes I like her sometimes she annoys me”
Rachelle: “I don’t like her”
IKA: “I don’t trust her I like her but I don’t trust her.. the voice is a little annoying I’m not going to lie”
IKA: “I feel bad for calling her a b1tch”
IKA is worried about Rachelle she thinks people are starting to notice her and Kenny. Ika points out taht Kenny told everyone his type and it was like Rachelle and next thing they notice is Rachelle is “Rubbing his back and his underwear”
Rachelle says she is not going to f*** hook up in the house. She sees it as just a massage “you gotta do what you gotta do”

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“They put us in the house with a bunch of F* taken ladies… Nobody wins”

10:40 Kyle joins them. Paul tells him that Sabrina is worried. Kyle jokes that so is he. Sabrina “I don’t think i’m in trouble anymore so lets clear the air”
Kyle: “I don’t even do anything and I hear my Name”
Paul: “It’s insane dude… it’s insane”
Sabrina: “Thats because your muscles are the size of my legs”

Kyle complains that all the girls in the house are taken, “They put us in the house with a bunch of F*-**** taken ladies… Nobody wins”

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Big Brother Canada 2 – @MurtzJaffer Discusses the Season of “Villains” with Robyn @Kassting

Murtz Jaffer interviews Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass about the new cast of Big Brother Canada season 2. For those who aren’t familiar with who Murtz is, he is a reality tv expert, media icon, Reality Obsessed host, The Murtz Show host, and of course the “King of social Murtzia”.

The link to the video below is a really great in-depth interview where Murtz and Robyn talk freely and openly about their thoughts about the new BBCAN2 house guests.

Murtz questions Robyn about how he believes Big Brother Canada season 2 is a season of villains. He likes how a lot of the new house guests are there for the money which makes them do more things to get the money.

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Big Brother CANADA Season 2 SPOILERS LEAKED Before the Premiere!

On Wednesday, Big Brother Canada released the identities of 14 of the 15 house guests that were hand-picked to move into the Big Brother Canada house. From the initial BIOS we are already starting to pick out our favorites from our first impression of the 14 house guests. The identity of the 15th house guest is scheduled to be revealed on the Big Brother Canada premiere on March 5th.
The video interviews of the house guests are slowly being released and we will continue to update our BBCAN2 interview post.

Although the Big Brother Canada Season 2 premiere isn’t until March 5th, the game has already begun for the house guests as they’ve now entered the NEW BBCAN2 House.

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Big Brother Canada Season 2 House Guest VIDEO Interviews!

Earlier today Big Brother Canada released the identities of 14 of the 15 house guests that will be moving into the BBCAN2 house . In the bios of the 14 house guests we learned a bit about their personalities and strategies going into the house. We will discover the identity of the 15th house guest that has not yet been revealed on the March 5th Big Brother Canada premiere date. We are already starting to get to know the new cast and have already discovered Adel Elseri’s Tongue 2 Teeth Invention and that Anick Gervais is a “Breatharian”.

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