Big Brother Canada 2 – Kyle says so this is what it feels like to be a loser.

11:15am In the bathroom – Sabrina, Ika, Rachelle and Neda are in the bathroom talking about all the trips they will do together when they get out of the house. They talk about going to LA, Vegas, etc. Meanwhile – Adel, Kyle and Paul hangout side the HOH room on the chairs. They laugh about how screwed they are in the game. Kyle says so this is what it feels like to be a loser. Adel says I’m stuck in a spider web and I can’t get out. Kyle says I’m a lobster waiting to be cooked. Kyle says Paul at least go out with some dignity self-evict. Adel says if Big Brother wants ratings, we’ll give them ratings.

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Arlie says “It’s so much easier for me to play the idiot than I thought it would be!”

7:40am Arlie wakes up and heads downstairs. He heads into the storage room with his shorts falling half-way down, he then heads to the diary room. When he comes out of the diary room his pants are still falling off. Arlie heads over to the chandelier by the living room couches and starts counting the jewel strings on the lights. He counts 178. He comments on how he might be off but that’s okay if its off by 2-5 so that if they have to guess then he won’t look like a sniper. He then counts the other one and then starts counting off all the items he’s counted in the house. Arlie comments on how Andrew is so intelligent but then asks how intelligent could he be if he tells everyone how intelligent he is.. Arlie says “It’s so much easier for me to play the idiot, than I thought it would be!”

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Mean things Paul Does “He said your mom had cancer, he strikes too low”

6:31pm Kitchen Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew
Sabrina tells Kenny about Paul working for votes. She says Paul is telling her she’s really smart and she has a good heart. Paul told Sabrina he was always trying to protect her from “him” (I think I heard Andrew)
Sabrina adds that paul told her his only two friends in the house are her and Sarah.
Kenny – ‘than why did he call her out in front of everyone’
Sabrina – ‘I was like Really your friend called me a cow and you lied about me to everybody’

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Big Brother Canada 2 – TEAM BUILDING Challenge Number 2 and 3!

4:55pm Andrew comes out of the diary room and reads a card to the other house guests congratulating them on completing the first of 3 team building challenges. He explains the second challenge which requires them to lay a red carpet in the middle of the couch area where they all need to stand on the carpet and flip it over without any of them touching the ground. They only have one opportunity to do this challenge. The house guest then lay the carpet down and begin and complete the challenge.

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Big Brother Canada 2 Nomination Results! Paul: “I feel like a virus, no one wants to be close to me.”

1:50pm – 2:10pm When the live feeds return we learn that Andrew nominated PAUL & ??? (The other nomination isn’t confirmed yet).

Adel, Neda, Heather, Rachelle and Arlia are in the kitchen making lunch and talking about random things. Meanwhile in the living room – Kenny, Sara and Jon are talking about movies. In the bathroom – Kyle, Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina are talking. The girls confront Kyle of something he said during the nominations by calling people out. Kyle says he put me on blast because I’m honest. He says that if they don’t believe him, they will see he’s telling the truth when they go home and watch it. Paul joins them and says that he knows no one wants to be seen with me. I feel like a virus .. no one wants to be close to me. Paul then starts talking to Sabrina and then big brother cuts the feeds again..

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Adel says we can’t leave Paul hanging, we’ve got to shake the s**t out of this house!

7:40am – 8:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. All of the house guests being to wake up and start getting ready for the day. Today there will be Andrew’s Nominations and the Power of Veto Competition.

Andrew, Kenny and Jon head to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Meanwhile in the bedroom Adel comments to Arlie that he is tired of being stressed in this game and refuses to be stressed any more. Alrie says he just wishes there was a single girl in the house. Kyle and Adel have a quick conversation in the storage room. Adel says we can’t leave Pj (Paul) hanging. We’ve got to shake the s**t out of this house! They’re walking around laughing in our face! We can’t let that!

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Paul calls Andrew a sexist and a racist, Paul is getting nominated

10:46pm Smoke hole Kenny and Andrew

Andrew and Kenny are now wanting to take out Paul. Both of them are pissed by Paul using the race card on Andrew and trying to “Mess up his sh1t outside the house”

Jon joins them. They fill him in on PAul calling Andrew a racist. They agree that Paul has to go . Andrew says Kenny wants to backdoor him but Andrew is just going to put him straight up. Andrew isn’t worried that the POV will be used on Paul because everyone dislikes him. All they have to do is win the veto. Andrew is confident he’s going to win it again this week.

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Adel: “I’m 100% in a guys Alliance.. If I win HOH I’ll cut off my manhood before I nominate any gentlemen”

9:00pm Sarah and Neda

They are onto the boys alliance, There is no secret that Kenny and Andrew are working together. They suspect Kyle is the mole for the guys group so they think there might be a chance of getting Andrew to backdoor Kyle. Sarah is sure that Andrew and Kyle are not friends.

Sarah – I think Kyle and Andrew hate each other.. I always see kyle and paul together.. and Adel
Their biggest worry right now that Andrew puts up two girls this week.

9:08pm HOH Andrew and Heather

Heather telling Andrew Kyle is targeting him. Andrew says he’s not worried. Adel and Kenny join them ask Heather if they can have a minute with Andrew.

Adel swears his allegiance to the guys alliance he swears up and down that he’ll win a HOH.
Adel: “I’m 100% in a guys Alliance.. If I win HOH I’ll cut off my manhood before I nominate any gentlemen”

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Paul warns there’s a leak it’s Kyle and he’s working with the Females

7:47pm Hammock Kyle and Sabrina

Sabrina tells im she only has Sarah. She thinks Jon and Neda are working together. Sabrina: ‘My number one paranoia is Adel.. and right now the power in the house is Kenny and Andrew”
Sabrina brings up Adel drawing a knife to her face.

8:00pm Storage room Paul by himnself
Paul is going over his theory about the leak in their group of 5. He tells the camera that his plan is to throw kyle under the bus and cause confusion.

Paul: “If I make it through this week I’m going after him .. Kyle I trusted you dude.. you’re playing the game”

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Kyle: “Everyone is either $uck!ng d!ck to stay alive or nothing else”

5:44pm Rachelle and Sarrah Sarrah shares how she has difficulty dealing with anxiety. In her regular live she can “Power throw it” but in the house it’s a bit harder. RAchelle says she hasn’t felt herself since entering the house. They are suspicious how Paul, Kyle and Adel were out in the hottub for so long talking.

Sarah doesn’t know 100% if she is safe ans she has no clue who is going up. She claims to have heard PAul and Adel’s name get thrown out there. RAchelle says her name has been mentioned. Sarah hasn’t heard that.

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KYLE & Sabrina Share Information from Both Sides & Promise to take each other to the end..

2:25pm Out in the backyard – Kenny, Arlie, Paul, Kyle and Jon are talking about how whenever they try and talk to Andrew one of the girls comes and breaks it up. Paul tells them we can’t crack – down to the final 7 guys. We have to stick together. Kyle says that he wants HOH so bad so that he can make the girls sweat. Kyle says Ah they’re so dumb! Kenny says at least we know they’re dumb… they’re not playing smart at all! Kyle asks so who is Andrew putting up? Kenny says I’ve been trying to figure that out. Kyle says I want to bang Rachelle but I don’t care about her. Kenny says I am going to go up to the HOH soon and tell the girls I need to talk to Andrew.

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ANDREW wants to Nominate Paul & IKA – Then Back Door Heather!

11:35am The Live Feeds return. Andrew and Kenny are out by the hot tub talking. Andrew says he will put up Paul and IKA as the pawn. The discuss back dooring Heather. Kenny tells Andrew how Ika and Heather are the ones planning and trying to get out big players. Andrew says that Kyle is gunning for us but its not time to get him out yet. Maybe the next time or the time after that. If we make him feel safe this week, then he won’t come after us next week. Andrew says he can win the veto to keep the nominations the same. Kenny says that he hopes he is picked to play too.

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