Big Brother Canada Season 2 STARTS March 5th!


Big Brother Canada host, Arisa Cox announces the premiere date of season 2! The second season of Big Brother Canada is set to premiere on March 5th, 2014!

Executive producer John Brunton states:

“If you thought season one was full of twists and turns, strap on your seat belts, season two is going to be a rollercoaster ride,”

Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media says:

“Last season, our Canadian edition of Big Brother exceeded all expectations, bringing in
record audiences and engaging fans in ways we’d never done before,” “With season two chalk-full of opportunities for viewers at home to influence the house and never before seen show-altering twists, our new batch of houseguests and fans are in for a wildly exciting ride.”

NEW to season 2 will be an additional show after the weekly eviction episode which will be hosted by last season’s runner-up Gary Levy and house guest Peter Brown.

Host Arisa Cox says:

“We have such an epic season of twists and drama ahead on Big Brother Canada! So catch the season premiere Wednesday March 5th on SLICE. Plus for the first time ever, we’re launching the Big Brother Canada Side Show. A weekly after show staring two of your favorite season 1 house guests! ET Canada caught up with Gary Levy one of your new co-hosts for the new series tune in tonight at 7:30 for all the details.”

Big Brother Canada RETURNS March 5th at 9pm EST ONLY on Slice!

Big Brother Canada will air 3 nights a week
— Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays —
on Slice.

Big Brother After Dark is scheduled to air 7 days a week from 2am to 5am ET / 11 pm to 2am PT. The new cast of season 2 will compete to win the grand prize of $100,000 and a $25,000 gift card from The Brick.

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21 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Season 2 STARTS March 5th!

  1. Can we watch BB Canada in the U.S.? Big Brother after dark was on TV Guide Network (TVGN), but nothing is listed for the Canadian version.

    1. Last year BBCAN was limited to the slice network not sure if they are going with that this year. It was tough for Americans to view the show on ‘TV’ but BBCAN producers were very easy going with what we put up on youtube. unlike BBUS we were able to put all the feed highlights and episodes on youtube.

  2. Hello Simon i would like to let you know that Rachel and Brendon will be part of the amazing race again, season 24 starts february 23th

  3. UGH! I hope the “viewers at home” aren’t actually able to ruin any HGs’ game play. Let us mess with them in ways that will entertain all, them & us, and maybe even frustrate them, but PLEASE do not let it change the game. Would really enjoy if a HG was NOT allowed to return, never liked it w/BBUS & didn’t like it with BBCAN1. I don’t want anyone entering the house once the HG’s arrive, either! No matter what though, I will be here for the whole season, probably loving & disliking at the same time! LOL :)

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