IKA to Rachelle – You’re Kenny’s type “Rubbing his back and his underwear”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Paul Next HOH: March 12
Original Nominations: Andrew and Anick
Current Nominations: Anick, Ika
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots ?

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11:54pm Paul and Sabrina

Paul says he wants to take Adel to the end. Sabrina ask if it’s because he thinks he can beat him in the final 2. Paul says no he respect Adel and that is why he wants to take him to the end. Paul is worried the two players from Newfoundland are going to team up.

Sabrina points out that Kyle and Andrew balance each other up.
Paul “Andrew is smarter than Kyle.. Kyle comes across as a kid having fun”

Midnight bedroom Kyle and Andrew talking game

Andrew starts making fun of Paul

“”This is insane bro… this is insane.. I’m going to the end with you bro this is insane… I’m only doing what the house wants man.. this is insane.. is this milk in a bag this is insane man… is that a door with a handle this is insane man.. ”

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12:10am Living room Kyle and Andrew

They want to try and get rid of Paul as soon as they can. They both agree backdooring him would be the preferred strategy.

Sabrina joins them and they start laughing about Adel. She tells them Adel told her he’s not putting her up because he thinks he can beat her in competitions. Andrew tells them Adel will not last long in the game. Andrew leaves. Sabrina tells Kyle that Paul looks pissed. (Paul is marching around sweeping it’s pretty clear he’s not liked by a big chunk of players)


Rachelle joins them.. They start joking about Andrew getting trapped in the storage room for an afternoon. Andrew comes back from the Diary Room tells them “That was interesting.. I can’t talk about it”


12:30am bathroom Rachelle and Neda

Neda thinks she is spending too much time Jon

Neda “Andrew hates me so much.. ” Neda says that Kyle and Jon do not want to win HOH she thinks Andrew will be trying to win. “He’s going to win and win and win”

Ika joins Rachelle in the bathroom.. Ika is relaying her conversation with heather. Ika points out that Heather is saying to people that Rachelle and Kenny are getting close. “When you were rubbing her back she said you guys were getting close”
Ika adds that Heather told her she is safe tomorrow so not to worry…
IKA: “It’s weird cause sometimes I like her sometimes she annoys me”
Rachelle: “I don’t like her”
IKA: “I don’t trust her I like her but I don’t trust her.. the voice is a little annoying I’m not going to lie”
IKA: “I feel bad for calling her a b1tch”
IKA is worried about Rachelle she thinks people are starting to notice her and Kenny. Ika points out taht Kenny told everyone his type and it was like Rachelle and next thing they notice is Rachelle is “Rubbing his back and his underwear”
Rachelle says she is not going to f*** hook up in the house. She sees it as just a massage “you gotta do what you gotta do”

Big-Brother-Canada-2-Cam3 2014-03-05 21-50-12-566

12:30AM Living room Kyle, Neda, Andrew, Sabrina

Andrew says he was on the block.. They briefly chat about the POV competition.

Kyle does a shoutout to his booty calls… “I have good friends that just f***”

Big-Brother-Canada-2-Cam3 2014-03-05 22-06-33-568

1:30AM living room Andrew, Neda, Sabrina, Rachelle and Kyle

They are chatting about heading to Las Vegas after Big Brother Canada is over. Sabrina acts like she has a bunch of connections in Las Vegas. Talk drifts to going to Mexico. Sabrina starts telling them all the places she’s travelled to. Says she has a house in Mexico and lived there for many years while she talk English. Andrew also tells them he’s traveled all over the world. Kyle says his big travels were down the street.

Andrew wants a beach holiday after Big Brother Canada 2 “Just a ton of liquor a ton of smokes..”
Andrew “a ton of beer a ton of smokes and just get f*** up”
Kyle: “And a bunch of hunnies”


1:47am Rachelle heads to bed.

Kyle, Andrew, Sabrina, and Neda chit chatting in the living room. Sabrina starts telling them that Paul did a stand up thing by sticking to his word during the HOH. They mention how IKA was nominated after Andrew used the POV on himself.

Sounds like they plan on getting rid of Anick..

Everyone heads to bed sans Kyle and Sabrina. She tells him he needs to go to sleep she’s planning on him winning HOH tomorrow. Kyle says “When” he wins HOH tomorrow he will be putting up Heather and Rachelle. Sabrina: “Oh my god don’t put me up as the pawn”

Sabrina is worried that Adel is going to put her up
Kyle “I’m worried about Rachelle putting me up cause we don’t talk”
Sabrina points out that Rachelle has had a boyfriend for 2 and a half years.
Kyle “Her game is really easy to read she’s flirty with the guys”

Sabrina and Kyle has a deal going, Sabrina is worried people are noticing they are together she recommends they keep the amount of time together on the down low.

Kyle confirms tomorrow someone is going home and there is a new HOH competition. They both agree Paul isn’t on their radar Sabrina keeps saying how good of it was for Paul to honour his deal.

Kyle says Arlie is the type of guy he use to pick on .. Sabrina says that Jon and Kenny have it way too easy. Kyle can see Kenny and Jon making it to the final 2.

Big-Brother-Canada-2-Cam3 2014-03-05 23-01-29-188

Big-Brother-Canada-2-Cam3 2014-03-05 23-27-50-171

2:30AM Kyle and Sabrina are still up Sabrina is scared Adel will win and put her up. Kyle is positive he’ll win HOH.

Kyle says one reason why he dislikes Rachelle so much is because she has a boyfriend at home and is Flirting around with guys.
Kyle calls Rachelle a sl*t Sabrina says Heather is also flirting around with the guys namely Andrew but Heather isn’t crossing any lines like Rachelle is.

5:07AM sleeping…… ZZZzzzzzz

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Nah, you did fine.

I don’t have a favourite yet, but I already know who I hate: Pual (who I am pretty sure is just suzette who shaved her head)

ps: I missed you guys lol


I already hate Paul.


Seriously, people are already thinking of final 2 deals!?! My god…

The Shield

The Shield is back Biatches… :D. I wonder what Alliances will be this edition.. I know no one can top “The Shield ” Alec and Peter forever


Hi I’m so happy big brother is back!! I was just watching big brother after dark, what is Sabrina talking about ? Is there any video link to fight between Adel and Sabrina , it sounded like they had a argument about religion, I’d love to see it


I would complain about Paul right now if it wasn’t for Adel and Kyle. UGH full of themselves.

I don’t have a fav yet. Wanted to root for hockey player Jon, but dirty underwear? Not that hard to wipe yourself after you take a dump dude. :S


kyle is such a douche lol calling rachelle a slut for flirting haha wtf? and these people are getting WAYYY too into it so early on. paul is really annoying me, its only week 1 CALM DOWN


wow paul has already called andrew a racist and sexist! i haven’t heard him say anything bad yet, but a lot of the girls dont seem to like him.

i love how one minute kyle is talking to andrew and saying they have to get rid of paul first thing and then turns around and tells sabrina paul is not even on his radar lol