Big Brother CANADA Season 2 SPOILERS LEAKED Before the Premiere!


On Wednesday, Big Brother Canada released the identities of 14 of the 15 house guests that were hand-picked to move into the Big Brother Canada house. From the initial BIOS we are already starting to pick out our favorites from our first impression of the 14 house guests. The identity of the 15th house guest is scheduled to be revealed on the Big Brother Canada premiere on March 5th.
The video interviews of the house guests are slowly being released and we will continue to update our BBCAN2 interview post.

Although the Big Brother Canada Season 2 premiere isn’t until March 5th, the game has already begun for the house guests as they’ve now entered the NEW BBCAN2 House.

Even though the live feeds won’t be turned on until after the premiere episode airs, RUMORED SPOILERS are being Leaked from secret taping of BBCAN2 premiere episode:

  1. Have-Not room is described as being more ”half” than “have”
  2. Spoiler of a “war room”
  3. And as if we didn’t already know we the viewers are going to be involved: Canadians get to influence the game starting with the first twist of the season.
  4. The HG’s are competing in the first head of household competition tonight (Feb 27, 2014) which is an ENDURANCE Competition: Spoilers leaked that the competition is called “ICE Breakers” where the house guests have to stand on blocks of ice.
  5. No word on who won the HOH as the audience was ushered out before the final verdict was announced. We will likely have to wait until the premiere on Wednesday, March 5th for the results.
  6. Sequestered for 10 days
  7. Movie comp/promo for the movie “Divergent”

Spoiler source: @hamsterwatch


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So people are already getting annoyed by Paul. He does come off as someone who thinks they are better than everyone else because they are older.

Stooge Banter

ok so with thurs 27 feb being day 1, the first ep should cover thurs 27 feb to mon 3 mar, days 1-5(covering thurs entrance through to mon veto ceremony) …so when live streaming begins on wed 5 mar at 10 pm et after the premiere ep, it will be night 7, with the first after dark ep starting 4 hours later 2-5 am et…meaning there should be a gap of 2 and a half days period of not knowing what has been happening from mon morning (the end of the wed premiere ep) to wed night when live streaming starts


Ok so in the US do we have any options tgis yearvwith live feeds …episodes?

Stooge Banter

i wonder if after dark canada is on a 5 hour delay every night(with maybe a 2 hour delay thurs so post eviction/hoh comp chat can be saved to the sunday 9 pm show)? if this is the case the action of 9 pm to 12 am et (and 12-3 am thurs night/fri morn) is shown 2-5 am et


Oy! I really hope Spoiler ONE isn’t from another BB.
Interesting word choice for Spoiler TWO, hope it’s something new and causes craziness!
REALLY, REALLY hope Spoiler THREE doesn’t interfere with game play like the Veiwer’s VETO & Voting Gary back in did w/BBCAN1
Hmm, depending on what was involved with Spoiler FOUR, could be more of a male endurance than female endurance.
Haha, Spoiler FIVE leads me to believe that BBCAN2 has learned something about info leaking! Wonder if this will lead to a REAL, LIVE eviction show. Has anyone heard if the eviction shows are still going to be taped, as they were w/BBCAN1?

This 15th “Mystery HG” is driving me crazy!
We need the LIVE feeds, NOW! I want to know who to like, dislike, then like again! 😀
(Thanks for keeping us updated!)

Stooge Banter

Simon if you can put the approx start and end time of each live feed youtube clip you post it would be appreciated, so people know exactly what part of the day the action took place, but if not then no worries


Thats a great idea.. We’ll see what we can do.

Stooge Banter

ok cheers Simon


I hope the Mystery HG isn’t someone from the first season. I have a feeling Tom really wants another shot at it. I could also see them bringing in Elissa. She is Canadian, sorta. It has to be someone semi famous. They’re not going to make a fuss about a Mystery HG then deliver a another newbie


why are the keeping the 15th houseguest a secret im guessing it’s a returning player from season 1 or American big brother or possibly a famous person what does everyone else think?


Because its Aaryn and all hell is going to break out.


I wonder how long before the male and female sluts in the house jump in bed together. In BB15 it took 48 hours. Come on Canadians, we can do better. Lets do it within 24 hours.


Chances are the hosueguests are already hooking up as I type this


I haven’t seen any mention of live feed this year. Surely by now info on this would have been put on on their website, Are we sure live feed is happening?

Stooge Banter

from the site slice(dot)ca/big-brother-canada/

Stay tuned for the new BigBrotherCanada(dot)ca, your fix for live feeds, full episodes, exclusive content, and more. Follow #BBCAN2 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest news.


Actually I just noticed that myself but why are they not promoting live feed if they are going to have it? Only a few days to go and virtually nothing. Has there been any mention on any of the promo video clips? Maybe this single mention might be just a throw-away comment sort of by mistake.

Stooge Banter

from their facebook jan 21…

?#?BBCAN2? live feeds will be available (and free!) to fuel you, our ?#?BBCANSuperfan? army.

Stooge Banter

i doubt they would say “your fix for live feeds” if there wasnt going to be any live feeds

probably not promoting live feeds yet because, like last year, live feeds are free

also the new site, where the live feeds will be available, also hasnt launched yet…maybe monday it will launch?

8 hours ago @BigBrotherCanada tweeted:
SO EXCITED! RT @MissLove2Blog 4 days #BBCAN2 last weekend without live feeds.

Stooge Banter

i should have said above tweet from @BigBrotherCA…not @BigBrotherCanada

bbcan US fan

do you know any way that we could get the live feeds in the US? I’ve been a bbcan fan since last year and since the feeds are free, I want to watch them too! 🙂


No doubt the 15 guest will be from last seasons group. Let the carnage begin!!

PS Hi Guys

Do you have a link to the feeds so I can give you the business? Last season I donated because I couldn’t get in(BB usa). Forget what I did reguarding BB Can 1.

TY Stan


Hey Stan, Feeds will be free here

If thats geo blocked we’ll be posting youtubes of the critical conversations etc etc


I just want it to start so we can get the 15th HG over with! It’s stressing me out! LOL
My personal nightmare would be if someone from the US BB was there. Is that even possible?
I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a Wednesday like this before! 😀



The 1st episode hasn’t aired yet and I get the old thumbs down! Guess I made an impression on someone last season. hehehe

Thanks for the reply Simon. Also to the person who suggested Andrews brother as guest 15 I like the idea! New player but history as you stated in your post. 2 days til party time! looks like Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday as the norm with Thursday eviction day as usual. 🙂

I’m expecting the usual overplayed week 1 by a couple of these would be geniuses. Would really like to see a “Dr. Will” style of player. Social manipulator who can dominate without winning much of anything! Still the best who ever played IMHO.


Hey simon do we know of this years show will finally be filmed in hd????


Hmm I thought BBCAN was HD but I could be wrong. The Canadian feeds were higher quality.


Last house guest is going to be Andrews twin brother. It’s not game changing but will bridge this season with lasts.


Last house guest will be a pet animal. I’m guessing a Canadian bear.