Big Brother Canada – Watching People Watch the Feeds “Oh My god.. They all look pissed off”

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1:40AM Feeds come on for the mystery Houseguests. They 3 mystery players start freaking out looking at the feeds..
Scott: “Oh my god oh my god.. who is the gay I can’t tell.. oh my god”
Scott: ‘Look at Kenny’s face i would love him”
Allison says she likes Kyle.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-06 22-44-19-276

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-06 22-54-08-283

Sounds like a big chunk of the houseguests are still up. We cannot see what cam 1-4 is showing but we can watch the mystery houseguests commenting on their feeds. Sounds like PAul isn’t very happy..
Scott: “That guy can’t keep his hands away from his crouch”
Nate: “Andrew”
Scott: “Adel”
Scott: “I need to put on a cuter outfit we’re going to be up all late”
Nate: “They all look pissed off”
Kyle went to the washroom and never washed his hands..

**Videos uploading**

2:02AM All 5 cams are dark

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-06 23-26-09-762

2:17AM Still only the mystery houseguests are being shown in the feeds

Talk is about how pissed off and mean the other 13 players are looking.
Scott continues to say “Oh my god” as many times as humanly possible. They notice the lights are slowly dimming in the mystery room…

Scott says the feeds they have in their mystery room are black and white.

Sounds like there was an argument in the house.
Nate: “there was tension”
Allison says something not good happened.
They all comment on Jon being gone.

Scott comments on how dirty the other houseguests were.
Nate: “Looks like a fight was going on”
Nate wonders if it was a Have/HAve nots competition.
Allison thinks it was a HOH competition

(We know the competition was dirty, Everyone seems mad and many people were still awake and dirty from the competition 30 minutes ago)

2:50AM Only Cam 5 is on and it’s showing a sleeping Scott and Allison

3:46AM CAm 1-4 dark Cam 5 shows scott and Allison sleeping

Alot of live feed leaks tonight.. Still no idea who won HOH. Rachelle sure doesn’t look happy.


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-07 01-06-43-581

4:06AM Feeds back

Andrew won the HOH and Heather gets right up close to him.


4:29am IKA, Neda, Rachelle Talking about the sleeping arrangements and how they each “have a boy” Rachelle is worried about how she’s going to be portrayed on the show because she got a bit close with Kenny. The girls think Kenny has a thing for Rachelle.
Rachelle: ‘I’m not worried about my boyfriend I’m worried about how I am being portrayed”

Rachelle, Neda, heather and Ika (not sure about IKA) Are havenots the get their room tomorrow.

4:44am Heather and Rachelle
Heather says she has secured both their spots for next week. Heather says the only girl she is not close to is Sarah. She looks at Sarah as a momma bear. Rachelle agrees.

4:50AM Bathroom IKA and RAchelle Rachelle relays her conversation with with heather they both laugh at Heather’s comment about Securing their spots for next week.

Rachel says she loves her boyfriend but doesn’t want to make a big deal about them sleeping in the same bed and giving each other massages. She is worried about Kenny’s reaction if she backs away she wants to keep him on their side.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-07 02-22-31-551

5:23AM Neda is the last one up
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i actually wishall 3 could enter the house, all 3 are entertaining and better than most the house guest there


Hey Simon and Dawg! Just got back into town and I am just starting to catch up with the first two episodes and read the spoilers. You two have been the fun in my Big Brother since Season 11. Great to be back, and I hope it’s a great season! Thanks for all you do!


The BB Family is back! I hope Allison is the one to enter the house. 🙂 and it’s looking pretty good for her.


at one point Allison said she knew Kenny. said he was even on her facebook. wonder if she gets in the house if he will remember her as well and if they will keep it a secret from the rest of the house.


Maybe Allison, Kenny and Jon could start some sort of secret newfie alliance, go Newfoundland!


I actually find it kinda funny seeing Rachelle go back and forth and on and on about her boyfriend and Kenny… I look forward to the day that they find out that Kenny is gay… their reactions are going to be priceless… and Rachelle might just go bats hit crazy…


The first two weeks are usually slow, so I’m fine with the first two weeks of slowness… I look forward for Ika to flip the f**k out in the Have-Not Room… Ha!


Rachel needs to shut up about how’s she’s being portrayed and play the game

Nate is trying to get next to Allison so hard and she’s not having it…take a hint bro.


Since the hoh was also a have have not, Im okay with the really rushed episode last night. It means we are actually going to see the houseguests interacting on sunday’s episode (What a change of pace)


I’m wondering what happened – they said Jon was gone? Maybe they just couldn’t see him.

It’s a bit early for an isolation punishment, isn’t it?


I voted for Allison. It’s def gonna be between Allison & Scott to enter.


I enjoyed episode 1 better than episode 2.

You think they could have waited to go down the stairs before blind folding those 3? WTF lol

The Shield

Based on Carachter and personality, Alison has it in the bag… That Drag queen will bring nothing new in the show except q Gary wanna be!!!!!!! Nate is so annoying…

I voted Alison



im voting for alison, she watches the feeds and seems to know big brother the best. plus, she’s the cutest and has showmance potential, which im basically desperate for.


Win some HoHs Ladies or you’ll be whittled down !
I guess I want Allison in.
Watched “Side Show” – much as Peter bugs me, I give him credit for parlaying BBCan1 into a job.
Was hoping the “first five” would make an instant alliance !


After seeing Gary’s tour of the “half-not” room during last nights Side Show, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see a have-not or two self evict. That’s some serious claustrophobia right there.


This SUCKS! I want all three Mystery HGs in the house! They are so much better than the regular houseguests!