Big Brother Canada Season 2 House Guest VIDEO Interviews!


Earlier today Big Brother Canada released the identities of 14 of the 15 house guests that will be moving into the BBCAN2 house . In the bios of the 14 house guests we learned a bit about their personalities and strategies going into the house. We will discover the identity of the 15th house guest that has not yet been revealed on the March 5th Big Brother Canada premiere date. We are already starting to get to know the new cast and have already discovered Adel Elseri’s Tongue 2 Teeth Invention and that Anick Gervais is a “Breatharian”.

The video interviews of the BBCAN2 cast are now slowly being released. We’ll update this post as new videos are published:

Big Brother Canada is Back! – Commercial!

ET CANADA – Meet the House Guests!

Kyle Shore

Rachelle Diamond

Meet Arlie Shaban

Meet Neda Kalantar

Paul Jackson

Heather Decksheimer

Andrew Gordon

Anick Gervais

Kenny Brain

Ika Wong

Jon Pardy

Sarah Miller

Adel Elseri

Sabrina Abbate

Short clip of Ika Wong telling everyone to meet her and the other house guests tonight on ET Canada:

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Stooge Banter

Hi i am looking forward to this season and all the great stooge banter here as well as the Simon and Dawg coverage of the extended live feed youtube clips, and hopefully someone posts every episode of the main shows and after dark shows soon after airing on youtube…i assume the live feed and youtube clips posted here wont begin until after the premiere episode? Also are the housemates entering the house this Saturday March 1, in three days time? That would make the Wed March 5 premiere day 5…and I wonder if all 15 will enter on day 1 or if the mystery house guest will enter at a later date? its good to see the outside hot tub returns, and this time an indoor pool…the bedrooms and hoh all on the top floor is an interesting change…even though i am not a fan of the hosts of the post eviction english bb style side show, its good they will get to have guests and a much longer evictee interview, and maybe they could show some of the long endurance hoh comps live during it? i will wait to see all 15 house guests in action before choosing favourites…from season 1 i really liked watching talla, andrew and jillian


Ok, my opinion of Rachelle just went up. She’s a lot more Aubrey Plaza than I would have ever thought. Love it.


excited! my early faves are sabrina, andrew, anick, kenny, rachelle, neda, jon, ika.

Stooge Banter

im looking forward to a return to the regular 2 noms per eviction system after the tinkering of the 3 noms and mvp of the last usa season


Ugh MVP.. Lots of Jars to burn that out of my mind.

Stooge Banter

ha ha


Don’t know if this has been discussed or not (not really all that important), but I notice that there’s a contestant named Andrew Gordon. BB12 also had a contestant named Andrew Gordon who was a Podiatrist but pretended to be a shoe salesman.

The Rock

Not the same guy


Ahh good catch I thought that name was familiar.. So we should expect Andrew to reveal a “Secret” Showmance that the house already knows about, go on a house meeting rampage followed by eviction.


Is Marcellas is the 15th?


Apparently this is the 15th houseguest:

A drag queen from Halifax.


I think glitter Gary will be the 15th player. He’ll be given a gold key making him immune to eviction until finale night. It’ll be called the great Canadian POwerShift


On first impressions I thought Sarah Miller was going to be quite a hard edged person but I think she’s got quite a vulnerable side to her. So far she’s my favorite.

And my Marcellas comment deserved to be down-rated.

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks for the clips. Let the drama begin.