Big Brother Canada 2 – Adel Elseri Co-Inventor of the Tongue-Mounted Toothbrush


The cast of Big Brother Canada season 2 was just released today and already the dirt on the house guests is beginning to surface. One of the house guests named Adel Elseri is an inventor / welder from Edmonton, Alberta. After searching his name online we discovered that he is the co-inventor of “Tongue 2 Teeth” with Said Fayad which is a tongue mounted toothbrush. It is a hands-free toothbrush with a bumpy texture that is coated with toothpaste that you mount on your tongue. Adel states that the idea came to him while he was driving home after a 12hr shift at work. Adel and his partner appeared on season of the Canadian tv show called Dragons Den where they pitched their Tongue 2 Teeth invention in the hopes of getting a $70,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity from one of the wealthy “Dragons”. After pitching their idea none of the dragons wanted to invest so Adel and his partner left empty handed.


So the question remains – Will Adel bring his Tongue 2 Teeth toothbrush into the BBCAN2 house or will he bring a traditional toothbrush?

“Anywhere, Anytime … discreet and refreshing, it creates a convenience for you!…Most importantly it helps maintain a clean and healthy oral environment.”

-Adel Elseri

Tongue 2 Teeth website

Dragon’s Den Tongue 2 Teeth Pitch

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Leila Wireman

I think it’s the Austrian.