Big Brother Canada 2 – @MurtzJaffer Discusses the Season of “Villains” with Robyn @Kassting


Murtz Jaffer interviews Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass about the new cast of Big Brother Canada season 2. For those who aren’t familiar with who Murtz is, he is a reality tv expert, media icon, Reality Obsessed host, The Murtz Show host, and of course the “King of social Murtzia”.

The link to the video below is a really great in-depth interview where Murtz and Robyn talk freely and openly about their thoughts about the new BBCAN2 house guests.

Murtz questions Robyn about how he believes Big Brother Canada season 2 is a season of villains. He likes how a lot of the new house guests are there for the money which makes them do more things to get the money. He believes this season we’re going to get a lot more lying and backstabbing unlike season 1 which he calls “a feel good meadow of happiness”. After examining the new cast Murtz thinks the villains of BBCAN2 are: Rachelle Diamond, Neda Kalantar, Kenny Brain, Arlie Shaban, etc. He believes most of the people there will play in a villainess way. Robyn agrees that the house guests that are motivated by money are more entertaining to watch. “Money talks! You work harder when you know there is a big pay cheque at the end.”

Murtz says “I think this is a better cast. I was partial to last season because Anuj ‘AJ’ Burman (Funny!!)was on it but I feel more of a pop with this season and I feel more of a pop than with Big Brother 15. I just feel like, I like villains Robyn, and you can say whatever you want. I just feel like there are more villains on this cast than I’ve seen on a reality show in a very long time. The theory is that casting people always put in shepherd’s like Dan and Dr. Will and then sheep for them to do whatever they want with. I feel like this is the season that we have more shepherds than sheep.”

Murtz & Robyn then discuss each of the new 14 cast members in detail along with their first impressions, who will get evicted first, who to watch this season, fan favorite picks, who their picks to win are and so much more! Murtz also asks Roybn for hints on who the final house guest is that will be entering the Big Brother Canada house.

Watch the FULL 45 minute interview here: The Murtz Show with Robyn Kass

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One more sleep…cant wait.


wow, that interview was super informative! i cant believe ppl harp on robyn about casting, she’s clearly amazing at her job. my faves are def rachelle, andrew, anick, kenny & jon. im predicting/hoping rachelle and andrew are a showmance 🙂 robyn basically said kenny was as strategically smart as andy, who won last year, so that is really saying something!


I think Murtz is a moron. He is terrible. He thought AJ would be good.

Pinocchio Obama

I agree. Less Murtz more Robyn.


Hey Simon i would like to let you know that CBS is doing an open casting call for Big Brother 16


I don’t know if you guys know this.. I live in America, last year I was able to watch the canada live feeds on my iPad instead of my computer. Do you guys have any idea if I will be able to watch them on my tablet.. It was so convenient last year I really hope I can


VPN service like

just make sure you select a Canadian location.

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks for the link Simon.

Bring it on!


will you stream the episodes Simon?


We’re not streaming but will have a link available

Dr. Will Canada

Im a canadian living in the usa, what website can i go to, to be able to watch big brother canada tonight? I went on the strongvpn site and it super slow at loading.


Ok, live in the Caribbean and do not receive the CDN channel for BBCAN. Will episodes be available on youtube or any other way to watch?


show starts in 15 mins. do you have any link Simon???


I think Canada will be 15th mystery houseguest. That is LAMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope not.. ugh


Hey everyone! 🙂 Nice to be back for the new season.
Thank god Canada’s not the 15th houseguest ughhh would have sucked so bad. Whose everyone thinking of voting of? I’m leaning towards the nurse or the 2nd guy.


decent twist I am leaning towards the nurse for some eye candy but the drag would make some good tv LOL. The last guy is just bland(unfortunately)