“The Jury house is sitting there with their mouths open watering waiting for Amanda’ -Spencer

8:27pm HOH Spencer and GM
GM – what’s going on
S – nothing
GM – let me tell ya what’s going on
GM – ‘Amanda is pretty much begging for her life.. literally.. She’s trying to get rid of ELissa.
S – I’ve heard her whole argument about it’
GM – ‘actually McCrae is thinking about using the veto on AManda’
He keeps hounding me, ‘I’m not going to tell him who I am putting up I don’t have to tell him anything’
GM – ‘If I tell him I’m putting up Elissa he’ll use the veto on Amanda.. He thinks he has the votes to stay but he’s mistaken
S – ‘McCrae won’t use the veto on Amanda no matter what’

They agree Amanda is the right choice to get rid of this week. GM brings up how Amanda and McCrae say she will be a target next week.
GM – ‘I have Andy, Spencer and JUDD.. and I pretty much have ELissa.
Spencer – ‘Right now that Jury house is sitting there with their mouths watering waiting for Amanda’

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“Lets get rid of the disease in the game..it would be a life changing move for me and for you”

6:46pm HOH Amanda and GM
Amanda wants to know what GM is thinking about for replacement nominations. GM says she talked to MCCrae she told him she will make her decision by tonight.
GM says she told him he won the veto fair and square and he should do what will benefit him the most.
GM – ‘I’ll tell you for sure if it’s going to be Elissa’ GM adds that if it’s not Elissa it will be either Spencer or ELissa.
Amanda says if it’s Spencer she will go if it’s JUDD or ELissa she will stay and they would go.

Amanda asks if the vote is a tie would GM keep her. GM – “HHmmmm”
Amanda – ‘you can be honest with me GM.. part of the reason I was so upset was because I felt blindsided’
GM apologizes says she never meant to blindside her. SHe adds that she’ll let her know tomorrow after the replacement nominee has been set what she would do in a Tie.

GM says she’s all alone in this game. Amanda says she’s not they have Amanda and McCrae. GM says Andy is also their friend.

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“I’ve been thinking about using the veto on Amanda.. Don’t f*** yourself in the a$$ MCrae” -GM

3:30pm HOH GM and MC

GM says she’s going to have a decision about who she will put up tonight.
GM- I’m not talking to anybody because they will tell me what they want and what’s not best for my game
GM says she’s making this decision 100% on her own.
MC – “ya yup ya’
GM – ‘I don’t want Amanda out.. But if I had to pick for a tie breaker I would pick you.. you are kinda like me you are a free person and you are happy.. and I know you are such a big fan of the show’

GM says if JUDD goes up and it’s a tie breaker she’ll vote out JUDD.
MC – ‘I’ve been thinking about using the veto on Amanda.. what do you think about that’
GM – ‘you do what’s best for you but in past Big Brother that was one of the biggest mistakes in Big Brother history.. you do what you want to do.. it you think she can continue farther.’
GM – ‘if you use it for her and you went home would you be pissed off’
MC says he would be but he would never use it on her if he wasn’t sure he had the votes.
MC – ‘It’s risky for me but I think I have the votes’

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Judd says I’m impressed with Gina. I’m jealous she put up Amanda & McCrae, I wish I would have done it.

11am Judd joins Elissa out in the backyard. Elissa tells him that she was just thinking about the possibility of a question competition. She tells Judd would be at a disadvantage because he missed stuff while he was in jury. She says she guesses they could do a before and after competition though. Judd and Elissa start going over past events. They think they will be asked a questions about when they got the big brother cups and bowls. Elissa says one of us has to win HOH this week. Either me, you, Ginamarie or Spencer need to win it. Elissa asks Judd who he would put up if he won. Judd says Amanda for sure and a pawn. Elissa asks would you put me up? Judd says I don’t know I would want someone to volunteer to go up. Elissa says well I definitely don’t want to go up. Judd asks if Ginamarie will put him up tomorrow. Elissa says no. Judd says he is impressed with Ginamarie so far.

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Ginamarie says I don’t think anyone will remember Helen because all Chinese people look-a-like.

12:40am – 12:50am Big Brother opens up the backyard and house guests finish their blackjack game. Amanda sits on the HOH stairs and asks Ginamarie when can we have your room again. Gina says maybe the last night. Amanda says but I want to get him drunk. Gina says but the thing is, I don’t want to have to wash the sheets again. Amanda says yeah that makes sense. Gina says no not like you’re going to get them all.. Amanda says no we will! Amanda questions who’s sheets did we get really dirty that one time? McCrae says no ones! Gina says well you got tanning on my bed. McCrae says no ones Amanda! Judd asks did ya’ll have sex in my bed. Amanda says yeah we did. McCrae says no we didn’t! Judd says gross. McCrae says it did not happen Judd. Judd asks whenever I was HOH did ya’ll have $ex in my bed? McCrae says no. Judd says gross I’m going to get ring worm and all the new deseases. Amanda says you’re going to get pregnant with McCrababies babies!

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Big Brother Spoilers ‘You better get here before I gut you like a fish’ -GM

9:10pm Andy and GM
GM talks about McCrae and Amanda campaigning. She say regardless of what Amanda says she is not going to put up Elissa. GM says it’s not the end of the world if McCrae or Elissa win next weeks HOH. They just have to make sure one of those two go next week.
GM – ‘We have a better Chance now that it’s three against two’
Andy – ‘The odds are in our favour’
GM – ‘you only need two votes.. lets say McCrae wins HOH and he puts up me and Elissa… we have Spencer, JUDD and you”
Andy – ‘Bam bam bam.. thats three’

Both are convinced that Thursday is a double eviction. GM assures him she will not be putting up Elissa she wants Amanda gone.

9:31pm HOH GM and McCrae
GM talking about Nick..

9:39pm Random chit chat in the HOH, JUDD, Amanda, MC and GM
Amanda brings up MTV true life getting married GM does a impersonation of “F*** charlie”
GM – ‘You better get here before I gut you like a fish’
GM – ‘Yo Charlie,.. Yo Charlie.. relax charlie.. we got it charlie’
GM – ‘It was so funny with the Guidos.. OMG Charlie I just got my period’

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‘If Elissa pisses Ginamarie off Anything could happen.. that’s your best bet’ -Spencer

5:30pm Bedroom Spencer and Amanda
Spencer tells her if Elissa pisses GM off who knows what could happen, ‘Thats your best bet’.
Amanda – ‘But me and McCrae never win anything’
Spencer – ‘Thats a tough argument after back to back veto wins’
Amanda – ‘Thats true’
Spencer – ‘You don’t need to sell it to me’

5:50pm Backyard GM and McCrae

GM – ‘I fractured my toe’
MC – ‘Ohh that is horrible’

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Amanda Campaigns “You will be getting rid of Elissa the person that got rid of Nick and Aaryn”

4:04pm bedroom GM, Andy, Spencer and Amanda
A- ‘Thats the person you decided to not put on the block.. when i’m obviously going home she says Who made more of a impact in the game me or kristen’
GM – ‘I heard that’
A – “She’s taking jabs at me while i’m already down’
GM – ‘I know’
A – ‘That is who you are deciding to keep here’
Amanda tells GM she doesn’t have to put up Spencer, Andy or JUDD they are not coming after GM.
A – ‘You can’t let that girl win she doesn’t deserve to be here’
GM – ‘I said that first week’
Amanda – ‘listen to your self then’

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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Power Of Veto RESULTS!

2:05pm In the rainbow room – Andy, Judd, Elissa and Judd are talking. Gina says good job guys, every nice! Gina then left. Elissa says this is going to be a crazy week until Thursday. Spencer heads up to the HOH room.
Judd joins them and he tells them maybe we should try and convince McCrae to use the veto on Amanda if we tell him we will save him. Judd says that McCrae has a fire lit under him. He is going to win HOH this week. Andy joins them. Andy says that has only happened one time in big brother and it is know as the dumbest move in big brother history. Spencer offers to go up on the block when McCrae comes off. Gina tells him that she will let him pack all of her makeup and brushes to prove they have his loyalty and that he will not go home. Spencer says I just don’t want to be the dumba$$ that volunteers to go up and to go home like Lawon (Big Brother 13 – when he offered himself up as the pawn and ended up getting voted out.)

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Players PICKED!

8am – 9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Ginamarie exercises in the HOH room. Judd comments that they’ll be picking players for Power Of Veto competition at 9am. Judd gets dressed in his chicken costume and goes back to sleep. Up in the HOH room – Ginamarie is awake and getting ready for the day doing her makeup and hair in the HOH room. Elissa is awake and getting ready. All the other house guests are trying to sleep. At 9am Big Brother calls Ginamarie into the diary room. Elissa comments its time to pick players for the veto competition. When Elissa finishes getting ready she climbs back into bed to wait.

9:25am The live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the house guests to pick players for the Veto Competition. When the feeds return – Ginamarie, Spencer, Judd, Amanda and McCrae are in the bathroom talking. Judd comments to Amanda lets do that over again and you pick me for house guest choice so that I can win it. Judd jokes and says if I will it I will take both of you off the block.

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Spencer says Jessie will be all over McCrae’s d**k in the jury house. Amanda says then I will go!

1:10am Judd joins Amanda, McCrae and Spencer in the bedroom. Judd comments that he is going to bed to get out of this hota$$ suit. Amanda laughs at how she thinks BB made the house hotter since they got the chicken suits. Up in the HOH room – Andy and Elissa talk. Andy tells Elissa that he does not want to be responsible for Elissa going home. I am being honest with you and I hope you can trust me with that. Elissa says and I would never want to be the reason you go home and I would never nominate you. I knew you were going to stay. Andy says he was pisses at first but after the week went along he wasn’t as pissed about it because he realized why she did it. Elissa says not only was I going to go home but you were going to go home too. Like they (Amanda & McCrae) don’t have your back. Andy says he knows that. I hope that you give me more credit than I think that you’ve given me because I am a smart guy and I know what is going on. I am not their puppet.

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“He got content Sleeping 15 hours a Day and having her do all the barking for him” -Spencer

9:46pm Bedroom Andy, MC, Amanda

Andy doesn’t think there is a big alliance in the house he just thinks GM put them up because they were a strong couple.

Amanda – “Elissa knew from the moment GM won HOH .. she was so excited.. they are pretending they are not together but they are.. Aaryn told me and she wasn’t lying GM and Elissa are working together”
Amanda – ‘Our alliance was the longest surviving alliance in this game’
Amanda says Andy and McCrae were the only 2 people she could trust this entire game, “We are going to be lifelong friends.. I love you … I don’t need the money as much as you guys.. it was never about the money for me I just wanted to play the game.. you guys need to make it far’
Andy – “Just know if I am nice to Ellisa I really want to punch her in the face’ he calls ELissa a F**** C**t

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