Judd says I’m impressed with Gina. I’m jealous she put up Amanda & McCrae, I wish I would have done it.

POV Holder: McCRAE Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots



11am – 11:40am Judd joins Elissa out in the backyard. Elissa tells him that she was just thinking about the possibility of a question competition. She tells Judd would be at a disadvantage because he missed stuff while he was in jury. She says she guesses they could do a before and after competition though. Judd and Elissa start going over past events. They think they will be asked a questions about when they got the big brother cups and bowls. Elissa says one of us has to win HOH this week. Either me, you, Ginamarie or Spencer need to win it. Elissa asks Judd who he would put up if he won. Judd says Amanda for sure and a pawn. Elissa asks would you put me up? Judd says I don’t know I would want someone to volunteer to go up. Elissa says well I definitely don’t want to go up. Judd asks if Ginamarie will put him up tomorrow. Elissa says no. Judd says he is impressed with Ginamarie so far. I am jealous that she got to put up Amanda and McCrae, I wish I would have done it. Elissa says yeah me too. Judd says he wishes he hadn’t got into an argument with Amanda while he was in his chicken suit. Elissa says Amanda is a hot mess! Judd says in all honesty I wish Amanda would have won the veto because I would feel more comfortable going against her in the HOH and veto competitions. Judd and Elissa continue to talk about the POV competition. Judd says he doesn’t know why Amanda picked Spencer because he wouldn’t have used it on her. Elissa says she is delusional. Judd says not one person would have used it on her. They wonder if the face morph competition will happen this week if they have a double eviction. Judd and Elissa talk about the possibility of the what would you do for the veto next week. Judd asks Elissa would you give up all your clothes. Elissa says yeah I would. Do you get them back. Judd says no they give them to charity. Elissa says oh yeah that’s cool I was going to sell them anyway and give the money to charity. Elissa tells Judd he should make McCrae feel safe so he doesn’t try to hard for the HOH. Judd says I am going to try to make him think I want to work with him. Judd says he can’t believe there hasn’t been a Pandora’s Box yet.


CBS Interactive Inc.

11:45am – 12:05pm Judd comments that he doesn’t want to say anything he saw or heard in the jury house because he doesn’t want to get a penalty nomination. He says not that I saw anything that would be an advantage anyways. Judd says I think you guys had more of an advantage being able to count stuff. Judd says watch McCrae win HOH next week he would clearly put you and I up. Elissa says don’t even say that, I hope not. Judd says we just have to make sure we beat him. Elissa says I wasn’t even mad at Amanda, I was just scared because she is crazy. Elissa and Judd head inside. Elissa goes to lay down again. Andy gets up and Judd jokingly says well well if it isn’t the ugly big old liar. Andy laughs.


12:25pm – 12:45pm All the house guests are in bed sleeping..

1:25pm Still sleeping..

2pm Nothing going on – All four cameras showing the house guests sleeping..


2:05pm – 2:25pm Amanda wakes up and heads straight to the HOH room. She opens the door and looks in to see Ginamarie sleeping. She then shuts the door and heads back downstairs to the washroom. Judd joins her in the bathroom. Amanda comments that she can’t believe its 2pm and everyone is still sleeping. Judd says he couldn’t sleep last night. Amanda asks why do they wake you up first thing every morning? Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – Judd says he wondered if McCrae used the veto on you and then Elissa went up and we all vote her out. Amanda says she was thinking the same thing this morning. Judd says he doesn’t know if McCrae would do it though. Judd says I would definitely vote for McCrae to stay. Amanda says all I would need is 3 votes. If she (Ginamarie) won’t put up Elissa, then I don’t have any loyalty to her because that means she wants me gone. Judd agrees and asks so you really don’t think she would put me up? Amanda says no. Andy joins them. Andy and Amanda talk about their dreams. Andy comments that McCrae will probably sleep in till 6pm. Andy asks does he normally sleep this much in his everyday life? Amanda says yeah, but its not going to happen if he moves in with me. Amanda and Andy head into the kitchen. McCrae is now awake and heads outside for a smoke. Judd, Andy and Amanda join him on the backyard couch.


CBS Interactive Inc.

2:40pm Out in the backyard – Amanda talks to Andy and McCrae about trying to get Ginamarie to put up Elissa as the replacement. Amanda says you know when Kaitlin won the veto and people were scared she would use the veto on Jeremy. Amanda then turns to McCrae and says I am not asking you to use the veto on me by the way, I would never ask for that. Amanda says what if you brought it up to Ginamarie that you are thinking of using the veto on me. No one else would know but me, you and Andy. You tell her that you feel like you would have the votes no matter who you were up on the block against. You could make a deal with her that if you use it on me that she would put up Elissa. And we make everyone think that you would use it on me. Andy and McCrae both say it’s worth a shot. Amanda says that Judd keeps coming up to her asking if there is any way to keep both of them. Judd is fishing for information. He is the one that brought it up to me. Andy says but if you say your going to use it on her but don’t then she wouldn’t put up Elissa. Amanda says but you swear to her that you would use it on yourself and for her to put up Elissa. Amanda says because she wants McCrae to stay, she doesn’t want him to go. Amanda ask do you think that would work. McCrae says it could. Andy says that it all depends on how gullible Ginamarie is. Andy tries to think through different possible scenarios. He says that if that did happen and Elissa did go up she would freak. Amanda heads up to the HOH room


2:45pm – 3pm Photo Booth time..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Does anyone think maybe McC would LIKE Amanda to leave so he can get back to playing the game?


That’s why he’s saying no to sex…. so he won’t have to go cold turkey. That and Amanda smells like onions.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

The thing is Amanda knows she smells like onions!!


But McCrae had his own stench so , I don’t think he minds the onion vag smell, or yeast infection for that matter, they’re both disgusting in every way shape and form. I can see him wanting her gone becasue of how annoying she has gotten. A man would need drugs to deal with a entitled bitch like that.


Can someone please tell me where I can buy a smellovision or a smelloputer so that I too can tell how the house guests smell. I read a lot of people complaining about how certain house guests smell and figure the only way anyone can know how someone on a TV show / Internet feed smells is if their device has the capability to emit an odor. I know that touch screen devices are popular now days but I have never heard of a smell screen device. Is it like a scratch-n-sniff sort of thing or do you just press-n-smell?

Seriously if someone would be so kind as to tell me where I can buy one of these devices, I would greatly appreciate it.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

Amanda fingered herself and said she smelled like onions, so there ya go that is how we know what she smells like hotrod


Amanda has spent much time talking about how things smell. McCrae is quote “smelly, you were really smelly today on the couch”, “your breath stinks.” Amanda massages his feet. After doing that for awhile she says “you feet smell” then she stops and puts and turns herself around so his feet are not in her face any more. She touches him all over for awhile. Then she smells her hands. She says they smell bad, like feet. Then she plays some more before finally going to wash her hands. But even after that her hands still smell like his feet and she doesn’t go and wash again. Amanda called him “her smelly monkey”. Amanda has offered him to smell her stinky hands and he said i don’t know what this. But it smells bad. And they continue to stay right there, neither washing a hand of whatever is the source of the smell. Oh, yes and apparently they discovered what seemed to be an onion smell coming from Amanda(‘s hands?) And she no doubt chatted about that for awhile in detail.

And all the HGs complaining about the smells that radiate from them. Trying to figure out what it is. And complaining to DR so that Amanda and McCrae are FORCED to take daily showers.

So they paint graphic pictures. So graphic it’s like you are right there with them. And it’s disgusting


Did I just read that correctly? What is WRONG with you? What exactly is your malfunction? You don’t see that it’s bad enough that you are obviously on the wrong sight and what you’re probably looking for can be found on a FETISH website, but that you are also TOTALLY skeeving people out? GUH-ROSS…Here, comments are made in response to disgusting and stinky human BEHAVIOR; something categorically DIFFERENT from what you, you weirdo, are looking for, Go smell a homeless persons ass or armpit and you’d get the same effect as your hypothetical, magical smellivision. You need help. After the show is over you should write Amanda and ask her to send you her worn underwear for a price; she’ll probably agree, the jobless skank, and you wont have to solicit sights like this in search of props for your freako hobbies!


onions and cabbage

what the fuck

Since there are no polls and we know who is going home (Amanda) and i’m bored, i decided to make my own polls for this week! First poll of the day..

This has been a season of catty and racist but looking past that, this was a hot cast! Who do you think was the hottest? Just on overall hotness!

(I know every guy has been thinking the same question)

My Picks

1 Aaryn
2 Katilin
3 Amanda
4 Candace
5 Elissa
6 Jessie
7 GM
8 Helen

Your Turn. Discuss.



My vote


And because I’m a girl ill throw in the guys


And the rest don’t qualify as human to me so they are all equal in yuckyness

My vote

Oh wait nick was ok in a creepy stalker kind of way so ill put him befor Judd

Who's hot

Going by physical appearance:

Elissa, Kaitlin, Candice, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jessie, Helen, Amanda

Nick, Judd, Howard, Jeremy, David, McCrae, Spencer, Andy


There is no way that Judd is hotter than Howard


Sandy is such a coward. He flips Elissa the finger when she is not looking. Has said countless times how he hates her to others in the house. Has called her many names including the c word. But then he is such a hypocrite with her. I wouldn’t like to have him as a teacher. They should do videos of each person in the house and everytime they cursed others and their families. I already know who would have the shortest videos: Judd, Elissa, and Helen.



Team GB

6. Jessie is the hottest


Lets base it on what’s inside that counts……..




Ummmmmmmmm…..Elissa……Candace…..ummmmmm………..yah think that’s it.


On what’s inside and you went Elissa and Candice… Seriously… That’s twisted.. Helen at least was semi sweet and apart from being boy crazy Jessie was definetly nice, what about Nick where was his huge Character flaw in compared to these two. Hmmmm I think we all watched diff BB’s this year. Seriously.


Yah we must’ve…mine showed Jessi’s immature trashtalking side and Helen’s incessant lying….Yah different show.


Lol :) ok got me there. I can admit they suck to. I have a serious hatred for Elissa but truly none of them are worth a toliet paper sheet they are so bad.it really is impossible to stick up for one.. All their flaws are messily huge… Think BB will shut down the show and give the 500 grand to charity ( lol edumacation charity for youth) if we all write in lol


I know i am so disgusted with this season – mainly Amanda being the baking powder of this racist bullying cake. Judd for the win :-)


Guys this year were ugly.

Granny Ralph

NIce to see a gay person on the show.
Why do they usually select gay males that are so flamboyant and so effeminate? Not all gay men are sissies.
Not all are like that ginger rat, Andy, ugly gossipy troublemaker who cries when someone says his name..


Hottest is by far Elissa. The rest are gross


Elissa has the hottest body but her face is plastic and her voice is effing annoying! She is a Butterface


1. Elissa
2. Kaitlin
3. Candice
4. Jessie
5. Aaryn
6. Helen

All the men

1,000,000,000. Amanda


1. Aaryn
2. Katilin
3. Jessie
4. Amanda
5. GM
6. Candice
7. Helen
8. Elissa

BB Fan

1. Elissa
2. Aaryn
3. Kaitlin
4. Jessie

Rest are gross


MY vote:


Amanda is just gross to me. Both in looks and personality.

Amanda for Miss America

Amanda is very sexy and beautiful. So is Aaryn. Elissa has the body of a man and everything about her is fake (boobs, hair extensions, lips, eye lashes, Botoxed forehead, and personality). Everything about that disgusting creature is shallow and empty. Oh, Kaitlyn was good looking too. GM is the ugliest, both in outward appearance and inside. I didn’t find Jesse, Helen, or Candace attractive at all.


LOL… You are as delusional as Amanda.

Amy N

I don’t know what men you’ve been looking at but Elissa has a body a lot of women would love to have, count me as one!!


elissa butt looks like my sons butt when he was 10


LOL!!! Funny you say Elissa has the body of a man lol. Have you seen Amanda’s body? If like they put a horse’s head on a man’s body.




Candice was gross dude – did you see her in the morning? She had cankles too.


That is a shallow thing to say!!


And rating people on looks isn’t shallow?


No, the entire thread is shallow. By the time mine was approved the others were included. I tried to post mine way up there. Commenting on looks in general is shallow.


I’d do Aaryn if she put a bag over her head…or her Klan hood, whatever.


You have way too much time on your hands WTF. Nobody cares about your stupid poll. As for Elissa’s comment that she was going to sell her clothes and give the money to charity why would anybody want them? That’s how deluded and elitist she is. So full of herself. Nobody cares about you Elissa, and your sorry ass is going out the door once the boys have control of the HOH. You selfish clueless gold digger. As for Judd my how he’s gotten good and comfortable after being unanimously evicted by these clowns. He needs to be evicted again to rectify the rigging CBS did to screw up 3 AM’s control of the house for the rest of the season. A totally worthless season in so many ways.

Slater Family from SK Canada

Many of these posters are just as if not worse than the HGS themselves. What a sad life so many of you must live. You might want to look at your own sorry Life before you criticize other peoples lives. Or could it be that you are jealous that you don’t have a good life and made something of yourself.
FYI Elissa’s Husband is not an old man. he is 39 & she is 28 so NO gold digging there so why not go spread rumors about your own family members & leave ours alone. Thank you


Ummm our family? How do you know their ages and aren’t you taking the comments a little to much to heart. This is a public forum and those people are one step below actors. Now I definetly have compassion for what they are going through but again I have to question your verbiage when you said “our family” and how you knew their ages exactly especially the husbands …


How can anyone put Aaryn first? Her eyebrows look like parenthesis and her mouth looks like a piranha.

Bb addict

That’s hilarious! I hate her eyebrows too!! It looks like caterpillars trying to get away from her face. It’s very distracting!

Aaryn is hot

Aaryn is only 22 and I think she said earlier on the live feeds that she’s had 35 sexual partners (could be less but it was definitely a lot). Judging from your comment I bet you haven’t had any. Don’t be jealous of Aaryn’s looks if ‘Name’ is a girl, or the fact you will never in a million years score with a chick as hot as her if ‘Name’ you are a guy. Looking forward to seeing Aaryn in Playboy. Glad she will get to realize her dream and see Hef and the mansion.


1 Jessie
2 Aaryn
3 Katilin
4 GM
5 Candace
6 Elissa
7 Helen
8 Amanda

Lawon's Powers

Candice & Jessie tie

Lawon's Powers

Forgot Elissa (Joker face)should be before GM


I like your choices Lawson, except cant help but remember Kaitlyns personality, she had a ugly personality when she hyped Aaryns ugly racist behavior. It was like mean girls. Beautiful girl, ugly person! I’m so tired of people saying Jessie was chasing all the men, 1) this was what stanky Amanda started, 2) whats wrong if she wanted a showmance, apparently all the single women in the house did.




Whatever the list one might choose, Amanda would always be off. She’s the tantamount boner killer.

Beatch be so ugly show could scare the Devil.


rating for the guys
best body: Howard and Jeremy

rating for the girls
best body: Elissa, Candace, Jessie, Kaitlin, Aaryn and Ginamarie

The illustrious Skidd Marks aka Jack Schitt

Kaitlin had the banginist body in the house. Next is Jessie, Amanda, G.M. , Elissa, Candice, with Helen at dead last.

Note: Helen could be doable at times depending on what she was wearing, the light, and her hair. Amanda was sexy-ish until she revealed herself to be a stank ho. As for GM, the less she speaks, the better she looks.

The illustrious Skidd Marks aka Jack Schitt

Also notice I left out Aryan Nation. Nice body—reprehensible human being


The first few episodes before people started to actually talk and show their colors I would have rated overall looks :

– Kaitlyn
– Amanda
– Elissa
– Helen

Body wise I would put Elissa higher, but I don’t like the fake look of her face, just not my thing.
By mid season Jessie became my number one though


1. Elissa – wowza perfect body and pretty face
2. Jessie – a little short but very sexy and great butt
3. Kaitlyn – great body but manly face
4. Aaryn – was cute but got a little thick during her stint in bb house
5. Candice – cheerleader body, not bad, pretty face but bug eyes sometimes
6. Helen – athletic/healthy glow
7. GM – ugly
8. Amanda – lochness monster

Just Howard!


If I had to pick the best looking HG with all you bi-sexual people, it will be in this order:
1. Jessie
2. Candice
3. kaitlin
4. Elissa

1. Jeremy
2. Nick
3. J. U. Double D

I did not pick:
Aryan~she messed up her eyebrows plus she is an unconscious racist (meaning she don’t know she’s been racist)
GM + Helen + Howard~I don’t find them sexually attractive
David~I hate looking at the extra hair on top of his head
McCranda + Spencer~Eeew Gross!
Raggedy Andy~?

20/20 vision

Kaitlyn was definitely the hottest

Elissa (w/o makeup)
Amanda (before we got to know her)
Elissa (w/ FULL makeup)
Amanda (after 3 days inside the BB house)


he played the game before?

Rocco Gianini

As much as I despise Mcranda, it would almost be worth Amanda staying to watch Andy get blindsided, I’m not mad at him for his sneaky tattle tale action, but its his outrage that someone would actually put him up and cowardly flipping her off and calling her C**t and slut , are you not supposed to be put up Andy? are you entitled to never be nominated? Of course you will say that you were just playing the game, Really ? so that means you can call her filthy names and verbally attack her family. you are a yellow sniveling coward, I hope someone saves this comment and shows it to you…..You have to live with yourself.

Robert lloyd

I think Andy will have a hard time being a teacher and someone who is suppose to be trustworthy. I believe he will have students that have watched the show and that will use his capacity to lie against him.


Yup, Andy will most likely be looking for a new career.

Rocco Gianini

Robert, can I call you Bob? ….wait, how about Bobby?….no? OK then, Robert, you are right this could be a very harsh life lesson for our little Merry Andrew….teaching the teacher….oh well, not my problem.

Maui Sunset

And to top off all your comments that are spot on regarding Andy…….he thinks he’s up for “America’s Favorite”. This poor guy is going to need a therapist when he reads what everybody really thinks if him! Except for Jessie (the bodybuilder) I have never HATED anyone as much as Andy!


Imagine the tears and indignation when Andy sees what America thinks of him. And most of his college students will be laughing behind his back, if not right in his face.

Rocco Gianini

Kathy, I wish there contract stipulated that they all had to come back in 30 days for a reunion show moderated by pit bull lawyers.

just Saying

I’ve been noticing a “coldness” on McCrae , probably he is regretting letting Amanda ruin his game. I’m not Nostradamus but I don’t see this relationship working outside in the real world. Amanda continuously smothering McCrae with ‘I love you(s)’ I don’t hear McCrae reciprocating her desperation… something is definitely wrong with this woman.


McCrae has played this game 95% in bed !!!


If Mccreae was older he could have Hugh Hefner!

Not A PHD Student

McCrae has played this game 95% in bed !!!

2% in the shower and the other 3% up Amanda’s azz

If anyone wants to keep McCrea to go to the end with them they are nuts, cause they will not get Amanda’s vote.l


But they will get everyone else’s vote, it could be easy to win against McCrae, he laid in bed, had sex everywhere in a house with alot of people, did nothing except be Amanda’s bitch boy, he would be easy to win against, no one would let him win knowing Amanda would take most of the money anyway. He started out so good until the skank black widow got ahold of him. Out of everyone remaining Andy has the best case for best game played since he did basically play everyone and lied to everyone, but they all think he is their friend, Helen did, Kaitlin did, everyone “loves” Andy, annoying as he is, he fooled alot of people. He desperately wants Elissa out now because she is on to him.


When a woman smothers a boyfriend with “I love you,” it is a sure sign of insecurities!! They know the floor is about to give out underneath them and try to hold on to anything. Amanda must be flipping out internally when MCstupid does not return the “I love you too.”


ELLISA is very very beautiful now that all that botox stuff has drained out of her lips and face . She looks like a Princess now .


You don’t put Botox in lips, that’s collagen. lol


What do you all think about the racist comments GM made about Asian Americans again ?


I was starting to root for GM, since she actually had the guts to make the big move against McCranda. But, after her newest racist (Asian) comment, I’m hoping Judd gets the money.


Judd does not deserve the money.


So who do you think “deserves” the money? The money or the win?


It doesn’t take guts when you have numbers. It took this long for anyone to show balls, no one gets credit for being bold here. GM thinks she’s hot shit since she has HOH but she hasn’t done anything big all season.


Regardless of this Amanda veto rumor, it seems pretty apparent production just chooses when to introduce things to suit their fancy. Things like having the MVP to start and the first four jurors come back to compete might be preplanned but they adjust stuff all the time. They just use the “expect the unexpected” angle to play off how they make shit up.

Big Sister

This season could be subtitled, “Open mouth, insert foot!”


Yes! I think MC is relieved Amanda is going. I’ve never seen him so animated and happy as he was last night.

Keep the veto McCrae

Don’t fall for it McCrae. If they are willing to ‘save’ you over Elissa then they would be willing to ‘save’ Amanda over her. Think this through. You already know you can’t trust GM. And you know Judd is a shady retard. And you know Judd, GM, and joker face are working together. So don’t listen to these assholes. Just accept that Amanda is going home no matter what and fight your ass off for HOH. And then send that plastic phony out the door. It’s the only shot you have bc these rejects are coming after you (why, I don’t know since you didn’t cause any waves this season and the others floated more than you). It would be so awesome for Judd to be blindsided again. That turkey should never been allowed back in the game once he was out. CBS sucks.


That’s the feeling I’ve had for 2 weeks now. It almost feels like he doesn’t like her anymore and is just going along for the sake of the game. He keeps snapping at her and doesn’t want to have sex much. He must realize he has spent his entire Big Brother experience in “bed”.

He’s a fool. He is to Amanda what Kaitlin became to Jeremy: a piece of ass to play with in bed.


I dont care about Mcpussy’s game at this point. I want J.U. Double D to win with final 2 deal with Ellissa.


I bet Amanda is really a hot mess and better yet she will cry at the jury house.


…and I bet the genius know-it-alls that were convinced that Amanda was rigged to win the game are feeling pretty foolish right now…or pretending they never believed it in the first place, huh?

Teri B

Nick: I will answer this since I’ve been a believer. I still DO think it was rigged for her to win. But I think she turned some kind of crazy frakking corner and CBS/Production/AG had to scramble when it all turned to shit (the “corner” that broke the camel’s back…and yes I know it’s the straw…. was the bullying, I think)…..and then others had a chance.

So, nope, I won’t pretend I didn’t believe it, and nope, I don’t feel foolish. I’m just a person with an opinion. And my opinions change with the game.



Good for you. Continue doing whatever mental gymnastics you feel are necessary to make sure you don’t admit you were wrong. Amanda hasn’t done anything new that past houseguests haven’t done, but yeah, CBS would definitely rig the game for her to win and then completely throw that out the window because she said some rude comments to another houseguest. Makes total sense.

Live in reality, for fuck sakes.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I also believe that the show was rigged for Amanda to win. I think the plan changed when the public outcry over the behaviour of the houseguests grew louder and stronger. CBS & production didn’t count on Amanda being so despised by the public. They knew it would be hard to promote the next season of Big Brother if the previous winner is a racist bully who did nothing but have sex with her showmance and then graphically share her sexual encounter with the other houseguests and the millions of fans watching the live feed. I mean how do you really justify giving $500,000 to a racist bully in the year 2013? How many suicides this year were the result of bullying? Viewers are not going to stand for that kind of behaviour.

Teri B

Thank you BB Fan from Canada, for saying all the stuff I forgot. I am with you 100%.



I think you hit the nail on the head. Prob is this has been the worst BB season ever with the most dislikable cast. There is no Janelle or Brittnay to route for there is mish mash of trailer park wanna be stars and richie rich snobberella that is so unlikable that you want to punch her from your own couch. Who is BB going to pick to be this years hero.. Uncle Pedophile the Train conductor, The unedumacated racist Jersey Girl, The Botox till she is going burst joker faced BB Royalty little princess, The without his Scooby Shaggy pizza boy, The wailing fairy rat boy , or the backwoods frog eating alligator hunting barely understandable however sometimes loveable hick boy.. Truly they all fall amazingly short.. Adderal messed this game up.. I don’t thing Amanda would have went off her wheels if she wasn’t on so many percription drugs but she did and lost her bloody mind and position in the house. Bad writers this year, bad cast, bad everything. I’m sick of the racist crap.. It wasn’t that bad.. Unfortunately we are all diff from one another and those diffs are sometimes glaringly obvious in the heat of anger.. That’s all.. Does it mean Aaryn hates blacks, Korean , purple people.. No.. And just because you can not automatically tell one culture from another does not make you racist.. Heck my BF is Chinese and I still have no way knowing .. If you lined up a Scottish , Germany and a French Canadian you wouldn’t definetly be able to tell us by our heritage. Same thing. Man this season sucked bad and for all the wrong reasons. Not because your fab person lost but because none us really got to pick a fave player they all were so bad and all the extra stupid conflict behind the show this year. I hope survivor is much better this season and if I never see another Reily sister it will be to soon ( which is sad cause I use to be a huge Rachel fan) I hope BB see’s how much they hurt they’re show and fan base this year… Btw Elissa fans can you please explain to me your obsession with her I don’t get it. I find her super super dislikable .


You had me until the “aaryan doesnt hate blacks”

Don’t be stupid now. If I saw anyone making that many inoffensive/racist comments about black people I would most definetly peg them as a racist. There is no arguing that she has deep resentment and I’m sure, hatred for blacks. I can’t imagine what she says about them when shes in the privacy of her own home.


It’s a lame reality show. Stop trying to make it into a moral play. These shows show the lowest denominator by design. People like watching train wrecks.


So you all genuinely believe that Allison Grodner and Amanda are buddies, and they orchestrated this whole thing for her to win, but Grodner didn’t see the warning signs that Amanda might be unstable, and therefore they had to change the game’s “design” over half way through?

You’d rather believe that, than believe you were had by some random loser posting conspiracy theories on the internet.



Is there a rumor on the conspiracy front that Amanda won the Diamond Power of Veto? Hence the reason why she is not going completely crazy? I’m new to the BB craze and find Amanda and her antics fascinating!

Canadian BB fan

I was worried it might be true; now i’m just happy to have been wrong, to be honest.

It’s a much better game if she goes.

And it does look like she will.


Okay here is what i think is going to happen. All the talk between GM and Awhoerda about the use of the HOH room is going to be given to Awhoreda. When she and MCMinute get in the room, the Pandoras Box will be there and Awhoreda will open it.

Only question i have, is it allowed for someone else other than the HOH to open the Box?

That would be my prediction in order for this game to be rigged for that vile, racist pig.


Only HOH opens Pandora’s Box


Robert. Thanks. I just wanted to make sure they couldnt do it. Apprecote the answer.

Keep the veto McCrae

EXCEPT we are told to expect the unexpected. So in a perfect world that would happen. But since we are living in Fantasy Land this season Elissa is the BB-determined winner. Thus it is too late at this point in the game to give Amanda any chance of saving herself. If anything Pandora’s Box was last weekend (when the feeds were cut and joker face was locked in her room after her rant with Amanda). Remember when something was happening in the HOH room and joker face said ‘this is crazy?’ She prob got the DPOV or a special veto for herself if she got put up this week. (Haven’t you seen how confident and happy she’s been, even after McCrae won POV and she might be going up)? They may air something like that tonight. So no, this game isn’t and never was rigged for Amanda to win. It’s been rigged the entire time for the stuck-up plastic face to win. I’m done watching BB if she even makes it to final two. CBS sucks.

Keep the veto McCrae

And besides, GM is lying about giving them the HOH room for a night. That ugly dumb psycho rat is too selfish to share anything with them. Everything that comes out of her mouth is either a lie or a racist comment.

byebyebye Amanda

Amanda is draining MC he hasn’t said more than a few sentences the entire season. She’s a emotional vampire. It’s funny when she talks and talks and pets him in bed and he lays there and moans haha

I hope the others aren’t recruiting Judd in the pathetic I hate Elissa club. Talking shit about Elissa has become the trend. I hope Judd and Elissa make it to F2, Judd would probably win because they all dislike Elissa but I wouldn’t mind if he won. Andy would be the worst person that could win after Amanda . I would rather MC win over Andy if he doesn’t share it with delusional emotional wreck Amanda.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think he knows that once she is evicted, the relationship is over. He’s thinking about jury votes now. Even if he WANTS to break up with her, he knows that it wouldn’t be a good idea since he needs her vote. If he is up against Elissa in the final 2: Helen, Jessie, Candice and GM will vote for Elissa while there is a good chance that Spencer, Andy and Amanda will vote for McCrae. Aaryn and Judd are wild cards so he NEEDS Amanda’s vote to even come close to winning the 500 K.

BB Fan

She is draining him, literally……..ahem

...about Amanda

If evicted…and once confronted by Julie during the exit interview…and along with the booing from the audience…Amanda will definitely be crying in the jury…just like, I’m sure, Aaryn is.


I bet Aaryn is going around in a state of shock wondering what she said to be booed and laughed at!!! It was priceless t see her face and try to talk her way out of it and denying it!! She is bugging all the jury about her behavior. Hopefully they are being honest with her and explaining it all.


To take joy in that shows that you are the worse individual.


Save your words, these people thumbing you down have little to no concept of schadenfreude.

It’s ironic, don’t you think? That these people on their high horses judging everyone in that house seem to have little to no understanding of higher moral reasoning.

just Saying

I’m glad to see how people here reject the bullying, bigotry and racism that some of the HG’s have shamefully exhibit. Given all the Reality TV trash (The Housewives, Jersey Shore, The Real World etc) is comforting to see how that the vast majority of BB’s fan are not endorsing this conduct. There have been bad characters on previous seasons, some of these HG’s are the scum of all of them.


And yet all those shows are so popular. They get ratings, which translated into cash. The self-righteous are merely funding the scum of the earth.

Who made Chen judge, jury and executioner

You can try to rewrite history but the fact of the matter is Aaryn got a decent applause when she came out. It was only when the applause died down that a few politically correct assholes booed. Watch it again. As for Chen’s inquisition it was shameful. Who is she to judge? I will make up my own mind about what to think about HGs, I don’t need Chen manipulating me as a viewer what to think or feel. Further, her public shaming of Aaryn probably will now have an effect of who she votes for at the finale. If its between Elissa (CBS’ picked winner) and another ‘racist’ Aaryn will now be self conscious about her image and vote for the politically correct option. This is part of what is so wrong with this season. It’s a game people. Let the HGs do and say what they want and then deal with what ever blowback there may be when they get back to the real world. If Chen pulls that judgment crap on anybody else I hope they have the balls to go off on her and tell her to MYOB. And about Amanda, I don’t think she is going to be hated as much as you seem to think. There will be some, yes, but precious Elissa will have detractors too. 95% of the country don’t watch BB and could care less, and 99.99% will have forgotten who the contestants were by November. Sorry to disappoint all you politically correct haters.


The choir is in agreement with you.


Well the choir may be, the rest of society is not with you. Julie is a journalist and that is what she does, ask tough questions to get people to think. She did a great job, especially since her heritage was attacked verbally by Aaryn!!!


1. Julie Chen was under enormous pressure to confront Aaryn. Julie is a journalist, but she’s also something of a celebrity, and had a lot of people watching her reactions to the events this season. I think she could have sated a lot of people’s bloodlust and really attacked aaryn, but instead, she stuck strictly to reading back to Aaryn exact quotes during her time in the house. She has done this with other contestants in the house regarding their gameplay/strategy. Further, she wished Aaryn no ill will, and simply told her she hopes the season gives her some perspective. It was fair, and I feel Julie and Aaryn handled themselves to the best of their ability given their circumstances. Let’s not forget, while Aaryn did look foolish on stage, she was clearly not anticipating the questions she was being asked. I’m not arguing whether she did or did not deserve the blindside. Let me repeat, I’m not arguing whether or not Aaryn deserved the blindside, simply stating that when a person feels blindsided, particularly on national television, of course they are going to come off as bewildered and foolish.

2. Those saying that the world largely does not care about Big Brother and its contestants are right, obviously. Any one remember last season’s big moral scandal? Dan swearing on the bible? Yeah, people said he’d lose his job, his wife would leave him, etc. They said the same thing about Matt in season 12 for lying about his wife’s terminal illness. Neither of these men suffered as a result of their actions in the house. People just want their personal views and judgements to be satisfied…it makes people feel good about themselves when people they deem, “bad” are punished, but the bottom line is none of these contestants will likely be suffering consequences a year from now-if history is any indication.

House Ghost

Is that you Colette?…Honest, I could care less about the outcome, but to attack families and children, to hat and call vile names an flip someone off because they dared to put you up…well that crosses the line.


How come showing a fellow human being the respect you would want in return is considered being “politically correct”? I mean would you like it if every situation you walked into you were judged or criticized based on the color of your skin alone? Only racists think its being politically correct. The rest of us just think its respecting a fellow human being. Politics dont rule all of our lives. Some of us have a heart and feel that racism is outdated and played out. Lets judge each other based on our character and not our colour. Peace.

Danity Kane

I think this is what’s going to happen during the double eviction (unfortunately):
Amanda evicted 3-1.
McCrae wins HoH (avenging his partner like done several times in Big Brother history)
Judd and Elissa are nominated.
Andy wins veto, doesn’t use.
Elissa evicted 3-0. (I don’t want this to happen but I really do believe it will happen on Thursday)


That would be a nightmare for me if Elissa gets evicted on Thursday.


I will cry if that happens


I hope exactly this happens. amanda needs to go-she overplayed her hand weeks ago.

Elissa needs to go too…sixth place is more than respectable for someone whose game was handed to her for the first month.

Then, most likely McCrae, then Gina Marie.

I’m betting we see a Judd v Andy final 2.


Not going to happen!!!! Elissa will made top 3

Where's Kevin!!

Hahaha you forgot Spencer like all these houseguests and the rest of the viewers constantly do .. Hahaha .. Spencer will sneak to Judd and Andy final two and win by default since they will be blown away that he managed to get there without being evicted :)


Didn’t forget, just playing the odds in my head.

1. Spencer won’t win part 1 of the final HoH-it’s endurance.

2. Spencer likely won’t win part 2…it tends to be a puzzle combined with something physical. Spencer isn’t a physically active guy.

3. Judd and Andy are likely too scared to take Spencer to the final 2 because his jury speech writes itself, “record for amount of times on the block and survived.”

4. Andy at this point should want to take Judd since his jury speech would destroy his…Judd’s a less eloquent speaker than Spencer and Andy, plus, Andy can point out that since Judd “got a 2nd life” in the game, that he deserves the money more than Judd since, “he only needed one life to get to the finals.”

5. Judd will want to take Andy to expose him as a rat, as opposed to taking Spencer, who was usually straight up with people, but rarely had the allies to make big moves.

6. the jury is loaded with women who believe they played hard, and who are disgusted by Spencer’s crass behavior. Whether they vote strategically or personally, it doesn’t look good for Spencer regardless of who he’s up against.

He’s played a decent game; he won’t win.


You mean like I think this is what’s going to happen during the double eviction (unfortunately):
Amanda evicted 3-1.
Judd wins HoH
Andy and McCrae are nominated.
Elissa wins veto, doesn’t use.
McCrae or Andy evicted 3-0. (I don’t want this to happen but I really do believe it will happen on Thursday)

Danity Kane

I can’t see Elissa winning a double eviction veto, but that would be awesome.

Bye Bye Amanda

I don’t think Andy would beat Elissa for POV if she was on the block. She has a way of winning and saving herself when she has to. I don’t think it is going to be as easy to get her out as they think it will :-)


Let just pray the rumors aren’t true that Amanda has the diamond power of veto. If she does, Elissa goes up and doesn’t have the chance to fight to stay in. That would be worst case scenerio.

Surely you jest

Yeah, Elissa has a way of saving herself and winning…. it’s called game rigging and CBS letting her win. She’s a joke and this season has been one big joke.


Please, her sister was a comp beast. Elissa has to have some of that in her. I think we have seen glimpses of it.


Even if that happens Elissa will be going to a house full of friends while Demanda will be hoping ok ok Helen will be nice to her. That would be some consolation but I so hope either McStinky or Rat Dog follows.

Just Jack

I hope Amanda is just fine in the Jury house because she will have her man following her in there right behind her. I girl can only dream :-)


MC is going to be extremely motivated to win after Amanda leaves. He doesn’t want to go back to that wench and will do everything to stay in the house. I believe 100% he will win HOH by sheer will alone.


I don’t really think I want Elissa to win the game, but honestly there isn’t really anyone likable to root for this season (maybe Judd). Anyways, I definitely want her to outlast McPussy and the ginger RAT BASTARD!!! I can’t f***ing stand Andy with his RAT ass. His hatred of Elissa is so damn over the top. He hates her because she sees right through him for the friggin weasel that he is. I hope he walks out that door on Thursday.


Simon/Dawg and anyone who remembers: Does Ratboy ever complain or bash Elissa outside of Amanda’s presence? It seems to me that he mostly does it to impress Amanda and to bond with her. I know he strategizes with The Perv to get her out, bit besides that, I think he does the most and worst Elissa bashing in front of/with Amanda. Input?


he does it in front of Spencer, for sure

Chuckleberry Finn

I would be delighted and elated if that where to happen. I would dance across America and throw parties everywhere. Hot damn! Now I’m all hot and bothered! I’m going to go to the corner, give Rachel $10 for some steamy sex!

just Saying

That’s a true possibility :(

Elissa the clown

Good! Elissa should go! She’s been a pretensious snob the entire season and floated on Helen’s coat tails. I’m so sick of her bragging how much of her husband’s money she has spent and that she isn’t going anywhere bc she is Rachel’s sister. That’s the only reason you got on the show you gold digging loser. Be evicted already and let the people who fought to get on the show battle it to the end.


I think if McCrae is HOH next week, he will put GM up. Payback.


I do not think that Judd would have nominated Amanda and McSlob. He is too much of a chicken.


Aww. Elissa is so sweet. Thinking of selling her clothes and then donate the money to charity. I love that girl. You go girl.


Vino must’ve been misted by E? Lol


Yes madmac. And am loving the mist……lol. If you r mad about it, then shit ur pants like Andy .


Missed the part @ 11:15A where Judd says to Elissa that Amanda did not want anyone out of the game, she just wanted to win the game. Judd says she has been bullied a lot including by you.

What game have you been playing Judd???? Cause I don’t see it that way on the one I’m watching !

Bye Bye Amanda

I watched it and they were joking! ;-)

Pinocchio Obama

i just don’t want anything to happen that keeps Amanda in the house.


I don’t think there will be a pandoras box this season. Or if there is it will be something silly and pointless. I doubt there will be any special “powers” given out either.

Getting excited for the Double Eviction. Although it’s pretty much a given either McCrea or Elissa will go home unless one is HOH and the other gets POV. But still gonna be fun to watch.

Anyone else wondering why GM was the one that had to wash the sheets after she let McCranda sleep in her HOH bed last time?!?!?! GROSS. I don’t know why GM is letting them have it again, but seriously make THEM wash the damn sheets.


Not sure if this is true or not, but I read that Julie said on another tv show she’s on, that there will NOT be a PB this season.


GM had to wash the sheets because Amanda doesn’t do laundry.




I don’t get the live feeds but I noticed they do talk alot about production, and DR, just didn’t know if BB was telling them to stop like other seasons. Totally agree there is NO respect for others this season, especially by Mcranda. They have sex or just lay in every bed and not wash sheets, have sex in other rooms in the house. I do believe Amanda is the rudest houseguest ever.

Amanda's Rulebook

Has anyone else noticed how often BB has to chime in and remind the HG not to talk about production, DR sessions, sing songs, etc. (More than previous seasons)

It’s always the same offenders. Amanda, Andy, GM….it’s to the point that the HG know what they are doing but refuse to obey the rules. So much disrespect towards the BB game and the other players this season. .

They should enable some kind of penalty for constantly breaking the rules….penalties can increase on the amount of times and severity in which it happens.

Hmmm…..something to think about….


…and when Spencer basically says shut up i was f**kin talkin about _______.

Very respectful bunch for sure.

Bb fan

Thumbs up if you dislike Amanda


I think this is what’s going to happen on Thursday,
Amanda will go home 3-1
Judd wins HoH
McCrae and Andy.
Elissa wins PoV
McCrae goes home 3-0
Elissa wins the second HoH!!!! (#TeamElissa)


What? He would put up Amanda?


He could have actually said Andy, but it was typed wrong. I notice a lot of times, that’s happened, especially with Aaryn/Andy. Probably a typo.

What the Judd....

Why did Judd say he will put up Amanda if he wins HOH on Thursday, isn’t she going home?


He was saying he wished she had won POV that way McStinky would go home Thursday and they would only have Demanda to deal in in comps.


He could have actually said Andy, but it was typed wrong. I notice a lot of times, that’s happened, especially with Aaryn/Andy. Probably a typo.


Re: Does Mc care if Amanda goes home/will they be a two some outside the house In My Opinion NO he doesn’t care if she goes….if he would ocntinue the relationship of their misfit lives…depends upon if he wins money…if he wins IT WILL BE SEE YA AMANDA…if she wins any money he might stay around as all he has going for him is the next take out order he has to deliver in his more than likely broken down car. He is not a Manly man although Amanda stated his biggest attribute To America the other night…but he is a Little man otherwise…she is five years older an he is her boy toy. To announce she got rid of a pregnancy aka baby three days prior to entering the BB house is so disgusting, but then so is she, biggest no easy way to put this Slutty Ho on the TV. Big Brother really needs to upgrade their contestants next year or do a repeat of the biggest player in the past and bring them in…there were some great one who never talked like this vulgar bunch has………..never saw the vile language they had to put up a disclaimer…if you watch Big Brother After Dark you would hear even more. that’s all for now…….just amused at the things Amanda is promising if they don’t vote her out……….sure you already gave up your first born…if indeed that was your first abortion………..NUFF SAID


I know people hate to hear excuses by people threatening to never watch BB again, but if Elissa goes up and goes home instead of Amanda, no threat, I will never watch BB again. I like Elissa and would love to see her win only because she’s been the underdog since day one in the house. I was rooting for GM as well until she started making the racial comments again. She lost the respect she was gaining from me. I’m so ready for BB to be over this year. I’ve never felt this way before. It’s a shame. Simon and Dawg, I don’t know how you do it…


MVP. Three weeks straight.

Chuckleberry Finn

Dude, don’t even try. These people (team Elissa) are delusional. Absolutely bonkers, undeniably craycray. Whack ado to the 10th power.

Go Elissa

Maybe the first week ,she was voted MVP because she was Rachel’s sister But by week 2 we knew that is was Not a nice group in the house( racist remarks and such ) and Elissa had a target on her back Just because she was her sister and that was Not fair ! when it was switched we voted for Amanda because of her own Actions ! Amanda’s behavior has only gotten more Disgusting and her continuing to blame others for her own misgivings is unforgivable !!! I am hoping for Judd , Elissa , and GM lesser or the evils ) to make it to the F3.


No…that’s not respectable at all.


Even if you want to play that tired card that Aaryn, Jeremy, etc. didn’t deserve it, there were plenty of nice people in the house that were playing a stronger game than Elissa.

Nick had an amazing alliance formed by week 2, and had he gotten MVP, this whole season would have played a lot differently. For starters, the Moving Company would have had power that week, and Nick never would have been on the block, and therefore, McCrae wouldn’t have felt inclined to backstab his own alliance.

Helen was calling the shots on Elissa’s side until about week 5 or 6…she deserved MVP every time over Elissa, if not over everyone the first few weeks.

Even Candice had figured out that there was an all male alliance in the house…had people rewarded her insight with MVP, just once, this game would have been radically different, and all these racist idiots you all keep moaning about might not have lasted as long as they did, if Candice and Howard had ever, EVER, won the audience over. Instead, we awarded the rich white girl, three times. Go figure. Go America.

clownie is alive

Come on America. Let’s all write Grodner and have CBS allow GinaMarie or Judd to face the camera Thursday just before eviction and ask “HELEN IS IT TIME YET, ORIS IT STILL TOO EARLY?”

If anybody leaves the jury house (leaving an even number), how about America gets a vote for the winner of BB15? Oh wait, that is right, Grodner only YOUR vote counts.


Hey Judd, you’re on BB! Get with the program and get a clue!


Amanda: I know I’m leaving and it’s OK. I just hope in jury that I get some good food. BB I could go for a nice lobster if your listening!!

Judd: I had this crazy dream last night. It all started when my dog became allergic to all foods except for lobster. I couldn’t afford to feed him so I was forced into the lobster business. I owned a lobster company with giant fish tanks full of lobster. I was real busy selling lobster all day long but then a person brought back a lobster for a refund. Then all hell broke loose and everyone was bringing back their lobsters. Somehow I found out later it was all a scam. People were eating the lobsters then using crazy glue to put the shells back together. My fish tanks were full of empty, hollow lobsters that were put together by crazy glue. I called the police and the FBI showed up. Soon it became an international conspiracy because shellfish all over the world were turning up hollow. Then the CIA got involved and I went to work for them but that’s another story.




Elissa saying yeah she wished she had put up Amanda and McCrae after Judd saying he was Jealous of GM for doing this and wanted to. News flash Elissa, you had the chance last week to out Amanda and McCrae up, but you didn’t.

The Alarm Clock

Darn, I was hoping they wouldn’t be woken up until Monday.

Snooze Switch

Looks like you may get your wish.


Sociopaths, like Amanda, never take responsibility for their actions–everything is someone elses’ fault. They are self centered and cruel and can be difficult to like or live with. And then there is Andy. God forbid any of my children were in his class. This year’s BB ship is a cruise of crazies!


Hey guys, here is the website and tell me if its true or not!!!!

Teri B

Cap: No idea if it’s real or faux. BUT….remember there was another rumour last week that said Demanda was going to be thrown OFF the show this past Thursday. Didn’t happen, so definitely a rumour.

Who knows? Only CBS/Production/AG/and on and on and on….but not us!

Cheers, Cap. I always enjoy your comments.


I just want proof with evidence like how did Amanda got DPOV?

Teri B

Exactly….I would like to know that as well.


I am having a hard time not wanting everyone to go home Thursday night.


Candaice number 4 your crazy she was Miss louisiana number one


Rumor has it today that Amanda has the diamond power of veto. She supposedly won it in the luxury comp (she calle the luxury veto comp on the feeds by mistake)that spencer won the $10,000. I love Big Brother and this will most likely be my last season watching if Amanda does win. I am really starting to believe that it is rigged for Amanda. Her whole attitude changed after that comp. I would be willing to bet that DR gave her the token in a DR session and told to keep it a secret. I am not buying her crying act..it look so fake. I also think that the Mcrandas knew each other prior to the show..the girl in Minnisota is made up she came out of nowhere a few weeks ago after they were well on there way. Way to convenient that Mcea all of a sudden gets out of bed after weeks of doing nothing to contribute except saying “yup” and ” I hate Elissa” a million times and then wins the veto. True he won the first HoH but the Amanda hooking up right away with him is quite suspicious. He was just a pizza boy? that story line got dropped quik after his production gigs were exposed. Also Amand has bee taken off the website of her families business and her Fl realators liscences is no longer valid. Perhaps because she already knew coming out she was going to stay in California because she will have a half a milliion dollars to sit on while she get into show business? convient that she and Mcrea mentions that they could move to California and get a job with Big Brother after the show? Now with that being said I know that this is a televised game and needs drama, but if the producers are willing to put this kinda of disgusting behavior as seen from everyone in the cast for ratings then I am done with this show. The things that are coming out of their mouths are an embarrassment to this country. They are not only saying things to hurt the HG but they are offending the general public as well. That should NEVER be a form of entertainment. Now if these people are just shitty people that’s another story but to purposely use this storyline is repugnant to me.


I hope this diamond power of veto rumor is just that, a rumor. No one wants her left in the house, well except Amanda. I’m not sure McCrae even wants her around. If she magically has DPOV it would suck.


MOM… get off the internet, you are embarrassing me in front of my friends

Teri B

PRAYING you are wrong, and I know you probably are, too. This season is completely frakked up. UGH. I might be right behind you signing off on this show if she wins.


Well going by the rules of the D-POV/Coup d’état, the holder isn’t allowed to discuss them with anyone or they will lose it instantly. So if Amanda did in fact win the D-POV(which I wouldn’t put it past AG), she would already have lost it because she let it leak on the feeds.

For entertainment proposes, McCraea needs to be split up.


I hope if GinaMarie wins, (not that I want her too), she spends some of the cash on a English as a second language course. It amazes me how she demolishes it every time she opens her mouth.


I hope GM goes to school with any winnings she gets.

Kelli Jo

On Thursday’s double eviction, Amanda will go home 3-1. Whoever wins HoH will put up Elissa and a pawn, unless Elissa wins and she will out up McCrae and Andy or spencer. After pov, if Elissa is up and wins they will backdoor McCrae and if McCrae is up and wins they will backdoor Elissa.


I really hope Elissa wins. I feel out of everyone left she is the only one who deserves to win at this point. I would say the same about Amanda had she not played the way she did. It’s not simply the fact that she was mean, manipulative and a bully but she could have kept it about the game. Instead she constantly hurled bodily threats at Elissa and made it personal constantly making disparaging remarks about her family. There was one comment she said about Elissa not truly loving her step-son, like that’s SO unecessarily evil and could affect Elissa’s relationship with her kids and husband when this game is said and done. Why even say that?? Same thing with Aaryn and GM’s (and Amanda’s) constant hateful racist remarks. What does that have to do with the game?? When Elissa taunted Amanda about throwing her the POV, at least it was teasing her with something game-related and that’s what Amanda should have done with her antics and she would have been much more respected in this game.
Someone mentioned Elissa made no moves until this recent HOH getting out Aaryn. FALSE. Elissa was MVP for 3 weeks and made moves to get out strong players from the beginning. And she made those decisions on her own. Remember when everyone threatened her to nominate Howard. She refused and made her OWN decisions. She has been playing the game from DAY 1 and has been a huge target the moment the found out who her sister was and she’s still here. She deserves the win. Doesn’t matter what money she has already. These idiots don’t deserve it over her.

Rocco Gianini

I’m scared that JuDD is going to inadvertently screw the whole thing up , I like him, but he is an idiot as far as game goes, Spencer and Andy have already got his head spinning, Elissa told him that Andy is playing against him, what does he do ? He goes and tells Andy what she said! Nitwit!

BBfan from Florida

Totally saw that too Rocco……He should have tested Andy’s loyalty in some way and used that information. I think GM is the only one that seems to test people a little.


Judd will be on the outside talking to Julie looking dumbfounded again if he continues to listen to Andy.


Elissa is just as repulsive in her own way. Elissa said Amanda was delusional well look at the pot calling the kettle black.

canada fan

Amanda and McCrae are gross. They both deserve each other…..


this Season has gone Big Brother stupid.
First if GM thinks it is a good idea to not put up Elissa, it is a really bad idea.

So this week will be Amanda v. Spencer
Amanda goes home.
Next week production will rig a competition, I mean, have a competition that suits McCraes skill set.
McCrae will be HoH
Double Eviction
nominees will be Elissa and GM
Elissa will win PoV
Spencer and Andy will decide now that Amanda is gone, They can work with McCra
Judd replaces Elissa on the block
Judd is evicted

next week
Elissa wins HoH
Elissa being an emotional player decides to put up McCrae v GM (She can not help it her brain was evicted when Helen left.)
MCrae wins PoV
Elissa puts up. guess who? Spencer, because he umm soo obviously working with Mcaaae and Andy
GM is evicted

Remaining House Guests
Elissa, Andy, Spencer and McCrae… Final 4
Spencer wins his first and only HoH
nominates Elissa and McCrae
Elissa wins PoV (Production rigs, I means does a PoV set to Elissa talents)
McCrae v Andy
McCrae is evicted
Elissa Spencer and Andy

Andy wins HoH
and takes Elissa to final two… because he feels he has the votes against Elissa not Spencer
Andy cries as Spencer leaves

Aaryn vote: Elissa
Jessie vote: Elissa
Helen vote: Elissa
GM vote: Elissa
Judd vote: Elissa
Candice vote: Elissa
Amanada vote: Andy
McCrae vote: Elissa
Spencer vote: Andy

Elissa wins Big Brother
Andy Second Place
Americas Choice: Helen


America’s choice Helen. I don’t think so because it was never the right time to vote out Amanda until she was on the block and she also saw nothing wrong with the racist comments that were mention by the other house guest. There are other players who deserve it over her.

Chuckleberry Finn

Talk about delusional….

Elissa has no chance at winning this. Very very few people would vote for her. Sure, Helen is a lock, maybe. But she had 3 MVP. She skirted the have nots rules. Thought she was better than the rest of them. No way, no how. That’s even. IF she gets to final 2 which I seriously doubt.

A. G.

Elissa is scheduled to receive America’s vote – we’re still trying to figure out who we want to win – and the photo booth still has a part to play.


I wonder if in her interview GM will ask Julie if she is really Helen – since she thinks all Asians look the same. I am so over all of these people – put me out of my misery – please!

Amandas cootch smells like onions

Or I wonder if Julie will ask her if she looks like Helen since asians all look alike….wonder what GMs comeback would be for that

The Jury Security Guard On Thursday Night

“Someone call for an ambulance, and make sure they bring a straight jacket! ”

Helen replies: “No, it’s not the right time yet”…

Amanda Special Power

Let’s not forget which seemingly a lot of people are doing right now. Amanda has a special power that she picked up during the lux comp. A DPOV or something very similar to that. Amanda will be staying folks


That is a totally not true. It’s a luxury competition. There is no DPOV!!!! That’s a totally a lie!!!!!

Teri B

Cap: I SO hope you’re right!!

Amanda Special Power

She was shown on the live feeds with a special token. I will bet my life on it, that token is not useless. That token she picked up during the lux comp has a special power. Yea it might not be a DPOV but something very similiar to it. I hate Amanda but it’s the facts.


Post the link on YouTube and proof it!!!!




It’s amazing how someone can come on here and spew total BS and everyone believes it. Amanda is not going to win big brother. Even if she made it to final two, they all hate her in jury. Critical thinking people. Critical thinking.


You make a good point…but that doesn’t mean the all the comps were not really rigged in Elissa, Mcrea, and her favor for ratings. And that is the a huge part of the game…along with the social part. That makes the whole game BS if they are going to rigg everything…just put a bunch of @$!holes in a house and let them tear each other down then, or o a much better job hiding it?


Absolutely. It’s definitely rigged for ratings. But the ongoing rumours about Amanda winning and having a DPOV are nonsense. I cannot see Amanda winning
Bb. Not gonna happen. And I have been following the DPOV comments and it was just someone speculating about the luxury comp. it’s a nice theory, but everyone’s talking about it now as if it was set in stone. I don’t believe it.


I’m so happy Amanda is going home, so very happy. Here’s to hoping everything works out this week and everyone sticks to the current plan.

I know GinaMarie has made certain remarks that are both crass and mean-spirited. I certainly don’t agree with those remarks; however, I also don’t sit in a position of judgment… so I’ll strictly stick to her game play.

GinaMarie has played a pretty solid game so far. Some may even say she’s played a great game thus far. She’s been on the block and avoided eviction; she was a have/have-not beast (in the eyes of her housemates); and now she’s won two HoHs.

She evicted Candice with her first HoH. Most of the houseguests for varying reasons disliked Candyland. So while I agree Candice’s eviction wasn’t a “big” game move per se… it was a very safe and appropriate action at that time.

Now, with her second HoH she’s splitting up the dreaded McCranda duo. These two (Team McCranda) have been one of the biggest targets since like week three or four. They’ve certainly been target numero uno over the last two/three weeks. And by splitting this team up not only does GM reap the reward of being THE houseguest to finally split up that pair, but she’s also getting extra credit for evicting yet ANOTHER houseguest (Amanda) that everyone else SO wants out of the house. This is the biggest game move of the season, thus far, in my opinion.

At the end, if GM happens to be in one of those final two seats, the above facts make for very compelling arguments that GM could/should walk away as the winner of BB15.

I’m not pro-GM by any means, but I’m just stating some obvious facts that I think are being overlooked by most.


Here we are again: why were Amanda and McCrae so ‘frightening’ to everybody. Besides all the reasons I’ve heard (which don’t amount to much), about her being a great social player, they both were basically in bed all the time and when she was up she was intimidating people and demanding they do what she says. Does that make for great game-play?
What I always thought was that if the so-called ‘biggest threats’ were put up on the block, it would be admired and the house would back it up because they wanted to do it but couldn’t (for some mysterious reason).
So now we have people discussing how much cahones it takes to do that and regrets that they didn’t act the same.
What am I missing here?
Yeah I get Amanda is scary but so what? What’s not scary about living in that environment? She can only go so far before being told to stop by production anyway
I could see people putting off her eviction this long if she was fun to be around and a great lady that everyone flocks to.
That’s what Dr. Will Kirby was IMO and I have never seen it again.
So, what gives?
What has keeping her around benefited any of the houseguests? Not one (except for maybe for her baby boy who remains dominated by her since first HOH). If another male (maybe even female) had won that first comp, they’d be a ‘McCrae’ now. I think it had very little to do with real attraction. Power was her goal , she vicariously won it through him and anybody in that HOH bed would have been her first claim to the rights as ‘queen’ (I suspect). I dunno.
We shall see. :)


I think I’m getting worried a floater is gonna win this season it would be so awful if Spencer or Andy won. I think at this point I’m rooting for Judd. I use to be rooting for McCrae but ever since he became Amanda’s bitch he really lost his game! He seemed like a decent nice person when they first entered the house the meanness of Amanda has rubbed off on him.

They Are All Floaters!

Of course a floater is going to win….They are all floaters in one way or another! As of this posting Judd is as much a floater as anyone else – sorry Judd fans, but it’s true. He will need to make at least ONE viable strategic game move to raise him up the bar on the Floater Totem Pole. Of the remaining HG’s, IMO only Amanda (arranged the nominations of who she wanted out even though she wasn’t HOH), Elissa (nominated McCrae and Aaryn), and GM (nominated McCranda) have made viable strategic moves. It’s a shame they cannot work together on a girls alliance – the boys will – but, Amanda’s behavior nullifies any potential alliance with Elissa and GM at this point – women cannot seem to put aside emotions in favor of good strategy. I want Elissa to win, not because of the Brenchal Army (a stupid fan group – I dislike Rachel as much as I dislike Amanda), and not because she is the best strategist/nicest/prettiest/etc., but because it will be amusing to see each of the other’s lose! The “it’s what the house wants” nonsense sealed each of their fates as FLOATERS, but each of them seems to think they have played such a great strategic game. Ironically, each feels that they not only deserve to win or be in F2, they each think they should be America’s Favorite. And, of course, the conspiracy theory’s will rage on that production rigged it for Elissa to win – something else I find very amusing.


Rumors floating around Amanda won a diamond POV during the luxery comp….any truth to this? I would think if she did she would have at least told Mcrae.


No it’s not true!!!!!! If it was, she probably told Juile Chen about it. No it’s not true.


I hope you’re right – its a pretty popular rumor right now…

Pinocchio Obama

i’m wondering since Amanda, McCrae and Elissa have such large targets on them is a weasel like Andy going to slip by to the end? I sure hope not.


Elissa talks big about houses, boats and ice rinks they own. She doesn’t own crap, it’s all her husbands. Nobody should be fooled, he had her sign an iron clad prenup. She will probably pop out a kid for him and that will keep her in child support payments. He will be on to the next wife by the time Elissa hits 40. We have seen this story before.


If these HGs keep thinking that only “Brenchal Army” are the ones who are disgusted by them, then they can be like Aaryn and live in the land of Denial.

It’s an easy out. Dismiss the judgements because the “enemy” is following a group who worship blindly.

That’s ok. They will all go home and surround themselves with like-minded people and everything will be alright again.

So glad to see so many people want to expand their horizons and are invested in personal growth.


Amanda does NOT have a Special Power.
Elissa probably does.


i think spencer came in wanting to make moves and etc…but helen and amanda forced him to play a completely different game. i think he is not a floater at heart. but just hanging on until its time. Andy is a floater, but he’s one of the better ones ive seen on BB. I really think they have taken the situation presented to them and reacted to it organically. I see merit to their actions.

Crystal Ball

Sigh. Just when I started to like GM, she goes and displays her ignorance again by saying all Chinese people look alike. Last night she also asked repeatedly how to spell “exterminator” and found it so difficult that she said she would have to study the word before sending out her HOH tweets. I notice everyone exhibits a great amount of patience when talking to her, dumbing down the conversation and helping her find the right words or gently correcting her. Aaryn said several times how frustrated she was having to spend so much time with GM because the conversations were painful. Although I do not like Aaryn at all, I can definitely see how painful it would be to try to talk to GM. Although she has a fun and exuberant personality, she has the reading level and maturity of a 10 year old. Even though she has said a lot of disgraceful and offensive things, I don’t find her repugnant like I do Aaryn and Amanda. I pity GM more than anything.

Pinocchio Obama

“i think spencer came in wanting to make moves ”

Do you mean bowel moves?


I was a little surprised by Amanda’s comment as to what she would say to Julie should Julie ask her about torturing Elissa. Those of us who watch the live feeds know exactly what has been going on. I believe twitter blew up on the day it happened and not on the day the edited version happened. Then she finishes off this ridiculous statement with a “F*ck you Julie”. WTH is wrong with this girl? She really has no self awareness at all. I hope Julie does call her out and let’s her know it was the live feeders who were disgusted with her behavior and not just the people watching the edited version.

Crystal Ball

I hope that Julie sees Amanda’s comment about what she would say about taunting Elissa and “fuck you, julie!” I hope it inspires Julie Chen into throwing Amanda’s words right back into her face even more than she did to Aaryn. I want to see Amanda scramble! I am willing to bet Amanda will compare herself to Evel Dick and says something about how America loves a villain. All I want is for Julie to wipe that damn smug smile right off Amanda’s face.

BB Fan

Demanda sounds like a man trapper. Her master plan is to get preggers with McPussy’s baby. I think she realizes that Mcpussy is not going to move to Florida and probably doesn’t want anything to do with her after the show. If the HOH room is a rockin, don’t come a knockin!!!!


She lives and works in LA,she does’nt want to say.(GOOGLE IT)

Ignorance is not Bliss for the viewer

Seriously, GM is so ignorant and socially inept. She really doesn’t see anything wrong with what she says which is so infuriating – even after Judd or production have said things to raise her awareness. I otherwise don’t mind her gameplay, but her comments (especially on national television) are so inappropriate.

And I will be the one to say it — it is ask NOT aks!

Crystal Ball

If/when GM gets evicted, I wonder if Julie will confront her on her racist comments the same way she did with Aaryn. I have a feeling GM would not even realize that Julie finds her remarks offensive and would try to laugh it off. While Aaryn stumbled and tried to go into denial and apologize during her exit interview, I cringe as to what GM will say in the same situation. Perhaps something along the lines off, “youse all have to get a sense of humor!”


I am curious about this too. I think they see GM a mentally unstable with the whole Nick thing and her eating disorder. They might handle her more gently than Aaryn.


Why on earth would they put a Pandora’s Box in there for anyone BUT Elissa? She’s the only one who knows how to say NO when people knock on her HIH door, and the only one who didn’t LET McCranda sleep in her room during her reign.


Amanda hates Elissa because no matter what Amanda says to Elissa, she can’t break her.

Amanda came into this house thinking she was going to be “teacher’s pet”. In her DR’s first she was always putting on a show. Like dressing like a flight attendant and saying “fasten your seatbelts…” Then she dressed up like a dominatrix to play a part, which Elissa let her know was not so cool after all. Her last attempt was “bubby”. They didn’t even show as a character when she was blasting Elissa. She just looked like an old grumpy lady.

Elissa has managed to keep herself together. No matter how hard Amanda has tried to tear her down.

Amanda is jealous. She may/may not be jealous of Elissa’s looks. But she must be. When she blasted Elissa she pointed out all the “plastic” Elissa had, minus her boobs. Why? Because Amanda has fakes too. But Amanda is aware that she has no waist and no butt. She said people have told her her butt is flat as a pancake (hence the boobs, to take the attention away from that). That is why she is always flashing her boobs.

So let’s say she is not jealous of Elissa’s tight body. Let’s see if she is jealous of Elissa’s life. Amanda said the other night while sharing server stories with other HGs that she was a server until a year and half ago. So that mean she has only been selling houses for that time, max. That’s not enough time to amass a great fortune. Or experience needed to sell expensive houses. Also, Amanda has been talking this whole time about McCrae-babies. McCrae won’t even let her dispose of the used condom by herself. That made me think he is afraid of her doing something shady before disposing of it. Things like that do happen. And it’s obvious to me that McCrae is aware too.

Then there was her “showmance” wedding. And talk of a “forever” with McCrae. It’s obvious this girl wants the marriage, kids and happy forever after. And it appears to the HGs that Elissa may already have that. Isn’t that what they complain about when they say they hate her?

So even if Amanda is NOT jealous of that, she is jealous of Elissa’s confidence. Elissa, in one fell swoop knocked the confidence out of Amanda when she dressed like a “stripper” and put on a show. But no matter how hard Amanda tries, she cannot do the same thing to Elissa!

Crystal Ball

I agree with ALL of this, melanie. They cut down Elissa for her husband’s wealth and for boasting about it (unintentionally, I believe) because there is nothing else to berate her for. I think Elissa is truly proud of her husband and has no idea that talking about their hockey rinks and various houses is seen as boasting and bragging. She shot herself in the foot with talking about how rich she is and she doesn’t even know it. That being said, I do believe that if someone else were to be talking about the same thing, she would be genuinely impressed and happy for them. Amanda goes after Elissa for her wealth and her looks because there is literally nothing else for her to use to insult Elissa. Everyone is picking on her for the lamest things because there isn’t anything else to pick on her for. It’s ridiculous. They all feel so good picking on just one person. And when Andy and Spencer talk about Amanda, they discuss how they like her so much better than Elissa.

Fudge-Packing Andy

Long post, but on the mark.

Chuckleberry Finn

Soooooo much baloney in that sandwich your trying to serve us. No thank you