Ginamarie says I don’t think anyone will remember Helen because all Chinese people look-a-like.

POV Holder: McCRAE Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


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12:40am – 12:50am Big Brother opens up the backyard and house guests finish their blackjack game. Amanda sits on the HOH stairs and asks Ginamarie when can we have your room again. Gina says maybe the last night. Amanda says but I want to get him drunk. Gina says but the thing is, I don’t want to have to wash the sheets again. Amanda says yeah that makes sense. Gina says no not like you’re going to get them all.. Amanda says no we will! Amanda questions who’s sheets did we get really dirty that one time? McCrae says no ones! Gina says well you got tanning on my bed. McCrae says no ones Amanda! Judd asks did ya’ll have sex in my bed. Amanda says yeah we did. McCrae says no we didn’t! Judd says gross. McCrae says it did not happen Judd. Judd asks whenever I was HOH did ya’ll have $ex in my bed? McCrae says no. Judd says gross I’m going to get ring worm and all the new deseases. Amanda says you’re going to get pregnant with McCrababies babies! Judd says we need a Spanish fly trap in the bathroom, those flies are everywhere!

12:55am Amanda and McCrae are in bed. Amanda is crying and telling McCrae about how much she is going to miss him. I just love you so much. I don’t even care about the money. I am so happy you won. I am just going to miss you so much. I know you are going to be around till the end. Amanda says I know she doesn’t want me to stay here, she is not going to make it happen. She isn’t going to put Elissa up. She’s just not going to do it. We can try but it’s not going to happen. Amanda says I love you and I fell in love with you and I never would have met you if I hadn’t come in here.

Meanwhile in the rainbow bedroom – Judd and Andy talk about if McCrae wins HOH this week. Judd think he would go up. Andy says he think McCrae would put up Elissa and Ginamarie. Judd says unless there is a twist Amanda is a walking dead woman. I do not want to be the first guy in the jury with the 5 women. Andy and Judd discuss letting Amanda know about the exterminators alliance (Gina, Judd, Andy, Spencer). They want the jury members to know. Judd says who ever wins HOH they would need to put up Elissa. Andy says we would need to put up one of us like me or Ginamarie so that if he (McCrae) doesn’t get the veto we can put him up. We just have to make sure that Elissa and McCrae don’t win the veto. Andy and Judd talk about there not being any pandora’s box’s and how they wonder if there will be any.

1:30am In the bedroom – Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Ginamarie and Spencer talk and joke around about past events of the house. They talk about Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlins alliances the Triangle of Thrust and Boats and Hoes. Andy questions who was in boats and hoes. Gina laughs and says I don’t know I might have been in it. They continue to laugh and joke around about random things.

2:15am Out on the backyard couch – Andy, Amanda, Spencer Ginamarie and McCrae talk about past events of the house like the hat incident when Spencer told Aaryn that Candice sat on her hat and Aaryn flipped out. Spencer says I was sitting out here and I grabbed her hat kind of aggressively you know and it was just a straw hat. So I went inside and handed it to her and Aaryn asked what happened to my hat?! So I said I think Candice sat on it. Amanda cracks up laughing. They all laugh and find it hilarious that Candice never did it. Andy says let me add that to the list of how Spencer screwed over Candice. They continue talking about other past events of the season. Ginamarie says I don’t think anyone will remember Helen because all Chinese people look-a-like. Amanda laughs so hard. Judd says Ginamarie! Ginamarie! She is Korean. Andy says oh my god! Judd says Ginamarie is going to have people chasing her with knives. Ginamarie says the only ones I know are the ones that do my nails. Judd says don’t say that. Ginamarie says it’s not like, well you know what I mean. It’s like saying all black people look-a-like. Judd says stop! Andy says I feel like you never really know how we are being portrayed or what America thinks of us. Judd says yeah some people watching the live feeds are offended. Amanda says I have a strong feeling that I am loved and hated. Amanda says I just feel safe saying anyone in the brenchel Army hate me. Andy says maybe this f**ks me over for America’s player but anyone who is in the brenchel army are idiots. Spencer says I would be happy if anyone of us got it. They talk about how none of them want Elissa to get it and how they think she will get it. Amanda say Elissa doesn’t deserve it, she didn’t make game moves and doesn’t respect the game, she wanted to walk out and not go to jury. Amanda and McCrae head inside.


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3:20am – 4:50am The Exterminators Alliance talk in the backyard – Andy, Judd, Spencer and Ginamarie. Judd asks so Amanda and McCrae are pushing for me to go up. Gina says yeah you and Elissa. Gina says I will put up Spencer and tell them that he’s been the pawn before. Spencer says he know if he is up Elissa will for sure vote out Amanda. Spencer says he thinks the fans are like finally some people came together to get Amanda and McCrae out. Gina comments she called Elissa f**king loonie toons all the time! Andy says she is f**king crazy. They talk about Amanda’s behaviour. Spencer hopes that Amanda is like she is now outside the house when they go to Vegas. Gina tells Spencer about how Aaryn hates his guts. Judd asks if they think Amanda is viewed as the biggest villain? Andy says yes, but says Aaryn was in the beginning. Judd says he thinks Aaryn shed that role. Ginamarie asks Spencer what her nomination speech should be when she puts him up. Spencer tells her that she should say that he is a good dude but that Elissa, Judd and Andy never nominated her. They all decide to go to bed.

5:40am All the house guests are still sleeping..

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..

11am Elissa is the only house guest awake. She is out in the backyard drinking her coffee. All the other house guests are still sleeping..


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458 thoughts on “Ginamarie says I don’t think anyone will remember Helen because all Chinese people look-a-like.

    1. i don’t get why everyone focuses on Elissa being rich. WHO CARES. If she played a good game (which i think she did; although her social skills need a little bit of work) she deserves the money no matter how rich she is. I don/t understand why they think she doesn’t deserve the money and saying she doesn’t deserve HG choice especially when all the other HG definitely don’t deserve it.

      Is Anybody else so fucking tired of Andy in general and him always saying “if i leave by Elissa’s hand i will literally shit my pants” or some stupid shit like that

      Also I am so tired of Amanda saying Elissa is “evil” and she talks shit about everyone the entire season when she does the same thing and if you check youtube you can find a video of footage of her being an asshole on BB

      1. I find it hilarious that everyone in the house is basically blaming “Brenchel Army” for Elissa being a popular player. Are they that stupid? Neither Brendon or Rachel won America’s Favourite in either of their seasons, hence they don’t have that large of a fan base (i.e. like a Jeff/Jordan fan base). Little do the houseguests know that it’s not just Brenchel Army that likes Elissa, but rather most of America, simply because there just isn’t much to root for in that house.

        1. You are full of shit. Everybody I know doesn’t like Elissa at all. Do you think it’s fair that all the other HGs had to apply, be vetted, and compete against thousands of others while Miss stuck-up is courted by CBS and basically promised the $500k just bc she is Rachel’s sister? Something effed up about that.
          And while the others act normal and get crucified for it by all the politically correct haters, Miss Botox duck lips can walk on water and insult everyone how disgusting they are and how much superior she is. No, Elissa is a pretentious asshole. Doesn’t deserve to be there and without CBS’ help she would have been evicted the first week. This entire season sucks for so many reasons. If joker face makes it to final two I will NEVER watch this show again. And same with a lot of people I know. It’s obvious this site is inundated with Amanda haters and Elissa lovers. So this ‘sampling’ of what the viewing public thinks does not reflect reality.

          1. This is so true. No one I know likes Elissa. Not saying we condone Gina Marie’s most recent shocking comments, or Amanda’s bullying this past week, but that doesn’t mean Elissa is a good player, or deserves America’s Favorite. She did next to nothing this game. Her only real move was winning HoH and evicting Aaryn…and even then she admitted last week that her HoH was a mistake, and that Amanda/McCrae should have been her targets from the beginning nominations.

            1. That’s weird because every single person I know is rooting for Elissa. Not because of Rachael, or anyone else, but because Elissa is one of the only ones in this house that have stood up against the racist comments. She’s been the only one, up until GM, to even consider putting up McNasties. Elissa is the one that got this ball rolling, so for you to say she hasn’t done anything in this game is inaccurate. Not to mention she can actually win comps unlike some of the remaining houseguest.

              1. I agree that this year isn’t that great, with the house looking like the bad girls club rather than some good old fashion clean competition. Yes, I remember Evil Dick and boy was he ever!!! but, in the end it was all good and that’s why we liked him. I believe he actually really genuinely apologized to Jen, too. I do not appreciate the racism, cat fights, bullying, whinny cry baby attitude from Amanda. I think Elissa is well taken care of in real life, and she seems that she is a forgiving person, as much as she can be, especially after being bullied by Amanda and the others. We don’t really know these people and what little we do know of Elissa isn’t that bad. I don’t think she is a snob or thinks she is better than any of them she just disagrees with a lot of the nastiness that goes on in there. Good for her, She is sort of BB royalty, but So Fing WHAT….Amanda and the others are just a bit jealous. They should try and better themselves and BEHAVE themselves. After Amanda and McCrae, I really dislike Andy the most, then Spencer, GM disappoints at times but she’s from Jersey, Brooklyn whateva, whateva…..I’d love to see GM, E, Judd fight it out. They play the cleanest game that you can play in there.

          2. I think Elissa is getting a bad wrap for being stuck up for just not wanting to be around people who say such awful things like these houseguest do and think are okay to say and believe. Yes she does sit on a bit of a high horse but if I were in that house I would have only hung out with very few people there as well. Almost all of which are gone now and that just leaves her with Judd to be the one who may not drop crazy nasty things out of his mouth for no reason. She is right when she calls these people names. They are the things she calls them. So yes she is a little stuck up but I agree with the things she says about the other houseguest 99% of the time.

          3. Calm down Amanda it’s time to take your meds. Everything is going to be alright, breathe slowly, take another breath and now take your pill(s). We know it’s bot your fault – breathe, breathe

      2. They are envious of Elissa because she married well (her husband is strong financially and emotionally) and because Elissa has good hygiene. Physical hygiene and verbal hygiene.

      3. Don’t you think it’s funny that Dr. Will won the money yet no one had a problem with the fact that he was a doctor and technically “rich”?

        1. THANK YOU!! I was thinking of this yesterday. Dr. Will wasn’t hurting for cash yet no one complained when he won. Leave the girl alone. Elissa has more class then anyone in that entire house, is not rude and certainly does not engage in the lude behavior some of the others do. I’m hoping she’s in 1st or 2nd with either GM or Judd, I can’t really stand the others.

            1. It’s so true though, Elissa is not even in the same universe as Dr. Will. I absolutely don’t care how rich they are outside the house, I care if they played the game and how they played it. Elissa just started playing her own game after Helen’s eviction, and her HoH week was riddled with emotionally-based errors of judgment.

          1. Actually you are right. There is NO comparison between Dr. Wil and joker face:
            – Dr. Wil is 100 times a better person than joker face
            – Dr. Wil was wealthy from his OWN hard work and merit; joker face leeched on to a sugar daddy and is spending his money
            – Dr. Wil is handsome; joker face has fake boobs, lips, eye lashes, hair extensions, and a Botoxed forehead
            – Dr. Wil actually played the game and ran the house; joker face road Helen’s coat tails and has floated the whole season
            – Dr. Wil was a normal guy who didn’t act like he was better than everybody else; joker face isn’t and does
            – Dr. Wil was a nice person and pleasant HG to live with; joker face isn’t
            – Dr. Wil deserved to win; joker face doesn’t
            See? No comparison between the two at all.

        2. thank you for bringing up Dr. will – too bad the HG are forgetful about him or Mike boogie…..that was brought up on the live feeds…

        3. And Mike Boogie. He owns multiple businesses that are in L.A. of all places. He has tons of money but that was rarely brought up. Because he is a man? Because he made that money on his own? Because he is not a “gold digger”. These things are all things people say to bring women down. It sounds like Elissa is hard working and loving supportive wife. that shows through in the house. She is always the first awake and almost always the only one who cleans. She is a little stuck up and talks about the things she has too much. I don’t care for people that boast, but I think she is just proud of her life and family. And so sick of these nasty people she is surrounded with so she distances herself from them. I would not hangout with most of them either. But as far as money goes it has never been a problem for a man with money to win, it has everything to do with her being a woman. period!

          1. That’s right! Furthermore, if broke people can talk about what they don’t have, certainly Elissa can talk about what she does have! (Sounds funny, but I’m serious.)

        4. Just when GM started to gain some fans…She’s goes off and reveals her true essence. She hasn’t changed one iota. And she has no job in the outside world. I wish there were cameras following GM, Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae(for all the shit he’s going to take for being a bitch) after they leave the house and see what the impact of their words and actions will be…

          1. There will be NO negative impact on their lives. Because nobody in the real world gives a fuck. Aaryn and Amanda are smart beautiful women who if anything will have tons of job opportunities to choose from. GM was a worthless skank before coming into the house so her situation won’t change (ie, being stupid and living in her parents’ basement). McCrae is a pizza delivery boy and those jobs are everywhere. Elissa will probably have negative treatment when she leaves because if it’s one thing that makes a rich bitch hateful it’s seeing another rich bitch getting all the attention. So since duck lips only hangs out with rich snobs there will be some jealousy and resentment and it will come back to hurt her image. Fortunately she has a sugar daddy who owns properties in Canada and elsewhere. Joker face can just go and hide out there and still live off her husband’s money in luxury. SMH.

      4. couldn’t agree with you more. Mike Boogie was allegedly rolling in dough and they gave it to him.
        also Amanda keeps saying that no other showmance made it this far but boogie and Ericka were an undercover showmance I guess if Amanda was truly a bb fan she would have remembered that

      5. Andy is always saying I can’t do this or that because I am a professor. Well Andy, you have already ruined your reputation. As far as being a leader and you show your ugly side daily. Your reputation is shot and yes you will have to try and over come a lot of things you said about good people when you get out. Ellisa is not stupid, she made bigger moves than you did. She put up big players that got voted out first 3 weeks. What big moves did you make, except floating from side to side? Your alliance wasn’t in rock into it had to be and you would be found out, Helen vs Amanda. We all saw you play both sides and ~LIE~ As far as ever being a professor for me or any of my friends, because we are more like Ellisa than anyone in the house, you are toast. I can really see people refusing to take you as their teacher based on what they already know about you in the house. You are fowled mouthed and give us teachers a bad name. I would NEVER get on live TV and talk about a personal sex life as you did. We already know too much about you to take you serious. Andy you are not even considered the ultimate floater, more like the Rat Floater!!!

        1. Actually, if you do an internet search, Andy is just an “Adjunct Assistant Professor,” very far from a full professor. And, having been in academida most of my life, I can say that academia is not exempt from lies, backstabbing, etc – it’s just another reflection of our society. And someone who continually pretends to be someone’s friend, as Andy has, and then leaked their confidences, even in a game, is despicable.

          1. since you have been in academia for so long…i’ll ask you….do you think he will have a hard time in the future finding work in the teaching field because of schools googling applicants?

            1. UGH. It’s a game. I have worked in a university before, and am friends with several teachers and professors. They tell low brow jokes, and they talk about their sex lives. Get over it. Andy is going to be fine outside the house, because his future employers will have better things to do and worry about than his appearance on a dated reality television show. A show, no less, where one of the main objectives is to lie and lie well!

              I think people hate that Andy has played a really solid game at the expense of many of their favorite players, but it’s time to grow up and move on. The amount of schadenfreude on these boards is starting to look pathetic. You don’t know these people, and unless you’ve been in the Big Brother house as a contestant, you have no idea what living in those conditions does to your psyche. People who just continue to write scathing comments about these players come off looking so clueless and sad.

            2. A resounding “Yes!!” Andy will be lucky to find a new job. There is a huge amount of scrutiny for job applicants in education these days. Many institutions do background checks and if they Google his name and read just a little about his behavior and the things he has said, he will likely have to FLOAT in another direction. As an educator myself, I have been so disappointed in him, mostly because teachers/professors have it hard enough without having this poor representation of our profession.

          2. Get off your moral high horse. There are no friends in the BB house. They come in as strangers and they all leave hating each other and jealous at the person who won the $500k. And they likely will never see or talk to each other again. This isn’t a convent. It’s a social experiment to see how people can interact with each other and manipulate to survive week by week. Sure, alliances may be formed but it’s like an army. Sometime you have to infiltrate the enemy camp and bring back intel to your group. That’s what Andy has brilliantly done. Virtually every season the winner has done just that. Don’t be mad at Andy for playing the game. I’m a teacher and applaud his performance, and so do my colleagues. Andy is no more a rat than Elissa or any other HG who was told a confidence and then ran and told another HG what was just said. They ALL do it. Go Andy!

        2. Blow it out your ass Tomasa. Who died and left you the morality hall monitor? I’m a teacher and I have no problem with how Andy has played this game. And remember, it’s just that – a game. For $500k. I don’t know where you are from but my colleagues and I are rooting for Andy to take it all the way because he is one of the few who has played the game. You call him a rat but name me one HG who hasn’t run off and repeated to another HG something they were just told in confidence. The whole house does it. You’re just pissed because he aligned with Amanda and not with Helen/Elissa. Or maybe you’re homophobic. But regardless Andy hasn’t done anything that anybody else hasn’t done. Even your relative Elissa has lied, repeated confidences, and talked shit about others. So give it a rest and go look in the mirror before you go judging.

          1. I hope to god none of you so called teachers who are defending Andy’s atrocious behavior are ever in a position to teach my kids. Lying in the BB house is one thing. Using words such as c*nt and hate are never acceptable. EVER. Especially when said by a man about a woman. Use your education TEACHERS and get a clue on how to treat human beings.

            1. Let’s see. On MANY occasions Elissa has said she HATES Amanda, Aaryn, and GM. But I will bet you are an Elissa supporter. And that you’d let Elissa teach your kids. Am I right hypocrite, er, Andy Is A Rat?

      6. Elissa hasnt really done anything to “earn” the viewers choice. She got the mvp’s and nominated but those were given to her by her sister she did nothing to earn them, she only stayed in the house as long as she has because of Helen working and Helens allies believing she controlled her.

        I do believe that Amanda should back off. Talking bad about her when she has been the worst. From a personal stand point Elissa has been a much better person than most of the house. She just has had little actual game.

        To me even though I dislike her Aaryn has done the most to earn the money followed by Helen. However, Gina Marie with this big move has stepped forward. Unfortunately for both GM and Aaryn there thoughtless comments will hurt them.

        1. agree with some of this, but I believe Elissa has a good read on the game. She tried to tell Helen early on not to vote Howard, Candice, etc out b/c ALL of these people were Helen’s allies and Helen was too blind to see it. Helen let Amanda pick off her allies and then they voted her out. Now b/c of Helen’s lack of insight she’s in jury and Elissa is trying to fight these people alone. They continue to trust Andy which Helen said NOT to do after getting voted out. Judd went right back in and joined up with who? ANDY? wtf. I don’t like Elissa, but I do NOT think anyone else deserves this money. Unfortunately for me I’m just an observer!

          1. Who the eff is Helen to be giving anybody advice on how to play their game? For the time Helen was in the house she was an egomaniac and bully. She had to be part of every decision each week on who was being nominated and evicted. Helen NEVER let anybody tell her how to play her game but she was the master manipulator/dictator in telling others how to play theirs. And even now when Helen is gone, GM and Elissa are playing Helen’s game. They are stupid asses. And they will get the same fate that Helen got. I just hope it’s this week and next.

            1. Helen was a bad player and she realized she made teh wrong choices TOO LATE…not surprised by GM’s tactless comments at all!!!!

        2. the Elissa smear campaign is outta of control. Not her biggest fan, but OMG, stop the madness already. Atleast I believe medication could help Amanda, but Andy, holy crap, you are disgusting. I seriously cannot stand this narcissistic asshole. Elissa deserves to be there as much as anyone else. She was used by Mcranda same as you dumbass. WAKE UP AND EVICT THE RAT!!!!!

          1. You say there’s a smear campaign against Elissa? Excuse me? What about the smear campaign against Amanda? Or McCrae? Or Andy? They have as much a right as Elissa to be in the game, and more so because they actually had to compete with thousands of other contestants to get a chance for this opportunity of a lifetime. Elissa didn’t. Just because she was Rachel’s sister, she was lobbied heavily by CBS. And by doing so she got perks that none of the other HGs got. Utter bullshit. And every time poor Elissa’s feelings get hurt she just runs to production for a pacifier. She is the most arrogant and cocky stuck-up c&nt to ever play this game. She laughs and makes fun of everyone and crows that she’s going to win “because she’s Rachel’s sister.” That pretentious asshole needs to be evicted pronto. I’m sorry, but it isn’t a smear campaign. She does not deserve to be there over the others.

        3. Oh dear Henry,

          I can not agree with you on your views… First, Elissa HAS played the game. Your somewhat right about the MVP…She didn’t earn it BUT she did think on her own and put up who SHE wanted to put up and that is the real reason Amanda hates her so much. Because she couldn’t control her. Her ONLY mistake is that she should of put up the McCranda team and not just one of them and then used Andy as the replacement.

          As far as Aaryn playing the best game, ummm, not really…Yes she won comps and HOH’s BUT she never thought for herself….she was everyone elses puppet when she had won things.

          I do agree that Amanda should back off of Elissa. She is just a plain ole bully and down right mean. Granted Elissa has talked crap about people but so has EVERYONE else. This is a game and smack talk is part of it BUT Amanda has MORE then crossed the line with her remarks. She’s upset that she is on the block and (hopefully) getting evicted so she is lashing out on the person that had NOTHING to do with GM’s nominations. It was the “Exterminators” that got her on the block. I can’t wait for Amanda to see the back tapes of the show so she will see for herself what a hot mess she really was.

          1. Even Aaryn’s comp wins come with an asterisk. One was pure luck and one was a team effort with Jeremy. And if you go to youtube and type in Aaryn and Jeremy cheat you will see that one shouldn’t count so that’s three legitimate beast wins.

        4. But viewers don’t have to vote on game. They can decide to vote based on whatever criteria they deem necessary to make that decision.

          There are complaints here that the viewers are not “aware” enough of these conditions etc so they are not smart enough to make a decision about that. Considering that Big Brother is not an “intellectuals” game or show, or level of entertainment, it appeals to many demographics, then it is not for “intellectuals” alone to decide how the votes go.

          Yes, you have to speak up once in awhile when the spirit moves you. But don’t forget, it is accessible by all and “all” gets to have their say too.

      7. Andy is a disgusting waste of a human being. His ” I hate Elissa ” is so over the top. How can he say that when she hasn’t done anything to him. I know it’s a game and he’s terrified that he’ll go before him but ” get a grip man, you’re making yourself look even more of the a$$hole everyone already knows you are “

      8. exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like regardless if she is rich or not, she has been in a house th same amount of time as these losers, away from her family fighting for the win, she has won when she needs to and she was the first person to make a move, like they can all think they have been playing these hardcore good game but no, elissa is the first person to be like no fuck this, i want this bitch gone, or amanda or someone working for her,, her social skills suck yes, but id be awkward to stuck in a house knowing everyone hated me.

      9. Could agree more, why is it all Elisa bashing. Yes did not like her sister and Brendon and just because Elisa is her sister. She deserves just as much a chance as everyone else in this hamster cage. They don’t have any problem bring back previous winners to play the game against those who have not played so what is the difference if Elisa has money or not. Out of all that are still in the house and in the jury Elisa and Judd are the only ones that would deserve America’s player. The real statement if CBS got no votes at all for America choice. Now wouldn’t that make a statement on national tv. For the first time in BB history NO ONE gets it.
        As for Andy, he is a pathetic Rat. remember the season with Ronnie the Rat. The whole house caught him in the rat trap and evicted him fast enough to spin his head. Double eviction Thursday good bye Dam anda, and hopefully MCrae on the second one if not RATANDY

        1. The thing is…in her first season, I did not like Racheal. But I gave Elissa a chance and really liked her from the beginning. Amanda says that Elissa is a cheap knockoff of her sister and I disagree. Elissa watches what she says and does much better than Racheal.

          As far as no votes for Americas Choice…won’t happen. CBS would rig it for someone like Amanda to win!

      10. I think most people (“America” and the HGs included) say Elissa doesn’t deserve the money because she’s already rich because they don’t like her as a person. When you don’t like someone you harp on them for any reason you can find. Most people who don’t like Elissa (myself included), don’t like her because of her attitude of being snotty, arrogant, self-center, stuck up and condescending. Those are all traits reflective of 1) bad upbringing and 2) wealth making you think you’re better than others. She’s a rich bitch so people will attack her for being rich and being a bitch. She’s also a pretty bad competitor. She’s only had a few wins when she really needs them, so she’s not good in competitions and she shows no signs of brain activity in her actions.

      11. …and once again GM is on my sh** list! Why would she start up the whole racist comments when she was doing so well? I also find it interesting that Judd SPECIFICALLY mentions that people watching live feeds are not happy with them? Someone is definitely pasing info on to the HGs… NOT cool …………………………and the fact that Amanda is complaining Rachel wanted to walk out therefore doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be there is ridick because just yesterday after she was nominated, she said she didn’t want to be there….Sorry, but these people are a bunch of losers.

    2. Hey Dawg/Simon,
      Do you think it’s plausible that Amanda really got a token with the DPOV {Diamond Power of Veto} during the impromptu “luxury”competition?? She seemingly got eerily calm after that…

    3. Why do they because she Elissa has put it in everyone’s face how much better she is than anyone in the house ~ calling everyone a heathen and no class and how can she make it being around such low class people and on and on about what they do with all their money ~ blah blah blah makes me sick! Thats why

      1. Here’s the thing:

        If you’re making racist comments, talking graphically about your sex life and walking around in your underwear 15 hours a day, expect for people to call you names like “heathen”.

        1. Though let’s be honest, for an historical perspective “heathens” were much more moral than people of organized religions, who spent most of their time killing each other, e.g. the Wars of Religion in Europe.

      2. I’m so sick of people saying the reason why they don’t like Elissa is because she is a snob and looks down at people with no money. First off she didn’t want to hang a round most of the people in the house because of their racist comments, and the nasty comments that came out of their mouth. She doesn’t want to be associated with people like that. I don’t blame her. These people lost their jobs because of their words. When she called people low class, she obviously meant they were low class because of how they behave in the house, low class for their actions not their wealth. Classless, or low class. Stop and THINK!

      3. Im so sick of people saying the reason why they don’t like Elissa is because she is a snob and looks down at people with no money. First off she didn’t want to hang a round most of the people in the house because of their racist comments, and the nasty comments that came out of their mouth. She doesn’t want to be associated with people like that. I don’t blame her. These people lost their jobs because of their words. When she called people low class, she obviously meant they were low class because of how they behave in the house, low class for their actions not their wealth. Classless, or low class. Stop and THINK!

      4. If they were not disgusting people, I would see your point. But since they ARE incredibly disgusting people, what’s your problem? Elissa is just being (gasp!) honest about how disgusting they are.

        Jessie for America’s choice!

    4. I think it is so hilarious that all you people’s little hero, GM, is back to saying idiotic things, therefore making all of you who supported her look like idiots, too. This 33 year old little girl is a complete moron. So remember, all of you were so happy she won and were rooting for her. This tells me your judgment to also root for Elissa is also totally flawed. You would think people would know better than to want someone, who is at the extreme opposite end of the definition of genuine, to win. She has no personality and no brains. This cold hearted evil witch doesn’t even miss her children. Not once has she mentioned them in the DR. And you people want her to win???!!!

      1. Talking about your family in the diary room or to the other houseguests would be putting your family in the spotlight. Some contestants are considerate enough to respect the privacy of their loved ones. Elissa has a young son and stepchildren who are in their teens. It’s summertime now, but these kids have to return to school in a few days and I don’t think she wants them to be bullied or harassed because of something she may have said or did while she was in the Big Brother house. Also, what makes her cold-hearted? Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve.

        1. I’m not a fan of Elissa, but I have more respect for the way she is protecting her step children than that Leanne Rimes. How could someone who is keeping minors private lives and images away from judgmental cast and viewers be heartless? If anything Elissa has the biggest heart than most, she is putting the children and their birth mother privacy before game play. That Amanda can’t even respect herself and keep a clean va jay jay. I’m surprised of the mothers on here who doesn’t understand why Elissa is not speaking about her step children, 1st they are not hers (cough cough Leanne) 2nd they are minors and 3rd she listens to how every person in the house has spoken harshly and negative about other races, religion, sexual preferences and how SPENCER made that child masturbation comment…..REALLY? you wonder why she doesn’t talk about children. She may not be appealing to some, but respect how she is respecting her step children. Don’t allow your hate for her blind you from her protective mothering skills

      2. I guess you don’t have live feeds because she talks about her son and husband all the time. Maybe she doesn’t talk about her step children out of respect for their mother! What does it matter anyway?!?! Who is she suppose to talk about her family to anyway, after Amanda went after her and made fun of her husband why would she talk about her family anymore to the other HG’s?
        Also, maybe she does talk about them in DR but they don’t show it.

          1. Again, her step-children’s mother probably didn’t sign a release. Even if her husband did by law the mother would have to as well. If my ex-husband’s wife was going on a show I would make sure she wouldn’t be able to bring my children into the BB house.

      3. Hey fuckhole nobody said GM was anyone’s hero! Quit making generalizations because we all hate A-Man-Duh! No one is praising gm or anything. Some ppl think she’s funny and some ppl think she was trying to play cool (after the chinese comments not so much). People like Elissa cause there is noone else to like. Who do you like? Racist crybaby A-Man-Duh? Mcpussy who’s stuck to A-Man-Duhs dick? Rat bastard Andy who cries and is a hypocrite? Judd who you can’t understand a damn word he’s saying and is so ho hum wishy washy? Spencer who calls everyone a cunt and is the biggest floater? And then there’s GM. So go ahead give me a good reason why any of these people are worth liking? For every bs that spews out of your mouth I can come up with 5 things to conteract. So don’t make generalizations on why we want Elissa to win.

      4. I have heard Elissa talk to Helen about her family. Elissa was also getting upset because she was missing her family so much but was unable to win a competition so that she could at least see photos of them, so your comment isn’t accurate. Elissa probably doesn’t feel comfortable discussing her family in the house b/c it has left them open to attack by the likes of Amanda. Another case in point would be the fact that she talks about her husbands interests such as fishing, or purchasing a stadium, and now they are using to put a target on her back b/c she has more financial stability than others. (The game is not determined by who needs the money most.)

        As another viewer stated, Elissa has justification for feeling that others are behaving in appropriately, but again what makes her a target on show, and on the internet is the fact that she is overly vocal about her feelings, and to people that do not have her back.

        With the exception of McCrae, Elissa, and I think Judd, all the others have made racial or offensive comments, and they have discussed and/or done private things that I and I think others do not care to hear about them or see for that matter. To go so far as asking…no telling McCrae to ejaculate all over Elissa bed and then getting upset b/c he said “no” is really taking it way too far.

        Amanda’s prior job was centered around the art of persuasion and that is what got her this far in the game. Unfortunately for her you can’t persuade people into thinking that you are the best choice to keep in the game when you have been so domineering the entire time. That is like Amanda trying to sell a crack shack as a luxury home…it just aint gonna happen.

        If Elissa is able to see with her own eyes that there are alliances such as the 3AM (the alliance that Andy gets all defensive about), then she is able to figure out if people are not aligned with her in terms of views and morals. I am not saying that she addresses those issues in the best manner as we are all a work in progress, but I am saying that she has had numerous reasons to be guarded around those who were going after her early on in the show all b/c she wanted to keep her relation to Rachel a secret.

        1. Her talent for the art of persuasion really means over talking rapidly and loudly over everyone, essentially battering someone with her words. No wonder they end up agreeing with her, they just want her to shut the hell up!

    5. If Elissa stays over any of the remaining HGs I am so done watching this show. So sick and tired of that fake stuck-up beotch skating week after week as she shits on everybody and walks around like she is better than them. Is everyone blind? And don’t the guys see that GM has an alliance with duck lips? Time to take out the trash. Joker face then GM have to be next out please.

        1. I didn’t start out an Elissa fan but I am rooting for her now, at least for f3. That being said she is likely gone this week in double eviction. Her only chances are her winning HOH or POV, Judd wins and is smart with his noms (I have my doubts) or Spandy wins HOH and messes up their noms. If Judd puts up Elissa with McRae I think Spandy backstabs him and Elissa goes. He needs to put one of Spandy with McRae. Conversely if Spandy is puts up Elissa with GM/Judd then McRae stays and Judd is screwed.

      1. Winning 3 Comps is not skating by. Amanda and Mccrae have only won 3 between the 2 of them. She is better than all of them! If it was a different cast maybe things would be different, but with this bunch she is a waaaaaaaaay better person!

        1. And that’s the difference. She lumped in with the lamest bunch of HGs in BB history. Put her in with All Stars she wouldn’t make it past week 1.

        1. Okay, Elissa’s relative. I believe every HG has been true to themselves and their values. Just because you don’t share those values is no reason to judge them. I’m sure there’s plenty of things that come out of your piehole that others find objectionable. For instance, any time you praise your sister and dump on Amanda.

    6. Why oh why do they continue to bash Elissa? They said Elissa didn’t make a big game move? I believe Elissa made the first big game move when she nominated McCrae and Aaryn, and who left? Aaryn! That was a big game move, in my opinion. I don’t know why everyone hates on this girl… Other than her awkward laugh and what some refer to as her “entitled” demeanor, Amanda isn’t a quareter the woman as Elissa is… Maybe instead of bashing Elissa, Amanda should take notes and aspire a little class in her life… Just saying…

    1. When I was in college my Chemistry lab partner was Asian and she was complaining that she couldn’t tell Caucasian people apart because we all look the same. LOL! I didn’t take is as racist and we talked about how even different haircolor didn’t help her.

      1. Yes. I taught at a high school with all black students and they were always telling me that they thought all white people looked the same. I found it funny and knew it was just because they weren’t living among many whites. But, still… GM should know better than to say that on national T.V.

        1. Yeah, but those are just kids who haven experienced the world. Ginamarie is 33 years old, and shes on national television and shes said other controversial things. Talk about a racist dimwit.

          1. James, You make a good point. I forgot that GM lives in NY where she is exposed to people of all races and nationalities daily. I want to blame the racism on ignorance and youth b/c even though it’d still be wrong and suck, it makes me sad that people in this day and age really think that way. But, you are right: that just doesn’t work for GM.

      2. Has anyone ever noticed how McCrae always looks dead in the eyes when he’s with Amanda? I think he is really getting sick of her but is too far into it now… She’s always the first one to say “I love you” first and to initiate sexual stuff. God, she’s gonna be a nightmare to deal with when he breaks up with her.

        1. And why does Amanda have to get McCrae drunk to get him into bed? Seems like McCrae in the words of the Righteous Brothers ‘has lost that lovin’ feeling’.

          1. julia* btw Like like love the Righteous Bros.
            Amanda and McPussy the pizza boy….. NO LOVE
            for McP…this is for the enjoyment of the 38 yo NYMPH!!
            (not 28 -just another Amanda–lie)
            McPussy is getting the sex for FREE…remember
            he is a poor pizza boy!?! :-) LMAO :-)

        2. He has actually said numerous times how sick he is of her, but that it’s a tricky situation. He has also been telling people he knows she has to leave soon. Probably a cry for help lol. I have a feeling he has been unhappy awhile and will be happy to be able to play the game again. This new “alliance” will last as long as any of the other “alliances” have in this season. If Judd or Elissa win Andy and spencer will forget about it in seconds, McCray will start playing and try and get in the game again, and GM is sitting pretty because Elissa thinks they are working together. I have a feeling Elissa will try working with MC (just to piss Amanda off) Judd and GM And put up Andy and Spencer.

        3. I have noticed the same thing. He never approaches her first either. She is the one that is always laying on his chest. It looks like he is thinking, what did I get myself into! He went from being this goofy kid that was likable into a depressed looking, bitchy person.

      1. The jury house allowed him the time and space to reflect on his behaviour in the Big Brother house. I think he started to wonder how he was being portrayed and what his family, friends and community thought of what he said and did in the BB House. I think, after careful reflection, he was embarasssed by some of the things he said and did. (Laughing when someone makes a racist remark is unacceptable and insensitive).

      2. Only because they have had so many tip offs from the DR that there has been an issue with it.

        Whether it be race, values or religion, it is normal egoic behaviour to think that we are better than others. It has been engrained into us over time and this was how people evolved, especially in the US and considering that slavery wasn’t really that long ago even though it is not socially acceptable now that doesn’t mean that people who were closer to it were able to evolve as the people who were more distanced. Unfortunately, where Aaryn is from there is a bigger influence and throughout the US there is more of a racial mindset than where I live in Canada, not to say that Canadians are any better, they just have different things to hate due to different influences. But judging is still judging and even when we think that we are better than Aaryn or GinaMarie or even Amanda it is still judging and it still doesn’t make us any better people than them at the end of the day. They are products of their environment and we must understand that BB is a game and has always brought out the worst personality traits in everybody that has played. Enjoy the show for what it is and always has been, drama and entertainment. Agreed, most of these players have shown us a different level of game play but at the end of the day Karma will prevail.

        1. Good points Joanne. I am Canadian and I agree that in the past we never had to deal with the same issues as the US in regard to race etc. I think the States have come a long way, but cultural diversity does exist and and you can’t just pretend it doesn’t. Recognizing these differences and discussing them does not make one racist. Responding to someone in their own ‘lingo’ does not make you racist. Asians consider rice a staple – a fact. Telling an Asian to go make some rice is a lot less offensive than call someone a F**king C**t. The ghetto culture was born in African American communities and has been adopted and integrated into society has evolved and is an important part of American culture – the lingo, the music, the manner of dress etc. have all become a way of expressing oneself – that’s not racist. Harrassement and bullying, on the other hand, is totally unacceptable. This seasons HG’s for the most part have forgotten that they are playing a game. They have sunk to personal attacks that are very hard to watch. There are a few people who have set the tone of the house (Amanda the worst) and this house is an ugly mess both figurativey and literally. I also find the same ugly theme in some of the comments by fans on this site.

          1. Telling an Asian person to “go make rice” is essentially telling that person that making rice is all that he or she is good for. I’m not asian, but I am telling you…it’s offensive. There is no such thing as less offensive. Something is either offensive or its not.

            Also, saying “ghetto culture” is not the politically correct label. In 2013, it is called “urban culture”. Just letting you know…

          2. I disagree about the origin of the word ghetto. It’s in reference to any minority group that has been isolated to a particular neighborhood. It actually started with a community of jewish people in an area of Italy.. Any ethnic group with socio economic limitations can be referred to as a ghetto. Not just blacks. I don’t think GM is an outright racist. I think she’s an extremely ignorant person that hasn’t been exposed to much culturally, and as a result she makes inappropriate insensitive comments about other races.

            As far as the game, this is a season that has been deprived of true gamers. Amanda’s behavior is extremely vile and lacks strategy. Her sole purpose of getting rid of people has been ” they’re after her or her man.” I don’t recall anyone being evicted because they’re a great game player. I think the game reignited by Elissa putting up Aaryn and McCrae. I know some think she should have put McManda up, but I think she did the best move with putting up who she did. While Amanda appeared to be the brains, Aaryn was the muscle and able to win HOH’s to further Amanda’s agenda. She doesn’t have that anymore. Also, it forced Andy’s hand to move away from them both since he knows how much Amanda is disliked. So now, no longer does she have her muscle, she has lost all intel into what others are thinking. So much so, she is completely unaware that she has no more allies. (Although I think Andy will be up McCrae’s ass if he wins HOH). Its so funny that Amanda keeps pointing out Elissa got rid of Nick and Aaryn. Nick went home by the hands of many INCLUDING Amanda. As far as Aaryn, if Amanda had her way, GM would have been put up and voted out. So that argument is mute as well.

            The only reason why Andy dislikes Elissa so much is because she has a great read on him and know he’s a pot stirrer and plays both sides to the middle. I hope his time is numbered.

            1. @ KB:

              You may have a point about the origin of the word “ghetto”, but we need to be aware of how the word is used today and the ethnic/racial group it is now used to describe. This is what makes the word inappropriate.

              Regarding Andy:

              I agree with you. Andy wants Elissa out because he knows that she is secretly gunning for him. She hasn’t forgotten that he voted out Helen, a member of her alliance.

          3. You sound just as ignorant as GM. I’m asian and I rarely eat rice. Only when I go to japanese or Chinese restaurants. We are not in Asia where rice is a staple so please don’t generalize.

          4. @TerryB…

            Either pick up a book or two and learn something or do not speak about things that clearly you’re misinformed about. Please expand on your knowledge of the world view.

            The “ghetto culture” you referenced what is that? The word “ghetto” is derived from the Eastern European Jewish heritage and not the African American communities.

            Your use of the word, “culture” in describing a community of people is so monolithic. The African American community is a diversity of peoples, cultures, mores, values and beliefs. For example: Blacks, Africans, Jamaicans, Haitians, Belizians, etc. Then within these culture or sub-cultures. For instance; BUPPIES, B-BOYs,BAPs & BOHOs

            Did you mean to say, the Hip Hop, Rap, Blues, Jazz, and R&B cultures were developed by African American communties? Yes, the African American communites have started these cultures, which are now mainstream into the American experience.

            P.S…All African-Americans did not grow up in the so-called “Ghetto”!!!!

            1. Whoa, Seems like I may have started a great Soc. discussion here. Reminds me of my University days – Sociology class. To KB, Canada BB Fan and Sociology person, you have all made great points. The term Ghetto does originate in Italy. I have stayed in the Ghetto areas in both Rome and Venice. Santa Maria del Pianto is a lovely street in Rome, I highly recommend it. The ghetto in Venice is purported to be one of the oldest “ghettos” . The word ghetto derives from the word ‘foundry” so called because of the blast furnaces in the area in Venice where they would do glass blowing, etc. Those are the only ‘ghettos'” I am familair with because I don’t think we have any areas in Canada referred to in that way (I’m sure you’ll let me know if I’m wrong”. Thus, I don’t put a negative conotarion on that term. I do know that at one time these areas were heavily populated by Jewish people, hence were walled off during the war during the persecution of these people. Perhaps that is why that term is considered negative today.. Forgive me if I am not up on my politically correct terminology. As for using the term Aftrican American – I couldn’t come up with a better one to express what I meant. But is it possible that people from Haiti, Belize, Jamaica, etc. did originally come from Africa? Is there a term we could use when discussing this particular race that won’t offend? Being politically correct these days I think is more semantics than anything.

          5. I hate to burst your bubble, but there is racism in Canada, too. Even if Canada was all white people, which it is not, racism can exist within a race of people as well as when someone exhibits or expresses racist behavior against someone of a different race.

        2. Elissa is in that same house with the same people and you Don’t hear her saying any racist comments or acting in such a vile manner ! So I don’t think you can blame the other HG’s behavior on the BB house !!! It is just who they are at their core…Disgusting

        3. i am going to disagree with you only because even though you seem to be arguing for tolerance and understanding,you imply that everyone deep down thinks that they are live in canada so canadians have a questionable history of their treatment of first nations and asians however, the way i was raised and maybe to some extent ellissa as well,is that no one is better than anyone arent better than anybody and more importantly nobody is better than you.there is a big difference.ellissa actually proves my point in that clearly she is not inherently racist.she does not believe she is better than anyone nor does she believe anyone should have the right to make others feel inferior because of race.anyway your point is a valid one and if we as americans could actually talk about race without judging would be a wonderful thing.

          1. Somebody will always disagree… that is why there will always be wars. I did not imply that deep down everybody feels morally superior, I suggested that egoically everybody feels superior to everybody else be it nationality, religion or beliefs, big difference. Elissa does not exhibit any racism but she does feel that she is morally superior to everybody in the house and has stated this many times. Thanks for commenting.

            1. Deep down is where I believe that everybody is a good person and we must have a little compassion for these people as it is really the environment that is making them act this way. we must remember that they have also done good things in their lives before Big Brother, they have family, nieces, nephews who love them so we should not judge too harshly, we are all guilty of saying and thinking stupid things about other people.

      3. Except where he is so trusting to Andy. Ugh Elissa is the only one that sees it! Andy needs to be evicted after Amanda but no one sees that WHY? Judd you are pissing me off. Get away from Andy he will be your downfall!

      4. Judd and Elissa would be the perfect final two. Everyone in the Jury house would vote for Judd as the winner but Elissa second would be great because I don’t want any of these assholes getting the money.

    2. GM is just ignorant…Helen is of Korean extraction and Julie Chen of Chinese — look at them sitting next to one another — they look nothing alike…saying they look alike is saying you can’t tell the difference between someone of swedish extraction and italian.

      1. I watched the entire original version of the Danish series “The Bridge,” and I couldn’t tell the women apart, as they were all slim, well-built, and had long blonde hair.

      2. That comment will make her exit interview rather interesting. LOL How do you explain that to Julie…don’t say that all New Yorkers talk like that because Julie is from Bronx (she went to high school with one of my friends).

    3. Why do people think asians all look alike? Because they all have black hair and eyes? So, do all blacks look alike? Do all red heads look alike?

      I will say that all @ss holes look alike and if you want to know what that looks like then grab a mirror.

        1. Well asians have different skin tones also…filipinos have darker skin tones than Japanese/Chinese but people still say asians all look alike. People say blacks look alike but it’s mostly their personalities/attitudes that make them “look” alike. Not hating, just my observation

          1. To say we have similar personalities is wrong. I am sure not all white people have similar personalities as Aaryn or any other KKK member.

    4. Even if you think that, you should not say it on a public forum. It is not funny and offensive to so many people all cultures.

      1. Everyone in that house is an adult, so you would think that they would know better. Thoughts are private for a reason. You can think whatever the heck you want…just keep it to yourself.

      2. GM also said: “the only ones I know are the ones that do my nails”.

        That’s not ignorance. It’s a demeaning comment and it was meant to offend.

        1. “Great Mommy, now who is left that you have not racially profiled and stereotyped that will work on us?
          Oh, that’s right, YOU WILL, since mommy has no job left to go home to.
          Maybe youze could go to an all dark-roots, blonde cosmetology school and get a new career doing nails,
          where nobody could tell youze apart, well that is until you open your mouth with your disgusting remarks and hard to listen to accent.”

          1. “Oh, and Mommy, please don’t paint us all the same color,
            because we will all look alike, and nobody will be able to tell us apart.”

    5. Moderator, why was my comment removed but Tom’s was not? He made a racist comment but you left it. Not cool. Tom’s should be taken down too.

      1. Mine was removed too and it had nothing that violated the rules of the blog. I talked about my Korean daughter-in-law and that my son lives in Korea. They send pictures of them with their friends all the time. They do not all look alike. Oh, on second thought, it is possible that mine was removed because I said something about people who do not have an open mind might not be able to see it.

  1. Amanda……YOU FAILED!!!!!!!!! GM is not buying it and she will choose Spencer (pawn) as a replacement nominee. Your going home!!!!!! Enjoy your expenses trip to the Jury house. Thank you CBS for lying on Amanda winning Big Brother.

    1. GinaMarie’s face to see that Amanda will be walking out of the door and you will sit next to Juile Chen!!!!! The whole audience will booed you until you cry like a b$tch!!!!!!!

      1. I won’t be surprised if GM gets evicted and booed by the audience, and then she turns on them with her racial slurs. That girl’s got serious problem.

        1. IKR! While I don’t think that ignorance is a factor of prejudice, GM certainly does make a case for it being so. She is nothing if not ignorant.

        2. She was already commenting last night about how she was gonna handle Juliie. Saying she’s going to tell Julie that obviously she doesn’t watch live feeds and Amanda only looks bad because of the editing. It’s almost unfathomable how delusional Amanda is. Her lack of self awareness is mind boggling. And I cleaned up what she said, it was laced with swearing and ended with a “so fck you Julie”

        3. Do all of you visitors see why I tried committing suicide multiple times while being in this house with these LOSERS?

          I hope you ALL vote for me as America’s favorite. It is so sad that I have to root for Judd to win the $500k, he lost to a rock in the IQ test. GM was starting to act OK, but once again her mouth gave her away. I think her pierced clit has infected her brain. Fuggedabout it.

          F2 should probably be Judd and Elissa. But she is demeaning but stood up against Amanda, and got Heil Aaryn out, so 2nd is fine. McCrae will be having to have medical care for years for all the STDs he will have. Rat-boy and the RR conductor haven’t done a darn thing the whole time here.

          Please, readers, start the campaign CLOWNIE FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE.

          1. That is hilarious, except that means Poopy would be in charge of Clownie’s money. Poor Clownie would never see a dime.

            Maybe Clownie could get its own show!

            1. I wanted my own show, but I wanted to be in “Improv” mode, and CBS and Grodner said no way, production HAD to write, direct, and approve of the whole show. If anyone could take an interesting show and make it so predictable, it would be them.

              I would call them a bunch of clowns, but that would be such a put-down of myself and my fellow members of the clown union.

        4. [… Andy says she is f**king crazy. …] < disgusting Andy talking about Elissa

          It'll be interesting to hear what Andy will say about all those " I hate Elissa " rants he's made over the course of the season. He'll say it was a game. Bull$hit. I wonder if his friends now realize what a dick he is.

      2. This entire fiasco of a season seems like either one long Candid Camera segment, an experiment (lacking any placebo takers) for some new mental disorder catalogued in the DSM or just some assholes idea of a really fucked up practical joke. One recurring theme that all scenarios have in common–including the sad possibility that it really IS just a tragic turn by CBS in producing this season–is the psychological effect on us; the viewers/posters. It’s almost as if a large portion of people online are suffering from “Stokholm Syndrome”–what kidnap victims sometimes experience at the hands of their kidnappers, especially after being held for a long time. In wanting to be “rescued” or at least survive the ordeal, they come to accept, identify and sometimes even participate in their takers’ cause;like Patty Hearst. I mention this because it seems that the longer time spent and invested on these HG’s, people DO forget the sick, racist ideologies of these HG’s when ANOTHER horrendous incident occurs or yet ANOTHER HG shows their true world views that are exponentially worse….we forget and start making comments expressing how it’s odd that someone we hated last month is now “growing” on us or in comparing the horrible characteristics of one HG to another by forgetting (selectively or not?) their past transgressions and ethical embarrassments. We say “so and so is THIS; at least this guy didn’t say THIS.” I’m only saying this because on the above synopsis of last nights events, when again GM nonchalantly proved herself a bigot, the overwhelming response online was “Oh no, GM! Not again!” or “GM–just when you were growing on me!” Has Hitler grown on you in the last 60 years? Or how about the colonist’s and their slave ships? Maybe you forgot how bad Appartheide was, or is it that time softens the blows of their original impact? When people go to prison, upon release they are supposed to be given a second chance and society at least TRIES to wipe the slate. But that only happens when the criminal shows some kind of remorse and works to show his rehabilitation making reparation. These people are so ignorant to what’s really in their heart and what their character is drenched in they don’t even notice the fucked up shit they say and think they are just jokes. It’s only been 2 months and for people who seem to be so concerned about how they appear to the viewers, I wonder why they show no caution or self-editorialization when they speak. If this is their best behavior in hopes of winning over the public and winning the money, then the next time they say stupid shit, I”ll remember….will you?

        1. VERY WELL SAID and I hope someone with a brain at CBS reads it because obviously the producers of this years BB appear to be totally oblivious to the fact that viewers are disgusted with the behaviour of most of the cast.

        2. Long, but very well said. It’s been so irritating seeing all the posts of people all of a sudden identifying with GM or Spencer and completely forgetting what absolute racist idiots they are. And all simply because they hate Amanda more. Most of the HGs left in the house are morons.

        3. I totally agree with your comment. However, I know I could never think anything nice
          About GM. Her comment to Candice about her birth mother not wanting
          her will be forever in my mind. That was just cruel. GM could not do enough
          in this game to make me like her after that remark. Not even getting
          rid of Amamda and her lover boy.

      3. I don’t know if Amanda will cry with her interview. She did say last night that she will tell Julie to ,”F*ck off!” crazy how this woman has no respect for anyone!

      4. I am sure when she finds out Spencer is the replacement she is going to go nuts, even on McCrae because he is the reason she didn’t win Veto. This woman is going to go in full bully crazy mode at least one day this week and will blame Elissa! lol Her obsession with Elissa is so misplaced. I have never seen anyone just hate someone for no reason as Amanda hates Elissa. I don’t care about Elissa’s little jabs she takes at people. Every single person in that house has said the most awful hurtful things to her and about her all because they are nobodies outside the house and Elissa has a life. That just goes to show how society is these days-the have nots hate the haves!
        It doesn’t matter if Elissa has money outside of the house. Everyone can keep saying that Elissa is a spoiled housewife, well she has only been married a year and was a single mother for 7 years!!!! Elissa was also introduced to her husband by Rachel.
        This show isn’t based on finding poor people and let them try to earn $500K by being nasty dirty horrible people! This isn’t a charity show! It is a game of people outplaying other people to be one of the last 2 standing, regardless of race, religion, gender and financial status!
        I am only rooting for Elissa because she is being hated on for nothing! Nothing! She hasn’t said a mean thing to anyone! Ok, she did call GM, Aaryn and Amanda gross and disgusting people because they are! Elissa has won comps, she put up who she wanted, she took the bullying with grace that most people wouldn’t have been able to do, she promised people safety and honored it. She has shown human decency all around and I don’t think she should receive the hate she is getting, I don’t think anyone should get hated on simply because the other HG’s are jealous!

        1. The only reason I am not fond of Elissa is because she chose to leave her kid for months in a row to go be on T.V. Wear sparkle mini-dresses, fluff her hair and objectifying herself as a woman! She is aware of every move she makes i.e. wardrobe, positioning for the camera, shirt draping off of shoulder, bending over. Sretching. Why not, if you have a super life….hang out in it. Take care of your kid. Pour him a bowl of cheerios and smile.
          Her motherhood, wifehood, happy life is not in control. Her ego is. She needs to be in front of people. She needs it to fill her empty.
          All of them do in some way. She masks hers in sparkle and clinging to what she percieves to be culturally accepted way of existing.
          She has absolutely no clue who or what she is. It is all a Jenga. Pull out the right piece and it will crumble.

    2. Amanda sits on the HOH stairs and asks Ginamarie when can we have your room again. Amanda says but I want to get him drunk.


      It would take a lot more then booze to get me to do anything with Amanda

      1. You’d think you want to remember those times you’re with someone you love, but I guess she wants him drunk so he won’t remember she took out her teeth and gummed his private parts…..

      2. I did love GM’s reply that she didn’t want to have to wash the sheets again! Llol Groooooooooss!
        It’s funny that McCrae hasn’t had sex with her since Amanda told him she had herpes! bahaha

    3. captain cbs had nothing to do with it some random guy says he worked for cbs and it was fixed number peons don’t have acess to any information like that in any company

  2. Damn GM. You almost redeemed yourself. you can’t change who you are inside. your true colors always come out it’s a shame

    1. Agreed. I was hoping GM would keep going, but her mean-spirited comments just made me want to see her packing next week. My son is married to a Korean girl and lives in Korea. They send pictures of their friends all the time. They do not all look alike. Only narrow-minded people think that way.

      My vote is now for Judd. He has been the only one to speak out against nasty comments.

    2. Could not agree more. I thought she was redeeming herself and then she makes a comment like that. If Pandora’s Box does come into play, all the hgs who have made racial, homophobic or perverted remarks should be locked in the box for 10 hours with people of every nationality, child abuse survivors and members of the gay/lesbian organisation. The panel should speak as to what is like to be discriminated against be it for race or sexual orientation and what it is like to be molested. The panel should also make very strong hints as to how the hgs are perceived via the feeds and that they, the hgs, may not find things the same as they were prior to entering the BB house.

      1. You are so ignorant. A prime example of the masses on here. How is the statement “they all look alike to me” exactly racist? Let me explain something to you first, you need to be educated to see your ignorance. If you are not exposed to a particular race very often then it becomes much harder for your brain to decipher faces of people that are strangers, there by congealing a basic vision of that particular race. If you become personal friends or acquaintances then you will easily be able to pick out this person in a room full of others of the same race. So, Ginamarie was only stating a fact to her, not saying she hates or despises a race. That is racism, not pointing out what is a fact for her. Too many ignorant people today don’t understand what racism actually is, too damn sensitive over words. Just as Helen would brag about her rice making skills was ok but as soon as someone says something about her and rice they become a racist. What?!?! Saying someone likes a particular food is equal to saying you hate an entire race… give me a break. I’m not sure it’s ignorance or just plain stupidity you people suffer from.

        1. With today’s technology, and our daily exposure via internet and tv to people of every race, religion, sexual preference, ethic group, etc — how can anyone use a defense of “not enough exposure to “those people” to tell them apart”. So sad for your limited exposure to the outside world…. or perhaps your limited ability to process information with any degree of intelligence…….

        2. Are you fuxzzzng KIDDING ME? These people live in Canada and AMERICA for Christ’s sake, not freakin’ ICELAND!! You mean to tell me that someone living on the east coast (among all it’s states, cities and burroughs comprising one of the HUGEST melting pots in the world) hasn’t been EXPOSED to other races that don’t resemble their own? The extent of your sheltered existence must be wearing a blind fold 24 hrs a day because living on Staten, Rhode, Long, or even CONEY Islands allow you to walk less than 100 yards to a local Bodega and see people of EVERY FUCzzzzzING COLOR of the rainbow. You don’t have to have taken “How not to be an insensitive fuck-wad when it comes to peoples ethnicity 1-0-freakin’-1 to innately understand that Asia being a huge continent is comprised of more than China; if you are not a cultural moron with one tenth of the common sense it takes to walk and chew gum, you could have just said ASIAN !!! That would be acceptable and REAL, not knowing her particular country of origin. You must be just unbelievably STUPID or an 8 year old to have the balls to lecture someone’s knowledge of appropriate use of vicabulary. SPECIFICALLY, the word racist, you misled, loudmouth tool!

    3. At least this time someone spoke up & told her to hush! Thanks Judd for finally standing up to the ridiculous racist comments.

    4. I felt the same way about GM. I thought she was redeeming herself and I was rooting for her. Now my America’s favorite goes back to Howard. (And what does that say that I have to go all the way back before jury to have one.)

      1. I think we should give america`s favorite to David. he was not around long, so we do not know if he is as bad as the rest of these loser`s. all we know about him, is he is a beach bum & can use the money.

        1. Not making any excuses for Gina Marie as she is whom she is, However, I have observed when she gets around this group of idiots (except for Judd) she appears to act like a much more different person than when she is around Elissa. I’m not sure she would have made these once again ignorant racial comments, had Elissa been sitting there on the couches with this group of people. She is very immature for 32 yrs of age and appears to crack to peer pressure. But, as the Bible says, “What comes out of the mouth is in the heart”. So, regretfully so, Gina Marie, has proven time and time again, she is most certainly a racist. And, although, she I believe, was keeping what Elissa had been telling her in the back of her mind about making racial, ignorant comments, etc. I think once again the peer pressure of being around these idiots brought those thoughts in her pea sized brain to the front and she once again, spewed the racial comments out, rather than just letting them lie dormant in her brain. A zebra does not change the color of his stripes, unfortunately, Gina Marie is whom she is!

      1. Captain, Judd may want a clean slate but he’s a gullible simpleton if he believes Andy is giving him one. Andy is setting himself up to be able to save Mcrae and work with him if he wants. Judd is playing too emotional if he really doesn’t want to work with Elissa because she doesn’t need the money. Elissa was the only one happy to see him back, Judd knows she refused to nominate him, and she is WAY WAY more trustworthy. He also said he had a problem with her because she wouldn’t nom GM and nominated Andy, which btw was the right move. So like others I hope we see this is just a game and he isn’t buying Andy’s BS.

    1. Maybe we’ll see something in DR where isn’t really buying it and is playing them. But if he doesn’t realize they are trying to get rid of Elissa before McRae to weaken him then he’s an idiot and deserves to be evicted right after.

  3. Poor clueless GM.

    She will be devastated and confused when she finds out she’s been booted from the pageant org for her racist comments.

    She doesn’t get it at all. So sad and clueless.

    1. Not that it’s an excuse, but her comments feel as if they r coming from a place of ignorance as opposed to hate. Still terrible, but a different motivator nonetheless.

    2. GM the host of BB is Julie Chen, Asian American. Need anyone say more. But she keeps sticking a shotgun in her big fat mouth.

      1. GinaMarie says, “Seriously, THAT is Julie Chen? I thought that was Helen.. I am so confused. I gave that woman my laundry and told her ‘a little lighter on the starch please’!”

        I suppose you are going to tell me that Howard isn’t the President of the 57 states!

    3. It’s a shame. Some Big Brother contestants are able to parlay their strong performance in the Big Brother house into lucrative opportunities outside of the house. GM will probably make a lot of big moves between now and when (or if) she gets evicted. Her insensitve remarks are going to keep her from being able to capitalize on her Big Brother appearance after the game ends and she returns home.

    4. We’ll probably be reading a headline similar to ” Crazed BB houseguest takes herself hostage at former place of employment ” in the not to distant future.

    5. Given GM’s maturity level, she will be more upset by learning Nick doesn’t give 2 shits about her than she will about losing her job. In her brain, she can get another job, but there is only one Nick! GM is a very sad case. I think in truth she does have a good heart, for those that she knows and loves, but she lacks total common sense, especially on worldly matters, such as race relations and anything beyond the world of pageantry. I think for the most part, she thinks she is “trash talking with the guys”. Notice she does not talk like this in front of Elissa. Now that Judd has called her out on it, maybe she will stop doing it even with the guys – except Spencer, of course.

  4. and once again we see ginamarie being the long island racist we know she is fucking moron all chinese people look alike helllooooo shes not even chinese shes fucking korean you dumbass. oh i hope gm gets out of the big brother house soon would love to see chenbot grill the fuck outta gm .

    1. Hey jay I take offense to that. GM is from Staten Island not Long Island big difference. Unfortunately Amanda is originally from Long Island. But we are all not racists. That’s like Aaryn blaming it on Texas.

      1. While I don’t condone GM’s remarks because they are vile, I do suspect much of her attitude probably comes from her up bringing on Staten Island. Italians tend to be clannish and often live in almost exclusively Italian neighborhoods with little contact with others of different ethnic backgrounds. This insularity tends to breed contempt for other groups and much of what I have heard come out of GM’s mouth this summer would probably not cause a controversy in her little circle on Staten Island. I have met many Italians who harbor the same stupid simpleminded prejudices that GM exhibits. Some are even relatives of mine. I count myself lucky because I grew up in Los Angeles and there are no Italian communities here so I grew up with all races and know first hand that GM is both stupid and ignorant. I feel somewhat sorry for her because she is just clueless and seems to have real issue with her self esteem. She’s in for a big fall when she leaves BB. Maybe she will see the error of her ways and become an advocate for tolerance but I don’t hold much hope of seeing that actually happen.

    2. All the HGs know Helen is Korean because Helen LOVES to talk about herself. GM knows Helen is Korean. Helen and GM were talking for a long time and Helen explained her background. GM said she was the first Korean she knew.

      Haven’t you heard people say “that chinese girl/boy” and when you say she’s japanese, korean, vietnamese, the comeback is “whatever” or “what’s the difference”.

      This is just very telling of who GM is and how she feels about herself – miserable.

      1. sorry* Julie Chen has talked on her daytime show
        think I heard her say she is Mandarin…Chinese.
        GM may be lacking in common sense
        BUT she is NOT harmful!
        GM is short a few “snow peas”
        BUT she said it and no damage was
        actually done?!?
        Is it any different than saying
        ” blondes ” are ALL….AIR-HEADS ?

    3. Once again.. this girl is not from Long Island. Stop slandering us with that. She is wanna be Jersey Shore trash. Get a map and learn some geography. Brooklyn is NYC… so is SI.

    4. Wanna talk about ignorant. Go online and see where Staten Island is… I’ll give you a clue, not on Long Island. That and Brooklyn are a part of NYC, so stop lumping us in with he wannabe Jersey Shore a $$.

    5. It amazes me that people (sic) such as you cannot make yourself known with comments without flinging obscene words in the mix. Great use of the English language there, dude….

    6. um…is there anyway you can edit your comment? She’s from Staten Island not Long Island there is a huge difference and those of us from Long Island do not want to be associated with trash like GM. Also she’s not the typical Staten Island girl so I wouldn’t assume that everyone from staten island is a racist just like I wouldn’t assume that everyone in Texas makes jokes like Aaryn does.

      1. Thanks, Larry! We’ll remember that Amanda is originally from Long Island and GinaMarie from Staten Island! Taking all things in consideration, I think Staten Island seems better!

        1. Amanda left Long Island when she was 11 years old so she’s not representative of Long Island either. But, I would actually think she’d have fit in with those ‘girls’ on Princesses of Long Island b/c they don’t represent Long Island either.

  5. And just when I began to think GM had learned from her earlier ignorant comment. She opens her mouth and reminds me of who she really is. That being said I think her main problem is truly ignorance (not hate). Doesn’t excuse her offensive comments, buy there I a difference. Once again there is no one on the show that I would want to be seen with in public.

    1. GM is like that clueless child that constantly embarrasses their parent. Unfortunately she is a 30 something year old woman. She doesn’t know that she doesn’t know.

    2. I think she says stuff for half shock value and half ignorance. I know it is not a good excuse and still should not be taken lightly But NO ONE person in that house has taken her aside, politely and tried to correct her. They are all just as guilty because they do know better!!!

    1. Just when I thought I could maybe like GM and forgive her ignorance, oops she does it again. The sad thing about GM is that she is just purely ignorant. She really doesn’t seem to understand what she says is wrong and offensive. I think if she were educated and exposed to different cultures, she could learn. Unlike Amanda, I think GM has a heart and soul. She is just literally stupid. Amanda is just pure evil.

    1. Chen won’t go after GM like she did Aaryn. What with her eating, learning, social (LOL), disorders; this is a person that I would worry about harming herself when she finds out all that she has lost Aaryn was a tough little bitch, GM despite all her posturing is not.

  6. (Dedication)
    Even tho’ they all thought you wasn’t too cool
    fer standin’ up fer the Aryan Nation
    Mommy, I know you wasn’t no fool
    fer getting blood on yer hands that wasn’t caucasian
    Well it’s over now Aaryn, you know you my girl
    so don’t make me cry by sayin’ goodbye
    Just say sayonara ’til we meet once again
    in that big HOH nail salon & fried rice palace in the sky

    (Shout Out)
    Gimme a G, for Gina Marie!

    She went away on eviction day
    Said she’s going to the jury house in L.A.
    But she never got there
    She never got there
    She never got there, they say-ay
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    Said she’s going to the jury house in L.A.
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    Now I don’t know
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    They took her from BB
    I don’t know
    Where my Barbie can be
    They took her from me
    They took her from BB

    Ring me, ring me, ring me
    Up the Boogie Man
    And find out if
    My Barbie was canned
    Ring me, ring me, ring me
    Up the Chill Town
    And find out if
    My Barbie’s a clown
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Oh Oh Like Candyland
    Oh Oh Like Candyland

    She went away on eviction day
    Said she’s going to the jury house in L.A.
    But she never got there
    She never got there
    She never got there, they say-ay
    She went away on eviction day
    Said she’s going to the jury house in L.A.
    But she never got there
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    She never got there, they say-ay

    The KKK took my Barbie away
    They took her away
    Away from me
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    They took my girl
    They took my Barbie away-ay

    (Staten Island Publishing)

  7. Oh mg goodness . GM …… I don’t know. Can’t this girl just keep quiet. People are beginning to like you. But the words out of ur mouth are terrible . Don’t spoil ur chances. Why is Amanda always hating Elissa and her family. Nobody talks about ur family. Why not just deal wit Elissa if u have issues wit her becos she is rich, beautiful and classy which u r not, and leave her family out. Jealousy. Nut case.

    1. And why are people online trying to shush GM because she may”lose her chances”? Allow her to be herself; isn’t the racist you can see a lot less dangerous than the one you can’t?

      1. As a 62 year old black woman from NJ you are very right. I would rather know that your racist because then I know to stay away from you. GM is one those people that I learn about many years ago as a little girl. My neighbor was white and we played together, walked to school together. One day her grandmother told us to come into the house because it was starting to rain. When her grandfather came home he wanted to know why the ‘little darkie’ was in his house. I had to leave. GM is like my friend’s grandfather. But now her truths are out of the proverbial closet. Have fun walking around SI or Manhattan without a bodyguard GM because you have managed to piss off a whole of people with your comments. GM may have made a major game move but her likability factor is still in the toilet.

        1. Thank you, Julia. The shusher’s are missing the point. It’s not about being “caught” saying something that intelligent people would never SAY; it’s about being intelligent enough, human enough, thoughtful and respectful enough to have not “thought” or “believed” those fallacies to begin with. I’m a 40 year old white woman living in Los Angeles for 35 years and I have yet to have had even ONE “oops” moment where my first instinctual response in trying to understand the actions of another was to silently or verbally attack their race. I have never felt that way and never will. It has nothing to do with being PC; it has everything to do with intelligence and the ability to think. It’s unfortunate if people like me are in the minority. I hope it isn’t so.

        2. Julia* Agree with you – like you and many others whom
          have experienced similar situations!!
          When prejudices have been a part of your life , it is the hardest
          thing to overlook!!
          (btw I am a Caucasian) In my life , my father,also a white person – was so prejudiced against my mexican and black friends …. He embarrassed me more than I care to remember!!
          He was so blatantly a racist…and he deserved to have his ass kicked out of OUR town!! He was a businessman – whom would refuse – them – services. We all can be effected by the
          actions of racists!! White – black – brown- does not matter!!

      2. I don’t think GM is going to let McCranda in the HoH. She keeps putting Amanda off every time that she asks her. First it was after the Nominations, then the POV, and now the last night. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Why would any let the two nastiest people in the house sleep in your bed. Head lice, yeast infections, bodily fluids, etc. No Way!

          ( photo booth,shower and almost every room )

    2. I fear we are going to be stuck with Ratboy and Spencer at the end unless JUDD wakes the hell up! ARGH!! Andy is like an annoying fly you can’t swat away and Spencer is a lump of repugnance and shady, shady, shady. JUDD needs to get out MC and then work with Elissa and GM. Wake up out of that slumber, dude! Sad if a slithering, no-backbone rat or a shady, misogynistic f*** wins.

    3. I am just hoping JUDD is a mastermind (sarcastic but hoping) and realizes a lot of people in jury like Andy and JUDD can’t win against him. I don’t get how they don’t see that any of them can win against Elissa. Everyone thinks she already has $$ and doesn’t deserve it, so WTH? So why don’t they go to the end with her? She can win comps for them and they will win the big prize.

  8. I decided to not say negative things about GM when GM broke down during her first HOH when she wrote her blog, explaining that she didn’t want America to think she was stupid and how she couldn’t even spell “Chicago”. Then I felt sort of bad when Candice said the she is a 33-y/o living in her parents’ basement with extension and blue contact lenses. Then when GM blurted out “at least my mom loves me,” I couldn’t believe it. GM seemed very proud of herself with that comeback.

    GM is sort of a person that is pretty pathetic:

    1) She bashes people’s physical appearance, like when she said Jessie has gained so much weight and has so much cellulite.
    2) So many racial slurs: the n*gger insurance, aunt Jermima, gook, and of course, the title of this post.
    3) Bulimic.
    4) She is stunted in her growth. She stuck and never grew up. I’m not sure what age she is stuck at.

      1. A few tidbits:

        Everyone keeps mentioning how young Aaryn is at 22. Well she will be 23 in 2 days. McCrae turned 24 in BB house; Jeremy’s 23; Kaitlin just turned 24; Jessie’s 25.

        Aaryn’s almost exactly a year older than McCrae. Aren’t women supposed to mature a lot younger than men?

        I really do not view 22 to be young as an excuse.

  9. Amanda if u want to sleep in the HOH ROOM, how about u winning a HOH comp. so u can have sex all week long. Crazy stinking bitch.

    1. I think Mcrae is embarrassed about the sex he’s had…..he also seems to be turning Amanda down a lot lately. She now has to get him “drunk” to have sex with him……disgusting!

      1. from the 2:15ampost : They talk about how none of them want Elissa to get America’s player.

        Them not wanting for her to get it almost makes me want to vote for Elissa because I am disgusted with all of them except maybe Judd.

    2. Notice that when GM said she didn’t want to wash her sheets again, Amanda didn’t offer to do it. I’m not sure why I am still surprised by Amanda’s selfish and dirty ways. Asking GM to give up her HOH bed and leaving a mess behind? HELL NO!!! If all the other vile things Amanda has done wasn’t enough to vote her out, this alone would put me over the edge. Plus, it’s not like Amanda and McCrae are not having sex out of respect for the other house guests (and live viewers), having a private room or not makes no difference.

      Side note: I think it shows complete lack of control over a person’s HOH if they give up the bed. Even during the day, like when Amanda laid around in HOH bed most of the summer, she was the one in control of the game (even though not HOH).

      1. T – agree 100% – Amanda is always trying to use the HOH bedroom, messing up the sheets, eating the HOH’s basket of goodies, sliming up the bathroom, etc.

        If Amanda uses the HOH room, GM should just BURN the sheets!

  10. GM all Asians look alike, what the hell, if this dimwit isn’t an ignorant arrogant racist of the first order than who is, all her previous racist rantings about blacks and Asians, her best friend racist Aaryn, and now this, She makes me want to puke. the bigot needs to go and fast. Credos to Judd for telling her to stop numerous times. Andy would sell out his fellow gays for a dime. The phony makes me want to gag.

  11. Does anyone think Pandora’s box will be in HOH room when GM let Mc and Am use the room before eviction and Am gets a special power?

      THE DIRTY FILTHY STINKY TRASHY CRAZY BB HOUSE!! Actually think it will be on Thursday – b/t double evict’s
      for Pandora¿¡¿

  12. I guess Elissa is the only one who can see that Andy is still with Amanda. The others trust Ratboy so much that they can’t see what is going on.
    Unless Elissa wins HOH next week I guess she is out. Judd will be after her. Amanda will verbally abuse the crap out of Elissa in the Jury House.
    I quit watching the Food Network because they fired Paula Deen for a word she said 30 years ago. And after Judd and Elissa go, I will be done with BB
    for this season, but I will still come to this site. Maybe next year we can not have all the young self absorbed people in the house. No one on medication!
    I think BB needs new blood on the staff with new ideas. Get a new Producer and new comps. Have food comps where they play for meat, bread, veges, beer
    etc. Let them nominate people, but let America have the vote on who leaves. This group always knows what is coming next.

    1. The jury house is not the BB House. Evicted house members get to hang out with production according to Judd as long as they don’t talk game. He said Candice has lots of friends in production in the jury house. Since you can’t get voted out of the jury but you can get kicked out, I don’t think Demanda will find anyone who will tolerate her behavior.

    2. Or at least have a vote or 3!! That would spin the house! The hg would would be wondering why America wanted them out or who had the vote!! funny

    3. Afraid America will never get to evict house guests ever again due to the first season. Chicken George’s family derailed the voting, and Brittney left. Plus with America evicting house guests , productions favorites wouldn’t last long, and ratings would be worse if people voted out the entertaining house guests.

    4. I can’t wait to see Aaryn’s jury arrival when she tells everyone about the audience booing her! hahaha.. I wonder if they will show it. I would pay an extra $30 a month just to watch jury ‘feeds’.

  13. Just when you think GM has redeemed herself! She goes on saying a racist remark. As an Asian, that makes me furious. We do not all look alike and Helen is Korean. Its so annoying how she thinks her last minute alliance is loved by america. News flash you all suck and you’re sticking with each other because they have the numbers.. Amanda wants to blame production for bad editing ?? What the ??? I for one thought editing was in her favor considering how she the worst things she did were never aired.. I really hope Julie would be 100 times harsher to her than aaryn..u

    1. It won’t happen, Julie Chen’s husband is also CEO of CBS and he is Jewish. Amand-a-racist is Jewish and will get a hall pass on being grilled like Aaryn. Although Aaryn is immature and not as wordly knowledged, Amanda has racist views ingrained in her and they spew out of her mouth due to hate in her heart. That why she is always saying she wants to kill Elissa (HATE), Andy the Rat is also a racist because he laughs and condones Amanda’s racist behavior. Oh, and he also has mentioned that he would love to kill Elissa!!!

      1. I am absolutely in agreement with you. I read an article that spoke about how the entire blame for racist behavior is being directed at Aaryn by CBS to deflect it away from Amanda. I was surprised that Kaitlin wasn’t grilled about the way she acted when she was voted out and it will be interesting to see what kind of interviews Gina, Spencer, and especially Amanda get,

        If Amanda gets off unscathed, then we will know exactly what happened.

      2. #moderator (ms,mr ,mrs,miss-sir? ) * R U SERIOUS?
        SO BC HE (aka Mr Chen) IS JEWISH , AS IS AMANDA

    2. No offense,really; but you must be on par with GM when it comes to ignorance…do you actually believe that being on a show (making numerous remarks insulting every race or ethnicity which isn’t your own) with barely ANYONE challenging your stupidity or better yet, punching your words back into your mouth, can actually help REFORM such a person? What if the situation was reversed? Do you think a reality show with a 3 month life span is enough to turn an unbiased, color-blind person into a stark raving bigot? When you are 5 years old you can be naive, when you are 21 and over you are simply an uneducated, primitive-thinking asshole.

      1. Actually, if you look at experiements, such as the Stanford Experiment, that had to be called off, as it was eliciting such violent behavior, being couped up in an enclosed space with a number of people, even for a week or two, can push a mind over the edge and elicit behavior that would not manifest itself in daily life outside.

        1. That is PRECISELY what I was thinking about when writing that comment, thank you. Hello? Is there any body else out there with the ability to reference historical events, apply them to the events of present day and come to the same conclusive fact? That unfortunate as it is, we have learned nothing; nor have we changed. Some of us have simply learned how to edit or “shush” ourselves. Our country is fucked if the only people we could find to put on television are these pieces of shit and we are left arguing amongst each other about who is the worst…

      1. Thank you guys, so much…I’m glad to talk about ANYTHING else besides Amanda and the rest of the like-minded idiocy of this cast, and just get to the finally. It’s time to stop this crazy train and have so many people basically taken hostage by a bunch of slack-jawed-yokels masquerading as primetime entertainment.

    3. I agree. I was starting to like Gina and out of all the remaining people she didn’t seem like such a bad choice to root for – she certainly could use the money, maybe more than anyone there – but after these comments that were pretty blatant and just wrong to say, I don’t think I want her to win anymore. I do think she’s a good person inside, but she has such a temper and is so stupid at times that I just can’t be in her corner.

      I guess I’ll be for Judd to go all the way then. I’d rather have Elissa win than Amanda, too, at this point and it’s something I didn’t think I would say earlier.

      Man, what a cast of misfits this year.

  14. Okay, i know a few days ago about the rumor that Awhoreda’s mother was talking with CBS about a settlement. Do you think they planned the double eviction so that when Awhoreda leaves she will not have a long interview with Julie? That way she is not grilled like Aaryn was? Just thinking maybe.

    I am glad that the vile, racist, bully will hopefully be leaving this week unless some power comes into play.

    1. They planned the double eviction because there are too many people in the house to meet the finale deadline. I think someone mentioned there needs to be another double the following week. And I’m not holding my breath about a-MAN-duh walking on Thursday.

  15. Why is Judd so stupid? Now he wants Elissa out before mccrae because that’s what Andy wants. I don’t want Andy or Spencer, the floaters, to win and Judd’s too stupid to win. I’m rooting for GM. I just wish she didnt say such ignorant things.

    1. Judd is a likeable simpleton, but he is an Idiot, as much as I Detest, Despise, Dislike Specter and Ratboy..they are in great position.


      Wonder how they would view this differently…..
      IF… it was one of them?

      AND….returned ?

    1. I have become so jaded with diarrhea flowing from GM’s pie hole. I wanna say, OH NO, she that!!.
      GM may have a good heart deep inside, somewhere, but she is the epitome of trailer trash!
      I don’t dislike her but she is the same ole vulgar/racist GM she was at the beginning.

    2. For a couple of days, while she was lying low, GM was almost starting to become likable. She’s actually attractive–until she speaks.

  16. GM is a grown woman, there is no justification or valid excuse for her continuous blatant bigotry. She is who she is to her core, a vile hurtful racist.

    1. You’re right. There’s no excuse for racism. It’s just too bad because I almost forgot the racist things she said before and was cheering her great game play until she opened her big mouth again.

  17. The ignorance continues…I wish that I can be in the audience this Thursday. I would boo the hell out of Amanda and I can only hope that Andy would be the second person evicted that night (that rat bastard does not deserve to be final two)!

  18. Oh dear, they really are an unevolved bunch, some more than others of course… I do think Elissa tries to take the higher road most of the time but it’s a bit of a losing battle amongst this lot. They forget they’re on live feeds 24/7 – so stupid. Aside…just seen a photo of BB’s exec producer Allison Grodner – very scary…I can see why she’s a friend of Amanda’s…

  19. cant really tell if GM is just plain dumb,ignorant,or just racist hmmm,oh who im i kidding shes all three. not even mad at her just feel sorry for her because shes a 32 year old woman that has the brain of a child .

  20. Is there any point in time between now and Thursday that there could be a Pandora’s box? I know GM will open it, especially if there is a pic of Nick’s face somewhere and finding out that she has to replace an original nomination. That would be terrible!

  21. So Judd’s been told that some people watching the feeds are offended by the bigoted comments. Which means they’ve all been told to clean up their behavior. …..and yet Amanda, GM, Spencer continue the comments. They seem to feel it is their right to say things like that without any consequence. I love GM for putting up the odd couple but really dislike a lot of what she says. When it’s her turn to leave I hope Julie asks her if she really can’t tell Julie and Helen apart. I am so looking forward to finale night when someone who knows, maybe Nick, breaks the news of the shit storm about to hit them when they walk back into the real world.

  22. McCranda are gross individuals. Have sex in all the beds and leaving the dirty sheets. Disgusting!! GM is gonna get a rude awakening when she walks out the door just like aaryn. I can’t wait for the finale so all of these dumbasses can truly see what people thought of them. Judd or Elissa for the win. They are the only ones left in the house that understands the nonsense that is coming out of people’s mouths are offensive and they are willing to speak up. Worst cast ever!!!!!!

  23. With racism being as heated as it is in the world today, I think Big Brother should call out EVERY player on national TV just like Julie did with Aaryn. For Aaryn to say it’s a Texas thing? Aaryn hasn’t been in Texas long. She is from Castle Rock, Colorado. PEOPLE FROM TEXAS DON’T JUST SAY THINGS LIKE THAT BECAUSE THEY ARE FROM TEXAS. I would know, lived in Texas my whole life. Please oh please Julie Chen GRILL Amanda. Make her shed the fake tears…audience, BOO her and laugh at her. HUMILIATE her. Do the same for every other racist person in that house!!!

  24. P.S. It’s not BB that’s “portraying” them in any way. It’s how they present themselves. It’s what they say and do. BB did not ask GM to say that about Helen. She let that crap roll out of her mouth. So that isn’t her “being portrayed” as an idiot…that is her being an idiot!!! No class.

    1. Exactly! Amanda worried she is getting a bad “edit” well guess what Amanda BB is running out of anything to give you a good edit! There is nothing she has said over the past month for BB being about to spin her in any other light then she is. Actually BB has given everyone a pretty good edit! They did not show all the times all the HGs sat up in HOH and said the most horrible things!
      Spencer brought up going up to Elissa and threatening to go to Canada and killing her children if she won HOH.
      Amanda talked about knocking out all of Jessie’s teeth and make her give Spencer a BJ!
      Amanda threatened to kill Elissa in her sleep and chop her up into little pieces (last week during her bullying spree)
      I can’t even remember the racist comments anymore because how these people talk about killing people!!! Over what?!?!
      There really isn’t any game talk, they are at the point where they threaten to kill people to win!
      At least Elissa can walk out of the house and not have to worry about the things she has said and done to people.
      Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, GM and Andy have a lot to deal with because of the things they have said! Pathetic

  25. I predict that Amanda and especially GM will be A LOT less apologetic than Aaryn was when they get interviewed. GM has absolutely no idea that people hate her, Amanda and Aaryn are at least smart enough to prepare for the hatred. OHHHHH but GM is going to be such an angry bitch lol

    1. Yeah, this is what they are going to say:

      GM: “Duh, Brooklyn, that’s how we roll!”

      Amanda: “They started it. They were hating on me & jealous. I couldn’t when a comp and they were always ganging up on me, bullying me. I was on the block 4 times!”

      Andy: “It was the game. I had to ignore all the things they said otherwise I’d be a target.”

      Spencer: “I didn’t start the racism, I just played to it. It was a game. It was strategy otherwise my ass was out of there.”

      Helen: “I knew they were racist, but I wanted to carry them to the end so I could beat them and have the last laugh.”

  26. Uh Poor Amanda!!! Enjoy your stay at Big Brother House!!! Because your going to the jury house along with McPussy!!!

  27. Oh Gm….you were so close to being seen as a decent person who had changed her ways. Ugh! I love how Judd tries to muzzle her and she just keeps yapping, digging herself a deeper hole. Let’s face it, it will be boring without McCrae’s (Drama) Queen, Amanda.
    Maybe the hg should have to babysit Honey Boo Boo overnight as a punishment before Amanda leaves.HAHAHAHA

  28. If GM wins the $500,000 she won’t five a damn that she lost her job because she is a racist or any other reason. Blatant bigotry like hers cannot and should not be rewarded under any cicumstances. And neither should deviant perverted racist Spenser. Never thought I’d say this but Judd and Elissa are looking better to me than the rest.

  29. About time all those new GM fans got a reminder of just how bad she is. Honestly she has said worse things then Arryn did. Poor Helen even sat GM down and told her all about her parents and her culture. No excuse for her ignorance.

    1. That’s right! And don’t forget the vile she spewed at Candice about her mom not wanting her. GM is GROSS. I am NOT a fan. She thinks she’s tough because she is from Brooklyn or Jersey or wherever. Let me be the first to clue-in the Jersey Shore knock-off with the roots from hell (hello you cannot pull off the blonde look)….her ability to talk louder than others just makes her look dumber than ever.

  30. Ah there is the GM we all hated. Right where she belongs, as HOA (Head of Auschwitz). I think the only requirement to be a houseguest this year is that you were booted off jury duty.

  31. I find it amazing that Amanda bashes Elissa for saying she would walk out instead of going to jury when she did the exact same thing when she was nominated just this week. This girl is truly delusional.

  32. I don’t get …………GM lives in the most multi-cultural city on earth. Does she never get on the ferry and get off the damnable right wing island she lives on? I’m beginning to think not. She came so close to redeeming herself and she lets her ignorance come roaring back. I still think Elissa is a fake, plastic, beeotch but I have to admit if it came down to those two I’ll be rooting for her. TEAM JUDD

  33. “Racist” is the most overused word in the English language. It’s used so often that I don’t even pay any attention when someone cries about it. You can’t even keep track of everything that’s supposed to be considered racist anymore. Grow a pair all you delicate little sissies. Being offended by something is not the end of the world. Happens to all of us at one time or another. Sticks and stones etc…..

    1. Ok, So let me take your point of view. The word racist is over used. What about the derogatory statements toward many of the people of other nationalities.
      How do you feel about that? How do you feel about the remarks of class detention. So you may be oblivious to the word “racist”. But are you oblivious to them meaning behind the word.

      I hope your comment made you feel good. If it was to put the feelings of others down you must use the word ands words more then you know. You are dumber then GM. A true dummy to the core

      1. Sorry Deedeemaha, I’m all out of empathy for everybody. I’ve heard derogatory remarks made about my nationality, race and religion. It hasn’t crushed me or caused me to come unglued emotionally. We’ve all had people who’ve disliked us for a variety of reasons. And it simply doesn’t matter to me if someone dislikes me for my race or religion, or because they just don’t like my looks. Crying racism is a crutch that is selectively and subjectively applied. Racism comes in all colors, but the term is overwhelmingly applied to whites. Your whining and overblown outrage are wasted on me.
        As far as class envy goes,I feel the same way. I don’t get all bent out of shape about rich people. The way I look at it, no matter how much money I have, somebody’s always going to be better off than me, and somebody’s always going to be worse off. I don’t envy those with more, and I don’t look down on those with less. I pity you poor, pathetic creatures who go through life so easily outraged by so many things. Life must really suck for you.

        1. To say you are all out of empathy says a lot about your character. It simply mean the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Because you are all out of empathy is your right, however, don’t put down others for their right to have it. A lot of people dead so that you could lack empathy and be devoid of human feelings. You see two people take on derogatory statements. Howard could hear it and know its offensive tun his head and go on. However, when he saw its affect on Candice, he was a man who took action to remove her from the situation. He have empathy. I don’t know if you are. Man or woman , but that’s the sign of a real man who takes action. Not one devoid of feelings, because he heard it all before. I call them cowards. I don’t need you o fight he cause just do a little validation.

          1. I find whiners and crybabies offensive. Only cowards and weaklings are unable to deal with adversity. And I’d be willing to bet that I’ve seen more people die than you and Howard put together. So I don’t think that I’ll be taking any morality lessons from some professional crybaby. And I wasn’t afraid to fight for my country when she needed it, I don’t need to prove my manhood to some internet geek. Get back to me when Howard is man enough to do the same. Now I’ve liked Howard on the show, but it’s not like he’s some kind of angel. Is this your idea of the way a real man talks? I don’t remember ever seeing any of this from Howard on the show. I wonder why?
            Youtube video
            BTW, is English your second language, or are you a product of our public education system?

  34. The amount of disgusting se* mccranda have had all season is enough to make me want to throw up especially with both their hygiene levels. I hope BB gets all brand new furniture for (hopefully) next year and trashes all this year’s. I’m glad I don’t live in the area and won’t have anybody trying to sell me that trash. It all belongs in the trash. what a waste. don’t forget mcranda when throwing out the trash BB!!

  35. To all of you who thought GM had changed her stripes , get a clue. This is a 33 yr old woman not a girl she will not change overnight. Racism starts in the home this has been ingrained in her, that is why when she makes these racist comments she does not see anything wrong with it . I would bet anything her family and friends speak this way every day so it’s just normal to her to speak this way.

  36. Alls they needs is a grown ass grown up to reign in the stupid shit these cocksuckers feel overwhelmingly necessary to say. Someone to tell em, ‘hey we’s is all gonna fuck each other but lets do it wit some class. what you just met this fool and you wanna fuck him? dont do it! do what you gotta do but come on man! dont leave your sperm on peoples sheets.thas fuckin disgustin yo. finally, we are all gonna lie to each other about the other houseguests but, come on…dont be so shitty about it’.

  37. 1. Andy is a rat and full of hate.

    2. Spencer is a sniveling coward.

    3. Amanda is a racist and a shameless, vile, disgusting nympho.

    4. Judd is stupid.

    5. Gina Marie is a racist.

    6. McRae is a pussy.

    7. That leaves Elissa as America’s favorite and I hope she also wins the 1/2 mill.

  38. GM is a 33-year old woman with a 10-year old brain! She was so genuinely happy with her HoH basket, like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. I thought she had redeemed herself but I guess a racist can’t change. I was hoping Elissa and GM in F2 but now I don’t think it’s going to happen. Please Production, have GM clean up her act if it’s not too late.

  39. GM will never learn, well perhaps when she realizes she is unemployed, but her comments just don’t stop, at first I thought it was the mean girls alliance and they feed off each other, but obviously not. Only Judd seems to realize how sick her comments are. Chris Kringle and his little elf need to go soon, those two are sneaky little bastards and I don’t trust what they will do.

  40. Elissa has used her “people skills” to irritate the crap out of these cretins the same way Amanda has used her bullying. Both tactics say “take me to the finals, no one likes me, so you will win!” Of the two, Elissa’s, is the less damaging. All of them admit that Elissa has friends in the jury house, which is why they want her gone. While poor poor Amanda is afraid to go ’cause no one likes her. From, what I see on the feeds, they hate Elissa because she acts like she is better than they are. Well, she kinda is, she is snotty and snobby, but doesn’t seem abusive, racist, dirty, or just plain foul. From what I recall of Rachel, she was just like that.
    I understand that they are isolated, and act as if they live there, but really, how were they raised? They know they are recorded 24/7. Why o why dont they censor themselves? My parents would have broken down the door and removed me had I acted half as badly as any of them. And what is worse, is that none of them seem to realize just how bad they are.

    1. let’s see how she “owns” it speaking with Julie, will she tell Julie that they all look alike and hand Julie her hands and toes to get to work?

  41. Andy keeps talking about America’s player and even somewhat campaigning for it while completely oblivious to the fact that he might be the second least liked player in the house to Amanda. It’s actually comical when people say that Elissa does not have game compared to? McCrae who stopped playing after he became beholden to Amanda? Andy who plays the game simply by being as duplicitous as possible? GM who has always made it a point to represent the whims of the house so as not to ruffle any feathers? Spencer who has been a pawn this entire game? Judd whose game can’t even be described at this point? All of these are still strategies in their own right but PLEASE stop pretending they are anything more or less than Elissa who was the first to take on the McCranda alliance, the first to call Andy out for being a rat, who weakened the 3 AM alliance, who knew she needed to warm up to GM to mitigate tensions against her, the only houseguest who truly welcomed Judd back into the house as a needed ally, keeps to herself to avoid drama (a blessing and a curse in Big Brother), etc. Don’t forget that all of her allies are in the Jury House and frankly she’s playing the cards she is now dealt to the best of her ability. And enough about not wanting to be in the Jury House . . . enough players have made similar comments that it’s baseless . . . or her $$$ . . . it’s a game . . . I am all about wanting to see people benefit from these prizes . . . it’s a blessing, but I hate when these shows become “who needs the money the most?” only because that is not the premise of the experience at all.

    1. Good one.

      Also, nice to see a comment that doesn’t have GM in it. 146 comments—-139 saying basically the same thing—-BOOOOORRRRRING!!.

  42. Well, unless an odd fluke happens, it looks like PRODUCTION has arranged for JUDD to come back from the dead to save SOME respect for BB….he’s been ordered to lie low, keep quiet and it looks good for him…at least, America’s FAVE award. They’ve told ELISSA the same thing which is why she’s smiling though all of AMANDA’s nonsense. Who else left in cast is worthy of anything? Give the award to GM….all Chinese look alike? Yeah, Julie will be overjoyed to hand her the check. How about SPENCER – I like little children? Or, want to know what my girlfriend’s privates taste like? ANDY? – Crybaby is certainly not a good image for gays in America. Nor, for teachers. MC? – He’s not even a good image for pizza boys. Gave up his whole dream of being on BB for some sex from a nutjob. I think he spent 99 percent of his time in house lying down. Now, he’s sunk. Hardly an image CBS wants to project on its audience as winners worthy of a half-mil. SO, producers scramble…invent a scheme to get JUDD back, throw balls at him to catch and he’s in.
    Now there are even MORE people in cast as time is running out….so they invent a second DOUBLE eviction this week to even it out. That’s how it’s done, folks.

  43. Not trying to add fuel to the racist fire but its crazy how GM is ignorant towards minorities but she clearly is not 100% Caucasian. I would guess probably Italian but she probably is too ashame to admit it because of the way any minority was treated this season.

    1. Being Italian is not a race, they are considered Caucasian. Just because she has tanned herself into shoe leather doesn’t mean she has is not white.

      1. Well the last time I heard an Italian refer to themselves as white was umm let me think never so you get the point I was trying to make. I clearly know that Italian is not a race but a nationality.

    2. Who the hell is 100% caucasian?! I’m half Italian and half Hungarian – I’m really curious, by your standards, what does that make me?

  44. What GM said isn’t racist at all, it’s the truth. I agree and I think people take things WAY to far. She’s not hurting anyone, her intent is not to be mean so who cares

  45. Mc cry baby keep your pant’s up and don’t get drunk and have sex with Amanda on her last night in the house. I’ve said it before Amanda see’s Mccrae slipping away from her when this game is over and that devious woman is looking to entrap him anyway she can, little Mc cry babies? After all she herself said she was only with her former boyfriend for 2 month’s and had a miscarriage before getting in the Big Brother house. She’s known Mccrae longer. Amanda’s already scheming for her and Mccrae’s future on BB. She think’s as a couple they’ll be as popular as the other Z-list couple’s that have been on BB. Mccrae’s taste of freedom in the house without Amanda IF she is evicted I think he will begin to distance himself from her. That is why Amanda is so desperate to stay, she seriously does not want Mccrae to have a single thought that is not her’s. At this point by her own admission the money is secondary. Amanda smacks of desperation bordering on lunacy at times.

  46. uuummmm, speechless how clueless some of these people are. At least Judd finally spoke up and said something about it. Andy, the teacher, who should have said something weeks ago about what these people were saying finally said something. Wow.

    Just for what Judd said, and the fact he hasn’t joined in the stupid comments, makes me want him to win.

  47. Someone else said this earlier, but it needs to be said again: Julie Chen handled Aaryn’s exit interview w/class and grace. She didn’t flinch from the hard questions.

    Aaryn scrambled in the interview just like she scrambled in the house, grabbing at any excuse. Lurching from “I don’t remember saying those things” to “That was not meant to be serious” in the same sentence was astonishing. Which is it?? If you didn’t say those things, then why in the next breath do you say they weren’t meant to be serious?

    Also, your words were a currency you used in the house. You meant to oppress others with those words, you meant to obtain an advantage thru using those slurs. Even when you tried to garner pity or sympathy by saying “that hurts me that I would say something like that.” Why is it just from your perspective? How about the people that you hurt? How about the society of entitlement that you continue to perpetuate?

    I can’t wait to see how she’s going to handle GM.

  48. I would be willing to bet we have all heard that comment before that all Asians look alike. Comedians even joke about it, but we tend to judge these people in the big brother house so harshly over every single thing they say. So easy to do when we aren’t there but are watching with a microscope. Most comments that we are so judgmental about do not mean they are bad people. We need to remember that some comments that we make in our daily lives would probably be seen as distasteful to others if we were put under a microscope as well.

    1. Just because you have heard it before doesn’t make it right, and comedians are not the same as people who are using it in such a derogatory way and attacking people, remember they said these comments about Helen and Candace. Remember when the mean girls said maybe if they would hit Helen hard in the face with a ball it could straighten out her eyes! That is not funny and regular people don’t say that sort of thing. These people in here (most, not all) have no filter and even if you think it, why say it on a reality tv show? GM has the mentality of a 12 year old in my opinion, but her meanness is there and comes out frequently. There is no excuse for what they say and those who laugh along with it. Judd and Elissa seem to be the only ones in the house who are disgusted by this behavior. Funny, they are both from the south and not racists! (hear that Aaryn!)

      1. Totally inexcusable. All the bullying, being mean to each other, etc., is horrible and these grown adults should be more respectful and considerate of each other. But using such hateful language about these people is not excusable either. I personally do not like any of the houseguests this season for those reasons however, I don’t see the need to bash them. Then we are no better than they are.

  49. I was never a fan of Elissa but with this crappy cast, I actually want her to win. These people are sore losers for saying Elissa doesn’t deserve to be America’s player because she is the only one of them who actually deserves to win. After Elissa I don’t know whether GM deserves it because she is not that stupid ( game-wise) but she is incredibly hateful or Judd who is the most stupod person in the house but isn’t racist. I cannot believe he wants Elissa out before Mc Crae because MC would ways target him but Elissa wouldn’t. With Elissa as f2 he has more chances to win considering how MC dominated the game. Aughhhh please grow a brain Judd.. You are not playing the game for yourself but for Andy..

  50. While I can understand how Amanda rubs a lot of people the wrong way, I really can’t understand how so many people who comment on these updates prefer Aaryn and GM to her. Sure Amanda is tough, abrasive, and at times bullying, but she is also pretty much the only person playing the game. Aaryn and GM on the otherhand, aren’t playing the game, are spoiled and immature and oh yeah RACISTS.

    1. I think it’s because Amanda is perceived to be an unclean person. Meaning hygiene. The otheres have filthy minds. But, hers oozes out and covers her whole body.

    2. Because A-man-duh is racist too. CBS will never air it but you can find her disgusting behavior on YouTube. I think people are harder on her because she is older then Aaryn, smarter then GM. She should really know better. GM Obviously has some mental and emotiOnal problems. While her comments are racist, I think it stems from her two brain cells working incorrectly. Aaryn is a product of her raising… Her racism is deep-rooted and those feelings are engrained in her. A-man-duh makes these comments because she’s a self-entitled b***h that says/does anything for attention. I mean-did we really need to know every time she had a yeast infection?! In E’s famous words ” these people are disgusting!”

    3. GM is responsible for sending 2 people to jury. I believe that is “playing the game”. Amanda is also playing in her way, I’m not saying she isn’t, btw.

  51. Just when I was starting to like gm! Why?! At first, I could not stand her and when America was MVP I voted to put up both Amanda and gm. I was just starting to think maybe she was just easily influenced by the vile people she was around, but guess not. Oh well, now the only person I can root for is Elissa. Go Elissa!

  52. The only reason I’m still watching and reading is because I have so much time already invested in this season and it’s become a huge challenge to watch it to the end. This is the worst BB ever! The only redeemig part is Dawg and Simon’s excellent work. Thank you guys.

    1. YES, Thank You Dawg, Thank You Simon! You guys grab excellent headlines. You must be lovin’ this cast because they continue to blurt out the most outrageous garbage imaginable. And you guys aren’t letting them get away with none of it. THANK YOU!

  53. Amanda better walk the hell out the door. I may actually watch this episode. I have boycotted this bullshit because of the allowance of such racist and bullying behavior. I have been bored previous seasons but never stopped watching. Time Warner Cable actually did me a favor this year. I can’t dvr this show but I can watch it on the alternate CBS channel.

  54. Elissa being rich is irrelevant. Big Brother is not a charity; therefore it shouldn’t matter if the winner is rich or poor. Putting her down for having money (which her husband obviously worked hard for) just shows how truly jealous and pathetic the rest of the houseguests are. Don’t think you deserve the money over someone else just because you believe you need it more.

    1. Unfortunately in America 2013, many people follow Karl Marx “from each according to his abillity, to each according to his needs”. Those who are successful earned their living and those who sleep all day (uh hum, Mccranda) don’t deserve shit because they think they do. Get off your ass and making a nice living for yourself and stop attacking those who do!

  55. There have been numerous studies showing that members of one ethnicity actually have much more difficulty distinguishing between members of another ethnicity than their own.

    Having said that, GM is a bigot and a fucking moron. She makes Honey Boo Boo look like Albert Einstein.

  56. Actually, Elissa is the only one who has made a big move. Besides GM now. She’s the only one who stood up against the house, and as crappy as her game was in the beginning, her or GM should win now. If amanda got to the end, she would win, but since she’s going this week one of the other girls should win.

  57. That’s the GM we know! Throw those racist comments out there. Andy hoping telling the Brenchel army to fuck off will ruin his chance at Americas player, nope I’m sure you ruined your chance as soon as you started this game!

    1. Brenchel Army all over the USA will vote 4 Elissa of America favorite houseguest. So rat boy!!!! Brenchel army is strong and ever and you will get nothing!!!’

  58. I’m thinking CBS should perhaps hire back all the defectors who went to Glass House LOL because they are all out of that job!! I want the Real Big Brother Season BACK next year!! GO ELISSA GO JUDD!! ( and GM talking f3 ) That would be sweet justice in a crappy season!

  59. Would like to see Judd, Elissa and McCrae form an alliance. Hoping McCrae gets some energy after Amanda leaves. The McCrae coming into the game and the McCrae we see now are two different people. He seems depressed.

    1. Why would you want Elissa and Judd to make an alliance with McStinky? He threw away his game and he knew better. He knew it in the beginning and he knew it in the middle and it wasn’t until GM called him out on it that he decided to play BB.

  60. Here is what I don’t get … No matter who you like or don’t like , why the hell didn’t these people send Judd packing as soon as he came back in . He played the game and lost by being voted out. They should have set aside their personal hatred for Aaryn , Amanda , or Elissa and send him right back out last week because they sure will feel stupid if He ends up winning the money .

    1. Since Elissa didn’t put him up because they are allies, how were the rest of them supposed get Judd out–throw him over the backyard fence?

  61. Just when you think GM has a few redeeming qualities, she goes and says stuff like that. Damn, I WANT to like her, but she is makes it difficult when her racism comes out!! She is like 2 very different people – one you just love and want to say “Yeah, go GM, get those jerks out of the house!” and the other you just want to smack your head and ask how she says something SO stupid!!

  62. I’am not a fan of any of these idiot HG’s, however give Elissa some credit, she has reinvigorated the game play by showing she was not afraid or intimidated to go after the main alliance in the house and this is what really got the ball rolling for these other HG’s to follow suit and stop thinking with Amanda’s brain ( I actually believe GM is still looking for her brain in OZ ) otherwise they would all still be in their beds waiting on Amanda’s word on who to vote out on Thursday. Once Elissa showed them they could make a decision without Amanda’s ok and that they wouldn’t be shot, strangled or maimed in any way the HG’s are ready to play this game. Now everyone want’s credit for taking out Amanda or Mccrae , but the real credit should goes to Elissa. The Red Rat is a spineless jellyfish and surf’s wherever the power is so does his boyfriend Spendy. Judd is also in OZ looking for his brain.

  63. I actually feel bad for GM. She obviously is totally clueless and has REALLY screwed up her life going forward.

    She will have to suffer the consequences of her actions, but that will be a stiff price to pay for being raised the way she was.

  64. Save me from the commenters defending and rationalizing GM and her racist remarks, they are as deplorable as her comments and filled with their own bigoted overtones. You only make an already sorry and pathetic BB15 even worse.

  65. Oh Amanda. Wait until you watch yourself on YouTube. You’ll find out how delusional you are about America loving you. You have no idea. And Andy, give up any hope that you would be America’s Fav. I live to see the day you are blindsided, if only 2 people could have a conversation without you slithering in. You will see that your only accomplishment has been to be The Rat. GM once again shows her true colors just as we were warming up to her. MC is gross chomping on his fingers all the time, laying around with the same pair of pajama on for a week, no showers, subservient to his Queen. Yeah yeah yeah. Judd oh Judd wake up and get into action. Kudos for speaking up during GM’s bashing but stop listening to Andy. Spencer. Who’s he? Name one thing he has done. So it is Elissa by default. I would admire her even more if she would start playing the game – ! With the dbl eviction they need to 1. Get rid of Amanda 2. Have anyone but MC or El win HOH (she needs to be able to play in the next HOH game) 3. Put MC & anyone up & ABMC (Anyone But MC) win POV 4. Vote out MC 5. El win HOH. THEN we have a game!

  66. This season hasn’t had any really good heroes or really good bad guys. The good guys were just meh, and the bad guys most distinguishing characteristics were lack of hygiene.

    1. Personally I find Demanda’s constant talk about her sexual life more disgusting. I also find her fantasy’s about slitting Jessie’s throat so she could scream while being gang raped and Spencer saying he wouldn’t mind the screaming more disgusting. And I could go on and on and on and that is the more disgusting part.

  67. A couple questions.
    Did Julie tell Judd that America voted Amanda on the block?
    What is Julie’s race?
    Don’t they usually show some footage from the jury house?

    1. No. No one was told that it was America’s vote to nom Amanda.
      Julie is Korean.
      After this Thursday, I expect they will start showing evictees entering the jury house.

      1. They showed footage from the Jury House the week that Judd came back in. Candice greeted Judd and Judd’s face when in saw Jessie. Priceless

  68. GM should get Pandora’s box. When she takes it, punishment would be her and everyone but Judd and Elissa get locked up in a room and have to watch a sensitivity seminar over and over again for eight hours straight. Or, next HOH/veto comp could be which HG said which hateful/racist statement.

  69. GM dumb ass will have a rude awaking once she leaves the BB house. No only has she lost her job, as well as, any future jobs in the entertainment industry she will see that her BFF Aaryn the other Biggest Loser will distance herself from her to try and clean up whatever reputation she has since Aaryn has said that she want to get into the entertainment field. They should have paid attention to Paula Deen who was punished for something she said 30 years ago. GM 3 month of blatant ignorance on her and the rest of the dummies who has been apart of the “I think this shit is funny” crew has cause a life time of “I wish I could take it back” regrets!

  70. Andy and Amanda are the face of ‘evil’ and it has zero to do with the “Brenchel” army. I didn’t like Rachel on her Season and I don’t necessarily like Elissa, but i do respect her self control. She has talked about people in the house, but she has not participated in the bigotry that CBS has allowed to go on this season. Andy’s backstabbing has gone beyond game play. He says terrible things about Elissa and she just says he’s not trustworthy which is true. He’s absolutely NOT trustworthy. The personal attacks blow my mind from him b/c most of the gay/lesbian race are against character attacks b/c of the criticism they have endured for years, yet he participates in this nonsense. GM, Amanda, Aaryn, Jeremy, and Spencer have ALL said the most ignorant racists comments i’ve ever heard. Fortunately for Spencer people that have not watched the live feeds have no idea about his disgusting comments about women. He has received some fantastic editing. He as disgusting as any and needs to be exterminated too. Elissa is the lesser of the evils in this house and so I’m left to pull for ‘fake’ over evil. I will not root for anyone other than her to win. Shame on these houseguest!

  71. I am of Asian decent and I do not find this comment by GM, obviously, to be suitable for the public ear. In a season flooded with a plethora of racial slurs, remarks and immature generalizations (homophobia also), it becomes more difficult to remain a constant fan of this BB season and updates. All of this immaturity is surely, somewhat of a reflection of the real world, yet when I watch this show, as a fan, I do not come here to be reminded of the tainting characters who spoiler the show, by expressing their humanistic arrogance within their own nature. It is in my wish that, in the year 2013, that we take this as somewhat of a lesson to be learned: that not all Americans not demonstrate disgustingly vile acts of bigotry. Such acts like this must be frowned upon, and not supported. My faith is rejuvenated and restored when I hear news of, unfortunate exterminations of work from those HG like GM, Aaryn, and Amanda. At least, I am assured that some people are concerned with the issues of unacceptable arrogant acts of racism.

  72. I’am sick and tired of the HG’s and comments made here of who deserves the $500,000 more, or how rich ( Elissa) or how poor ( Andy, GM, Judd) a HG’s is so their more deserving. Everyone signed up for the same game. It is a game and whoever win’s, WIN . It’s not a show about who has the best sob story so we’ll be giving you the money.

  73. I love how Amanda says that Elissa hasn’t done anything! She has won 3 comps and Amanda has only won 1. Amanda hasn’t done anything except tell Andy and McCrae what to do, if she didn’t have those two she would have been gone a long time ago. I don’t understand how the house hates Elissa so much. I guess Amanda and McCrae summed it up when they said, “Elissa does what she wants and uses her own F*cking brain!” lol They hate her because they cannot control her! Andy and Amanda thought they could control her once Helen left but they were wrong and became sore losers!
    The Exterminators are doing what alliances always do, start planning people to evict in order. Well that never happens, I think McCrae and Elissa will start pulling off some comps and will break them up. I don’t think they are going to get those two out as easily as they thought. Maybe Elissa will start talking to McCrae when she realizes the whole house is against them. We will see after the DE. If Elissa doesn’t pull off the HOH or Veto she will be gone then the game will be boring as all get out!!

    1. I can’t stand Amanda. As a fellow Jew, I find her to be a complete embarrassment. But you can’t say she hasn’t had a huge impact on the game.

      1. I don’t think Amanda would have had a huge impact on the game if she wouldn’t have had Andy and McCrae to do her bidding. Andy is the one who did her bidding for her and keep her off the block numerous times. Granted she played a good game by having Andy do all her dirty work.

      2. I love how Amanda keeps telling GM that is she goes home everyone will be against her! lol Delusional! Everyone but McCrae (but I even think he is ready for her to go) wants her gone. McCrae will be different when she leaves, I don’t think he will be as hateful and will actually start playing. Even though it may be too late for him to redeem himself with the HG’s and Viewers.

  74. Not that I am picking up for gm but there is actually something called the “cross race effect” where there is a “tendency for people of one race to have trouble recognizing and processing faces and facial expressions of members of a race or ethnic group other than their own”.

    That being said, Gina is definitely making a joke out of it which is flat out wrong , but nonetheless, it is a thing that social psychologists are studying. Look it up.

  75. Wow I just lost all intrest to the game with this article. Please read and comment for urself.
    Right after the HoH competion, Big Brother had a surprise competition that awarded Spencer $10,000. Prior to this competition Amanda slipped by saying, “during the luxury Veto competition, I am going to take all the prizes.” (the word “Veto” being the slip) The strange thing about that balloon competition is that it was held right after HoH, usually they leave these types of competitions for mid week to break up the monotony. But that was not the case with this competition, they had it right after HoH and oddly enough, Amanda has completely calmed down since the competition.
    Viewers of the Big Brother After Dark say that Amanda found a token inside one of those balloons and guess what it was? A Diamond Power of Veto! This Veto was first introduced in Big Brother 4 and the last time it was used was in Big Brother 12 when it was awarded to Matt Hoffman as a gift from Pandora’s Box. This type of Veto is a little special in that the holder not only gets to take someone off the block, but they also select the replacement nominee themselves. Now we now why Amanda has the smug look on her face, not only does she know that she going nowhere and neither is her boyfriend, but who do you think she will name as a replacement nominee? It will be Elissa Slater who she calls joker face all the time.

  76. Well that’s final I will be voting Elissa as America’s Player. I know she does not need the money, likely it will go to building her wellness center, or maybe to charity who knows, but none of the other scumbags deserve it.

  77. Now that Elissa and GinaMarie have given us our Big Brother game back please don’t let production be responsible for letting Amanda wiggle off the hook. i think most of America wants to see the bully Amanda get her due this week.

  78. I think it’s very sad people have to be so degrading to others, its not right to mock, an make fun of others, an cut them down for their color, or looks, its very shallow minded regardless of our race we all have feelings! And it’s something that hurts deep when attacked it cuts a person deep to be bullied! And it’s setting a terrible example for the younger generation watching! What are they learning you lead by example! An these are adults acting like this! What a shame it makes me sad to know there is such cold hearted people that think they are above others for whatever reason they think that it shows they are mentally insane! At this point I’m rooting for Elissa & Judd! They are the only decent people in the house with morals an respect for other people’s feelings! It’s a shame a few of them have been allowed to stay in the house I don’t get that! Anyhow I wanted add I really like this blog an the information posted is spot on its the absolute best updated blog of any for big brother the rest don’t come close to how great this online big brother blog is! Love it thanks to those keeping us updated we really appreciate! I look at the blog several times an hour checking for updates I’m an addict lol ;) thanks for all the hard work us fans are grateful!

    1. That has to be a rumor. She has been a petulant brat since MC won the POV. Same old mood swings. Same old Amanda. She would have told MC and she has not.

  79. Before last night I was willing to overlook her remarks earlier this season, hoping she had learned from being in the house. Now I can see that she hasn’t so if Judd can’t win it all I hope it is Elissa. If they both get the boot I am done with this season.

  80. Can anyone enlighten me as to why Amanda, Mcrae, Andy, and Spenser constantly call Elissa Crazy? She definitely has a lack of communication skills and is a little stuck up, but other then that for a BB HG she is pretty much a saint. She is anything but crazy.

  81. Amanda Zuckerman is a racist, she had an abortion just to be on a reality show and she a vile, despicable hoe.

    They don’t keep me here because I’m beautiful!

  82. I love how Amanda talks so much crap about Rachel and Brenden; she was terrified last week thinking Rachel would come out of Pandora’s box to terrorize her!
    She made some comments about Brenden last night and McCrae reminded her that she will see him after the show! lol I wish I could see that!! Amanda will see Rachel, Brenden and Elissa’s husband! I would love to be a fly on the wall for that! bahahaha

    1. I would love to see Amanda wet her pants that not only Rachel but Brendon & Elissa’s husband will torture until she cry like a b$tch! McPussy stand there helpless while Rachel torture Amanda to make sure that nobody mess between me and my sister. Amanda, if I were you RUN!!!!!

  83. Do these people (idiots) realize that they’re on the live feeds and everything that they say can and will be held against them

  84. Can we come up with a spray that will exterminate half of the Exterminators? Make Judd and GinaMarie immune and just eliminate Andy and Spencer.

  85. I was wondering why Amanda so boldly and foolishly took the bottle of wine for herself when this same antic turned the house against Jeremy and got him evicted. She is no longer in crisis mode and sweating it, being up on the block!

    Then I hear that Amanda got the Diamond Power of Veto, makes sense why we haven’t heard anything more about it, because Amand-a-racist will lose the Diamond Power of Veto if she tells anyone about it.

    If this is true, Allison Grodner, you are a slut, whore and Leslie Moonves, you are a “ZERO”!

    I will stop watching BB and all other shows on CBS if this turns out to be true.

  86. I can only hope that after Amanda GM is voted out. I know BB is not about the winner always being the nicest person to win but in the case of BB15 I hope decency prevails. Judd and Elissa F2.

  87. Elissa has everything that Amanda aspires to have when (and IF) she grows up.
    Amanda gives fellatio to a person who could also be seen as someone who has not “played the game”. Outside of his initial win of HOH, and recent veto win, what has McRaped really done to impact events in the house? He has been hiding with his face between Homanda’s legs for the majority of the game.

  88. If you think we are sick of Amanda wait until she gets to the jury house and starts talking 24/7 to the jury members about how much she hates Elissa and how McCrae was the mastermind of the entire house all season. Barf.

  89. The only reason Elissa didn’t want to go to Jury is because she would have to wait to see all you disgusting people slowly invade the Jury House & then vote for one of you pigs to win! that is why she didn’t want to go to the Jury House, you bunch of losers! Not because she lacks respect for the game! Geez, get it!

  90. People are only defending her because everyone is tired of the 500 comments against her. We know she’s racist. Find a new topic.

  91. Amanda one the veto once. She only won that because she didn’t have McDouchey s……in her flat butt that dayShe’s hated by millions.I just don’t understand her logic,she’s the worst. Mcrae has demoted himself to something invaluable. She is so worried about Elissa. She is just nasty and trashy. I can’t say everything I want to about her, but the bitch needs to go. And screws in someone’s bed and not wash the sheets. Nasty whore!!!

    1. Amanda wanting the HOH bed. GM told Amanda she could have it on Wednesday cause she didn’t want to wash the sheets again. Think Amanda would say that she or McCrea would wash them after gunking them up? Washing them when they were done never entered her mind.

  92. Amanda wants to introduce Mc to her family and boyfriend when he comes to Florida? What is Amanda looking for a threesome? WTF Run Mc Run.

  93. Veto Ceremony
    MC:This is the veto ceremony, Amanda and I nominate for eviction, I have power of veto to remove a player. This is a tough decision, Sorry sweetie I have to use the veto on myself. GM, veto my nomination you have to name the replacement nominee.
    GM:This is tough decision. Elissa don’t take your seat, Spencer take a seat,
    MC:This Veto meeting is adjourned!!!

    After Veto Ceremony

  94. 2 quick stories — I am a white Canadian who moved to the West Indies 25 years ago. I still have trouble with facial recognition if it is someone I only see once every 2 or 3 years, be they white, black, purple, yellow, pink or blue. I do not think “they” all look alike, it is, as I said my problem with recognising and remembering faces.

    For many years I would visit England 3 or 4 times each year and always waited til my arrival to have my hair cut as the hairdresser was excellent. Just so happens she was Chinese. In mentioning that I would eventually like to re-locate to England but could not as I would not put my dogs in quarantine for 6 months, she asked “How would anyone recognise their own dog after 6 months — they all look alike”.

  95. Back in the jury house: Helen muttering to herself, “It’s not yet time to get rid of Amanda, it’s not yet time to get rid of Amanda”.

  96. This wasn’t mentioned here on the message board. However, when they were all sitting outside on the couch talking and once again, ignorant Gina Marie, begins spewing out vile racist remarks about other ethnicity’s looking alike, etc, it wasn’t mentioned that Skum Man Duh, when talking about her having her eviction interview with Julie Chen. When being questioned by Julie about certain behavior while in the BB house, how she wasn’t liked and how she would tell Julie she was being edited by the show as the bad guy and Elissa was getting all the good edits, she would reply to Julie, “F*** You, Julie”. WOW! talking about screwing the hand that is literally feeding you, since Julie’s husband is some huge exec with CBS. This sub human has NO respect for anyone, let alone, herself. She makes me ill and I pray that the women of the jury house lets her know (IF by some miracle she does end up going to the jury house), that is THEIR house and they will not allow this creature to go in their and try to run the ship, like she has done pretty much all season with the sheep following her in the BB house. Never amazes me just how low this vile creature will stoop, to say “F*** You, to the hostess of the show. WOW!

    1. Amanduh portrays the hard-nosed, snivelling, f**k ’em all bitch while in the house. I think once she is faced with Julie’s interrogation, she will crumble, back-peddle, blame everyone else and turn on the water works. She will never accept that she has only herself to blame for her vile behaviour. Once she starts reading blogs, looking at you tube footage, etc. she will look to blame those that have done the editing. This will be the same for all the hgs.

  97. I remember Amanda asking each player if they would give up their POV for her. Then she wants all the booze and won’t share the wine. Then she takes over every HOH room and eats (like Andy) all she wants of the HOH basket and products. Now she demands the HOH for her sex room because McCray will miss her so much if she’s voted out. GM has the balls to deny her and she was not happy to do the sheets after – I’ve never seen such a demanding, delusional and controlling woman as Amanda not to mention full of hate. I love the idea of her reading the comments and outside opinions of her when she finally leaves the season. Let’s hope without money or McCrae.

  98. I agree with earlier comments. Aman-duh, if you are fighting to stay, why would you drink all of the wine? Know that you were trying to keep it from Elissa, but still ….

  99. Are all white people like this when they’re together and they think nobody is watching??? It really makes me wonder…. And, it makes me question all of the white friends I’ve had in my life… It’s just so sad that some white people try to make themselves feel better by talking crap about another person’s ethnicity. We’re all from the same race… the human race.

    1. Promise you 2 of us are not for sure, and all the white people we hang with keep it well hidden if they are. When the President was running for his first term we went to an annual party full of professionals from one of our jobs. The racist black jokes were all about Obama, they were non stop and sickening & we haven’t been back since in 5 or 6 years. Can’t speak for the spouse, but I won’t ever go back as long as those same people are involved and we are staunch Republicans. It doesn’t matter how educated, rich or poor those people are white trash in my book. Amazingly the only people left on this show that aren’t white trash are Judd & Elissa so I watch every second of how they deal with the rest of the trash in the house to try to learn tools on how to deal with these types without letting them control what I’m trying to accomplish. I truly wish Howard had dropped Candice outside that bedroom door, gone back in, closed the door from the inside, stood with his back to the door, blocking their only exit, arms folded, and taken that room full of trash to school on how Candice was going to be treated while he was in that house. Whether he schooled them verbally or physically was their choice. Howard thinks he chose the better way, but I disagree, you see how far it got him in the game by trying to get along with the trash. Me, I’m trying to learn alternatives from Elissa & Judd because all I know is what I wished Howard had done.

    2. You should have friends of every color and race no matter what but one lesson to never forget is to always watch your back for actual and verbal knives.

  100. I’ve heard the remarks and comments aimed at Chinese and/or Korean people by GinaMarie, but please remind me why people feel she ‘will need a bodyguard’ to protect her as one commenter named Julia stated about her racist comments towards blacks? Please enlighten me as to why she needs to fear black people now.

    1. It’s sad, but there are one crazy people in the world. Think about it now movie theaters. Have guards and many schools or pushing for teachers to have a gun. Crazy people and mental nuts just get mad about things, they may run into her on the streets and confront her about what he said. I would not. Lol some would, she may go off on them it could turn bad. You no longe on a reality TV show , you in the real world where people may not just take racism and walk away.

      My point of view.

  101. When I think of Amanda Zuckerman, it reminds me of Casey Anthony.

    1. Amanda killed her baby for a show.

    2. Casey killed her baby for a blow.

  102. aMANduh = narcissist

    An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges
    Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships
    A lack of psychological awareness (egosyntonic)
    Difficulty with empathy
    Problems distinguishing the self from others (no boundaries)
    Hypersensitivity to any insults or imagined insults (criticism, rage and injury)
    Vulnerability to shame rather than guilt
    Haughty (provocative) body language
    Flattery towards people who admire and affirm them (narcissistic supply)
    Detesting those who do not admire them (narcissistic abuse)
    Using other people without considering the cost of doing so
    Pretending to be more important than they really are
    Bragging (subtly but persistently) and exaggerating their achievements
    Claiming to be an “expert” at many things
    Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people
    Denial of remorse and gratitude

  103. I noticed Andy telling Ayran he was going to use the part of Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation in his speech but it was actually from the Gettysburg address.

  104. Wow, what to even say. GM can’t even IMAGINE what’s waiting for her outside the house….and it isn’t really gonna be NICK! I mean, I DO believe he’s going to try to be her friend and try to make sure she doesn’t stalk and KILL him or KILL HERSELF because she is CLEARLY going to be on a suicide watch, but seriously, she’s so disgustingly oblivious to how easily and casually she spews ugliness. And to think, she’s actually someone who works with young girls? Oh wait, I mean USED to work with young girl!! HA! I also TOTALLY don’t understand the whole “Elissa doesn’t deserve to win or be here” thing. is it because she’s already financially stable? Well, I didn’t realize BigBrother was based on a contestants “need” for finances. I guess a lot of people who’ve won in the past should pony up their winnings too. Or is it because she’s a “floater” and “didn’t play the game”? Anyone who says she hasn’t done anything can’t possibly support Andy, McCrae or Spencer. NONE of them have done ANYTHING either. And up until this week GM did NOTHING but ride coattails too! All AMANDA did was piss, bitch, bully and mindfuck people into doing what she wanted…I guess if you think she’s “actually playing the game”, well then maybe Charles Manson should be on season 16. That leaves Judd…..does he “deserve to win”? Otherwise, technically all the people who “deserve” to win are gone. Also if I were GM I’d tell Amanda if she wasn’t to fuck in the HOH room, she should WIN HOH!! Nasty cheap whore! She’s definitely worse than a 2.99 truckstop special. She is the single dirtiest human being ever allowed to be on this show. Anyone who’d claim her or choose to date her has to be out of their minds!! It’s so obvious her ENTIRE ‘showmance” is for SHOW. She decided to “fall in love” with the ONE GUY who came in with nothing really to lose. He has NO job worth staying in his home city for. I think it’s more of a business deal than anything. THey continue their “showmance” and keep making money on other CBS shows. She already knows people who will cast them, just like the did Rachel and Brenden and Jeff and Jordan. No other guy in the house was leaving a “goal less, pointless, life’. This is the only shot for McCrae to make money without having to actually WORK.

  105. I learned a song many, many years ago growing up in Sunday school.
    Jesus loves the little children:
    Jesus loves the little children,
    all the children of the world,
    red, yellow, black and white,
    they are precious in his sight,
    Jesus love the children of the world.
    This is just my belief that we are all human and we should not judge each other.

  106. “Ginamarie says I don’t think anyone will remember Helen because all Chinese people look-a-like.”

    Just when I was coming around to liking her for getting rid of Stinkmeaner(Amanda) and she hits bottom again.

  107. Why are they treating Elissa this way – I love her she does have more class than anyone else in the house
    that is why they want her to go nothing but jealousy

  108. You know, like, for being like a professor and all like Andy like says “like” a lot, you know?

    But then so do most people on the show. I would be interested to know how many times the word “like” was used during this season. The overuse of that word is quite annoying to listen to.

  109. I’m so glad that I will forget all these stupid people in about a month!!! I just can’t believe the CRAP that comes from their mouths….They families must be so proud!!!! (with the exception of Ellisa)

  110. Where are all of the GM lovers. I remember it being said that the only reason she said the stuff she did was because she was hanging out with Aaryn. Aaryn isn’t there now so who is to blame for her racist remarks?

  111. Where are all of the GM lovers. I remember it being said that the only reason she said the stuff she did was because she was hanging out with Aaryn. Aaryn isn’t there now so who is to blame for her racist remarks?

  112. “Amanda questions who’s sheets did we get really dirty that one time? McCrae says no ones! Gina says well you got tanning on my bed. McCrae says no ones Amanda! Judd asks did ya’ll have sex in my bed. Amanda says yeah we did. McCrae says no we didn’t! Judd says gross. McCrae says it did not happen Judd. Judd asks whenever I was HOH did ya’ll have $ex in my bed? McCrae says no. Judd says gross I’m going to get ring worm and all the new deseases. Amanda says you’re going to get pregnant with McCrababies babies!”
    The live feeds have ruined this show for me – what disgusting trash. I too hope that Elissa and Judd are the final two – how terrible for them to be stuck in this house with these creeps! I watched Big Brother Canada recently and was sure it wouldn’t hold a candle to this show; but I was wrong. Can’t wait for our Big Brother 2. All our feeds our 24/7 and free – plus it was enjoyable to watch. All day long I have been thinking about this exchange about using the HOH bed and feel sick to my stomach. What a loser McRae is – Amanda must never have read the book or seen the move “He’s just not that into you”.

  113. Why is everyone so afraid of the TRUTH ? ? ? I have seen a lot of Asian people that look alike……a lot of black people that look alike…..a lot of hispanic people that look alike…..and a lot of caucasian people that look alike……………That’s not racist……it’s the damn truth ! ! ! Why does everyone want to throw the race card in it ? People can say or do anything they want…..but……the truth is the truth ! ! ! THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS ! ! !

    1. Sure A LOT of people of the same nationality look alike, but GM said “No one will remember Helen because ALL CHINESE people look alike.” saying that ALL of anything or any people “look alike” is pretty ignorant, not factual. Secondly, it isn’t as if BigBrother has had SO MANY ASIAN people that Helen would LOOK JUST LIKE any of them! If anything, she should have said no one would remember any of the NON White people in the house because THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE! Which WOULD have been…factual right? considering that BigBrother is overwhelmingly case with “white” cast members? Would you be so casual to dismiss that comment if someone like Helen or Howard or Candice said it? Bet ya wouldn’t!

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