Big Brother Spoilers Nominations Results “Everyone was in on it.. Poopy was right”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots



Amanda and McCrae are up on the block

5:17pm Bedroom Amanda tells McCrae that Spencer was in on it nbot only

Amanda: “Poopy was right”
Amanda: “Andy or us have to win the veto… I don;’t care anymore honey.. it doesn’t make sense”
Amanda – “She’s working with Spence and JUDD”
MC – “Probably”

Amanda leaves marches into the cockpit where Andy and Spencer are schemeing she says Spencer is in on otherwise why would she do it.

Amanda – “Poopy was f*** right.. she’s working with JUDD and ELissa.. ”

Amanda charges up into the HOH.

Amanda – “Gm I don’t understand the logic .. She sent howm Nick she sent hom your best friend.. it doens’t make sense.. ”

GM – “Amanda .. you guys.. Aaryn told me so much bullshit.. ”
Gm explains to her that Aaryn did a lot of shit for them and when she needed Amanda and McCrae the most they weren’t there for her.

Amanda – “Elissa was the one that put up NICK and he went home.. Elissa was the one that put up Aaryn and she went home.. what the F*** gm .. she taunted you every week”

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5:28pm HOH Amanda and GM (Andy and JUDD come in 1/2 way though)

A – “It doesn’t make sense”
A – “Gm we were not coming after you.. Aaryn was right you are working with Elissa”

Amanda – “Now you are going to have f*** everyone after you”
GM tries to explain to her that Amanda and McCrae are a duo and the duos need to be broken up otherwise none of them have a chance to win it. Once the couple is broken up everyone is on a level playing field.
Amanda reminds her that Elissa put up Nick and Aaryn and they went home.
Gm tells her she was trying to get Elissa out for the first couple weeks and Amanda/McCrae lied to her they also lied to her about the Nick vote.

GM says why didn’t you vote for aaryn to stay
Amanda says why didn’t you vote for her
GM says she was voting with the house
Amanda scoffs points out that GM can’t get mad at her for voting out Aaryn when she did the same thing.

Amanda – “you f*** yourself.. it was a sh!tty game move because if one of us win POV JUDD or Spencer are going up and going home”
Amanda asks her who told GM to put them up. Gm says she figured it out on herself. Amanda crying says it obvious she is working with Elissa now. GM says it’s a level game she gave them all a chance to play for Veto which is more than Amanda and MCcrae gave other people.

JUDD – ‘You all run the game.. than.. you just said whoever wins the veto will take you off“
Amanda – ‘Ohh I see.. now I see”
JUDD – “You just f** said I was going up”

Gm – “Amanda it’s a game thing .. you still have a chance”

Amanda – “To be honest with you I don’t even want to be in this house anymore.. “
JUDD – “Love you too”
Amanda storms out JUDD and GM follow her. They are yelling from the balcony Amanda is in front of the memory wall.
Amanda calls GM a liar says she told her JUDD and Elissa were going up.
GM yells down says she said she would consider it.
GM – “Can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen”

(I really could not keep up with the drama in the house during this time period.. Amanda is freaking out)

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


5:38pm Havenots Amanda and McCrae
Amanda is crying says GM knew what to do since the moment she won the HOH and Aaryn told her to do that.
Amanda whimpering says she doesn’t want to be in the game anymore and have to look at joker face all week. Amanda would rather just leave.

Amanda tells McCrae that she is going home and wants to spend the last days getting to know each other. She continues to cry.

Amanda adds that McCrae can only trust Andy, JUDD and Spencer are with GM and Elissa.
Amanda points out that GM would have never put them up if she didn’t have the votes, “Now watch Andy’s name won’t get pulled for VETO”

Amanda says she cannot stand being around joker face she would rather just leave right now. If tomorrow’s Veto is luxury she is going to grab all the luxuries and McCrae can grab the veto.
Amanda thinks Andy will go up as a replacement, She comments how Andy must have been as surprised as they were.

Amanda – “I can’t believe I’m going home before that fake a$$ b!tch Elissa”
Amanda – “I cannot believe Aaryn f** me like this.. “ (what goes around comes around)

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Amanda is crying like a baby and McCrae is sitting there thinking that he’s probably safe if they’re still on the block on Thursday……WRONG!!

jizz pants

amanda’s tears make me jizz my shorts.


Amanda is so fucking stupid, I mean totally ignorant!!! How does she justify in her mind every evil, selfish move she has made, yet she can’t understand why anyone in that house would want to split up her power alliance with McPussy… she is delusional!! And OMG her tears last night after the live show, she was so upset to think that she is being portrayed as a bully… no editing could ever portray Amanda to be the crazy, selfish, ruthless, classless, nasty ass bitch that Amanda has proven again and again with her own poor judgement and behaviors to be. Come on the nasty ass, desperate whore begs McCrae…yes McCrae… to scratch her itch on a routine basis… knowing her Mommy and Daddy and the rest of America is watching. Elissa is right, Amanda is disgusting and gross!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to see the two of them on the block, I wanna see the bitch scramble and have a major mental melt down every hour on the hour… it’s gonna be great!!

Amanda's Therapist

*sodisgusted* Scary! You and I feel the same about the
“dirty duo”! Amanda is going to be pouty… babbling on…about nothing as usual!
AND be a BIGGER … BITCH than ever! (if she can be any bitchier!)
Now Amanda is saying she wants to GO HOME
boo fu#kin – boo hoo!
WE …. ALL want her to GO HOME – TOO!! :-)


I just wish everyone would tell them the house is sending you 2 packing. One of them is going home this week( hopefully McRae,) then it will be her against the house. She can’t evict them all.Once you win HOH you cannot play the next week so, the MOST the other one could stay would be 2 weeks.If she doesn’t get her way she will take her bat & ball and go home. She’s a spoiled brat. She’s not America’s sweetheart and you’ll are not the best showman e ever you MORON.

ADIOS. BITC- You will be remembered for who you really are


Went from the best player ever in BB history to this. THANKS GM

BB15s like a slipnslide without water...

I’d love to see Mcdirty & Ratandy leave during the double eviction. The first to see Demanda FREAK right out that her pizza boy may be with other girls and the second just so Demanda is stuck in the house for another week with absolutely no one to whine to/with. Bah ha ha ha

Not a PHD Student

Amanda tells McCrae that she is going home and wants to spend the last days getting to know each other. She continues to cry.

Has McCrae had more then 5 minutes alone without Amanda drapped all over him in the last 6 weeks? There is needy but this is crazy. Do we know anything about McCrae other then Amanda never shuts up and allows him to talk? I love it and hope they vote out McCrea and make her stay another week crying behind anything and everything. Then have Elissa win HOH and put her up and send her packing.


I hate there’s a double & they could just move their showmance to the jury house. It would be so much more entertaining to see Amanda in the house by herself for another week by herself. Elissa could then be saying loud enough for Amanda to hear I wonder how McRae and Jessie are getting along. I wonder what they are doing right now. Then Judd could lay it on about all the privacy they had there with not all the cameras and Amanda would just self evict which would be poetic justice


I believe GM was born for this moment. Destined to make all BB fans happy in 2013. Thank you GM!!!

Cloe 12

What the hell???? GM did a wonderful thing today, but your GM euphoria is going way too far. She’s no saint.


Send McRae to jury with Jessie. Let Amanda stay with nobody to talk to or tell her she is the victim. She will go nuts and will want to nominate herself (if she wins HOH) just to get to jury with McRae. She is so jealous of Jessie ( for good reason) Jessie is fine and if you saw Amanda in the tanning booth or in that pink one piece bathing suit you would agree. They will probably both leave Thurs. at the doublr eviction. Thought you had it made huh Mcrae


Lets not forget that horrible black bathing suit or whatever the hell that thing was…with the fringes… Bitch looked like a fucking joke, bitch looked like a bigger clown that Candice did in the clown suit…ZING!!!


I know, they are idiots. They know Spencer is against them so it would be Elissa & Judd or Spencer to vote for them to go. She still thinks she’s calling the shots.Spencer or Judd would go up and who would put them up rather than Andy (if he was with you like you thought)she would put up Andy you moron. Besides she would be the tie breaker either way stupid.


So Glad Their Up. I Just Hope Mccranda Doesn’t Stay In Bed All Week. I Wanna See More Fireworks!!!

Amanda's Therapist

hollie* What I really want to SEE is Amanda
get in GM’s face & GM turns on her!!
Would love to have GM….SCARE the HELL
out of Amanda!
Amanda will SNAP and TRY to punch-out GM!
After the WHORE & the pussy pizza boy GO
then rat Andy should GO!!

Pinocchio Obama

Someone please touch me. I’m tingling!

Pinocchio Obama

It sure is quiet here. BuffaloBill where are you?


Jail? I told him that sniffing glue was bad for him.


Where are all the Amanda fans that bashed Elissa for saying she wanted to leave?? Wow she didn’t sound anywhere near as pathetic as Amanda. Is McRae gonna say Amanda wanting to leave is shitting on the game???


Where are all the Elissa fans that said the show
was rigged in Amanda’s favour?? There were a lot of you
, post some more of those conspiracy posts.. There was sooo
much evidence.


Waaaaaa waaaaa waaaa I wanna go home now waaaa you made a dumb move cuz it’s not what I wanted waaaa I can’t control everyone I don’t want to be here anymore waaaa

Real Scandals Phony President

Does anyone know what GinaMarie said to them when she nominated them?


I have no clue. I have been stuck to the live feed all day for this glorious moment. (onlinebigbrother- I subscribed through your link). They put them on lockdown outside then cut the live feed to trivia. As soon as trivia came back on, all you could see what’s in the first picture here. (Them hugging).

amanda's under-wear

I am still laughing……




LOL if only Amanda and McCrae had not fuc*ed over Aaryn, and I love how that biotch Amanda has figured out that Poopy is the one that told GM to do it. Bwahahahahaha, Karma is a real biotch isn’t it Amanda!!!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

It’s about time!!! Thank you GM, for doing what other contestants didn’t have the guts to do! For once, McCranda will have to scramble to keep their two-person alliance intact. For weeks, other contestants were forced to grovel and plea for McCranda to keep them in the house. Sweet justice!


Amanda lost control of the game when Elissa won HOH


Amanda is the most delusional, contradicting, hypocritical, spoil sport sore loser big brother player ever. It makes me sick to watch her. GET OVER YOURSELF AMANDA!!! I can’t get over it. It drives me insane to watch her. GO HOME!


YES!! So glad!



Big Jim

Things are definitely heading in the right direction. Only problem is Andy and Spencer are going to throw the POV so the chances of Amanda and McPussy winning are better


True, but only because they don’t want to be the ones not to take them off the block. One of them are going home and if Amanda doesn’t shut her mouth everyone will be fighting for the veto. However, I hope Amanda win the POV and she has to make a decision between herself and sending McCrae into a house full of woman. She’ll probably make herself believe if she puts up Elissa that the house will still vote out Elissa. She still doesn’t get it that the entire house wanted them gone and the entire house played them all day long. Judd acting like he was scared. Spencer too. She’s too full of herself to see the truth. Oh what fun this is going to be.

Pinocchio Obama

I hope the nominations stay the same but if one of them has to win it I would much rather have McCrae win it and use it on himself. That is a message even Amanda would understand.

Canadian BB fan

Was nice to see Judd step up and confront Amanda.

What, are we all supposed to pack our bags for you?>

Perfect. Kinda makes the point very well, that she only cares about her game, and that everyone is fully aware of it now.

And she STILL can’t stop talking about Elyssa.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

The contestants may SAY that they are going to throw the veto competition, but no one will actually throw that veto competition. It is way too important. They all know that this may be their only chance to break up that McCranda alliance and they are not going to let this golden opportunity slip through their fingers. Whoever wins the veto should choose not to use it and give McCranda the explanation that everyone has been using all season: “It’s what the house wants”.

Amanda's Therapist

OMG! Andy is so fickle…He is too worried
about everyone else….and IS up McPussy’s
___ in this game!!


This is true but more because Spencer and Andy are both wimps. It really doesn’t matter even if they do win Veto, either way one of ’em is going to Jury and that’s fine by me!


It doesn’t matter if Mcranda wins the veto, all,they can do is decide which one of them is going home 1st. Double eviction, the other one is going right after or the following week. Just think if Amanda had to go 1st all by herself to the jury with all those mean girls. Wouldn’t that be a good consolation prize.


Doing the Happy Dance! Been a long time coming – may have to tape the show Thursday so I can watch it over & over again…


Meanwhile, back at the BB jury house, while walking the halls in a dazed stupor, Helen is heard mumbling about Amanda “not yet, it’s too soon” !! Thank you GM for not being Helen !!!!!


Great post Maize. :-)




Why do they call her poopy?



Amanda's dog Woofy

The shitteth hath hitteth the fan.


Woofy, funniest thing you’ve ever said!!




GM, I love you….Please let this girl get her job back……


GM is definitely not as bad as Amanda or Aaryn was and has redeemed herself, but needs to learn not to say certain words anymore.


WRONG, WRONG, WRONG THE RACIAL COMMENTS GINA MARIE MADE AND THE THINGS SHE DID WERE MUCH WORSE THAN AARYNS (GM used the N word, and was the first one to make the comment about Helen needs to go cook some rice, and what she said to Candice about her mom not wanting her were unforgivable), but have to say I am liking that GM had the guts to put up Amanda and McCrae but even GM credits Aaryn with giving her the idea to do it. I am not sure GM would of done it on her own.


Give GM her job back?? Are you kidding me?? She made a great a move so let’s all forget the racist things she said. Given the chance she would do it all again, so let’s just stick to her game persona which will get one of those vile scumbags out.


It’s called redemption, tete. Redemption. GM has redeemed herself; this is what you want for people.


Nominating Mcranda is not redemption for all the racist remarks she made. The game didn’t put racist words into her mouth and the game isn’t going to make up for that. It’s amazing how so many people are willing to jump on this ignorant twat’s bandwagon just because she put up people you hate more. GM can have a fun personality all day long but that doesn’t redeem all the prejudices she holds.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Redemption…ummmm… Redemption would be if (after the show ended) she went on a speaking tour to local high schools and spoke out against racism. Redemption would be organizing or facilitating programs, activities or events that were focused on educating the public about different cultures or helped to build an understanding of different communities. Putting McCranda on the block…not redemption…smart…but not redemption.


True, fellow Canuck, true: that would be more redeeming. All I was saying is that she’s redeemed herself in some BB fans’ eyes.


Thank you Tete.

GM's Weave

But she made a da big move Bada Binga!!!!!!


Yes, I am thrilled that GM made a game move and put up the showmance.

But she shouldn’t get her job back because of that. She lost her job for saying vile, hurtful racist remarks. That cannot be forgotten.


Forgotten…no..your right. But it can be forgiven!! Considering GM’s upbringing, education, learning disabilities perhaps, and her social evironment, I can forgive her, which is what I’ve decided to do. I can’t hate someone for what they have NOT been taught. She said some socially and politically incorrect things, and for this she should be educated on her remarks…not burned at the stake. To teach her understanding and acceptance does more for her than condemning her to hell.


I agree, she can be forgiven and I am not one who hates her. But a company does not have to hire back someone because they stopped saying mean things or was one of only a few people who actually made a game move. Unfortunately, her presence at her job will be tarnished because of her past remarks. The company will think of their image first.

I do hope GM gets help after the show. I do not want her condemned to a hellish life, I just think she should not get her job back.


Give me a break. This woman is 33 years old. What rock do you have to crawl out from under these days to not know saying racist remarks is wrong? Some of you are treating her like a child…oh she just doesn’t know any better, she means well so pat her head and give her a cookie. Might as well do the same with Amanda while you’re at it because she has no clue what she says is wrong either, and she’s insecure and has emotional issues and we don’t know what sort of upbringing she had. Blah blah blah, one excuse after another. Stop defending adults with stupid excuses. Everyone knows that racist shit is wrong and if you let it show on national television expect to reap what you sow.


If you want to continue to hate a person, then do your thing. We know you are a racist anyway. Everyone else has forgiven her.


Keep it real bbk, I’ve seen some of your previous comments. You never found anything wrong with Gm’s statements in the first place


Dogman, thank you. I agree 100% Thoughtful and well said. Everyone deserves a chance to learn from the stupid things that they have done or said.


I’m with u dogman, BUT here’s the thing right, GM’s job is to be a role model to other woman that represent towns, cities, states, and even the nation. In all honesty, I think she’s was tryong to be cool with aaryn and I don’t think she’s racist but she said it and now she has to lay in it. For anything involving pageants you have to be politically correct. A person can think whatever they want but to say something like that in the public eye is a no no. Look what happened to mel gibson. He went from one of the most loved actors to a becoming a wierdo. He can apologize all he wants but it doesn’t change what he said and his career has been hurt by that.


” In all honesty, I think she’s was tryong to be cool with aaryn and I don’t think she’s racist ”

Are you seriously trying to say a 33 year old woman was just saying racist things to “fit in”. Unbelievable. Why are people treating this woman with kid gloves and giving her every excuse in the book. She is a product of her environment and life experiences just like everyone else in that house, but they all know you don’t go around saying the N-word and making racist jokes. She was a racist walking into that door and will be one walking out. Same as Aayrn and Amanda. We can hope she learns something when all this is over, but people with that mentality don’t just shrug off so many years of thinking a certain way overnight. And the masses certainly won’t help her by making her think she actually has ANY excuse for her words.


Your name isn’t surprising at all.


all this talk about forgiveness is only forgive someone who ASKS for forgiveness and admits their mistakes.lets be honest you wouldnt forgive your spouse for cheating if they never even bothered to apologize or admit they has expressed no remorse for anything she has said or done until she does my view of her will not change.if she apologizes i would be the first to forgive her.

give me a break

I won’t go that far with GM getting her job back….Judd would of did the same thing if he won HOH………..GM use the N-Word………What is she going to tell Julie Chen…” I was describing something…..i didn’t mean it like that “…….PLEASE……..Her game play is good but she still has to answer for her action……just like the rest of us; if we ever conducted ourselves like GM, Aaryn, and Amanda…..


Excellent choice GM.


ooohhhh Judd has had enough of Amanda. He has challenged her!


The only reason Judd stood up to Amanda was because GM had done the dirty work. He wouldn’t have said a word otherwise. He is a wimp too, the only two with balls are El and GM

Big Brother Fan from Canada

If I were aligned with someone who had power (GM), I would be talking smack too! He was forced to suppress all of the resentment he felt for Amanda for weeks and it was exhausting. If anyone in the house wants to unleash on McCranda, this week would be the week to do it, because there isn’t a darn thing they can do about it! Ha ha! HA!

Amanda's Therapist

bbfanfromcanada* What would be so surprisingly good for
McPussy’s game is to “wake up and smell”
Amanda for who – she IS!!
btw SEE a Doctor!

Amanda's Therapist

bbfanfromcanada* Watching BBAD and wussy McPussy &
Amanda in their “NEST” (JU D D calls their bed)
(Please dump her McPussy)


and again……Dalek says,”EXTERMINAAAAAAAAAAAAATE”.

The Oncoming Storm


Season 1

There might be a few on here who remember all the way back to Season 1, 13 years ago. They would have Dr. Drew on to talk to a young Julie Chen at a news desk and analyze the HG’s. Who would love to see him come back for another go at it on the HG’s we have now? Thumbs up for that senario! Also they use to bring on an odds maker to analyze the odds of who would win the game, obviously the odds changed each week, who would like to see that again? There use to be a lot of cool elements to this production years ago that I wish they would bring back. Anyone else have any old elements they would like to see, i.e., more varied cast (age, race, background, looks), or intelligent nice people on the show? Throw some comments down, would love to see people’s thoughts!


I bet you would CBS. Just tell us you want a focused focus group. Don’t play us. Just because you picked some of the dumbest people in America to play the game doesn’t mean it’s a reflection on the rest of us. Can your production group do anything fucking right?

Season 1

LOL, if I had to get on these blogs and deal with you crazy, freaky people all day on chatboards I would most certainly demand a paycheck from CBS, I wouldn’t be an intern!

PrevIous years

I may be mistaken because I have not watched BB for a few years… but did they not used to show one on one DR sessions in much more detail on the program? The HG’s described strategy in more detail and you learned a bit more about their personalities.


Would LOVE to see an even number of 20 somethings, 30 somethings, 40 somethings and 50 somethings as HGs on a show – the generational differences would be hysterical!



A panel would be cool, made up of Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil & Chelsea Handler!


I would loooove to see them bring back ALLLL the former and present Showmances! ….Now that would be a SHOW!!! It’s even time for a Big Brother-All Star. I think those two suggestions would far make-up for the crap we just endured from this BIG BROTHER,worst season—ever!!!!!!!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I would love to watch a season where less than half the contestants were Big Brother superfans. Too many contestants strive to emulate previous BB winners, contestants, villains, etc… It makes for a boring show.


Live by the rat die by the rat…

Real Scandals Phony President

Words to live by Toole.


GM you made the move of the season. Thank you and also to Elissa’s previous HOH which enabled GM to focus. It’s a good day to be a BB fan in this miserable season.


Yaaay! GM!!!!!!! Now I hope Amanda leaves shes annoying and I don’t wanna see another week of her!


yey! Let the fireworks begin!



Sofa King

Until I either have kids or get married, this might be the happiest moment of my life.

A Person

LOL! Hilarious but so true


YES YES YES! I hope neither of them win veto so they can be on the block together alllllllllllll week!


Agreed!!!! McCranda will get evicted next week!!!!!!


Wish I Was Allowed To Give You More Than 1 Thumbs Up


When Amanda wanted GM up instead of Andy so she could save both Andy and aaryn obviously wasn’t a case of her going after GM. Who cares if you wasn’t going after her anyway. It’s about what GM wants. Kinda the beauty in winning hoh. Try it sometime.

Also it irks the hell out of me when Amanda says things like “she must have the numbers or it doesn’t make sense to nominate us”

Maybe she leaned from Elissa’s mistake and one of you on the block is better than neither? Also if neither of you win veto its hard for one of you to come off the block, forcing the house to make what is OBVIOUSLY a hard decision and sending one of mc or beloved Amanda home. Ya right bro.


Can’t really blame Amanda for going berserk, she hasn’t dealt with smart game play from the house all season.


if it happened anytime in the last 4 weeks that both were put it shouldn’t shock them at all if it does there not to good at the game


Aaryn & GM said a lot of racist comments, but Amanda is worse than the two of them put together!! I think she will be known as the most despicable player in BB history. Why hasn’t she been fired from her job?????? She is DISGUSTING…She literally makes me sick.


She has been.

Jeremy's Boat



So glad GM did what she said she would. I’m kind of starting to like her.


GM is the right person to go after Amanda.. Amanda has finally met her match!


Uh, GM you weren’t there for Aaryn when she needed you either. But you cant rub 2 neurons together to make that connection in your pea sized brain. Long story short, you’re dumb.


In Aaryn’s eviction interview, Aaryn told Julie how once they were sure that there was no hope of Aaryn staying, she and GM decided that she should vote with the house so she wouldn’t have a target on her.


But GM could have made a stand and voted for her “bb bunny” to stay. Elissa voted against the majority when Helen went out and Spencer voted against the majority when Howard left. Those are the only 2 votes that weren’t “with the house” the ENTIRE SEASON THUS FAR. IMO, viewers would appreciate people voting their own way. At least I do.


And neither Elissa or spencer were a target right after the vote for voting with their bestie. They may have been (and still are) targets to some people, but not because of their vote. That is just a scare tactic Amanda uses to make sure people vote her way.


Yeah, I never said she that she shouldn’t have voted for her friend. I was just explaining to @Chuckles why GM chose not to give Aaryn a vote.


A, didn’t mean to sound pissed at you. I’m just upset with the entire cast. They have no backbone. What a joke of a season.


No worries. You’re not alone. I can’t wait to see Amanda walk out that door. I hope Julie gives Amanda the same treatment she gave Aaryn maybe even worse. She needs to destroy her in that interview.


I was so afraid Amanda was going to vote to keep Poopy and make the house have doubts about GM.


and your are a sorry sap … roflmao … looks good on those two … too bad for those that would root on such a discusting pair of human trash .. still laughing at you …


You should laugh at yourself because it’s pathetic how serious you take this. I’ll help you start, hahahahah a! Been reading your past comments. I think you, Amanda, GM and Elissa would be like 4 peas in a pod.

If any of the words I used were too long, I would be delighted to elucidate you. :)


Um… you can’t “elucidate” a person. Look it up. ;)


Right, you elucidate a point, not the person, so the phrase should have been “I can elucidate FOR you”.

Canadian BB fan

Actually, Aaryn told GM to vote her out, vote with the house, so she wasn’t a target.

Are you even watching what happens, or just reflectively defending McCranda without knowing what you’re actually talking about?


I’m just rooting for MC. As far as I’m concerned all the women currently in the house are vile monsters.


Ur delusional. Just like Amanda. If Gee comes on here and reads all these comments and then yours do think that’s going to take away all the good ones? You’re like a gnat. In fact, I’m wasting my friggin’ time writing this.

Big Sister



And the fire works should being…. about now. *activates Amanda flip shit(and blame it on Elissa) button*


It is about time. I can’t wait to see one of them walk out the door!!!


And so the melt down begins! Grab some popcorn!


Amanda said she just wants to leave? Don’t tell McCrae that, he hates quitters.
Well he hates when Elissa says similar things about missing her kids lol.

I love it.

Fidel Castro

I’m worried GM will open pandoras box & there will be TWO power of vetoes in play this week :/ = a chance both Amanda & mccrae stay. Hope I’m wrong!

Todd Crane

Yes, finally!!! But what I don’t like is that McCranda still think that Andy the Rat is loyal to them. The rest have to pay a price, but not Andy the Rat.


don’t care for andy but the sneaky little rat aint dumb because hes never a target


this is a good week a real good week macre amanda on the block what a week thank you ginamire


Within the space of eleven minutes Amanda goes from “I dont care” to rage and then tears….it’s gotta be exhausting to be that unstable.


The five stages of loss:

1. Denial and Isolation : Amanda goes up to her room [confirmed]
2. Anger : I suspect Amanda will start a confrontation with GM tonight
3. Bargaining: After the anger has subsided, she will
4. Depression: oh the tears…. LOL
5. Acceptance: I don’t think this will happen, even after the season is over….she’ll blame Elissa…


McCranda!!!! GM will use the Jeresy style on your arces


FINALLY!! I love how Amanhell tries to blame everyone else for her votes. Sweat it out and see how the rest of the house has lived!




Finally!!!! BB is worth watching. I’ve been waiting weeks for this!!!


Let the fights begin!!!!


Time to celebrate! Best thing to happen this season!


JUdd challanged her? What did he do? Man I now wish I had the feeds, will def be watching BBAD

ur a nub

JUDD challenged Amanda to a non-sense mumbling contest, which of course no one can beat him at.

Ians Beer

Yeehaw…let the games begin..finally!


Amanda’s delusions are telling her own version of the facts….


OMG- she did it! So far Am is handling it reasonably well- She has yet to realize the whole house wants her out. I think maybe MC does see it tho- unless he’s totally bought into Am’s delusions.


I… I can’t stop smiling.

DR Hacker

Elissa was off by a few days…THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVERRRR!


they should really give amanda a psych evaluation because i legitimately think she is bipolar

Linda S.

Oh yeah baby…….love seeing Amanda and McRae on the block….even though I would like to see Amanda go, wouldn’t it be good for McCrae to go first and GM and Elissa let Amanda “overhear” a conversation that Jessie will make a play for Mccrae and watch Amanda go bat shit crazy….ROTFLMAO


Amanda couldn’t bully GM, so she ran away crying “i don’t wanna be in this house anymore”…. CLASSIC Amanda….


@BuffaloBill, where’s your bet!!! Oh wait, Amanda is going to the jury house along with McCrae!!!!!