Spencer says Jessie will be all over McCrae’s d**k in the jury house. Amanda says then I will go!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


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1:10am Judd joins Amanda, McCrae and Spencer in the bedroom. Judd comments that he is going to bed to get out of this hota$$ suit. Amanda laughs at how she thinks BB made the house hotter since they got the chicken suits. Up in the HOH room – Andy and Elissa talk. Andy tells Elissa that he does not want to be responsible for Elissa going home. I am being honest with you and I hope you can trust me with that. Elissa says and I would never want to be the reason you go home and I would never nominate you. I knew you were going to stay. Andy says he was pisses at first but after the week went along he wasn’t as pissed about it because he realized why she did it. Elissa says not only was I going to go home but you were going to go home too. Like they (Amanda & McCrae) don’t have your back. Andy says he knows that. I hope that you give me more credit than I think that you’ve given me because I am a smart guy and I know what is going on. I am not their puppet. I knew what I was doing while I was with them and I was ready to distance myself. Andy tells Elissa that he trust Ginamarie more than anything. He says when you hear me talking to Amanda, I am telling her what she wants to hear because I know that McCrae is going home.


1:17am The camera’s switch to Amanda, McCrae and Spencer in the bedroom talking. Amanda storms out and says that she isn’t doing any more dishes at all in the house. Spencer asks McCrae if he doing all right? McCrae says yeah. Spencer says he knows how when you’re on the block some people treat you like you have leprosy. I was just trying to leave you alone to process things. McCrae says yeah, and talks about how nervous he is about the veto competition tomorrow. McCrae says if she (Amanda) wins it, then I am definitely going home. Spencer says oh my god dude! I don’t want you going anywhere! McCrae says I dunno, I could maybe convince her (to use it on him) but I dunno. Amanda joins them again. Amanda comments that when she goes home her whole row will be grayed out (memory wall photos). She says unless tomorrows veto competition is a knot tying contest because I am a professional knot tier and if so you are going to loss. Then you’re going to the jury house and you will have to wait for me. McCrae says f**k that you are going to use it on me. Spencer says Jessie is going to be all over McCrae’s d**k in the jury house. Amanda says then I will go to the jury house. Amanda says I don’t even have any fight any more after tomorrow. I am spent, I am done! I tried hard and I lost. And that is the way the cookie crumbles. McCrae says I am going to try hard tomorrow. Amanda says no I am going to kick you’re a$$ and I am going to send you home. They decided they don’t even want you in jury, they are sending you straight home. Spencer says its going to be an eight person jury, America gets the 9th vote. McCrae says screw that I am going to go see what’s up with Jessie. Amanda says I’m going to hurt you! Amanda asks you want a taste of the butterscotch. McCrae says MmmHmm She wants a taste too. Amanda says I know she would and if you say that again I am going to hurt you. Andy joins them and comments on McCrae’s bracelet. Is that a friend ship bracelet? I am going to make one for Spencer and I. “Spendy” Amanda says look at Andy hitting on Spencer, I always knew you loved co*k. Amanda says I love you to McCrae but if you guys don’t send me a male to keep me company in the jury house just to keep the peace, I am going to hate you. Spencer asks Judd? Andy says I feel like I count as half a male so I will try and send you a full blown male. Amanda says thank you. Spencer asks a full blown male, that is not going to be me, I am not going to be fully blown. Spencer says I hope Ginamarie gets a pandora’s box so that I can get a conjugal visit. Andy says me too, just get me a gay guy, I don’t care what he looks like, or what his name is or what he does. Spencer agrees and says as long as he is disease free doesn’t talk. Andy says no I actually care about that if you are not at least a good conversationalist, you are not putting your pen!s in me. Spencer says he hates it when a bl*w j*b turns into $ex. Amanda laughs. They all go to bed.

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3am – 3:50am Judd gets up and heads to the bathroom and takes a shower. Spencer joins him. Judd says is too hot and can’t sleep. He says normally after a shower he can sleep better. Spencer says he can’t sleep either. He is worried about the veto. Judd says he is too. Judd and Spencer head into the lounge room. They talk about what the veto competition would be tomorrow. Spencer wonders if it could be the time one. Spencer says one person just drops before Amanda and the other drops after McCrae. Then we’re done. Spencer says if it’s the luxury / punishment veto he won’t take any because he already feels winning today put a target on him. Spencer tells Judd he is safe. Judd says not if it’s a double eviction. Spencer says if Elissa gets HOH then she will put up Amanda and she goes out, simple as that. Judd says with this veto tomorrow I was to get it so bad to make them seal their fate. Spencer and Judd head to bed. They say good luck tomorrow. Spencer tells Judd if it is double eviction on Thursday, you know I’ve got your back till the end! Judd says he has Spencer’s back too. They go to sleep.

8am – 9:25am The house guests are woken up. but all but Ginamarie and Elisa go back to sleep. At 9:25am the live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the house guests to pick players for the Veto Competition.

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224 thoughts on “Spencer says Jessie will be all over McCrae’s d**k in the jury house. Amanda says then I will go!

  1. I’m listen to earlier conversations from last night and because Elissa brings up how she is an International Yoga Instructor and can’t be sued any where I the world. I had to laugh and then went to her website. I was curious with whom she trained and alli see is YA 200tt, big deal….. Any studio can offer this as long as they meet basic requirements. 200 hours in the minimum. Being able to teach any where does not prevent someone from suin you even with them signing a disclaimer and insurance. She is delusional. Her website alone would turn anyone away looking to really delve into yoga. She is really full of herself.


      1. attractive, successful, well-off. Qualities that seem to inspire envy and hate in and out of the BB house. Sad to see so much of it in this country.

      2. Man, not a single guy in the jury house right now. After that demolision that Julie put on Aaryn, she is going to need comforting. If Howard was in the house, Aaryn would be sleeping with him right now, just to prove she was not a racist. Aaryn is going to have to turn to Jessie and Candice for the comforting she needs. Aaryn will explain what Julie said to her after her eviction. I just wonder what Candice ‘s response would be? No boo you are not a racist or yes boo, you are a racist, you are just not wearing a white sheet.

      3. Oh, yeah, because I haven’t had to read about a million posts from Elissa lovers gloating about Amanda’s real estate website being edited/taken down.


        1. Hey, did you know that Amanda’s website has been altered and they’re considering taking it down. By the way, she should have stuck to her tip of the day and not opened her mouth as much as she did.

          Real Estate Rule of the Day

          When the going get’s tough, suck it up, take a breath, do your job and shut your mouth.

    1. Why is the RAT still in the house?

      He’s the biggest shit stirer; he just does it in a discrete way.

      Why does he get so much air time? I have to mute whenever he talks on the show. So fake, so annoying, RAT.

      1. Helen says Andy is still in the game because gay guy’s never lie. If only Helen could just get back into the BB house for an eviction revote, she could talk to Andy and convince him that he is being brainwashed by Amanda, and he needs to come to the good side. Shucks, if only this show was held in Florida, then the revote would be a done deal.

    2. Gasp! How dare you utter something about Elissa that isn’t flattering. That angel is pure sunshine! She can’t help it if people are just jealous of her awesomeness, because there really is no reason other than that for anyone not to adore her. You’re getting a hundred thumbs down now, bucko!

      1. Yeah, didn’t you know Elissa farts out rainbows, roses, and unicorns? She can do know wrong. You get people’s sympathy like that and they feel sorry for you when the plastic surgeon messes your face up that bad.

      2. routingfornoone* From someone very impressed with Elissa’s yoga! She is disciplined and committed to working
        with such a difficult form of exercise — she works extremely HARD – to….maintain her knockout body!!
        It takes great strength AND ability!!
        MANY people sure as hell…. cant do– what she does with her body!!
        btw If Amanda could get her body in shape like Elissa’s –
        she would NOT be so disrespectful of her!!

    3. Elissa’s motto


      Ever heard of a run on sentence?

        1. HaHa (I’m enthusiastically clapping now) you are SO dope; FINALLY someone schooled the grammar cultists; successfully, because you are correct! Although I minored in English Lit., my response probably wouldn’t have come across quite as eloquent. as I would have just called him an asshole and told him to suck my proverbial dick.

      1. Fuck off grammar police, This is a message board not a fucking MLA paper for English lit class! If you truly want to correct people, then you need to get your ticket book out and fine everyone on here! Get over yourself and quit it. And to all the true Christians on the last board you need to get a life too, because if you were true Christians you would not be on here criticizing anyone! True Christians don’t judge people remember!!!!!!

    4. hey wondering seen hundreds of women like elissa im a guy that’s well off she said all she ever wanted was a family that’s code for security aka a man with money so there is no stress she not a women that could start from scratch and make it her man backs all her action the government is the only ones you would have a problem sueing everyone else on the planet can be sued

    5. For someone into physical fitness like myself I’m very impressed with her dedication and body of work. It takes a lot of work to look like she does.

    6. No surprise that joker face would have a web site about herself. That elitist twat will never accept that she is no better than the garbage man. Pretentious assholes like her make me sick. And she has shit on every HG. They are crazy if they don’t evict her fake ass out soon.


        1. I’m curious, in the year 2013, do intelligent people also use all capital letters, multiple exclamation marks where they aren’t needed, and misspell words when spell check is readily available?

      2. One of the main reasons she’s on BB is because she thinks that will make “elissercise” popular. Her husband recently bought a hockey arena in Canada and she was talking about putting in some sort of elissercise wellness center in it. She wants DVDs and an elissercise show on CBS…and to be on Survivor for some odd reason which would be laughable since you can’t do things like…ya know, bathe or put on makeup or have a toilet. I wish they would put her on Survivor, though. That would be hilarious.

        1. Oh how terrible. Elissa wants to help people with a wellness center AND be successful. How dare she! C’mon you sound like a bunch of fools. I commend Elissa for all her hard work (it shows). Although I think her social game pretty much sucks (she is not clever enough to seem relatable and doesn’t use diplomacy, compliments, etc. to work the others). But I do view Elissa as a genuinely decent person. Just wish she’d up the ante on her game.

      3. Oh please. What person with a personal business doesn’t have a website promoting themselves??? You are really reaching…

    7. The only thing I got from her website is that Elissa has an amazingly phenomenal body and I applaud her dedication to health and wellness. It actually makes me like her more seeing how disciplined she is to something. The fact that you Internet stalked her to try to find something to ridicule her about is sad and pathetic. And a FAIL.

      1. Well the link is posted at the top of her BB Facebook page, so I wouldn’t really say it’s weird that any of us, as fans of the show, knows this information.

        What I got out of the bio was that she has body image issues and has been obsessed with her looks for most of her life. I think it’s funny that she wants to coach people on their health and diet, including GM’s rumored eating disorder, but after being put on slop in the BB house she says to Helen that she’s gained 7 pounds so she’s just going to starve some that week to hopefully get rid of the weight and she was not joking. I don’t know how she knew she’d gained seven pounds, maybe they have a scale, but I do know that mentality is just as unhealthy and not from someone who is more concerned with health than appearance.

  2. I can’t wait to see Amanda’s face that she will be at the jury house while Helen, Candice & Jessie including Aaryn will Jump for Joy that McCranda got evicted!!!!!

    1. problem is captain shes so hated they are going to keep her and send mccrae home I hope mccrae win veto so she goes

      1. Don’t worry!! Both are not going to win PoV. The nomination is stays the same and bye bye Amanda!!!!

        1. Uh, everything I’m reading indicates if noms stay the same, then it’s McCrae leaving, not Amanda.

          I think your schadenfreude is getting ahead of itself.

      2. Amanda wants McCrae to stay, so hope he gets evicted, he stopped playing this game the first week. Having Amanda believe that they are keeping McCrae and then evicting him would be pure pleasure television!

        1. So everyone is happy now that the left had the courage to put up the last two players from the right. The best players are on the block and all that’s left are those who have a sense of entittlement.

    2. They are just bitter assholes because Amanda was the one who got them all out. It should be joker face going, not Amanda. I have faith that will still happen.

      1. What faith are you so I make sure I don’t join? If you say you have faith that Elissa is going this week, then you are just as delusional as Amanda.

    1. i agree I want the rat to be exposed so everyone knows he can’t be trusted. i also hope Elissa wins the veto so I can see Amanda and McCrae try to beg her to use it on them. it is so nice to see Amanda getting everything she deserves.

      1. Agreed!!!!! I would love to see McCranda beg for mercy and after the veto ceremony, the veto is never to be used. Bye Bye McCranda!!

    1. That would be lovely, but she won’t do that because then McCrae is garunteed to go home. A this point power of veto hasn’t been played and she is assuming she is the target and not McCrae. I bet if she wins POV that she would actually use it to save McCrae and not herself. That would be interesting to see. She’s just having a pity party and knows her game is over. There is no chance she would self evict, however, if she knew her exit interview would be as unpleasant as Aaryn’s, she probably would.

    2. Spencer is setting up the rare elusive triple eviction. McRae goes first and Amanda self evicts just before or after the nights double evict. I actually wish there wasn’t double evict this week. The chaos will detract from Amanda’s breakdown and if she can get out Judd or Elissa minutes after McRae goes she will get a second wind for the week. I agree with those that hope Andy’s secrets are revealed by both sides and blow up his game.

      1. I think Spencer is going to win the title of most times on the block in a season. I believe that the current record is 6, and Spencer has tied it.

      2. Yeah if the noms stay the same and they keep making Jessie + McRae comments she will probably freak when he is evicted especially since she thinks she is going to be evicted first. The best thing for Elissa if she doesn’t win HOH is Spencer or Andy winning so Amanda and Elissa are on block together and Judd and GM will evict Amanda. UNLESS Judd is playing possum with Andy, and realizes Andy should be on block with the remaining Mcranda, he may put Amanda and Elissa thinking Elissa safe.

    3. heck no. dont root for demanda to self evict. because we should all want her sitting in julie’s chair getting grilled over with a crowd booing her.

      1. Julie Chen is getting a lot of praise for how she handled Aaryn’s interview, and, big media exposure for the show. I think that if it looks like Amanda is going to leave, it’s not gonna be live. Hopefully, she’ll have video prepared to back up all the nastiness that’s Amanda. I find myself feeling sorry for GM, more than anything. What with the eating disorder, foolishness over Nick, and her racist remarks; the best thing that they could do is just skip her interview altogether. Chen can shake her hand and just tell her, “Hey, your ride’s out back”.

  3. I’m bored with all these house guests they are all annoying at this point I think I want GM to win. And that’s by default. I wish Kaitlin and Howard were in the house still.

    1. I agree, these houseguests are boring. I’m still waiting for some high level conversation between Judd and Elissa. She claims they had the best talks and she couldn’t talk to anyone else. I’d be happy with any interesting conversation between the houseguests. I watched the live feeds yesterday just to see Amanda melt down after that the conversation was mind numbing and I had to leave the live feeds.

    2. hahaha kaitlin in the house you peope are sick she was making her vie racist comments just like aaryn how quickly ppl forget

    3. No, they should just give the 500k to Nick. He’s the one walking away from this with a stalker. He needs the money to flee the country.

  4. Amanda and Elissa both need to go just so people will stop spewing all these hate filled comments. Which btw makes you no different then them.

    There’s a saying that goes for all the house guests and commenters on this site “judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are”

    1. Once Looks-Like-A-Man-Duh goes it will stop. Elissa wouldn’t even have two words to say about Looks-Like-A-Man-Duh if she leaves, just maybe that she’s disgusting one more time, but if Elissa were to go then Looks-Like-A-Man-Duh would just find someone else to pick on a keep talking shit about Elissa afterwards. So think about that. Btw, if Jessie jumped on McPussy then he would drop Looks-Like-A-Man-Duh like a bad habit. But that will never happen, Looks-Like-A-Man-Duh is probably the first person(she could be a man) McPussy’s ever been with. That’s why hes whipped and think about it a pizza boy that lives with his parents and takes showers once a week. Wow you got a winner there Looks-Like-A-Man-Duh.

      1. Amanda is not a guy. She doesn’t have an Adam’s Apple on her throat and all guys have those. She is not McCrae’s first girlfriend. He has a girlfriend back home named Jessica that he broke up with before coming on the show. He has said more than once he’s considering trying to get back together with Jessica after the show. If McCrae goes to jury, the chances of him hooking up with Jessie are extremely unlikely, because he wants his ex, Jessica.

        1. name* PLEASE! SAY IT ISN’T TRUE? OMG! WTF?

    2. That might be the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard or the best. I really liked Amanda and McCrae at the beginning. I was in there corner (I was judging them) then they turned out to be two of the most vile people I’ve ever had the pleasure to observe and now I think they both are vile pieces of shit. (Damn, there I go judging again)… Everyone judges you prima donna, I’m hollier than you. God judges, teachers judge, society judges… get over yourself and hope that you judge people for who they are. Hitler was a fucking psycho patch POS, are you going to say I shouldn’t judge him? Your fucking logic is antilogic.

    3. My sentiments exactly. Most of the stuff said here and on Facebook/Twitter is more disgusting and vile than anything any of the houseguests have ever said. It’s like a childish argument…people saying these disgusting things think their behavior is okay because essentially “the houseguests started it”. People need to remember that while they feel so justified in making some of the comments that they do, Amanda feels justified in her words too. So what does that really say about you?

    4. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all judge– in one form or another. Even if you say we are being too judgmental, then you are judging how judgmental we are. It’s crazy. Judge less we be judged? Sure. I get that. I judge, and I know that others are judging me, in one way or the other.

    5. The hate won’t go out the door with Amanda and Elissa. It will just move and get stronger on Andy and Spencer. There just have been too many unlikable people this year. I don’t even like the word “hate” but this cast has challenged “turn-the-other-cheek” philosophy.

    1. Hmm…my heart got changed to a question mark….why you gotta hate on alt symbols onlineBB.com! This site is homophobic of the Spendy showmance. For shame!

      1. At least your comments got through, mine were deleted, I think. Not here. WAH!!!! I WILL come after you for that! All my allies will come after you! You’ll see. LOL

  5. Scientists Shed New Light on AMANDA:
    Astronomers say they may have solved a cosmic mystery: why gravitational monsters
    known as black holes are inept at swallowing their prey.

  6. Scientists Shed New Light on AMANDA:
    Astronomers say they may have solved a cosmic mystery: why gravitational monsters
    known as black holes are inept at swallowing their prey.

  7. The producers really need to change things up on Big Brother. The show has become a little too predictable. Contestants shouldn’t be able to figure out what competitions are coming up next. How did the houseguests know about the double eviction coming up this week?

    1. 100% agree. They know the types of games and expecting the double evictions. BB needs to be revamped!

    2. because of the days left in the show 100days this is day 72 with 7 left that means evictions on day 77 84 91 and 98 leaves 3 players has to be one in next 3 weeks

    3. I think its because of how many players are left and how many weeks they have left. Thats how they are able to figure out the double evictions but for the competitions, i agree with you 100% on that. They need to get new material

    4. I would assume its because Judd came back that there would have to be another double eviction in order to stay on track with evictions leading up to the finale unless they planned on having 3 people in the finale like Survivor does (which is just stupid in my opinion).

  8. Does anybody besides me think that McCrae is now ready to let Amanda go becuz it seems like he’s tellin her on the low that if he leave he would nt want her anymore, it’s like he’s drivin her to use the pov on him nd if she doesn’t he will play with her emotions nd make her do it. I truly believe he may care for her but something in me is just tellin me he is using her idk am I the only one that think this after reading this article ?

    1. I was really not liking Amanda, but, after all of this, I like Crae even less. We can see she has some seriousmental issues now, but what’s his reason for his actions? He lies around and counts on her to do the fighting for him and her. She puts herself out there for both of them all the time. Yet, he’s been making comments for a long time now about cutting her loose, “she’s a meat shield.” At this point, I’d like to see him go first. What a loser! She takes all the flack, and he enjoyed the benefits — while it was working. Even after the noms, she was still trying to fight, while he stepped back “reading the bible.” Yeah, OK. He’s a user and a loser. Hope them send him first, then her, followed by Andy.

      1. PS: Oh, and now he is going to manipulate her with the tease of hooking up with Jesse so that she’ll use the Veto on him? What a jerk! She may be an ass to the house guests, but she always had his back. He really needs to get his lazy, dirty ass out!

    2. i personally felt that when MC was in a bad mood before the nomination ceremony and admitted to Spencer that Amanda was pissing him off, he was already beginning to set the stage to distance himself from her if he had to.

      1. McStinky was supposedly a BB SuperFan and he was beginning to see that his showmance was going to bite him in the ass. With Demanda going mental and reviewing who was already in the jury the light bulb was beginning to come on before the noms. He had already talked to Spencer about a guys alliance. When GM won he let himself believe there was hope but I think when GM called him out on his game play since he hooked up with Demanda he knew he had made a classic BB error=showmances MUST go!!

  9. I want McCrae to win veto, and Amanda to get evicted. I want McCrae to have a chance to redeem himself. I want to see if he will play the game better, or continue on the path he’s on. I also want the housguests to talk some sense into him so he’ll realize how toxic Amanda is and evaluate whether or not staying with her outside the game back home would be wise or not. He is young. I want him to learn from his mistakes and become a better person.

    1. Too little Too Late.

      If McStinky wanted to actually play the game he should have gotten Helen to get rid of Demanda. Then he could have a chance. If Demanda goes now all he can do is damage control but even if he makes the F2 there are too many jury members who truly hate McCranda.

      1. Are you kidding? The jury will be made up of self-centered narcissists. They all hate each other. Don’t put all the blame on Amanda just because she played the game while everybody else floated. And everybody’s comments on these posts calling Amanda names and saying despicable things about her are way worse than anything she said in the house. I hope your maker judges you just as harshly as you are judging Amanda.

      1. I am deeply saddened by all the hatred. Set the game aside. McCrae is a human being. It is NOT too late for him to learn from his mistakes and become a better person. The same goes for the other houseguests. If they learn from their mistakes after this game is over, then they should be given a chance for forgiveness. If you aren’t willing to forgive other people for their mistakes, how can you expect anyone to forgive you for your mistakes? I forgive McCrae, Amanda, and all the other houseguests. I hope I will be forgiven for my mistakes in life too.

    2. I thought Mc would be my favorite at the start of the game, but he is such a slacker. He looks dirty, unkempt, and has done nothing but lay around and have sex with Amanda. Ugh, no I would hate for him to win.

        1. His twin Morgan is disgusted too.She can’t stand Amanda. His whole family hates her and hopes he reconciles with his ex.

  10. Amanda: Your not going to the jury house before me. There is no way I’m leaving you alone with Jessie.

    Mc: You don’t have to be jealous.

    Amanda: Jealous? When we go back to Florida I’m going to weigh your balls before you leave the house. When you say, ‘Baby, I’m going to the store.’I’ll be telling you, ‘Put ’em on the scale.’

    Judd: I had a dream last night about you two. I remember being in an ice-cave with a bunch of polar bears and I was wrestling with them. Full-on wrestling, not just play-wrestling and I accidentally snapped the neck of the bear I was facing. I just started crying and crying and hugging the dead bear and holding its head in my lap and I felt more guilty than I think I ever have in my life. Then Amanda ran up to me thanking me for killing the bear that was having sex with Mc. What do you think it all means?

    1. There you go again trying to be funny Lurker. (001, 007 take your pick). You guys suck at your ridiculous quips. We know you are related to joker face and that you hate Amanda. Yada yada yada. Enough already. You aren’t funny.

  11. This season is showing shadows of BB 11.

    Andy = Jeff (for breaking up a strong alliance for a ridiculous reason)
    Spencer = Jordan (for floating on the block)
    Gina Marie = Natalie (An OK player most viewers dislike that looks better against lessser competition)
    Judd = Kevin (quiet follower and extreme floater)
    McCrae = Michelle (tag along)
    Amanda = Russell (obnoxious and ability to make an HoH hide in fear)
    Elissa = Lydia/Cheema combo (bodylike one, acts like the other)

    Congratulations Spencer on winning BB15

  12. Trust me everyone my Jewish Queen isn’t going anywhere, except as the last one out the door to collect her rightful $500,000. She is a brilliant actress. CBS, with the help of Andy has assured a BB15 winner for Amanda. I’m so excited I can’t even sleep. I’m even thinking of providing an all expense paid trip for the Captain to Vegas where the Captain will be staying at The Wynn. The Captain and I have become friends. The Captain deserves to have some happiness. Thank you CBS, Andy and my new friend the Captain, toe-Dah rah-bah everyone.

    1. @BuffaloBill, Are you dumb and stupid? Because Amanda is going to the jury house. Thanks to Andy!!! Jewish Queen is going to the Jury House. PERIOD!!!! I’ll be happy to see Amanda go and perhaps she and McCrae will be making out in the Jury House while they watch the Video.

    2. lol @ Captain getting so riled up. Calm down dude, take a breath and think about how you and others are arguing about strangers on a TV show.

    3. BB,

      Trust me everyone my Jewish Queen isn’t going anywhere, except as the last one out the door to collect her rightful $500,000

      Why would anyone who has read your posts trust you?

    4. Captain, Buffalo Bill is just trying to make you mad and get a lot of responses and thumbs up and thumbs down. He is probably laughing at everything; just don’t pay any attention to him. He probably likes someone else other than Demanda and is doing all this just for publicity here.

      1. Actually, I got better idea. Every time he post the stupid comment. I’ll just copy and paste and change his thoughts. I just ignore him for now. If he pissed me off I will get even.

    5. I agree, you said that BuffaloBill says:
      August 31, 2013 at 6:34 am
      Trust me everyone my Elissa isn’t going anywhere, except as the last one out the door to collect her rightful $500,000. She is a brilliant actress. CBS, with the help of Judd has assured a BB15 winner for Elissa. I’m so excited I can’t even sleep. I’m even thinking of providing an all expense paid trip for the Chuckles to Vegas where the Chuckles will be staying at The Wynn. The Chuckles and I have become friends. The Chuckles deserves to have some happiness. Thank you CBS, Andy and my new friend the Chuckes, toe-Dah rah-bah everyone.

  13. I smell a rat! Ok let me 1st say I’m not going to be well liked after these thoughts. And the rat isn’t Opie either! See I’m a 1st season guy and one thing I can honestly say is BB production could never be accused of being overly generous. So what was the bonus comp yesterday all about. After HOH, before noms they throw in a 10K gift to a HG? A reward for a great season and great BB game? A desire to fatten Spencer’s bank account to retain a lawyer when he gets home? Nope not that or anything above. My conspiracy radar is flashing.

    I think it was designed to get Amanda a special power. In fact I’m guessing a Diamond Veto. Yup 1 of those chips was a Diamond Veto chip. Imagine how easy this is for AG. She only needs Amanda to find any single chip of the 3 different ones in the balloons. Then take the footage to production and edit it to reveal Amanda’s chip was a DPOV! I told you I was going to be roundly hated for this!
    See I was concerned from the get go on productions timing of a 10K gift to begin with. Bonus comps should be later in the week like the old luxtury comps to break up the manotany. Then there is Amanda’s “it doesn’t matter anymore” BS in the house. One thing I’m certain about is something is up with that douchebag! Remember she can’t tell anyone if she has a power. Even MC might be in the dark. She was more paranoid on the block when she knew she was 100% safe. That comp yesterday has a vile smell to it! Hope I’m wrong and I should point out last season my predictions were barely 50% Man I hope I’m a complete idiot again.

    1. Hope your wrong, and here is my take, Production knew Amanda was going to melt down and had to clear the house of sharp objects so they clear the house, take all the weapons out drop in the balloons etc. give up 10k small price for a life, and let the dust settle after noms and then and only then give back the sharp objects !!! your theory could be right I really hope not but they might wont the ratings and really it could be both.

    2. There’s actually a YouTube video where Amanda admits she’s fed lines. As soon as she says that, the feed cuts off.

      1. ALL of the HGs are fed lines. Can’t you tell from the DR clips that they are reading off a cue card and making the appropriate reaction? More proof is that the only time joker face can put together an intelligent sentence is from a DR clip. You can see her eyes moving as she’s reading.

  14. Amanda …. Can’t stand her…. She’s the bully yet she thinks Elissa is bullying her… What a warped sense of reality. By the way , why did BB15 cast McPussy, were they looking for a low self esteem man who would easily be controlled by a woman that gave him any attention… Cuz they found him.

    1. She was driven insane because she was handled exactly how a bully should be handled, ignored and they will go crazy and stop. She is straight up out of her mind if she thinks she is owed respect or an apology, she inflicted it upon herself, and because she was ignored it was HER being bullied, I just can’t stand watching people go to her side when she acts like this, nobody needs to be telling her what she wants anymore ANDY.

  15. She isnt doing dishes anymore for the rest of the time in the house? When has she ever done dishes or better yet when has she ever done anything. Maybe her and Andy should live together and see which one is the messiest. Can you imagine what her apartment looks like? Dishes all over, trash on the floor and condom wrappers piled in the corner….HAHAHA

    1. She did dishes after she got her meds back and production told them house was filthy and to clean it up. When I saw her I thought I was having a stroke.

    2. Traditional gender roles? Why can’t the guys cook, clean and do laundry? ? Most seem either helpless or believing that the women should do it for them. Are we in the 1950’s!?!

  16. I think the biggest reason Andy dislikes Elissa is because she does not give him credit for the game moves he has made. Not an Andy fan but he helped pull the strings. The social game of being friends” and nonthreatening means that he can’t give in to his anger when people see him as a harmless floater so it is all bottled up. You can see it in his eyes that he wants to go all Breakin Bad and yell I AM THE DANGER! YOU SHOULD FEAR ME!! And Lord help her Elissa looks at him as weak. Whether she means it or not Elissa has a condescending demeanor.

    1. I think Andy doesn’t like her because she is the only one that won’t give him her full trust. He keeps saying that she has it set in her mind that he’s untrustworthy, and guess what…. he’s is untrustworthy!!!! Andy is just intimidated because she sees through his act with every single person in the house. Really Andy, Amanda and McCrae through tantrums and curse people out just because they won’t fall into their trap, it’s ridiculous.

    2. The only game moves Rat Dog made was being Demanda yappy ankle biting rat dog. He thinks he talked strategy with McCranda but all he really did was their bidding. They would tell him who to talk to and what to say and he’d scurry off then scurry back with any info he picked up.

      Rat Dog missed so many opportunities to be a major player and he thinks because he’s gotten this far he is one. When he sees the footage he’ll just run to his room and cry.

    3. Andy is weak. If he was a strong competitor he wouldn’t throw a pov just to keep himself safe. He is so afraid of people not liking him that the thought that Elissa doesn’t frightened him. He is a very insecure man who always needed reassurance.

      1. I would never consider Rat Dog a man. Not because he is gay but because he stood by and let others racism flow unchecked. He even began to encourage it. This is not what a man does. He is an educator and communications is his field.

        A Man would have stood up in the beginning and used his skills to try and stop the hate. Would it have made him a target? Probably but it would have also made him allied with Howard, Candice, Helen and probably Jessie. That would have been 5 right there. We don’t know if he could have gotten Nick on his side but if he did he could have helped GM see her behavior was wrong. That’s the type of thing a Man does.

        This is just one scenario that Rat Dog could have taken but instead of being a Man and educator he chose to join with those who hate and bully. I wonder if in the future his students will bully him? I can see him walking into a classroom full of students and having them all whisper Rat as he walks by. Of course he’ll just run out crying.

  17. Manda wants a man in the jury if she is sent there. Andy’s response was, ‘I feel like I count as half a male so I will try and send you a full blown male.’
    We all knew Andrea is a bitch!. He can’t even admit he is a man.

    How he will be able to show his face in a classroom again and expect respect much less show his rat face on the streets of Chicago?
    He won’t even be allowed in Gary, IN!!

  18. any other season I think Elissa would be one of the less liked house guests. It’s just that she looks so good compared to the rest of the trash that BB brought in to play the game this year. Bullies, perverts, bigots. They can’t have a conversation without directing profanity laced comments at someone, or talking about sex in the crudest possible fashion. How can they be so clueless that people are watching them 7/24? Maybe they just don’t care.

  19. Amanda…..don’t cry because you are a biggest crybaby ever. You spend at the jury house with McCrae.

    1. McStinky would be the better game move to go first. If he stays the guys will join forces. However with the double evict get both out now and then Rat Dog. A Judd/Spencer alliance is a risk but I think Judd will side with Elissa.

      1. For fun for the double eviction, if Amanda goes, I would like Elissa to follow. This way Amanda is stuck in a jury house with people who hate her. She can now become the victim.

  20. ” She says unless tomorrows veto competition is a knot tying contest because I am a professional knot tier ”

    ROMFAO, now watch the POV be that competition….. AG is up to something , I know it

    1. Like the one where Brendon fought for his life against the brigade. Unknotting the ropes through a maze. Remember that one?

      1. yep everything she has done is cheat imitation of so many previous HGs.

        First she was thinking she was a puppet master (Dr. Will) Then she pulled a Rachel (crying behind garbage can, same as crying in a bush). And don’t forget Evil Dick! Rachel, again, because didn’t Rachel want to give up the game so Brendan could win? And now she wants to save herself like Brendan.

        So unoriginal.

    1. Speaking of Zingbot, what did he say about Spencer & Judd? Those two were not shown on Thursday. Sorry, if this has beenb answered before, but I can’t find it. Thanks

      1. Zingbot: Yes, I zinged Judd. But I had to do it in his language so he would understand it and CBS couldn’t get the subtitles right.

        Zingbot: Spencer, you say you’re a Conductor, but you spend too much time in the Dining Car!

    2. This is the first time this has happened to me, but my question was taken away. I asked what did Zingbot say to Spencer & Judd. I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

  21. Is anybody but me feel like mcCrae is using Amanda becuz it seems like he knows tht she will use tht pov (if she win) on him if he give her the assumption tht he would go and try to get with Jessie idk it just feel like he care for her but he is also using her until her time is up

  22. All Julie said was that there would be another comp and that turned out to be just a luxury comp. I don’t know where people commenting think there is going to be a double eviction. Hey Simon, doesn’t Julie usually tell us at the end of Thursdays show if there’s a double eviction the following week?

  23. I wasn’t believing all of the talk about this season being rigged until the house somehow brings up voting out mccrea over Amanda ,AHHH WHAT , all season they’ve wanted Amanda gone and now they want to keep her , she is the one out of the couple that would actually get votes in the end , ver suspicious to me , but the whole season has been very manipulated and strange in my point of view

  24. Dear Exterminators, Andy, your biggest rat in front of your face, wants to keep Amanda because he is loyal to her and she would save his butt over any of yours! Get with the program people!@

  25. I don’t care anymore either Amanda, I’m totally bored with you and your boring housemates, none of you should be winning anything and production should be fired. BB15 is a mockery of what was once a great show.

  26. Elissa really needs to start articulating her thoughts and stop all the annoying laughing and giggling. And I don’t mean constantly saying soooooo disguuuuusting. If I was trying to have an important conversation with her it would really piss me off. Is she laughing with me or at me? F**k it! She’s gotsta go! But MC or AM first.

  27. If they want to add a good twist, open up the live feeds to the jury house. Let them see how the remaining HG’s are playing the game……..

  28. If McCrae goes and then Amanda, McCrae won’t get a break from her. I feel bad for him. She’ll just jump him even more there.

  29. Save it for Sesame Street. You would think by now they would stop with the stupid chicken suits, some of us graduated from kindergarden Moronic production.

  30. Here’s hoping Judd gets evicted at the double eviction again. Don’t agree when only a few get the option of returning after the house worked hard to remove you in the first place.

  31. Andy is a college professor. He should not
    open his mouth and call women C*NTS!
    He is going to have a huge reality check
    when he gets out of the house and realizes
    that he is not the quirky token gay guy
    that America loves.
    He’s a travesty on all levels!

  32. How quickly we forget. While I don’t agree with Amanda’s behavior she has apologized to Elissa. She told Elissa she was sorry for the way she treated her. She explained to Elissa that when Elissa made a comment about giving Amanda the veto it hurt her and she lost it. Of course instead of Elissa telling her she was sorry for hurting her she just said “it was a joke.” Amanda and GM are the only ones in the house who have apologized for the way they acted. Does it make you guys feel good to make fun of someone who probably has some sort of mental disorder. I hadn’t realized mental illness was funny. When they thought GM was not eating they brought in someone to talk to her about it why haven’t they done the same for Amanda. They also need to talk to GM about her obsession with Nick. If he was smart he would change his name and flee the country.

    1. Amanda’s behavior has been more disturbing than Elissa’s could ever be. Why would Elissa apologize? I would never speak to someone who had treated me the way Amanda has treated Elissa. Why would anyone? It is not a game when you bully someone in such a way. Amanda should have been removed from the house for her behavior. Since she wasn’t, Elissa is doing the right thing by trying to ignore her. I know that I could not play Big Brother because if someone like Amanda was yelling things about my family I would have thrown open the HOH door and popped her in the face. Yes, I would have been removed from the house, but it would have been worth it.

    2. Simply put, Elissa wasn’t sorry for that so she didn’t say it to appease Amanda. Elissa says sorry when she means it. She apologized to Spencer last night because Spencer was trying to make a point about those two not be civil and she kept resisting. But when Spencer explained it properly to her, she apologized.

      Whereas Amanda throws her “i’m sorry” out there not because she means it. but because she has to.

      It goes both ways. Neither is doing the right thing at the right time. They have a different value system. Their actions come from different places. They can’t be compared. Like apples and oranges.

  33. Amanda is mean and gross. Elissa is delusional and snotty. I’m not even sure if McCrae can stand upright. It’s Andy that concerns me. His tactic was to be the rat all while keeping his hands clean. So far so good. I blame him and Helen for the worst BB in history. The group voting and the constant ratting have made this game a sleeper. I hope they get the rat out soon or he could win this thing. I can only root for Judd.

    What really gets to me is that all these house guests talk about the best players of the past seasons, yet all they do is lie around talking about TV. Do they think this is interesting to us?

  34. CBS has become laughable. They allowed all the racism and bullying all season from the HG’s while they try and be self-righteous by putting up a disclaimer stating that the HG’s views are not their’s. They let these people lose their jobs and have their lives ruined for a while anyway after the show and not even be worth it unless you win the 500,000 all for ratings. From the very beginning of the season they knew this seasons HG’s were boring so once the racist talk and bullying started they let it continue as the rating’s went higher.

  35. I dislike Amanda alot!!..but seriously…have the rest ever watched BB before..how could they not split up McRanda…MAKES NO SENSE..
    These people have NO GAME….
    Its crazy…it is soo crazy..it has all the trademarks of an inside job..and keep the ratings alive..nice job BB we knew reality shows were kinda rigged..but this takes the cake..

  36. If Mc goes to jury, Jessie would be better off staying away from him. He may want to get an STD test after the show.
    I bet Amanda would try to trap him by getting pregnant, he may want to check the condoms before use

  37. What was the bonus comp, did I miss something. I would really like to c a real shake up with all of them feeling safe, other than mcranda. I’m talking shake up the exterminators, so they have no idea what the other is really thinking. Let’s see excitement, excluding the mcrsnda, cuz we already know how the rest feel about them.

  38. Hey every thumbs up that Jewish Queen & McPussy get double evicted!!!!! Also thumbs up if BuffaloBill is wasting our time.

    1. Hey Captain, now that we are good friends, I can tell you are still dealing with anger issues. When my Jewish Queen wins because of a beautifully played game, I want you to take a vacation, if you can it go to the Solomon Islands and go to Fatboy’s Bar and Restaurant resort, it’s fantastic or my favorite destination, Amsterdam. You need a vacation to rid yourself of all that anger. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. I really feel bad that someone hurt you so bad. Look start the day with positive thoughts with no anger. I really believe deep down you are a great person. I really believe if you meant Amanda in person you would love her. Take care my friend, your Admiral.

      1. @BuffaloBill, you don’t get it!!!!! I’m not your friend. Everybody including me hates you. I don’t like Amanda. I love Elissa. ELISSA! Not Amanda. Don’t make me use the psychology on you.

      2. I agree with you!!!! You said that BuffaloBill aka The Admiral says:
        August 31, 2013 at 9:26 am
        Hey Chuckles, now that we are good friends, I can tell you are still dealing with anger issues. When my Eliissa wins because of a beautifully played game, I want you to take a vacation, if you can it go to the Solomon Islands and go to Fatboy’s Bar and Restaurant resort, it’s fantastic or my favorite destination, Amsterdam. You need a vacation to rid yourself of all that anger. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. I really feel bad that someone hurt you so bad. Look start the day with positive thoughts with no anger. I really believe deep down you are a great person. I really believe if you meant Elissa in person you would love her. Take care my friend, your Admiral.

  39. As much as I hate Andy. I think of the people left he has the best social game. He got Helen to trust him, he got mccranda, now he ‘s got Gm, spencer and Judd. He’s at the safest place in the house. The only person who sees him for the asshole rate he truly is is Elissa and unfortunately no one gives a shit what she thinks. Aaryn warned GM and Judd but they don’t seem to want to listen. They trust him and they want to please Andy and agree with him all the time. I don’t give a shit about Spencer.. He can rot in his poor game for all I care. Him thinking America likes him is just plain dellusional. No one gives a fuck about you Spencer.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure about GM and Judd believing Rat Dog. They know that he was in 3AM and that he is still feeding them info which is why he keeps telling them he’s not. I think if either one comes off the block Rat Dog will go up again.

      1. This morning, Elissa quietly told Judd she thinks Andy is playing both sides.

        One minute later, Judd whispered to Andy that Elissa thinks he is playing both sides. Then he assured Andy he will fix that later today.

  40. I never hear any of the HG’s talk real strategy…..like who they want to be next to in final 2. You want a weak, floater, or hated person so you get the most votes. They are all focused on evicting the HG they are emotionally mad at, at that time.

  41. I’m hoping that Amanda or McCrae don’t get the veto. Either one of them leaving is a win and I hope Andy follows them soon . I hope the winner comes from Elissa, Gina, Judd or Spencer.

  42. Hey everyone thumbs up that Jewish Queen & McPussy get double evicted!!!!! Also thumbs up if BuffaloBill is wasting our time.

  43. Andy the rat has to go……Andy’s outfits remind me of a clothesline I used to by my kids when they were little. It was called garanimals, in each of the piece of clothing there was a tag that coordinated each piece of clothing, pants, shorts, shirts…..Andy you rat, man up and start wearing age appropriate clothing.

    1. Agree except I think the tags were torn off because they don’t always match. Do you think his mommy put his clothes out each night for him?

  44. I really hope Elissa doesn’t have to play in veto today so she can keep some of the heat off of her….let the others duke it out and fight with each other.

  45. I hope Mcnasty goes first because if not he will be working with the Rat and the Perv and we can only hope that once he is gone the JAP (Jewish American Princess) will self combust, and do everyone a favor. . The Rat needs to be gone next in the double eviction. I don’t think I have ever seen two more awful people on BB in regards to their being dirty, no self esteem, and all around miserable lazy jerks. I guess the reason they lay around in bed all the time is so that if the occassion “arises” Amanda doesn’t want to miss it, and doesn’t care who’s around and watching. Most Dirty, vile, unscrupulus duo of all time. I always heard that opposites attract, but in their case, they need to be together, no one else would ever want them.

  46. So let me understand this. Andy says he is a bottom? And he says it takes him a long to to c$um when receiving a b$$w j$b? But he wouldn’t have s$x in the house because he is a speech teacher? And he is only half of a male? I’m totally confused. Rat, moron or both?

  47. It’s funny the ugliness from a couple of the houseguests has
    Not only spead to the other houseguests, but into many people into this forums as well. So many of you are just as bad as the people in the house your criticizing. It’s getting to the point that I get just as disgusted reading your comments as I do reading the updates.

  48. Why are so many people, including some of the house guests, so jealous of Elissa? Is it because she is not some unemployed loser who lives with their parents? Amanda has a lifestyle similar to Elissa’s, yet we don’t see the same amount of jealousy. Also, her sister is not playing the game for her; she is doing it on her own. If she won MVP more than once, it could be because she does not act as trashy as some of the others and because the house guests targeted her as soon as they found out who her sister is.

    1. The reason people say they hate Elissa is because society has been brainwashed to hate people who work hard, have good morals, work for their own money and most important are Christains. Look at this present administration,you are considered horrible if you dare to be rich.. Your ambition should be for the government to take care of your every need. It works because people think just because someone has their own earned money they don’t deserve to win a game even if they played it best. This mentality is ruining this country.

  49. i’m worried that the house is talking about getiing rid of Elissa but i am so glad that Elissa put life back into this game and i am still loving her laughing in Amanda’s face when she was saying her and McCrae had protected her all season. My favorite moment has to be her telling the Rainbow Rat to take a hike two different times when he tried to walk in on her conversations.

  50. These HG’s crowned Amanda their Queen and now they hate the monster that they and CBS have created. Andy is nothing more than a foul-mouthed little #sshole #itch.I personally think he has a major crush on Spencer and look at him as his bear ( gay lingo).

  51. Hey everyone!!!! If Dumb idiot moron BuffaloBill same crap. I will use the reverse psychology on BuffaloBill!!!!

  52. If GM wins the game she won’t give a damn that she was fired from her job for her racist rantings. But I doubt CBS will let that happen. Some of you need to stop trying to make her into America’s sweetheart, she was racist Aaryn’s best friend the whole season, birds of a feather flock together. She’s a blatant ignorant racist and nothing she says or does or how she acts now changes that. She needs to go and soon!

  53. I am hoping Elissa, JUDD and GM band together once they get rid of the McCrudy’s. I am hoping they realize what a tattletale rat-fink snitch Andy is and that Spencer is as shady and dirty as they get. I am hoping Elissa starts planting the idea in the others’ minds that she will never get the jury votes and they would be smart to take her to final two. I am hoping they clean the house. One can only hope, right?

  54. The HG not playing in the POV competition is Judd. I bet Amanda picked Andy because she thinks Andy is going to take her down if he wins the POV.

  55. My thoughts for the day……….. Elissa may have appeared to have done nothing in the first several weeks, other than take direction from Helen and agree with her. I think she was actually sitting back, watching all the hgs and analysing them and their strengths, weaknesses and alliances. She was waiting her chance to put this accumulated info to good use — which she did. The MVP put her at a disadvantage as far as making her a target but she came through every situation as needed. Don’t be fooled, she is not a dumb bunny. She has also refrained from direct confrontation with Amanduh which resulted in Amanduh becoming more and more agitated. I would like to see Elissa/Judd in F2 but if that does not happen, I still believe Elissa has played a good game and in most cases, has taken the moral high road.

  56. Amanda admits while laying in bed with McCray, after the live show discussing how they are being portrayed, edited, .Amanda says, “See, I’m feed lines”. Immediately feeds cut. You can also find this on the big brother face book and, you tube.

  57. I don’t see the Double Eviction working in Elissa’s favor. I think they will use it to get rid of Elissa just like they did Judd the first one. I am waiting to see what kind of trick production pulls this veto comp to save A or M.

  58. I concur with SMT and Duckling. Andy hates Elissa because A) she has seen through his game and laughs in his face. And B) She does not give him credit for getting out major players and does see him as a threat.

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