Big Brother Spoilers ‘You better get here before I gut you like a fish’ -GM

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


8:12pm Backyard One of the best bodies to be on Big Brother.

McCrae is playing pool with Spencer you can hear music in the background.

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:17pm Spencer and McCrae
MC says he talked to GM about the nominations and she told him she’s putting serious thought in putting Elissa up.
Spencer says he would hate to see Amanda go but they have to be prepared for that to happen. Specner want McCrae to know they are cool.


indoor lockdown from the wedding that is going on. The wedding is close enough that the music can be heard in backyard

8:20pm Spencer and Andy
Spencer pours water in Andy’s ear while he sleeps.
Spencer says GM talked to MC before she went to bed and told him she was giving serious thought in putting Elissa up.
S- ‘Why would she give him that kinda hope.. anyway I’m sure she was just bullshitting’
Spencer adds that he was trying to make McCrae feel like him, Andy and McCrae are “OK” going into next week. ‘He was like of for sure for sure’

Andy -’If it’s a double and I win HOH I need ELissa out… like I won’t even put up McCrae’
Spencer – ‘OK thats fine.. ‘
A – ‘do you feel the same way’
S – ‘yes that’s fine.. put me up’
Spencer says his plan was to put up McCrae and JUDD and that way she would think she is not the target and won’t try as hard for the veto. Spencer thinks when Elissa life is on the line she is able to win competitions. He adds if She wins Veto and Saves JUDD no big deal they would then vote out McCrae.
Spencer – ‘She is looney f*** tunes bro’ (See image below)
Andy and Spencer both agree they want Elissa out as soon as possible.


8:47pm JUDD and McCrae Bedroom

JUDD asks him if he’s still putting up Elissa and him if he wins HOH

McCrae says he has a real good reason to put up Elissa and GM
JUDD – ’If I won it I wouldn’t have put you up’
McCrae tells him that GM was telling him she was going to put up JUDD and Elissa. McCrae doesn’t know what will happen to him
JUDD thinks that MC won’t be seen as dangerous anymore because he’s not a couple.
MC – ‘Once she goes me and Andy will not be close at all’

JUDD says he’s nervous about GM’s replacement nomination.
MC tells him not to worry it’;s going to be Spencer or Andy.
JUDD – ‘How can you be so sure’

MC – ‘I just want f*** elissa out of here so bad’
Andy joins them asks them what they are chatting about.
MC – ‘What i’m going to do after this week.. I don’t know what is going to happen.. I feel like i’m easy pickings’
JUDD – ‘no’
Andy – ‘no’
MC – ‘If Elissa wins HOH… I don’t know what she will do’
JUDD and Andy both have no idea what Elissa will do. JUDD says Elissa makes no sense when playing this game.

They start talking about who is going up. Andy and JUDD play dumb both saying they are worried about going up. JUDD tells Andy he would be surprised if it was him.

MC – ‘I hope we get booze tonight’
JUDD – ‘I’m sorry about taking them all I didn’t think you all wanted them’
Spencer rolls in “What’s the good word”


8:59pm Kitchen Andy and Amanda
Andy – ‘Don’t f*** say a word to anyone but I Threw that to you’
Amanda – ‘Thank you’
Andy – ‘I felt pressure to pick one of you and that is the only thing I could do.. I don’t want that to get out’
Amanda- ‘GM said she’s thinking about putting up Elissa.. but I don’t know’
Andy – ‘I know I know.. She said her head is all over she’s weighing all the options’
Andy says he gets along with GM on a personal level but they never talk game with her, “You know”.

They go to the Cockpit. Andy says he thinks GM has it set in her mind that she wants to break up Amanda/McCrae. Amanda asks why does she go up to McCrae and tell him she is considering putting up Elissa. Andy – ‘She went up to him’ Amanda – ‘Ya’

Andy – ‘I feel that part of me thinks she’s going to put up Elissa but part of me doesn’t’ Amanda asks him to try and influence GM.
Andy tells her that JUDD does not have Amanda/McCrae’s best interest in mind at all. Andy – ‘I want Elissa the f** out of here I feel if she wins the hOH i’m going up if I leave at the hand of ELissa.. ‘ (groans)
Amanda – ‘If I leave by the hands of Ginamarie’


9:10pm Andy and GM
GM talks about McCrae and Amanda campaigning. She say regardless of what Amanda says she is not going to put up Elissa. GM says it’s not the end of the world if McCrae or Elissa win next weeks HOH. They just have to make sure one of those two go next week.
GM – ‘We have a better Chance now that it’s three against two’
Andy – ‘The odds are in our favour’
GM – ‘you only need two votes.. lets say McCrae wins HOH and he puts up me and Elissa… we have Spencer, JUDD and you”
Andy – ‘Bam bam bam.. thats three’

Both are convinced that Thursday is a double eviction. GM assures him she will not be putting up Elissa she wants Amanda gone.


9:31pm HOH GM and McCrae
GM talking about Nick..

9:39pm Random chit chat in the HOH, JUDD, Amanda, MC and GM
Amanda brings up MTV true life getting married GM does a impersonation of “F*** charlie”
GM – ‘You better get here before I gut you like a fish’
GM – ‘Yo Charlie,.. Yo Charlie.. relax charlie.. we got it charlie’
GM – ‘It was so funny with the Guidos.. OMG Charlie I just got my period’

9:45pm Andy and Spencer Kitchen
Andy says he knows if JUDD and Elissa win HOH they will target McCrae but they want to target Elissa.

9:52pm Cockpit Andy and Spencer

They are going over their plan to put McCrae and JUDD up if they win HOH. They want POV to be played so they can put up Elissa. Andy wonders if GM wins the veto if she would use it. Spencer says they will have to call an exterminator meeting and tell her ELissa has got to go. Spencer mentions that JUDD is starting to lay the groundwork for a final 2 by saying nobody likes him in the jury. Andy thinks the entire Jury likes him. Andy’s choice for final 2 would be Spencer, GM and JUDD last. Spencer says that the same with him.
Andy – ‘My hatred for Elissa will fuel me in the HOH’


10:10pm Amanda, McCrae and GM They are campaigning to GM to get Elissa put up.

Amanda starts to cry says she just wants to know if GM is even going to consider it or if she is just bullshiting them.
GM – ‘I’m going to think all scenarios On my own.. I will let you know Sunday night’


10:37pm HOH Everyone Having a drink.. random chit chat

Amanda takes most the wine..
Elissa comes into the HOH asks for wine.

Amanda – ‘I didn’t have any today or yesterday so no’ (They were given beer earlier in the day.. It was post POV)
Elissa – ‘OK’
McCrae tells her to give some “Spill some of it’
Amanda – ‘I just back washed into the whole thing’
ELissa – “Amanda drank the whole bottle of win production can we have another one’
Amanda says she gave JUDD a glass of wine and he traded it for cigarettes so she didn’t drink the whole bottle.


11:02pm Kitchen Everyone playing cards having a good time


11:46pm Cards
Cards, pretzels, win and laughs. Still on indoor lockdown because of the wedding.


Every time production tells them “You are not allowed to talk about production” Andy has to get up and twirl around saying “I’m a pretty little princess”

12:19AM everyone in the living room Arguing about black jack rules.

After 10 minutes of GM and Amanda arguing they figure out the rules.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Mcmanda are such bad liars to GM. She knows what is going on. I just hope she doesn’t cave. GM must realize if she makes it to the end, she has jury votes too and could possibly beat Alissa. They just need to leave her alone.

Another Spew says


Amanda doesn’t think there is a third veto(should be second you moron douchebag) because of the luxury comp earlier on Friday. Hey turd that is were you got your DPOV. The little promps setting this extra power up are so transparent from production. All designed to get us fans to believe Amanda is gone. Well the smell gets worse and worse and I’d now join Buffalo Bill betting his “Jewish Queen” is not the 1st evicted Thursday. In fact If I could get 10:1 or better on Ellisa 1st out Thursday I’d bet a grand in Vegas in a heartbeat! That’s until Mondays POV ceremony. Post POV ceremony the nominations will be Spencer and either Ellisa/Andy. Only if Amanda’s power is not usable til the eviction ceremony will it be Amanda and Spence on the block.

I sincerely feel bad for the feeders and super fans here. Production has screwed us all over with twists to infuriate us over the years. Yet the last 2 days has been a celebration of Amanda’s eviction. You should all no better by now! I’m hoping sincerely I’m wrong on a special power as much as anyone. I just am trusting more and more the internet article suggesting Amanda has been “pre chosen” to win BB15. What if the suggested e-mails promised to be released by that author the night before the finale identify the balloon drop DPOV chip and how production would edit it into the game if Amanda needed saving?
When we get to the three part final, Amanda included, and part 2 is knot tying perhaps then you’ll realize Amanda(AG’s buddy) had the money in the bag all along.

PS I’m betting Amanda was planning to move to California before the season started. 500K is a nice chunk of seed money to get her started. Has anyone thought 1st off that MC and Amanda knew each other before the show started. Even more they were dating already and MC was the “mystery boyfriend” all along. MC’s arguments with Amanda remind me of an old married couple!! If you get rid of the long hair does McCrae really look 22 years old. I don’t buy his age for a second. In fact I’m not buying any of Grodner’s BS this season.


Glad to hear your prospective on everything. However, what you stated clarifies everything I commented on two weeks ago. I mentioned McNasty was the mystery boyfriend that Skum Man Duh keeps speaking of. Probably were together even before the show began. And she is not 28, she is at least 38. I do however, agree with you on McNasty, not being 23, I too, believe he is as old as his nasty, disgusting girlfriend. I also believe they may be actors and are playing their parts to a T, if the show has Skum Man Duh as the predetermined winner. I did also mention that we the fans are probably being punked and in the end, if it is true, the whole cast are probably paid actors getting paid under the table to play their part and that is why many mentioned they would be happy with the stipends and just getting to the jury house. Why not, if production is paying you a hefty price to go on BB and play your part so this nasty, vile, disgusting sub human can win it all. This of course, is all just hypothetical, and we will just have to wait and see how it pans out? If it does end up with Skum Man Duh winning it all, I believe we can pretty much put two and two together and figure it all out. It’ll suck, if all season long we were being punked. I also found it odd how the live audience kept being scanned over during the live eviction with Arynn, as well. I’ve never seen so many shots of the audience during a live eviction. Just seemed very strange, not sure of the purpose behind it unless, to try and prove to the fans they were not planted as stated on the message boards as being CBS employees. Like we could tell the difference if they were or not.


that’s what they do. They sit there and tell everyone how they should play the game and who they should put up. I woul ask Amanda, if she is so great at this game, why are you going home this week ? She gets mad at anyone that doesn’t do what she wants them to and says they are being unreasonable or they don’t make sense. She thinks everyone should play the game where it benifits her. I guess mommy & daddy used to do that and she thinks everyone else should. She thinks she has the right to yell and scream at people if they do what”s best for her. I just wish they were sending Mcrae to jury with Arryn & JESSIE so she would go nuts thinking about it. Well, her going to the house with all those women she was so nice to (HA HA) will have to do. I’m just glad out Elissa lasted her.(& i hope Mcrae too) I can’t wait to see her interwiew with Julie. I hope they tell her America put her up twice.

It's just you

Get off your high horse. EVERY HG tries to tell the HOH who to put up. You act like Amanda is the only one doing it. As for America putting up Amanda, we don’t really know that. You are just taking CBS’ word for it. I don’t trust them. And you know joker face got perks all season long, so CBS has not played or presented this game fairly to the other HGs or the viewing audience. They should post the results after every poll where viewers determine something. That’s the only way to keep CBS honest. And I for one do not want to see the spectacle that occurred last week during Chen’s exit interview. She is not God. I really don’t care what she thinks or feels about what went on in the house. I will make up my own mind. It’s sad they have to appease the politically correct community. This season is the worse in SO MANY WAYS!

It's just you

How are Amanda and McCrae lying to GM? Everything they’ve said about duck lips is true. And if GM keeps her off the block despite the two-faced flake putting GMs two best friends on the block and shitting on GM all season the “exterminators” need to quickly exterminate her bc she isn’t thinking of them. Amanda is the one to take to final two bc who in the jury house will vote for her? OTOH if duck lips makes it to final two she will probably win (gag me) bc she has manipulated and bullshitted the jury into thinking she actually likes and cares about them. The pretentious twat needs to go – this week please. Don’t prove your dumbness GM.

Weiner Tweets Amanda


Thanks for the awesome shot of Elissa. Bravo!


In the immortal words of Billy Madison, “Want to touch the heiny!”


I sing that song to Jessie til she let’s me touch it.


She has no butt!


Omg, She Has The Best Body!!! Care Less The Boobs Are Fake.

Pinocchio Obama

My rule has always been if I’m allowed to touch them they are real.

Elissa is not pretty to look at

You need to have your eyes checked out. EVERYTHING about that stuck-up loser is fake. You’d probably cut your hand if you tried touching her from all the plastic work she’s had done. Ewwww.




So True. But Also, Thank God Bitch Amanda Took The Wine, Nothing Worse Is Seeing/Hearing Drunk Elissa.Drunk Amanda Is Better TV. Sorry, I Want To See The Potential Drama.Girl Fights Are Fun To Watch


Amanda is a real piece of SHI-. What about all the times that Elissa didn’t drink wine? Last week Amanda wanted to backhand Elissa because she had a glass of wine. Amanda just thinks its her world and everyone is just visiting . Everything just revolves around her.If Amanda was to get to final 2 I think that BB’s ratings would plummet next year. There is no way she can win. Name 3 people(much less 5) much less 5 that would vote for her. If she was to stay this week ther is no way that the other contestants wouldn’t be suspicious of something going on and vote against her. She already has Candace, Jessie,Arryn,Elissa and probably(after she finds out how she terrorized Elissa) Helen. Any and Spencer even found it (in Andy’s words) appalling how Amanda treated Elissa so I don’t think she even has Andy’s vote. Judd & GM hate her guts so what 5 people would possibly vote for her?


Nice body….just figure out how to replace the head and personality and we’re good to go.

Tigrezz Shamrock

I have been soooo done with Andy for long time now ~ he is a sheep, rat, coward pick your choice ~ crying and is the biggest gossip monger there is and he has no clue how to play the game except flit back and forth ~ please let him get exactly what he deserves ………… nothing


YEAH , i knew that wasn’t Amanda’s flabby ass. It was sitting way too high and firm. (that’s one of the reasons she hates Elissa so much)


Ahem, . Elissa is a person, not a body. Ergo: “Elissa has the best body to have been on BB.”


Andy is so dumb like really you don’t like Elissa because she put you on the block and you freaked out like a little baby. He acts like he is making big moves, but all he is doing is being a trouble maker running back and forth to Amanda and telling her everything. You’re just a floater Andy get over yourself!!


Andy is a total floater. He makes me sick!!! Such an instigator!

helen is still clueless

I’d like to see Julie ask him about the bullying. “I get that you might look the other way to protect yourself in the game, but you consistently instigated it, egged on the attacker, took the side of the attacker, told the attacker she was right and blamed the attacked, mostly Jessie and Elissa because they deserved it. As a teacher why would you encourage this behavior???”.

Ratty Andy

The RAT constantly brought up Candice to GM and Aa, which started Candice bashing. This, however, stopped after Candice hugged them and wished her happy birthday. The RAT used to talk shit about Howard, NIck, Helen, Jessie, well, pretty much everyone. The RAT always followed his bashing with “don’t get me wrong, I love _______”

Real Scandals Phony President

He also is telling Amanda all the time how much he hates Elissa just to stir Amanda up and to kiss Amanda and McCrae’s ass. If there is one thing Andy is good at it is kissing butt.


That’s what i was thinking..if he’s a teacher he should be setting an example and standing up for someone that is being bullied. Amanda told him she was going to bully Elissa and then told Andy to console her cause it would be good for his game and Andy went along with it. He joined up with someone to intentionally bully someone. What kind of person that teaches kids does that on live tv? He’s a mean, hateful person when it comes to Elissa for no legit reason. He called her a f’in cu*t for the all his students parents to hear lol, what a loser. I’d never want the likes of him teaching my child. Andy needs to go and lose his job just like the others. His behaviour is inappropriate for a teacher of young children.


I entirely agree that Andy could/should have been a “better” influence on the hate mongering, given his (assumed) higher education and his (probable) experiences with being bulled himself. I don’t think he teaches kids though (Adult ESL students?) What I can tell you is, as a high school teacher in Canada, our code of conduct dictates we be social role models both inside and outside of school at all times. If I used the language Andy has used (f***ing c**t, etc.) in a public forum, I might face a suspension.


Andy will say that he was a double agent, and that it was a secretive operation, and that he did such a great job at it that no one ever knew about it and therefor he should win BB. I am just grasping at straws here because I do not know what else he can come up with to say he played a good game. For whatever reason he seems to think his game play is much more than a floater. Ha ha ha ha…


Andy was so insulted when Zingbot called him a floater. Wait until he googles himself and finds out he is known as RatBoy.

Real Scandals Phony President

Andy is a legend in his own mind, He ranks himself with Dan, Dr. Will, and Jenelle while we rate him as a floation device.


Yeah, he’s hates Elissa unless he wants something like a haircut, a vote, etc…then he’s her BFF and runs back and bashes her again. Real nice Ratty-Tatty.

what the fuck

Is Anybody else so fucking tired of Andy in general and him always saying “if i leave by Elissa’s hand i will literally shit my pants” or some stupid shit like that

Ratty Andy

I think the RAT started to hate Elissa when Helen asked RAT if he was going to be a traitor rat and vote her out. The RAT kept saying why are you only questioning me, you have my vote 100%! Then the RAT said you’re threatening me. He went on and told McCranda, Spencer how he was threatened.

When Judd got back in the game, Andy was rehasing the whole Helen/Elissa “threat” and asked Judd “Is this a threat – they said if they vote out Helen, you’ll have me coming after you.” Then Spencer said “that’s a BB game move.” A bit later when Andy was saying how Helen/Elissa were bullies, at first Spencer was saying “He hate that shit”, then later on Spencer said “He hates that word ‘bully’, that it’s almost to a point when someone sells they were bullied that they themself are the bully.” (I thought that statement was directed at Andy.) Since then I haven’t heard (read here) of Andy rehashing that Helen/Elissa bully story.

Dirty Harry Reid

i think Andy hates Elissa for the same reason that Amanda does. Elissa is too smart to fall for their lies.


An annoying vindictive leech to the end.


Stop begging McCranda please!!!

Varys Blackfyre

This is why I don’t like Andy. He sits up and talks a lot if s**t about people. He then proceeds to cry after evicting that person claiming it was just game. I really want him to go home next. It would be awesome if Elissa wins HOH and then puts up McCrae and Spencer with the plan to blindside Andy.

Just Saying

Anyone knows WHY Andy hates Elissa so much??? I haven’t seen Elissa doing anything against him… He is as obsessed with Elissa just as Amanda is, unless I missed something, the only thing I know is that Elissa doesn’t trust him for good valid reasons… ” Helen anyone?”


My guess is because she put him on the block, but he had to know it was coming he voted out Helen and I think Elissa even told him that she would come after him so idk why he is acting that way


It’s just because of her attitude. Agree or disagree but every single person has talked about how they hate her self-entitled personality. She makes a lot of snide comments (whether she’s conscious of it or not) and talks like she is above the experience and all of them. Pretty much every houseguest has said at one point or another that Elissa thinks she’s better than them and is just annoying. Even Helen commented on the way she acts. So, if you feel that way about someone and you’re stuck with them 24/7 then you’re going to start to hate them. Like I said, agree with that opinion of her or don’t, but that’s what the houseguests feel about her. And being in that pressure cooker environment for so long would definitely make personality annoyances very aggravating.


Agree!! Elissa said she would leave Jury house for Chissake!! What a slap in the face to legit longtime blood or not, Rachel would never say something so stupid!! At least Rachel wanted real game players in the house..NOT floaters. Elissa pales in comparison to her sister. Ugh..I’m almost done with this season..if Amanda leaves there really is nothing left to watch…what?? Andy..GM..Judd skate to finals??…puhlease!! It’s a floaters paradise in there now.


And Amanda said numerous times she wanted to just leave immediately after being nominated. Why doesn’t Andy hate her for that? Surely that is as lap in the face to those that fought to stay, whether or not they were successful. Elissa said some things about leaving while emotional, so did Amanda. Seems Andy has different standards for his queen.

House Ghost

Lets be fair,over the last few days Amanda has cried that she woul self evict rather than go to the jury house with ” those girls that hate me”. And how many times has Andy said I hate that c**t Elissa , if I get voted out because of her , Ill die, I’ll self evict.?


I still can not understand why people shit on Elissa. I have watched every episode and have yet to see Elissa acting all high and mighty. Amanda has bullied and tormented her to the point where she couldn’t leave the HOH room and never ONCE has Elissa said shit back to Amanda. To me that’s showing class because she won’t stoop to her level and fight with her on tv. Yes Elissa does say shit about Amanda to the other guests but who in that house hasn’t talked shit about the other guests. Everyone has done at one point. Everyone is just jealous that Elissa has more money then them, but I’m pretty sure being poor isn’t a requirement to be on the show. Elissa deserves the money just as much as anyone else cause they all signed up for the same show. I haven’t once seen Elissa be straight up rude to someone or yell and scream at anyone. I’m surprised how composed she is around Amanda cause it that was me I’d probably have smack Amanda in the head by now cause she’s such a rude bitch. Like her taking the whole bottle of wine tonight, who does she think she is? that is for everyone to share and in true trashy Amanda fashion she sits there and sucks the wine out of the bottle with her nasty lips, sooooo gross. Didn’t Amanda come up to the HOH yesterday and say she was sorry and that she loved everyone and that she wanted this week to be fun and not weird? but then she refuses to give Elissa some wine, pathetic. It’s sad how the other guests just there and let Amanda be like that. If i see someone being bullied or treated unfairly I’m 100% going to stand up for them, sad how they all just sit there and never step up. Amanda is a disgusting human being that will suffer big time for her actions in the house once she leave, Elissa will go home and continue to have the wonderful life she had coming into the house.


I am glad that there are people like you making the World a kinder, softer place to live in!

Standing up against bullies!!

amanda is a bitch

thanks well said!!!! Amanda does everything she blames on others she is the real c**t

House Ghost

Self entitled? If anyone is self entitled it the troika of Amanda , McRae and Andy, they don’t believe that anyone has the right to put them up, if some does then they will go ballistic on them …They believe that the HOH room is for their exclusive use. As their own little f**k pad whenever they want it…it’s ok for her to tell that creepy thing that follows her around that he should ejaculate on Elissa’s bed because she nominated them. The coward Andy talks a great game behind Elissa’s back, flipping her off and calling her slut and c**t. That is way beyond game play. He calls himself a professor ..that is scary to think that our children are being taught by someone like him. If I was Elissa’s husband I would seek him out for a one on one conversation about the names he called my wife.


Andy hates elissa because she has $$$$. Thinks she shouldnt win bc of that also made comments that he hopes she doesnt win americas player bc she doesnt need the $$$. Everything is $$$ with the rat andy.


…and how convenient for the house guests to flip flop when talking about Elissa… One minute they say she doesn’t need the money because SHE’S filthy rich, and the next minute stating that she actually has no money, that it’s all her husband’s money! that she herself is just a poor gold digger, and would be on the streets if it weren’t for her husband. That she is nothing, and has nothing.

I think she speaks of her husband’s accomplishments because she is very proud of him! Of what he built from scratch, he came from nothing! I think she is just expressing her admiration for all he is. Simply. And people think that it’s to “rub” her comforts in their faces, when it’s not that at all.


its one thing if you both do it together but marrying him after hes done all the work and she says all I ever wanted was a family aka money already made for her security she doesn’t have the brains to start from scratch im sure her yoga and what ever she does is her spending money mad money if you will


Millions of other women have the same advantages as she does! Does that make her a selfish, crazy, stuck-up bitch!?? And it’s not like she sits on her butt all day! she is active as a yoga instructor, she and her husband have plans that will benefit her community health wise!! and she volunteers!

I am far from saying that she is perfect, and I am not necessarily rooting for HER to win! But the hate is way out of proportion!

I just find that people villainized her for simply 1) having money, comforts, 2) being Rachel’s sister, 3) having had plastic surgery to look, in her eyes, beautiful

And how come people don’t see that she is far from finding herself the best! I see no other reason for her need to look “perfect” all the time than having little self confidence.


Because she is what he wishes he looked like? :) What makes me laugh most is hearing amanda calling Elissa “joker face”, when she, herself has heinous platypus mouth, so much botox she can even furrow her own brow and a HORRIBLE boob job that hangs to her waist!


Lol are Amanda’s boobs fake? I didn’t know that. On evil dicks twitter there’s a pic of them. I am not an Amanda fan but her boob like nice, just sayin’

Go Elissa

Because Elissa is on to him !

bb15 the worse yet

i agree 100% Andy does like she is on to his B.S. and the rest question is loyalty then they tell him more game play she will not and that frustrates him to no end. i love it when she just laughs off their stupidity and that annoys them more . i actually felt bad for Amanda for like 2 seconds when Elissa commented on that bathing suit she wore for Mc Craes birthday. thought how mean but after everything Amanda has pulled nope no longer feel bad. the racist comments from any of them have been horrible but why is it that Amanda by far has said the worse and most and it is swept under the rug. i do hope it is addressed on her exit interview that is going to be some good T.V. finally. I wish it was the end already to read about how each of them try to go back to their normal lives and how they messed that up doing what they did on BB15.

da Buddha

Andy and Spencer have floated their way through the season so far, I think they hate Elissa because she plays the game strategically. Jealousy is a b!tch.


Andy hates Elissa because she’s the only one who knows what a rat he is and she doesn’t trust him.


he dislikes Alissa becuase she is extremely annoying lol


Elissa is a conservative Christian. Andy is gay and therefore very liberal.

Carlos Danger

That’s not fair to paint all Gays as liberals,I’m very liberal, I have a lot of Gay conservative friends, however , in Andy’s case I think you are right , he has said that he wishes President Obama could have a 3rd term, that’s pretty leftist, when most libs in my circle are wishing they had never voted for his second term. Go figure.


He now firmly believes that Elissa suspects him of still playing all sides while telling Amanda/McC everything…i.e. the TRUTH…he finds that offensive that she could even think that, hence the hate. It truly is horrible. His game is all about who he’s close to …everyone… by manipulating their personal feelings for him! He finds anyone challenging his sincerity to be appalling and this results in him repeatedly saying really nasty hurtful things! Ratty-Tatty Method Acting. Remember his being insulted when Helen challenged his loyalty? He went on a trash-fest! Gross, just gross, Ratboy.


Andy hates Ellisa cause he can’t get up her ass.


GM is a lost soul. She is like the ‘uncle’ the family isn’t allowed to talk about.
Amanda is a plain vulgar genetic defect.
ANDY. He gets my blood a-boiling! What a poor excuse for a man. I have never heard of anyone who gossips and cries as much as this pathetic QUEEN


Because she’s on to him. Also, I thought his eviction speech was awful for someone who teaches public speaking. Anderson Cooper probably threw up in his mouth a little bit.

Arya Stark is a Badass

Anyone knows WHY Andy hates Elissa so much???

Because Elissa can see his rat tail and is not falling for his mist attempts.

So True!

Andy and Amanda specifically talk about Elissa, so much! Andy is almost as annoying as Amanda, as soon as she leaves the room, he talks about her and I swear when this is over and he uses that “I played both sides and had to say what I did to make it more believable” , I’m going to vomit. He uses such raunchy and vile words. I seriously think there is a raging jealousy he has for Elissa based on what he says. I almost can’t wait to see when Elissa is gone, who they talk about, specifically Andy… Even though, I hope he goes NEXT!


GM needs to quit babbling and just tell Mcmanda to leave the HOH. They are preying on her weaknesses. Poor Mcmanda have “nothing”. They are still the lowest. I am sure them laughing at her will be in the near future. Amanda needs to go and mc next.

Dump Amanda

I hope the next three to go are Amanda, Andy, and McCrae.


If this game is truly rigged for Amanda to win, like a lot of people say it is, I fear that something will happen to where both McCrea and Amanda stay this week. Whoever is put up as the replacement nominee will be voted out and Amanda will stay.

I am hoping that Amanda gets voted out and does NOT win America’s Favorite just so the “game is rigged for Amanda to win” rumors are put to rest. Then again if she doesn’t get voted out, she ends up at final two and/or she does somehow win America’s favorite, I will feel dumb for not believing in all the hype.

Arya Stark is a Badass

Well we should see this week if the rumors are true.


You can tell Amanda and McCrae hid behind their alliance and the info they got from the Rat. They really suck as strategist on their own, completely brainless.

I wouldn’t even humor the possibility of Amanda staying. Tell them stinky fools to kick rocks.

Big Brother 101: You don’t keep couples in the game. If they’re “Power Couples” you split them up immediately when you get the chance, you don’t protect them.


HEAR HEAR!!!!! *standing up clapping* I want Andy GONE! I can’t stand him any longer! I want him caught red-handed doing his ratting by GM & I do believe she will set him up…some how, some way…she just has too….Andy Has To GO! …And they got a BOOZE DELIVERY!!!! A small one but….( love the TM btw )

Roisin Dubh

That’s why I wished Jeremy stayed. He would’ve broken them all down and that house would’ve been a warzone.


Anyone playing this game should’ve learned by watching the last 14 seasons….you break up couples AS SOON AS THEY START! Don’t wait for them to become the big “showmance power couple” to begin with. Zap that shit from the get go and don’t let it happen Of course this would NEVER sit right with the almighty PRODUCTION because the showmances are part of what raise the ratings, I think PRODUCTION should be forced to go into this seaons BB house with a blacklight that lights up all of McCrae and amanda’s VILE sex scum, then have to clean it!


Calm down, Harken. It’s just a TV show, and if you think production sucks and/or is rigging it then just stop watching. It’s as simple as that folks. Don’t give yourself an aneurysm over it.


for the game to be set up from the beginning ok lets use our heads here does anyone understand what that would entail to do throughout the whole season on a day in day out basis they would have to have 4 or 5 house guest in on it and doing all this most fans say its the worst season ever does that make sense to you lets not think of conspiracy theorys and just stick to common sense just a thought


Yeah it’s amazing that people are still sating Amanda is a good or “smart” player. They are as delusional as Amanda. She keeps saying the three same things over and over and OVER. The points she makes can be used against her “she just walks around and does nothing” or they are contradictory, “Elissa doesn’t do anything, plays a horrible game, getting rid of her would be such a HUGE move”. And this thing with not letting Elissa have wine, even tho she’s been told numerous times to be on her best behavior ESPECIALLY when it comes to Elissa shows how short sighted she is and shows her is ruled by emotion and personal attracts. When it was brought up that Jeremy signed his death warrant in “wine gate” Amanda realized how dumb she is.

helen is still clueless

As far as things that can be used more to describe Amanda, ” GM, Elissa is mean, she’s a bully”. I know that Elissa made that comment about Jessie half to stick up for Jess and half to take a jab at Amanda but it isn’t even in the same league at what Amanda has done. And that’s not bullying. Amanda admitted bullying Jess “but she deserved it” admitted to torturing Elissa but that was ok because” it was a different kind of torture”, she made Aaryn cry to the point that she wanted to nominate Amanda before chickening out and she just attacked GM and Elissa less than a week ago in which Amanda and GM almost went at it. Does she really think saying Elissa is mean is gonna work??? Does she think other people forgot or didn’t see this stuff. Even Spencer told her it was stupid to argue “we don’t win anything” after two straight POV wins. Judd just brought up that Amanda can’t just pull that stunt with the wine then make everything alright with an I’m sorry.


I think it was a bad move to be so specific and to just target Elissa so hard. It came off at as yery pushy, “do this my way or you’ll regret it”. Just say you will work with GM if she saves you. On top of being pushy, what is she gonna do when Spencer (or Andy) goes up? She’s been saying Spencer and Andy will be mad at her if Amanda is evicted. What is she gonna say now. “Keep me because they will be mad if I’m gone but I won’t be mad and I will work with you when they’re gone”. Not a very good player without her rat working for her.


Andy just is a PURE rat!!!


He is a floater and it is funny he thinks he is the major player when all he did was rat people out!!


rat bastard andy and sick pervert spencer arent in an alliance with judd and GM, they are pure floaters. if those fuckers were actually loyal to the exterminator alliance, they’d target mcpussy to protect GM who did all the work for them. mcpussy also have sights set on judd too. but they aren’t worried about protecting people in their alliance, they only worry about continuing to try and float to the end. fuckers.

Rio Seven

Here is an idea…everyone stop calling Andy a rat, or Spencer a pervert. Why? It has been done a billion times! Ugh. Can’t anyone think of something original or insightful to write?


On this site? Are you kidding me? Originality left here a long time ago


Omfg this is killing me. Why does everyone hate Elissa so god damn much? She doesn’t bitch she isn’t fake she tells you what she thinks of you get over it you bitches just because she has her own brain and isn’t being told what to do she is just so crazy


She don’t bitch? That’s all she did for days in complain about Aaryn to Helen.

She ain’t fake? Have you seen her face? It’s 100% plastic.

Elissa is horrible… on a normal season it would be even more obvious. She is just lucky she is in a house with Demanda, McStinky and the Rat


“Demanda, McStinky and the Rat” sounds like a corny comedy movie.


Same reason they hated Howard, Candice, and Jessie…. they’re actually decent with morals and it makes them without any feel uncomfortable.


Well I liked Howard, Jesse and Candice, but I can’t stand Elissa. Want to know why? Because Elissa is a fake, self-entitled snob. Everyone in the house, including Helen, had issues with her “I’m above all of you” attitude. Howard, Jesse, and Candice were so incredibly grateful for getting the chance to be on the show. Elissa said CBS should have paid her to be on the show (aside from the stipend) because she’s Rachel’s sister and she brings ratings. She has put down the experience multiple times with snarky comments about BB, and of course wanted to walk from the jury house when she thought she would be evicted because she, and I quote, “doesn’t want to be in there so long with all those crazy people” which included both Candice and Jesse. What it really boiled down to was that if she couldn’t be on the show anymore she was done with it. Howard would have given anything to be in jury. Elissa just wants to be on TV and promote her “elissercise” crap.


Wasn’t Amanda just crying last night and saying she was done and just wanted to leave. I heard her say that. Did no one else hear her. She said she did not want to be there anymore and was bawling her eyes out. Mccrae had to tell her to stop saying that. It’s ok for her to say that but not Elissa?

House mouse

Very little of what you say is true, that was misinformation started by several different people that posted comments, then it took on a life of its own and now everyone thinks its the truth.


You need to double up on your meds. Elissa is a phony, lying, self-centered, hateful, hypocritical, moron. She is ONLY her by nepotism.


Give me proofs that She is a phony or lying?


Andy hates Elissa because she see right through his façade. He is so mad that he can’t snow Elissa, so he hates her. We have to hear it ten times every hour on the hour, no matter who he is speaking with. I hate Elissa. I wish some one would say, “we know already. shut up”. These people are so stupid can’t they see what Andy and Spencer are, they have no loyalty to anyone.




Those of us who hate her its because she is snobby and she avoids comments to peoples faces and does it behind their backs because she cannot handle it. She is pretentious and stuck up with her mmmmmm ummmmmm hmmmmmmffffs. Even most of current houseguests hate her. & I know she has fans here and mad Amanda haters…..I hate her too. But Elissa is no angel by far. (It isn’t the scope of the vulgarity, its the subtlety of it. Covert like. $ isn’t an issue and such) If People are infatuated with her, great….it shows you are very much like her…….sad. remember she entered the game as Rachel’s sister, put a major target on her own back, and got MVP b/c of her sis’s fans. Nick should have been MVP….love the site. I love BB anyways, and my thumbs hurt from thumbing my own thumbs with thumbs. Now how many retorts will I get that will prove my point about Elissa???? I’m ready. Try to understand also that each HGs would change many things that they said and some more than others.



If there was no Mcranda or Aaryn or all of the racism drama this season, Elissa would be the butt of everyone’s jokes. She would be loved only by the Rachel fans and comment sections like this would be full of “get that plastic snob outta there” posts.


Who the hell is more FAKE??? Elissa???
People that judge others for their physical attributes only sounds pretty fucking FAKE to me!!


I’m with you Anon. I just don’t get why everyone is so mean about Elissa. She seems like such a fun person. She’s always laughing and joking around despite the fact that Amanda has tortured her constantly. Elissa never once said anything back to Amanda or follower her around just to be annoying. They are all just mad cause Elissa doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do. They all call her a robot cause they say when they talk to her there’s no changing her mind. So what? she was HOH and she is entitled to do what is best for her and because she won’t do what they want she’s a stuck up robot, hilarious!!! I love Elissa and I hope she wins, if not JUDD. Amanda can go crawl back into the hole she crawled out of!!!


I can’t stand Andy!! He’s a rat!! haha rat-ta-tat!


Nice buns

BB Fan

Damn Simon, you da man!!! Probably the best @ss on BB. Butterscotch butt was pretty nice too!!


Amanda said “I don’t use people. I’m not like that.” She just explained her whole game strategy. GM, stay strong and don’t fall for their BS.


WOW @ a known fact about Amanda’s gameplay getting downvotes?

McCranda Drones?


LOL Andy wants Elussa gone because she is on to him. I hope Elissa wins HOH, POV and protects herself.


wishful thinking….
Gina Marie to McCrae…use the veto and take Amanda off the block and I will put Elissa up as replacement…
she explains that if she puts up Elissa with Amanda that Amanda will be going to jury…if Elissa is put up with you
then Elissa will be going to jury….
McCrae takes Amanda off, Gina Marie puts Elissa up
All but one person VOTES McCRAE out, that way Amanda or McCrae will know who voted him out…then we get the joy of watching Amanda being a cry baby b*tch….


And Amanda ends her kissing butt and appeals with her normal bullying ways. She threatens GM that she should do what is right for her (what amanda wants) or she won’t be safe next week.

She just did it with a kinder voice.

Ohh snap.... the red RAT's caught!

I have that red RAT figured out now….. his all of a sudden hatred for Elissa is hoping she’ll pop-off on him, that the sassy boy can snap back…… you remember?? Reagan v. Rachel 1.0 now red RAT v. Elissa 2.0

I’ve heard the RAT mention several times how his infatuation he has with Reagan, well a good shouting match with Elissa will build his cred, then hopefully he gets to meet his dream guy!


I hadn’t thought about that but it seems he may do that. Does he actually think doing this will actually make Ragan want to meet him? Lol! I guess he didn’t get the memo that Rachel and Ragan made up and that he is supporting Elissa.

BB15 is a joke

Can someone explain to me why Spencer and Andy hate Elissa so much? I know she put up Andy as replacement last week but other than that I don’t understand the hatred towards her. This house is full of delusional idiots with the exception of E and GM. No one else is really playing the game.


because floaters have to have the same enemy as everyone else. Or they may be accused of having “game”.

(I think they really do hate her. But remember, Helen loaded the jury with Elissa “allies”. They don’t stand a chance against her)


haven’t you heard? Andy & Spencer are this season’s showmance power couple…SPANDY.

Get it right

No, it’s SPENDY


Now look who hiding in her bedroom


Nothing worse than two rats scheming pretending the whole game revolves around them. Andy hates Elissa because she’s smart and has figured out he’s a rat and will always be a rat. I hope She exposes him to the jury.


Omg… Andy needs to go. I’m so sick of him.


I hate Andy so much. He needs to go real fast. He is so annoying. He keeps saying he hates Elissa but he is always hanging around her. All he thinks about is getting Elissa out. I just hope they don’t use and dump GM like they did Aaryn.


Stick to your guns GM…..Maybe when Amanda goes (crossing fingers) if McCrae wins HOH he will realize what Andy has been doing this whole entire time. McCranda doesn’t even suspect he is playing both sides…Maybe McCrae will gun for Andy with either Judd/Elissa.


Andy is pathetic, Elissa has him all figured out so he’s scared shitless. I really hope she wins HOH and takes him out of the game.


Ugh. These ppl have no backbone. Spine or balls.

What kind of cast is this. Rocks for brains is what the person who chose them has…..

Yep Amandas no threat. Won’t win comps unless she has to. Nope. Just bully n bulldoze her way to finals. Yup I see nothing wrong with keeping her over elissa. Who ever goes to the finals with her has got to be majorly destructive as much as she has or its a hands down win for Amanda.

Who would give a rat like Andy money for being a snaKe N plaplaying all angles to the end. That’s jot a good strategy for winning. Play dumb but make moves. He’s playing so low people step on him. For too Li g he would never win.

Give it to Amanda so we can work on next year if any viewers are left


There’s going to be one more whole day of Amanda begging for Elissa to go up I just can’t stand it. Then there will be one whole eek of here campaigning against Spenser if he goes up as a pawn. Talk about a slow painful death. I wouldn’t be sad if Elissa goes home on double eviction she talks so much about being rich and all it’s so annoying.


The Chicken and the Rat “hates” Elissa because she knows you both are not worth sh*t! It is like they both want to have theur cake and eat it too.

It would be great to see Elissa win HOH for the double eviction. Because watching Andy and Spencer so far up her arse would be totally priceless.


I feel like going into that house to drag out Andy every time I see him acting the way he does. I don’t even know the word to describe him. Calling him a rat is an insult to all rats.


i had a few pet rats named Katy, Sadie, Butterscotch”which is ironic”, and Abigail van rodent, and all were very dedicated so Andy should not be associated with rats. They were the best pets ever aside my maine coon cat named JoJo, who never messed with my rats.


OOps, I meant to say Andy is way below a rat!


Unrelated but I just found this and wanted to share with those that haven’t seen it before:


What’s not related? This spoiled bi!@h with all this money needs specialties? really? She is a horrible person. I give this reason because other people cant afford a nice wedding and that could go to them. According to Elissa she does these great things for the unfortunate. WHERE? Just what she proclaims on BB. Give me a break!!


Elissa is the phoniest person in the house!!!!


What makes Andy and Spencer think they deserve to be there more than Elissa? What have they done in the game? Both of them together haven’t won as much as Elissa. Elissa was on everyone’s radar and had to fight from the beginning because she is Rachel’s sister. Andy says he doesn’t like Elissa as a person. Why, because she is on to you?


I wish Andy would swallow his own tongue. Am I wrong for thinking this?

Truth be told

I wish cockroach Andy would swallow his own Phallus and choke to death, there is nothing wrong with that statement!


Andria is dickless. He has been in the house with the other girls so long, they share all share the same period days!
He is envious that the BB women with born with teats and vaginas!

Crystal Ball

I despise Andy so much! I wish Judd, GM, and Elissa would see that he and Spencer are plotting. I want to be put into a Pandora’s Box so that I could tell the 3 of them to get out Andy, McCrae, and Spencer asap. In that order.


Enough with the tears and take it like a man aMANduh, for pete’s sakes!!! MAN up and take it like you did to everyone else “you evicted.” I don’t understand what the hell is andy’s problem with hating Elissa? Get over it ratboy!! All of North America knows what a sissy you really are when you are nominated, you cry like a b*tch like aMANduh does everyday. These morons (andy and she-man) know “it’s just a game” when it’s someone else on the block until they are nominated and then they cry rivers and whine, b*tch and cry all f’n day. I can’t wait until they leave!!
And why is mcnasty always curled up in a fetal position? He is so gross!!


Judd: Back home we have crazy people who think about space aliens all the time. One day I couldn’t help but notice he was putting stuff on his lawn. Curious, I asked; “What’s that your putting on your lawn Dave?” He said, “It’s to keep the UFO’s and aliens away.” I said, “We don’t get UFO’s and aliens here.””Fantastic stuff isn’t it.” He said. Which made me think, When you catch a fish and put it back, do you think it goes back to its friends and says it was abducted by aliens?

Spencer: I only found out how ugly I was when I was abducted by aliens. I said, “Are you going to probe me?”. It said, “Not tonight, I’ve got a headache”.

Judd: Has anybody ever wonderd if aliens secretly film people having sex, then make them into boring educational, nature shows to show their kids on the Human Planet channel?


Did you all see when spencer was making his pork chops and then he put his fingers into his nose and was digging and after that he touch the food without washing his hands. Ewwwww. He keeps scratching his beards like there are lice In there.


I saw when he pick his nose did not wash his hands and then went straight in to the fridge nasty,


All of a sudden everyone loves GM?? You all forgot she is just as racist as Aaryn was and also lost her job because of it!! And Elissa is the biggest bitch walking. She hates on everyone and does nothing but walk around like she is above everyone else. She makes me sick to my stomach!! Most of this cast makes me sick actually. Bunch of idiots!


I hope Elissa wins HOH after aMANduh is gone. Then she could nominate Spencer the Molester and Andy the Rat, with McPussy as the backup.


I don’t want Elissa to win just becos she is rich and doesn’t really need it. But I want her to go all the way. I will be very disappointed and sad if Amanda , MC, Andy or Spencer wins. They don’t deserve it.


So V, has a poor person ever gave you a job?

Rocco Gianini

What difference does it make if she is rich? She has said she would donate to wounded warriors, they would be more deserving than any of the remainder of this ship of fools.


Don’t misunderstand me. Of course I like Elissa. If she wins it, excellent. As long as its not amanda, MC , Andy or spencer. I am fine with any other person winning it. That’s what I meant. If she wins great if not her then Judd. Becos he seems like he doesn’t have much and that money would change his life. Hopefully for the better.


And if she is donating the money to wounded warriors, even better. That’s what makes her even more beautiful.


That’s interesting about wounded warriors…
She also said she would use it to start a
Ministry for women. Wonder what she would really do?


Before you start hating me, read my response to Rocco below. I guess I used the wrong word. That’s why I explained further.


Ellisa play this game just like everyone she deserve to win that money whether she has money or not. Stop hating on rich people these people work hard to get were they are some of us choose or sit on our lazy ass and don’t want to work. These people make investments for their money to work while other choose to smoke or party their money out. I have a friend who works good money and what she does buy Gucci and Loius Vuitton and have a closets full of name brand shit myself I invest my money for raining days and hell yes I go in her closet and borrow what I need.


McCruddy hasnt been out of bed in months now look at him up in hoh picking his toenails…

Andy shops at Baby Gap

Andy just compared himself to Sarah Connor. The difference is Sarah had balls.

Hope this isn't so

They are reporting that Amanda won diamond power of veto from the balloon popping
On friday. I really hope it isn’t true. If it is then she is being a great actor as she prepares to blindside Elissa.
Crossing all fingers that CDL is wrong!!


GM isn’t stupid she knows what Miranda’s are trying to do…. Bully her! Amanda is a dogface nasty lying bitch.


I don’t understand why so many HG’s are hating on Elissa it’s getting a bit much. I see Andy just can’t stop being ANDY! I agree Elissa’s body is one of the best ever on BB, on the same note Andy is probably the biggest RAT BASTERD ever to be on BB. I am worried about where Judd’s head is at as well, seems all over the place. If Andy, Spencer, or Mcrea win, it will be a sad day for BB and their fans. (My assumption is that Amanda is gone). I suppose if Mcrea gets out of bed long enough to win a comp or two, maybe he could be mildly worthy of the title, however, it would make Amanda happy so he must lose.


Well Amanda just sealed her fate with her stunt with stealing the wine and drinking from the bottle. This b**ch can not even share, it like watching a spoil brat having temper tantrums.

And what the f**k are they ragging on Elissa’s famiily for, they are not even apart of the game. Damn, how low can you go.

Man, I prey that Rachel and Brendon both approach McCranda on finale night and put their asses in their place. This should be a very interesting finale.


They are just jealous of Elissa’s family’s success. Even Andy. Becos I see no reason you say you ‘hate Elissa’ and then you start insulting her whole family that you haven’t even met. Inferiority complex and jealousy. That’s it.


Yes, Andy, we know you hate Elissa…shut up about it already!!!!!!!


wow, Amanda & McCrae spent a little time blowing smoke up GM, Amanda thinks she gained some control again, throw in a bottle of wine & we went from snibbling, snotting tears to instant asshole…that’s Amanda….Andy all up on his high horse too…I hope GM puts Andy up next to Amanda…I’m not an Elissa fan either, I just can’t stand Andy & want him outed sooo bad for the rat he is….

House mouse

Pearl, Amanda’s sense of entitlement just keeps on rolling, what a jerk, taking the bottle of wine for herself and running upstairs with it, saying ” what are you going to do, evict me? ” even after Elissa said I would like to have just one glass ..


Please just let Amanda go this week.

Crying Little Bitch

I am Ratboy, hear me roar.


Squeal. It’s hear me squeal. Rats don’t roar.


I don’t understand what I’ve missed? When did andy start hating elissa do much? Or why does he all the sudden? I don’t remember him ever really hating her.


He hates her because she knows he is playing both sides.


Amanda is so fake with her crying and apologies… She’s pulling a Helen, but failing horribly at it…

Arya Stark is a Badass

I agree. Wouldn’t it be sweet if Big Brother let America vote out one house guest? I would have to buy a second computer so I could vote for Amanda and Andy.

Waiting for the After Show!

8:59pm Kitchen Andy and Amanda
Andy – ‘Don’t f*** say a word to anyone but I Threw that to you’<<<<<<<<<<<<BIGGEST RAT OF BB HISTORY!!!!!


Andy is more than a rat he is a swine .