“I’ve been thinking about using the veto on Amanda.. Don’t f*** yourself in the a$$ MCrae” -GM

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


3:00pm Backyard Amanda and McCrae
Working through scenarios where they can both stay this week.
Amanda says if Kaitlin had used the veto on Jeremy she had a chance to stay that week.
Amand says that the entire house does not want McCrae to go. Amanda wonders if McCrae can make a deal with GM by telling her if he uses the veto on Amanda she would not put ELissa up.
(Amanda and McCrae are running through every scenario possible.. At this point McCrae will be using the veto on himself. THis is just one of three angles they are exploring to both stay in the game)

3:06pm random conversations in the kitchen

ELissa saying Aaryn’s dream was to see the playboy mansion, GM told her she was going to hook her up.
Amanda asks if they get to keep their Big Brother Keys. Elissa and Andy tell her you can. Elissa adds that Janelle was selling her’s.
AManda – ‘How much’
Elissa – ‘like 5 bucks’
Andy thinks she sold her last key were she only made it to 12th place. Andy says he was a big Janelle fan. Spencer liked her more in Season 6 than Season 7

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


3:08pm Backyard JUDD and McCrae
JUDD says he’s been trying to brainstorm and think of things..
MC – ‘What are you thinking’
JUDD – ‘I thought of different things..’ JUDD mumbles out he thinks if McCrae uses the veto to save Amanda and GM puts ELissa up both AManda and MCCrae could stay.
MC – ‘YA’


3:25pm Cockpit Andy and MC
Andy isn’t sure GM will fall for that (MC using the veto on Amanda to have LEissa put up). Andy says he has trouble figuring out what GM will do. PArt of him think she’s so dead set on splitting the couple up.

ANdy – ‘I’m trying to distance myself from you because if Elissa wins HOH I don’t want her to put up you and me up’
Andy says he wants to get ELissa out, but he wants her to think he’s going after McCrae so she doesn’t feel threatened. To Andy the most important thing is to keep McCrae and Spencer safe.

Andy – ‘If it’s a double eviction Elissa will be going if i win HOH’
Andy asks if it’s better to put ELissa up or backdoor her/ McCrae doesn’t know for sure thinks at this point it’s not as crucial.. Andy thinks when ELissa life is on the line she will fight harder to win a veto.


3:30pm HOH GM and MC

GM says she’s going to have a decision about who she will put up tonight.
GM- I’m not talking to anybody because they will tell me what they want and what’s not best for my game
GM says she’s making this decision 100% on her own.
MC – “ya yup ya’
GM – ‘I don’t want Amanda out.. But if I had to pick for a tie breaker I would pick you.. you are kinda like me you are a free person and you are happy.. and I know you are such a big fan of the show’

GM says if JUDD goes up and it’s a tie breaker she’ll vote out JUDD.
MC – ‘I’ve been thinking about using the veto on Amanda.. what do you think about that’
GM – ‘you do what’s best for you but in past Big Brother that was one of the biggest mistakes in Big Brother history.. you do what you want to do.. it you think she can continue farther.’
GM – ‘if you use it for her and you went home would you be pissed off’
MC says he would be but he would never use it on her if he wasn’t sure he had the votes.
MC – ‘It’s risky for me but I think I have the votes’
GM – ‘you don’t want to f*** yourself in the a$$ MCrae.. I don’t want your friends back home to be like.. McCrae you are a f**** idiot’
GM brings up her broken toe and how she’s worried about upcoming competitions.
MC points out that the POV competition during the double eviction is running back and forth. It’s one of the more physical competitions in the game. GM doesn’t know. MC bring up the clown shoe, Jeff and Big Brother 13. GM remembers that.

MC – ‘I just want to know If Elissa will go up.’
GM – ‘I’ll give you a time thing.. what is a good time frame’
MC – ‘whenever..’
GM – ‘MAybe… 10.. 11.. nay.. make it 10’
GM – ‘be smart trust in who you think you can trust in… it’s a tricky move dude.. to be honest with you.. if it was me and Nick .. nick would tell me to save myself bro’

CBS Interactive Inc.

3:58pm JUDD and McCrae
JUDD – ‘you think i’m going up’
MC – ‘no way’
JUDD – ‘If I don’t go up.. I don’t want to be a even bigger target if it’s just me’
MC – you mean voting Amanda ‘
JUDD – ya’

Spencer rolls in tells them the pool is nasty as hell.


4:05pm Kitchen McCrae and Amanda

McCrae goes over his conversation with GM says she will let them know at 10 if Elissa goes up. If GM puts up Elissa he will not use the veto on Amanda but if she doesn’t he would consider it. MC adds that he told GM he has the votes to stay and GM told him to not make a move he would regret. MC doesn’t think Elissa is going up.

Amanda thinks she will put up Spencer or Andy. MC says JUDD alludes that he would vote to keep Amanda. Amanda says that is all she needs to stay in the game is JUDD’s vote. Amanda really questions if JUDD is serious about voting to keep her or if he’s just bullsh!ting them.
McCrae says GM did talk about putting JUDD up. AManda – ‘don’t tell that to anyone’ MC – ‘That would be the best’


4:19pm backyard ANdy and GM
GM brings up MC mentioning he has the votes to stay if he uses the veto on Amanda, “You need 75% of the votes bro’
GM asks him who he would rather keep in the house MC or Amanda.
Andy isn’t sure he thinks McCrae is probably the better of the two, “It’s your HOH I’m cool with whatever you want’
GM – ‘It would be a lot nicer if he’s around than if she’s around’

They agree that McCrae will target Elissa and Elissa will target McCrae. GM mentions how Amanda has the possibility of weaseling herself back into a group.
GM – ‘ I just don’t want Amanda to get in good graces with ELissa.. that is a power couple’

Gm – ‘what do you think’
Andy – ‘Theres no chance in hell he will use the veto on her.. ‘
GM – ‘I don’t know bro’


4:30 Chillin everyone else is chit chatting inside


4:48pm Backyard JUDD and McCrae JUDD tells him if Amanda goes they need to work together it’s their only chance. McCrae agrees says he’s not even close to Andy anymore. JUDD gets the feeling that Andy only talks to him to get information.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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GM better not fall for that shit like Helen fell for that fake alliance with McCrae and Andy


First I want to appologize to my good friend Captain. Vegas is just to crazy for me. Hope all is well. Well looks like my Jewish Queen will be staying. Thanks MC for saving my Queen Amanda.

Andy the Rat

I thought Andy was your queen? Didn’t you say you loved him when he wore the tutu last night?


Amanda is a fucken cunt!! That ugly jew bitch needs to go this week. I cant stand looking at her disgusting face any longer. Shes a bully.

name is a cu$t

We get it Name! You love Elissa, and no, not everyone agrees with you. Yon blast people all the time settle down. You are always going off on anyone who doesn’t like your option. There are a lot of reason people don’t like her. She has really done nothing all game except in the last two weeks. Others had played Big brother like it always had been played and have done it as others have for years. I get that there have been a few that are the worst ever, but the scheming as been going on for a long time. I think as others do that Elissa winning shows the game was ridge because of her name and sister. She has gotten way too much of an advantage, throughout this game and has been a pain to work with until she needed to. There is no one who deserves the win this year, they all stink.


Buffalobill And Name When You Say Things Like That You’re No Better Than Gm And Aarian


Wow, you’re classy. Your reaction to Amanda is nothing like Amanda’s reaction to Elissa.



Can you make this comment go away? It really is beyond what this forum is about.


This is completely racist and vulgar. Simon and Dawg, please remove this ugly rant. It serves no purpose at all.
We all lose IQ points just from reading it!

You're a douche bag

Real classy, jackoff. Why don’t you put down your real name and back that statement up? It’s easy to be a tough guy hiding behind a computer screen. Ignorant asshole.


Dear You’re a douche bag:
Why don’t you put down your real name and back that statement up? It’s easy to be a tough guy hiding behind a computer screen. Can you spell “hypocrisy”? LOL!!!


What a hypocrite.

You deserve just as much shame and humiliation as anyone in that house. They are playing a game.
Your comments clearly reflect your prejudices. The difference between you and Amanda is that she is on camera
and you are an anonymous poster. At least she stands by what she says. Post your real name next time…


Dear Bettername:
What a hypocrite.
Is Bettername your real name? If not why not post your real name?
After all, it does seem just a little bit hypocritical to ask someone else to do that, when you’re not doing it yourself.
The difference between you and everyone on the show is that they are on camera
and you are an anonymous poster. Post your real name next time. LOL!!!

name is a cu$t

What are you taking about those complaining about hiding behind a name? You think because you post a comment, that you yourself don’t have to show some kind or form of respect of any kind, and many of us are sick of it. Those who are complaining about my comment, well how does it feel? All the talk on you post and the subject manner has been lower than almost of the cast on BB. Adult’s can comment and have a reasonable conversation. Simon and Dawg have offered a great site and have for years and they have let a lot of stuff go, and rightly so, but they have also had to pay for it also. That in itself is not fair. And there have been way to many post this year that have been the most idiotic, rudest, and uncalled for comments that I have read in years. So, I am sick and tired of it, and called him out. Again, how does it feel, or does it make you want to fall on the floor and start kicking and screaming. GOOD again! Grow up. When there are some who are crying when someone call him/you out, or when someone gives you a dose of your own medicine. Sorry…..Suck it up. These cast members are people also, you may not like them, that’s your choice. I don’t have a favorite at all, but I can post and give my opinion without calling out other poster out until NOW! They will play for a lot when they leave the show, that should be enough.


Dear Name is a cu$t:
Sounds like all these posts that you’re reading that you don’t like are just making you want to fall on the floor and start kicking and screaming. GOOD ! Grow up. When someone calls you out, or when someone gives you a dose of your own medicine, you start crying. Sorry…..Suck it up. Throwing a tantrum on an internet site, like a spoiled child is unlikely to do you any good. BTW, you are aware that the ID “Name” could be thousands of different people aren’t you. It simply refers to everyone who doesn’t take the time to put a name on their post. So your Id “Name is a cu$t” refers to all those people who you don’t know, and not to any particular individual. You’re not really as stupid as you seem to be, are you?

name is a cu$t

LOL!!!!! No you’re postings and comments are all the same, NO ONE has acted or talks as much Cr#p as you have. No one is that stupid we can figure it out, and you thinking no one can’t figure out it’s you is a dumba$$ comments. There are two distinct Names, The other one makes thoughtful and intelligent comment. You on the other hand rant and call the guest the most vile names. All you want is Elissa to win, for doing nothing, and because you’re a brachel fan. Most of us hate her mannerisms and fake personality just like her sister. Nither are amoung the great of this game.


Dear Name is a cu$t:
Your great gift for prognostication has failed you miserably. I’ve never posted anything on this board before yesterday. And have posted only about a half dozen comments in total. But I had no trouble figuring out that when my comment was posted under the ID “Name”, even though I left the name box blank, that everyone who doesn’t fill in that box must get the same ID. There must be hundreds of people posting here with that same ID. Here’s a little quote for you to consider before you post again, and humiliate yourself any further.
“Everybody has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege.”
– Joseph Stalin
You are definitely abusing your privilege. Big Time! LOL!!!

Pizza Ditzy Boy

@ NAME Amanda’s face? It is ok. But watching her body is the hard job. I hope that stalker is next to go.


I agree with you her body is awakward. She is a IBB,which stands for ILL BUILT BITCH. She thought she was so f…. hot at the veto meeting last week it was funny. Why is she the only one walking around in her panties. Every woman had a body except for her and she thinks she is the shit!!! She’s just EWWWWW!!!!!


Aaryan, I mean Name, my good friend the Captain and I believe Amanda is a beautiful Jewish Woman who is going to win the 500,000. Those words are hateful and you should be ashamed of yourself. I hope Julie Chen is not reading this blog or she would call you out on that hateful speech. Wow. I think you need to appologize and ask for forgiveness and don’t blame it on the state where you live.


I agreed, you said that

BuffaloBill says:
September 1, 2013 at 7:20 pm
Aaryan, I mean Name, my good friend the Chuckles and I believe Elissa is a beautiful Woman who is going to win the 500,000. Those words are hateful and you should be ashamed of yourself. I hope Julie Chen is not reading this blog or she would call you out on that hateful speech. Wow. I think you need to appologize and ask for forgiveness and don’t blame it on the state where you live.
Wow, you talk about Elissa!!


@BuffalBill. Where not friends!!!!

Clarice Starling

Buffalo Bill….Our movie is currently playing on ACTMHW…..I think you should review it. Remember, you lose in the end. This will also be the fate of your “Queen”. Should have tagged yourself Hannibal Lecter instead of the loser Buffalo Bill – didn’t think that one through any better than picking Amanda as your ace in the hole.
I heard while you did actually place a large bet on Amanda to win, we didn’t hear much from you recently because you have been scrambling to place additional bets on every other HG to cover the loss you will take on Amanda. Enjoy the show!


Agreed!!!! He probably losing the bet!!


now how could you get that Amanda is staying out of what was said mccrae wont use it on her he just has to look like he made an attempt for her benefit only


I do understand the connection between Buffalo Bill and his Queen Amanda – they both have a RANGE in common. Buffalo Bill is home on the RANGE, while AMANDA is just de-RANGED. and i do hope she and her foul mouth will go on thursday


I agree you said that

BuffaloBill says:
September 1, 2013 at 5:35 pm
First I want to appologize to my good friend Chuckles. Vegas is just to crazy for me. Hope all is well. Well looks like my Elissa will be staying. Thanks MC for backstabbed my Queen Amanda.
I know right!!!!


@BuffaloBill, Amanda is going to the jury house!!!!

give me a break

I hope GM does not listen to this stupid idea and still put up spencer or andy…….JUDD brain dead idea is going send Elissa home……..Judd is the Dumbest player in the house right now…..he think if McPuss saves Amanda and McPuss is on the block next to Elissa….that Andy and Spencer are going to vote McPuss out….Jessie would of been a better fit to come back……..Judd has done nothing in this game….the only thing he does is scream out is………………………………… ………..”J.U DOUBLE D AND I CAME HERE TO PARTY….WOOOOO!!!!”……….This guy told Elissa that he might put her up…..if he won HoH…..this dude is so dumb…..Judd knows Andy back stab him….but he still trust Andy more that Elissa……I DON’T GET THIS GUY……Andy just have to say to get Judd trust back is…”Judd i really did not want to evicted you”…..and Judd being a Moron….believes him……

Go home Judd, nobody wants you in the house

Judd IS a retard. There is no getting around that. He is lazy, shady, and acts like nothing skipped a beat while he was gone. He is soooo stupid. I personally don’t think he should have been allowed back in the game. It is unfair to the remaining HGs who worked hard to be able to stay in the game only to have some loser they evicted to return. I hate his slurred southern drawl. You can’t understand a word he says. And that he’s now acting like he owns the place. The guy is a reject. And his final two with Elissa and then a final four with the exterminators shows he’s a rat just like Andy is being accused of being.


Doesn’t MC realize that he sent aaryn home way more than Elissa did? I get that the hoh makes the nominations but after the first few weeks of every season they don’t have much of a say on who goes home.

Everyone in the house sent aaryn home so that doesn’t really seem like a logical reason to send someone home. You know what does? How about breaking up two people who are clearly together? That makes sense.


McCranda are not the puppetmasters they think they are. That is how McCranda have been selling it to GM without any concern how GM might view that.

But then as Amanda says if GM puts up Elissa then she is smart but if GM doesn’t do what Amanda wants then she’s stupid.


You’re asking these people who have let a couple run the house for this long with only Week 1’s HoH and Veto win under their belt to use logic? Of course it’s easy for us to see but if they haven’t seen it this far into the game….they aren’t going to see it.

I’ll bet anything AG is trying to pay McCrae to use the veto and has probably offered more money to the HG’s to keep McCranda in only because it’ll keep people watching and waiting for them to be broken up. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCrae uses the Veto on Amanda and still manages to stay in the game this week. If they do it should all but confirm to EVERYONE that the rumors were true about AG and Amanda being best buddies and should spell the end of Big Brother for good.


I hope mc uses the veto on amanda, elissa goes up and home! done. Amanda deserves to stay, she’s worked hard. Elissa is the bad egg in this bunch of ninnies… get her out and everyone can get back to playing the game instead of personal prom queen special.


I’m dumber having read that comment…


LOL, I couldn’t have said it better!

History repeats itself

If MC uses the veto on Amanda, he will and should be voted out. That would be the dumbest move.


I could picture Lawon at home cheering on MC to use the VETO on Amanda.

Go home Judd, nobody wants you in the house

Don’t do it McCrae. GM’s word means shit and even if she tells you she is putting up joker face she really isn’t. But it will be too late for you to do anything about it because you have to use the veto first before GM acts. She is setting you up bro. If you take Amanda off, Andy or Spencer will go up. And you will go home. Then again maybe you already know this and just want the game to be over for you since everyone has been lying to you and you know the whole house is committed to getting you or Amanda out this week. GM is a rat. You’ve known that from day 1. Take yourself off the block, not your beautiful sexy paramour. (Though honestly I would love to see Amanda stay and win HOH and then send joker face out the door right after you).


Amanda deserves to stay, she’s worked hard

You should not mix alchol with your medication.


Why does CBS let her.

Amanda's Back Fat

I don’t get why CBS feeds her alcohol, just for the kicks and ratings I guess. They want a low rent Lindsay Lohan for attention.


There are a lot of medications you should consume alcohol with but it doesn’t stop people drinking. Apparently you’re only concerned about Amanda & drinking, but what about Judd & his drinking on meds? He had what 4 beers last night?
CBS is figuring it makes for good tv – I’ve yet to see much these people are very boring. I enjoy watching them sleep or play cards – not. Anyway, the HG’s are in a controlled environment of sorts so it’s not like anybody is going to get a DUI. And I figure there’s a lot of fine print in the releases/contracts they signed to be in the game to cover CBS’ butt if anything were to happen.


Rita, Rita, Rita

You are just as delusional as Amanda is. McCrae should NOT use the veto on Amanda, that would instant suicide for him, little does he know it. GM has made the best picks for nominations so far in this game. Why would anyone in their right mind save a power couple only to get to the final 3rd position cause we all know they would pick each other over ANYONE else in the house. They all came and played the game not just Amanda. Yes, she has played a good game to everyone else’s expense. I think Elissa has played a decent game with thinking on her own and not letting Amanda pull her strings like she had with almost everyone else in the house.


I put a thumbs down on your comment because Elissa played a bad game because of Helen who, as someone put it before, is still walking the halls of the eviction house saying, “It’s too soon to make a move to put up Amanda and McRae.” or something to that effect. Helen got so full of herself she got outplayed by McRae and the Rat even though she knew who McRae was sleeping with. Helen was a dumb ass. Whoever hires her is retarded. Her decision making ability is hilarious. Elissa tried to sway Helen multiple times. The best thing that happened to Elissa was seeing Helen go and the best thing for McRae would be to see Amanda go. The virgin will probably be too stupid to do the right thing and use the veto on himself though.


I meant to say the fool will probably use the veto on Amanda. McPussy wipped.


Amanda is a fucken cunt!! I hate that ugly jew bitch. If i have to look at her disgusting far any longer im gonna vomit. That bitch needs to be sent home this week!!!


It’s easy to be brazen when you go by “name.” You wish you were chosen.


LIke anyone but the mods know who any of us are. That’s the dumbest comment I think I’ve seen Chosen. Oh wait, that’s right you live in Carmel, CA and golf at Pebble Beach on a daily basis… Not, Name.. or chosen.. who the frig knows. Is America full of this many dumb asses. No wonder CBS picked the cast it did, they didn’t have any other options.


Name too, if you think CBS is only pitching jack***es, you are perfect contender. What you said makes no sense and is completely irrelevant.


Please stop with the vulgar, racist comments.


Is the pov ceremony tonight? Not the one on cbs tonight, I mean the actual ceremony itself.


I guess thumbs down means no, not tonight


Thank you for clearing that up!! At the top of the page, it lists Sept. 1 as the date for the POV ceremony. I came on and have been waiting patiently to see who goes up. Thank you for allowing me to go on to bed and not wait for it. I LOVE SIMON/DAWG for this site. Y’all are the BEST, BEST, BEST!!! <3 <3 <3

Arya Stark is a Badass

It is tomorrow.


It says at the top of the page the POV ceremony is September 1st which would be today!

Captain Obvious

You may not have noticed, but there is a box at the top of this and every entry on this site that gives the dates of upcoming events, including the next POV ceremony.


If Elissa Goes Up I’m Gonna Scream.

Danity Kane

She most likely won’t, but I KNEW Amanda wasn’t going to go home this week! I said in a previous post “I predict something stupid happens and Amanda doesn’t go home this week”.


I hope this does happen, so that we can see Amanda have an epic meltdown! I hope GM puts up Spencer and not Elissa. Cause the RatAndy will make everyone get Elissa out. What do you guys think?


Is he really that stupid?


Amanda has sucked every brain cell out of him, so yea he is that stupid.


Yes Andy is that stupid. He has a college education and makes less than an apprentice plumber. He got a degree in communications. Wow… damn that’s gonna make you money. He’s a friggin’ moron. And a jealous one at that.


Say something relevant.


now remember all you demanda haters, when she is gone, give that attention to the rat bastard andy

Pinocchio Obama

Right after Amanda flys out on her broom the rat needs to trapped.



HAHA, WOO, Yeah it's not that funny

Hahaa you are like 8th, EPIC FAIL


Don’t use it McRae!!!! That would be too fuuny if you did and it got you evicted!!!


Is DR giving Judd the idea to encourage McCrae to use the veto on Amanda?

Get a Clue

Judd starting contemplating this idea once McCrae won the POV. I remember him asking Andy and Spencer if they thought McCrae might actually use it to save Amanda, almost immediately after the POV competition. Whether DR gave him the idea in that little amount of time, I’m not sure.




Haha go ahead McRae. Take Amanda off the block and be dubbed the dumbest BB player in history! Please!


Sadly, by aligning with Amanda he already is.


LOLOL McCrae, you are a joke! LOLOL I almost hope he does use it on her so we can all laugh when he goes home.

The Real TMZ

yeah he is

The Real TMZ

He , Mc Dummy,is that stupid, is who I was referring to

The Real TMZ

But he won’t use the veto on her, he’s done doing, using, putting anything on her


Amanda did win a special veto.. It’s called the BPOV; Bush PIG of Veto.


Thinking seriously about giving my America’s Favorite Player vote to Howard.

Big Sister

Welcome aboard! I posted this the night he was evicted. Just to see their faces when he gets it would be as satisfying as watching Amanda’s face tonight at the nomination ceremony. Not only that, but it would it send a strong message to Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, Amanda, Helen and Spencer, who all treated him harshly or betrayed him. It is disgusting that as recently as this week, Amanda has continued to spout off that he said he wanted to f*** the s*** out of her. Julie HAS to bring this up on finale night so he has a chance to rebut her stupidity! Even McCrae doesn’t want any of that anymore…Howard for America’s Favorite! (It’s not like there are a lot of others who deserve it.)


Mc using the veto on Amanda would go down as the biggest blunder in the history of BB when he gets voted out. People won’t use the term p*ssy whipped anymore they will just say, Wow look at him, he is really been Mccraed. Or stop acting like Mccrae and grow some balls.


If McCrae uses the veto on Amanda I really, really hope the guys in the house see how devoted he is to her & vote him OUT! Amanda will not have the votes to stay without McCrae because she is so disliked by everyone else. Win-win for all of us.


Judd wants to save Amanda and McNasty. SMH


No….Judd is trying to get mccrae to save Amanda so that they can vote out mccrae. They talked about this right after the veto comp. They are more worried about mccrae winning the next HOH than amanda


The veto is played BEFORE the replacement nom is named! Why are they talking like McCrae can decide whether to use the veto on himself or Amanda IF Elissa is the replacement nom? I think McCrae is dumb enough to use the veto on Amanda. I don’t think GM, no matter what she is saying right now, will put Elissa up. Should McCrae use the veto to save Amanda – he should be voted out! But, with this bunch of losers, should GM keep her word on not putting up Elissa, Judd or Spencer may very well go home. Andy should be the replacement nom.


McCrae is considering using the veto on Amanda if GM tells him he will put up Elissa.


Who voted down? I’m clearing it up for the guy. That’s what’s up. Not an expression of opinion.


So Elissa is a bitch to everyone and Amanda retaliates and earns everyone’s hate. Bogus. Elissa’s atrocious attitude started it. Every single person has been insulted by someone and had the thought that they would like to come back at them tenfold. Everyone’s had that attitude. Elissa is the worse genuine person.


So true. I don’t like a lot of the things Amanda has done in the house, but at least recognize that people are projecting hate on Amanda because she represents something in them that they don’t like about themselves. They’ve even resorted to taking a lot of what she says and does out of context in an attempt to paint her as racist and homophobic.

As far as Elissa goes…folks she’s Rachel sister. Caddy, passive-aggressive behavior runs in that family, and even if it doesn’t, you really think Rachel didn’t prime Elissa with a few Mean Girl tricks? Elissa claims she’s a good God-fearing woman. That doesn’t make it true. In fact, where I come from, the “God-Fearing Christians” are some of the most vile, backstabbing, hypocritical losers around.

Anyone watching the feeds knows for a fact that Elissa is nowhere near as innocent as people want to pretend she is.


How bout u actually watch the show ass munch! If you watched the ahow you would see that Amanda is a bully and after watching tonights episode you should see that the only reason Elissa has said anything is cause Amanda attacks her at every turn. What if I sat everywhere you sat and bugged the shit out of you. So your saying you wwouldn’t say anything about me? Nice try asshole. Like I said next time watch the show before you speak out your ass again. You must be a bully yourself cause bullies can only sympathize with each other and if thats the case GO Fjlk;ELF!


I watch the show. I saw Elissa be a bitch (ONE example: Her being rude to Amanda on McCrae’s birthday). That was before anything Amanda said to Elissa. So, yes, I watch the show and your point does not follow. Secondly, live feeds equal same thing as the show without editing to make someone look good/ bad and more instances of people being rude. Third, your comment language speaks for your own intelligence.


1. I watch the show, and I watched the show when Elissa was a total jerk to Amanda, unprovoked, on McCrae’s bday.

2. I watch the feeds, and I’ve seen Elissa be two-faced and rude, completely without reason, multiple times.

3. I’ve watched eight seasons of Big Brother…Elissa is not the first contestant to fool the audience with her holier than thou attitude.

4. I’m a gay liberal living in the mid-west. I’ve taken more than my fair share of bullying, thank you. I also know the difference between bullying and assertiveness. I also work in the mental health field, so it’s my job to help people who’ve been the victims of real abuse. Me not agreeing with you is not bullying or abusive, it’s an opinion.

5. Simon and Dawg work really hard to keep this site up and running, and they’ve been clear multiple times about appropriate language on their forums. If you can’t talk to me respectfully, you might at least show them some respect and follow their rules.


“Dude” has to be Amanda’s mother. Let’s be honest, Elissa has been elitist and sometimes condescending (and I can’t even stand Rachel’ s voice, much less her personality – and how Brendon fell for her, I don’t know), but Amanda has stooped to such low disgusting levels – doing personal attacks on Elissa’s family, racist rants, and exhibited nothing but vile, vulgar, disgusting habits and is only filled with self-pity and no compassion for others. . I wonder if you can pass on a yeast infection – by sleeping in people’s beds without their permission, STDs could easily have been passed on – and even crabs. And how can Amanda talk of coming to California with McNasty and both working for Big Brother? I don’t think there’s been a BB player as vile and disgusting as Amanda – she’s the top (of the strongly disliked BB guests)


GM … Nice of u to say to mcRae … More than he would do for you … Bye amanda !


Did you stroke out in the middle of typing?


If Pizza Guy is dumb enough to use the veto on Amanda, then GM should put up Andy next to McCrae…. A win-win.


You got to wonder about that OrangeRC. I don’t trust Judd, Andy or Spencer. I wish GM would not align herself with those spineless wussies. She should stick with Elissa, both of them are great at competitions. All the men do is talk a lot of crap and can’t back it up. What a pack of limp dicks!!!


I agree – GM should align with Elissa. She shouldn’t trust Andy or Spencer – not sure about Judd.


I actually have been wondering for a couple of weeks now if there is more going on with Elissa and GM than what they’re showing. They seem to be on the same thought-link without really saying much to one another. I think they may be working together for a final two or something. Sure seems that something is going on between the two of them. <3


Much as I dislike Spencer, he is a lot more honest than Andy. Spencer has publicy acknowledged several times that he is out to win and will do or say anything to win. Andy keeps putting on this air of altruism – he’s just trying to help and is totally honest. Ha!


Do you think the feeds will be more boring without Amanda? I don’t like her but she does bring some entertainment value to the show.


The feeds usually get boring the last few weeks anyway. But, yes, they would be less dramatic for sure. I will definitely not miss Amanda on the CBS shows, though.

Arya Stark is a Badass

Amanda is so desperate and Gina is not buying her BS.


As long as one of McRanda leaves this week it wiifm be ok with me. Amanda is the “trash”in the house!!! Elissa is a little goofy, but she acts like a lady and has played as good a game as anyone left and deserves to win as much as anyone!


Amanda deserves to stay? I’m sorry sucking the 1st HOH ‘s dick and hiding behind MVP knowledge, and Andy’s and Helen’s ACTUAL hard work, doesn’t make Amanda deserve it anymore than Elissa does. Remove MVP and Andy and Helen, and Amanda has no game, get your shit straight McCranda Drones, you’re starting to sound just as delusional as Brenchel Drones.


Amanda played a good game. She pretty much had her way until her head got to big and she couldn’t imagine herself as a target. I agree whole heartily that she made a huge blunder by not seeing how her actions put her in jeopardy, but take that out of the equation and she got everything else she wanted.

Are you serious

If GM listens to MCCRae and i believe she will not but slight chance she does and they are saved for another week then GM should be next gone because that would be the worse move ever she will give them the win. Also isn’t it weird McCrae won Veto and last week Amanda just seems odd exactly when they need it. bammm they win it. suspicious the very least.


Although Gee isn’t wise enough to quit with the racial slurs, which is common place in NYC by every race, the Irish get it, the Whops get it, the African Americans get it, the Puerto Ricans get it.. .they all are crude regarding each other and this isn’t the same as the TX excuse. NY is a melting pot and they’ve always had the city divided by race, religion, and money, but they can all get along too. Nevertheless, and thumb that down. Gee is wrong with her words and will pay in front of a national audience but if McRae uses his veto on Amanda he’s toast. She told him that would be stupid. She was being honest. One of them are gone unless CBS pulls some shit and saves them both with a special veto. McRanda is over.


I don’t want Amanda to stay, but you know, it would be worth it to see mcrae use that veto on her instead. he is the biggest wimp in BB history, he makes brendon’s constant wimpyness look like a feat of strength


I don’t see how McCrae is a big pussy. Yeah, he could have gotten out of Amanda’s shadow but he’s out there playing with everyone else. He’s constantly talking game with other players. Amanda wears the pants and he could do more to distance himself, but he’s playing a pretty good game otherwise.


Also may I add that Andy is a RAT FINK!!! He makes me sick! He is the biggest wuss I’ve ever seen.

Weiner Tweets Amanda

Gina is cracking me up the way she is ignoring Amanda. Amanda is losing it and it makes for great television.


I wish GM didnt say such awful things and racist comments, she has some likable qualities, but her mouth gets in the way of that. Hope she learns a lesson after this and changes her ways.


Ok, let’s forgive GM for no reason and continue to shit on Aaryn, Spencer, and Amanda.


I luv watching the BB episodes but since I read this site religiously and have a heads up with what’s happening, and when I watch the show I have to actually watch Crapmanda campaign and it makes me want to turn the channel. Evil, nasty mean as Biatch!!!


“You’re going up on the block” – Amanda

Forget the irony in the statement on tonight’s ep and focus on the substance here.

Who says things like that when their NOT the hoh? This is exactly why people don like her. Smug

Does There Have To Be A Winner?

Amanda needs to be put in a straight jacket and locked in a padded room for her own safety.


Yes McStinky, pull Marcellus and don’t use the veto on yourself, and get voted out…. Stinkmeaner will be following your out Thursday anyways, because that POV win was a fluke,l becasue HGs are allowed to hold onto the ball and take a break before they put it back on the machine..


Tonight’s Sunday show was the Best of the horrible season. I truly enjoyed it so much. Watching Amanda saying so many WRONG things. Total enjoyment. Amanda saying to Elissa “you’ll be in that chair tomorrow, you’ll see!” That was Fabulous.


My favorite….
Amanda (with fake tears) “I feel like I’m back in high school”
Spencer “Were you a mega-bitch”

Loved it!

Does There Have To Be A Winner?

I’m guessing YES.


McCrae can’t be that dumb, can he? Even if GM says she’ll put up Elissa if he uses the veto to save Amanda, he has to use the veto first. GM could lie, have him use it, then just put up Andy or Spencer (Andy would be best) — then everyone would vote out McCrae!


Gina is good tonight on the Amanda and Elissa show


Funny thing about this Amanda VS Elissa crap, is they’re both 100% right about each other, and neither are better than the others, in fact, they have more similarities, than anyone else has with them..


though now gm knows she can control who goes home. if she tell mc ellisa is going up shell be able to take out mc. if says no will be able to take out amanda. bad idea for mc to give out his info now it can benefit gm withought even actually putting up ellisa


Amanda need a stiff jacket. Wako!


Amanda said she isnt mean…..lmao. That is rich..

Amanda loca

I’m just watching BB on CBS right now. Amanda is sooooooooooooooooo crazy. Why is she saying that Elissa is mean and a bully and is taunting her? She is the one doing all that to Elissa. All Elissa does is smile and laugh, and try to get away from her. Amanda doesn’t know what reality is. She definitely needs some help.


I’m sorry ,but the editing on the show is totally against Amanda. They are trying to portray Elissa as good but she is just as bad if not worse with her DIGS than Amana. I love BB but I am very unhappy how they edit things to portray people different than they are. I watch “after dark every night & you see so much more of what is really going on. They are both outspoken women but at least Amanda is honest about her feelings. Elissa is just bipolar. My 2 cents!

No way

Really? I watch After Dark as well and don’t see Elissa acting crazy like Amanda. Most of the time she is avoiding her. Sometimes she defends herself, I would too. I like Elissa. I think she is misunderstood. I think she definitely has WAY more class than Amanda.


I have to respectfully disagree. Amanda did purposely enter the LR where Elissa, Spencer, and Andy were sitting. She said a variety of things directly to and about Elissa (mostly because she was so positive that she still controlled everyone else in the house). In response, Elissa then makes her comment about Jessie. While I agree, she knew it would make Amanda mad, it was not a direct jab at Amanda. If Amanda had any sense, she would have simply said, “Yea, you’re right. Jessie was the only 10 in the house”. Seems a little crazy that such a trivial thing, not even a good direct jab sent her into fits. How was this edited to make Elissa look better than Amanda? Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Amanda is not the calm, cool, strategist she thinks she is. Call Elissa passive-agressive if you want, but it’s not her fault she can spar with more finesse than a school yard bully. Amanda makes herself look like an idiot.

Captain Obvious

You can’t edit the live feeds. Amanda is a BULLY!


On the show tonight:

Amanda: (approaches Elissa) I don’t want to fight with you but i (want to accuse you) of antagonizing me.

Elissa walks away because she was advised by the boys to do that.

Amanda (to the boys outside): I don’t want to fight with her but she walks away from me, she keeps antagonizing me.


Amanda is the big fat bully who hates every girl that is pertty. And the pu$$y whip guy shes with will leave her when the show is over.


Amanda can dish it out but when someone gives it back what she gave to them she plays the victim…. Crass my fucking ass, she’s nothing more than a “diva”, she can;’t be happy unless she has full control, remove that control and she crumbles and whines… ROLMFAO @ her fake apologies..

Elissa and Amanda are cut from the same cloth.

Elissa is living off her husband, and Amanda is living off her parent business.. Why are they fighting so much? they should be BFFs.


God forbid Amanda commits suicide after BB season is over!
She has been promising all season after killing herself.
Another reason for her buying an early plywood coffin is McNasty boy dumps her lard dirty ass!

Something is wrong with you

Enough said.


If anyone should win America’s Player, it should be either Andy or Helen, becasue without them , McCranda would never have made it this far, they did all the hard work protecting them.


I think Helen looked more after Elissa than McRae and Amanda


Andy betrays everyone. Helen was a huge liar and only furthered herself in the game.


This weeks eviction should have a viewers choice twist & I vote for something “Gallagherish”. Dress Julie in a raincoat and give the audience rotten tomatoes and radishes for Amandas eviction.


Nah… someone should just be standing behind the exit door and WHIP it open when she is ready to come through


Amanda dissing McCra’s money again? Yea, TRUE LOVE…..


She loves him with the hopes he will win the money, once he doesn’t she will take her skank ass back to Florida and never speak with him again.


Yea, the same type of “true love” that Golddigers have… If McCrae wins she will be all over him, and all romantic like, and get him to propose to her… If he doesn’t win she will go back to her 200k lifestyle and leave him with his pizza delivery job…


When she get back to Florida, she’s be ordering pizzas just to do the boys for a free pizzas.
There is something seriously wrong with this crazy no-morals bitch.


Did Amanda have her period recently?
Would be devastating for her to have another abortion.


Watching Amanda’s face during nominations is awesome, esp allowing Elissa to pull the last key. LOL