Big Brother Spoilers Nominations Results “Everyone was in on it.. Poopy was right”

5:17pm Bedroom Amanda tells McCrae that Spencer was in on it nbot only

Amanda: “Poopy was right”
Amanda: “Andy or us have to win the veto… I don;’t care anymore honey.. it doesn’t make sense”
Amanda – “She’s working with Spence and JUDD”
MC – “Probably”

Amanda leaves marches into the cockpit where Andy and Spencer are schemeing she says Spencer is in on otherwise why would she do it.

Amanda – “Poopy was f*** right.. she’s working with JUDD and ELissa.. ”

Amanda charges up into the HOH.

Amanda – “Gm I don’t understand the logic .. She sent howm Nick she sent hom your best friend.. it doens’t make sense.. ”

GM – “Amanda .. you guys.. Aaryn told me so much bullshit.. ”
Gm explains to her that Aaryn did a lot of shit for them and when she needed Amanda and McCrae the most they weren’t there for her.

Amanda – “Elissa was the one that put up NICK and he went home.. Elissa was the one that put up Aaryn and she went home.. what the F*** gm .. she taunted you every week”

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Amanda tells Ginamarie if you put up ELISSA & JUDD I will volunteer as the Replacement!

2:50pm Out in the backyard – Amanda is talking with Andy. He says that he told her that he really didn’t want her to put up me, you or McCrae. Amanda asks do you think all four of us (Andy, Spencer, Amanda and McCrae should go up there to talk to her. Andy says I don’t think that would be good she would felel that we were strong arming her. Amanda says that she doesn’t even care anymore. She says Gina is going to put up whoever she is going to put up. She should put up Judd and Elissa that would cause the least waves. Gina says and if she does put me up then we will see how much that helps her next week. Amanda says that Gina better not listen to Elissa. Andy says that Gina only talked to me for like 5 minutes and said I was fine. Amanda asks well why was Elissa up there for so long? Andy says she was talking about starting over with a clean slate with her while I was up there. Andy tells Amanda to let Spencer talk to Gina first.

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Amanda says I don’t even care anymore! I hate it here! You have no idea how it feels to be tortured!

1pm In the living room – Spencer, Ginamarie, Judd and Andy are hanging out talking about random things. Judd comments my talons are sore! Andy laughs. They notice that the “Nomination’s Today” appears on the living room tv. Gina says she is going to head upstairs to the HOH room to start doing her makeup. Andy heads up with her and he comments that he is happy Spencer won the money but I wish I had. Gina agrees but says things happen the way they do for a reason. $5000, $50,000 ya know what I mean. Gina says I just hope I don’t go out with nothing you know. Big Brother tells Andy to exchange his mic. He gets annoyed that he just came up here and now has to go back down.

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Big Brother 15 SPOILER – SURPRISE COMPETITION – Spencer WON $10,000!

10:40am – 11:am The live feeds switch to TRIVIA. When the feeds return – There are popped balloons and confetti everywhere! Amanda says that was her childhood dream to have a room full of balloons. Andy comments to Ginamarie that he didn’t find any. Spencer wonders why they have to do the clean up. They house guest comment about having to pop the balloons to find a token for a certain amount of money. Ginamarie says that if she had won she would have ended up buying Freddie the new truck he wanted. Gina says she wishes there had been 3 – $5000 prizes instead for more people to to win it. Elissa says that was super fun! Spencer says when they were told the rules he wanted to bite his nail so that it was sharp to pop the balloons better. In the kitchen there is a post with a button on the top of it to press when they had it.Judd says confetti what the hell!? We are going to be finding it for the rest of the season! Elissa says Spencer got a trip now and $10,000, that’s good!

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Amanda says I woke up and felt miserable, I need to cleanse myself from the negative energy.

9:10am – 9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Judd, Elissa, Ginamarie and Andy are outside finishing their dance party to the wake up music. Andy and Ginamarie head inside to go back to bed. Judd and Elissa sit on the couch and talk as Judd has a smoke. They talk about hard the chicken wire HOH competition was. Judd says he thought he was doing well until he looked around and saw how well the others were doing. He thought what do you guys have chicken wire at home or something?! He says that he understands how Andy did so well because he has long slender fingers but doesn’t understand how Ginamarie did so well. She has the smallest fingers out of all of us. Elissa says don’t you think it’s the best possible situation that Ginamarie won HOH. Judd says Elissa asks she is 100% going to put them (Amanda and McCrae) up? Judd says probably. Judd asks if Ginamarie was thinking about putting him up?

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McCrae says I wanted to tell Elissa – We f***ed in your bed. Amanda says I would love for you to c** in her bed.

12:35am Out on the backyard couch – Amanda, Judd and Spencer are talking. Amanda comments that while up in the HOH room Elissa asked GInamarie if she would help her put sheets on a bed because she didn’t know how. Spencer and Amanda laugh. Amanda says that Ginamarie sees it though she’s not stupid. Amanda says god if we were not in this house what I would do to that girl! You’ve no f**king IDEA! Judd asks so Aaryn said she would like me outside the house? Amanda says yeah. Spencer says yeah I heard her say that too, she wants Jessie to try and steal David at finale so she can f**k you. Judd asks so she can f**k me? Spencer says I don’t think she said that but I think it will head there. You play your cards right brother because you’re going to get drunk and she’s going to get drunk and there’s going to be hotels! F**k yeah! Judd says it will be weird though because we will be with our families. Amanda says she (Elissa) followed her (Gina) around like a puppy, like a little bit*h.

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lets get ready to rumble “I’m sorry Amanda I don’t strip and sleep with guys to make my money”

11:06pm Poolside Andy, JUDD and Spencer

Andy says Amanda really thinks Elissa is going up. JUDD – “She is going to be pissed” THey agree that this week is going to be full of fights. JUDD wonders if Amanda will just lay down and die.

Spencer – “I would rather work with GM than Elissa Any day.. we had that good conversation in the cockpit and then she puts up Andy” JUDD and Andy agree they are glad they sided with GM.
Elissa joins them says Spencer was laughing with Amanda. Spencer says he wasn’t laughing he’s not going to get involved with two grown women fighting. Elissa mentions she heard what he was saying to Amanda after she left. JUDD sticks up for Spencer says he heard Spencer say to Amanda he didn’t like being around people fighting when it doesn’t involve him.
Elissa says she wasn’t fighting, “I’m getting tired of being followed around and harassed”

Elissa – “Why does she call me a princess my husband came from a single mother of 6 My passion is helping people.. My husband works his butt off he deserves nice things.. I work from 6am to

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“There’s two new hot chicks.. more chicks than d!cks in the house” Big Brother 15 Chickens

9:27pm Bedroom Andy and GM

GM says Aaryn did so much for Amanda and McCrae and they wouldn’t even give her one vote. GM adds that Amanda and McCrae turned their backs on Aaryn after all she did. If Gm agrees to Amanda’s deal whos to say they won’t do the same to GM.

If Gm does put up Amanda and McCrae she needs Andy and JUDD to watch her back. GM says the one danger of putting up a pair is one of them stays in the house for the following week and that person will be coming after her.

Andy says the perfect scenario will be if whoever out of Amanda/McCrae stays they put up on of them and Elissa that way they have the votes to get out Elissa.
Andy – “We need to pit them against Elissa this week and distance ourselves from each other”

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“She had 3 eggs in the first 5 minutes.. she’s good at weird sh!t” -Spencer

7:51pm Amanda, McCrae and Spencer

Amanda – I’m going to be on her like a fly on sh!t..
Amanda adds she is going to keep reminding GM that ELissa got out Aaryn and Elissa said GM was a disgusting freak.
Spencer – Can we have a competition where I don’t suck
Amanda – as long as ELissa is on the block we’ll be fine
GM joins them
Amanda asks GM why Elissa is so f**** happy. Amanda adds that she now knows she is being portrayed as the bully.

McCrae says GM is going to get Pandora’s box. GM doesn’t think they are doing that this year.

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Big Brother 15 Eviction And HOH Results Poopy Vs The Rat

Poopy Vs. The Rat

A real roller coaster game for Aaryn (Aka Poopy) she went from riches to rags to riches then finally landing in the rags again. For Amanda’s Game Aaryn had a very good reason to keep her but ultimately it came down to who does Amanda and McCrae think they can trust more, Andy or Aaryn. They will choose Andy. Either way I think Amanda and McCrae need to win the HOH or they will go up. The rat (AKA Andy) says he’s targeting Amanda/McCRae. Maybe he thinks if he takes one of them out it will be the big game move he needs to win the 500K or maybe he’ll continue playing his safe game by hiding in the shadows jumping in on conversations.

Amanda/McCrae have lost a lot of influence in the game this week they need comp wins to get it back. JUDD and Elissa would most likely be their targets.

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Andy tells Aaryn his speech will be about the emancipation proclamation – Freeing the Slaves

1pm – 1:25pm Big Brother ends the HOH lock down. All the house guests leave the HOH room. In the kitchen – Aaryn tells Amanda that there should be a most hated and America’s favourite award. Aaryn then says you would get the most hated. Amanda asks do you think people hate me? Andy says I think its polar – there are some that really love you and some that really hate you. Elissa says that she wonders why BB put another camera in the Diary room. Amanda says sometimes they do that. Elissa says she thinks there must be a reason for it. Aaryn leaves the kitchen and sings to herself f**k mom I’ve been evicted! In the rainbow room Andy is packing. Gina is doing her makeup. Aaryn asks what was your favorite part of last night. Amanda says you and Judd making out. Judd says he was surprised no one made fun of them. Amanda says we did after you left. Aaryn says that Andy said you (Amanda) kept Howard’s big black shirt because you wanted to remember his scent. Amanda says no I didn’t! Elissa joins them and asks Aaryn if she really made out with Judd.

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ELISSA Coaches Aaryn to say in interviews that she was encouraged to say the things she said by Amanda.

10am – 10:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Ginamarie is laying on the living room floor. Elissa is helping her because she has back pain. Elissa does some chiropractic stretches. Gina says thank you. I don’t know what I did to my back. Gina says she is going to go lay down. They head into the kitchen and talk about the morning wake up music. Elissa says I can’t believe it’s Thursday! I guess I should start bringing my stuff back down stairs. Aaryn comments that she just heard someone throw up in the bathroom. Gina then comes walking out of the bathroom. Aaryn asks her if she okay. Gina says yeah.

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