‘If Elissa pisses Ginamarie off Anything could happen.. that’s your best bet’ -Spencer

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


4:53pm Backyard Amanda, Andy, McCrae and JUDD

Amanda starts campaigning to the guys in the backyard. She tells them Elissa already has 3 out of 4 of the Jury members that will vote for her 100%
She points out that it will mostly be a female jury and they will all vote on personal sh!t.
Amanda – “There is no way I will win this game.. But Elissa sure can’

Amanda says after JUDD left Elissa told her JUDD and her had a final two deal and every time he would talk to her about it she would laugh after he left.

Amanda – If ELissa can convince GM to put up me and McCrae that is a scary thing” Amanda points out that Elissa said the most nasty things about GM all season and GM knows it.

Amanda – Elissa will not put up GM next week.. it will be two of you four and if someone comes down it will be another one of you’
Spencer – ‘you are singing to the choir.. or preaching to the choir”
Andy – “I feel like i’ve said all this to GM already..”
Amanda suggest they all talk to GM separately . JUDD doesn’t like this idea he feels that theres a chance he’ll go up and he doesn’t want to increase the chances of that happening.
Amanda tells JUDD he is not going up it’s going to be Spencer or Andy.

Amanda leaves. JUDD whispers to them that Amanda does bring up a good point.

GM joins them.. Tells them about the deal Amanda offered her if they put up Elissa.
GM says she’s bringing up Nick and Aaryn.
JUDD – ‘She’s grasping at straws’
The guys fill her in on what Amanda is saying.

GM – ‘We’re all in agreeance that Amanda goes this week right’
The guys say yes. they all agree having a couple like that in the game is way too dangerous.
JUDD – ‘It goes back to what I said last week we should just pack our bags and give htem the money.. I mean mother f***’
Spencer – “to would be honest with you all dude.. if she made it to the end she would win.. she played a hard nosed game since week 2.. she was a huge target’
JUDD – ‘If she stays she’ll win over him’ (McCrae)
Spencer and GM agree that Amanda would win over McCrae because she played such a strong game. THey all do not think much of McCrae’s game.

GM – ‘As long as we keep ELissa cool she will go after McCrae next week’
Andy – ‘We’re sure about that right’
GM – ‘Ya’
Spencer – ‘If we didn’t want McCrae to win then why did we keep picking Amanda’
GM tells them they have to make sure the exterminators take out McCrae next week.

They chat about the competition where theres a penalty to burn the clothes.
GM – ‘ I will even burn Nicks hat’
JUDD – ‘Bear shirt hasta la vista’

Andy says if Elissa wins HOH she’ll put up MC and him. If MC wins hoh he’ll put up Elissa and a pawn.
Spencer – ‘Amanda’s pitch is keep her safe this week so we lose a exterminator next week.. but she doesn’t know we are together’


5:26pm Backyard Exterminators

JUDD wonders if they can convince McCrae to use the veto on Amanda.
Andy – “no F**** way’
Spencer says getting out Amanda is a much bigger game move than getting out McCrae. Tells GM having Amanda on her resume is HUGE.

JUDD wonders if they tell McCrae that he will stay up against Elissa but if it’s Elissa and Amanda Elissa will stay.
Spencer thinks it’s a waste of breath.

JUDD tells them they have to go after McCrae like a pack of wild dogs because if he wins the HOH he’ll put ELissa and him up. If POV is played there will be two Exterminators on the block.
THey tell JUDD he is not going to be voted out if he’s up against Elissa. With so few people in the game it’s going to come down to competition wins.


5:30pm Bedroom Spencer and Amanda
Spencer tells her if Elissa pisses GM off who knows what could happen, ‘Thats your best bet’.
Amanda – ‘But me and McCrae never win anything’
Spencer – ‘Thats a tough argument after back to back veto wins’
Amanda – ‘Thats true’
Spencer – ‘You don’t need to sell it to me’


5:50pm Backyard GM and McCrae

GM – ‘I fractured my toe’
MC – ‘Ohh that is horrible’
GM says she talked to Amanda about putting up Elissa.
MC – ‘Are you actually thinking about putting Elissa up or are you giving me one over’
GM -’I’m thinking it over.. she made valid points.. I feel like I can’t ask advice from nobody’
MC reminds her that Elissa does whatever she wants. He’s worked with Elissa before and she does what’s good for her first then the group second.

MC – “I don’t know what deal you have with Elissa and JUDD’
GM says she swears on her life she swears no good she has no deal with Elissa
MC – ‘It looks like you are working with her’
GM explains that Elissa clings to her because she’s the only other girl beside Amanda. GM points out that she wanted Elissa gone for weeks.

MC – ‘All i’m going to ask is for you to think about it..’ He tells her if she nominates Elissa it will be a clear sign that McCrae and Amanda can work with her till the end.

MC warns her that JUDD has been distancing himself from Elissa so the house perceives GM/Elissa to be like Amanda/McCrae.

GM says that she never had a beef with anyone in the house except for Candice. GM blames the drama between her and Candice on Aayrn.

GM brings up how Aaryn would work herself up over little things. GM thinks it twas a Adderall thing.
MC – ‘ AManda thinks herself into crazy town.. it’s a Adderall thing’

MC tells her he’s going to campaign a little tomorrow but doesn’t want to bother her too much. GM says she wants to go to sleep.


6:30pm Backyard Amanda and McCrae
McCrae brings up GM saying she’s been seriously thinking about putting Elissa up. McCrae says we’ve heard that before from GM.
McCrae goes over his conversation with GM. Amanda says they should bring GM sh!t Anything as collateral.

Amanda tells him that JUDD wants Amanda gone, Spencer told her.
Elisa goes into the backyard to do yoga.
They head into the cockpit to avoid Elissa.

MC tells Amanda to keep being quiet with ELissa and let her continue the jabs. They agree GM is seeing Elissa’s jabs and GM doesn’t like them.
They start talking through different angles they can hit GM with (basically a continuation of what they’ve already said). Amanda thinks they will get more mileage out of it if McCrae does it because GM trusts McCrae more. Amanda says it doesn’t matter if GM is swearing she’s not working with Elissa. It’s obvious she is helping Elissa this weeks nominations are proof of that.
McCrae wonders what benefit there is for GM to say she is thinking about putting ELissa up if it’s not the truth. Amanda suggests she may be blindsiding them again.

Amanda -‘After this week Elissa is the main target and GM is associated with her’
McCrae – ‘F**** JUDD’
MC – ‘Dude there is no way i’m going to give JUDD cigarettes anymore.. that guy is a f**** d1ck’ MC says JUDD had 4 beers the other nights while he only had 1.
MC – ‘He’s going to go crazy without cigarettes.. I just have to count my packs up to make sure he doesn’t steal them” (JUDD is running low on cigerettes)
Amanda – ‘Hide them’

Amanda just doesn’t want to be blindsided again. She just wants to know yes or no from GM.


6:50pm Backyard Elissa running laps while the ducks swim


7:39pm Bible reading


7:55pm McCrae playing pool ELissa in the hot tub

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Time for Elissa to go

Do it GM. Send that gold digging fake stuck-up beotch out the door. Do it for Nick and Aaryn. And for talking smack on you the entire season. Thumbs down if duck lips should be backdoored this week.


hey Elissa does not need to go she has done well in this game just because she works hard for her money does not mean she should not be there. people are just jealous of her. she has shown great restrain against Amanda the Bitch and MC Pussy. I think it is unfair of people to hold against Elissa for what she has. Amanda cant be hurting for money either as she sells high price houses in Miami. so give her a break. let the game be played fair.


Amanda is BROKE. didn’t you hear her say that she had to borrow $1000 from her boyfriend in Florida so she can fly out to LA for the BB show?


She told McStinky she had about $20k in savings so once again, don’t believe anything she says.


Yeah, I bet she will crawl him back and got rejected!!!


Demanda told McCrappy that she had 20K in the bank and that he needed the 500k more than she did. You must have missed it.


Amanda is not broke. She said last night she didn’t sign up for the show for the money. She said she does good so she rather McCrea stay over her. Well he is now.


Lets not forget the $500 for an abortion


Wanna thumb up but I gotta thumb down


You’re just as bad as Amanda with your disgusting comments about Elissa. You must be a woman who is obviously JEALOUS… Calling her a Gold digger, duck lips,fake and a “bitch”… Wow… Based on those adjectives, you must have a ton of class…

Elissa's Gloppy Eye Lashes

What are you talking about? All of those things said about Elissa are true!

Elissa's Gloppy Eye Lashes

GM is a stupid rube and a complete moron if she doesn’t see it’s stupid to keep Elissa around. I guess I shouldn’t expect someone with such a low level of intelligence to know what the right thing to do is. This simpleton wouldn’t know a smart move if she was granted the power of hind sight. She’s the kind of total idiot that can watch the same movie over and over and think it was a new movie with each viewing.


I am a guy and I thinks Elissa is a duck faced, plastic,
overly entitled housewife.

Nothing to do with jealousy. She makes Rachel look


Any guy that can come on this blog and leave such a nonsensical comment must be gay… u sound like a gay hater bcuz elissa has all that you want a vagina thats attached to an awesome body and a rich man… amanda deserves to go


People are obviously not reading your comment all the way through!!!


WHY SO MANY “thumbs down”? Did everyone suddenly turn against Elissa? Read before rating!


The” thumbs down” sentence to confuse people is so lame and so shifty. You probably have beady eyes and are always lying to people to get your way. So now I see why you side with aMANduh


She can’t be backdoored. She played in the Veto Comp.


Use a floater but never trust a floater. Anyone trust Andy or Spencer should have the same fate.

Another Liberal Loser

Andy is on BBAD talking about how he hates Elissa to Spencer. I wish Andy knew how much everyone hates him. He is such a floater.


Elissa was the first HOH to have the balls to make a really big move with her nominations. She gets credit for putting the target on the backs of the key players. She deserves some respect for that at the very least. Gina Marie is the only other HG to show any balls with her nominations. To leave a power couple in the house for as long as the HGs have is just unfathomable. Andy and Spencer, I have no respect for, since they do nothing but play everyone and wait to see where their best chances lie. Judd deserves to be back because he was taken out due to mistaken beliefs that he was the MVP who kept putting Amanda up. Helen was stupid for giving up too many opportunities to break the Amanda/McRae hold on the house. And Amanda is just plain mean. I’d rather see an Elissa, GM, Judd final three than see any of the others make it that far.


It was Jessie that made the first big move by outing everyone


WTF has everyone lost their minds omg the people that need to leave first are mcranda if elissa leaves and Spencer and Judd leave the rat as you guys call him will be with mcranda and all they would have would be mcranda and and gm gm would be on her own and she would be leaving and you know mcranda would not hesitate to boot Andy out last minute and it would be mccrea would be the winner and amanda would come in second….. huh some of you people are ridiculous they need to get rid of mcranda to have a fair fight

Amanda's Therapist

luckylucy* Watching Amanda on BBAD confirms
to me SHE is Dr Jekyl & Hyde!!
She is annoying and skanky!

Weiner Tweets Amanda

Too bad for you because this week GinaMarie is sending Princess Amanda packing.


^^^^someone’s gotten into poopy & Skankmandas adderal. Crazy people, birds of a feather.


OK- sorry for possibly another long one – I kept track of player’s tactics so here it goes……How do you consider that Elissa being the only one finding the racist/homophobic/misogynist-bashing outrageous and commenting on it to be “talking smack”? You’re kidding, right? She’s the only one who continues to show character and stay the course on that subject while everyone else conveniently forgets or continues to be a participant. Elissa didn’t start the other comments until she had had over two months of all of them bashing her, faking friendship to use her for a week, and going after the little bit of personal information she had divulged in pleasant conversation that they then threw in her face. They all resented her, like you, from the start, for the sin of being Rachael’s sister. By the way, I couldn’t stand Rachael so don’t default to the Rachael’s fan crap. They used Elissa from day one while bad-mouthing her – AND when they decided she should leave, she won veto to save herself.

I firmly believe that if any average person had lived in Elissa’s shoes from day one, they would have gone wacko on them a long time age. Her supposed “smack” talk is SO benign compared to the rest of their treatment of her all along , while sometimes pretending to like her. It seems that what Elissa thought was sharing passion for her and her husband’s life’s works with assumingly friendly company, they all assumed bragging. (Yes, she can come off as elitist but I suspect it’s from them repeatedly judging her – I’m not 100% on that, though) It’s truly ironic that the initial most vocal were Amanda (coming from an affluent family real estate business and Aaryn, also coming from money (land and farming). They then assumed and fantasized that Elissa as a gold-digger, a fake mom, said terrible stuff about the legitimacy of her son, decided she had enough money and finally, didn’t deserve to be there. They play it all to the crowd over and over and the same people join in the bashing with no hard facts….it’s like their bashing and sex talk is their only entertainment. Elissa does not participate in their joyous rants and usually leaves if it starts while she’s there. IMHO, that shows character and a stronger moral compass than the contributors. You may say what about GM? With the HOH opportunity, they had honest two-way conversations and developed something new – a mutual respect (E. never witnessed the extent of GM’s comments so she didn’t know) – which, I might add, GM appreciates because GM feels everyone else just thinks she’s dumb, crazy and doesn’t respect her as a BB player…that’s why GM told E. about her learning disability, something even Aaryn didn’t know about. Also, Elissa tried to work with Aaryn MANY times but Aaryn always blew it up by telling Amanda despite the tentative plan being better for Aaryn’s game. Finally, the Amanda miscarriage turned abortion info was started by AMANDA with the mean girl audience week two!! Elissa only recently told about it and true to her values, found it shocking when in context of Amanda then going right onto BB and having sex with a virtual stranger from the start. They all also knew that Amanda had a boyfriend going into the house because Amanda talked about him early on. What Amanda did to manipulate them all was first continue the usual bashing but then played like Elissa “outed” her while using truth to “bully” and “torture” her…they all, as usual, played along and indulged even though it was common knowledge! Remember, Amanda’s first attack on Elissa’s husband came BEFORE Elissa mentioning the miscarriage/abortion…it was about him being older and with money. The “78 yr old” comment plus Elissa’s son and stepsons came after Amanda’s feigned pain about E’s. pregnancy comment – she played them all and America so they would sympathize with her and hate Elissa to get Elissa out. Amanda used this and fabrications ad nauseum to establish Elissa as the bully and Amanda, the victim. This is part of Amanda’s M.O.and we should all know it by now. So sorry for length!


Nobody reads those ridiculous long posts, except for captain


I just read it and it was full of facts not dumb opinions

Learn the art of economy of words

Zzzzzzzzz. OMG, save the book for those who actually want to read a book! If it’s more than 5 sentences I don’t even bother reading. Nobody else does either.


It will never happen!!!! She ain’t going anywhere.


Can’t wait for the ‘reality’ that Amanda
eventually walks back into
after she leaves the show.


Julie said there will be a double eviction this week on Thursday nite.


it either lets Elissa, GM and JUDD be the Final Three
or it hands the game to Andy, McCrae and Spencer.

Danity Kane

I’ll piss myself laughing if McCrae and Amanda both survive the double eviction.

If Elissa goes up, she will be voted out 3-1 (blindsided by Spencer, Andy, and McCrae).
If Spencer goes up Amanda will be voted out 3-1 (McCrae being Amanda’s only vote.. Andy will be too scared to go against the majority of the house).

Amanda evicted 3-1.
McCrae wins HoH (avenging his partner like done several times in Big Brother history)
Judd and Elissa are nominated.
Andy wins veto, doesn’t use.
Elissa evicted 3-0. (I don’t want this to happen but I really do believe it will happen on Thursday)


I really don’t get the reason why they want to get rid of Elissa next week. At this point in the game you want to keep the people who have less of a chance to beat you in final two when the jury votes. If I was GM I would want to be up against Elissa or Spencer. Same for Andy, Judd, and Mcrea.

Danity Kane

I agree. But from inside the house, they think that Elissa already has the 3 jury members vote’s. That means she would need two more to win (Judd and GM probably would vote for her). They think she would win in jury.


I am not surprised look who it is Andy and Spencer…. Spencer is a PEDIFILE people seem to forget this any man who can go on live tv and say that is sick even as a joke, he was quick to jump in on the racist remarks about howard. Andy is a cowardly rat who was first with elissa and helen and quickly joined A/M and joined them in the fight to get howard and candis out, he also convinced Amanda tht JUDD was MVP n was nominating her he is loyal only to himself and would lie on whoever to get by. We all know he hates Elissa bcuz she put him up and not GM. GM better know tht all these men wanted her on the block and not Andy. I think I dislike him more than Amanda and I dont like her at all. But with Amanda she stabs u to the face Andy stabs u in the back


Apparently, a lot of you don’t understand that only whites are classified as “racist” in America. Why? Because Jews control America.
Amanda will be just fine. Trust that. The whites in the house though (Aaryn, GM, Spencer)…not so much.


That is an ignorant thing to say!


You’re obviously ignorant if you don’t realize the truth. Educate yourself. Ironic comment though.


Hey nazi racist piece of shit… you’re disgusting. Google xenophobia. Also, Google yourself cuz you obviously need some release. Hide behind your computer you fat , ignorant asshole. If Jews controlled everything ..critters like you wouldn’t exist. Keep spreading your hate…would love for you actually do it in person to someone..I’ll send you a ticket to Israel… say it to them.


I just pray that the ‘mcnasties’ are both gone in the double eviction…I do not care what their “genetics” are.
They are both disease ridden, infestations, of the human genome! They both need constant medical and psychological care and attention,
I pray they do not “drop their diseases” on anymore of the population that they have any contact with,
thus causing a pandemic of herpes, filth, and stupidity!
‘Idiocracy’ anyone???


someone sounds bitter.


I’m going to interpret this statement as bad sarcasm.

Delilah Jones

Wow…. really? Hate much?


ummm many jews are white, so theres kind of a contradiction there


I guess you think Arabs are black as well. 75% of the Anerican population are ignorant to the world around them.
State the truth and watch the ignorance fly.
“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”
And to be clear: Hebews=middle east
A minority controls America. Smarten up.
Or at least use Google before insulting reality.


ummm many jews are white, so theres kind of a contradiction there


FYI…Modern day Jews are white


Your an idiot


I posted this earlier and didn’t get any reply so thought I would post again..

Wont there have to be TWO DOUBLE Evictions in order to meet the deadline of the 9/18 finale?

Im doing the numbers in my head and on 9/5 we go from 7 to 5. Then on 9/12 wont we have to go from 5 to 3 in order to have the final 3 compete that weekend and then the final 2 on 9/18 be voted on?

Im probably missing something but not sure what… :D


I think the finale is 9/25.


Finale is on 9/18, Julie said that during the last episode!


oops! thanks for the heads up. when does Survivor start?

finale date

I just rewatched the end of the last show. Julie said to Erin “We will see you back here on the finale Sept 18th”.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I’m not sure if this is correct, but this is what I think MIGHT happen:

The finale is on Sept 18th. This Thursday (Sept. 5th), we go from 7 to 5. We lose another contestant on Thursday September 12th. I have a feeling that a contestant will be evicted on Sunday Sept. 15th…and on the same day…the three part final HOH competition will begin. The final HOH will trickle over into the 2 hour finale on Thursday September 18th.


Guess you will be right if they do not have two consecutive double evictions…Makes more sense your scenario…


Yes, but since this is big brother you know anything can happen, production might give one of the HGs a power to evict another person or have america vote or something, even a final four instead of final three…..


It would be nice if they let America evict someone.

Andy the Rat

Andy is a dead rat if they do. :-)


if Andy does not stick to his McCrae alliance I would vote that rat out too… Andy could set a record for most flops on alliances if he keeps it up, it would be 3 at least.


I believe that the last eviction will be with the final 4, HOH puts up two of the other three HG’s, the one person that isnt HOH or the two HG’s nominated chooses who goes home, after the normal POV ceremony. Then the final 3 left after that compete in the last competitions!


No you’re forgetting that during the final week of Big Brother there is usually a couple people evicted. Also, the last few years the final jury member isn’t evicted until the finale. Therefore it will look like this: on 9/5 we’ll go from 7 to 5, then on 9/12 we’ll go from 5 to 4, then on that Sunday we’ll go from 4 to 3 with the live veto ceremony (this is what happened last season when Shane got blindsided) and then on 9/18 we’ll have the finale including the final HOH comp and the final eviction.


screw you pervert spencer. apparently you wanted to try and be evel dick 2.0, instead you played the game of pussy floater. now you wanna stir the pot further with demanda and elissa? fuck off. i’m not rooting for elissa, but i dont wanna see the bitch demanda bullying her even more. fuck off.

while i’m at it, fuck off rat bastard andy and mcpussy too.


So you’re not going to be happy with a final three of Andy, Spencer and McCrae then – because that’s almost certainly what’s going to happen.


Oh, but GM, Elissa, and Judd have done no wrong? First of all, that retard should not have been allowed back in the game. He was evicted fair and square. 5 other final jury members will not have had the chance to get back in. Secondly Judd is as much a liar and shit stirrer as anybody else (remember the Kaitlin lie that got her evicted?). His sucking up to joker face now is disgusting since she and team Helen were in Aaryn’s face demanding Judd be backdoored. And how easy you forgot about GM’s racist rants this season, and her parting shot to Candice. She is the most despicable creature in the house. And finally there’s duck lips. What about all the vile and nasty things she’s said about every HG? I realize she is CBS’ golden girl but she didn’t do squat this season except receive perks and privileges that nobody else got. She got a lifeline (more rigging by CBS) by getting an evicted HG to return bc her back was against the wall and she didn’t have the numbers. 3AM were in complete control the rest of the season, even if it went to 2AM. But bc CBS rigged it for a HG to return, the numbers were effed up and no guarantee of their survival unless one of them won a HOH. But no, joker face won, again thanks to some rigging by CBS (something against the wall to hold onto, being able to drop off her plank but hang on to the ball catcher and jump back on, etc.). If Elissa isn’t evicted this week -in either eviction that happens- I am DONE watching this show and reading the blog. This season has been the worse ever and it’s favoritism for one fake phony who didn’t even have to apply or go through the process like all the other HGs is bullshit.


Amanda is going home you might as well face it..and the 3am was a joke, they turned on each other as soon as one of them went on the block. As for the hoh being rigged that is stupid because Amanda almost fell off to and grabbed the ball holder and pullef herself back up on the platform so what was your point really. Just because you dont like Elussa doesnt mean everytime she wins something it’s rigged. amanda won last week and took Mcrae off the block was that rigged for them, im assuming you would say no to that. Anyway if you dont like a hg thats great, i dont like any of them really, but say why you dont like them due to game play not about appearance, and calling people retards really isnt the best way to describe someone.im sure you habe a broader vocabulary and could find better words to use.


double check your reading comprehension.

did i say the other 3 can do no wrong? no. i just pointed the ones pissing me off the most out of an entire cast that i really dont like (it degrees of dislike for all of them and i’ll admit i can tolerate elissa, gm, and judd a little more)

i’m just tired of demanda bullying elissa, with none of the pussyguys not only not standing up and trying to prove they have some balls and tell the bitch to have a little class, but they enable her to keep up her act. and now pervert spencer is going to try and get the bitch to do it some more? fuck him. elissa may have thrown out a backhanded comment here and there, or looked a little snobby time to time, but she has done nothing to deserve the way she has been treated, or for all those pussy guys to keep quiet to bullying.

if i see bullying, i come to whoever’s aid. why can’t those guys have the balls to at least tell demanda to try and show a little class. granted, that may be difficult though for her but with the guys there maybe making a comment, she’d at least maybe think about it.

i’m not really rooting for anyone to win the money. i’m rooting for rachel to punch demanda out at the finale right after the bitch finds out she lost her job and america hates her. also rooting for elissa’s hubby to do the same to mcpussy. and i’m rooting for both rat bastard andy and pervert spencer to get fired or at least have job issues after its over.

Judge not lest ye be judged

It’s only bullying if the object of the ridicule didn’t deserve it. In this case joker face has asked for any and every bit of ridicule that comes her way. She has spent the entire season judging the HGs as being inferior to her, that she is perfect and they are disgusting pieces of excrement. Elissa is a first class asshole and deserves whatever Amanda and anybody’s else who she has shit on throws at her. I think Elissa is a disgusting stuck-up snob who in reality is worth a bucket of spit. Everybody should unanimously vote her out for the way she has talked about them. So, no, joker face has not been bullied at all.

What is wrong with you?

I didn’t even get past the first line of your post because you wrote “that retard” and I assumed that you were so stupid, crass and disgusting that the rest of your post was irrelevant. Why do people like you Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer, & GM think it;s OK to refer to people with derogatory terms and more to the point why would anyone listen to anything that you said as if it had any value?

Judge not lest ye be judged

Hey hypocrite, you called the person “stupid, crass, and disgusting” for calling HGs names? What do you think YOU are doing? I am sick of people coming on this blog and saying things more vile and appalling then anything the HG they are railing about ever said. Take a look in the mirror and remove that plank before objecting to the speck of dust in the other’s eye. Asshole.


Based on your “threat” I certainly hope Elissa is not evicted this week so that you and your hateful comments will go away. You complain about the houseguests hateful words and demeanor while calling someone a “retard” …..classy.


I totally agree with you lurker007. I’m tired of Andy and Spencer with their “I GOTTA WIN HOH and VETO” speeches. two lame floaters acting like they made some explosive impact with their game play this season. yeah Andy, you’re an elite power player that used his HOH to evict Jessie. this season is filled with delusional weak players thinking they will be invited back for BB all stars.


I can’t wait for Amanda to walk out, be booed by the audience and have to face Julie! Then it’s straight for the unemployment line and the looney bin! What a waste of human flesh.


Ellisa going up as a replacement
is not going to happen.
GM is Loyal and wants Amanda out.

Girl, Interrupted

At the moment I think you are correct – time will tell if the DR can do any damage.

Esperanza Woo

I hope you are right!!


Amanda and Mcrae are a couple of bitches.


Why do HGs say “he/she is in it for him/herself first”?? Isn’t every HG there for him/herself? Who goes onto BB to play for other HGs to win? No one ever. That is the most annoying thing said on this show and it chaps my ass every season when one of them says it.


Amanda is a fat whore


If Spencer goes up, he goes home. To make sure Amanda goes, the ‘Sheep-Rat has to go up next to her, he’s a secret vote for her to stay, he already said he wanted McCrae gone over her. I expect DR to plant seeds to get in GM’s head to make sure she puts Spencer up..

Girl, Interrupted

I’m with you about the DR – but not following the Spencer logic. Would like to know your reasoning.


sick pervert spencer’s logic is that he can offer everyone nothing more than being a pawn and that he thinks this vote he’d be safe with judd and elissa voting for him to stay, and GM giving the tiebreaker to keep him if needed.

not to mention, rat bastard andy is too much of a pussy to volunteer to go up and GM won’t even consider putting up judd or elissa due to there would be a chance the floater twins of rat bastard andy and sick pervert spencer flipping back to the mcnasty’s. they can talk all exterminator talk they want, but if they had a chance to flip back, they might. thats how untrustworthy they are.


^ What he said

Elissa sucks

If GM doesn’t put Elissa up the others will know she is playing both sides. Please do the right thing GM and put that stuck-up asshole on the block. Otherwise you are handing her the $500k, which she doesn’t need (thanks to her sugar daddy). Elissa needs to go once and for all.

GM seyz I'm not playing for 3rd place bro

yo yo yo youz is crazy bro. I gotz to break up the couple now. If theyz makes it to the end theyz is gonna win. I’ll getz rid of Elissa later there is only one of herz


Honestly the more I read this shit the more I dislike Andy. I think this is by far the worst season, I don’t think I’ve ever disliked so many housemates at once.


Let it rain, let it rain

For fun

Would like to see Production remove all of the smokes, caffiene, booze, adderall.


I agree. I’m sure it bothers those jogging. A nonsmoker can always smell the smoke yards away and it’s downright annoying.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I can’t believe Amanda suggested that she and McCrae go on The Amazing Race. Has she even watched that show? It’s not like Big Brother where you can lay in bed for 20 hours a day and then compete when you are summoned to participate in an HOH or Veto competition. There is a fair bit of running involved in The Amazing Race. Scratch that! The whole competition is running…just running. You have to run from a roadblock to the detour and then to the pit stop. If you’re unlucky, you’ll find yourself (and your teammate) in a foot race (with athletes) to the pit stop. Their smoking habit will keep them from making it past the first leg of the race.


I think more booze would help for drama. Leave the smokers alone,they are picked on enough.


This is some really funny sh*t. Watching McCranda scrambling to ensure Elissa gets put up. GM is playing them like she is Tony Soprano.

GM: “If Elissa goes up, then I have a bridge in NY to sell you”…..

Tomorrow when Andy or Spencer is nominated as the replacement nominee. Amanda is gone to have the only psychotic breakdown.

She will be walking out the house, saying Elissa, Elissa, Elissa. When in actuality it’s GM, GM, GM….

Just to comical at this point.


PLEASE be Andy. If it is Spencer, Andy could/would flip again. He could/would talk Judd into voting out Spencer. An absolute nightmare! If Andy is nominated, no worries. Amanda goes. As for Spencer…..he couldn’t talk anyone into anything. In fact, he couldn’t beat a blind woman at pictionary.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

The only thing that could make Amanda’s eviction sweeter, is if Elissa decides to sit next to McCrae during the eviction speeches and is seen (by Amanda) constantly whispering in his ear. That would drive Amanda crazy.

another canadian

right on


Amanda don’t want to be blindside but yet she screw over a lot of people.


Come on GM do the right thing get rid of Elissa. She is just a stuck up wanna be Rachel who said that she was disgusted by you all season. She does not give one lick for you she is just using you to take out Amanda!


Wow! I have to question the moral character and mental stability of anyone who would want to see Amanda win this thing. She’s batcrap crazy!


How is Elissa throwing jabs?




She’s not. Mccranda is just so self absorbed they think everything is about them! Elissa finally feels half way comfortable in that house and is talking so she must be talking about them because they are the king and queen…. Barf!


It’s because she is SOOO jealous of her body, her niceness, her good eating habits, her fitness, absolutely everything she wishes she was–and just looking at her is a jab to Amanda I guess.

Just Saying

I was asking myself the same question. .?????


Lets hope that GM will see thru The McNasys lies as they start throwing Elissa n GMs relationship under the bus. Rat Andy and Creeper Spencer need to be exposed. Amanda is going to pull out all her ammo and fire live rounds on her way out. Her multiple personalities will evolve into evil hateful lies and Andy will be supporting every one of them! I pray the Exterminator Alliance is smoke and mirrors to GM and her loyalties are to Elissa. Amanda and The Rat are blinded with jealousy and envy for Elissa. They will do whatever evil things they can to destroy her on a personal level. I hope GM stays strong and smart.


I swear if these idiots actually keep Amanda in this house I will officially give up on Big Brother, like how stupid can you really be.


yeah, these houseguests aren’t that bright.

just check out the way they speak.
helen: you knows.
mccrae: like idk, yeah exactly, like idk. (i had to mute the whole mccrae/gm convo. i was losing too many brain cells)


Scene1: A-Man-Duh raises hell before she leaves the big brother house, calling out GM and calling Elissa trash. Scene2: Boos reign down upon the poor soul we know as A-Man-Duh. Scene3: The Chenbot swiftly puts A-Man-Duh in her place. Scene4: A-Man-Duh makes excuses “I’m from Florida… blabbity blah” BULLSHIT! Scene5: The tears fall from a devestated A-Man-Duh’s face as she’s on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Scene6: Double Eviction targeting Mcpussy.


Julie should throw a bag of rice to Amanda as she heads to the jury house and say “Oh btw since you and your racist buddy are going to be in the same house why don’t you girls make me up some rice…bitch.”


Amanda should skip the jury house and run home. If anybody wants her there otherwise cut your hair, change your name and move away.


Amanda is a broken record. Thursday can’t come soon enough and I hope that McCrae dose not win the hoh They both looked like two guys grabbing a smoke in that backyard pic. That’s a scary thought. LOL

the up side

At least McCre looked like a dude for a change…. just sayin’


Thursday has two evictions. Amanda then McCrae keeps the Exterminators together,
the next move if the four are loyal then is Elissa if only because of the math. Any win
Elissa has in terms of HoH possibly splits them down the middle if two are up and two
are not. The only way out of this has McCrae cutting a clever deal as he gets off the
block. If he hands it to Amanda, he’s a relevant as yesterday’s newspaper. If there is
to be a betrayal, it will be Andy for sure. Otherwise, this can be a tidy & tense endgame.


Julie…..Bring it on! …. Question Amanda … And call her out for the Evil, racist, disgusting, selfish, brat that she is. Hey..Amanda…Mommy and Daddy will be watching…I bet you’ll make them so proud of their daughter!


Julie is a fool. Amanda would probably smash her, even if she did ambush her with an angry mob like she did the 22 year old girl. Weekly two minutes of hate for the masses, eh?


thumbs up if u want amanda GONE this week


I don’t want to say Judd is dumb but he’s not bright. Amanda spews some BS and he says she has a point. We need to think about it. He keeps telling the guys that we need to get McCrae to use the POV on Amanda and they will protect McCrae. Really Judd, so you think McCrae will give up guaranteed safety and think that’s a good idea? Just like the Godfather, the one that comes to McCrae with that plan is not to be trusted. Go ahead Judd, tell McCrae your plan to save Amanda and McCrae.

Howard Long

Pig-Spencer knows how to keep the target off his hairy back but hes still a Hog.

Andy is a rat

GM will not put Elissa up. Amanda will be going home. She wanted to break the two disgusting pigs up so she will stick to that plan and Amanda will be sitting next to Julie explaining her racist, vulgar, harassing, threatening behavior. It’s going to make for great tv…..


If McCray is as smart as he thinks he is, he should figure out that Elissa and him are on the outside looking in. Whether they like it or not, they need to work together or they are gone. All of them need to realize taking Elissa to the finals is a guarantee $500,000.


Amanda is the biggest brat ever! I hope Mcnasty wakes the hell up and dumps her! He can’t get out of bed to do anything, he even eats in bed! They are such disgusting people! I can’t wait till Thursday. I’m so ready for her to go!


–> “Judd says between her week long unwashed coochie and his month long unwashed a$$, no wonder there are flies in the bathroom.”

I’ve giggled about this a dozen times today. Ya gotta love Judd.

Just Another Day in Paradise

I may not agree with Amanda, GM, Aaryn, Spencer, Jessie, Helen, Candice, Andy, Judd, McCrae… any or all of the HG’s. But please… ELISSA HAS TO GO. She is only on the show to promote herself and her “yoga” crap. She doesn’t need the money and that’s not why she’s there. And she is the original “mean girl.” She’s got a bitchy streak a mile wide, and tries to hide it behind her fake smile. And let’s don’t forget that she threatened to self-evict and go straight home. She has no respect for the game. She should not win. Thumbs down on Elissa if you agree with me!


For some of the BB players in every season its about the game not the money! Who cares wether she needs the money or not she is in the game to play it! And yes some people are there for the money but not everyone.

bb haiku

I hate this whole cast
and hope their lives fall apart.
Butterscotch pussy.


I wonder where the camera guys have gone! all 4 cameras have been in that 1 bedroom, 2 cams on Spencer sleeping & 2 cams on McCrae reading the Bible! I do believe they could show something, ANYTHING else! Dang! I can hear movement beyond that bedroom!!!!! WTF is going on tonight! Booze Delivery for these people PLEASE! 30 minutes ago!!!! heck with it, booze delivery for me!!!!

da Buddha

It’s Labour Day weekend, so probably taking it easy.


Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Remember last week when everyone was positive that Amanda was going home by back door. See how that turned out. Now, I really don’t know whose side anyone is one. They are all shady as hell. I’m still hoping Amanda goes but…….?


I agree with you. We might be jumping the gun here…..our hopes have been dashed before – like every week. I’m getting sick of it, honestly. If these dumba$$es keep Demanda in the house, they deserve whatever horrific wrath they get from her (and it probably WILL be horrific, as we all know from her past behaviors). She won’t keep one single deal that she is desperately trying to drum up. Oh, and then they will all be traitors, shady fu@#$ and so on. It’s all about Demanda, after all, right?

I hate that CBS is gaining from this and loving the publicity – it’s all just awful. Oh well…..I’m keeping my fingers crossed that GM doesn’t do anything else stupid. I’m really starting to like her!!


Teri B

Sorry Rat, I forgot to do the name thing. Rat did not write the above, Teri B did.

Also, sorry Simon.


Spencer is such a jacka&&! Now he supposed to be w the exterminators while still going behind their backs and stirring up McCrayCranda!?! I hate him! He is officially WORSE than Andy the weasel! And they are all not thinking too clearly – GM or Judd would get the jury votes if they were sitting next to Elissa n the end…BECAUSE the jury knows who “needs” the $$$ and who doesnt!!! I respect Elissa is playing for charity BUT Hurricane Sandy victim is a charity of its own and GM, although she comes off ass racist, its more like lack a maturity…she’s much like a grade school child!!! Bless her sweet heart!

Just Another Day in Paradise

The last two posts I have done haven’t been posted. Guess cause they were in favor of Amanda and against Elissa. Thanks


JustAnotherDayInParadise ur comments are posted- all the anti Elissa is plain and clear! She doesn’t have a mean bone n her body, she is uncomfortable (visibly) when she even tries to defend herself in comparison to the bully that harrassed her for DAYS! Te control and dignity she showed during Amanda’s bipolar explosion was heroic! Walking away is the hardest thing to do and not many people can do it! She is playing for charity too so climb down off Elissa’s back! Everyone n jury knows she has bank – she wouldn’t get the votes n the end – she’s just have a nice donation for a good charity- that, in no way, is a mean girl!


Please let Andy be the next one to go! Someone needs to put him in his place!


I think once Amanda’s gone we’ll all feel we’ve won and the game is done. Who cares about the rest?


Anyone see Wil Heuser’s BB15 parody vids on YouTube? Demanda hanging on by threads, give it up loser!

Kelli Jo

I genuinely hope the exterminators plan works. They’re the only alliance this season I’ve actually rooted for. Plus having four former floaters (before they started really PLAYING) as the final four would be kind of phenomenal. Happens on survivor all the time!


If the feeds thus far are any indication. It’s going to be very boring when Amanda leaves. May not even bother to read the feeds anymore.


Do you really think he will rage? I don’t see him as someone that likes confrontation, especially with Amanda, I think he might be secretly relieved when she leaves.


Maybe he will take the pool cue and start beating Elissa in the hammock because it’s all her fault Amanda is going home. I’m not an Elissa fan, but they sure do seem to blame her for Amanda’s own demise and the fact they got themselves on the block.


Maybe he will get out of bed for once and finally play this game.


So you think he’ll rage at Elissa just because she had the balls to put him on the block or because Amanda will love him more for it?

Weiner Tweets Amanda

I’ll trade boring to get rid of Amanda.


When it comes to BB strategy, Amanda really is just a one trick pony. Hate on the one you want to evict and get the sheep to join in. Howard, Candice, Jessie, Judd, Helen….all put out the same way. Bully strategy……sheep will join in the hating cuz better that than being the target. Even now, facing eviction, her only strategy is why can’t we all just hate Elissa and get rid of her instead of me. Worked the whole game…..she can’t understand why it’s not working now.

da Buddha

The sad reality is Amanda is going to think the boos are because people are disappointed with her eviction.


She’ll blame it on editing. I hoping Julie makes it clear that the live feeds showed EVERYTHING. In fact too much.


Amanda got what she deserved! At first she played a good game, but then her true colors came out and she started to play a personal game. The personal attacks, threatening taunts and lunatic behaviour shows what kind of person she is who has no respect for others. I hope she gets booed when she walks through that door just like Aaryn. Terrible cast this year!

Amanda the Stupid

Has anyone noticed that Mc cry baby is morphing into Amanda? Same nasty attitude, he was a lot different when he entered the house. Look at that last picture of him, he looks like a woman sitting there. We know Amanda stole his balls, single white female perhaps?


the other thought is… if Amanda goes, he may
make the rounds hustling for support. if Spencer
and Andy waver & then zero in on GM & Elissa
the Exterminators are toast. Andy could flip back
so fast to his old habits. i think he’ll cut a deal.


i think Amanda is a past tense but McCrae has the gut level savvy
that could break apart the Exterminators. GM blames Amanda for the
way the game has gone down, and her alliance with Elissa is short
term. This tends to split apart the Exterminators if Andy flips back.
Spencer tends to instigate and play percentages, but they all need
Amanda out of the picture to win the big money. Only a fluke saves
the reigning bully. Helen’s game suffered when she bought into rumors.
Amanda created the “koolaid” Andy willingly distributed until he quit it.


GM knows the guys are going to come after them once McCranda is gone. She and Elissa have discussed this and will be staying farther apart as they work together. Now if they can bring in Judd and he can keep his big mouth shut they could be the F3.


CBS should shut down the production of BB for this year. Spend the next year figuring out how to make BB better. Then come back next year and the winner earns one million dollars. A better diversity of cast would be nice. Instead, of the token old person, gay guy, someone of a different race, and then all of the young “beautiful” people. How about a better representation of what America really looks and acts like.


And they need to lose the Have Not crap. Go back to the house playing for what foods they get.


In one of the past comments someone referred to Amanda as a bush pig; well that is not very nice to the bush pig. Stop that.


I don’t love Elissa but she hasn’t bullied Amanda or Aaryn this season. She stopped talking to aaryn cause of the racist comments not because she didn’t tell arryn she was rachels sister like she told Julie. Second of all…this game sint about who needs the money! This isn’t a charity give away, its about who can play the best game and get to the end. They all keep saying Elissa foesnt deserve to be there, the didn’t pick people based on whether they need money or not! And Elissa brought up Amandas pregnacy after Amanda bullied her all day..and all she said was I was going to bring up her pregnacy to gm. Amanda brought Elissa’s kids and husband in to it and called her plastic old and all. Kinds of shit about botox! Hello amanda ur tits are plastic! Amanda is worse then Aaryn, she’s a racist and bully. I love when Amanda says elissa bullied aaryn al summer lol and that aaryn didn’t talk bad about Elissa. Amanda has mental issues forsure!! Side note: most girls take adderal to stay skinny! Its a fact! Not cause they need it! And Andy is a little rat and kiss ass!! And spencer has done nothing all season!! I liked Judd but now he’s talking shit aand being shady again after Elissa saved his ass cause if anyone else had won hoh he would be on the block. Gm should stick with elissaa cause I see a boys alliance forming after Amanda’s gone. And judd would trade anything for more cigerettes!! Its better if Elissa wins veto during the double eviction instead of hoh or else the week after she’s gone.


“most people take adderall to stay skinny”

Someone tell Amanda, it ain’t workin’!