“I’m going to be so nasty to that b!tch she’s going to wish Amanda is back in the house” -Exterminators

8:49pm HOH Andy, Spencer, GM

They are have noticed how Amanda and Elissa are so close now.

They all agree ELissa looks nothing like her pictures. GM points out her cheeks, lips and eyes all look different.
Andy – ‘And she claims she’s never had any plastic surgery on her face’

Spencer – ‘when she gets exterminated I’m not going hug her’

GM – ‘how are they laying on the hammock being besties again’

GM tells them while she was sleeping Elissa went through her drawers.

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“Don’t let this freak you out but my odds would be better if I flipped with all of them” -Andy

7:15pm Backyard Andy and Spencer

Spencer says if McCrae wins HOH they approach him with a boys alliance and tell him to put up GM and Elissa and we’ll vote ELissa out. If Elissa get it’s they approach ELissa tell her McCrae is trying to start a boys alliance. Andy that works, she’s going to be freaked out.

Spencer asks if it’s best they put both McCrae and Elissa up. Andy thinks it is, says that way they cannot save each other. Andy explains if they can get rid of Elissa the following HOH is it’s 4 against 1.

Spencer – ‘It’s about to play the F*** game now.. we’re f** hardcore.. We’re loyal. we’re going to kick a$$ raise hell.. exterminate’

Andy – ‘don’t let this freak you out.. this just shows how confident I am in what we have.. My odds would be better if I flipped with all of them”

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“The people that think they have the power, Spencer, JUDD and GM are in for a rude awakening”

4:40pm Elissa and Amanda backyard

ELissa – ‘Everyone is acting weird.. even GM is acting weird.. you think Andy told them’
Amanda – ‘Nope.. she worried because the target is going to move from you to her.. Andy is 150% onboard.. this is HUGE’
Elissa – ‘I feel better.. I don’t like Spencer’
A – ‘He will lie right to your face.. he’s usually such an a$$hole but lately he’s been super nice’
A – ‘If this works it’s the four of us vs the three of them’
E – ‘Final 4.. I’m not a stupid person I don’t think with my emotion.. i’m not going to be dumb like Aaryn this is Big brother’

Elissa says she’s going to have to have surgery on her leg because it hurts so bad… “my hip bone is pressing against my nerve.. as a yoga instructor I cannot have pain on my body’
Amanda suspects that GM is starting to get the feeling that something is up.
Elissa – ‘Spencer is going home’

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Elissa asks so we’re voting out Spencer? Andy says yeah! Elissa says OMG! Andy says I’ll do it!

1:45pm In the kitchen – Elissa talks to Andy about keeping Amanda in the house. Elissa tells Andy that she thinks that Judd is definitely working with Spencer. She says they are going to try and get rid of us. He (Judd) has already said that everyone likes you in Jury so he wouldn’t want to take you. Elissa says with Amanda and McCrae here it keeps their loyalty intact with you. Andy says yeah, yeah. Elissa says I just trust them way more. Elissa asks so we are voting out Spencer. Andy says yeah. Elissa says oh my god!! Andy says I’ll do it. Elissa says okay. Andy leaves to go to the washroom.

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ELISSA tells Amanda I want to vote for you to stay. I’m not lying! I SWEAR TO GOD!

12:15am Amanda and Spencer are talking in the bedroom about McCrae and her outside the house. Amanda says that she is worried about what McCrae with think after because I am pretty successful in my work and he delivers pizza and he is 24 years old. But we love each other and if we want to make each other happy, figure it out! Spencer says it takes more than love though. Amanda says I know. I was dating a very, very rich, wealthy guy before I came into the house and never in a million years did I say I would date a 24 year old pizza boy but there is something to say about growing together. I am the type of girl that expects a guy to pay for everything but I feel like that isn’t going to happen and I am going to get frustrated. Spencer says yeah you need to learn to fix that, you are both entering into a lifestyle that neither of you are used to, you just have to be okay with it. Amanda yells for McCrae to ask him.

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“The little people got together and fought against the Beast the Beast gets Destroyed’ GM

9:00pm Backyard
Elissa – ‘Oh my gosh why did you guys have to go mess stuff up McCrae.. oh my gosh’
MC – ‘I dunno … yupp..’
Elissa – ‘Do you think it’s double this week’
MC – ‘Ya.. it makes sense’

MC questions if JUDD is really at competitions or is just throwing them as part of game.

MC says he has no idea where GM head is at. MC says being so close to Amanda he’s kinda isolated himself he doesn’t know where everyone’s head is at.

Elissa says at this point it really depends on Competition wins. Elissa adds that there are some people in their house she would rather see in the game because they want it so bad.

ELissa doesn’t think she will get any votes other than Helen if she is up against Spencer. MC thinks Elissa has a chance to win against Spencer but not Andy.

Elissa says his best bet is for him to take her to the finals. Elissa- “i wouldn’t mind getting second.. I wouldn’t mind getting third.. there is no way in god green creation that I would win’
MC says Elissa has a good case to win the money. He thinks everyone left has a good case for the money.

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Amanda says I should wash the sheets because lord knows you won’t wash them when I am gone.

5:40pm Out in the backyard – The Exterminators – Gina, Andy, Judd and Spencer talk about hoping the next POV competition will be a celebrity or returning house guest hosted comp. They all hope it’s a returning house guest more than a celebrity. Ginamarie says she would go crazy if it was Nick and Jeremy that came back.

Up in the HOH room – Judd jokes and tells Andy that Amanda might slap him. Andy asks why? Judd says because I am telling her that you are telling me to vote her out. Andy says oh my god. Judd heads downstairs. Andy listens to Ginamarie’s CD.

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2:30pm – 3:25pm Elissa is the only house guest awake and laying out in the backyard hammock. All the other house guests are napping. Big Brother wakes up Judd to call him to the diary room. Andy also gets up from his nap and makes a snack. Judd joins him to make a hot dog. Andy asks Judd if he should yell out to Elissa in the hammock and tell her that Ginamarie got Pandora’s Box. Judd tells him to. Andy does it and immediately shuts the door. Andy tells Judd that Elissa 90% doesn’t believe him but 10% does and will come in to check. Elissa lays there in the hammock and then starts to get up. Andy tells Judd to go hide. Andy hides in the photo booth and Judd hides behind the lounge room door. Elissa comes in and looks around the house for them. She looks in the back and then up in the HOH room. She then finds them in the lounge and they laugh about hiding. They talk about how they don’t think Pandora’s Box will happen this season.

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results ‘The pu$$y is powerful it makes you do some crazy sh!t”

11:02am MAking sandwiches
Elissa points out that all the dirty dishes over “Here” are from Amanda.

11:04am Bedroom Amanada and McCrae
Amanda says she never asked him once to use the veto on her. She is her boyfriend and he won the Veto fair and square. Amanda jokes that she used the veto on McCrae last week.

11:06pm backyard Andy and Spencer 

Spencer – ‘The pu$$y is powerful it makes you do some crazy sh!t’
Andy – ‘We’re in for some fire works this week.’ Andy adds that Amanda will go from highs to lows this week.
Spencer was a bit worried that McCrae would use the veto on himself.
JUDD comes in says “Should we tie the vote’ Laughs tells Specner he’s just joking.

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“I am so jealous because you are going to marry Pizza boy and Nick is F**** awesome”

10:08AM HOH GM and JUDD
Gm – ‘What’s cooking good looking’
JUDD – ‘nothin.. what’s cooking mMMHMmhmhm’ (He mumbles out the last bit)

JUDD asks her if there is anything new. GM says Amanda came in late last night but GM pretended she was sleeping.

JUDD says that Amanda is pissed she thinks GM wants to get them out because they are a couple.
GM – ‘She’s going to use that because I have Nick’
JUDD more or less tells GM that Amanda says GM is jealous of her and McCrae and that is why she is on the block. This more or less enrages GM.
JUSS adds that Amanda is saying she’s grabbing Nick’s hate on her way out on Thursday.

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Andy says about Amanda – “B***h don’t know she’s about to be exterminated!”

12:20am – 1am Up in the HOH room – Spencer, McCrae, Andy and Judd are talking. Amanda joins them and says how big of a nasty bit*h is that girl (Elissa)? Is she not the biggest f**king bit*h? Spencer comments that Amanda was being the nicest version of yourself. Amanda says she was being the biggest bit*h in the entire world. Andy asks what happened? Spencer says there were digs, she’s digging. Judd says I though you were nice. Amanda asks I was nice to her right? Judd says yeah. Amanda says she was just saying mean nasty, like she was digging! Andy asks like what, what did she say? Spencer says she is just saying like what Ginamarie should have told her in her nomination speech and what she is going to say in her goodbye. You’re the biggest manipulator and sh*t, just. Amanda says and that everybody hates you in the jury house. Amanda says I was just ignoring her and just kept talking to Judd. Judd says yeah I think she is drunk. Amanda says when she gets drunk she is a bit*h. Judd says she needs to go to bed. Amanda says yeah she’s drunk I guess. Judd says she is going to get a penalty nom.

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“The Jury house is sitting there with their mouths open watering waiting for Amanda’ -Spencer

8:27pm HOH Spencer and GM
GM – what’s going on
S – nothing
GM – let me tell ya what’s going on
GM – ‘Amanda is pretty much begging for her life.. literally.. She’s trying to get rid of ELissa.
S – I’ve heard her whole argument about it’
GM – ‘actually McCrae is thinking about using the veto on AManda’
He keeps hounding me, ‘I’m not going to tell him who I am putting up I don’t have to tell him anything’
GM – ‘If I tell him I’m putting up Elissa he’ll use the veto on Amanda.. He thinks he has the votes to stay but he’s mistaken
S – ‘McCrae won’t use the veto on Amanda no matter what’

They agree Amanda is the right choice to get rid of this week. GM brings up how Amanda and McCrae say she will be a target next week.
GM – ‘I have Andy, Spencer and JUDD.. and I pretty much have ELissa.
Spencer – ‘Right now that Jury house is sitting there with their mouths watering waiting for Amanda’

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