Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Players PICKED!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots

Players for the POV Competition: Ginamarie, Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, Andy, Elissa
Host for the POV: Judd


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8am – 9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Ginamarie exercises in the HOH room. Judd comments that they’ll be picking players for Power Of Veto competition at 9am. Judd gets dressed in his chicken costume and goes back to sleep. Up in the HOH room – Ginamarie is awake and getting ready for the day doing her makeup and hair in the HOH room. Elissa is awake and getting ready. All the other house guests are trying to sleep. At 9am Big Brother calls Ginamarie into the diary room. Elissa comments its time to pick players for the veto competition. When Elissa finishes getting ready she climbs back into bed to wait.


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9:25am The live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the house guests to pick players for the Veto Competition.


9:50am – 10:10am When the feeds return – Ginamarie, Spencer, Judd, Amanda and McCrae are in the bathroom talking. Judd comments to Amanda lets do that over again and you pick me for house guest choice so that I can win it. Judd jokes and says if I will it I will take both of you off the block. Judd says he is pissed. He wants to win at least one veto competition. Amanda gets up and says that she is going to go talk to Andy to tell him why she didn’t pick him. Amanda finds Andy in the HOH room. She tells him the reason why she picked Spencer over him because she felt like it would be a hard decision for him if he won it on who to use it on her or McCrae. Spencer joins them and says that he will fight hard for the veto. Amanda says she hopes so. Amanda says I know McCrae has a better chance of winning the veto and staying over me. Amanda heads down stairs. Spencer says if this is a double eviction we have to get Elissa out after McCrae. Spencer says that he talked with Judd last night and he eluded to the fact that he is good with her but that she would be coming after you and I. So she has got to go! Spencer tells Andy that he thinks the real reason Amanda picked him to play is because they think they can beat me. Andy heads downstairs and talks to Judd, Andy and Gina in the lounge. They talk about how Amanda and McCrae are telling people that you (Gina) said she would put up Judd as the replacement if one of them won. Gina tells them that’s not true she never said that. They agree Amanda and McCrae are liars. They leave the lounge room. In the bathroom Elissa tells Judd that she thinks Andy is working both sides of the house. Judd then talks to Andy privately and tells him that Elissa thinks he is working both sides. Andy says that he isn’t. Judd asks so if you won the veto today, you wouldn’t use it would you? Andy says no. Judd says that he will work on Elissa for him. Andy heads up to the HOH room. He tells her that he is worried if Elissa wins HOH because she thinks I am playing both sides. Gina tells him she thinks that because when they pulled your name – Amanda said YES! So it make him look like a target because it looks like you’re working with them. Spencer joins them after his shower. Gina explains how she thinks this week or next there will be a double eviction. Gina says this Exterminator shit (Spencer, Andy, Judd, Gina) blows the moving company away.. AHHH sorry Nick who got the better alliance! Andy talks about how he doesn’t care who goes next week after McCrae – either Amanda or Elissa.

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10:15am – 11:05am In the HOH room – Ginamarie says we could go down in history for the best last minute alliance. Spencer says the next 3 targets to get out are huge (Amanda, McCrae, and Elissa). Gina says that Elissa will be pissed that we want McCrae out this week over Amanda. She says she will talk to Elissa after and tell her that McCrae was a bigger threat, Amanda doesn’t win anything and not that she is dumb but she is whatever. Judd joins them. They laugh about loading up their exterminator pumps to spray the snakes, rats and ants. They talk about the veto and if it’s a luxury / punishment competition they agree its more important to take punishment. They are talking about what to do if there is a $10,000 prize. Ginamarie says that she would want the 10G’s but would give it to Andy and take a punishment instead. Gina comments how Amanda said her and McCrae have $ex all the time. Judd says he thinks every time he takes a sh*t he thinks about how Amanda and McCrae had $ex in there. Judd says between her week long unwashed coochie and his month long unwashed a$$, no wonder there are flies in the bathroom. Gina says that if Amanda saw McCrae on the streets she wouldn’t give him the time a day. Andy says that’s what make him think that Amanda isn’t trustworthy or loyal because she cheated on her boyfriend from home. Gina comments that Amanda said she was going to get engaged to the guy. Judd says the guys mom even signed up for the live feeds. They talk about how Amanda turns on the fake tears all the time. Spencer heads downstairs. Gina talks about how she doesn’t think they will get a Pandora’s Box because its been so long it probably won’t happen now. Judd says he thinks they need to wait until Thursday to tell Elissa that Amanda is staying and McCrae is going. Gina says yeah lets just wait until after the veto to see what happens. They talk about how disgusting the bullying was by Amanda and how nice it is that Elissa is walking around and smiling again. Gina tells Andy not to let Amanda/McCrae guilt trip him by telling him they saved him last week. Andy says not to worry about me, I will not use the veto if I win it. Andy says that he really thinks McCrae will regret the way he spent his Big Brother experience when he gets out. Andy points out to Ginamarie that Elissa and Amanda have been talking sh*t about her the whole season. He says Elissa literally cried because she didn’t want to sit next to you and Aaryn on the couch. Andy says that he is going to tell Amanda about the exterminators in his goodbye message. Judd says yeah that is a good idea. Judd stands up and pretends to be a host talking about an extermination job they need to do to get rid of a snake (Amanda) and an ant (McCrae). We have a job to do and we’re going to exterminate them. Judd then heads downstairs.


11:20am Gina asks Andy so if you are second place winner can you still win America’s favourite. Andy says yeah I think even the winner can win it. Gina says just as long as Elissa doesn’t win it, she has more money than she knows what to do with. Andy says that he would be enraged if she got America’s facourite. Gina thinks that her, Andy or Judd could get it. Gina says I don’t have much money but I am still happy. Andy agrees and says he doesn’t either but still has a great life. Judd joins them again. They talk about random things then Judd heads back downstairs and is called into the diary room. Judd comes out soon after and pranks them telling to get ready for the veto competition!! Elissa asks him if it will be soon and Judd says he thinks so. He then says just kidding. Gina up in the HOH room says F**king kid! I’m gonna kick that kids a$$!


11:35am Andy and Gina go over the past events of the house and about Nick while Gina admires her photo of Nick. Gina comments that she thinks all Candice wants to talk about is di*k sucking. Gina then wonders what Amanda’s diary room session are like and thinks she is in there talking about how she thinks she is the sh*t. Andy says that he can’t wait for Candice to find out that Spencer totally f**ker her game.

Meanwhile in the lounge room McCrae is by himself curled up on the couch.


11:55am – 12pm Big Brother calls Judd to the diary room. Judd, Andy and Ginemarie all say its time. Andy listens to Ginamarie’s Britney Spears cd to get pumped up for the veto competition. Gina starts stretching.

12:03pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the VETO COMPETITION!

1:30pm Still TRIVIA..

2pm TRIVIA..

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298 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Players PICKED!

      1. I don’t understand why they are All so Stupid this new alliance they can’t see Andy for the weasel he is and Judd he went right to Andy and told him after the Veto that Elissa whispered to him that she thought Andy was playing both sides. Judd really earned his name he is a dudd and learned nothing from his eviction. I hope when they evict Mcrae Amanda and Elissa team up against all these losers.

        1. Judd has always been an idiot. Before he was first eliminated he had been told he maybe blind-sided but he didn’t listen and he got evicted. Elissa is trying to warn him about Andy and Spencer but he isn’t listening. I don’t know if he thinks the ladies in the house aren’t smart enough to figure stuff out.

          1. Judd is a retard. He thinks he’s clever when he tells a HG something and then says he’s kidding. That’s called being shady asshole and why nobody trusts you. Love how all these asswipes voted him out and he’s suddenly besties with them again. And learn how to talk English you moron. Quit slurring your words like the assard you are. So hope he gets blindsided again, but it’s imperative that joker face goes first.

            1. I agree with you about Judd. But Amanda is the joker face. She is a state mental case who escaped from Gotham City. She’s rude and a IBB. She has no moral compose, who put condoms and bloody looking pads on a person’s picture!!! She defaced CBS property. That’s not cool at all. So I hope she goes or McDouchey. They are just nasty, disgusting people. Hope she feels every bit of humiliation when this game is over with, because she deserves it and he needs a dose of it himself. She can’t save her JOKER FACE AND MCDOUCHEY CAN’T EITHER. Elissa is a lot prettier than Amanda’s ILL BUILT BITCH ASS.(IBB).GO HOME AMANDA I’M SURE YOUR BOYFRIEND IS WAITING!!!!!!!!

        2. “In the bathroom Elissa tells Judd that she thinks Andy is working both sides of the house. Judd then talks to Andy privately and tells him that Elissa thinks he is working both sides. Andy says that he isn’t. Judd asks so if you won the veto today, you wouldn’t use it would you? Andy says no. Judd says that he will work on Elissa for him. Andy heads up to the HOH room. He tells her that he is worried if Elissa wins HOH because she thinks I am playing both sides”

          This is how it’s been for the entire summer. Don’t tell anyone sh#t because the entire house is full of idiots that just run around talking about their last conversation. You would be better off calling a house meeting for everything you want to say. At least that way you would have a sense of clarity and no broken telephone.

          1. Joker face is just being a shit stirrer. She learned from Judd and dictator Helen how to be a fountain of disinformation. If it sounds like a good lie and puts a target on the back of the person you want out, go ahead and make something up. Poor duck lips is just pissed that Helen went out at the hands of Andy, the deciding vote. That’s fine but at least use truth and reason in going about his ouster. Then again everything about joker face is fake so why should she start now.

        3. Most of the house guests are from the left and don’t understand the game. Andy knows how to manipulate the left.

          1. Goodbye McCrae, we hardly knew you. You literally was under Amanda the entire game. The only time you came up was for air. Say hello to my little friend, Aaryn for me.

          2. I think Amanda is hot. She is very considerate. She even waxes her butt h**e. She is willing to give a guy a job anytime he wants one. She like guys and girls and open to threesomes. She is very sympathetic to other people’s feelings and apologzies even when she is right. Ah! I am still looking for those naked pictures of her on the internet. Amanda needs to tell me the website where I can find them.

            1. I hope this site doesn’t become a crazy lunatic political bashing, I have read couple of comments trying to bring politics into BB discussion ?!?!?! They are doing it slowly but surely, I hope they don’t succeed pleeeeeease!

          3. agree. all but judd are there because of 3AM alliance. amanda has really taken some heat over her attempt to get elissa to put up GM last week to save Aaryn thus 3M. i agree she could have chosen something better than what she did, maybe lying low and acting aloof would have gotten GM up instead of Andy, but hindsight is 20/20. none the less… all the leftovers are just musical chair misfits. Amanda got out all the smart players one by one… what a joke now. the leftovers are acting like they’re still playing and it’s just musical chair time, because without 3M there is no strategy left in the house of any interest or intelligence. amanda said when elissa won hoh and judd came back she felt defeated and was depressed for 3 days, she put forth a tremendous plot but who knows… we’ll see together who ends up in the end.

        4. The Exterminators should be called THE F*CKTARDS!!! An alliance full of the dumbest dummies in the house. Why is Spencer targeting Elissa so hard when he is not even on her radar?? I can’t believe I’m going to say this, and I TRULY DESPISE AMANDA, but even she deserves to make it further than someone like Spencer. He’s done NOTHING this entire season. What a fat, sloppy, waste of Space! And Judd is an idiot. He’s not smart in this game, period. People claiming he was a “strong” player were confused and deluded. If Jessie would have come back, just think how much better this would have worked out. And GM is only doing what she is told to do, as usual, same script, different director. Elissa keeps trying to clue everybody in on wtf is going on but they are so Dumb, they think they’re smart!!

        5. Yeah, that was the same thing I was thinking. GM would do better to solidify her final 2 with Elissa for the simple fact that they are the best competitors left in the house now. I think GM is trusting the exterminators to much; she has to realize that they will get rid of her to go for an all guys to the end type of thing not to mention they may think she could win it all for putting up MCCranda, which is essentially the biggest move in the house this season. I think she should be careful when it comes to trying to evict Elissa, if she does that the numbers are not on her side at all Spen, Judd and Andy will get her out (especially rat ass Andy) I am not sure why she doesn’t stick with Elissa. I don’t dislike Elissa but IMO it’s really her only clear path to final 2. Take out McCranda this week & with DE, next Andy then final 4 Spence, Judd, GM and Elissa, odds would then be in favor of GM & Elissa. I don’t know just my thoughts.

            1. I love how you two idiots are arguing over grammar. The puncuation could go either way you retards. Irregardless, yep I said irregardless vice regardless…sue me, you don’t have to be perfect to post on this blog. Stop trying to make people self conscious about there grammar. We are all just trying to convery an idea and have fun.

              Oh by the way I spelled a few words wrong for those that get off on that type of thing. Enjoy!

    1. Judd is a moron… report to Andy what Elissa said……like i said Judd is Andy’s new Helen……..Judd knows about goof troop, 3am, 2am…..Aaryn confirm that Andy is with McNastiness alliance to Judd,……….. the 2am alliance told Judd in the have not room….that Elissa putting GM was a ployed to send GM home to keep their 3AM alliance strong…………Judd actually knows this………actually knows this…….and he still trust Andy………if Elissa goes up on the block…..I believe Andy will back stab the exterminator alliance and stay with his 2am alliance …………Judd is a Fu*king MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………

      1. Will see!! Elissa will figure it out that Andy working for McCranda!!!! That way!!! Elissa has an opportunity to evicted Rat Boy!!!!

        1. This is why we should give Eliss Americas choice, not so much
          Because she played a outstanding game. To send a msg to all
          Of them because they have played such a bad game. Give the money to who
          Ever saw the RAT! He right in front of their face and they don’t see him. Only Elissa
          Plus non of the until Elissa did would have put any of the 3am up.

      2. Yeah I’m losing faith in Judd. Why not just take note and keep an eye on Andy??? It’s not like Judd doesn’t know Andy was working two sides already. That’s why I’m hoping there is a blow up and secrets come out. Like the one that Andy was in on the plan to bully Elissa and get GM evicted AND THEN he asked Mcranda to cover it up so he could get close to Judd.

      3. The only thing I think you’re missing is 2 items:

        1) Judd doesn’t know what we know. He’s in the house and in jury and has to choose which stories to believe. It’s very easy to say you can distinguish who is telling the truth…and very different to actually figure it out.

        2) Telling Andy this means absolutely nothing and could very easily be Judd throwing out tests. The way to expose a rat is to give them information and see how they respond, see who else parrots that information, and get a better feel for where that person stands.

        Helen and Aaryn exposed Andy to just about everybody and I really don’t think anybody is relying upon him other than Amanda, McCrea, and Spencer. The exterminators will be very short-lived after this week, especially if McCrea goes. Judd, GM, and Elissa will want Amanda out next, while Andy, Spencer, and Amanda will want Elissa out next. I think Amanda will determine a lot of what happens next. Andy has to still pretend to be her lapdog and in doing so will make GM and Judd even more wary than they already are of him. I think Judd, GM, and Spencer are really in the pole positions in the house moving forward. McCrea, Amanda, Elissa, and Andy are in the most peril.

        1. AT NAME: Judd knows that goof troupe betrayed him….and replace him with Aaryn….and then betrayed her………Andy is a member of goof.troupe………………….. he knows Andy gather information for goof troupe……why does he think Andy will stop now……he actually saw Andy lie to people with a straight face ………….
          Judd is just a MORON…..stop trying to defend stupidity…….Aaryn didn’t trust Andy and she was part of his team..
          IF Dudd and the Cavewoman don’t get up to speed on Andy…..Andy and Spencer will out wit them and end up Final 2……….Elissa just needs to win everything from now on in order to survive this brain dead group(Dudd and Gutter Mouth)

    2. Great comment Captain. You are starting to lose your hatred for my Jewish Queen. You are starting to get over your hatred for Amanda. You can stop being mad at everyone all the time. You will start getting along with others because you now know life is short. Why waste time being angry, upset, or hostile to other people. Start enjoying your life while you can because you only get one of them. Your friend and Admiral.

      1. I agreed with you, you said that
        BuffaloBill aka The Admiral says:
        August 31, 2013 at 11:11 am
        Great comment Chuckles. You are starting to lose your hatred for my Elissa. You are starting to get over your hatred for Elissa You can stop being mad at everyone all the time. You will start getting along with others because you now know life is short. Why waste time being angry, upset, or hostile to other people. Start enjoying your life while you can because you only get one of them. Your friend and Admiral.
        Wow, you started to like Elissa!!!!!!!

    3. If i was GM i’d stick with elissa for final 2 rather than the exterminator. Spencer, andy, and judd will get her to do all their dirty work and then get rid of her in the final 4. Its what happened to Britney from season 12. With elissa she has a better chance to go further and to the final 2.

    4. Well we are back!

      So Gina thinks all Candice wants to talk about is d#$ks. Gina was doing so well. Is it time for her meds again? The delusional Gina is back and paranoid as ever. While looking at Nick’s picture and wondering how their life will be with him, her hatred of Candice is so overpowering that she couldn’t control herself.
      Just when I was starting to like and pull for Gina, she reminds us how much a racist she is as Aaryn. Is there anyone that a viewer can root for in this game and not get disappointed in?

      Lets play a new game. The house guest that says the least number of racist or sexist comments wins Big Brother.

      1. There is not a lot to choose from but I think Elissa is the least offensive in the house. I think Howard got a huge break by getting voted out and being able to get away from all these house guests.

    1. It is hilarious that he is mad that he doesn’t think he’s a floater despite the fact that he moves wherever the wind blows and has said that his only goal is to make sure he’s never the target, carrying the water for whomever is in power. If McCrea goes this week, I think he better hope that either him, Spencer or Amanda wins HOH or Amanda stays on the block. I think Elissa, Judd, and GM (to a lesser degree) are wise to Andy’s game and he’s likely their next target.

    2. So if McCrae leaves, then who does Amanda work with? She won’t be turning to Gina, it was Gina that placed Amanda/mcCrae on the block. Amanda can’t work with Elissa and won’t. Amanda trusted Aaryn more then Andy but its Andy she is going to need to turn to. However, Amanda now has to play the game as a bystander. She will no longer have any pull in the game.

      1. It puts her in the exact position that she put Spencer in, and the one that she tried to put Elissa in. I’m not really against her, but I love it when someone receives the same nasty punishments that they dish out.

      2. McCrae will probably be evicted, then Amanda will win the HOH. It’s Big Brother 101, people. Once that goes down, we’ll see how strong the exterminator alliance is.

          1. Wrong. It is already pre-determined that Amanda will win the game. Kinda useless even watching except for maybe gettin’ a high from all the drama.

    3. Andy looks really bad for his game play because he is a snitch and tells both sides that he is so loyal to them and hates the other side. However, I think he takes it too far, kinda like Elissa has a tendency to be disgusted by everyone, Andy thinks all the females have been or are a c**t or a b**ch. What makes his game play really look bad is that Andy has never really disclosed to us (the viewers) what his game play strategy is. During Dan’s season on Big Brother he would often give us some insight to his game play before he made a big move.

      I don’t understand why the house guests can’t see that Andy is campaigning to keep Amanda because his true loyalty has been with Amanda more so than McCrae and with McCrae gone Amanda will surely fight to keep Andy in the game moving forward and take him to the final two.

      I just wish that the houseguests could see Andys ‘tells’ in that he gets so defensive when people question his loyalty and call him out on his alliance to Amanda. GM Elissa, Judd and Spencer need to continue to break down the 3AM/2AM alliance if they want to be sitting in the final two thrones.

      1. i hope that scum doesn’t win. I want to watch her get evicted and cry like a baby. The big bad bully will cry all the way to the jury house

    1. Hahahaha Well she didn’t Andy won the Veto told GM HE WASN’T going to use it. I mean they are my friends and I love them (throw up in my mouth) But I’m not going to use it. Hope they kick his butt lol but that probably wouldn’t affect him!!!

    2. She only has a 16.6% chance of winning this. If she did win, I’m not so sure she wouldn’t take McCrae off instead of herself if she won veto. I was glad she won veto last week just to mess of Elissa’s HOH, but would like to see her walk out the door this week. Now, if Andy wins and doesn’t use it she will go nuts. She will tell him how bad it is for his game, just like she did with GM, when it reality it’s great for their games, just bad for her game.

    3. GoAmanda right on. My Jewish Princess is going to win with the help of Andy and CBS. Now there is a person named Captain with some anger issues. Please don’t be angry with the Captain. The Captain is a great person and a friend. If you get to know the Captain you will care for The captain. Great Post!

      1. I agreed with you again! You said that BuffaloBill aka The Admiral says:
        August 31, 2013 at 11:46 am
        GoAmanda right on. My Elissa is going to win with the help of GinaMarie and CBS. Now there is a person named Chuckles with some anger issues. Please don’t be angry with the Chuckles. The Chuckles is a great person and a friend. If you get to know the Chuckles you will care for The chuckles. Great Post!
        Oh yes BuffaloBill, you love Elissa!!!!!

    1. If Spencer and Rat Dog get their way Elissa will be the 2nd eviction. Please Please don’t let that happen. Judd/GM/Elissa F3!

    2. We need Amanda to be in the house without McCrea. to have them go out on the same night would be horrible. I would set an extra spot at the table when it is time to eat and when someone would bring up why the extra spot, opps sorry forgot McCrea is gone. I’d put something over McCrea face on the wall after he was gone. I’d keep asking questions like, hey McCrea do you want to do whatever, just to push Amanda over the edge and try as hard as I could to get her to leave the game. That’s just me thou……..Everytime Amanda would say I don’t want to be here, I’d point to the door saying nothing is stopping you from leaving.

      1. I think it would be great to see Amanda suffer in the BB house while McCrae is getting busy with Jessie. I want to see her feel some of what she has been dishing out.

  1. Elissa needs to win this POV. Then Amanda and her boy toy will be kissing her a**. Thank goodness she will not buy into their manipulation and keep the noms the same.

  2. Neither Spencer or Andy want to win the POV competition. Because, if they did, then McCranda would expect them to use it on them.

    McCranda are probably expecting some sort of miracle plan.Thinking that they still have Spencer and Amdy…

  3. I Wish We Had A Reset Button….This Season Isn’t The Greatest And Now There Will Be No More Surprises Or Scheming After This Week. Judd And Spencer Final 2 Judd Wins….

  4. I cannot believe how GM and Judd believes the crap Andy is selling them. He is so full of BS. I hope something happens that Judd and GM realizes listening to Andy is a waste of time. I think they are sticking to this exterminators sh1t because they think they have the numbers. But if they stay there, might as well hand over Andy the money because of them, he will most likely get the Jury votes.. GM and Judd had been both warned by Aaryn. I cannot believe they didn’t listen to her. She seems to know better.

    1. What I would love to happen on Thursday is this. McCrae is voted out. Amanda – an emotional wreck is nowhere to be found – so Andy brings someone from the exterminators into the Storage Room to gloat. As he is gloating, Amanda walks to the Storage Room so that she can hide behind her trash can again but overhears everything that is said. Storming in, she reveals everything that has happened since Day 1 and that Andy has been working with them. Amanda wins HOH (I know, yuck, but hear me out) and nominates Andy and Elissa (just because we know she will). Elissa wins the POV and takes herself off and Amanda puts up Spencer. By this time, everyone is mad at Andy for backstabbing them and votes him out. Now, Amanda can’t play for the next HOH and she gets evicted the following week. I can’t even stand listening to Andy anymore. I fast forward every time he talks.

      1. I’m pretty sure everyone already knows Andy was aligned with McCranda. I think he’s spoken of it and even if he hadn’t everyone knows b/c Amanda said last week that they voted for Andy to stay because he’d been “with” them longer. Elissa is probably the only person at this point that holds it against him.

    2. I would not worry about them for now. they are going to make the argument to keep Amanda, (I hope Elissa buys it cause that’s her best option). I don’t think Elissa stands any chance at the money unless she is up against Amanda same is true for Amanda, her chances are better against Elissa.

      But as they make that argument Elissa will be pushing her agenda of evicting Amanda (she might even tell mcpussy to save himself and not sit there and let Amanda do the campaigning) and the exterminators will push back and she will soon sense the alliance and hopefully she can break that too like she did the 3am.

      don’t get surprised when Amanda and Elissa work together to save Mcpussy, it wont work but she will now know not to trust Andy and about the Exterminators Elissa and Amanda might not target each other anymore.

      Elissa will probably put two of exterminators(the boys are getting stronger)up with a plan to backdoor Amanda everyone will be playing in the veto if Amanda gets it that will official be the end of that Alliance and Andy will walk to jury.

      If Amanda is HOH she will nominate Elissa and GM/judd, if Elissa gets POV, Judd/gm goes up and again that alliance dies.

      So probably you are going to see Mcpussy and Andy leaving next Thursday. Judd will get HOH and put Amanda and Elissa up for the next week. At point so many people will have been thrown under the bus there will be a ton of f2, f3 deals that no one will no where they are.

  5. As an educator myself, I don’t comprehend how Andy is not the slightest bit worried about his antics in the house. They clearly reflect who he is in the outside world, and I absolutely would not feel comfortable with having an untrustworthy, foul mouthed individual educating anyone for that matter. I just cannot understand it. Hopefully he goes during double eviction!

    1. As an educator Rat Dog should have stood up against the racism and bullying early in the game. I’m wondering if the college he teaches at will renew his contract next term.

      1. Oh for crissakes shut up and leave politics out of BB. FYI Conservatives have fucked up this country much more than any “liberal”

  6. Another thought, these house guest need to get Amanda out instead of her boy toy. I am tired of her bully people and expecting everyone to do as she says. It’s time for her to get a wake up call.

    Also, Julie Chen did a classy job interviewing Aaryn.

    1. I hate Amanda with a passion too, but it is common sense why they want to get McCrea out first. They know that if he leaves first Amanda will throw her game away and volunteer for evection next week, because she will be to worried about him being in jury house with all girls. She knows Jessie has a crush on McCrea so she dose not want them alone together. Spencer and them know this, so in their eyes they have an easy two weeks. I agree and think Amanda should go this week because of her horrible behavior, but it does make sense in a game view for them to get rid of him first. Plus they don’t know where McCrea’s head will be if Amanda leaves before him.

      1. Plus it would be cool to watch her implode without any allies. Hope Elissa can turn on a little snarkness and see if she can get Amanda to self-evict.

      2. People used this same line of reasoning when splitting Brenchel. They thought sending home Brendon would cause Rachel to completely fall apart and self evict, but the exact opposite happened. She became STRONGER, had a better social game without him and WON BB. I foresee the exact same thing happening with Amanda. THEY HAVE TO GET HER OUT NOW. She would have escaped the block THREE times! It’s now or never for Amanda’s eviction. McCrae does nothing, isn’t much of a threat without Amanda and can easily go next.

        1. I was just thinking the same thing about how Rachel stepped it up after Brendan left. I agree that as much satisfaction as there would be to see ANoMan suffer without McDoNothing, they need to get her out NOW, and then get Andy in the double and then McD the following week.

  7. Can someone remind me how the Pandora’s box saved Rachel (and I think Jordan as well)?

    Is there any danger of that happening here with the bitch and her lapdog?

    Thanks and cheers!

    1. Rachel and Jordan were both up for eviction, I believe Porsche was HOH, and she received Pandora’s Box. She won a cash prize, which she shared with someone else, and in turn the POV comp then turned into teams of two competing to win. Whichever team won, both received the POV. Rachel and Jordon won, and took themselves off the block.

      1. Seriously Dude! I stopped watching the program after Helen’s eviction. I find this site a lot more entertaining. Also, Amanda’s voice grates on my nerves.

  8. Well Hot diggity damn!

    Who knew that GinnaMarie a.k.a Victoria Gotti could be so entertaining! Can we going to forgive her for spending all her “Ni99er-insurance” on tan-in-can, 
    hair-weave and white castle cheeseburgers? She’s like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas a lovable psychotic racist that makes you laugh despite their disgusting behavior.
    We love a redemption story don’t we? and now she talks to the cameras! Speaking of Goodfellas how long will it be before Nick is in Witness Protection?

    They call that red rat Andy “Code Red”, I just call him Tauriel, the guy looks like a Keebler Elf and nibbles his food like a homosexual hamster but how can you not feel compassion for a guy that wears Geranimals and Underoos. I guess the Zingbot lit a fire under the rats pale buttocks because he’s turning on his former masters and being a lot less like a rodent then normal……the irony of a Rat wearing a Cat shirt while in an alliance is just baffling to my brain.

    Good Ol’ boy Spencer a.k.a Yukon Cornelious, cant you see him doing a clog-dance in a pair of overalls with some banjo music and livestock in the background? 
    When he’s not talking about his pet goat Marilyn he’s juggling his testicles with one-hand while simultaneously wiping boogies on the HOH furniture, this hunk needs his own reality show…..him and Marilyn brewing moonshine and and choppin’ logs or maybe “Pimp my Tractor”.

    Judd a.k.a Boomhauer, the poor guy can’t concentrate on BB because he wants to be in a creek frog-hunting and reading Huckle-Berry Finn while he chews on some deer-jerky and hums some Willie Nelson. Judd the Studd, he’s kissed every girl in the house except Andy and AmanDUH and he did it with the mind of Forrest Gump and and the charm of Ted Bundy….him and Howard could have made a nice Forrest & Bubba.

    McCrae a.k.a Pig-Pen, on the street they call him Greazy-Willie, his hash-brownies and home-made beer-bongs are legendary. Its something utterly fascinating about a guy that only brushes his teeth on holidays or when I structed to, he’s the type of guy that has sex while wearing Black dress-socks and pcks his teeth with an uncooked spaghetti-noodle. Why does he look like Ichabod Crane? The guy is a bio-hazard.

    Poor Aaryan we call her by her government name…her real name….Shaniqua Ebony Jackson. Sadly she’s in Jury reading Mein Kemf and practicing her 
    goose-step. The poor little Klan-kitten decided to use horse-radish & lemon-juice  to dye the brown around her anus so she could say she’s 100% white! 
    Now that’s some super-racism for the Guinness Book! Aaryan the Aryan blamed her racism on the state of Texas, but we all know that’s a crock-of-bull-dung….it’s Candice fault. What you gon do girl? I’m going to Disneyland! Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaawwwww!!!!

    aMANduh a.k.a Nancy Downs, the Yeast-Queen has been acting a damn fool, kids this is why you don’t mix Xanaax, with Adderall, with Monistat, with 
    Veggie burgers…the chemical reaction is deadly. Lets call her Norma Bates, or Charlene Manson, this wacko was running adound the house in her drawers blowing a B-day horn for 4 hours looking like that crazy chick from Harry Potter that be in the Johnny Depp movies! Lord help us! This woman flew over the cuckoos nest and bumped her head on a Gargoyle statue. What a nut-job now she wants to weep like a broke faucet, silly woman.

    Queen Elissa a.k.a Yogi Jolie, a.k.a Mary Poppins, a.k.a Princess L, a.k.a Ella Goodbody….. The Native Americans call her “Sleeping Deer” the Asians call her “Sweet Ting Li” and the Black folks call her “Sista EL-EL”. 

    She is beloved world-wide for her sweet demeanor, her cabbage-rolls, her giggle, her yoga-poses, her eyelashes, her sarcasm, her wisdom her beauty, her booty, her stories, her heart and of course her lip-gloss.

    What a magical woman part angel and part mermaid and part honey-badger.

    Queen Elissa a champion of race-relations, a superwoman trying to rid the world of evil and intolerance with her Yoga-mat and her smile.

    Marlo Mike

    1. Marlo Mike, great descriptions. Elissa is definitely the best in that house. I liked Judd also but I see he is dumb, so I don’t like him anymore since he is telling Andy everything Elissa says. Elissa for the win.

    2. OMFG Marlo Mike!!! That was hilarious! A almost pissed myself because I laughed so hard!!!
      I especially liked your spot on descriptions of Amanda and Aaryan and I fell off my chair when you called MC a bio-hazard!!!
      Ever thought of doing stand-up?

    3. If only Elissa was a member of the right. She would have her own TV show on Fox after the show. It worked for Elizabeth Hasselbeck. People want to hear about ideas that work.

      1. i can understand you wanting to steal an awesome screen name like mine and I’m fine with you using it so long as you don’t post stupid stuff like this.

    4. I have to hope that GM and Judd realize what disgusting RAT boy is doing and listen to Elissa. What a Coward, Cocky, horrible person he is…he’s right behind Amanda when it comes to horrible twisted people. He is so jealous and envious of Elissa because she has a blessed financial life. Last I knew your financial status has nothing to do with playing BB. I hope Elissa and GM set a trap for the RAT! Better yet would be awesome if Amanda exposes him for the Rat he is and makes his life HELL. Poison the Rat. Elissa Judd and GM F3

      1. my point exactly.. elissa is a snake, i am sure money was a big factor in her choices… anyway… she’s the type that she gets what she wants. and speaking of jealous, omg, elissa was so jealous of aaryn she couldn’t stand it. and if she doesn’t get what she wants, she calculates how to punish and in this game it’s with a slow methodical character assassination so that no one really notices how vile she is.

    5. ….Meh! You could have left the homophobic rodent comment out. Not sure that a gay hamster would eat any differently than a normal sister-raping one.

    6. an elissa fan no doubt.. how you see through rose colored glasses…. she is a snake in the grass i feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t give her her way, she’s the kind you never know threw the sword and that’s dangerous. she sets traps and watches people fall into them and then says, “oh help me please, i am such an innocent victim,” “I didn’t do anything.” that is a dangerous human being. yuk.

    7. OMG Marlo Mike, those are the best and funniest descriptions I’ve seen on this – or any other – site! LOVE your sense of humor! Can’t really tell if you’re female (Marlo) or male (Mike)but I’d probably be willing to marry you either way!!

  9. I wanted Elissa to win but I think she is definitely going home this week in the double eviction, or next week. Hopefully she’ll win POV.

    1. She will win HOH. She won POV before by tackling RAT ANDY and HOH by holding on dear life when she almost fell to be able to hold on and swing back on the stand, quite an athlete. Like Elissa much.

  10. Elissa has such a good read of people playing this game. Why was Elissa ever following Helen’s lead? Helen didn’t have a clue about who was lying and playing both sides. It was Candice that brought to Helen’s attention about a guy’s alliance. It was Helen that thought Andy is just an innocent guy that would be always faithful to me. Wrong ..Wrong Wrong! Elissa has a great read on Andy, but at this point what can she do. She has no allies.

    Judd saying he going to work on Elissa for Andy’s behalf is so laughable. So Judd is going back to his old role of trusting Andy and reporting back to Andy what the other players are doing. Elissa you have so many enemies, I just don’t know how you are keeping it all together. If Elissa leavess then I want Gina to win.

    1. You are right. Where was this Elissa earlier? Elissa is competitive, has a social game, combatitive when needed, and knows a lie when she hears it. Elissa knew Helen was working with Amanda. But Helen never listened to any of Elissa’s suggestions. Elissa knew that getting rid of Candice and Jessie was wrong, but each time Helen responded with, its what the house wants. Its funny how when Helen was on the block, she had a different opinion of that whole idea of its what the housee wants.

    2. SInce Andy no longer works for anyone (McCranda) he got himself a rat. Judd is Andy’s rat now.
      Judd after they evict Elissa : ( and Amanda : ) you’re next.

    3. If Elissa goes i would be ok with Gina winning, I am so sick of Andy thinking he is a mastermind of the game.

    4. GM better not let Elissa go after Amanda! If she does she just messed up her game! she will end up as Brittany did! Plus a woman has never beat a guy in the F2. For GM to win she absolutely has to take Elissa or she doesn’t have a shot against them. If Elissa and Amanda leave then Andy won!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    5. I am yelling at GM! You cannot let Elissa leave! You lost the game if you are the only woman! I would hate to see GM win comps, get out McCrae and have such a good BB Resume and get beat by the rat in the end!!!! Ugh! Such crap! these people are clueless, I wonder if they have even ever seen BB before. Some things happen because that’s how it always plays out! If you get McCrae out before Amanda she will outlast at least one or two of the Exterminators!! the only people that see what is really going on is Elissa and Amanda will catch on when McCrae leaves.
      I think Elissa will pull some important comps that will save her! I don’t care if Elissa has money or doesn’t have good social skills (not everyone is a good bullshitter like Andy!) she knows what’s going on and is the only person that doesn’t totally dog everyone in the house! She calls people gross and disgusting and that is it! If there were other players she probably wouldn’t be the person I am rooting for but at this point everyone has shown such horrible display of character that it is appalling that I am rooting for the underdog!
      I would root for J double D but he is falling into the same game he had before, he needs to open his eyes and win a comp!!

      1. “She calls people gross and disgusting and that is it! ”

        And she’s not wrong! EVERYBODY thinks amanda is gross and disgusting. So much so that she was FORCED to shower, and clean those damn sheets (I know, McCrae too) And it is known in that house that they dispose of their used condoms where they lie. Hazardous waste dumping grounds! Common sense says if you see fit to protect your partner from disease, you should also protect others!

        And even GM, the “saviour” is disgusting. She thanked Andy for bringing toilet paper up to the HOH cuz “she has a turtle head popping out”. That is a disgusting image, not becoming.

        And then there was Aaryn. At least she showered. But she shared a over-obsessive preoccupation with “the waste management exit hatch” with half the people in the house.

        Just … Ewwww

        1. What is the story behind the forced shower and sheets? Did production call her out on live feed? Sorry, I don’t have live feed.

          I have been reading so much about Amanda being gross and nasty, but didn’t know where that was coming from.

    6. I think it has a lot to do with the social dynamic and Elissa being a target early in the game. The one big disappointment for me watching this season is that I can see it had the potential to a lot better and dynamic. But there were too many players in duos that suffocated their personalities and how they would have played socially if they weren’t there or part of a pair. Elissa and Helen (bad match), Aaryn and Gina Marie (bad match), Candace and Howard (very bad emotional match), Kaitlyn and Jeremy (bad match esp. for Kaitlyn’s social game) and mix that with the group alliance and that whole social dynamic and it’s just a mess.

    7. It would be great If the weasel put her up with Amanda and she got POV but he is too chicken shit to do it himself(he’ll get db Judd to do it)Then she could put the weasel and Spencer up.Send mcraeto jury with Jessie. Send Amanda & the weasel after(Hopefully the weasel goes home by Elissa’s hand & Amanda’s by Judd’s. Poetic Justice.

  11. Spencer and Andy are going to throw the POV. I am worried that McCrae or Amanda will win it and Elissa goes up. Andy and Spencer would vote Elissa out. And we’d be stuck with Mcranda or whatever the crap that hot mess is called for another week. If one of them doesn’t go this week, they will go to Final 2 because that will prove no one in that house has the balls to beat them.

    1. Spencer or Andy don’t want to win the POV. Now they could win it by chance, but they are both playing the middle. Either Amanda or McCrae will be stayig and they don’t want to be on the block next weekAlso if Amanda or McCrae comes down, I seriously doubt Gina puts up Elissa. Elissa didn’t put up Gina as a replacement and she would of went home if she had. No, it would be Spencer of Judd going on that block as a replacement.

  12. McCranda only has a 33% chance of winning veto. The odds are not in their favor. I really want Andy to win veto only because it will highlight who he is working with now and as we all know, it’s now McCranda.

  13. Why are they gunning for McCrae to go this week? Get rid of Amanda, I say. McCrae is a shell of his former self, and Amanda leaving would make the house much more civil.

    I suspect Rat Andy secretly hopes for a final 2 with Amanda, knowing he would easily win the jury vote and the $500k.

    The rat.

    1. I want her out this week too! I think they’d be smart to get rid of her before McCrae. Maybe with the double eviction they will both go as GM said walking out the door holding hands, haha.

    2. McCrae is not into Amanda. Amanda even mentioned how she was a rabbit and needed sex all the time, but McCrae wasn’t giving it to her. It was only in the last few days that he finally gave in or was raped by Amanda. However, Amanda served McCrae’s purpose, she was domineering and intimidated all the girls, even Andy and Judd to do her bidding. So Amanda was McCrae’s shield. Amanda is a better player then McCrae but hated by almost everyone. You want to be in a final two with Amanda and you are guaranteed a win.

    3. The reason they want to get rid of MC is that Amanda can’t win anything and is no threat to anyone without MC. If they get rid of him then they’re not worried that anyone in jury(besides MC) would vote for her to win even if she got to the end. They think that if MC stays, he might be able to win a few things and could possibly stay to the end, and it’s uncertain if the jury would vote for him to win. They figure it’s better for their game if MC goes first. Less of a chance that Amanda would win.

  14. Here is my prediction for this week

    Dumb or Dumber will win PoV and take them self off the block
    GM being that she is in an alliance will put up Elissa telling her she is okay and safe
    Ratboy and Sicko seeing it as the perfect oppertunity to get rid of Elissa voting her out with witchever dumbass comes off the block
    Thus concluding that the Duo of MCmanda will still be in the house next week.

    1. No way!!!!! Elissa wins PoV, keep the nomination the same. Evicted Amanda 4-0. Judd wins HoH puts up Elissa & McCrae on the block, Elissa wins PoV take herself off and Backdoored Rat Boy!!! McCrae or Rat boy evicted 3-0

    2. OMG . . . I never considered that it could play out that both Amanda and MC could both stay and Elissa be evicted. I’m not in the Brenchel Army (I really dislike Rachel)—-but I want Amanda MC or Ratboy out next- Not Elissa. Sad to see Judd is not Ellissas buddy but is instead is Ratboys baby rat.

  15. Elissa sees Andy for what he is — a rat — and it drives him crazy. He is going insane pushing for Elissa’s exit. If she goes before either of the McCrandas I’ll go crazy. I wish Elissa could work some magic & get The Rat out. And Amanda is making me nervous. Is The Rat implying that they should work with One Of Them in the future? oh noooooo. Come on Elissa! Expose The Rat and get GM & Judd to work with you. DON’T TRUST ANDY!

  16. i want elissa to win that double eviction HOH so bad so she can send andy’s rat ass home. i would love that to see the looks on their faces it would be epic. like shut up.

    1. That would be awesome if Elissa wins the next HOH and puts Andy up against the survivor of Amanda/McCrae.

    2. This is what I would like to happen:

      McCrae leaves, Elissa wins HOH nominates Andy and Spencer, evict Andy.

      Next week GM wins HOH nominate Amanda and Spencer, evict Amanda.

      Final 4:

      Spencer, who I hope is next to go after Amanda

      Judd who I hope is next to go after Spencer

      GM and Elissa to final 2

      Winner: Elissa

  17. JUDD and GM are crazy for trusting Spencer and Andy. GM will be doingthe exterminatorsdirty work because they are too chicken to do their own. JUDD should align with GM and Elissa, with Spencer as a question mark and target McCranda and Andy.

  18. The Exterminator Alliance is not an alliance at all. It’s just a temp arrangement to break up the showmance. Spencer has individually said to all – including Elissa – “I’ve got your back” in case he is put up if Amanda or McCrae win veto. Andy is still playing all sides. Judd is a total idiot telling Andy what Elissa said. Only GM thinks it’s a real alliance. Hope she sticks with Elissa. Elissa/GM for F2!!

  19. I can’t tell if Andy is a rat or a tattletale or both. Every time someone says anything negative about him, he runs to the HOH whoever it may be that week except Elissa. He runs to the HOH an whines “Oh, this person just said this about me, wah, wah.” (Andy Nobody cares! ) Yet he goes around as he pleases saying sh*t about every one, talk about double standards. He has that childish mentality of I can do it but you can’t do it to me. The worst part is that he is a teacher. Ridiculous.

  20. For some reason. I want mccreae to win it so they have no choice but to vote amanda out. Why do they want to keep her? Andy needs to go up as the replacement so he wont vote to keep amanda. Get rid of amanda now not later.

  21. Judd, either stupid and did not learn a thing after the last blindside about who to trust and keeping his yap shut, or genius for pre calling Andy out so he throws the POV so that in turn Andy wont have to tip his hand playing both sides of the house strategy. Time will tell.

  22. Andy has messed-up many possible evictions by snooping and squealing (do rats squeal?) If he was trying to get out the people I wanted out, I’d be happy with his style of play. But since he goes after the people I prefer to stay, I’m really tired of him. The HGs keep mentioning how Andy plays both sides, and then continue to include him in all their plans. Figure it out people, PLEASE.

    1. I think you’ve hit on the real cause of all this vitriol towards Andy. It’s not his style of play, it’s who he chose to align with that is what really makes all of the posters on these boards and others dislike him. I might get skewered for this but I think he’s played a great game for the most part. If people can step back and look at his gameplay subjectively, maybe he’d get more credit for recognizing that he needed to give his true allegiance to the real power in the house.

      He didn’t have the great fortune of pairing up immediately inside the house, so he didn’t have the benefit of numbers early on. After the first few weeks, it was apparent that Amanda was really running the show week after week. Having two meat shields (Amanda and McCrae both) made him safer than every single person in that house all season long. If he consciously recognized that and incorporated that in to his strategy, then that’s better play than every one else. It certainly kept his name out of everyone’s mouth as a potential nominee for a very long time.

      Look, it’s a game, and his constant tattle-telling isn’t against any rules, annoying though it may be. People are just sore because of who he was tattling to. Again, I know this isn’t a popular sentiment, but I say hats off to the guy.

  23. Lets hope Andy isn’t so stupid to win the Veto and take Amazon down to show his true alliance! Oh that’s right he is the best player this season. He said so!

  24. Elisa’s good news is she can beat anybody in the house in most competitions at this point. I think she whose name must not be spoken is leaving this week….. that’s the even better news.

  25. I think Amanda should be evicted after her boy toy only because she will be freaking out that he is in jury with Jessie,an that I think is very amusing an well deserved for the nasty bully!! It would be pure torture on the pyscho she deserves a week of wondering if her scumbag is having fun with Jessie. And I bet mcnasty will love the break from the ol ball an chain lol In Amanda’s words it will be “GLORIOUS” :) I say let the games begin I want showmance, Andy, an spencer gone! The final 3 should be GM, Elissa, an Judd they are the ones deserving at this point!

    1. ChristineC,

      With the double eviction this week so won’t have to wait a week. I would like to see Amanda and Andy go next.

  26. Sorry Andy and Spencer,

    The big move would be if either of you win POV and not use it. Neither of you have proven that you can make the BIG MOVE, yet! You both are riding on the coattails of GM and her nominations.

    But if McCranda wins the POV it will be crucial that Andy and Spencer do not waiver and vote out whomever remains on the block; regardless of the replacement nominee.

    The Rat and The Chicken need to get some blood on their hands and stop floating like little bumps on a log. Man up you wimps!!!

  27. It’s getting annoying how great the Exterminators think they are considering the only reason they are a good alliance is because they were formed at the eleventh hour, there’s not talent in the alliance, there’s numbers and trust because they’re fighting against some actual talent in the house. Well at least Elissa has talent and I don’t know about Mccranda really. They didn’t even want GM in the alliance.

  28. If GM will stay loyal to E and make it a girl alliance, they can pick off Andy the rat and Spencer after Amanda is gone. I’m not sure what would be better – to have McCrae out and watch Amanda meltdown or she could go Rambo and say I’m winning the game for us and actually win some comps. McCrae is so shifty that he also could win comps. I hope the double eviction will get the rat and Spencer out after the McNasty’s eviction. Shout out to Marlo Mike for a hilarious commentary on the houseguests – brilliant.

  29. I don’t get the Andy Effect with these people. It’s one thing to be social and friendly with him and that’s part of the game. But to trust his intentions and actually believe he isn’t capable of still working both sides (right in front of their eyes) is amazing. It’s obvious that he was working with Amanda and McCrae and that’s why they chose him over Aaryn to stay. And has Spencer forgotten that Andy put him on the block? And please GM this Exterminator crap is too late in the game to get credit as some type of alliance. It’s now coming down to who can win competitions and the POV. And Judd is just dumb going back and telling Andy how Elissa feels about him and also when he mentioned her eavesdropping. I like him but he is just too clueless and simple when it comes to reading people in the game or being aware of what they are capable of doing. That’s why he was voted out before.

  30. Does anyone on here remember that Howdie Doodie puppet from the 50’s or 60’s? I keep wondering who Andy reminds me of and it’s finally hit me…. Howdie Doodie. If I could post a pic to show you all I would lol

    1. Andy reminds me of that kid Anthony in the Twilight zone that would wish your ass into the cornfield if you pissed him off.

  31. In a set of strange events I hope Andy wins.. He will be trying to through it but to see him win and then under some pressure from Amanda & McCrae and the rest of the HG would be perfect.

    1. I agree. The viewers (and Elissa) know Andy and Spencer will throw it…if only it could be a comp where throwing it is impossible to do….

  32. Just because Elissa may have money doesn’t mean she wouldn’t deserve to win Big Brother and/or America’s Favorite. She was picked to play the game just like the others. Andy has been a little rat face floater and GM finally just recently stepped up her game. Being broke in the real world doesn’t automatically make them more deserved – only an ENTITLED person would get pissed if Elissa wins.

  33. “Gina says I don’t have much money but I am still happy. Andy agrees and says he doesn’t either but still has a great life.”

    Who thinks Rat Dog’s great life will be changed when he tries to return to it?

  34. Watch out Judd and Spencer because if Pizza Boy gets sent out of the house on a jury house delivery Thursday night nympho Amanda is going to be looking at one of you two for some action.

    1. Not going to happen. Elissa is not going anywhere. She will win HoH in double eviction while McPussy will joining Amanda at the Jury!!!!

  35. I would rather Elissa get HOH when it is down to 5 if she is still there. This way she can send one of the exterminators home. She would probably put up Spencer and Andy.

  36. Andy won’t win POV because Elissa is right he is playing both sides and neither will Spencer. They are both riding the middle. I hope these two FLOATERS do not make the final two.

    1. I hope Ratboy A.k.a pond scum Andy wins the veto or it so blatantly obvious that he threw the veto that he gets called out on it by Elissa GM and Judd.

  37. I scream at the live feeds Judd don’t be dumb … look where you last alliance which included Andy did to you. How many people need to tell you not to trust him? Both Aaryn and Elissa warned you!!! Elissa was the only one genuinely happy you came back. If it wasn’t for Elissa you would have been right back out the door!!!

    1. nevermind. He will go in the double eviction if he keeps this up

      BAM! deja vu, Judd. That’s why some call him “Dudd”. lol

  38. I wish one of their luxuries would be 15 minutes of internet time, so they could see what is being said about them and what they will do with the info.

  39. I want Amanda, Elissa and GM to take out the guys. Amanda and Elissa final two would be amazing. Hopefully McCrae leaves this week and then get out Andy the rat at double eviction.

  40. Hey Simon and Dawg,
    I’ve noticed a few of those who comment on the board like to write long posts, me included. Many of these post are very amusing, entertaining, well written, and some are simply hilarious. Have you two thought of setting up an “editorial” type section on your site, let a few of the writers, and wannabe writers (like me) submit to you two, longer type editorial posts that y’all could choose to post in that section? I for one would love the chance to submit and read some of the talented writers’ articles. Anyhow, just a thought.

  41. If Mccrae, Amanda, and Elissa are successfully evicted according to plan. I hate to say this but I think GM has a pretty good chance of winning this game. She’ll be the only one left that’s really good at winning comp’s. Judd suck’s if it’s endurance becuse of all the smoking and the Red Rat and his boyfriend Spendy have not proven they can win much either. If she has a choice her best bet out of these three to sit next to her at the end would be Spencer the ultimate floater. If the jury vote on game play instead of emotions, after all she is splitting up Amanda and Mccrae so she may not get their vote or they may respect her for being the one to take them down.

  42. Simon/Dawg,
    I am curious as to what your take is on the possible scenarios. Do you see Amanda and McCrae surviving this week (which would mean Elissa would get evicted bc the other HGs are in an alliance)? Your predictions are usually spot on.

    1. I don’t see any chance of both Amanda and McCrae staying in the house this week, one of them will go on Thursday and depending on how the double eviction plays out the other could follow right after.

    1. Yes, that’s the plan – maybe group think will fall apart. But it will depend on POV winner, if there is a replacement nominee and if there’s a special power.

  43. I don’t understand why they all wouldn’t want to take Elissa to the end. If they all despise her so much or feel she doesn’t deserve the $, wouldn’t you want her standing next to you at the end?

    Also, do the hgs forget this is a game? It’s not a charity competition – who cares who NEEDS the money? Who’s winning the game is all it should be about. I hate that argument…

  44. Has anyone notice that:

    1. GM has not told Andy, Spencer and Judd about her conversation with Elissa about the guys trying to get out all of the girls out?

    2. Elissa and GM both have a mutual friend outside of the house that they both admire greatly.

    3. GM has not told Andy, that Elissa has doubts about his trustworthiness.

    4. Elissa knows that Spencer told Amanda that she was listening in on her and Andy’s conversation in the storage room.

    5. Andy speaks to freely to GM about all his BS that he “so-called” masterminded (i.e. helping to evict Nick or his alliance with the McNasty duo).

    6. When GM brings up evicting Amanda next; Andy starts railing on Elissa (why is that Andy).

    7. GM can not stand a “rat”, this is her biggest pet peeve.

    Andy my boy you may be digging your own grave…..I would love to see GM or Elissa win the following HOH after double eviction and put up both Spencer and Andy.

    1. they need to send macrea first… the next competition may be endurance he’s good at that he win his first hoh of endurance …. if elissa send Amanda out first she will be screwed come Thursday macrea is good they need to send macrea first even though I want Amanda gone

    2. Me too, big time! But then again, who would you rather be final 2 with a big mouth idiot everyone hates and probably won’t vote for , or any of the others?

  45. Mc: We need some alcohol tonight. I just had another fight with Amanda.

    Spencer: Oh yeah, And how did this one end?

    Mc: When it was over, she came to me on her hands and knees.

    Spencer: Really? Now that’s a switch! What did she say?

    Mc: She said, ‘Come out from under that bed, you gutless weasel!’

  46. hope elissa wins POV …. if gina even consider putting up elissa I would bash her so hard I only like her because she nominated macrea , Amanda if she lean closer to these guys .. her chance making it further will be dim

  47. If McCrae goes. Elissa needs to win HOH, and put up Andy & spencer. Keeping Amanda one more week as a bigger target than herself or GM, and avoiding having 3 guys against 2 women. But she would probably put Amanda up. Nobody in this group seems to think much.

    1. Remember…if they backdoor Andy…McCranda will still be in the house and we’d have to deal with Amanda’s attitude and mouth! Blah!!

  48. The only power Elissa ever had in that house was when she had MVP. She’ not even the strongest player now, nor will she be after Amanda is gone. Hate to say it folks, but I think GM is holding most of the power now. She can win HOH’s better than any of the boys. Think Elissa will be gone after McCrae, followed by Amanda. Then it’s GM against Judd, Andy, and Spencer.

    1. It’s funny that people think Amanda will get evicted….ever. I will not be the least bit shocked if the rumors about this season being rigged in her favor turn out to be true.

      1. Right!?!? I thought GM nominated both Amanda and McCrea would lead to Amanda getting evicted…now they are talking about McCrea going “because he’s more dangerous…” WHAT!?!? He’s only won on HOH (and that’s because Nick or was it Jeremy that dropped) He’s not even playing the game…these dotto heads are only worried that’ll McCrea is well liked (not by me though) and that he’ll win…I just hope GM HOH wasn’t a waste, but with this group, they’ll make another STUPID decision. Oh & btw…getting Aaryn out was because McCranda didn’t throw their vote to keep her…she dug her own eviction by giving McCranda’s secret alliance away…

        I’m done! I’ve got a headache just thinking about these people…

  49. “Judd says between her week long unwashed coochie and his month long unwashed a$$, no wonder there are flies in the bathroom.” – – LOLOL! This line will go down in BB history.

  50. My biggest fear is that once McCrae is gone Amanda gets her head back into the game. Andy and Spenser will probably silently jump right back on board with her. Judd will follow Andy and Spenser advice and won’t realize who is actually in charge until he walks out the door.

  51. hey big borther im not a fan of amanda but i do think she in elssia desiver to be in the final 2 they play to win not the jury house i hope elssia wins in take amanda off the block in get dopov in her an amanda clean up the house week after week

  52. Andy is the biggest two faced snake, rat, and ant in BB history and he needs to be exterminated out of the BB house!!! Damn he gets on my last nerves, but its working for him. Hurry and get his ass out BB please!!!

    1. I agree NitaT. I disliked him way back when I saw his first rat-out! He basically was ruining everyone’s Game with his tattle-rattail-ability!

  53. How can people like Judd when he is soooooooooo dumb?!?!? He was evicted by Andy and Spencer … he trusts them?!?!? He has all the evidence in the world that Andy and Spencer are rats and he still trusts them?!?!? What is wrong with him?!?!? I am so afraid that Andy and Spencer will end up final 2…..I would even prefer Mcranda in final two over these two rat floaters!!!! Judd I just want to slap some sence into you and I want Andy evicted by Elissa so he can lose his mind…..and then you can call her c$nt and all other horrible names!!!!!

  54. I hate these people complaining about how rich they think she is. Who knows, maybe she and husband are over their eyeballs in debt. Look at Michael Jackson. Look at many people who look rich on the outside.

    To say someone should be voted out because they’re rich is a new form of discrimination. If people work hard to earn money good for them. Then there are those who make poor decisions, are racist on tv and lose jobs, spend their money on smokes and beer, if they have no money it’s their own fault.

    1. It’s all the liberals destroying the American value system that are linking current wealth and needs to whether a person deserves anything in life. That’s why in the US now there are more people on food stamps then there are actual people in the workforce. Thank you Obama for destroying our country

    2. I AGREE! Ayn Rand would destroy these HG’s and their terrible sense of entitlement. It enrages me to hear Andy continually call Elissa a c**t in the house, always followed by some comment about her assumed wealth. It’s this idea again and again that he constanly displays that we should love him simply because he is Andy and hate others because they are not Andy. Almost like he sees Big Brother as some form of welfare, the poor deserve to win because they are poor, not because they played a great game. Don’t you get it Andy, you’re poor because you’ve thought you’re entilted to money, so if that strategey failed you in the real world what makes you think it will work in the Big Brother world? I can garuntee every time he calls anyone in that house a c**t, or asshole, or any other name it puts him further away from being America’s favorite. His entitled attitude will help see him straight out of that house.
      I’m not an Elissa fan, but she certainly doesn’t deserve the disgust that Andy uses when talking about her behind her back. Do these HG’s realize that if CBS followed along with their ideas of entitlement, they would have to add a question about income to the BB application, and when they disqualified people due to their high level of income it would be considered discrimination?!?!
      Using Andy’s logic Dr. Will never should’ve won BB because he is a Doctor and assumed to have wealth. People’s wealth as an excuse for hate and a vote against makes me sad. This comment has been written by someone works as a waiter at a BBQ joint, and is struggling to make ends meet, but I do work hard and don’t resent others who work hard to get what they want in life, I’m using the money I make to help me achieve me true goal of becoming a writer, never will I cast hate upon those who have money if it’s made honestly. I respect them with all I’ve got. I understand the work that goes into being successful, it doesn’t involve making threats to America to give me money because I am poor.

      1. What is wrong with you people assuming that it is only liberals who think that Elissa doesn’t deserve to win because she already is wealthy? I posted the same comments about Dr. Will that you did yesterday, and, yes, I am a liberal democrat. This is a REALITY TV SHOW/GAME! Leave politics out of it! Any HG on that show deserves to win as much as the next, regardless of their personal wealth, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. Given your use of a political agenda, you are probably one of those far right conservative republicans who posted that Candice started the racist comments Aaryn and other HG’s have spewed since the beginning of the show, and that racism in America no longer exists. Is that a fair comment? No, it’s not. Political comments belong on another posting board, not on a site for a reality game show.

  55. As someone who has watched BB for many seasons, I am amazed at how fans react to so called floaters. Floating is a strategy! If it wasn’t NONE of the remaining HG’s would even be there still!

    Andy and Spencer – Obvious floaters – should be no argument from the peanut gallery

    Judd – Wants to be a strategist, but sadly is still just a floater because he cannot read people well enough to see who is being truthful to him and will go willingly with who he thinks is telling him the truth (he has no idea he is low man on the Floater Totem Pole behind Elissa).

    Elissa and GM – Floated at the beginning of the game behind Helen and Aaryn – neither Helen nor Aaryn would listen to their floater because they each thought they were such better gamers. Elissa knew she was a target due to her being Rachel’s sister, so she had to float to stay. While GM was not necessarily a target, she did follow Aaryn’s lead on everything (funny though, I don’t think GM thought she was floating, but in essence she was).

    Amanda and especially McCrae – Amanda, while I do agree strategized effectively until now, was still floating behind HOH winners who got all “the blood on their hands” (I really hate this phrase more than the term floater!), and, obviously, McCrae has done nothing but be a mini-me floater behind Amanda.

    All this being said, I would like to think even BB fan’s could look at the floater strategy objectively and just admit, whether they like it or not, that floating IS a strategy, and based on this season, it apparently is a very effective strategy to get to the end. BB 15 – Season of the Floater! I’m not looking for thumbs up or thumbs down on this, but actually a valid and objective argument on why floating is not a strategy. I have yet to see one post that gives a valid reason why in a GAME to win $500,000 a person should not do what they need to do, including floating, to win. At this point I would like to see Elissa and GM in F2 – they are the only two who have nominated HG’s based on what they think is best for their game, and not based on someone else’s (McCranda) choice.

    1. You can be a floater if you like. And yes it’s part of the game play. However, if I’m in the Jury you will not get my vote either. My vote is part of he game play. And I don’t like floaters. For me and only me a floater is at the bottom of the rule book just below Rats. .

  56. agree. all but judd are there because of 3AM alliance. amanda has really taken some heat over her attempt to get elissa to put up GM last week to save Aaryn thus 3M. i agree she could have chosen something better than what she did, maybe lying low and acting aloof would have gotten GM up instead of Andy, but hindsight is 20/20. none the less… all the leftovers are just musical chair misfits. Amanda got out all the smart players one by one… what a joke now. the leftovers are acting like they’re still playing and it’s just musical chair time, because without 3M there is no strategy left in the house of any interest or intelligence. amanda said when elissa won hoh and judd came back she felt defeated and was depressed for 3 days, she put forth a tremendous plot but who knows… we’ll see together who ends up in the end. i would like to see elissa leave asap then andy.

    1. Thank you, Rita! Your musical chair illustration was exactly what I was picturing when I posted my comments except instead of chairs getting removed as the music stops, all HG’s are floating in the ocean and one by one a life vest gets removed. I appreciate your comment even if we don’t agree on F2.

  57. Did anyone watch Andy and Spencer’s story telling session late last night when just the 2 of them were in the livingroom? It was so funny I lmao. Hop I can find a link somewhere, it was great.

  58. My prediction? Andy will use POV on amanda and put up Elissa. McCrae and Elissa will be voted out. Next elimination will be Gina, followed by Judd/Spencer, and final two will be Andy/Amanda. Bitch trumps Rat.

  59. “Judd says between her week long unwashed coochie and his month long unwashed a$$, no wonder there are flies in the bathroom.

    Gina says that if Amanda saw McCrae on the streets she wouldn’t give him the time a day. Andy says that’s what make him think that Amanda isn’t trustworthy or loyal because she cheated on her boyfriend from home.”


    “Gina comments that Amanda said she was going to get engaged to the guy.”

    Obviously because she thinks McCrae might win, and if she’s married to him he can legally share the winnings with her. She’s a ho, but a smart ho.

  60. Ok, so I think GM should not be feeling too comfortable about this exterminator’s alliance; it would be a big mistake for her to trust these guys, but it seems she’s really in. What she really needs to do is shore up a final two alliance with Elissa because if she listens to the exterminators, and she gets rid of Elissa, they will turn on her, and try to have just a guy’s alliance at the end. She has to remember that her, and Elissa are the best two competitors left in the game, and if they stick together they could actually make it to final 2. They should go ahead and take care of MCranda this week, and double eviction and then Judd and Andy should be next on the chopping block, that would leave Spencer, GM and Elissa… final 2 would be in the bag! Otherwise, the exterminators are going to use her for competitions to get rid of people. I feel like she is not very strategic because she has fallen right into Andy’s trap, already he is trying to remind her of things that Elissa said or did in the past, that frankly, Elissa and GM have already cleared up. I think it is his way of making sure that the three ladies don’t team up by any chance…. when he said that Amanda and Elissa talked about her all the time.

  61. 1. Amanda should be kicked out by CBS now!
    If the above link doesn’t work or isn’t allowed here, search YT for:
    BB15 Amanda tries to hurt Elissa
    (she slammed a door open, hoping to hit her)

  62. Gina…for best last minute alliance, no doubt The Exterminators have that title but, I don’t see how the Exterminator alliance blows the moving company away when this group only have 3 players to worry about, Amanda, McCrae & Elissa. Whereas the moving company was formed and they had to deal with 11 other HGs.

    Can’t really compare when the numbers are slimer then what the moving company was working up against. If the Exterminator was formed well for starters it wouldn’t happen. Due to this unwritten rule of joining up with the cools kids vs the uncool kids, that school mentality and second the alliance wouldn’t last before week 1 was over with. Unfortunately the better alliance “game wise” was “the goof troop”

  63. Most of you have lost your minds your minds or else you’re one of those immature dimwit Brenchal fans still rooting for that vacuum Elissa. Not one of these moronic airheads including Helen and Aaryn in jury deserve to win anything, they’ve all made a mockery of what was once a brilliant game.

  64. Gina…for best last minute alliance, no doubt The Exterminators have that title but, I don’t see how the Exterminator alliance blows the moving company away when this group only have 3 players to worry about, Amanda, McCrae & Elissa. Whereas the moving company was formed and they had to deal with 11 other HGs.

    Can’t really compare when the numbers are slimer then what the moving company was working up against. If the Exterminator was formed well for starters it wouldn’t happen. Due to this unwritten rule of joining up with the cools kids vs the uncool kids, that school mentality and second the alliance wouldn’t last before week 1 was over with. Unfortunately the better alliance “game wise” was “the goof troop”

  65. Who thinks that McCranda is now considered a a major embarrassment to their family and friends? Their relationship appears to based only on the 7 Deadly Sins:

    Pride is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

    Envy is the desire for others’ traits, status, abilities, or situation.

    Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

    Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

    Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.

    Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.

    Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.


  66. How can Andy save Amanda and put up Elissa? If Andy uses the POV only GM can replace nomination..She is not going to put up Elissa.Sorry name says she would put up Spencer only if Andy wins POV and saves Amanda..Doesn’t matter that would expose Andy as a rat like Alissa said to Judd and he would go right after Mccrae…

    1. If this is the Diamond POV, whoever wins can use it to take a nom off the block and then they also get to pick the replacement nom, So, WHOEVER WINS the DIAMOND POV (not the regular POV), gets to use it, and then backdoor someone.

  67. Hey Name, your name is all over this place day and night 24\7 with the stupidest, most moronic, ignorant, obsene and inane comments. And who gives two sh-ts about your political leanings, this is BB we’re talking about. Tme for you to get a life. You’re a sick sick puppy.

  68. They need to get Amanda out first or else she will turn on her fake charm and get the guys on her side. I think she thought she had to have a guy to help her win the game in the finals. She hooked up with McCray as he was the easiest to catch! She is so disgusting! I feel bad for McCray. He is being used and seems to sleep a lot too. I think he is depressed.
    Andy is disgusting too. On After Dark he flipped off Elissa behind her back and says he ” hates her so much”. The next minute he is kissing her ass. Also several times I heard him call her c**t behind her back on After Dark. If he hates her he does not have to stoop to that level. He is a teacher too. Do you want him teaching your kids? I sure don’t!

  69. Wow – sounds like Spencer is currently saying he’ll go up as a pawn. Bad move Spencer! They should put Elissa up & take their chances. Of course it sounds like GM might want to put Andy up. WOW!! Hoping Andy & Spencer somehow get Elissa up – cause I think they’d take her out first.

  70. It is still on trivia with the live feed so no one knows who won yet..and Andy has stated several times to Spencer he is going to throw it but not try and be obvious because he doesn’t want to let on that he is playing both sides of the house even though Elissa is the only one that is figuring it out and no one believes her!

  71. I don’t think the house should take any chances, they have to get rid of Amanda now. If she stays what if she does get HoH or some super power?

    Also with the idiots left ( Dudd, Ratboy, GM & Spencer) they may fall under Amanda’s spell again and become her sheep again. They are all starting to focus on getting rid of Ellisa before completing the task of finishing off the dirty duo.

  72. Hey Name, one of your many lowlight highlights was when you said Amanda and Mc were going to skin Jews when they got out of the house, you are one sick sadistic lowlife. Do us all a favor and keep those kind of comments to yourself, we’re trying to have civilized conversations and debates about BB.

  73. McPussy won POV and Fat-manda is now gone.

    Don’t have any sympathy for Mc-faggot. He was the selfish mother fucker that ruined the Moving Company at the begining of the game.

    He an ugly looking rat bastard almost as bad at the actual Rat, Andy..

  74. Now that McCrae won POV, these houseguests are so dumb that they probably want to save McCranda.
    I know they wanted McCrae to go first, but now that he won the veto please stick to the original plan and vote Demanda out of the house. McCrae probably won POV because Andy and Spencer said they were going to throw it.
    The only ones playing for POV were McCranda, Elissa, and GM; so one of Mccranda had 50% chance of getting POV. Spencer and Andy are such floaters……………

  75. This renom could go really wrong if the right person is not put up which I feel should be Andy, only if McCrae leaves himself on the block. If Amanda stays on the block she is gone. I wouldn’t be surprised of Amanda gets a special “power” enabling her to stay

  76. Amanda to Gina Marie, “You still have a chance to make a big move, by getting Elissa out” (BLANK STARE) then FLATLINE___________________________________________________________________________________________LOL wake up Amanda! She did make a big move by having the balls to put up you and your girlfriend mcrea! LOL SMH silly rabbit tricks are for kids LOL

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