The Chicken and the Rat “For my best game and your best game Elissa has to go even over Amanda”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


6:06pm Bedroom Amanda, McCrae and GM
GM tells them she loves them and she’ll be making some chicken parm if they want it. Amanda asks if they could spend a night in the HOH. GM tells them absolutely asks them if they want to do it before or after the veto ceremony. They say after. GM leaves
Amanda – “I’m going to take all the luxuries”
Amanda is certain that Elissa is going to rub it in her face all at every opportunity
McCrea doesn’t think so.
Amanda – “I didn’t see that coming did you see that coming”
McCrae – “no”
A – “didn’t she seem like she was going to put up Elissa.. I just went bat shit crazy and I shouldn’t have.. control freak over here”
Amanda cannot believe that Elissa sent out Nick and Aaryn and GM didn’t nominate her, “Who is this person the best Big Brother Game player”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


6:12pm storage room Andy and Amanda (Elissa listening in at the door)
Andy tells her to stay calm and win the veto.
Amanda says she wants McCrae to stay she wants to go home, “I don’t want to take this from him.. this means so much to him.. Spencer Is in on it.. he has to be “
Andy- “I don’t know what to think”
Amanda – “Poopy said it, JUDD, Spencer, Elissa and GM are all working on it”
Andy plays dumb says he doesn’t know what is going one he keeps telling her to stay calm.
Amanda adds that Aaryn told GM to put them up before she left.

Amanda says she doesn’t want to stay in the house and have to look at the joker face all week. Andy raises his voice tells her to stop talking like that.
Amanda is crying..
Andy tells her if she cries it will feed Elissa bitchery she needs to stay strong she’s survived this entire time in the house.
Spencer comes in tells them Elissa was listening in..
Amanda leaves slams the door.
Andy to Spencer – “I was just telling Amanda what she needs to hear.. I’m a bit freaked out About Elissa”

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6:25pm Bathroom JUDD and Elissa
Elissa – “Everything they say is the dumbest thing I have ever heard”

Elissa thinks Andy and Spencer are working with Amanda/MCrae she says Spencer told Amanda that she was listening in on the conversation at the storage room door. JUDD doesn’t think they are. He says Andy really doesn’t like the fighting and he’s probably trying to get Amanda to calm down. JUDD points out that one of them are staying so everyone is wanting to play nice.

Spencer joins them he tells her that he never told them she was listening at the door he just said she was near the door running. Spencer says everyone wants the fighting between Elissa and Amanda to stop. That is what Andy was pushing for in the Storage room.
Elissa – “Can you stop saying fighting because it takes two people to fight and that is not what i’m doing” Elissa says she doesn’t do anything to Amanda. Amanda attacks her and harasses her.
Spencer – “Poor choice of words..”

Andy joins them says the fighting needs to stop and that is what he’s trying to say to Amanda. All he was doing in the storage room was telling Amanda what she wants to hear.


6:45pm Living room Spencer and Amanda

Spencer plays dumb says he’s 100% surprised, “Dude I’ve been up there saying ELissa’s and JUDD’s name”

Amanda cries says she’s going to sink her game so McCrae can stay and play.
Spencer tells her they will talk after the veto competition.


6:47pm cockpit Amanda and GM

Amanda apologizes for her reaction , “I was completely blindsided”
GM – “It wasn’t my intentions it was figured out at the last minute”
Amanda – “Such a big decision to make at the last minute”
Amanda Says she loves McCrae and the thought of being apart hurts her.
GM says she knows how Amanda feel she went through the same thing with Nick.

Amanda mentions what GM said in her nomination speech was heartbreaking for her. To say she took the fight out of McCrae really hurt her. GM says she didn’t mean it like that. She thought week one McCrae was a beast but after he was with Amanda he became weak.

Amanda – “I know what is happening you are doing Elissa’s dirty work.. I can tell when you both looked at each other” Amanda is convinced that Elissa and GM are working together.
GM says she swears on her nephews life that she is not working with Elissa.

GM says that everyone will be working on their own once the duo is broken up. Amanda doesn’t think so says there are alliances all over the house and they are hidden. Asks GM what is more dangerous a couple you know about or a couple that is in secret.

Amanda Says the entire new years granny plan was so that Andy could go up and comfort Elissa so that JUDD or Spencer would go up. She fought her a$$ off to keep Aaryn last week.
Amanda – “I went above and beyond to keep Aaryn in the house”

Amanda points out that one of them will stay and be pissed at GM. Amanda adds Andy is also going to be mad so GM will have two people mad at her, ‘Why would you do that.. why not put up Elissa nobody would have cared”

GM says there isn’t very many people left in the house. She goes back to saying the duo is deadly.
Amanda wants to know why GM blindsided her because she made them all think JUDD and Elissa were going up. GM apologizes says she never meant to Blindside Amanda.
Gm says McCrae is such a great person she really loves him.
Amanda – “you are telling me if I come down you will not vote McCrea out”
GM – “doesn’t depend on me”
Amanda- ‘It wll be a tie”
Gm – “it will be 3 to 1”
AManda – “No it will be Andy and I voting to keep McCrea’
Gm says she isn’t smart and keeping a player like MCCrae in the house it is bad for her game

GM – “You are a power couple” GM explains if she goes to final 4 with them and Andy she has less of a chance because MC will take Amanda and Amanda Will take MC.
Amanda points out the competition wins. She’s won zero, Andy has won 1 and McCrae hasn’t won sh!t since week 1. If you go by the stats GM is a beast compared to them.

Amanda – ‘it just kills me that Elissa who has been carried this entire time stays longer than me.. she’s so privileged and useless.. her biggest game move was getting rid of your best friend”

Amanda – “I don’t want to stay in this house with Jokers face”

Amanda – “you wouldn’t put Elissa up as a replacement if I cam down.. or JDUD”
GM – “I haven’t thought about that..”
Amanda – “You don’t think Elissa and JUDD are not working together”
Gm – they are close
Amanda Apologizes again for yelling at her. GM says she knows Amanda wasn’t really yelling she’s seen Amanda yell before.


7:04pm bathroom Andy and Spencer
Andy is getting the feeling that GM, JUDD and Elissa are all going to want Amanda gone this week and that is bad for their games. Andy is getting increasingly worried about Elissa.
Andy – “For my best game and your best game Elissa has to go even over Amanda”
Spencer – “Absolutely”
Spencer says if Andy wins HOH he can put up him and Elissa and if Veto is played Amanda can go up.
Andy says same if Spencer wins HOH he can put Andy up against Elissa.
Spencer – “Elissa has got to go”
Andy – ‘I know’
Andy says if Thursday is a double and he goes home because of Elisas he’s going to sh!t his F*** pants.. Oh my god that is like my biggest fear’

Andy – “my fear is Ellisa will be my downfall my demise in this game and that cannot happen’
Spencer – “cannot happen.. I have the same fear.. the exact same fear’
Andy – ‘it’s been programmed in her head that I’m not trustworthy.. that will never change Never no matter what I say’
Andy – ‘If I go knowing how much I need this money by someone who can by a f*** hockey rink.. I’m going to have a f** brain aneurysm.. oh my god’
Spencer – “If she puts me up against you my speech to America will be .. this crazy B!tch owns a Hockey Rink please vote America’s player anybody else but her.. give it to f*** david over her’
Andy – ‘I’ll be like Brenchel army go f**** youself’

(Everyone is making moves now this is going to be a great couple weeks of Big Brother)

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Andy – “it kills me to have to be so nice to her.. Oh my god I didn’t mean that”
Spencer mentions how Elissa was getting pissey about Spencer saying that her and Amanda fight. Andy promises him that there is no way CBS is showing any of Elissa’s bad qualities.


7:40pm Bedroom Amanda and McCrae
Amanda and McCrae cuddling. She says to him they can have sex before she leaves. MC say no.
Amanda – ‘WHY… ok now i’m pissed’

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293 thoughts on “The Chicken and the Rat “For my best game and your best game Elissa has to go even over Amanda”

  1. OK, last night Amanda said that Elissa was terrorizing a 22 yr old (aaryn). I haven’t watched the feeds but whenever I read about them or saw them on the CBS show they just seemed to ignore each other and not really say anything. Did I miss something from before that the feeds had? Did Elissa really terrorize Aaryn? I am not a fan of either so just want to know.

      1. Elissa runs her mouth about everyone behind their back.
        I’d be ashamed to be a part of something called the “Brenchel army.”
        Elissa is probably the worst/most disgusting/self centered houseguest ever.

          1. Exactly. Everyone has been talking about everyone since the invention of BB, Survivor etc. In Amanda’s own words this is a GAME! Get over yourself already.

        1. And your siding with A-Man-Duh? And next your gonna tell me she’s done nothing and Elissa started everything. Elissa has only talked about A-Man-Duh and calls her disgusting; granted she says it maybe a little too much, but compared to A-Man-Duh it’s nothing. She talks about Elissa all the time, she’s obsessed.Plus A-Man-Duh will fuck anything that comes her way (Her only option is Mcpussy, lmfao)and Elissa is the disgusting one? But Amanda is also the most hated person in big brother history. Great logic there how bout next time you make sense.

        2. elissa doesn’t bother really responding to Amanda! She ignores the jerk! Amanda assh—- is the tramp and she called Elissa one.. Amanda looks for trouble with her floating mouth that never shuts up. Hope Amanda is booted this Thursday can’t take another day of her…AND YES…NEXT TO AMANDA ELISSA IS A ANGEL !

          1. thumbs up or down for whichever you hate the most…

            thumbs up if you hate the elissa haters who act that way mostly for the sake of hate

            thumbs down if you hate amanda fans

            1. Seriously??

              Either way it supports Elissa.

              Just another Brenchel sheep that never watches
              the feeds. Elissa obsessed over Aaryn for weeks
              even after they had resolved everything. Elissa is
              a creepy plastic joke. If she wasn’t related to Rachel,
              nobody would like her.

    1. My biggest worry now is that it WILL be Amanda going, I’d rather have MC leave but have my doubts: spencer, andy and JUDD will want to keep MC and then, it will surely be an all boys alliance (as many predicted: a circle jerk) and surely, Elissa and GM will be the targets over Amanda. I just hope JUDD is smart enough (but don’t think so) to stick with GM and Elissa over Spencer and Andy, who I want out almost as much as Amanda and MC.

      1. I know, now he wants to stab Mcranda in the back so, we should like him now. Still no balls, still worried about Mcranda finding out he is against them because one of them is staying for 2 eviction before the second one is gone. What’s the weasel worried about. They hate Elissa & GM put them both up. They are bigger targets than you would be. They can’t vote everyone out in one week all by themselves. It would be 4 to 1 against Mcranda for next HOH anyway

      2. The smart thing would be to take Amanda to the final 2. No way would she win the 500K against anyone else in the house. As bad as she is, I’d really hate for to even get the 2nd place money. McCrae, you hooked up with the wrong girl in the house, pizza delivery tip money is all I see in your future!

        I never liked the friends and family plan CBS uses to put HG on the show (eg: Willie Hantz, Elissa, etc) And, it is a good point if you can afford to buy a hockey rink, you probably don’t need the money. So, sorry Elissa, I don’t want you to win either.

        Gina Marie has said things as nasty as Aaryn if not worse. So no way I want to see her with 500K.

        Spencer is just too disgusting and creepy for me to like.

        So, unless there is some other twist that would bring Candice or Jessie back into the house… Right now, the only one in the house I’d like to see win BB is Judd!

        So, that leaves Andy T. Rat. I guess if he can survive to the final 2, he’d deserve the 50K second prize. That would buy him a lot of cheese.

        1. I can see everyone’s viewpoint about getting rid of McRae and keeping SHE-WHOSE-NAME-SHALL-NOT-BE-SPOKEN until next week or even for the final 2 as someone suggested. But seriously, from the standpoint of living in the house, would you want to spend the rest of the time with the vulgar-mouthed, depraved SHE-WHOSE-NAME-SHALL-NOT-BE-SPOKEN? I don’t think it would be worth $500K to have one’s sanity tested by spending any more time in the house than necessary with the beast.

        2. Yeah, but here’s the thing about that: It’s more likely that someone who doesn’t NEED (whatever that means) the money will do more with it, like help other people. (Now, one may be inclined to say that Elissa will not help anyone. However, I do not know her personally, so I couldn’t agree or disagree. Thus, I said “more likely.”)

          I prefer to go with EARNED over NEEDED, for the sake of fairness, with ‘earned’ being relative, of course, in this case. Now, if the others “NEED” the money so much, then they should play a game that EARNS them that money. Or, like Howard, they could take it on the chin, and point their lives in a direction headed toward wealth. Just sayin’.

      3. no, its Amanda first to leave and double eviction this week, hopefully mccrae gone tooo….. hope elissa wins that HOH and puts mccrae and andy on the block… they both have to go, don’t care in which order but GONE!!! CAN’T BE SOON ENOUGH ;

      4. If Spencer and Andy make it to F2, CBS should go bankrupt and be unable to fulfill the prize amounts. At the start, I actually thought Andy and Spencer should team up. But, after watching each play his game, I’m so taken aback by their characters that I want both evicted. They could have joined forces from the start, PLAYED

        1. . . . PLAYED a strategic and respectable game, and been our favorites at this point. If you think about it, they really are two of a kind in a most negative way.

    2. Elissa never terrorized Aaryn. Aaryn had it out for Elissa since day one all because of who her sister is.

      1. What happened to speaking the truth (your username)? Aaryn was Elissa friend from day 1 until Elissa stasrted lying to her and spreading around the house that Aaryn was MVP to put a target on Aaryn’s back.
        Elissa only started problems with Aaryn because the DR gave her info about the outside world and she wanted fans support because she’s fake just like her face.

        1. BBK that is pure BS!!!! Elissa never spread any rumors.. its Amanda talking saying lying things cause she doesn’t like Elissa, never has…Amanda is a hore,disgusting scum! and her boyfriend McCrae takes a shower 1 time a weak//// look at their messy room, food bowls , dishes etc laying around… Amanda I think is Bipolar…. she needs to check in to a crazy house… that’s where she belongs!

          1. When Amanda is interviewed outside the house, donuts to dollars she uses the excuse that she has “anxiety issues” and that she didn’t have “access” to medications and that the “stress of being in the house forced her to do and say things that she normally wouldn’t”. I HIGHLY doubt she’s going to step up and say “YUp, that’s ME. I’m a LOUD MOUTHED, VILE, FILTHY, ATTENTION WHORE!! And I dont REGRET ANY OF IT!”. What get’s me is already the “doubts’ between Andy and Spencer on whether AMANDA should be the one leaving. It seems SOOOOO ….. RIGGED? Again, I say, If AMANDA does NOT leave this week, i know BB is rigged and I will NEVER watch again.

            1. We all say that. You’ll be back next week, especially if Amanda gets nominated again (provided she survives this week).

              1. Nope, I won’t. I’ll stop watching this week and won’t watch BB again. I’ve been struggling with it the last few seasons. I think ever since the All Stars season. So many things seemed so OVER scripted and rigged. It’s just getting to be way too obvious to me. I’ve watched every season. it’s become a family thing. I even sent in a tape for season 2 and would have gone out for the casting call last season if health issues wouldn’t have kept me from it. Maybe it’s just me and I’M the one burned out on it? I dunno. I’m just increasingly disappointed with every season since All Stars. Either way, it just bums me out. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of information will be posted by the ex-CBS employee pre-finale. If Amanda actually does make it to that finale, I think even though BB may have gained a lot of new fans becuase of the overt drama, they’re going to lose a LOT of long time fans. :(

        2. Where do you get your info? You should actually watch the show and stop making guesses on what’s going on. Your also siding with a racist that’s in denial that was put down by the Chenbot (“I never said that…I’m from Texas…blabbity blah” BULLSHIT!) and you have the nerve to stick up for Aaryn? The only thing Elissa lied about that triggered anything in Aaryn was that Elissa was Rachel’s sister and Elissa had a legitimate reason for it: SHE DIDN’T WANT A TARGET ON HER BACK! I think that’s a good enough reason. That was the only thing at that point that she lied about. She lied later about MVP but that was after Aaryn hated her. And then she went to personal attacks against Elissa. If anyone lied it was Aaryn. She tried to say she tried to be friends with Elissa. They never even talked about being friends or in an alliance. She was too busy trying to get with David. Elissa had every reason to dislike Aaryn. Truth is, I actually started to feel sorry for Aaryn and liked her competitive nature. Maybe its because Amanda is even more vile or maybe I thought she was trying to be cool and just got caught up, but when she made all those excuses when Jules called her out, it was back to square one for me and I felt shame not sorrow for her. All she had to do was own up to it.

        3. Aaryn never once tried to be Elissa’s friend. In the first episode she called Elissa a fembot & said that she couldn’t wait to send her home.

        4. Did Elissa actually do that or are you just getting this info from Aaryn’s eviction interview with Chenbot? I never seen this occur so IDK, but it seems like I heard someone say that Aaryn was going around bragging about being so beautiful and likable that America would vote her MVP every week. Either way Aaryn continuously said how much she loved Rachel before the show so it doesn’t make sense that she would dislike Elissa because of her BB blood connection. If anything, Aaryn was probably pissed that no one knew Elissa was Rachel’s sister and she might have been angry that they were all at a disadvantage because of Elissa’s built in fan base and the MVP voting. In the end, we know why Elissa disliked Aaryn and Aaryn is so immature that she probably disliked Elissa just because Elissa disliked her first.

    3. Nope! Elissa hasn’t bothered anyone. From day one when they found out she was Rachel’s sister they all got on the bandwagon to get her out. She has not fought with amanda and hasn’t really said much to Aaryn.
      Amanda is psychotic and needs help! this is a game and because it is not going her way she freaks out.. Elissa has been very dignified the entire time!

    4. paaahaaa!!! OMG PLEASE do not listen to that delusional brenchel fucktard!! Elissa gave Aaryn PLENTY of hell when she was there and for anybody to say otherwise, is just as dimwitted as Elissa and crazy as Amanda. Haaa please. give…me…a…break.

        1. So many Elissa HATERS! Get your life Haters! Elissa works for what she has and said multiple MULTIPLE times she is playing for her charity! That’s not a snob in ANY WAY!!!

          1. Just a moment.

            Just because someone says she is playing for charity does not mean that she is not stuck up. On the contrary, that very statement could be taken as her saying: “Look! None of you are even close to being as good as me. I am playing this game out of the goodness of my heart. You are all here for selfish reasons.” Now I am not saying that is what Elissa is saying, just that it can be taken that way.

            Brenchel fans (and real fans of Elissa) need to realize that Rachel and her sister are human and not perfect. They are flawed. Get over it.

            1. Hey dickhead no one said Elissa was perfect. If you actually watched the show you would actually see that she keeps to herself and she only talked about Aaryn and A-Man-Duh after they attacked her and on personal levels too.How is that being a snob. Explain exactly what she has done that is snobbish. For everything that you can come up with I will call your Bullshit and then I can counter with at least 5 real facts to your 1 bullshit. Yeah keep standing up for the Racist who can’t own up to shit and the Crybaby bitchface.

        2. Name, what is it about you that you don’t like successful people. You like for people to be poor and down in the dumps because you are like that. I already know who you voted for in the elections!

        3. Judd is not too smart, I don’t know why he trusts Ratandy so much. If he doesn’t look out, Ratandy is going to evict him. The only true alliance now that Amanda or McCrae are leaving is Ratandy and Spencer. Ratandy is smart because he knows anyone can win over Spencer and it’s the right decision to take him to final 2. Spencer is the most irrelevant person in this game.

      1. BD22, what tv show are you watching???? you must be on a different channel!! look even at all the posts… everyone disagrees with you….Elissa never hurt or belittled anyone..she basically stays by herself … she really never even answers Amanda back…Aaryn and Amanda started from day 1 terrorizing Elissa just because they found out she is Rachels sister… If you don’t like Rachel too bad…Elissa is not Rachel and that still isn’t a reason to pick on Elissa… she did nothing to hurt anyone and never talked bad about anyone either…. SO PLEASE PUT ON THE RIGHT CHANNEL BECAUSE THE CHANNEL YOUR WATCHING DOESN’T EVEN EXIST

    5. No. Elissa has not harassed anyone. Amanda is delusional and a big fat bully-makes for good tv but if I were Elissa I sure would be talking to production about feeling unsafe. She is on meds and is freakin insane. She has said she wished Jessie was gang raped. Wanted to punch someone in the face with brass knuckles. To many vile and disgusting things to repeat and they haved been dicumented on mant bb sites. just dig and its all there to see and read abiut. She took open condoms and a maxi pad with hot sauce and stuck it on Elissa’s picture on the wall of house guests. I’m sure Amanda’s parents are so proud. Not to mention the nasty scank is reusing dirty used condoms to have sex with McCrae.

      1. I agree. How did Amanda made into this house being addicted to Aderall and Xanax? And they let her drink on top of her prescription. Liability. That is disgusting of CBS to use a mentLy ill person on meds as their court jester. I hope Amanda seeks the help that she needs. Big Brother is no Rehab Facility. Amanda needs professional help.

        1. I feel sorry for McCrae. He’s crying, and I don’t think it’s just about the game. He may be struggling with what to do about his showmance with Amanda. It’s really sad. He looks heartbroken. I don’t approve of the bad things I have seen on the show from various houseguests, but they are still human beings. This is why people in the game shouldn’t allow their showmances to get sexual. When feelings get involved in a game for money, it can lead to pain.

        2. Amanda is a shitty actress who went off script. Unless there’s a DPOV b/t McCrae’s legs, it’s doubtful either of those slugs would find it. Also, if I were Elissa, I would be WISHING a bitch would touch me! I would fall on the floor and have a seizure! They could roll the tape at my civil suit!

      2. I call bullshit. Elissa is a horrible person. Stuck up, self entitled, two faced money grubbing slut

    6. That’s all that stuck up superficial bitch does is antagonize and talk down to people. She was even talking shit about Aaryn last night when GM got her HOH room. While everyone was in the Hoh room she said “the only thing that could make this better is if Aaryn was here, I miss Poopy” She is a fake ass bitch. Nothing real about her. Not even her looks.

    1. Amanda’s self confidence has eroded her game. She was so cocky going into her DR sessions saying that she controlled the game and believed she could continue to power over everyone along the way, picking meek personalities to align with and feeling falsely assured it would take her to the end. Now her empire has crumbled and she is out for blood. Unfortunately for her the blood she is after has become personal, and she has completely lost sight of the game.

      Elissa appears to be trying to keep her distance from Amanda but Amanda keeps looking for her to create more fights, but what will get Elissa in the end is the fact that she is dragging everyone into her personal problems with Amanda by continuing to harp on the matter when no one seems to really be encouraging it. They are going so far as to walk away from it, or to try to change the subject. This will be Elissa’s demise if she continues to behave like this with the remaining house guests. The only way Elissa will be able to stay is if she wins the HOH’s, vetos and shelves her disgust for Amanda and all other house guests until after the game.

  2. The question is – who gives a shit about the chicken and the rat? They aren’t winning any comps soon and their games are slowly being exposed. By the end of this week they will be big targets in the house.

    1. I care about the rat!. (Not about the chicken, though). Why doesn’t Andy get the credit he deserves? Whomever controls the rat, controls the game. When he was spying for Helen, she was doing great. He switched his full allegiance to Amanda, then everything went her way. Now he is working with the exterminators, so they’ll probably kick @$$. Andy is making or breaking people’s games this year.

      1. SERIOUSLY??? Andy the RAT, won’t change, he still will be the Rat working for Amanda… Can’t believe he is a college professor! Wait til he gets back to school and will be made a mockery… Nevermind he being a Rat, he is a snake….. hope he goes home next after mccrae and Amanda.. want judd to find out exactly that andy is lying and really is with Amanda. Andy still runs back to Amanda telling her shit.. He said to her to wait til Veto and they will talk……..WHAT A RAT! elissa never did anything to him and he hates her because he is scared of her.. I hope Elissa wins this next HOH for the double eviction and both McCrae and AManda are gone!!! Next its ANDY OUT!!! lIKE JUDD AND ELISSA TO BE FINAL 2


    2. seriously. and andy should get off his pasty white ass and work. all he does is whine about the money and how much he needs. everyone in the house needs money, except elissa or amanda.

    3. I am more worried by Andy and Spencer then the McCranda. Andy is still a rat and Spencer just lies and stirs sh*t up…Andy needs to go this double eviction. There are two showmances in this house the McCranda and the Ginger army and frankly the 2nd couple is more dangerous. In life the loud crazies are noticed and thus are harmless but it’s the quiet crazies you gotta look out for their the ones that leave distraction in their path when they lose it…

  3. I can’t believe i’m about to say this…. Production better rig this game for Judd and Elissa! Or least GM!!! I love how Andy and Spencer think there just the best at this game. Hello fat-so and red head albino! floater!

        1. With this lot of players I don’t have a favourite I kinda just like people on a day to day basis. I watch a lot of feeds and read a lot of comments on this site I try to balance my opinions out. When it all come down to it I like excitement and unexpected turn of events, I dislike stuck up players and people that think they have the game in the bag. The only person I consistently disliked was Helen the rest have good days and bad days.

          I’m not a McCrae/Amanda fan however i really dislike how some people on here treat them so I tend to stick up for them if I see something unjust. SO MUCH misinformation going around. I lothed Amanda for most of this game but thought she was an exciting GAME PLAYER. For the most part people are taking it too far, same as they did with Shelly, Danielle, Rachel, etc etc etc. McCrea is Meh.. really don’t like or dislike him

          I think the praise for Elissa is WAY overblown and is standard cat person behaviour. With that said the Elissa haters are going overboard same as the Amanda haters. The Elissa lovers need to go feed their cats or volunteer at a cat shelter because she’s not perfect just like you and me. Last week was exciting to watch Elissa finally do something all us fans have been wanting.. this week meh same old whimpering

          Everyone loves GM now but 2 weeks ago people were making petitions to have her stoned at the public square and calling her all sorts of names.. she’s not that bad even if I disagree with what she says 90% of the time.

          I can’t stand Spencer sometimes but having to read all the comments about him being a pedo is draining. Sometimes I laugh at Specner’s dialog and have to press mute other times..

          JUDD is fun to watch even last night I laughed so hard when he told the story about his dream of the dog that overdosed.. Today he’s become boring for me.

          Some days I turn on the feeds and i’m loving what Andy is doing some days I don’t.

          So to answer you question as of right now no i’m not Team JUDD but i’ll be watching the feeds for another 6 hours and one of those hours may go to him. Here’s a picture of my cat

              1. Wow, Never Saw You EverTelling Us Your Opinion. But I’ve Never Heard Anyone Ask You. I’m Kinda With You, I’m An Underdog Fan. But I’d Love To See Judd Win This. Btw, Thanks For All You Do. Best Site Around

                  1. Great cartoon!. Love the theme song!.

                    “Speed of Lightning
                    Roar of Thunder
                    Fighting all
                    Who rob or plunder.
                    Underdog, Underdog!”

                    I’ll vote for him (or Simon or Dawg)

          1. Well said. I wasn’t expecting such an in-depth response because I know you are busy following the feeds, but it was a great read and I agree that it is difficult to find a front runner to cheer for. Real easy this year to find people to dislike, much more difficult to find one to like. I’m going to ride out Team Judd…

          2. your cat looks like a “main coon” we lost our main coon not long ago.
            Our vet said that main coon’s are the most affectionate breed of cats.
            FYI….everybody should volunteer at the cat and dog shelters.
            Spay and neuter people……….:D

          3. Very cute cat, Simon! Thanks for sharing the photo. Though she has a look in her eyes as if she’s looking at you and saying “you really aren’t go to try to capitalize on our relationship by sharing my photo with the BB crowd, are you?”

    1. Unfortunately it’s been rumoured that the show is about th play in Amanda’s favour because she’s destined to win this big brother because of her relationship with the executive producer. Google it, actually kinda a piss off. This week will prove that theory to either be a lie or true, if they were smart amanda would go this week. So well see….

  4. It’s hard to forget the hateful things GinaMarie has said/done. She shouldn’t get a free pass – but I want to like her. I tell myself she isn’t very bright, and was trying to fit in with the Mean Girls. That wasn’t a game move, it was a life move. She’s learned if she isn’t on the inside – she’s on the outside. She has a good heart. When she gets out and realizes people are upset with her, I hope she just owes up to the terrible things and apologizes. I’m glad Elissa is kind to her.

    1. I have a feeling that when GM gets out and finds out about being fired and
      the national outrage against her for her racism, she might change her ways.
      As for Amanda and Aaryn, they embrace victimhood and I doubt they will learn
      much moving forward.

    2. Same here. I’ve always felt it was a slightly different case with GM than the rest of the witches in the house. She has done and said some pretty terrible things especially during the Mean Girls’ reign in the BB house, but I feel sorry for her for some weird reason. She seems like she has a good heart and can be very kind especially after observing her these past two weeks and I think part of her behaviour can be attributed to a combination of being uneducated and ignorant as well as mixed with low self-esteem and a tough life. This doesn’t condone her behaviour, but I don’t know. I just think that out of all the people who leave the house and see how they behaved she may be the most capable of change. Amanda is beyond hope and Aaryn is too sheltered and ignorant that I really don’t think she is completely capable of change.
      I didn’t feel sorry for Aaryn during her interview because she is clearly aware of what she’s said and instead of acknowledging them, she blamed it on the state of Texas. Aaryn seems like one of those people who is just sorry in the moment to make themselves look good, but in reality she will probably continue to act the way she does. Her apologies in the interview were just a way I think to get through the booing and the negative response she received

    3. I think GM will own up the comments she made and not blame the state of New York…..Like how Aaryn blame the state of Texas for her comments…………….
      GM said alot of vile things and i think she’s still harbor those type of feelings……but out of Amanda and Aaryn I believe she will grow from this experience..

      1. Absolutely agree – GinaMarie, although having made some regrettable remarks, did apologize immediately after Nick’s eviction for going nuts on everybody. It was when Candice and Aaryn got into it that GM stated (after Candice yelled for Howard), that he’s not going to fight girls. Candice told her to ‘f**k herself’. This, along with a lot of previous incidents regarding personal property is what drove GM’s dislike of Candice IMO. I like the way she handled her nomination of Candice, calling her up to speak to her and being straight up with her. They hugged it out when Candice came back in for a second chance to play the game.
        All in all, I feel GM has played a great game and keeps her cards close to her chest.

        1. OMG!!! Stop making excuses forGM’s vile, racist behavior!!! Just because you like a move she made on this reality show, you are going to now blame Candice for the way GM acted??

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to rats, to call Andy a rat. Maybe the son of Smeagol (Gollum). The way he was running back and forth with confidences “My precious, my precious, the secrets I can spill.” Really used to think gingers were hot – now Son of Smeagol has ruined it for me – I see a ginger and I think if him.

    1. Mcrae is a lot if things but he is not dumb, I think that is silence is just him ruminating over past mistakes, yes he now knows that GM ‘s nom speach was right on the money: Amanda did weaken His game. Since he is such a huge BB fan, he should have known better than to hang onto this silly ( nasty) showmance. We will probably see him distancing himself from her ( if he wants to stay alive) but deep inside I think he knows he is f$&?ed !!! Judd even said he lost respect for him because of that…..hopefully Amanda goes this week, next week Andy then McRae !

      1. JUDD says?? Who cares what JUDD says. He’s already been voted out of the game once. His opinion should be in the Jury House, along with the rest of him.

      2. Ok this McCrae is smart because he’s quirky and silent business is ridiculous. He was meek the first week he won Hoh and had hidden behind that thing since then. Things will not change because McCrae is a major floater and is not good at this game. Plus I’d rather see him go before the thing does, it’ll drive her to self evict knowing she ruined his game.

      3. I am watching BBAD and McCrae is crying as Amanda strokes his little head and gives him strategies. These people are unbelievable. He has been right at Amanda’s side as she has acted a fool and now he shows remorse?? This pity party is as awful as they are. It is impossible to feel one iota of compassion for them. They deserve whatever comes their way. Oh, God, here comes the rat. He hasn’t changed one bit. I don’t believe for a minute he is going to stay with the new alliance. I hope Elissa wins the second HOH on Thursday and gets him out.

        1. The only reason Mcminute is now rethinking his stinkmance with Amanwhore is because they’re in trouble. If they weren’t on the block and Elissa was he would be lapping it up from Amanwhore right now. Don’t buy into his wussy game. He chose to lie down with a pig and now that it’s hurting his game he wants to bail. Too late…

          Wish they’d both get ousted and than have to stay in separate rooms in jury. Or just Amanwhore. She could hear Mcminute with Jessie but can’t do a thing about it.

  5. Fucking Andy, AGAIN!!

    I hope he goes home on the double eviction. Screw it. Get ride of McCrae, watch Amanda go batshit crazy, and get rid of Andy and MC on the same night.

    He’s a weasel rat, and i’m sick of his bs.

  6. I cannot stand Andy. He will absolutely take Amanda with him to final 2 knowing that the majority of the jury will vote for him to win. I would hate for her to get in 2nd place!

    1. Even though Amanda is intolerable, I still think she’d have a good chance in final two because Of how much influence she’s had in the game. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to end up with her next to them at the end!

      1. jury wont buy it kelli just like dan of last year nobody came up with really crazy smart things like him but he backstabbed everyone and the vote was 6-1 I think no matter who would be up against her think the best she could hope is 6-3 this year for 2nd place everyone knows this and might let her hang around if she goes spencer would be the one to keep for the remaining players he wont get votes I hope its judd and gm in finals

    2. The rat knew and told Amanda everything when he was on her side. You’d think she would pick up fairly quickly that the rat had jumped ship once his information changed from “this is what so and so said” to “I don’t know what they said…” DUH, manda, get a clue!

      Regardless, the rat will twitch whichever way looks best to him. So that will keep it interesting, although extremely annoying.

  7. This is going to be an awesome week with the double eviction coming up. I can hardly wait!! I understand why McCrae is the target this week over Amanda, but I dont know how the others are going to be able to handle her in the house with McCrae gone. Hopefully it’ll be one right after the other on Thursday. Boom and boom!

    1. I really don’t care which one of them go, as long as one goes. However, I would like to see how Amanda would function in the house without McCray. I also want to see them apart from each other for at least a week, as they seem so dependent upon each other.

  8. So guys I highly recommend watching today’s CBS interview of Jeff and Danielle on

    First off those are two of my fave players cause they were great at BB and have awesome personalities (my opinion)

    But Danielle breaks down the game and the issues fans like us have when we call these HG names and how HG minds operate in the game.

    She nor I condone what happens in the house but she is right when some of you voice a very strong opinion on the internet when in reality we are just fans.

    I really really recommend all of you watch it and maybe everyone can put the game in a better perspective in who to root for and stop the insensitive comments.

    ** If you do not agree with this then do not watch the interview but please do not dislike this and bash me :).

    Thanks in advance for the respectful ones.

    1. Much respect and love…..fuck yourself and go to hell and die always to everyone who makes nasty bitch ass comments…….get a life, grow up and show some tact, couthe and wit…..oh wait a minute.. ..we have brenchel army bitches on here. ……tttthhhhhuuuummmmmmbbbbbbssssss in my pristine vagina…. and now the lame and stupid retorts….. I’m wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiitttttttiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg.

        1. Thanks for the dimwitted retort….by the way “wow” its called addivan…..not xanax. Much better than that narcotic.

    2. Jeff is one of my least favorite players of BB because I am a woman and it is extremely difficult for me to see a man being so mean and disrespectful to women and such a bully towards other players. When I see that I just cannot bring myself to like a guy like that under any circumstances. He has some serious entitlement issues as well and should not be one to call out Amanda. (And I am not Amanda’s fun and did a happy dance when she went on the block)

    3. Another suggestion – read G. Orwell’s novel 1984 – it will provide an overview of Big Brother and the manipulation that certain characters have over others. It will also add to how one experiences CBS’s ‘social experiment. And it is a great read.

  9. Fucking Andy!! What a B!!!TCH, hasn’t done anything and acts like he SHOULD win this game…… lol smh what a joke!

    1. Andy should win! Look at how quickly mccranda collapsed without him. Amanda was only a good manipulator because she knew what everyone’s plan was………because Andy told her. He has a huge part in all of the big moves, and I don’t understand why I’m the only one rooting for him.

      1. The only “Big Move” that Andy has had part in was getting out Helen.

        The other “Big Move” was made by Elissa last week getting out Aaryn because she was very good at comps.

        GM has made the BIGGEST move of the game for going after McRanda. No doubt.

        Andy has been a good informant but he is trying to play the “I’m your friend” card the whole game. I don’t think it will work. I could be wrong.

        His game play annoys me.

  10. In the Make Believe Big Brother Land of Everyone Tells The Truth:
    amanda: whydja put me up?
    GM: its what the house wanted
    Spencer: its what the house wanted
    Judd : its what the house wanted
    E: its what the house wanted
    Rat: its what the house wanted
    Julie upon her eviction: its what America wanted Amanda you bully .
    Buffalo bill: but i had a sure bet!!

  11. I think it is ridiculous that Elissa keeps saying it takes two people to fight and she isn’t doing anything to Amanda. I would be insulted if I were a houseguest and she really thought I believed that. Yes Amanda is way more over the top and loud with the fighting but I almost think the constant antagonizing and playing the innocent victim by Elissa is worse.

    1. No there isn’t a houseguest that can be worse than Amanda. The second worst does not even come close.
      Elissa ignoring her is very good. I think I could have ignored her initially but she would have gotten to me eventually
      and then I would have let her have it in a few sentences like five after which she would have food for thought for
      a long while. So I give Elissa kudos for keeping it cool yoga style.

    2. So smiling, laughing and walking away is worse than the following, bullying and narcasistic garbage that spews from Amanda? Wow. Doesn’t even come close. If all Elissa has to do to make Amanda cry and drive her crazy is just laugh, then laugh away Elissa, cause you by FAR are better than stooping to that skanks level. Amanda is so much more at faulta and it’s not even close. So smile and laugh away babe.

    3. Amanda’s as dumb as GM when it comes to her insecurities. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Amanda isn’t the self-assured person she wants everyone to believe. Once you get that, the best way to hurt her is by ignoring her and she proves many time she can’t handle that. What person with a good self-esteem gets mad when she hears another girl is deemed a 10? Seriously? Amanda could have put Elissa in her place by ignoring her as in you don’t even exist, I don’t talk about you, I’m not impressed by you and I’m gonna make sure everyone else feels the same. Nope, Amanda’s a bully and bullies are peanut-brain people so she does the only thing she knows: making sure her brains remain atrophied by not using it. She made her bed, she can know lie in it. She’s an attention-whore, her vile jokes about the holocaust are the proof of that. GM tries to fit in, Amanda tries to reign and Elissa sees right through all of that.

    4. Sorry, but you are so wrong. I once (thought I) had a friend who would try to initiate fights all the time..after awhile, you just walk away. They can fight with you all they want, and get p!ssed when you do not respond, but if you keep your head, you don’t need to get involved with the antagonist.

      Much what Elissa has been doing with any and all of the bullies in the house..and BTW, I think Elissa is a lot more intelligent than some of you give her credit for. And no, I am not part of any army, and don’t particularly think about Rachel in one way or another. Elissa just has shown herself to be a strong, and very proud woman and I think when she laughs it is because of how ignorant some of her fellow HGs really are.

      1. I do think Elissa is intelligent that’s why I know she knows exactly what she’s doing when she makes comments to provoke a reaction. By the way I for sure think Amanda’s behavior is disgusting and in no way condone that type of behavior. I am just also annoyed by Elissa’s passive aggressive i am the victim bullying as well.

    1. OR- MC or Amanda win, take MC off the block.
      GM puts Elissa up (Not sure if she would do this, but if she sticks
      to her so called alliance, it is her only option really).
      Spencer, Andy and MC vote out Elissa over Amanda.
      I know it sounds crazy, but reading their conversation above about
      needing Elissa gone first put that scenario into my head.

      Like it or not, it would make for a hell of a week in the house after
      veto ceremony.
      Prolly won’t happen though, Spencer and Andy are too
      scared to make any moves on their own.

  12. The meltdown didn’t take long to happen at all. It really made the live feeds worth having even though I haven’t watched them in weeks because it’s been so boring. It’s week will definitely be psychotic with all of Amanda’s personalities coming out in her attempts to try to stay in the game. I really hope Andy wins the POV so they can realize that Andy isn’t on their side any more. I’m kind of shocked they would rather keep Amanda over McCrae and Elissa out before Amanda. Why aren’t they taking this third opportunity (right, 3rd time she is up) to get her out. The third time is the charm!

  13. Demanda, you numskull. It was you and Mcrae that voted Aaryn out. Carma is a bitch. Who gives a shit if Elissa put her up. You guys were the ones that sent her home. You should of listened to Poopy.

  14. “Andy says if Thursday is a double and he goes home because of Elisas he’s going to sh!t his F*** pants.. Oh my god that is like my biggest fear’”

    Promises,Promises… he claimed he was going to shit his pants before LOL

  15. Since the Yeast Bully is going to be pretty much useless (won one comp in over 60 days), can we get rid of Andy during double eviction? Not that I’m an Elissa fan, but I would love for Andy to leave before her so he can sh!t himself. The fact this idiot finds Elissa more dangerous means he deserves that fate, in my book. Spencer needs to shut up. There’s a reason Julie hasn’t asked him a question in 10 weeks!

  16. When Amanda found out she was nominated did anybody else hear “RREELLEEAASSSEEEE THE KRACKEN!!!!!” shouted in their head?

  17. Now that Amanda is going bat shit crazy, Spencer and Rat Boy and going to back down from their plan to evict one of the undynamic duo. They have no balls.

  18. I care too .. it would be very funny to see Andy and Spencer in the final 2…. I almost ….almost want Elissa gone first….thumbs down… .then Amanda (to terrorize the fake fuck duck face (more thumbs down)), then mccrea. Then gm gets fucked by Spencer, Judd and Andy with a guys alliance then Judd gets boned by on the block bearded dude and ghost face floata…..aaryn telling gm to trust only Elissa and Judd may put gm in the final 2, which just absolutely sucks….I hate this game and show……….fuck my and their lives

  19. This game just got good!

    Can’t wait to see how things play out.

    My prediction is Veto winner takes A or MC off, Elissa goes up as a replacement and gets sent packing

    Then MC wins HOH and noms Gina and Judd

    Just a guess

  20. Can someone refresh me on the Diamond Power of Veto. Is that when you can take both nom’s off the block? If so, why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Amanda or McCrea will get that this week??? Please, do NOT let that happen! There has to be some Karma payback for Amanda and her pet…. It’s gone on long enough! They do not deserve the $50,000 or the $500,000….. IMO….

  21. Didn’t ChenBot say at the beginning of the season there will be no floaters this year????? I’m pretty sure Spencer is the biggest god damn floater ever on Big Brother. Plz someone tell me why he is still here..????

  22. How is seriously going to take what Andy and Spencer say that seriously?? Both of these players are pathetic, a final 2 with them would be an absolute disaster LMAO! They are both Adam 2.0’s haha! As Rachael would say, “Andy and Spencer grab a life vest!”

  23. Poor Scumanduh….you know the routine.

    “First there’s anger…..then there is resignation…..then there is the fight to stay….”

    Ain’t that pretty much what she said about Jessie or Helen when they were on the block? Deal with it, after all it’s just a game. LOL

  24. McCrae doesn’t want to have sex with Amanda anymore, lol. Soon he will be hooking up with Jessie in Jury and Amanda will go nuts

    1. The reason mccrae is crying is he realizes he isn’t into amanda alnymore but what can he do now? You would think she would get the hint but she coulnt possibly think he. Doesnt love her she is too oblivious. If he breaks up with her now he’ll look like an ass. He has said he isgoing home for amonth to figure things out but she is the most aggressive woman i hve ever seen. He is scared of how he has to move forward. Most. Likely embarre

    2. Most of these people came on this show in hopes of winning a half mill. But at least 7 of them lost their dignity,made fools of themselves, lost friends, future opportunities and their jobs even. This season was full of mentally unbalanced people and their lives are never going to be the same, was it really worth it ?

  25. Hmmm, moves in the house are being made… Elissa is sitting on her plastic butt while Amanda (puke) Andy and spencer are all aligning things against Elissa. Would not be surprised if MC gets out on the veto and Elissa goes up in his place. Then… Who knows.

  26. The only reason Amanda wants to leave before McCrae is because she doesn’t want him in the jury house with all those girls. She’s said it herself, she’s a psychotic lunatic, and it’ll drive her insane. So for that reason, GET MCPUSSY OUT!

  27. If Mcpussy is evicted Ms Onion will >self destruct< at the thought of him being in the Jury house with all pretty women. Evicted Mcpussy first.

  28. Newsflash to Amanda if a guy repeatedly turns you down for sex and denies ever having had sex with you then he’s probably not that into you, get a clue! I almost feel bad for her, even an unattractive, un-hygienic, pizza delivery boy doesn’t want to fuck her….. Almost

  29. Ratandy is playing for both alliances. He is still running back to Mcranda and telling them partial truths. He does not want to upset either alliance. If he goes to final 2 with Amanda he wins. If he goes to final 2 with Spenser he wins. So he is afraid to declare a side. He is afraid of Elissa because she knows the truth.
    If Mc goes, Amanda will not be able to stand the thought of him being in the jury with the women she evicted. Mc really screwed up his game by hooking up with such an unstable person.
    I hope Judd and Elssa are final 2, but rat boy will probably get rid of Elissa. If that happens I hoe Gina Marie and Judd are the final 2.

  30. Honestly, does anyone know why MC keeps turning Amanda down sexually? Don’t answer with she is a skanky bitch. I mean, on the feeds, what does MC tell her? Is he depressed? Uncomfortable with the cameras? What is his justification?

    1. I think it is because they are not dirty enough.

      BB got on them for not showering (one assumes) because the other HGs were complaining. Then they seemed to shower daily. Judd was even asking Amanda if she had her shower today. And when she answered yes, he said good girl.

      So basically, he is not used to a clean amanda. It’s not primal enough i guess. He likes his Amazon’s “natural”.

    2. I do kmow. He loves someone in Mn. He fells quilty and it’s alsowhy he is saying mcranda never has sex.he is holding out for the girl. I am sure he doesnt want to be a whipped man the rest of his life.Amanda is even offering him money to be with him after. Said she had 20k saved she is sounding really desperate. He did’nt say a word. I am sure he knows something.s gotta give soon.

  31. At times I feel for Elissa when Amanda is attacking her but Elissa can be somewhat cocky. That devious smile she has would make a person dislike her. Plus she doesn’t know when to let things go. She goes on an on about Amanda to everyone all day long. She cornered GM today and all her conversation was about how Amanda is this and that. Granted Amanda is mean person but you have to know when to stop speaking about the same thing all day long. ppl can get tired of hearing you griping all day every day, that including me. Plz tell me why Andy and Spencer feel there game will be messed up if Elissa stays. Why bcuz your cover is blown and once McCranda is gone you two are the next targets. LOL GM has already been told by Aaryn that Andy is a rat and she knows that Spencer is a big liar so I look for GM holding her Ace card to make a move and chg her mind on who she would like the F3 to be with. Her best bet would be with Judd. From what I can see Judd has poor skills in winning anything.

  32. Wait…wouldn’t it be in everybody’s best interest to want to keep Elissa around and possibly take her to final 2, the way they all think she doesn’t deserve the money, there’s practically nobody that would vote for her, except maybe Candice and Helen.

    1. Yeah but I’d almost be pissed at the person taking her to final two b/c I don’t want her (and she doesn’t need) $50,000!! If I were on the jury I’d probably out of spite vote for Elissa to win. That’s the only way I’d vote for Elissa.
      And whoever is stupid enough to take her to finally 3 better beware of her.

  33. Andy and Spencer as a team is such a joke. There are so many people in this house to dislike, that they to are skirting by. I am hoping for Andy going out during double eviction and by Elissa.

  34. I hate Amanda but I hate Andy and spencer the most. Why does Andy keep saying things like ‘I’ll shit my f!@king pants if I go, or I’ll slit my wrist’ etc. he is the biggest traitor in that house. Amanda is a bully but Andy is so annoying. Elissa knows he is a traitor but the others trust him for reasons I can’t understand. I just hope Amanda will not bully GM into changing her plans. I pray Judd wins this.

  35. It seems that Ratboy is still weighing which ship to jump to. He is still sucking up to Amanda and yet being all tight with Spencer and of course he’s supposed to be part of the exterminators. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rat throws POV and votes to keep Amanda just to keep blood off his hands.
    I really need him gone soon. What is going on with his mouth? Its like he’s juggling marbles in there when he talks. AND his eyebrows in the kitchen lights look like 2 caterpillars are poised above his eyes.! Even if he wasn’t such a duplicitous snitch and a liar- he would have gotten the name “Ratboy” just because of his profile (side view!

    1. He & Spencer already said last night after HOH that they were both not going to play for veto.. No surprise there for either of them.

  36. Why do they keep on saying Elissa is being mean I don’t see her doing anything these people are just dumb because she’s not scared of Amanda and everyone else is. They are so dumb I swear.

  37. Nobody in the house likes Elissa. HAHA!

    Elissa has a face only a mother can love and a face that NOT even a mother can recognize!

  38. CBS is now courting a lawsuit-they know amanda attempted to injure elissa. they now know it’s an unsafe environment for her. should amanda actually attack her, they will have absolutely no defense in court. just imagine if this happened in a workplace-that person would be fired. CBS this will actually improve ratings as it will get a lot of airtime…..DO IT.

  39. here is what I am hoping for: Am/Mc neither gets the veto and it is not used.
    She self evicts and Mc is evicted. No double eviction. Like she said she
    doesn’t need the money (Amanda), she said she has 20K in the bank she
    is not there for the money. So she was there for……………….?

  40. MC came out of the diary room and was crying in the bedroom. Amanda gets called to the diary room and instead goes to the kitchen to microwave some food. Production calls her to the diary room again, and she’s says I’m starving, I’m taking this to the bedroom because I am going to do whatever the f^ck I want this week. MC has barely said a word (even to Amanda) since nominations. I think he realizes HE is the target not her. He’s had a face of someone quietly pondering all day and I think he’s realized from a game stand point Amanda is better to take to final 2 cause everyone hates her and no one in jury will vote for her. I think it’s sinking in to him…it’s veto or bust.

  41. That red-headed RAT Andy has every intention of keeping Amanda in this game, and his big beard, big bellied boyfriend Spencer is going along with it. They will eventually not only take out Elissa,but backstab their alliance, Judd and GM, and ride that beer bellied float known as Amanda to the end. Either one of these red-headed weasels will be willing to sit next to Amanda at the end thinking they will win the jury votes. Don’t be so sure you separated at birth evil twins, Amanda may get the jury votes against either of you for her vile, bullying, manipulative ways, after all it’s why all the HG’s are in the jury house and they may respect that more then your float to the end game.

  42. Why is Andy and Spenser trying to play both sides still, when they are with the Exterminators. I wish someone would catch on to the fact that they are trying to keep their backup alliance in their back pocket should this alliance blow up. This is so transparent.

  43. Now Spencer & Andy decide they need Amanda to stay & Elissa to go…. Sort of like Elissa last week wishing she’d put them both up instead of McCrea & Aaryn. I guarantee Amanda & McCrae will figure out that Andy is with the exterminators.
    Looks like it may be a little calm by the time BBAD comes on. Perhaps they should’ve had noms later. LOL!!

  44. Of course Amanda and McCrea are upset they are on the block. If you haven’t noticed almost everyone who is on the block cries. Or if you are Elissa you constantly whine ” everyone in this house is so discusting and jealous of me.” Imagine hearing her whiney voice. If only Helen hadn’t talked her out of self evicting.

    1. More than that, if ONLY they had evicted Elissa 1st week, then Amanda wouldn’t have had any game at all since her terrible game was built around knowing who the MVP was going to be every week and having them go after targets. Imagine that?? Sounds like a Game of Big Brother doesn’t it?

  45. I want Amanda out for many reasons but mainly because I want to see McCrazy’s game. I want to hear what he really thinks about Amanda when she is gone.

  46. Andy is such a bitch! And why are they spending their time placating Amanda? What’s the fear…? I wish America had a vote somehow in the final 2…

  47. You know, I think all of the HG have grown on me except MC, Amanda, and Elissa. I started out liking all three and pretty much dislike the three of them now.

    I know GM has said some racist things but I think she is uneducated and sheltered. But in her defence she is pretty smart, she is funny, and I think she has a kind and caring side. Spencer has also really grown on me. He is often the voice of reason, he is very smart, and he is very funny.

    On last nights show I thought it was hilarious when Amanda, trying to get Spencer mad at Elissa, told Spencer “Elissa says you are disgusting all the time!” Spencer’s response was “I am disgusting!” I had to watch that part three times it struck me as so funny.

    I have said this before and I think it is important to remember, no one is perfect. Sure we see things about the HG we don’t like, but many of them have redeeming qualities too – just like you, me, and everyone else. To air yourself for three months under America’s microscope, during a time where social media is so powerful, is down right brave, or stupid, or both.

    Side note, my brother thinks Mcrae is Shaggy from Scoobie Doo – lol.

    1. So are you saying McCrae, Amanda and Elissa have no redeeming qualities? ” No one is perfect “. Your words. Elissa is still the one with the best qualities in that house. She whines, sure! She can be annoying, sure! But she does not condone bullying, racists and crude behavior and you and others feel that’s a bad quality? Does she come across as entitled. To many of you yes she does. Yet that is seen as a worse quality than racists, bullys and crude and vulgar behaviors. And let me tell you, most in that house, yes including Andy, Spencer and Judd have made derogatory and racist remarks towards Candice pertaining to her race. The only 2 that haven’t are Elissa and Helen.
      From a completely game play stand, Amanda should be able to beat all of them if jurors voted that way. Whether we approve or not about the tactics she used, no one can deny up until Elissa’s HOH, she ran that house. She owned all those weak ass puppets. She still owns Spencer and Andy.
      The only 2 she hasn’t owned is Elissa and GM and she’s come unglued.

      If anyone deserves the win based on game play alone it’s Elissa and GM for playing their own game and not Amanda’s, or Amanda herself just for owning the rest of those wussies.

  48. “Amanda asks if they could spend a night in the HOH. GM tells them absolutely asks them if they want to do it before or after the veto ceremony.”

    C’mon GM, don’t do that, they just want to leave cum stains on the mattress to go with the onion stench before one of them leaves.

  49. It would be great if McCrea goes followed by Andy (double elimination). The rest of the house could then keep reminding Amanda that McCrea is in the jury house with Jessie. It would drive Amanda crazy. Karma is a bitch.

    1. Amanda is trying to get evicted becasue she knows McCrae is easily influence by the pussy and will be fucking Jessie in no time… Her being horny? c’mon now…

  50. It’s so funny how Elissa fans act like she is completely innocent and ignores Amanda but everyone in the house basically admits that she eggs Amanda on and now she is blatantly listening in on her conversations.

    1. Poor Amanda! Elissa is just torturing her and Amanda ia afraid of big, bad, mean Elissa. My heart is broken for Amanda and I live in fear of what mean Elissa will do to poor, sweet Amanda….NOT.

      I have no sympathy for Amanda. None.

  51. So happy to see that as usual Andy is in a great spot in the house. I can’t believe people don’t give him more credit. He was crucial for Amanda and McCrae and by the looks of it despite everything he may still be trying to protect Amanda in some small way. I really hope he makes it to the end!

  52. I so don’t like the passive aggressive shit Elissa pulls & the innocence claim afterwards.
    I’ve used used those exact same tactics on aggressive types because I knew it’d provoke them into getting physical. I was rather proficient at starting and finishing it. And claiming innocence and “self defence” afterward.
    But I grew up and admitted I was a self entitled antagonistic piece of shit and started living DO unto others as I’d have them do unto me.
    Elissa needs some of that self awareness.
    Amanda needs to grow up too. She needs to have “bully” defined to her and get it thru her head that the world doesn’t owe her a living.
    Both girls (like all of us) have character flaws that need to be addressed. Thru personal self awareness or with professional “self awareness”…
    Thank God our flaws aren’t up for public scrutiny eh?

  53. It’s INSANE that it took 8 fucking weeks for Big Brother to officially begin, where everyone are playing as they should, their own games, and not this “what the house wants” utter bullshit. I hope CBS don’t ever have another MVP twist again, it was clearly the worst twist in BB history.

      1. and kudos to you for wading through those crybaby rants of Amanda’s on the feed. I had to walk away. So much double-talk.

  54. Prediction for the week: POV comp is going to be tailor made for Demanda. Don’t know how this out shape smoker beat all these chumps last week.

    1. That competition was designed to favor someone who was not clumsy. At first glance, it appears to be an endurance comp, but, since the score goes to zero on a single mistake, it’s mainly a measure of how clumsy a person is. The 250 required score took the speed element out. Amanda is the least clumsy so she should be expected to win: Elissa falls in every comp, GM broke her toe climbing stairs, etc.

      In contrast, the latest HOH competition was designed to be won by someone with small, dextrous fingers who will play through the pain. But, in this comp, the score did not reset if you dropped an egg. Petty much designed for GM to win.

      If you know a group of people well enough, its easy to design a game which will be won by a specific person by tailoring the game to a single person’s skills/capabilities and against the weaknesses of the other players.

  55. GM, why the hell are you gonna let them defile your HOH bed/room? Just when you make us all so happy, you make a stupid decision like that. :/

  56. I think Mccrae is being cautious by not having sex with Amanda now when he may be leaving the house, just in case she decide’s she wants a baby Mccrae to keep Big Mccrae around after this game is over. I trully don’t see Mccrae sticking around for long when this game is over. A couple of weeks back she was insistent on throwing the condom they used away in the bathroom( not normal for them it usually goes on the floor or stays in their bed) and Mccrae told her NO leave it.

    1. I find it so weird that these people leave condom wrappers lying around. Do they not have wastebaskets? And now you are saying they leave used condoms around. Is that true? Like seriously, are there used condoms in their bed? If so, yuck. Those things start to smell and leak. Why wouldn’t you put them in the garbage. It is like sexual hoarding!

  57. I am in a strait betwixt two:

    Do I want Amand-a-Racist to be evicted and be tortured by Jesse and Candice in the Jury House?

    Or, do I want Amand-a-Racist to stay and be tortured by Elissa’s cute smile, aka: “Joker Face”?

    I feel some dampness down under…..

    Oops! I just squirted Jizz all over my new BVDs!!!!

  58. Nothing like BBAD in the east coast.. ….not knowing what Amanda and McCrea are saying and not caring about what Andy and Spencer say…..Andy just said to Spence that he hates Elissa and he feels bad about it. But should he??? to spence……Spencer says nope.

  59. Team GM, Judd & Elissa! Enough of floaters Andy and disgusting Spencer, THANK GOD Macranda’s gig is up and they are the targets now- its about damn time!!! Eat that BuffaloBill!!!

  60. MCpussy says no to Amanda. Can you imagine Amanda riding one of the chicken boys and them bocking like a chicken?!?! ROFLMAO

  61. For the life of me I cannot understand why spencer and Andy hate Elissa so much?? I am so sick of their two faced crap it infuriates me. Ok so Elissa and her hubby may have money, who gives a flyin crap? Do you have to be poverty level to be deemed “worthy” of the money? Will was a doctor, Mike Boogey owns restaurants and night clubs, and I am sure many other contestants earn a good living. I thought this was big brother, not Obama’s “share the wealth” program. I also remember early in the show all anyone would talk about is getti to jury for the $12,000. Not one said they wanted to win this game! Not to mention Andy is a professor, Amanda is a real estate agent, and Spencer is a union railroad worker. I don’t see food stamps on those careers! So shut up about who is entitled based on their taxable income. I am sick of hearing it!!

    1. Ummm, maybe because she whines every time she talks, and has a personality that comes off that she is better than everyone else. Or maybe because every time she talks she is talking bad about someone in the house (I’ve heard her say many times she hates everyone in the house). Oh my goooosh, I don’t play bar games. Give me a break.

      BTW, who the hell picks black jack as a card game?

  62. No nookie before eviction, McCrae is over the Onion Mist too. Bad week for Amanda. Poor thing (not really)! ROFL As we say in the south, bless her heart.

  63. McStinky laying in bed (were else would McStinky be) crying. Poor little McStinky even the evil queen’s petting your head like a puppy can’t stop your tears.

    Hey A-Hole! GM told you why your on the block–you gave your game away to the skank and you should have known better. So instead of laying around crying get off your ass and play the game!

    Oh sorry that would require you to get out of bed and take more than 3 steps away from Demanda and you can’t do that now can you.

  64. I quit watching the shows and only catch up on here. Can someone please give me an example of Elissa terrorizing Amanda? Only incident i read about was the comment she made about Jessie being a 10 and having a great ass and then Amanda losing her godamn mind over it. I don’t get it. Am I missing something?? Or is Amanda’s torture really over Jessie being cute and that it came out of Elissa’s mouth??

    1. Amanda is under the delusion that Jessie wanted McCrae when they were alone in a cock-pit before she was eliminated. So it infuriates her to hear Jessie complimented. It also infuriates her that Elissa isn’t under her mind control and instead of cowering in fear, Elissa laughs at her.

  65. I will call a spade a spade….Elissa does act stuck up and looks down her nose a bit and she does needle Amanda a bit very passive aggressively HOWEVER if these people had an ounce of class or weren’t so trashy she would look down her nose and if Amanda wasnt such an Raving lunatic she wouldn’t dig!! It is the same story with these people all the time. I can do it to you but you can’t do it to me!!?!?? Really?!?! In the BB house that would never work!!

    1. I would not call choosing not to associate with some one who is as nasty and ignorant as Amanda being stuck up. Elissa is keeping in mind that there is life outside of the BB house. Why do something that you will regret later or need to explain? Look what Aaryn, GM and Amanda will deal with after the finale. GM will be the only person to take responsibility for her actions, the other two will blame everyone else.

      1. When Elissa has scum like McManda to look at, how else could she look except down.

        Although she doesn’t seem to need the money and considering some of the rest of the house guests I hope Ellisa is in the final two with GM.

        GM to win and Ellisa 2

  66. This week, it matters not who Andy & Spencer want to keep (Amanda or McCrae).

    They don’t have the votes. The best they could do is create a 2-2 tie. And GinaM would send Amanda packing.

    Andy & Spencer are too cowardly to force a tie, knowing Judd and Elissa would never agree to keep Amanda.

    Amanda needs to win PoV if she wants to stay.

    AND Andy & Spencer would NEVER use the PoV to save Amanda.

  67. Would love love love too see Amanda or mccrae win veto…elissa goes up because she isn’t in the exterminators and boom that joker ,physco,twat goes…..who the hell comes on big brother and says my husband owns ahockey rink and I’m building a wellness studio….wtf is that..and it’s all over the net that elissa was allowed to call her husband …after Amanda attacked her….that’s the noise they apparently heard thinking it was Pandoras box

  68. Amanda may not know this, but McCrae is getting tired of her + her btchy behavior. Only reason he is keeping close with Amanda, he is just using her as a human shield, knowing she would be evicted first.

  69. What a bad season. Why is Amanda Aderall and Xanaxed self talking about Elissa? Amanda has made an ass of herself and keeps repeating the behaviour. A slut that humped the pizza boy in the first week thinks she is better than anyone? She has made racist and homophobic comments herself and is a FLOATER Won her first competition last week. Go to hell Amanda. You suck.

  70. Also I’m not a huge fan of Andy but he isn’t a Floater. He played a very strategic social game. Everytime someone turned around Andy was there scheming. Spencer on the other hand big time floater!!

  71. So.. Name Says… you think it is fighting when one person make rude remarks about another person and that person smiles and walks away!!

  72. Amanda and elissa are both physcos…..except with Amanda u know exactly what your getting….with elissa is all fake ….she’s delusional…she has told the same exact things about Amanda that she did was she was on her aaryn rants two months ago….and she does contribute to what happens with Amanda…..this is why girls suck at big brother wth

    1. Receipts as in EXAMPLES of what makes Elissa on the same level of psychotic and delusional as Amanda???
      So Elissa thinks she’s better than racist, ignorant, skanky, disgusting bullies, SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! I’m BETTER than people like that and you should be too!

    2. yeah Elissa’s a real psycho alright-ignoring someone who is screaming at her blowing horns and banging on her door-man that’s PSYCHOTIC. she’s like Ted Bundy, or something…what a MANIAC! Ignoring people who are taunting you just like your kindergarten teacher always told you to do…..fucking LUNATIC…

    1. I had to pull it from the app store because it stopped working and I don’t have time during a season to fix it. I’ll have to rebuild it during the off season.

  73. Whats most revealing to me is the houseguests most deserving of the 500,000 (minus Aaryn) are sitting in the jury house

  74. I was super excited about tonight. I thought there was going to be a huge shit-storm and there was but it only last for 45 minutes and then went right into a huge snooze fest. We need Elissa to smile at aMANda, that should get things going again.

  75. So funny how McCranda Drones acting just like Brenchel Drones, delusional to the core, constantly making up pathetic excuse for her terrible game…Brenchel Drones did the same thing for Rachel.

    Amanda was egging Elissa on after she won POV, and now Elissa is paying her back, the fuck is the problem with that???


  76. Holy Bat Man, GM was paying attention to all of Amanda’s crap!! Amanda telling them she loves them all and not to hold everything she has said and done against her. Way to late for that you crazy bitch

  77. Do they really not know how to play blackjack or rummy? Too funny watching GM explain how to play. I think they are all playing stupid to be nice to GM.

  78. I bet if the HGs knew the fastest way to get Demanda to stop talking out her crotch was to put McCranda on the block they would have been up there weeks ago.

  79. Instead of Andy being an exterminator he needs to be exterminated!! After McCrae or Amanda leaves I would like to see Andy go.

    1. I think that’s more of a reality than an impression. We never hear Amanda talk about her ex except that she has one but McCrae has talked about his Jessica and wondered out loud which of the ladies he’d rather be with. I’m thinking it’s maybe not Amanda that he’d choose but he’s gonna have an uphill battle getting the other one back if she’s been watching the feeds.

  80. If Amanda gets evicted, then Judd, there will be all girls left in the house!

    We all know Mcpusy has a vagina.

    We all know Rat-ndy has a vagina.

    I learnt last night in BBAD that Spencer has a vagina.

    Remember last night in the BY with Amand-a-Racist talking to Aaryn and Aaryn accused Spencer of double dealing to Amand-a-Racist? Amand-a-Racist ordered Spencer to come over on the double and grilled him. Spencer looked like a whipped puppy lying through his teeth to stay in Amand-a-Racist’s good graces.

    After several back and forths, Spencer meekly and trembling said, “Are you guys finished with me?”

    Really?!? Really?!? Spencer is such a coward that he has to ask a tranny (Amand-a-Racist), and Aaryn for permission to be excused?!?

    In Kindergarten kids raise their hands to ask to go to the bathroom, but in the BB house, someone needs to b*tch slap Spencer into next year!

    If McPussy gets evicted, then maybe Rat-ndy and Amand-a-Racist and Spen-her can have a lesbian, menage a trois!!!!!!!!

  81. So why is no ones family interviewed this season? I want to know what the families reaction is to the vile comments being made. I know the answer no one wants to be associated with them. I really want Amanda gone then Spencer. I want the powers that be to make that happen. I am warming up to GM I really think she has strong principals and will stand up for what she believes in. She definitely has had her not so nice moments but I am starting to want her in the final 3 with Elissa and Judd. Preferably her and Judd final 2 because they could use the money.

  82. i am cracking up. i just saw on BBAD friday night and AM comes in to HOH room and apologizes for being a bitch and crying. how fake. Andy has to go after her. he’s a a total jerk. i cant wait for spencer to go too. why is it that their audio people can never get their mics to work. i missed a good conversation with AM, AN, .MC BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW how to work those mics their production people are terrible. you can hear stupid stuff like pots and pans but not conversations.

  83. I was THISSSSSSS close to being excited about tonight’s nominations, but I see the RAT is already plotting how to save McCranda and get rid of Elissa. Seriously!?!?!??????? What a complete WASTE of yet another HOH if these ignorant piece of shits don’t split McCranda up. Get over the obsession with Elissa for 2 seconds and wake up! AMANDA has to go, NOW. Not McCrae, not Elissa, Not even Andy. The next one out needs to be Amanda. She is the glue that holds this crappy season of BB together. MCCrae is weak and is the least threatening of their duo. Until Amanda goes, no one else will be playing Big Brother, it will continue to be The Dreadful Amanda show.

  84. I’m watching BBAD and McCrae told Amanda that Jesus turned water into blood, Amanda says “How gory, why would He do that?” (Remember Amanda is Jewish and doesn’t know much about Jesus). McCrae says: To show pharaoh that He was working with God. I know McCrae has been reading the Bible, but he made up that story. Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Canaan, because they had run out of wine, that’s the true story.

  85. You know it’s amazing how worse you supposed BB fans are then the players are about EVERY single player in the game:

    Amanda’s delusional, insane, blah,blah, blah- no, she was playing probably the most straight up game in the house and has her moments of being dumb

    Andy’s a rat and this that and the other thing: no, andy’s playing a GAME and is doing what he needs to do to win…and something that could work out well

    Elissa’s this rich bitch and this that and whatever else: Funny, she also was trying to downplay her ties to Rachel and also kept rather clear of most of the racial stuff

    This season’s not a patch on 14 but has had some pretty good gameplay the last few weeks, but you lot that comment sound like a bunch of babies or, more appropriately offended when these people show that they are PEOPLE, with foibles and issues and moments of imperfections like you all have yourselves, like I have.

    Do everyone an actual favor, comment on the actual game instead of playing some fictional BBUK game…which, this is not number one and number two…if it was and y’all were in it, you’d lose over the houseguests IN the game right now with how you act..

    1. Amanda’s delusional, insane, blah,blah, blah- no, she was playing probably the most straight up game in the house and has her moments of being dumb.

      …moments of being dumb… you sir are delusional yourself !

  86. Elissa for being so religious did you forget the bible tells us not to judge others. Oh, that must of slip your mind because it was so preoccupied with how disgusting everyone else is and how much better you are then them.

  87. im also sick of seeing AM,MC all the time in the bed doing nothing, they dont talk loud enough for me to hear them. and all AM does is kiss him. YUCK!
    its 12:45am here where i live ( i like this sight because you all give me a heads up of whats going on. so i can decide to watch or not. thanks

  88. That stain on the BB sheets is not jizz from McRae; it’s discharge from Amand-a-Racist’s Yeast Infection & UTI.

  89. watching BB afterdark….Curious to why Andy, among the other guys are talking about how much they HATE elissa?! What the hell has she done to them to have so much hatred? Or are they just trying to appease Amanda? Its disgusting.

    1. Andy is a steaming pile of crap and most know it by now if they hadn’t figured it out before. Can’t imagine what he’s like in his real life circle of friends.

  90. Now that Amanda and McCrae are on the Block. Looks like Allison has devised a way to save her gal pal…Andy/Spencer all of a sudden think Elissa should go before Amanda, where did this come from. Thursday night jumping up and down in SR because GM won HOH. Friday Afternoon making sure that McCranda go up. Now, here we sit, talking about throwing the veto and saving Amanda and having Elissa go home before Amanda.

    This Allison Grodner is one piece of work, despite the lunacy that is the spoiled Amanda, she is pulling out all the stops to have her win. I didn’t want to think the game was fixed but with this sudden change of heart, something smells fishy, and I aint talking onion twat’s twat.

    Clever recruitment, Spencer was paid $10k today, Andy will win the next luxury contest as payment, I sincerely hope punk a$$ andy goes home Thursday as well.

    What a rat-weasel, I hope his students turn on him…but look at him, what self-respecting gay man would want to hook up with that….yuck

  91. Amanda – “I know what is happening you are doing Elissa’s dirty work..

    Yup, just like you got everyone to do yours. Suck it up and start thinking about how you’re going to have to hack it out in the jury house with Jessie, Helen and Candace…. Should be a blast for you. Remember you outweigh them even when combining their weights so don’t worry, they won’t try to harm you like you wanted to do to them.

  92. I would really suck as a player on bb … While I am still disgusted by Amanda’s behavior I did not get as much enjoyment as I thought I would seeing her and McRae go up after seeing them cry and Amanda realize how detrimental she has been to McRae. Definitely still glad they are up though.

    1. Whenever you find yourself feeling sorry for McCranda just remember they never cared about how anyone else in the house felt except they enjoyed it when they would cry.

  93. andy: ”she doesnt deserve to win she owns a hockey rink'”
    newsflash dufus-big brother is not a charity-the winner isnt and has never been who needs the money most. i dont care if the person is a billionaire if they played the best game-they win. der. if someone is homeless but they played a crappy game-THEY LOSE.
    why is this concept so difficult?
    maybe she’s rich cause she worked hard and maybe working hard helps you win this game ratboy-ever think of that?

  94. Use to be a fan of Amanda/McCrae before she went bonkers last week and yelling at everyone. I hope she goes home this week but I also feel Andy needs to go. This guy is like white on rice, he just sticks to his alliance till he feel it no longer is valid (aka Jessie, Helen, now Amanda/McCrae). All he is doing is killing any votes he has in jury as Helen, Jessie, Amanda and McCrae will all be votes against him.

    My hope this week with the double eviction is that Andy is one of the two to go, guy is getting annoying on me with how he just rotates around and voting out everyone that was supporting him.

  95. Had to turn off BB after dark—-thanks Ratt a$$–u have officially made it unbearable to look at you and you’re disgusting bs. Seriously–it’s almost to the point I want him gone over McCrappy. Still is not as bad as Amanda, but is definitely a tie with McCrappy at this point, and how the hell does Judd not see it. There are literally a million red flags in front of his face and he still defends him to Elissa. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering the dumb a$$ house guests they’ve recruited.

  96. on the live feeds, Amanda keeps talking and talking,
    but I don’t believe McCrae has hardly spoken………..

  97. I don’t get why aMANda keeps calling Elissa “Joker’s Face”. Hasn’t she actually SEEN her OWN reflection in the mirror? She has more face filler than a whacked out hollywood starlet, and her OWN boob job is heinous. Her watermelons hang down to her elbows. Her entire season has been spent stuffing her face with whatever she can shove in her mouth during the times she isn’t stuffing her face with McCrae. I think “vile” isn’t even enough to describe her. I hope McCrae’s family law down the law and scream out a HUGE “NO WAY!” to him dating her. I laughed the other night when they were laying in bed (yes, I know…what a shocker.) and she said something to the effect of “in less than a month I’m going to meet your parents! I bet they think I’m a BITCH!” and McCrae said something like “I don’t want you to meet my parents!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  98. Joker face? then amanduh’s TWO FACE and that’s one fugly dude.
    Gus Frink’s face looked better after the blast.
    mcPussy’s body language is just screaming WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO??? HOW CAN I SHAKE THIS FUNGUS????

  99. The moment the veto winner puts it back in the box and the glorious sound of it snapping shut is the moment mcrea and amanda start campaigning against eachother: Priceless.

  100. Elissa may come from money but at least she has values and knows the difference between right and wrong. Andy is about to lose his mind over the money and is throwing values down the toilet!!

  101. Well that says it all right there. If the noms stay the same, McRaped goes home…If they don’t, Elissa gets back doored. I think it’s a bad move actually. Once McRanda is gone, the only person I think Elissa could beat outright in the Finale is Spencer.

  102. Since when is winning BB about who needs the $ more? I’m am so sick of these people saying Elissa shouldn’t win because she has $ and now owns a hockey rink.

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