Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Power Of Veto RESULTS!

POV Holder: McCRAE Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots

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12:03pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Veto Competition. When the feeds return we learn that McCRAE WON the POWER OF VETO!

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Big-Brother-15-august-31-2013-210pm2:05pm In the rainbow room – Andy, Judd, Elissa and Spencer are talking. Gina says good job guys, very nice! Gina then left. Elissa says this is going to be a crazy week until Thursday. Spencer heads up to the HOH room.

Judd joins them and he tells them maybe we should try and convince McCrae to use the veto on Amanda if we tell him we will save him. Judd says that McCrae has a fire lit under him. He is going to win HOH this week. Andy joins them. Andy says that has only happened one time in big brother and it is know as the dumbest move in big brother history. Spencer offers to go up on the block when McCrae comes off. Gina tells him that she will let him pack all of her makeup and brushes to prove they have his loyalty and that he will not go home. Spencer says I just don’t want to be the dumba$$ that volunteers to go up and to go home like Lawon (Big Brother 13 – when he offered himself up as the pawn and ended up getting voted out.) Gina thinks if McCrae wins HOH he will put her up. Judd says he hates me and will put me up for sure.

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2:20pm – 2:30pm In the bathroom – Amanda is crying and saying that she is now going home. She says that she is happy he won but knows she is going home. I fought so hard to be here, while other people just slid by. It’s just a game.. Amanda wonders if there is any way she could stay. They wonder if Andy didn’t go up she might be able to stay if they can get his vote with McCrae’s for her to stay. Amanda tells McCrae that her game over and tells him that he needs to make sure to put Ginamarie and Elissa next week. Amanda says that she doesn’t think it was fair that she had to go up 4 times, I was at a disadvantage from the start. But it doesn’t matter you won fair and square. Spencer comes down and tells that Gina said it was going to be me or Andy going up as the replacement but I dont think it will be Andy since she won’t want to put him in harms way. Spencer leaves to take a nap. Amanda says we could offer Judd my alcohol and your’s if I stay for the rest of the summer.



2:30pm – 2:45pm Up in the HOH room – Andy, Judd, Gina and Elissa talk about how the jury house is going to explode with happiness when Amanda walks through the door. In the downstairs bathroom – Andy joins them. Amanda complains about how the competition wasn’t fair. She says its not right that she was targeted by everyone to go up 4 times. She says it should have been the people who haven’t played yet could be picked next not me each time. Amanda says I knew going into it I was going to be targeted but I was really surprised that you put me up Andy. Andy says he is sorry and we just scared. He says that he wasn’t upset either that she won against him. The competition had a spinning aspect to it were they had to hold on. Amanda asks if it was going to be a tie vote would you two vote for me? McCrae says it depends on what my position would be like next week. Andy and Amanda are crying. Amanda says maybe I can get Judd, I doubt it though. I think Spencer should go up. If you go up Andy I am not going to try anything.


2:50pm Up in the HOH room – Elissa and Gina talk about Spencer going up. Gina asks Elissa to reassure with Spencer that he will stay. Elissa asks while they were up here did they tell you to put me up? Gina says no, Spencer offered to have himself go up. Elissa comments that Spencer hasn’t done anything and other people are trying not to ruffle any feathers. Gina says I am not worried to ruffle any feathers – I will pluck the whole f**king chicken! Elissa tells Gina that she and her need to pretend like we aren’t that close. She says that the boys will partner up to try and take us out. Gina agrees. Elissa heads downstairs.


2:50pm – 3pm Amanda asks McCrae if he felt bad for her when they kept picking me? McCrae says yeah I was f**king pissed. Amanda says and I battled all of them and won. And then you picked me and you won. McCrae says yeah I didn’t know if I should pick you or Spencer. McCrae says all of those other people looked like sad excuses for people. Amanda complains that she couldn’t even hold on any longer it was ripping her hands apart. McCrae says that he felt sick going around and around and didn’t think he could hang on any longer. Amanda says you killed it, you did really good. Amanda says I am glad everyone kept picking me instead of you. McCrae says I am sorry. Amanda says at least you can relax all week and not have to pack. Amanda says I am so surprised people kept picking me because I kept beating them. I loved beating Ginamarie.


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Speak too soon?


derick alaska

Oh..I guess you never heard of the wizard of oz…lol

Real Scandals Phony President

McCrae staying is great news for Elissa. Amanda always played personal. Amanda tells McCrae to put up Gina and Elissa on the block next week. So that’s the move? He still has to find someone to work with and the problem is that Elissa is the only one that would work with him. If next week is truly a double eviction, then he has to make a deal with someone, anyone! He has to win an HOH, then his ally has to win an HOH.

The problem with Andy’s game it gets exposed this week. If Andy is really loyal to McCrae, he joins him to vote to keep Amanda. If Andy votes to keep Amanda, then the rest of the Floaters….I mean Rats.. I mean Exterminators. They won’t trust Andy. McCrae will not hesitate to put Andy on the block with Spencer if they are exposed as being liars.

Its funny, Amanda and McCrae who have been lying all game, get so upset when others not loyal to them.


Andy and Amanda will try to twist the game and get GM to put up Elissa and vote her out… I’m sure that there will be a quick plan to start spreading some lies, it would be a good plan but I definitely wouldn’t want it to work. I wish that Judd and GM could get their shit together and realize that with Elissa they could run to the end of the game together. Hopefully production is hiding the real story behind these three.

Andy reminds me of Peewee Herman… Hope he goes to jury on the double eviction.


I said that too. He looks like cross between Pee Wee Herman, howdy doody and yoda because of his ears.

slangin' spooge

andy has some seriously messed up ears, elf like.


Doesn’t Andy looks like PETER PETTIGREW

Pinocchio Obama

Oh Elissa, you are overanalyzing this game. You are telling Gina to pretend not to be close to you. This is not the part of the game where you try for subtlety. You need to develop a partnership with someone and ride it to the end. Gina has a alliance that you are not in. You are supposed to be trying to influence Gina and Judd so that someone would want to take you to the end. You pretending to be seperating from Gina, only weakens your bond with Gina . Next week it will be easier for Gina to work with the guys to get you out. You didn’t work to build your realtionship this week with her.


Heads up Amanda, watch out for falling houses.


Don’t count Amanda out yet. If GM was smart she would put up joker face and blindside her. That would be a nice payback for duck lips putting up Nick and Aaryn, and for treating GM like shit all season. But, alas, GM is nowhere close to being smart. She’ll let duck lips manipulate her and will put up Andy or Spencer. What an ignorant piece of garbage GM is.


Don’t be so sure!!!!! GM would keep Elissa and puts up Spencer.


how does double eviction work???? after the first person is evicted do they have to do another competition or something?

The Fist of Goodness

Ummm Elissa has been kinder to GM than Aaron ever was. FYI

The Fist of Goodness

I love it how Amanda complains about being put up so many times. Little does she know half the time it was America putting her up LOL


Albeit I didn’t if McCrae or Amanda gets sent home, I really wanted McCrae gone just to watch Amanda unravel with the thought of him in the Jury house with Jessi. Oh well, one can still hope right?

Gosh-Andy’s voice grates on my last nerve!

Big shout-out to Dawg and Simon…! You guys are awesome!!!

Pinocchio Obama

Stop crying Amanda, the far left hates you because of your success and the love you and McCrae share. You are the best BB player this season.

Pinocchio Obama

i can understand you wanting to steal an awesome screen name like mine and I’m fine with you using it so long as you don’t post stupid stuff like this. Amanda says she deserves to be here, why? All she did was bullied people, demand that they use the power of veto on her to show their loyalty, intimidate a scared Aaryn to do her bidding and skank up the place. Finally, there is an HOH that she can’t bully and doesn’t repeat the same mistake that Elissa made, not putting both Amanda and McCrae up at the same time. Amanda now is having a nervous breakdown. What are her moves?

Oh Judd is a hillbilly, give him all our alcohol so I can stay. Is that the best you have Amanda? Oh McCrae you won the POV fair and square, do you mind using the POV on me? Amanda really, you want pizza boy to give up his chance of winning a half million dollars for what….his love for you. Isn’t that love all make believe?

Pinocchio Obama

The fact that you have to post both of these fake posts under my screen name does not bother me in the least since I feel your pain that your idol Amanda is getting kicked to the curb. Don’t worry your buddy Andy will join her soon. Boom!

Shut up

I wouldn’t be surprised if all these posts are by the same person and you’re just schizophrenic. Who cares? Choose a different screen name and move on.


I was thinking the same. A Luka Magnotta type of person.

Pinocchio Obama

I understand you like getting your kicks by being me. However, you wish one day that you could be me.

Pinocchio Romney


Tax Obama

Fast & Furious
Trillion $ Debt

And those are the highlights.


If you are going to talk politics at least make make it Canadian politics.. Aren’t both parties in the US essentially fronts for corporations?



Pinocchio Obama

Oh no you didn’t! LOL!


funny; literally laughed out loud at your screen name


Judd is a hillbilly huh? Never underestimate a good ole Southern Boy!!! Alvin C York was considered a hillbilly too and he single handedly took multiple German prisoners using his gun skills and his hillbilly know how. He won the Medal of Honor and was the MOST DECORATED solider in WWI. Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State because more men volunteer to serve our country to protect Americans and their rights. That includes you too…you with the stupid name!!! Who would you rather have protecting you…some name Judd or Pinocchio?

Pinocchio Obama

Ah, we should never forget the brave men and women that sacrifice their lives for our country. However, don’t get it twisted. Judd is no Medal of Honor winner and neither am I, but that doesn’t change the fact I can still tell if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it proabably is a duck. Judd gets evicted with Andy and McCraes help. Guys that showed no loyalty to him. What does Judd does when he comes back into the game. Allies back with Andy and possibly McCrae depending on what happens this week. I consider that plain dumb, but I guess you would rather I call him a Yale graduate.

Botox Pelosi

Its going to be a great night to watch BB after dark. Its going to be a royal rumble tonight. Elissa been sleeping with Gina the last couple of nights. For her own safety Elissa realized she had to sleep in the HOH room. However, Amanda took her meds before the comp, so that means right around bedtime she will be full blown paranoid and will go up to the HOH and confront both Elissa and Gina.


Why should Amanda bother with those two pieces of excrement? She has McCrae and Andy. Just needs to flip Spencer for the needed third vote to stay. She already knows shady Judy is with the above-referenced turds. It may be too late but the stars could align and keep 2 AM in business. Thumbs down if duck lips joker face should go home next week.


Sorry d-bag I’m a socialist and I can’t stand her or Elissa. I want that bag o’ botox to follow her out the door on Thursday


No, we hate her because she is a f*cking bitch!! She is MANIPULATIVE!! Everything she says is a DOUBLE STANDARD!! It’s Amanda who hates Elissa for her success in life… she is such a jealous bitch…lol. But we all see where her poor character has gotten her… So glad McCrae fought hard and won the VETO, that will give Miss Bitch something to dwell on for a while!!! Wonder which of the girls in the jury house she will plead with to satisfy her sexual needs… it is obvious the nasty whore has NO CONTROL over them…. She has made such a joke out of herself!!!


Jesse. She’ll do anyone.

in name only...

Amanda is in serious need of doctors care and constant supervision. She has obviously had no nurturing by her parents and is ‘Jewish’ by genetics only.
For Heavens sake the girl does not even know who MOSES was or what He did. He is the ONLY reason that she is even here, alive, and that the Hebrew nation did not die out as slaves to the Romans. She knew nothing about him, or is actions to free the Israelites! Her parents should be shamed for aparently NOT sending her to Hebrew school, yet giving her a Batmitzvah (that costs a fortune) when she had aparently never earned it.
I wonder of she even gave a speech and a prayer, and if so what in the world could she have said ???


Skum Man Duh has pretty much desecrated everyone and everything in the BB house, but when McNasty jumped out of bed and dropped the Holy Bible on the floor (the same Bible he has been reading relentlessly for days on end) and just left if laying on the floor. Then when his disgusting, pathetic, vulgar girlfriend got off the bed and purposely stood up and stepped on the Bible for a few seconds before bending over and picking it up to put it on the night stand. really just showed this woman has no class, morals, or values, whatsoever. She never seems to amaze me just how low she will go with no thought at all about what she is doing, saying, acting on national television. She is as grossly pathetic as anyone comes. And for McNasty to just throw it off the bed and leave it lying on the floor doesn’t say much about him either. But, then again America already knows just how despicable these two trashy, nasty, smelly subhumans are! UGH!


I like Elissa wayyyyyyy better than Amanda. Elissa is more passive aggressive with her game but Amanda isn’t smart enough to be like that. Amanda is rude , crude and mentally unstable. this is why Amanda hates her so much. that and she is jealous of Elissa’s life. Elissa is fighting fair and Amanda is playing dirty.This is why I Would like Elissa to go further.

Another Liberal Loser

I love watching her and Andy cry.


This little red rat should be nicknamed Niagra!


I couldn’t believe I was reading Amanda whining because she was ‘so picked on’. The girl has no reality in her data base. When she goes out, I truly truly hope Julie finally tells Amanda that America vote her on the block, no one else. I hope Julie slings some slop at Amanda.

Pinocchio Obama

I love it when your mom cries. Its a turn on. If she didn’t cry. We would never had you.

Another Liberal Loser

Give her ruby slippers to McCrae.


Am sure she’ll leave the remaining guests lil disgusting surprises throughout the house. too

Room 101

The chicken hasn’t hatched yet.


OK, I am so excited. Even though I can barely stomach McCrae, I was hoping he would win this one, it guarantees his bitch will be leaving this week… I will enjoy watching the show sooo much more without having to look at her half naked boyish body and listening to her manic/depressive bull shit. Hell yeah, this is awesome… I am hoping final 2 are GM and Judd. GM has proven to be a worthy game player as far as I am concerned… she has been aware for weeks that people are talking shit about her and kept her mouth shut and played the game, when Amanda attempted to test the waters and decided she had bullied everyone else in the house…now it’s GM’s day to be bullied, GM jumped right back at Manly Amanda and put her in her place and most importantly she was the only person in the game brave enough to put up the Mcranda despite the possible torment she might have had to endure because of it. If the power duo hadn’t gone up on the block together this week, their odds of being in Final 2 were pretty damn good…So Good Luck GM!!!


GM…”I am not worried to ruffle any feathers – I will pluck the whole f**king chicken! “… perfect example of why I have grown to like her so much!!!


I still havent forgot the fact that Gina is racist and lost her job because of it..i want her to go home without any money unemployed…I want someone to win i just dont know who because non deserve it but Gina the most


I hate racist Gina,,I want her to go home soon get all the racist out..then i dont care who wins the game..bad minded people dont deserve such a reward for poor actions


The things that B1TCH has said and done I want her up on the BLOCK!!!


Are you a Gina Marie Family Member trying to do good PR for her????You must of forgot the comments she said i dislike Gina Still @ SO DISGUSTED AT GINA!!


I agree screw you Gina Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No I am not a family member or a friend of GM, I’m not a resident of the state of New York, I am just a fan of BB. Most everyone has been guilty in life of saying or doing something that they don’t believe in or stand for… I am not trying to be and advocate for GM, but out of everyone in the house, after considering the pros and cons of each player.. in my opinion GM and Judd would be who I would be happiest seeing in final 2. BTW… are you related to Amanda, because you seem to share a characteristic of hers… if u find a flaw in someones character, blow it up, don’t let anyone forget it…drag there name through the mudd every chance you get using that flaw as the leash… I would be comfortable betting my money that in her life GM is respectful, accepting and kind to any person of any race, ethnicity and economic status that is respectful, accepting and kind to her. I could be wrong of course, but that is the vibe I get from her though… So again… Good Luck GM.


GM is a big pile of worthless dog shit. That’s why everyone has been piling on her. For that matter everyone in the house has been saying nasty and revolting things about each other, including your buddy GM. She’s illiterate and now unemployed. And based on her shitty attitude on life, her psycho obsession with a guy she only knew for 1 week and who hated her, and her racist behavior, she will forever remain unemployed. No way she floats to the end. Her and joker face will be shown the door by the boys after this week is over.




Original-G has the most stones out of the whole bunch.


So disgusted you must either be a family member of GM or the type of person who is ok with GM’s vile comments. Who would want a racist who teases someone about adoption to win??? You’re wayyyyyy to into this game.


Nah, Elissa is still there unfortunately.


I REALLY hope Amanda goes, immediately followed by Andy in double eviction, thenMcRae and Spencer.

Would like to see GM, Elissa and Judd in final three and after that, I don’t really care who wins.

Dirty Harry Reid

If Spencer goes up I can see both McCrae and Andy voting to keep Amanda so they would try to offer a deal to Gina to keep Amanda. If Gina is smart enough to put up Andy the witch will be toast.

OH, MY, GOD! Knock it off with playing the victim already. Someone fights back at 5% of what Amanda gives them and she can’t understand why. She’s the only one being hurt. The people on the wrong side of her bullying deserve it. Now she’s whining about POV being unfair. I guess that only cool when Amanda comes up with the plan to sabotage someone else.


Joker face died, BBProduction? The witch of stuck-up unfortunately looks ok for now.


Amanda says “I’m melting”, “I’m melting”…… guess what fire crotch, monkeys are flying !!!!! Ohweeoooo, Ohweooooo. We are all the lollipop gang !!

I Said It says


Well last thread I pointed out that the 10K balloon drop smelled like a DPOV set up for Amanda. Now McCrae wins POV perhaps neither goes home. If Spencer goes up then Amanda plays the Diamond veto Monday who goes up in her place. GM will have to do it with no advanced notice. We may see Ellisa the 1st out on Thursday or even Andy. It’s Elissa 1st out on Thursday is my prediction. This week smells like rotting fish…………… from the head down I tells yah!! Grodners gonna play us all like a fiddle…….. while Rome burns!



Bun bye demanda! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!


Buffalobill where are you at?


tried to tell buffalo bill not to listen to that so called cbs employee common sense does he realize how much that would entail to try and fix it from the start it would be to obvious


I know right!!!!! BuffaloBill probably withdraw all the winnings he has and better yet, he going broked!!!!!


Lmao!!! Yeah! Where did BuffaloBill go? Odds aren’t Lookin so good now are they mr Vegas!


He probably whining right now and lose all the winnings!!!!

Rio Seven

Now, the other night on AD, Amanda said she “hates all Asians.”

I think she was sorta joking but obviously it was a very stupid thing to say, especially on TV. That being said, is Julie Chen going to address that? It makes Aaryn’s “go make some rice” thing really tame.

Ummm hmmm

I would love to see Amanda get same type of interview that Aaron got, but would be willing to bet that she won’t. I also though that GM made the remark about “Oh go cook some rice”, but Julie put that one on Aaron as well. This was a really stupid remark, but Helen did cook and eat a lot of rice, I think she ate it with every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Well it is part of Helen’s culture. Asians are big on rice. It is their main staple. The meals means eating any viand with rice. If Italians love their pasta, Asians love their rice. What’s wrong with it?

pschitzo bully pulpit

When Amanda talks to Julie, and she ask her about her comments, first she will cry, then she will say it was Elissa’s fault, ask the dr for her meds, then she will taunt and bully Julie, followed by a threat of putting a fork in her eye. Of course all these emotions will happen in one minute. Julie will just over look this, because AG is Amanda’s friend and Amanda knows half the production crew, and not ask her any of the these questions for fear of losing her job and Amanda going nuts on live tv

Amanda's Therapist

rioseven* Amanda was not joking…I heard her tell the story on BBAD, too! She was in New York and received food with a
” BAND-AID ” in it ! She was pissed!!
Yes! She did make the Asian remarks!!


Actually, when you do a search on the internet, the vast majority of the stories mention the racism and homophobia of Aaryn and Gina Marie, but there’s barely a bad word about Amanda.

This Season Blows

Elissa’s lucky that GM isn’t putting her up as the replacement – that being said, Demanda getting evicted will pretty much start the countdown on the end of Elissa’s game, as she’s the next biggest target after Demanda.


I think Mca**hole will be. They wanted him gone this week.
On another note YEAH the b****h is going to jury!!!!!

This Season Blows

I could easily see Spencer, Andy, and Judd bailing out McPussy and forming a guys alliance, though. Plus until now, he had only won one competition, whereas Elissa had won more and more recently. Spencer and Andy also dislike Elissa and Judd doesn’t trust her.


Actually this is good for Elissa, as EVERYBODY wanted McCrea out and there was a split starting between wanting either her or Amanda out next. With McCrea staying, the BIG target remains in the game.

The one thing we don’t know is how McCrea plays the game. He’s hid under Amanda’s skirt since week 2. It remains to be seen how McCrea might view his path forward and how best to get to the end. His ace card is burying Andy as a floater and snitch. If Elissa or Judd wins HOH, then he has that card to play. And if he wins HOH, I see him being much more apt to target Judd and GM (Elissa’s allies) rather than her. I could see him schmoozing Elissa, apologizing for Amanda and saying how he felt trapped by her – then proceed to bury Andy and Spencer – rather than trying to get her out right away.

Elissa’s threat with Amanda gone is Andy and Spencer. I don’t see McCrea rocking the boat and carrying out Amanda’s vendetta. It would go against being a calm, rational, intelligent player…which is what I think McCrea is. I see him trying to take away her votes first, then waiting to get her out after she has no allies. If McCrea wins HOH, I see him pulling in Elissa and making peace, then nominating Judd and GM, with Judd leaving. Should Judd win the veto, only then he would backdoor Elissa.


Amanda wears skirts? Must be really short skirts, considering how often her panties were showing.

This may end up biting them...

I am not sure Amanda going first will turn out to be the best thing. They have now lit a fire under Macrae and he will be a terror in competitions. Their initial choice to have leave first may prove to have been correct.


GM is the strongest competitor still in there. They’ll want to take her out first. These clowns are always turning on their alliance members way to early.

Are you stupid?

If she put Elissa up, Elissa might go home. Then Spencer and Andy will float back to Mcranda. GM and Judd are f**ked then.

Elissa can win. She is loyal.
Judd gonna be the second Helen for trusting Andy
Spencer is a floater to the one in Power
Andy is a float to the one in Power

Elissa is GM best bet.

Pinocchio Obama

Actually wouldn’t mind seeing Elissa go up next to Amanda to see some real fireworks. Although both those “women” suck, and I use the term woman loosely when describing them both.


I wouldn’t mind if little Andy boo who from whoville was put up and went home.

Amanda's Therapist

aquabernie* Andy goes up next to Amanda
McPussy is the VOTE that saves
his “snitch” buddy….Andy!
Amanda leaves ….”screeching” out the door!
If she is going to do any “acting” – she will do it
during her interview with Julie Chen! :-)

the last word

mcCrud won, what evs… all I cqare is that slutmanda goes home, YES ! I sure hope Julie grills her like she did the other bimbo ~

haha suckas

Yeah. B’bye Amanda. Have fun in the jury house…


oh well Amanda… lol… don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.


“Amanda says that she doesn’t think it was fair that she had to go up 4 times, I was at a disadvantage from the start.”\

Bitch, are you fucking kidding?


by saying things like that she is letting McCrae know that she thinks she deserves to be there more than he does.


And clearly Amanda can’t count either considering she only went up 3 times this season


Pretty sure she meant in the Veto comp…


I think she meant during the competition. Not how many time she was put up for eviction.

Delilah Jones

When Amanda mentions she went up four times, she is talking about in the POV competition. It sounds like everyone kept picking her to go up against them. In other words, they were trying to knock her out of the comp.

Tiny Bob

I think she’s talking about the veto competition. I’m guessing it was a “Knockout” type competition, but I don’t know why they would pick Amanda over and over if they all supposedly wanted to get McCrae evicted this week.

Pinocchio Obama

The housemates are not that smart. Simple, really.

Pinocchio Obama

You really say some stupid stuff when you pretend to be me. Now you are calling all house guests dumb. You must be a relative of Amanda, because all your comments are personal attacks of these house guests.


She was talking about going up 4 times in today’s POV. They kept picking her hoping she would lose and be out. But then McCrae picked her instead of Spencer and HE was the one that knocked her out!


I think she was referring to how many times she had to go up in this pov competition not how many times she has been on the block.


She’s referring to the veto comp, they had to pick someone to go up against and she was picked 4 times!

AMANDA is disgusting

no i think they are talking about the VETO that was done today. think they had to call on each other and she was picked 4 times. not 4 noms.

Another Liberal Loser

The fact that she is not kidding is why she is such a witch.

Dan's Bible

Maybe I can help her.


Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead!


Bye-bye Amanda…you stupid dumb, vile, disgusting, trashy bitch…


FINALLY!!! BYE BYE BITCH :) so happy to see her goooooooooooo


Spencer volunteering to go up is dumber than Judd tryin to convince MC to use the veto on Amanda so they can back door him.

If Andy doesn’t go up then I see a very real possibility that Amanda stays over spencer. WTF!


Yes, I can see it too…..PLEASE GM put Andy or the last 2 weeks are a waste.


they need 3 votes, cause with getting 2 votes, GM will break tie and vote out amanda/mcgrea


Yeah really, but I wonder if he is doing that so he doesn’t have to vote Amanda out. And so he can work with McCrae. I have a feeling Elissa is not the only one in trouble but Gina Marie is too with being left with all those men in there.


I never thought of that.

If that happens then Andy has to choose how to vote. And his game will be exposed. So Spencer could take Andy’s place in with mccrae.

This is going to be a good week

Delilah Jones

I am ready for Andy’s game to be exposed. I am actually surprised Amanda and McCrae have not yet figured out he has bailed on their alliance.


I don’t think so…him volunteering means that he doesn’t have to vote and expose he isn’t with them anymore. Plus Judd/Elissa are voting out Amanda no matter what and GM will break the tie and send Amanda packing or her HoH will have been a waste. I think he is actually smart for volunteering.


Yeah, so that if McCrae wins HOH next time, Spence can float right back over to him. Surprised RatBoy didn’t think of that first.


He is probably thinking that if he is up on the block, he is not the one who has to vote out Amanda and he would still be good with McCrae, since they all think he will win the HOH. By doing this, he has to trust his alliance. However, that means the Andy will have to show his hand. If he votes to keep Amanda, so he can still get Amanda and McCrea’s vote, then GM, JUDD and Elissa will know he is not with them. Then he has to hope McCrae, Spencer, or Andy won the HOH. If he votes her out, then he knows he loses Amanda and McCrae. If you trust the alliance, then Spencer might be smart to jump on this first.


I AGREE!!!!!!! That RAT should volunteer his ass up to prove his loyalty to the exterminators. Spencer is TOO dispensable. Amanda can easily talk Andy into keeping her over Spencer, The rat can easily convince Judd who can convince GM. And then Boom, Amanda wins $500k. I hope the RAT gets exposed this week!!!


No one ever listen about him. I think he brought in some of Dan’s mist


while i obviously agree, one thing you forgot. rat bastard andy is too much of a pussy to volunteer to go up


I can just see Spector and Andy jumping back to McCrae if Judd goes up. Oh how I hope GM is holding her cards close to chest and has rat boy in mind. Elissa has been leery of Andy for a while, hope GM is too.

Go Home McRanda



Dang It, I Wanted Mccranda To Be Up All Week When Amanda Goes, I Can See A Boys Alliance.

This Season Blows

LOL, now McPussy has finally found his nutsack and has told Demanda that he probably won’t vote for her to stay. Good riddance to Demanda!


He won’t even throw her a pity vote? Wow, he must really want to get rid of her.


Amanda is in denial. It’s over, your game is over. You know it, McCrae knows it, the other houseguests know it and we all know it. Stop crying, fighting and lashing out and just accept what is, is!


Although it would have been great to see mcnasty go and her freak out over Jessie for a week

Pick a better cast CBS



Ahhhh! Now that Amanda’s definitely going home, I can’t freaking wait till Amanda’s eviction interview! I would LOVE to see her face when she finds the audience booing at her!!!!!


There will not be an interview with Amanda. The excuse from Julie will be “it’s a double eviction, we don’t have time for interviews” no way does CBS want to let America know Amanda is ten times as bad as Aaryn.

Another Liberal Loser

The no interview would be better than production handing her a golden veto but I was really looking forward to the studio audience ” greeting” her.

Dirty Harry Reid

They have to show the studio audience love for Amanda when she walks out. She will be shocked to see how much everyone hates her.


America already knows, if they are watching feeds, reading blogs or viewing the show, that Amanduh is worse than Aaryn. CBS is more concerned that there will be a big backlash when Amanduh exits. I am sure the studio will be filled with CBS employees only.

Amanda's Therapist


This Season Blows

To be fair, they DON’T have time for interviews on the double eviction shows. Julie can’t get the evicted HG’s off the stage fast enough!

Hopefully the audience will at least boo the crap out of her. Unlike Aaryn, Demanda deserves it.


Candice was interviewed when she went out first on double eviction. She just didn’t get goodbye messages.


Oh, I want the interview and the messages from the remaining HG’s. Wouldn’t it be awesome if McCrae dumped her in his good riddance message?


He’ll still want her as a potential jury vote. Amanda would try to stack the deck in his favor and piss off the jury house.

Amanda's Therapist

McPussy could hope to win back some BB fans
that were lost — bc of his disgusting sick twisted
role he played in Amanda’s “sexual fantasy” game!
It would be satisfying to hear McPussy tell Amanda
“he was playing along with her — ONLY for his game”

Just a fan

McCrae won’t dump her in the goobye message – he still wants her jury vote. He isn’t stupid.


Classic Big Brother.


she always playing the victim but she was at a disadvantage because she was nominated 4 times what about spencer wasn’t he nominated I think 7 or 5 times ….


I don’t think she was talking about being nominated 4 times. Sounds like it was a physical knockout comp & she got picked 4 times in the comp. Sort of like Frank when he went up against everyone & won.

Sign Of Relief

I think the day has finally come! Amanda realizes no one but her Welcome Mat likes her. :)


GM is an idiot.

Jessie lit the fire under Elissa’s arse.
GM lit the fire under McCrae’s arse.

McCrae will win the next HoH. He will nominate Judd and Elissa. Elissa will win the POV (clown shoe/ball pit comp).

Judd will be evicted.

McCrae, Andy and Spencer will run the game to the end.

Danity Kane

I predict something stupid happens and Amanda doesn’t go home.

Get a Clue

Considering how this season has transpired so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if, on Sunday, while taking photos in the booth, someone secretly finds another veto. Most have noted that a veto could easily fit into the photo dispenser. Last week they thought a special power could be in play, especially with Elissa as HOH; i remember Judd searching the photobooth. And it would just so happen when Amanda was taking photos. Hope my speculation is just that — speculation. Amanda needs to leave.

A. G.

You’re getting close…

Obsessed much???



MC will use the veto to save Amanda


omg i 100% agree that something will happen and spencer will go than double eviction one of the others CBS wants to keep those two long as possible.

Big Jim

It’s ballgame for Amanda. It’s a shame such a classy and respectable woman is getting evicted…. NOT!! Hopefully McPussy will be 2 steps behind her in the double evic

Keri Helen

I will burst an eyeball if McCrae comes down and the house votes out the pawn. Possibly both eyeballs.


And the pawn walks out with GM’s makeup & brushes – LOL!! That would be worth it!

Another Liberal Loser

“And the pawn walks out with GM’s makeup & brushes – LOL!! That would be worth it!”

Well of course he would. Andy can use that stuff.


they need to put andy up so he doesnt flip flop


Omg! Andy trying to cry and he keeps looking at himself in the mirror to see if he looks convincing …I would love it if on the double eviction his Coward Fake RAT ASS was sent to jury. I’m ready to pop my eardrums and poke my eyes out if I keep watching him. Please set a trap and expose him. GM and Elissa need to figure out what a slimy snake he is. He makes me sick!


I am ashamed to say that after the 1st episode, I voted for Andy as MVP! It didn’t take me long to stop liking him, and eventually hate even seeing his face!

Amanda's Therapist

bb15sucks* OMG!! DOES BB15 —- EVER SUCK!!


I’m much over this week already. Bring on the DE…here’s hoping that Elissa{ I’m a sucker for underdogs} wins veto and HOH since that’s the only way she’d stay. My ideal order of eviction…Amanda then Mccrae/Andy {could care less}, then Spenser, then GM with Judd and Elissa as the final two.

This Season Blows

In no way, shape, or form is Elissa an underdog. You can’t get the amount of production help and special perks that she gets and still be considered an underdog.


And that mother father beeotch owns a 5000 seat hockey rink too!!! lol


who gives a shit what owns, this is based on game play. I think GM, Judd and unfortunately Andy played it best. We have to wish for the lesser of all evils left.


Andy is the “informer” version of a floater, Judd is the “Hillbilly” one. They did not play well, they are weak.


Bye bye Demanda

Gator girl

Judd and Elissa might be in trouble next week!! Not what I was wishing for. We don’t really want a drug user to win BB15. Remember he said he hides them in the garbage in his car?
I so wanted a decent person to win. I think Mc hates Elissa more than Judd. Sad day in Mudville!!!


i must have missed something, who is the drug user?


This means that Andy, Spen, & McCrae will be in an alliance in addition to them staying in the exterminators, and they will all be gunning for Elissa next week. This isn’t good for Elissa because she won’t have anyone else to help her since GM will be on the block. If MC wins it will be GM & Elissa on the block, same with Spenec, and probably the same if Andy won. Elissa has to win HoH next week, or she is dunzo! Oh yeah I forgot about double eviction next week! Wow things are about to get ugly in the house. There is no way Amanda will stay she is delusional. Look out Elissa and GM


Dawg is double evict this Thursday or next? I thought it was this week.


WOW! Hey Amanduh, how many times was Spencer on the block??? He’s more disadvantaged than you are-I guess he deserves to stay this week since he’s more disadvantaged!!!

It stinks that McCrea won the VETO, but at least we know (hopefully) that Amanduh will be leaving this week!!! I can hold out another week for McCrea and Andy to go home.


If anyone has the right to complain about how many times they’ve been put up for eviction, it’s Spencer. He’s been up there 5 times (6 if you include the week he won POV and saved himself). So Amanda needs to STFU!!!!

pandora's box

If Gina gets a Pandora’s box that in some way benefits Amanda it’s proof that she’s friends with the producer of the show & will win the money.

A. G.





It’s never over till it’s over. Let’s not forget that the unexpected should be expected. Never trust production.


Good thing Gina put them both up. I realize they get upset and vent in the moment and have to process getting evicted.But what I don’t like about some of this group is how entitled they think they are above others or like because they put in what they deem ‘hard work” they deserve to be there. It’s all about making it to the end and unfortunately her number has come up. Amanda complains about what is fair and what isn’t with being on the block 4 times. What about Spencer who has been up there more times than her. And Elissa has been on the block as well.


Welcome to the new generation of Americans under 30. Entitled little brats


Amanda looks like she’s in her mid thirties. She just selfish, entitled, ignorant, and has he legs up in the air more than a ballerina.


Are you kidding me? Gina you need to put up Andy or you might just get burned. Uncle Spencer wants to go upso he doesn’t have to vote anyone out and you will break the tie . The rat can not be trusted,


Noooo I wanted MccCea to go home!…………….. Maybe he will give the veto to his “queen” since she gave it to him last week………. doubt it.


I have seen crazy shit go down after veto in the BB house in previous seasons. People flip on a dime. I have a bad nauseating feeling that Amanda will be saved and whoever replaces McCrae will be going home.

Who else here is smart enough to realize the ONLY reason Spencer offered himself as a nom is because he doesn’t want to have to vote and get blood on his hands? He thinks he can sit safely next to Amanda and secure her vote in the event that he does make it to F2. Good for GM for having more balls than Andy and Spencer combined.


Ratboy goes up as replacement Amanda goes, anyone else, and she might stay.

Amanda and Elissa goes in double eviction = My DREAM

Don’t shit on my dreams… AG


Man, everyone that is calling Amanda horrible names is just as bad as what you guys are complaining about.. you are still bullies, just without the balls to say it in person and face to face.. sad..

You're Wrong

“The balls to say it face to face.”? How can I? I’m not in the house or in the same city as her when the show is over. LOL, “you are still bullies.” Maybe you don’t know the definition of bullies: a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. How, I ask is anyone intimidating Amanda on this blog? How in, in any form of fashion do we have power over her? So, as you can see nobody is bullying here. Your argument is therefore, invalid. “AAANNNDDD boom goes the dynomite.”


GinaMarie: “i didn’t ruffle any feathers. I plucked the whole MF chicken”



Nooooooooo please dear God noooooooooo


This comment was supposed to go under whoever said they predicted amanda will somehow stay. I hope she wont

the last word

FYI: Theres a surprise double eviction this sunday …. while your @ it, take mcpussy with you too BYOTCH!


Why is there a surprise DE on SUNDAY? That is not a live show. Did the programming change and I did not see it?


Posted earlier but it seems to have vapourised. I had not heard any programming changes re a DE on SUNDAY. That is not a live show.


If they talk McCrae in taking Amanda off the block and ensure his safety by evicting Spencer (the replacement nominee) and McCrae then gets evicted he would be right up there with Lawon as the dumbest player ever.


Do you guys think the audience will boo Amanda? I sure hope so.


Amanda has really lost it if she thinks she can trade alcohol to stay the rest of the summer (hand her half a mill for a few beers), ya right!


She couldn’t very well offer to trade sex. No one else in the house would want her.


can it be any worse than Judd offering Elissa a “coin” his mom gave him when he won HOH?

Judd, that was a dud

Holding My Breath!

If these people are so stupid to try some scheme that ultimately ends with Amanda and McCrae both surviving this week, then as much as I hate it, Amanda and McCrae will deserve to be in F2! Put up Andy in place of McCrae, vote Amanda out, and end the most disgusting showmance in the history of BB! Second eviction of the night – McCrae or Andy must go! All you Judd fans….Judd is nice, but Judd is so dumb! If McCrae or Andy don’t go in the second eviction, he and Elissa are toast! At least GM is currently sticking to her guns and is not willing to put Elissa up as replacement. Hang in there girls!


I can’t wait to hear what McCrud really thinks of Amanda when she is gone.

mr man

Ask mccrae to use the veto on amanda & tell him elissabeth will go up as a replacement & go home…….then blindside the fire out of him & send him packing, leaving amanda in a state of hysteria & rage


Andy keeps saying he proved his loyalty to the fake(??) alliance of Judd, Elissa, GM & Andy. Then brainiac Judd chimes in with “I wish I could prove my loyalty.” I’m waiting for somebody to tell him that he can prove his loyalty by going up as the pawn. GM can give him her makeup as collateral & then watch him walk out the door as Andy & Spencer go back to Amanda & McCrea.


crazy to say this I think now spencer has a better feel for the game than anyone paranoid hes not rational about what is going on kinda of funny