Big Brother Spoilers – Jenn never expected to get this far she played the game with no regrets

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

7:07pm Cam 1-4 Kitchen Dan, Ian and Jenn

Jenn says Ian and Ashley should do podcast for Dan seeing as they both read Dans Big Brother casting book.
Ian wonders if Frank or Boogie will want to talk to him and Dan after. dan says Ian might need to hash out that “Get to stepping” Comment but other than that he doesn’t think there will be a problem.

Dan says they will know by finale night where everyone stands. He doesn’t’ think the house will hold many long term grudges.

7:22pm Jenn and Dan

Jenn says if she was asked to come back she would. She would know how to play it better the second time. Dan thinks it’s all about how the fans like them. Popular players are asked to come back. Dan: “You are the first and only legit rock star to come in here” Dan thinks Jenn will be asked back in.
(It took 6 weeks on the feeds before we knew who she was. )

Jenn brings up how Ashley told her she was smart and she was going to make it far in the game.

Dan couldn’t understand Ashley and Frank.. he couldn’t see any attraction between them. Jenn says because she turned Ashley down “ashley was looking for something”

Jenn brings up Boogie and Frank being so close.

the difference was Will would calm him down whereas Frank would amp him up.. Dan: “I’m telling you Jenn if you ever have the time you got to see how that guy plays the game it’s amazing.. pretty much guided Boogie to the win” Dan thinks it is something Boogie was trying to shake he wanted to win on his own.

Dan says Frank would walk around saying he was the best player in the game. Dan doesn’t respect that very much. Dan points out that every week Frank was a target .

Dan thinks Britney was the most dangerous player near the end game, Her social game was potent and she could have won many competitions. Dan adds that Jenn had a solid game to. Jenn says she has no regrets going on slop for the season to prevent Dan from getting the Veto then using the veto to save Dan. She explains she needed to take a stand keep it real. Jenn: “Dan to be honest with you I never expected to have survived this long.. “
Dan thinks that the game has a large element of luck involved. Jenn agrees.
Dan :”regardless of what happened.. I know I played my balls off in this game”
Jenn: “You are completely bad a$$”
Dan: “thanks Jenn same with you”

8:00pm Kitchen Jenn talking about doing recordings Real to Real instead of using pro tools. Jenn says it was her best album , “It captured a great moment in time for the band..”
Band talk goes on for a long time.. If you are a Kittie fan, Jenn fan or female heavy metal fan this conversation is worth using flash back it’s interesting.

8:30pm Cam 3-4 Ian eating chips and working the hammock pretty hard

9:00pm Cam 1-4 Kitchen Dan, Ian and Jenn
Talking about the different houseguest and how they made it on the show.

Joe was cast after they saw him on youtube
Kara was recruited
Danielle and Ashley applied to be on a dating show
Shane and Jenn were facebook
Ian, Frank, Jodi went to casting
Britney went to a casting call (Season 12)
Boogie sent a tape in (Season 2)
Janelle was “Found”
Dan went to casting sent in a tape

9:30pm Shane and Danielle come back they went to the Kelloggs Olympic special. Danielle says it was very showy and featured USA gymnastic Olympians

9:52pm Living Room Danielle and Shane are talking about their trip.. Danielle says she feels really anxious right now.. (Image Link)

9:54pm Shane eating a banana (Image Link)

9:55pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan Bathroom

Danielle saying that “they” told her Shane, Ian, Danielle and Dan are the most favorite this season. This is why when Ian was asking her in the living room earlier she didn’t say anything. Jenn is apparently not liked and she didn’t want to say it in front of her. Danielle: “Everyone likes the QP”

Shane joins them.

Shane says they kissed 3 times on the “Date”, both Shane and danielle giggle. Danielle: “I’m so embarrassed.. I’m blushing”
Feeds cut..
when they come back Danielle is explaining the experience and how weird it is to be back in the house. She says they was 5 -10 thousand people at the event and there were cameras right in her face. Now she’s trapped back in the house and she’s feeling crappy

Dan heads outside to drink with Ian.. Dan tells her to put something comfortable on it will help her feel better.

10:17pm Everyone but Danielle is in the backyard chatting about the even he went to. Shane mentions that he’s grateful for going put it wasn’t something he would normal go to. Points out that Danielle really liked it because apparently she was a Ninja when she was younger and knew about the tumbling.

10:30pm Jenn says the Olympic event that Shane and Danielle must have been full of Big Brother Fans because Big Brother fans would also like seeing young girls perform gymnastic routines.

11:13pm Backyard Random chatting.. Talk drifts to the players of Big BRother 13. Dan gives Ian a hard time when he says Shelly was one of the better players and he would pick her over Rachel. Ian defends Shelly’s game, says she played a smart game and Rachel was a constant target.

Ian says that Frank erased half his “hash marks” Everyone else is shocked. Jenn calls that dirty. Ian: “He’s bitter”

11:24pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle
He spent most of the time trying to make sure Jenn and Ian were not alone. He didn’t trust her with him alone. Danielle says she didn’t talk much game with Shane but the little they did talk involved her being the replacement nominee and Shane/Dan voting to evict Jenn. Dan never had a chance to talk to Ian tonight.

Dan brings up that Jenn was kissing ass to Ian so bad today..

Ian tell her that she is going up as the replacement nominee. Danielle: “I am the ultimate pawn this season” Ian: “Joe was.. Originally it was Ashley”

11:57pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Dan They are playing pass with a hard rubber ball. Dan says during Big BRother 10 he hit Jerry in the nuts with a ball like that. Jerry doubled over in pain and the DR called him in. He had to explain what happened.

Shane’s Ebay name is BigSoftTeddy . .Dan says he signed his PS2 and sold it for $250.

12:04AM Danielle’s giant pimple may be finally healing. (Image Link)
12:25AM Danielle is complaining to Jen about being taken out of the game today then thrown back in. She feels like she’s in a cage being poked by the live feeders.
12:37 AM Cam 3-4

Ian says Erika was always getting in trouble for playing with the cameras. Shane asks if she was cute. Ian says no.. wasn’t cute in Big Brother 7, she was cute in Big Brother 4.
Dan asks Ian top ten cutest Girls in big brother
Danielle Donato
Lisa Donahue
Michelle (BB4)
Janelle (In her prime)
Britney (They give Ian a hard time about Britney they joke that she would be in his top 3)
Sarrah (BB6)
Jen (BB9)

Shane mentions laura Big Brother 11.. “She had a really nice body but her B**bs were way too big”
Dan liked Laura because she was a solid fan of the game.
Dan top 5 least.. Wants to rephrase it top 5 best personalities but they know what he means. Ian doesn’t want to play that game. Dan says how about most vile player
Ian: “Chima, Natalie, Ronnie”
Dan asks funniest girl/boy, Ian: “Britney and Enzo ”
Dan asks him most unaware, Ian: “Lawon and Holly”

12:47Am Dan tells them that Big Brother 15 will be straight up all new players but Big BRother 16 will be 100% allstars.

1am Ian head to bed. Danielle, Dan and Shane are in the bathroom. Danielle puts medication on her hand and wraps it up and then does the same for Dan. Danielle keeps putting her thumb in his wounds. Danielle tells him she needs him to be a big boy. She says OMG I have never had someone like you. Danielle then wraps up Shanes hands. Jenn is laying out by the hot tub. Dan heads to bed to read the bible. Shane and Daneille join Dan in the bed room and climb into bed. Dan then reads them a bible verse. Dan asks so what was the deal made to get back to sharing a bed? Shane says no deal.


1:40am Shane says no matter what happens tomorrow, we are still four strong. Dan asks if Shane talked to Ian. Shane says no, when would I have had time to talk to him? Shane says that he is not going to say much to him, I bet you had plenty of time to talk to him for 10 hours today. Dan says that Jenn was talking to Ian today sucking up. Shane asks like what? Dan says she hasn’t talking to him in like 30 days and was asking him personal stuff. Dan, Shane and Danielle go to sleep. Shane and Danielle are curled up together in the same bed. Jenn gets ready for bed and then goes to the stereo room to sleep.


2am All the house guests are asleep..


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Just to bring some excitement to the house, and stir things up, I hope Danielle convinces Shane to not use the veto. That way when Shane gets evicted, Ian will finally figure out that Dan’s been playing him.

Roisin Dubh

Then Dan will Mist him and all is forgotten. He’s too much of a fanboy and Dan knows it. Jenn should be the one to be feared, She knows what Dan is doing, but she also knows she’s outnumbered.


I don’t know about anyone else but, does Dan seems to be getting a little paranoid???? He usually doesn’t show it, but I’m sensing a little fear in ole Dan!! ;-) <3

Roisin Dubh

Actually heard some of Jenn’s music. It’s legit. She works with the singer from Biohazard. You would think being a female musician in the metal genre she would bring a tough social game. The only true metal dude that brought it was Evel Dick.

danielle got 3 kisses from shane is pees her pants

looks like that was gonna happen but idk now that production had to push Shane to finally kiss her…now Dan should evict Danielle.cuz she will prob choose Shane over him..




So boring. Come on finale night!

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Looks like Jenn is a quitter.


Its frustrating to see a worthless player like jenn still in the game . She is so deep in the mist its not even funny


Calling Jenn a ‘player’ is a compliment. That implies she is actively participating in this game. Ian called Kathy from season 12 furniture, the same could be said of Jenn. Probably a great musician,just not a player in this game and she should’ve been gone a long time ago.

Dan's Mist Faerie

Wait, I’m sorry… who is that talking with Dan? And she’ll be asked back? When did she even show up?!


Jenn wants to come back and play a better game next time around..
Why the fak don’t you start now..
The game your in ain’t over yet,
You still have a big move that could be made!
instead your getting manipulated ino giving Dan your vote….

Dan's Mist Faerie

She’s become a mist zombie, there’s no helping her now.

Carol & Steve

I just absolutely love that Dawg is beating Danielle & ? in the poll! I still think he should be winning this poll, but whatever! LOL!!

Wonder when the shomance will return? Almost time for BBAD but I think I may fall asleep unless something very exciting happens & I don’t expect that. I wish at this point when it’s a little dull that they’d show like one camera of juty house on the feeds & flip between the two on BBAD.


vote for Dawg the rest is just “mist”


I have to disagree just a bit with Dan’s assessment of All Stars (at least as presented above). He’s absolutely right that Dr. Will is the best ever and that he was able to manipulate on an epic scale (surpasses Dan simply because of the cast he did it to in my view). He’s also right that Will had a calming influence on Boogie, whereas Frank was more likely to amp him up.

But having recently re-watched the season, you have to also credit Boogie for being able to implement so much of that strategy. While it is likely true Boogie does not make it as far as he did on his own, the reverse is also true and Will would not have made it as far without Boogie. Will could do and say certain things, while Boogie would follow in behind cleaning up his mess. If Will was the stick, then Boogie was the carrot. My favorite scene is when Will sits on the block and tells the entire cast that the reason he did so well in his first season was that he hated certain people so much that he wanted to beat them and the reason he seems not to care this time around is that he hates all of them equally and lacks motivation. What they did not show was Boogie telling everybody that he didn’t mean it and was just goofing around. Will would complain to demoralize, while Boogie brought the fun. Boogie also reeled in some of Will more far fetched experiments and gambles. Boogie was an equal partner with Will in All Stars and any other view is very shortsighted.

As for Boogie’s motive for entering the house, I don’t know it was quite as Freudian as Dan seems to think. While Boogie’s ego undoubtedly wanted a second victory either for himself or his player and he would have enjoyed taunting Will, I think if you take into account that Boogie went for money whenever it was available including the HOH that resulted in his eviction, the $500K was his single biggest motive for entering the house.

Quite honestly, anybody who tries out for Big Brother for any other reason would likely benefit from some intensive therapy.


You hit the nail on the head with your assessment. One thing I want to add is how great Boogie was when he worked Erika. I know people draw attention to how Will pulled Janelle’s strings but Boogie played Erika so much worse. And his strategy once it was down to Final Three was pitch perfect. BB2 wasn’t his finest game but how he played BB7 is really underrated.


I still don’t like either Will or Boogie, both of their personalities just rubbed me the wrong way from the start, that being said, one of the funniest and best on the block speeches ever in bb history. They were both very good players, I will give them that, even if I don’t like the way they played.

Roisin Dubh

Boogie wanted bragging rights to say he won as a player and a coach. As soon as he entered the game he got nastier(if that’s even possible) because he knew he wouldn’t get to the end. His goal at that point was to outlast Janelle.He knew he was the old man and couldn’t compete. He wanted the easy 100k and manipulate.


100% truth right there…


maybe dan can swear on the bible again, or ian can freak out?

I guess im rooting for jenn city?

dan bothers me “contrary to popular belief, I dont like stabbing people in the back”…..oh dan, in such denial.

Frank's Dirty Rug

Because you know what a person you’re watching through a television screen is feeling. You know it better than they do. Could you be anymore delusional?


If Ian and Jenn was smart.They would have used this alone time with Dan to work on a separate deal.


Ian and Jenn both think they have final two deals so there’s nothing more to work on. Dan told jenn that it’s her and Danielle in final 3′ he told Ian its Quack Pack with Dan and Ian final 2


EXACTLY!!!!! Think about it. The perfect final three would be Ian, Jen and Shane. Let Dan and Daniel ride off into the sunset!!!


Sooooo boring, now they just keep repeating things over and over again like a bad soap opera . Dan and everyone left just have nothing to say to each other .


I really want Big Brother to have a reunion show a few months after the season where all the house guests have seen the season. Jeff Schroeder could host it and ask the house guests questions and people in the audience can too like those real world reunion/challeges shows. It would be good to see what certain players thought about certain moves or hatred towards people lol

Carol & Steve

Exactly – I’d watch it. Find out what they think now that they know everything. Do they feel the same about certain houseguests? Would they have changed their vote based on what they saw? I think it would be very interesting.


That would be far more entertaining than the entire shows season. I could totally get on board with that.


I’d love to see that. Too see Miss Needy Danielle find out that Dan was “misting” all over them all. I’d like to know what Shane thinks of Dan’s wanting to get him out because physically he would be hard to beat. And Ian to find out that Dan was leading him by the nose the entire time. That kind of show would be a great thing to see.


@SD2012, Yeah, and they could air it on Monday Night Raw, because THAT’s what it’s gonna turn into!!! <3


I’d set the DVR…but I think you have to do it a week later for 2 reasons.

1) Fan interest. You have to strike while the iron is hot and memories are fresh

2) I don’t want to watch a love fest, where everybody will say “I didn’t like it, but it was just a game” and then they all hug. Give them a week to talk to their friends and family, watching the key moments, and seeing how they were perceived by fans like us, then get them right back together. Also for the purpose of good TV, don’t do it live. Instead take some big moments and film an edited response that is concise and to the point, then let the accused respond. I don’t want to hear Danielle say “You broke my heart” five hundred times before she expresses her anger and I don’t want to have to watch Shane try to be political and the good guy instead of reacting like a non-robot. This way they can prompt responses like in the DR, show the moment, then come back and get a response/discussion.


It’s a good suggestion. My only problem with doing it a week later is if the house guests will want to look at all the episodes in a week lol. Maybe if CBS ups the stipend for them watching the season then it could work. By the way how many episodes are usually in a season? I barely keep track each season. I usuallly just watch live evictions

Linda in Texas

Hi SD2012,
That is a fantastic comment. I too wonder what the houseguest think after they have watched the show.

Jeff would make a great house.

Big Brother producers please take note of this suggestion, Thanks


Thanks Linda! I’ve seen Jeff’s interviews online with the evicted house guests and I think he’s done a good job. I think a season summary show or reunion show (however people want to call it) would be great for the Fans and players. I just hope this happens though. Maybe we will all get to know Jodi more! lol

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

OMG……I would LOVE that!!!


Jenn never expected to get this far in the game… Universal ‘DUH’s are scattering across the BB universe at that revelation of hers. BOOM, Jenn City!!!! The fear and straight up women’s realness you inserted into this game… stellar, yo! Susan B. Anthony only wished she had your tats and wicked sense of loyalty to all things right. Top ten BB players of all time, for real, yo.

Jenn never expected to get this far in the game… ROTFLMAO… gotta give her credit for that, for going from ‘who the f is that’, to ‘why the f is she here’, to ‘wtf is up with her still being here?’, etc.

I will rip your face off

while Shane and Danielle are still out of the house, these idiots have not once started talking game about what moves could benefit them. instead… the conversations are mostly about Frank and other evicted house guests.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Dan has to pee so bad, but he is not leaving Jenn and Ian alone for one second. Believe me, he knows that if they start talking game, he could be in trouble.


Oh, yeah, you caught that too!!! LMBO, I sure hope nobody gets diareaha, cause Dan’s gonna be there to wipe their butts!!!! LOL!! <3


It’s because Dan has them so severely misted that they have lost their ability to talk game with each other or make any moves without Dan saying so. It’s Boston Rob all over again.


That’s because Dan’s got HIS plan and Ian has HIS plan and they know what’s up with THEIR plans. There’s nothing to discuss. Dan is thinking (like he did in solitary) and is probably using this down time (without Danielle and Shane’s constant blah, blah, blahing) to think up his keep my ass in this house strategy. I’m not so sure there’s much he can say to Ian right now other than to keep himself off the block. He has his plans for Jenn and doesn’t want Ian suspecting anything between them. As strong minded as both Dan and Ian are; . . . . . . . . . they both probably know that the less said the better. Remember, they are the two smartest left in the house and aren’t quite as easily manipulated as the two not there. There’d be a LOT more talking if Ian and or Jenn had went instead.


Read the updates,since Danielle&Shane left the house.Dan&Ian have already had some game talk/ conversations.Well,mostly Dan trying to see what Ian is planning moving forward.But,I’m not sure why I haven’t read anything about Jenn trying to talk game to Dan.Right before Danielle&Shane left.Jenn said something to Dan,that made me think she wanted to talk serious game,while Danielle&Shane are out.But I don’t get what Jenn is doing.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

Wouldnt it be great if Shane and Danielle’s ‘date’ was a mercy eviction for America to get these two dysfunctionals out of the house.

I Aian't Nobody's Mama

Hopefully Ian will get a clue and put up Dan but I suspect he won’t. Even if he did I don’t know if Shane has the balls to vote him out. Dan is the only one that deserves to win

Big Boring

Tonight’s episode was so boring, the first 20 mins was all last episode…like wtf? I would of liked to see the jury instead. Glad I watched it free online & not on TV. Don’t wanna give CBS any ratings for this pos season.

Carol & Steve

Noticed that as well. Makes me wonder if the jury house isn’t working out like production would like so they aren’t showing anything from there? Or perhaps not showing any jury house is the unexpected portion of “expect the unexpected!” LOL


Big Brother really needs to stick with casting people who make an effort and try out on the show. They make the best HG’s!

Danielle with no undies at the gymnastics event

i agree Danielle wanted to go on the dating game so obviousely she not needing money she wants Shane..

the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

im finally growing sick of Danielle, especially after the CBS show tonite, everything is her doing, but she hasnt done jack since she won HOH, all she is worried about is shane


I think Frank is a lock to be invited back and I think he will do quite well. Despite what others seem to suggest, he did play an honest game relatively speaking. He was unfairly targeted by Janelle and later Britney. He is a physical threat, but smarter players will see that as a reason to either align with him or keep him around to fight with the other physical threats. With a more outgoing/fun cast, his social game will be seen as a strong suit rather than a liability. If you watch his post-eviction interview, Jeff raves about him and says he’d love to go back and play the game with Frank. The live feeders might not like it, but CBS cut him to be the hero of the show.

I don’t know that Ian will be invited back. He has the best chance of the rest of the cast, but should he return, I think he will be given a quick exit. His social awkwardness will be a severe hindrance a 2nd time around. This season he was the nebish that nobody gave much of a thought to. It was this reason why he was able to betray Boogie, as neither Boogie nor Frank thought he had the gumption to do much of anything. But the fact that he did, means he will be seen as a threat in a new house and he won’t be able to compensate by being “fun” or the “nice guy”. That he has shown ability in competitions only adds to the perceived threat.

But the singular reason while he will be shown the door quickly is the same reason I don’t think he will be invited back: Nobody will ever trust him. The fact that he was a rat and turned on his “team” at the first opportunity means few would want to keep him around and nobody will work with him. I just can’t imagine BB would cast somebody that will be seen immediately as a rat. Had he tried to use his spot as a mole to work both sides, then I think he’s a lock to return, and would be seen as somebody who can be appealed to with logic. But because he ratted out a team where he was the 3rd wheel to join a team where he was the 5th wheel for no good reason other than a desire for attention, I think BB would decide that as polarizing as Ian is with the fans, he’s a dead man walking should he play with a new cast.

But I could be way off base…just my two cents.


I’d like to see Frank back, but on no other show but All Stars, fuck this vets vs newbs bullshit , it’s played out and boring as fuck..

100% new players for the next 2 seasons at least, give us all a break AG, and for fuck sake, no more jessie godderz


ILL WILL…….thank you for your comments! Right on……

Like watching paint dry.....,

Turned on his “team” at the first opportunity? He was never on the team. Boogie and Frank were a team who thought they had 2 slaves that they could tell what to do but didn’t care about them. When they left Ian hanging by himself on the pirate ship is when I really hoped he’d go with someone else. They left but still expected him to win for them. Their arrogance was why I disliked them.


right about that, it was nice boogie giving him the 3k, he HAD to give iit to someone, if he could he would’ve kept it, but I didn’t see it as a gesture of good will, because had frank not pointed to frank , frank was going to get the money..

everyone was “manipulating” others into dong what they want, just some didn’t so it so openly… nobody is innocent


frank not pointed to Ian ***


I agree with what you are saying about Ian never having a team. Boogie couldn’t see past Frank and it’s a shame because he wasted the use of a great player in Ian. I would have jumped ship also. Going from 3rd wheel to 5th? Nah…more like going from no wheel to 5th….at least he found some people that wanted to work with him.


Bobsky, to me, people’s opinion on Frank having an “honest game” or not is 100% based on just ONE thing: Is a person a “Frank Fan” or not. Frank fan? Frank played an honest game. Not a Frank fan? Frank didn’t play an honest game. It’s hard to feel “50/50” about Frank, but I actually do. Frank was plotting with both Boogie, and then again last week with Jenn, to evict Dan next. But both Boogie and Frank happened to get evicted ONE week before their own “sell out their alliance (Dan) plan” got done. And timing is everything in BB. Both Frank’s “MY dream matters most” arrogance and his “scorched earth mouth” when angered, nullified all his personality’s better points with the HG’s. Frank is a LOCK to come back to BB!!!
I think “BB loyalties/alliances” come in two different levels: 1) Sincere, and 2) Insincere, “for short-term game strategy” only. Bobsky, you say no one will trust “disloyal” Ian if he’s ever invited back. But so many commenters are now lamenting that Ian’s putting the alliance he “founded” (QP) ahead of his own game. They’re right. Because Ian has a “sincere” alliance with the QP. With Boogie, Ian had an “insincere” alliance. I agree that Ian will have a MUCH harder time in BB next time, because the “young, innocent, lovable, virgin dork” perception he has this time will be replaced with “quirky young BB vet, with an appetite for the big name eviction.” Ian is also an absolute LOCK to be invited back. Look at the current OBB poll! But back to BB14. Bobsky, I would bet my HOUSE that next week’s POV (which Ian MUST have) will be set up by AG as a comp that Ian will win by a MILE. AG wants Dan, Ian and whoever else as her final 3. Just my take. Peace, brother!


Very goood points Jim.

Linda in Texas

Great comments…………………Thanks


I disagree on some of your analysis, I know you’re a Frank fan and that tilt shows in your analysis. I expect Frank to return as well, he’s a male Janelle, great at comps but not good enough at the rest of the game to make it through, and just like Janelle I’d expect a mid-season eviction for him (long enough to help some people’s game, but not close enough to the end where he could possibly ‘win out’)

I also expect Ian to be asked back, not only is a crowd favorite (just go back and watch the ‘aahhs’ when Dan put him up) and he has absolutely been loyal to those that were loyal to him. He joined up with the Quack Pack when Boogie and Frank literally left him hanging on the pirate ship. Dan was cheering his alliance member on and Boogie and Frank were chilling inside the house very obviously not giving a shit about Ian. Since the quack pack he’s been absolutely loyal to them, to the point that it’s actually hurting his game.


I’m sitting here watching BBAD and wondering why Danielle is still there? She is the biggest narcissist. I don’t think the girl can have a conversation with anyone, without turning it back to be about her.

She and Shane are explaining what happened at their trip out of the house and she keeps interrupting him, correcting him and contradicting him. If I did that to my hubby, I think he’d want to shoot himself….or me. (figure of speech….not literally)

Her constant need for reassurance has got to be wearing thin on everyone. At this point, I don’t care who wins as long as its not that loon.

I kind of feel bad how “innocent” Shane seems. I don’t think the guy has a mean bone in his body, but I hate to see him coddling Danielle.

P.S. She is STILL interriupting the poor guy…..


I think your comment really shows the disconnect between what we as fans can see very clearly at home as compared to the people in the house.

The consensus here almost universally concurs with you, but among the HG’s I don’t think there is a more popular player. Think about this: Britney is the world heavyweight champion of shit talking. Did you ever see her in the DR mocking Danielle for doing everything you’ve observed? And when Britney’s fate was sealed and she had a few days left in the house, who did she talk to and commiserate with the most? Now look at the other jury members: Ashley likes her and never said a bad word to say. Frank’s issues were always with Dan and to a lesser extent Ian, while Danielle seemed to get a pass and was treated with kid gloves.

Shane, Jenn, and Ian are all extremely nice to her and appear to genuinely like her. Even if Shane is not into her and teases her, he clearly has affection for her as a friend. Jenn really used the veto because Danielle wanted her to and has been her best friend since Danielle deemed her to be so. Ian talks with her very easily and likes her at least as much as anybody except Britney.

I think Dan likes her or more accurately feels sorry for her…but not enough to NOT use everything we see to his benefit.

As pathetic and useless as we as fans seem to see her, her cast mates have been misted and I think it’s the reason why she can’t be beat at the end.


You’re 100% spot on, Bobsky. Just wanna add one thing. Despite the 8 trillion, various “I just can’t stand watching/listening to Danielle do/say ___________, for ONE more second” comments on here (of which I am very often in total agreement – at her worst, she is absolutely “Chinese Water Torture” to watch!!!!) I’ve only heard LOUD female gasping coming from the live show audience ONCE, all season: when Danielle was put up by Dan, as Ian’s replacement nominee in part two of Thursday’s DE. Part of it was likely just “general surprise” that Dan didn’t put Jenn up instead (you’ve gotta really follow BB closely to fully know/understand Dan’s “fake fallout strategy” with her, which, along with Dan really wanting Joe out, all went into his choice of nom. I’ll bet it’s us guys that most dislike Danielle’s numerous “issues”. But based on that collective “chick gasp”, the women watching on TV/live feeds aren’t bothered at all, and must also consider Danielle to be a huge personal fave of theirs, just like the HG’s do.


I can recall another time the audience members “gasped” but in actuality it was more of a groan, when Shane voted to evict Britney over Danielle. Fair to say 90% of people wanted Brit to stay over Dani partially because Brit is a VERY entertaining houseguest but also because MANY people loathe Danielle. I don’t think it’s a guy thing or a girl thing we just do not like Danielle it’s simple as that. I can assure you once this season is over and all the “truth” is out she will be shocked at the amount of people that dislike her. She was obviously casted as “america’s sweet southern belle” in reality we all know she is a delusional, immature, needy young lady. By the end of this season Danielle will be in the top 10 of all time unlikable big brother houseguests


CP, you and I feel EXACTLY the same way about Danielle. She’s easily in my personal “Top 3” of all-time least favorite HGs to watch. Like fingernails on a frickin’ chalkboard. I both respect and enjoy your opinions on here, CP. But we both MUST painfully acknowledge Bobsky’s initial point here. Granted, it’s a head scratcher. I’m totally baffled by it, but Danielle clearly possesses SOME bizarre type of “powerful, invisible, mystery mojo” inside that BB house. It’s obvious. We just can’t deny it. Danielle was able to singlehandedly talk Dan OUT of putting Shane up, during DE part 2 Thursday. Has anyone, in either of Dan’s two seasons, EVER had the ability to get Dan to go against his own judgement in this game? No. You and I can easily and correctly identify 100 different serious, personal demons/issues Danielle has. 10 years of therapy still might not be enough to fix her. The live show gasps do remain an “unsolved mystery” to me – it was not a happy crowd sound, that’s all I know. Danielle truly does have a good heart, and I’m rooting for her to someday figure it all out. That said, AG, I’m begging you. please, NEVER put Danielle on BB again!!!!! But CP, she’s the favorite to win it all right now. She’ll beat ANY of the other 4 at jury in the final – even Ian. Will you and me both be heading for the barf bag? Yes. But it’s true. Britney is my ALL-time funniest HG. I miss her in the house a TON. But Danielle clearly outplayed Britney in BB14. Danielle had FAR more true allies in the house. So, If you wanna write AG a letter, suggesting that all future neurotic, self-centered, painful-for-all-to-watch HGs be evicted early, simply as a BB viewer public service, I’ll sign it, too. But nowhere in the BB rulebook does it say only entertaining HGs are allowed to win BB. And that sucks for us, CP!


Once again great post. You’re right though I have NO clue how Danielle convinced Dan NOT to put up Shane so maybe I should give her a bit more credit however the only thing I disagree with is I do believe that Ian would beat Dani in the finals. Frank will not vote for Dan or Dani (he basically said that in his exit interview with Jeff) and Ashley will vote with Frank, I think Brit would vote for Ian and Joe. But with this crazy ass season who knows!

Linda in Texas

Not nice, How does her actions effect your life.

Words hurt and leave long term hurt.

If she was your daughter or sister would you

be saying the samething about Dani.

Scary and sad.....

Bobsky…your comment makes perfect sense to me.

I’ve often wondered why the HG’s don’t see Danielle the way so many viewers do….maybe in the scheme of things pertaining to the game, its not that important to them…..maybe other HG’s were/are more annoying (Joe’s lack of hand-washing and indiscreet beating off, Frank’s anger and his BO, Ian’s cockiness, etc.)

For me…she’s fingernails on a chalkboard. I flip around when she’s on one of her “woe is me” tangents. Last night during BBAD, I couldn’t believe how she was given a chance to leave the house, meet celebrities (which seems VERY important to her) and still…she came back in the house whining and looking for sympathy because she didn’t want to come back to the confines of the house.

I was hoping she’d self-evict….no such luck.

Danielle's mirror

Allison Grodner has to be held responsible (fired) for bringing us Adam, Jenn, Shane, and Danielle. They tried to cast another adorable southern girl; instead, they give us Danielle, a former ninja with hollow bones who can’t digest dark liquids. I would like an emergency America’s Choice Vote to replace Danielle with a current juror. My pick is Britney.

Big Boring

lol watch Shane one day end up being a cannibal serial killer or something.


They had a luxury comp?? when? wonder did Dani try and rape shane LOL

production rigged it

no it was a luxury prize that he got for winning the pov and she probably did then threatened to stalk him for the rest of his life if he told anybody.


ah ok, I was wondering I didn’t see any luxury update…. guess there won’t be a luxury comp, because I’m sure that cost CBS A LOT to let them to to the event


I do not understand why Jenn does NOT use all if the info she has on Dan to keep her safe. If she were to share with Ian and Shane that Dan intended to get Ian out when he put him on the block and to then back door Shane, she would be able to convince Ian to replace Shane (POV winner) with Dan. Then Shane could vote him out and Ian would be the tie breaker. Instead, Jenn just sits around feeling sorry for herself. Does she want to be voted out? Makes no sense!


Because she’s a dumb dumb like her hommie Frank.

I Love Dan's Mist

Danielle and Shane are going to be bonded more than ever now. She will never vote him out.

Dan needs to work extra hard tonite to re-mist them!

Ian is starstruck by Dan and being manipulated. It’s awesome.

Dan is just waiting for 9 days to pass so he can collect his 500K check.

production rigged it

apparently jenn lied about not going down without a fight, i said before all she has to do to save herself is tell ian that dan didn’t put him up as a pawn that he wanted him out and if he hadn’t won the pov he would have been, then get shane to confirm it and tell shane that if he hadn’t won the pov then they were going to vote him out too, then hopefully they would talk enough that it would come out that dan & danielle have a final 3 deal with all of them, then they can make their own final 3 deal and after shane uses the pov put dan up as a pawn but tell him he’s safe then blindside him and danielle by stabbing his lying a$$ in the back like he loves to do even though he claims he doesn’t, danielle will be shell shocked and worthless in the hoh, then keep her from winning the pov and they’re in the final 3.


Ta-Da …that’s perfect !!! Only one problem, the ones that have to make that work only get the ‘Duh’ part. Oh, well we can always hope. After all, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

Dan is THE dream fertilizer

That is one long a&@ sentence.

Jen W

Leave it to Danielle to find a way to bitch about a luxury competition & to turn it into sympathy for her being victimized again

Carol & Steve

my thoughts exactly! it’s all about Danielle! LOL!!


Typical Danielle. That woman desperately needs psychiatric help!

Mike Boogie's Ghost

I wonder if Boogie got one of his friends to hook up Frank/Ashley with some weed in the jury house…I’m sure the jury house is highly entertaining at the moment…Throw in Britney and Joe’s antics and you got some fireworks in that place…The QP is just dull–always has been…


Whle that would be awesome, I highly doubt it Production saw what Dan said, and I’m sure took precaution to that. plus boogie actually knowing where the jury house is(unless it’s the same place every year?) how could he know it’s location

Mike Boogie's Ghost

You’re probably right…Boogie did tell Frank while he was still in the house, that on All-Stars, Dr. Will got some kid to make phone calls for him outside the jury house on Will’s cell phone…


‘Shane says they kissed 3 times on the “Date”, both Shane and danielle giggle’

LOL. I wonder what’s going through Dan’s head now, seeing how much closer Danielle and Shane have gotten.


I KNOW I cannot be the only person watching BBAD who heard Shane tell Jenn he had to “tinkle”.
As fo rJenn, she is probably praying for Jury House right now…better conversation and real food.


Straight men don’t say “tinkle” only n gay man and females … more evidence he batting for the other side, not that there’s anything wrong with that


So I just got death threats from three Frank fans on facebook. Why? For saying “Team Dan” on Big Brother’s facebook page. On here, it’s no difference. Crazy psychopaths like that need an insane asylum.


“Cat People” I tell ya




breaking BB news!!,,20628389,00.html

Mike Boogie's Ghost

I wonder if Brendon is going to send out more nude pics to randon girls on the internet behind Rachel’s back like he did once before…Then the girl he sent them to told the tabloids about it…



PLEASE never get divorced


Empty threats by Jenncity about us seeing her “Brooklyn” come out or her “claws” come out . Looks more like she’s laying down freely while Dan drives the St. Mary’s bus right over her dead carcass.

And btw, Jenn, no one cares about your non existent music career. How much can she go on about it? Enough already!


I didn’t think this was going to be good for Dan that Shane and Danielle went out for the day! I am surprised he seems so relaxed about it! He hardly talked game with Ian while they were gone and if anything it just made Shane and Danielle more comfy cozy with each other which could be bad for Dan! After watching what really wen down on the show tonight during the live eviction and how panicked he was with keeping up with who he told what I am surprised by this new relaxed Dan! What a 360 from the other night! Maybe I’m confused but I wouldn’t be too comfy right now of I was him but then again it’s dan he makes everything work out in the end! Maybe dans thinking good now Shane won’t use the veto if Danielle goes up to save her or maybe Shane and Danielle talked about talking Ian into putting Dan up!! Should be interesting if we ever get game talk back!!!!!


“(Dani) she was a Ninja when she was younger and knew about the tumbling.” – Priceless

Mike Boogie's Ghost

More Frank talk on BBAD lol…


Frank’s name has become the new drinking game now.


at this point im figuring out the best way for each person left to be evicted.

I think shane should go next week after not using the veto. that would be very much the best thing that could sum up his season. stupidity at its finest.

its sad that they see frank as bitter. NO KIDDING. you only lied to him like 5 times trying to get him out, instead of just telling the guy. he DID play a legit straight up game, so its sort of understandable. if you listen to boogie’s interview on robhasawebsite, (not promoting, seriously) you really sort of understand how frank was more guilty by association, and forced assicoation, with boogie


Seriously! These people act like they wouldn’t be bitter if they got evicted! Joe knew he was going so why make a fuss about it! I don’t know if anyone would take it well if they were played like frank was. These people act like they good people esp Jenn can u say temper much lol.


I don’t know if you have the live feeds, but Frank thinks he played a stand up game, and probably Boogie thinks so too, but Frank and Boogie trashed their teammates all the time. They never clued them in on the game, only told them what THEY NEEDED TO DO…..
They also made deals with others then talked about getting them out the very next second. Only THEY DID NOT GET THE CHANCE TO BECAUSE THE HOUSE WAS ALWAYS AGAINST THEM.
So I do think that Frank played a stand up guy, which is why everyone wanted the both of them out and why Frank went up everytime he wasn’t HOH. They all knew what he was saying about others and how they were left out as a team….
They made Ian feel like crap especially….Jenn, she just didn’t know what they were saying about her behind her back. Not to mention every woman…he was very condecending to the women in the house, thinking if he played tiggle fest and talked sweet that was all it took….please
The feeds give allot more insite….Trust me Franks game wasn’t so stand up. At least that’s what I saw and read of the feeds. He was great at the comps and maybe he will learn from this game, but they really need to watch it with open eyes to see what everyone else saw.


Could not agree with you more… for some strange reason when people criticize Frank people go nuts – it is a game – players are doing what they signed up to do – make deals – stab people in the back – and lie till the cows come home – Jenn and Ian had no guidance from their masterful coach – he left them to hang – isn’t it interesting that they are still in the house…


I watch the live feeds and still don’t get all of hating on Frank. All the Frank haters use that excuse, “you haven’t seen him on the live feeds…..blah blah blah”. How do you know who watches the live feeds?? And just add, boogie admitted that he wasn’t nice throughout the game.


The Frank haters are the JeJo cat ladies of the season. The love Dan and make all these excuses for him using his “so-called” religion to destroy people. Past players have been ruthless but Dan takes it to a whole new level. He constantly is plugging his book, website, etc. in order to make more and more money.

I don’t like people who use their god for selfish reasons.


Gosh, a bit testy – referring to someone as ‘brown water trash’ and wanting to take advantage of another man’s wife is over the top


aww Danielle is all smiles, she think she is America’s sweetheart….the crazy lune


She doesn’t realize that she is the least liked of the QP. She probably sees herself as the new Jordan, and Shane is her Jeff. Jordan may be a lot of annoying things, but she is not fake and she is not self centred. Shane is nothing like Jeff, and that’s a good thing. Honestly, she has done nothing but do as Dan says and whine about how mean everyone is to her. It’s all about her. She won HOH, but Brit and Ian threw it to her. If they all had hung in there for the win, she might not have won. She put Janelle up, so she gets a bit of respect for that, but she would never have done it if Dan wasn’t on board. Dan is lining up his final 4 similar to what he did in season 10. Danielle is his Keesha, Shane is his Memphis and Ian is his Jerry. He can’t beat Ian and he probably wouldn’t beat Dani, but he will win against Shane. Of course his final two of preference would be Jenn. Anyone left in the house could beat Jenn, and I don’t understand why they are so gung ho about the QP, when the easy win is with Jenn.

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Danielle talking shit about pot smokers is going to piss Ian off–he smokes a bit…


Danielle would benefit from a toke or two on occasion. It might calm her down a bit.

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Production is gettig pissed off…

Danielle with no undies at the gymnastics event

give me a break Danielle you act like you married shane its just kissing … news flash hes done more then that with other girls.


Its funny how they all still talk about frank lol. How about bringing him, joe, and brit back to replace jenn, ian and danielle


It was a crack up watching Jenn trying to figure out where the two went tonight. Clue: Bakersfield is NOT anywhere near Pasadena, much less 20 minutes from there. OMG. What an idiot. She tries to sound like she knows where stuff is in L.A………MASSIVE FAIL.


if ian doesnt nominate dan hes an idiot plain and simple first he turns on boogie than frank if this kid doesnt know hes on his own by now he doesnt deserve to win this i feel is the last chance they have to get rid of dan i think hes overreated but props to him if he survives another week he should have been gone idk what these people are thinking do they think the most comps wins the game

Danielle with no undies at the gymnastics event

I want a all star bb with dani Donato…Frank… nick saason 8.. hayden moss season11 Shane.. keisha… annie.. jeff not jordan.. memphis.. to name a few…that would be a good cast


Dan’s mist knows no bounds but I agree with the person on here that said Ian is so starstruck by Dan he won’t put him up. As for Danielle and Shane, I feel like Shane may be kissing her and what not to make it to the end. In Shanes mind him Danielle and Dan have a final 3. So he is trying to ensure that if that happens and Danielle wins she will take Shane to the end. I feel like Dan has played an almost perfect game but I think he made a huge error in not backdooring Shane when he had the chance in the double eviction. If Shane wasn’t there Danielle would be completely loyal to Dan. And he wouldn’t have needed Danielle’s vote him and Ian could have taken him out. A lot of people on here think Dan doesn’t have feelings but it proved that he does because he would have backdoored Shane if it wasn’t for Danielle. Dan knew the right move but backed out of it.

Roisin Dubh

IMHO I think if Dan backdoored Shane, Dani would’ve turned on him on a dime. Dan’s got her brain and Shane’s got her loins. Somehow the crazy girl got some pull when comes to those two and it’s dangerous for both those guys. You can tell they’ve both played with fire quite a bit in the past because they’re doing a pretty good job keeping her in line for the most part.


Anonymous, i don’t think Ian would have voted Shane out over Joe


It depends on if Dan threatened to rip his face off like he did earlier re: Danielle. Dan is a bully.


Dear Jenn:
They were in Ontario, which is even further EAST of L.A. than Pasadena. Again…..Bakersfield is well over 100 miles from L.A., and almost directly North. Stop acting like you know where everything is out here.

I’m coastal (Ventura) and originally from Ohio, but you really should look at a real map (not one in your head) before spouting stupid shit like Bakersfield, FFS.

a fan


I wonder what type of secure measures production had to use to keep Dank and Shane from contact with fans that could give them information???


security measures*


Jenn has no regrets about how she has played this game. However, I regret her being in this game.

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Ian’s apparently stil real pissed about the Britney eviction…It was Ian that got drunk and flipped Frank off all over the world, acting like the true fool he is…

Frank's Dirty Rug

LOL yeah, because no one ever gets emotional playing this game…and Frank was totally classy his final weeks in the house…

Shanes obsessed with the gymnist cutie..

Shane you know Mckayla is 16 and has a bettr face and body then Danielle…Danielle prob felt fat…