Big Brother Spoilers – Jenn and Ian Heart to Heart “he shot someone in the a$$ at the gas station”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

2:30pm Cam 3-4 Jenn and Ian

Ian says the next person out does not go to jury but the evictee after that does not. They are in the hotel for a night. Jenn would be OK with that, she would like to spend as little time in the jury house as possible. Ian mentions that the Jury house must be “hook up central” with Frank and Ashley being together. Jenn agrees, tells him that Ashley really did like Ian she thought he was a great guy. Ian knows, he really liked Ashley to, he just felt that they were such different people. Ian says nominating Ashley was purely strategy he needed to get rid of Frank or at the very least weaken him.

Jenn brings up Frank and Ian having a rollercoaster relationship this year. Ian recounts what he told Frank after he voted our Boogie. Ian reminds Jenn that Frank wanted him to vote her out. He points out that Boogie wasn’t even practicing for the next competition and barely tried to stay in the house. Jenn says the practice was just 5 minutes long it looked bad when Boogie slept through it.

Jenn brings up Frank not shaking anybody’s hands during his eviction says it wasn’t cool. Ian mentions how Dan thinks Frank and Ian will come back for allstars. Ian would love to work with Frank again, he’s not taking any of this personally. Jenn agrees that Frank may take time but eventually will be cool with Ian. Ian laughs says their relationship started of close then after Boogie it was rocky. Ian was just starting to get close to Frank again but then he put up Britney and since then Ian’s been trying to get him out.

Jenn tells him there was a good chance the vote for Frank was going to be 4-0.Ian: “I know I heard him say he was pissed because he was going home by my hand”
Jenn: “You just gotta let all this go.. Frank left bitter”

Jenn says that Joe got louder cheers when we was excited than Frank. Ian agrees, Danielle told him she heard boos but he doesn’t believe it.
Jenn: “I’ve never come after you Ian…”
(No reply from ian)
Jenn: “.. F***ing Joe.. I wonder what he is doing.. “
Ian: “Cooking turkey burgers for everyone”

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3:00pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Jenn Chatting about 911 and how it impacted their lives. Ian says he was in 5th grade.

Jenn brings up how in New york city the biggest concern is chemical weapons in the subways. Jenn mention that all the tourist heavy locations have heavy duty security, “These swat guys with huge guns”.

Jenn recounts a story when she was at the best buy and their was a sniper on the “roof or something“ so they closed the building down. Jenn was trapped inside and didn’t know what was going on until they turned the radios on. Jenn: “he shot someone in the a$$ at the gas station..There was this guy in a white van shooting people in the a$$”

Conversation moves to the USA being on Yellow alert. They go through a series of attacks/ threats that occurred recently. Ian mentions that before 911 his family was leaning more towards Clinton but after they became more conservative. Ian brings up that the war started on his birthday.

3:29pm Cam 3 Dan joins Jenn and Ian’s random conversations.

Ian throws out a shout out to Mrs Robin’s who if it wasn’t for her he may not have gone into Chemistry. She taught him what chemistry classes were going to be like in College. It was tough but he really benefited from her teaching.

3:34pm Cam 1-4 Backyard Ian, Dan and Jenn
Dan asks Ian how high he can swing the hammock. Ian gives it a shot (See picture above). Dan wonders if the hammock is designed to take so much swinging. Ian and Jenn think it can.

School talk

4:15pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Ian and Dan

Ian says he played a mole type of game.

4:33pm Cam 1-4 Backyard dan, Jenn and Ian Ian tells them that he told Jodi he was a virgin by choice. Dan mentions it didn’t take Jodi long to spread that throughout the house.
Ian says Dominique and him are the most notably virgins to be on Big Brother.

5:10pm Random conversations going on.. Some about Willie. apparently production took Ian’s pork rinds he was planning on selling. The ones that Willie threw a Janelle. Ian says Willie had a lot of rage. Dan brings up how week one Frank would do the most insane workouts outside. They all agree it wasn’t the best hing to do because everyone started to fear him.

Talking about Kim Kardashian
Ian: “I don’t really watch them or care about what they do.. Like Who the hell are they.. it’s pretty trivial”
Jenn: “So true”

6:05pm Cam 1-2 dan playing Cards
Cam 3 Jenn cleaning her face
Cam 4 HOH Bathroom.

6:23pm (silence)

6:39pm Ian use to walk down the spiral stair case one step at a time. It would take him a long time to make it down. Now he goes down 2 steps at a time. When asked by Dan a couple weeks ago he said that the stair case seemed a bit dangerous to him.

Save the polar bears vote Dawg

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Fuck, the Quack Pack is the most boring alliance ever I wish they had never formed!!! I Hate watching them!!

billy bob

dont watch them dill doe ,quack quack, lol


So you find this “entertaining”? Quack all you want to, but this is like watching paint dry, grass grow, etc………


I like the Quack Pack. Think they are cute and think they all really do like one another. Hope one of them win and really do not care which one.


At least Ian and Dan have made moves to earn it while Daniel and Shane really haven’t. Been crack sucking coat tail riders. If Daniel jenn or Shane win I will hurl like Ian doing a seaweed shot.


At least Shane has won comps and won veto twice when he was on the block. If anything, Danielle has been protected this entire game by both Dan and Shane… and she doesn’t even realize it.

Roisin Dubh

Shane carried them he first half of the season.


That is your decision to make but doubt CBS cares.

Carol & Steve

Anyone would’ve been boring at this point.. The time between evictions moves even slower when there’s not many in the house.


Quack Pack is not really an alliance. It’s Dan & Danielle in a alliance and two other mugs. But in terms of most boring alliance, the Brigade wins hands down. They didn’t even know what a “brigade” was or for that matter how to pronounce it. They sorta ended up in the end cos other players took each other out. And let’s be honest, season 12 had probably the dumbest cast in years. Most overrated alliance in years.

Fleur de Lis

The Brigade was absolutely boring in the end too. That is the problem when you have a team make it to the end. Hopefully, next week will explode when everyone realizes that everyone has a Final 2 deal with each other.


i’m not the biggest fan of the quack pack, but i’d hardly consider them the most boring alliance, that title falls to the bra-gade; those guys had complete control over the whole house minus brendon and rachel so much so that there was next to never any conflict (especially between their own ranks outside of the week matt got evicted).

though at least the bra-gade was likeable, i find each member of the quack pack extremely unlikeable for completely different reasons. dan’s a deceptive lying jerk and everyone else is too stupid to see that. dani and shane seem incapable of making their own decisions and can’t even manage honest conversations with each other over their feelings (shane can’t admit he doesn’t like her, and dani is too full of herself to reason how he couldn’t like her). meanwhile ian has the social skills of a toddler, he’s cute and young so you let him get away with crap but he can’t really function on his own and gets manipulated easily.

Jim ohio

Pay attention future big brother wannabes !!!!!!!!! Ian wins this game right now if he just does the following……. I think we all agree that nothing in the house is ever a coincidence.. Ian wakes up and realizes this.. First off dans antics alone to everyone else is enough for ay least a small concern.. If I am Ian here is how when.. Dan put me up( why) me but yet he wanted to send home Shane last ?? Why not put Shane up then instead of me ?? I then get to Jenny and tell her I know she has no one really.. Dan has a final deal with everyone (bluff)… I need to know if Dan was going to backdoor me,if u are honest,I will take. U to final two (you really have no one).. If it is true..u I then go to Shane and ask Jim,letting him know I already talked to Jenny and she told me everything… Shane will come forth (or Danielle)… Of course throw in he has final two deal with me and he wants to send u home this week.. Get Dan out this week.. Convince Shane and Danielle get out Jenny next and then u guys can gang up on me without having to worry about dealing with Dan… Jenny will save me ,too.. Next week we get Jenny out if she doesn’t win .. I then have the final three final with Shane and daniee… I’ll take my chances with that dou,believe me..bring Danielle with me,she was a weak (minus onw week)player….. Done give memo money… Just remember( this years weak players has forgotten). Nothing happens in big brother without a reason,if u think your getting screwed,, you already have….


u said it theworse big brother ever.stupid stupid stupid quck pack, they sick my stomach




Me either, and what the heck is with Ian always walking around on his teepi toes, he looks so dam stupid.





Roisin Dubh

Still talking about Frank? Wow, it wasn’t hatred, it was admiration mixed with fear.


I think for Ian, you’re absolutely right. Almost like it was his insecurity that caused him to turn on Frank, but in retrospect he kind of wished he hadn’t. I think he was very much on the fence about Frank before the funeral, telling Britney and Dan that he didn’t want to go after him again.

That being said, I think his constant Frank talk is revealing in another way. I think Ian really believed that Frank would become his biggest campaigner in the jury house. That Frank would smile and say you got me. Remember that Ian is completely in the dark about Frank’s deal with Dan and that Dan could have swung the vote in Frank’s favor. So in Ian’s mind, Frank leaving without a word was directed at him, since he got him out. Now he’s thinking end game. He has Britney voting for him and he was banking on Ashley and Frank too. But now he’s thinking Frank will never vote for him and will likely pull Ashley with him. He knows Joe is not a fan and won’t get him unless he’s up against Dan. Jenn will likely fall in with Frank and Ashley (Ian should try to summon all the charm he can muster while she’s still there). Then he’s thinking Shane and Danielle are a package deal. So he’s crossing his fingers that Danielle is still made at Dan and Britney can get him Joe to give him a 4-3 win.

Little does he realize that if he is up against Dan at the end (in my opinion), he gets every vote but Danielle’s and maybe Jenn. Britney will regain control of Shane and will work Joe. Frank will get Ashley. I think he beats everybody except Danielle.


i more or less agree with you, but i’m unsure of the ian vs. shane matchup. shane didn’t even come close to making an enemy out of frank, unlike ian, so shane can get frank’s vote as well as frank’s allies of ashley and jenn. plus i think shane pulls in joe and danielle to vote him over ian. ultimately an ian vs. dan final is most interesting as i think in such a scenario so much of dan’s backstabbing gets exposed that the jury could easily shift either way to believing ian didn’t do anything and doesn’t deserve a win or to thinking that dan is such a jerk, there’s no way i’m voting him, i lean dan’s a jerk and ian wins, but i’d love to see dan’s case. the way dan’s mist’s been working, i think he could persuade a jury to let him win unanimously against anyone when realistically he should only be able to beat jenn.


You might very well be right about Ian vs Shane. I guess I was thinking that Britney would be campaigning hard for Ian and Frank, having had time to decompress, will reach the conclusion that Ian was trying to play the game. He stabbed me once and picked the other side, but he was loyal to that side to the death. He will respect that to a degree. Then he will look at Shane and think this guy isn’t a fan of the show, doesn’t understand the game, just did as he was told, and did nothing but lie to me. He might not campaign for Ian but when they start discussing things, he’s going to find himself agreeing with the case for Ian. Then consider who would be Shane’s biggest advocates. Danielle (she could very well be sour with Shane at this point given her emotional range) and Joe. What case will they make other than they like Shane better. Actually Joe campaigning could hurt Shane, as he had no idea what was going on in the game.

I think Britney will have Ashley solid for Ian, then I think Frank comes along and Jenn will follow (partly bitter that Shane survived the week she left and jealousy over Danielle seeming to pick him over her). Dan will be very solid for Ian, so even if Jenn follows Danielle and Joe, it won’t matter.

But who knows. Each year seems to be decided by an unpredictable mix of personal popularity, how bad did you wrong the jury, gameplay, and who is fighting for you in the jury and how compelling are their arguments for you. And I really think the last one is huge, especially if the majority of the jury is weaker players…kind of like this one will be.


yeah I was thinking the same thing…sounds like a boy crush, oh well he better get over it and start thinking about his end game.


I’m waiting on Dan to get backdoored!!! Ian has to take this opportunity to get Dan out!! Ian needs to “Man UP” this week and play his own game. Keep, Dan out his ear. Ian will never beat Dan in the finale two!!


I’m not so sure about that. I don’t think Dan would ever take Ian to the finals though. Danielle and Jenn are his easiest rides to another $500,000.


I think Dan would win against anyone but Ian in the final two. He should easily be able to beat the other three.

trying so hard to get lucky danielle

OMG why do you think he can beat crazy Danielle everyone in the jury likes her…the only one he can take and win…is Jenn… and i think he knows..


Because Danielle was being led by Dan and they all know it. She never would have made it this far in this game without him


Only Dan fanboys think that. If he didn’t have Dani, he would be in jury – fact.


Ian will be Dan in the final two. He already has two votes frank and Britney he prob have Ashley and jenn as well. The only person for sure Dan can beat is Danielle at this point for her the only way o win 500k is against jenn


Doubt it. Ian has played the game that other people in his alliances have wanted him to play. Dan has played his own game and done what he had to do. I don’t expect anyone to beat Dan if he makes it to the final. The people in the jury house may hate him, but they respect his game.


Ian is all about the Quack. If it ain’t quacking, he don’t wanna know about it. In Ian’s mind, Dan is 2nd quack in command and his right hand quack.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

Ian CAN beat Dan in the F2 and Dan knows this which is why Ian has been his #1 target post-Frank. Ian has won more comps and is a quirky likable underdog while Dan got a free pass for 4 weeks and has already won BB before.

And Ianalready has the votes based on the I-hate-Dan’s-smug-smarmy-pious-Bible-quoting-game-play Club. So far Ian has votes from Britney, Joe, Frank and Ashley (even though Ian’s HOH got her out, she is genuinely fond of Ian and when Frank tells her what Dan did to him she will be pro-Ian). Jenn and Shane’s votes will be influenced (read decided) by Frank and Britney respectively. Daddy-issues-separating-all-the-brown-M&M’s mental patient Danielle will be Dan’s only vote.


Nah, i’ll admit Ian has boosted his ability to beat Dan in the last week, but your assumptions of who the jury members will vote is classic grudge-holding nonsense. Rachel wouldn’t have won if the jurors went with the grudge vote last season. Truth is once these people get voted out, they get over the grudges pretty quickly and and “honor” the integrity of the game, even if that means voting for someone who did them dirty.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

Dan has you misted – Ian wipes Dan out in F2 – even Dan knows this – what the show.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

*watch the show.

Head of Household

lol not really, Jurors do hold judges and almost NEVER honor the intergrity of the game. Remember Dani and Kalia voting for Porsche?


IAN complaining about how Frank acted when he left. Oh, wait…how did IAN act when Brit got put up. He got drunk and shot the middle finger to everyone in the world. Right., he can’t understand Frank being pissed when Frank was one of the few honest players in the house. Can’t wait till Shane sends IAN to the jury house and Shane, Jenn and Danielle are the final three., Hahahahaha….

Head of Household

Hate to break it to you, but Ian is in the final three. Its simply a matter of who he’s with. He will 100% win that final four POV.

VA Vet

Hate to break it to you, but Ian can’t play in the final four HOH. He’s the outgoing HOH and is ineligible.

He needs to win the POV and THEN he is the favorite to win BB14.


hate to break it to you but he said pov not hoh

quack-pack fan

hate to break it to you but I was going to tell him the same thing but you beat me to it… :)

Head of Household

Hate to break it to you…lol jk :3 but yeah I’m sure Ian has this POV on lock considering its a lot of memory


Hatred has been broken to you!

VA Vet

My humble apologies. Thanks to all for correcting my error.

Oh No You Didn't

Frank played an honest game??? I don’t know about that but he is a racist, sexist pig. He 100% lost any respect from me with the dirty brown water remark. It flowed off his tongue like it was nothing. I will not forgive it.


Amen. And you will not hear him say that on CBS

Jen W

You are both so right. It’s funny how people are falling for the CBS edit of Frank the victim. Also he’s a cheater…how’s that clean?


Dirty brown water trash is not a racist comment. It’s Workaholics reference. So, maybe before you accuse people of being racist, you should check your own ignorance. #lawyered #perfectirony


Ahem. Idiots.

Count Boogula

Ian called Frank a carrot top inbred hillbilly but I guess that’s fine since only because everybody just points out what Frank does. I’m not defending Frank but I find it weird that nobody seems to care what the rest of the house seems to say.


go Quack Pack!!! Quack Quack

Jenn does not deserve to be there, I don’t consider her a floater to be a floater you have to do something


**I don’t consider her to be a floater**


No,a floater is someone who doesn’t do anything.


then you have not watch this show for long time


A floater would run to the HOH, give them all the info they have, and try to cut a deal. Jenn is just furniture.


what is she then?


Invisible. She is the first invisible player. Everyone else had some presence in the house, even if they laid low, people went to them for the vote (or “floated to the power). She has only been visible a couple of weeks. There are so few people right now she can’t be invisible anymore.


I’ve watched since Season 1 and I consider a “floater” to be a player who “floats” between alliances, and goes where the power is. Jenn never even bothered to float. Joe did a great job as a floater, talking and trying to charm whoever was in power that week.


She’s not a strong player…but I would not call her a floater.

Jenn was under the radar from the beginning, but considered herself part of Boogie’s team. Then she got pissed when Frank and Ashley picked Boogie over her and voted Ashley out because of that. Then she won the veto and with Frank made a new partnership with Dan and Danielle in response to Ian’s betrayal. So she didn’t (or didn’t know how) to fight for Frank, but she’s stuck with Dan and Danielle. And now she’s going to be evicted.

Joe is the definition of a floater offering absolute allegiance to whoever happened to be HOH that week, then flipping the very next Thursday.

Just because somebody is not a strong player does not make them a floater in my eyes. For all her flaws, Jenn has always picked a side


To be honest i don’t what to call jen she slept through most of the game and didn’t really have an allience. She was with boogie but more because she just landed there she never really chose a side and couldn’t even make the effort to float in the game she didn’t surface till she was on the block with mike. I don’t really see her as even playing this game or making any effort to be in an allience

quack-pack fan

It’s as if jenn was on vacation and then woke up one day and started to play BB. Early on I can see why ppl think she’s a floater. Now-a-days dan and dani don’t want to see her lose it because the claws will come out.


I think Ian is a little screwed here. The interesting thing is that I think he knows it and I’m wondering what his plan is to get out of it


win veto next week


Exactly, he’s said it a couple of times ‘nominations don’t matter at this point’, he seems to have a pretty good grasp on when he needs to win comps and when he can afford to throw them.


Next hoh will guarantee that person a spot in the final three (Ian can’t play) but it is the pov winner that will deside who will leave the house at that point the power is in the pov winners hands.


Will they put some f’ing tape over Ian’s mouth already. Everytime I walk over by the computer, he’s yapping about something. Over everybody else. Outscreams everybody. Interrupts everybody. Always me me me me me. And the way he modulates his voice is so damn annoying. I can’t take it. That’s probably part of whatever is screwed up with him because that’s not a normal way to talk for anybody. He may be the most annoying person they ever had on the show. Dan and Jenn just said (when he left for a moment) that he’s a smart kid but disrespectful of other people. Yup, he’s a jerk. Just some don’t see it because how can possibly a little 5’3, slow person, be mean to anybody.

Head of Household

He’s nothing compared to Danielle!

Did Y’all see me fall during that HoH? x 24

Did Y’all hear what JoJo said about me…I have fat thighs! x234

Did Y’all see me evicted Janelle? I evicted a great player Y’all. x 125

Did Y’all hear what Janelle said about me? x5

Did Y’all see what Dan said to me during the funeral? x 56

Did Y’all see what Shane did? He’s such a dick I’m done with him! x242348435818433


Forgot one:

Did y’all see me puke? x29

laughing out loud :)

You forgot one. She must have asked everyone at least 3 times if they knew she threw up twice after she fell in the “Soaking up the sun” comp.


I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but I’m so tired of hearing the HG’s say Frank left with “no class”. What I saw last Thursday night was a guy who got blindsided…big time. His response was genuine shock. You could see him putting it all together as he was walking out. I think he was in such disbelief that he simply forgot his good sportsmanship for the moment. At this point they are still trying to justify their actions so they don’t have to think about what a crappy move it was to completely deceive him as a group. And I know that’s how BB is played, it just sucks to see someone take that kind of hit. Honestly, I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Dani. She’s only gotten this far because of Dan, wonder how long she would have lasted on her own.


Obviously, longer than Dan, because she had to save him. How many times has Dan had to save Dani?


I get what they mean he stormed out without hugging anyone instead of being a good sport about it. I don’t see how they need to justify it they are playing a game and it would have been there only chance to take him out. They all including frank did the same thing to janelle and brittany both walked out with more class or is it only ok for him to do it to others.

Cajun Lady

I totally agree Chris. They make think Frank had no class because he only told Jenn goodbye, but bad mouthing the guy behind his back constantly, before and after elimination isn’t exactly classy either. I hope neither Ian or Dan win now.


You never wanted Dan or Ian to win.


Because he/she has a sense of common decency.


And don’t forget that if Frank wins America’s player that bullies across America will rejoice (insert sarcasm).


RS, I’m not sure I remember Dani saving Dan at any point. When did that happen? My statement is based on her highly emotional reactions in the game. I think it’s very possible she could have been voted out a long time ago if she didn’t always have Dan in her ear telling her to stop crying and play the game. I’m not trying to be mean, I just think she cries a lot.

Hallie, I won’t argue, Janelle and Brittney (and many others) left the house with more ease. I believe I said in my statement that Frank was in such shock that he merely forgot to be a better sport about his departure. I really don’t think he intended to be a “douche” as the HG’s have been calling him. All I’m saying is I like to look at issues from all sides, at the moment the HG’s are only worried about how Frank’s reaction made them feel. I think just think it’s a bit unfair that no one has said “I bet he was pretty bummed, I wonder how I will if it happens to me. Will I still be able to keep my game face on, or will it sting too much?”


When did Dan save Danielle?????????? How about oh, I dunno, the first GD episode when she was the reason they lost the HoH challenge and he sent Jodi home instead of her?


LOL, nice reach.


Dani convinced Jenn to use the veto on Dan. It wasn’t Frank that convinced her, and it wasn’t Dan that convinced her. If Dani told Jenn not to use the veto, the veto would not have been used, and Dan would be in jury. If Dani had Brit’s back, Britney would be in the same position as Dan. Dani dictated that move.


You call him smart, then a “slow person”. Why? Because he’s different? That’s a sh*t reason. He does have some sort of disorder, but that’s not a reason to dislike him. Plus, I’m pretty sure they all talk about themselves just as much *ahem* danielle *ahem*. Ian thinks he has ADHD, Dan thinks Ian has OCD. His actions point to being on the autism spectrum, the rocking, swaying, the avoidance of direct eye contact when in close proximity with people, his specialized knowledge in chemical engineering. I would say he most likely has Aspergers. This is no reason to bad talk someone or call him slow. Just leave it be. I find it funny how angry your post is against Ian. I mean, it is a show after all…


Wow! What is wrong with you? Do you also push people in wheelchairs out of your way? He has a disorder, he is most definitely NOT slow…. but you might be.


Again-it is likely that Ian has Asperger’s . It means that he has a form of autism. Common symptoms include
The need to constantly move in some way, the walking on his toes, the inability to recognize social cues(meaning he doesn’t know when to stop talking for example) ,the social awkwardness. He was born this way and has no control more or less. He is obviously high functioning and is able to go to school and has a circle of friends who accept him. You are showing your ignorance by making fun of him. Try reading once in a while-you can actually learn things and maybe even get as smart as Ian someday!

Ian's Wiener



Ian says he was a virgin by choice…he just didn’t say who’s choice.

Oh Really

Ian says he was a virgin by choice…he just didn’t say who’s choice.


if dan or ian the wierdo win this season iI will no longer be a fan of big brother !


You do realize that Dan and Ian are the only people left in the house that are worthy of winning this season, right? Danielle can brag about her 2 comp wins as much as she wants, but she hasn’t really done anything but whine, cry, and eat. I don’t even know what to say about Jenn. I’d call her the ultimate floater, but for the majority of the game, she hasn’t even been floating or talking the slightest bit of gameplay. She’s just been another body in the house. You can’t even credit her with that one big move, because she was manipulated into doing it. I do like Shane and he has been on the Frank level with comps, but he has kind of faded into the background and he isn’t that smart of a player. I don’t think anyone would take him to the finals.


then stop watching. period.


Another cry from a bitter Frank fan? get over it


Where can bb be watched tonight online?

Eric CA

It is boring at this point almost every season. It is like watching and listening to paint dry.
The only fun at this point is thinking of what I would want the house guests to do vs what they are going to do.

Personally I would love it if Dan or Danielle went home.
Strategy I am leaning towards evicting Dan.
Danielle I just want out because she is just completely toxic with the s**t talk.

The only two I want to be in the final two, is Jen and Ian.
I will admit I would be disappointed if Dan wasn’t in the final two because he is the best player this season.


final five has never been entertaining in the 4 years I’ve been watchin, nothin could change that, all the bs posts,of ZOMG if this person stayed it would be less boring falls on deaf hears every time. It’s been boring for me for a few weeks as every move was weak not thought out.

If Dan had gone, would’ve picked things up a bit, wasted HOH, following week wasted HOH, this week wasted HOH…YAWN


When September hits, it’s always boring. You’d think BBAS would have been entertaining with a final four of Boogie, Will, Janelle, and Erika. Nope. Still was boring.


i wish they would back door dan he has won this once before


Who cares if he won it already that should not matter all that matters is if he gets to yhe F2 then he deserves to win


why are these idiots so emotionally distraught about Frank not shaking their hands when he left. regardless if he would of shaken your hand or not, it’s not like all of sudden Danielle, Ian, Dan and Shane were not gonna talk shit about him. Frank is gone, just concentrate in winning the game instead of wasting time envying Frank.


I don’t think they’re distraught, it’s just that there’s so little to talk about after 60+ days that they’re going to rehash anything.


You mean how Frank and Boogie kept talking about how they go Janelle out? Actually after and eviction a lot of the conversations are about how the evictee went. They talked about Joe, Wil, Britney, Boogie, Ashley, JoJo (a little), Willie, Kara, and even Jodi.

Quit feeling picked on every time they mention Frank.


saw the same thing last season with some JJ fans aka “cat people”, just wait for the calls to get Dan fired from his job or threats to his wife LMFAO

Oh No You Didn't

Envy Frank???? On what planet???


It’s pretty obvious, actually. They can’t stop talking about him.


Anytime someone says something bad about anyone other than Frank, the same four people jump down their throats. It’s so transparent that they have a hate on for Frank that it actually cracks me up! Obsessive much, get over him!


Ian says he’s a virgin by choice…he just didn’t say who’s choice.


Whether you like Ian or Dan or you don’t, plain fact is they are the ones that made the big moves in the game that have gotten all five of them to this point. And it has been Dan who has been the major orchestrator for most of the season. Like him or not, gotta give props where props are due. You can say he needs to go cause he’s played everyone, but hey, isn’t that the basis of the game? You don’t get to the end by being polite and saying “Mother May I”. Dan is an excellant puppet master…don’t fault him because the other 4 are making excellant puppets and don’t even realize it. Oh..and those of you that say you’ll stop watching BB if certain players are in the final 2 or win this season…we don’t mind if you stop watching cause true BB fans don’t think that way :)

VA Vet

“…the other 4 make excellent puppets”.

Best comment this season!

Dan pulls the strings and they respond accordingly.

Big Game Move

What do you guys expect?? This is always how it is in the end…If these people hated eachother than they would just avoid eachother anyways. There are only 3 in the house with the other 2 gone…unfortunately when it comes down to the last few it gets boring, just the nature of the show…Its funny that the ones that are saying its boring also want Dan gone..Once Dan goes youll just be watching houseguests sleep…


To watch online:


why isn’t there big brother tonight?

Carol & Steve

on the east coast it was delayed about 30 min b/c of football & tennis running over then we had to wait for 60 minutes…..


crud, forgot to record the half hour after since football season started, gotta go do that right now!


So no game talk?!? At all?!! So we really don’t know what Ian is thinking about the replacement at this point it’s all speculation?! Or did I miss something? And please if you don’t think that Shane and Danielle aren’t bonding to the point that she comes back madly in love with him more so and wants to put up Dan! I’m surprised Dan hasn’t talked more with Ian and jenn about moving forward!? I know with Ian he can’t say much against the quack pack but still I would think being too comfortable at this point is probably not the best thing to be, I don’t want Dan gone I would really like to see Dan and Ian final 2 I think both of them deserve it the most with Ian winning 500k and Dan winning 2nd since he already won! I just don’t know what’s the mind se is and so much can change when Shane and Danielle get back esp if they plotted together to he Dan out! He needs to be a little less comfortable!! Jmo:)


Ian alreadly told Dan if Shane takes his self off the block,he will put up Danielle.I’m sure Dan has already thought about what could happen with Danielle going out with Shane.He told her before she left to treat this date with Shane like a business trip.He reminded her that she’s playing to win a half a million dollars.So,since Dan is always thinking 5 or more steps ahead of all the house guests.I’m sure Dan has a plan in case it seems like Danielle didn’t treat the date like a business trip.I mean,come on,it’s Dan were talking about.Lol.


Thanks for that I must have missed Ian saying Danielle going up! Dan is making me nervous he is doing so much so fast I can’t keep up!! Love Dan though but he kind of did too much in tonight’s episode, he definatly wants to win!! It showed tonight!!


What website can you watch the CBS broadcast.


I read a long time ago that males that smoke a lot of pot that their breasts grow.

Oh No You Didn't

Then I shouldn’t be able to stand cuz those puppies would be REALLY big……………

Clueless Frank

Watching the show tonight and all I have to say is where are all the people who were calling Frank a BULLY? Looks like Dan is a pretty good bully himself. Threatening Ian that he would rip his face-off if he voted to evict Dani that’s also intimidation. Other part of it is why doesn’t Jenn go and tell Ian that the plan was to get him out last week when he went up on the block. What could she possibly be holding onto that information for? Let Ian know that Dan and Shane And Dani all wanted him out… Dumbest houseguests ever…

Carol & Steve

I couldn’t understand why Jenn is mad at Dan when he told her that Danielle wouldn’t vote out Shane. Jenn should’ve been mad at Danielle. Oh well…


1- I don’t consider heat of the moment bullying. Frank did it for a full week trying to get his way. Dan did it because he wanted to make sure Danielle was safe. Once is a lapse. Day after day is bullying.

2- Jenn has a crush on Danielle.


Simon, I have a question……they are still not showing anything happening in the Jury house…..Do you think this is odd??? It makes me think something is gonna happen with the jury.


Agreed!!! That would be more interesting than what’s happening in the house right now! lol I would pay $19.99 for that!


This show is so boring now. Can’t stand Ian’s attitude. Used to love him but I hope he doesn’t win. Blah. Bored. Miss seeing Frank…at least when he was in the house, it was entertaining. Bored now. Rooting for Dan or Jenn. But it’s not looking good for Jenn.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

After watching tonight’s show why the hell didnt Jenn go to Ian and tell him Dan wanted you out to save herself – so frustrating when these newbies dont act in their own best interest.


I agree. Would have made the game much more interesting if they did. Somehow I think not telling or outing someone at the right time is acting in their best interest in their mind. Watching this group is like watching people under different types of mind control.Dan could start a cult after it’s over.


I am a total Dan fan but think he is treading on thin ice. I remember Russell Hanzt making final deals with everyone towards the end and the reason why he lost in the vote. It was unneccesary … crossing everything here that he makes it to the end. I think it depends on Danielle and who cord she decided to cut. Both Shane and Dan have been faithful to her. Ian I think will take Dan but he knows he cannot win against him. Can he win against any of the houseguests. Thinking it would be smart to take him to final … the chances of him getting to votes are???? not sure.

I will rip your face off

tonight show said it all about dan. dan desperately wanted Ian and shane gone last week. if Ian places danielle on the block, we may see dan convincing Ian to vote off Danielle. I can’t believe how the house can’t see through dan already. tonight show actually showed the desperation in dan’s game. dan’s only hope to winning BB is to keep jenn in the game.


I don’t see that happening i do think dan is going to take dani to the end. He needs her to take ian and shane out. Ian wants jen out to badly it would backfire on him and he knows it

trying so hard to get lucky danielle

Oh you couldnt be more wrong you must not know Dan… why would he risk500k… Dan will cut her and end up taking Jenn…If you were in bb who Dani or jenn? i would definetly take the invisible floater… dans too smart best player ever out smart anyone….hes not loyal to Danielle or anyone just his wife….

trying so hard to get lucky danielle

i know dan figures out danis more liked by the jury then him….no way he will take her i see him cutting her and taking the floater…easy win for Dan the man… he is one of bbs best player ever… the mist thing brilliant..

Dan Will BB Win Again

That photo above of Ian in his green underwear prancing around on his tip toes is almost as frightening as the ones of Powerhouse Joe masturbating.

I Love Dan's Mist

Dan is playing Ian big time.

Does anyone else think that Ian will be evicted on Thursday?

I wonder what kind of tricks Dan will turn this week.


@I love Dan’s Mist.Ian wouldv’e 100% been evicted on Thursday.I’m sure you noticed that I wrote that like it already happened.The reason why I say this have to do with all of the house guests(including Ian)thought the face morphing veto comp wouldv’e been lastnight.Production knows that Dan wants Ian out so bad(Ian doesn’t have a clue just how bad Dan&Danielle want him out.I’m sure he probably think it’s a possibilty,but he doesn’t know that they want him out just how they wanted Frank out).Therefore they’re saving that comp for thursday.That way Ian will have a exteremly high chance of winning the veto,because Ian has a great memory(which is very important for winning that comp).Lastnight veto wasn’t important for Ian to win,but the next veto comp is extermely important.Production knows that Ian’s Big Brother life is on the line,with the up coming veto comp.So,Ian won’t be evicted.Which sucks,because he’s a huge road block for Dan.

I Love Dan's Mist

JW, I wish you were wrong, but I’m pretty sure you are right on point.

To all of the Ian fans: I don’t deny that Ian is smart, but Dan is smarter. Otherwise, Ian wouldn’t be so misted by him.

Maybe Dan will save himself. He has been studying the memory wall a lot and I thought I heard him say that he has played it before. Should be interesting to watch as it all unfolds on the tv show…NOT the feeds. The feeds are so boring. I cannot handle one more minute of Jenn humming the BB theme song or Ian talking about pokemon and saying “I reckon” every 2 seconds.

I will be happy as long as Ian or Danielle do not win.


My DVR didn’t record all of tonight’s episode because apparently a football game went over :(
Is there a site that I can watch tonight’s episode? Thank you :-)

Judybootie you can watch BB later.
I’m loving this.


QuirkyDude2 posts the episodes right after they air on Youtube. Here’s part one:


Thank you Natalia! QuirkyDude2 Rocks!

Carol & Steve

Yeah for Ian concuering the stairs! I’ve noticed how he walks using his toes/ball of his feet which doesn’t help him look any less awkward. :)


few observations after watching tonights show. shane is absolutely clueless and just being dragged wherever he’s told, kid needs to step up and take care of his own game. dan is absolutely evil on all levels. danielle is just pathetic and weak and even gross. jenn city is just lost without anyone, kind of in the frank role now. Ians downfall will be his man crush on Dan. if jenn tells ian that dan wanted him out that opens up all sorts of angles, but ian wouldnt believe her.


Just watched my taped Big Brother and half of it was missing due to a delayed broadcast. Does anyone know where I can see the last half now?


Seein Ian’s bags of Doritos’s makes me want some cool ranch and french onion dip lol


Does anyone know what Shane’s POV surprise is?

Imagine if it was a backyard date with Kara, that would liven the house up….imagine that.


kid looks like he is packing all sorts of heat inside those tight green spandex hes wearing in that last pic. Better not wear that in front of Shane


I would like to see BB get a little more creative with the comps. The players are getting use to them.
Don’t do all stars. They have their way of playing therefore when a newbie is there they look at the as STARS. Lol
They are not. Get rid of the have not. Sick of that. Have more Pandora Boxes. With more twists.
The show is recycling itself. So it’s a little boring now for viewers ho have been around for 14 seasons.
Put a X con in the H of House. Lol lol something. Geez. Maybe with Dan he can try to convert him.

production rigged it

all jenn has to do to stay is go tell ian that dan didn’t put him up as a pawn that if he didn’t win that pov he wanted them to vote him out. then go and get shane to confirm it and also tell shane that dan wanted to put him up as the replacement but not as a pawn but to get him out so it’s good that he won the pov. then hopefully they would continue talking and it would come out that dan and danielle have a final 3 deal with all of them and a final 2 deal with 2 of them dan with ian and shane and danielle with shane and jenn. then they could make a final 3 deal with each other and after shane uses the pov put dan up tell him he’s safe all week then blindside his ass and send him to jury. danielle would be shell shocked and not in the right frame of mind not that she ever is to win the hoh and they could take her out and be in final 3 as long as she doesn’t win the pov. jenn said she wasn’t going out without a fight well just throw dan under the bus and save your a$$ then.


I like Ian! He has played the game well. He and Dan are the ones that have really played the hardest.

Danielle is good socially and Shane is good at comps but neither do it as well as Ian and Dan. Danielle has a lot of issues but I think she s nice. Shane seems really nice, too. Shane is too nice to a fault. I think Danielle could turn on Dan if he keeps his antics up.

Dan showed way too many cards on tonight’s episode.

Get rid of Jenn and then let’s see the others battle it out.

Anyone BUT Jenn FTW !!


yep Dan slipped up suggesting to vote out Ian and Shane and got neither out. Dont see how that cant blow up in his face but these other players arent too savy to put it mildly. You’d think at least Jenn would say something but Ian wouldnt believe her and Shane is just completely clueless and lost


I agree. The double-evictions are so fast, these HOHs never have the chance to think through their noms. They second-guess themselves. Same thing happened to Ian when he wanted to backdoor Frank but Brit talked him out of it.

Dan should have put up Joe and Jenn, wait to see who wins the veto, then try to backdoor Ian or Shane. But Dani talked him out of it. Now, he has to hope that Ian or Shane do not compare notes. Lucky for Dan, Ian wants Shane out, and Shane wants Ian out. So Dan is using that info to keep both their mouths shut.

The loose cannon is Jenn. If I were her, I’d let it ALL out! I’d tell everyone what I know about Dan. I’d tell everyone that Dan sold out the QP.

Maybe Frank did not reveal it all to Jenn, but if he did, I’d tell everyone everything. By doing that, they’d focus on getting each other out and keep her in.

Danielle is sitting pretty. She has two strong competitors playing for her Dan and Shane. They need to get her outta there.


I am rooting for Ian and Dan.

Jenn did not show up to the BB game until she used the veto on Dan. But it may have been a day late and a dollar short. None of her house guests respect her as a player and if she gets to final two, she won’t get the $500k.

Danielle has actually played a good social game but I credit Dan for her longevity. Her showmance with Shane is a double-edged sword, because its like two votes in one, but it also puts a target on her at the end. Whoever’s left at the end, if they’re smart, must break up the showmance. IMO, she only has a chance to win if she takes Jenn. She won’t beat Ian, Shane or Dan. Well, she may beat Dan, if the others are sour about Dan’s gameplay.

Shane was doing pretty well on comps, but he seems like a follower and victim to stronger strategic players. He hasn’t made any REAL moves, outside of comps. He’ll have to pull out a win on his own, because he’s easily a target for Dan, Ian, and Jenn. I’m shocked Dan saved him and put up Joe. Kudos to Danielle for that. It shows she does have some gameplay. He needs to take either Danielle or Jenn to the final two with him. I doubt he’ll win against Dan or Ian.

Ian has won comps, has forged alliances, has made game-changing moves, has gotten his hands dirty, has fought for his allies, and has spoken his mind. He’s a well-rounded competitor. He’s been fun to watch. He has definitely won $500k, no matter who he takes to the final two. His only real threat is Dan, and I think he can beat even Dan. Everyone will respect that this kid beat out the great Dan.

Dan, Dan, Dan. Love him. Where do I start? He is the last coach standing. He’s managed to survive his own funeral. He is P.L.A.Y.I.N.G. this game hard. His strategy his by far the most dramatic and risky out of everyone this season. He may not win as many comps as most, but I’m starting to realize that a strategic player is the most productive winner. He is liked in the house, even though he’s feared. He manages to throw shade on others. He tells bold-faced lies, with his school boy charm. He is the BEST player. If he can take Ian out, I think Dan can win.


Anybody else find it odd they spend so much time talking about Jody? I realize she stayed in the house a week before the show began to air, but it’s a bit ridiculous that they find so much to talk about someone who spent so little time in the BB House.