Dan says Danielle came as a little seed, you tried to grow into a flower but I grew you into a venus flytrap.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: Sept 8 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

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10:45am – 11am Danielle tells Dan about last night when he walked in on them talking. Dan talks about how Jenn isn’t happy. Dan starts talking about Jenn and says that she doesn’t like that Dan is happy right now. He says that she is going to be so pissed when she finds everything out. Dan says that Jenn is going to yell that they f***ing played me! Dan says that he is going to tell her that they needed a new insurance policy and not a 37 year old rocker chick from Brooklyn. Danielle says that Jenn is going to lose it ..she is going to lose it.


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Danielle starts telling Dan about what her and Shane were talking about last night when he walked in. Danielle talks about how Shane was commenting on how he thinks you have a final two deal with Jenn because you talk to her. Danielle says that she played it off like you are friendly with everyone. Dan asks Danielle if she thinks Ian threw the power of veto competition. Danielle says that she thinks he did. Dan asks Danielle what her main reason for Shane not to use it? Danielle says me. Dan asks what can you say you did for him. Dan tell her when Shane starts talking about Marcellus, you need to shut that down. Danielle says that it’s already in his mind. Dan asks what Shane was saying when he said he would talk to Ian. Danielle says to find out who was going up as the replacement. Danielle then tells Dan that Shane was telling her to just tell Dan whatever he needs to hear telling me to tell you I will take you to the final two, just to make sure you save me and vote out Jenn. Danielle tells Dan that Shane is getting ridiculous, he is so douchy. Dan tells her that she needs to talk him into not using the veto. Dan tells Danielle she came in here like a little seed and you tried to grow into a flower but I grew you into a venus flytrap. Dan tells Danielle that all these flies come in here and are attracted to her nectar and she lures them in and snaps them up and digests them. Dan tells her she knows she is too..

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11:20am – 11:35am Shane is working out in the backyard. Ian is swinging in the hammock. Dan comes out and joins them. Dan and Ian are in the backyard talking about how there were two incidents of cheating in the same competition. Dan says that he remember Boogie saying he would “Stay” then said “Fold”, he says then her heard someone over the loud speaker say he changed his answer.. Dan talks about how then Frank was whispering the word “summer” to Danielle. Big Brother then cuts the feeds to TRIVIA…

11:45am When the feeds come back, we find out that Shane got the luxury prize for winning the veto. He gets to go to a movie premiere or music awards and take a guest. Something about a red carpet. Shane picked to take Danielle. They aren’t even sure where there are going. The card said something about going to see the stars. So they get to leave the house for part of the evening.


Dan and Jenn are talking in the stereo room. They are talking about how Shane and Danielle getting to leave to go to a movie premiere or music awards. Jenn says that this couldn’t have worked out more perfect, them leaving. Jenn tells Dan that one day he is going to hear her claws come out! Dan says you’ve got to come wake me when that happens. Jenn says I promise.
Jenn heads into the bathroom where Danielle is putting on her makeup. Danielle asks what she should wear a dress or a jeans. Jenn says whatever you will feel most comfortable in. Danielle asks what did the card say? Jenn says you will get to see the stars. Jenn thinks it will be an earlier event. Danielle and Jenn head to the kicks room to help pick out an outfit.


12pm Ian and Dan are talking in the backyard about how it will be great for them to get out of the house. Dan says that they are leaving at 12:45pm today. He thinks they will be back by 10pm tonight. Ian wonders if they might be back tomorrow. Dan says no I don’t think so. Dan talks about how they will get to see things out of the car window. Ian asks if they will be blindfolded. Dan says just until they get out to the car.


12:10pm 12:20pm Dan tells Danielle that today is a business trip. Danielle says Dan! Dan says well do you want to go have fun at the MTV Music Awards or do you want to win half a million dollars? Danielle says win half a million dollars. Dan says you guys will have fun. Shane joins Danielle in the bathroom. Danielle asks him if he is excited. Shane says yeah, they said it was a life time opportunity. I thought this was a once in a life time opportunity. Dan comes in and asks if love is going to be in the air tonight? Danielle says DAN! Dan sings “can you feel the love tonight…” Danielle yells Dan STOP!


12:35pm Danielle keeps saying she is nervous. Dan asks why you get to leave the house. Danielle says that she isn’t ready to leave or for people to see her yet. Dan asks if they are going to kiss? Danielle says if it happens, it happens. Dan laughs you’re not ready for people to see you yet. Dan says this is your first date, you’re setting the bar pretty high. Dan asks what if they start yelling SHANELLE! Danielle says no one will even know who we are. Dan keeps joking with Danielle calling it their first date and they want all the details when they get back. Dan asks Shane if he is nervous. Shane says he is just anxious to find out what it is. Shane says that he was hoping it would be a thing for the whole house.


12:55pm Dan, Danielle, Shane, Ian and Jenn are all in the living room talking and laughing about past events of the season while they (Shane & Danielle) wait to leave the house for their luxury prize. Dan asks do you have your wallet, phone and keys just in case I need to get in touch with you..

1pm After the feeds return from the we will be right back screen, Ian, Jenn and Dan are in the kitchen. Dan asks do you think anything bad will happen to us while they are gone. Jenn and Ian say no, it’s a luxury prize. They all head out into the backyard to lay out by the pool. They start talking about movies; Twilight, Harry Potter, etc.


1:25pm Dan and Ian talk about Ian putting up Danielle when Shane uses the veto. Dan says I like our chances. Ian agrees. Dan says you are smarter than Danielle and I can beat Shane in the physical. Dan says I think we go against Danielle and win. Dan asks Ian who he would want to go against. Ian says Shane, he is less slick. They talk about what the competitions might be like and if they will bring back like the tank where they had the puzzle under water. Ian doesn’t think they would do that one two seasons in a row. Dan says that they only challenge he had a problem with was the one in season 8 when they had to get naked. Dan looks at the backyard door and says that he keeps expecting it to open and something to happen. Ian asks what do you think Jodi is going to come in here and bother us? Dan says more like someone from the jury comes back in here, but nothing in the card said anything about something bad happening so I think we are okay.


1:40pm Dan and Jenn are in the pool. Jenn and Ian are having a discussion about politics and other random stories.

2pm – 2:20pm Ian gets called to the diary room. Jenn and Dan discuss how Shanes story about how much he makes doesn’t add up. She says that there is no way he only makes $400. She says she bets he makes a lot more in modeling and flipping houses. Dan starts asking Jenn about questions about New York, where she lives, where she would want to buy a place. Jenn is then called to the diary room and Ian comes out. Dan and Ian talk about Quacking when the door shuts when Jenn is evicted. Ian and Dan talk about past events of the house and how happy they are that they got Frank out.


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Danielles Tears

All of Daniells pictures are of her eating, or picking her zits..ugh she is disgusting!


Don’t forget the pouty, puckery, fish face she always makes while applying make-up. UGGGGG…pucker, apply blush, look across the bathroom into the far away mirror, pout, apply powder, look at close up mirror then again at far away mirror, fish face and blink, roll head around, apply more stuff, pucker again, repeat.


I. Wish dannielle four break out of the.mist

shanes pink tanktop

well do u want her to have bumps on her face and starve!!!! think a little


I hope Shane isn’t stupid enough at this stage of the game, and not use the POV on himself. Shane and Ian need to talk about the options on the replacement nominee. the best thing to do is putting Dan up and voting him off, but I would love to see Danielle placed up and voted off. Danielle has been full of herself talking shit about everyone, and she has the nerve to talk about how Frank acted in the house.


The problem is that Shane is stupid enough to be swayed not to use the veto if he had any game at all, he would have taken Ian out of the house. One, he could prevent any game between Jenn, Dan and Ian. Two he could work Ian ( without interruption) to get Dan out. How does taking Dani on a “date” help him win 500K. He is just too fricken ignorant

Roisin Dubh

He’s stupid. You can fix ignorance.


@ROISIN DUBH apparently, no you can’t!!! <3


If Shane is stupid enough not to use the POV on himself, he deserves all the references to Marcellus folly anybody can think of while he gets booted out the house. It’s too late in the game to be trusting any alliance. It’s every man/woman for himself at this point.


Ian’s breasts are getting bigger by the day. I hope he wins so he can get augmentation. Apparently it doesn’t bother him as much as it does me though.


I have been noticing that Ian’s chest is looking kinda feminine. I think his lack of activities is giving him boobies. He is only 21??


Marijuana is known to cause breast development in men … and someone mentioned on here weeks ago that Ian was in NORML. According to Big Brother Access: “Ian Terry may also be a medical marijuana fan. We can’t confirm it is definately him, but there is an Ian Terry listed as one of the student directors of the Tulane chapter of NORML, which is an organization dedicated to working to reform marijuana laws. I tried to confirm this by calling and sending an e-mail to the contact information provided, but received no response.” I’m just sayin’ …


“Marijuana is known to cause breast development in men ”


Yep. I mentioned this weeks ago. His moobs may be the result of pot smoking. But then again if pot helps his aspbergers symptoms, go ahead and get your bong on Ian! LOL


Please please please Big Brother gods let Ian win the next pov and then HOH and don’t let them send him to jury!!! AMEN… Go Ian Go Ian!

Delilah Jones

I go back and forth between feeling sorry for Danielle, and strongly disliking her. She is emotionally stunted, narcissistic, needy, and insecure. I hope her loved ones keep her away from the internet after this is all over, because I am thinking if she finds out how she is being portrayed, she is going to need some serious therapy. Dan mentioned on several occasions that he created her.. He has got to realize how fragile of a person she is, and how damaging his actions can be. I was floored the night he was encouraging her to get drunk and hook up with Shane!

I understand this is just a game, but I fear this will have a negative impact on Danielle when it is all said and done.

Roisin Dubh

You can’t stop the runaway truck. Whatever therapists takes her on better get a big bottle of Advil.


What night did this happen?

Delilah Jones

I do not remember which night, but it aired on After Dark. Danielle drank the bottle of wine by herself, and the guys let Shane drink most, if not all of the beers. I should mention that Dan did not actually tell her to hook up with Shane, but he was most definitely pushing them together.

I think I read on here the next day, that Dan told Danielle he was never going to allow her to drink that much again.

Roisin Dubh

And Yeah, Dan’s a dirtbag. He’s played with her emotions many times this season. Inside the house, he’s just a nasty person this season.


I would be tickled if Danielle went up, she was voted out and Ian, Shane and Jenn went to the final three. It would amuse me to see Dan and Danielle work so hard, then get sent out.


Delilah Jones……..very true! You said exactly what I was thinking!

Delilah Jones

Stephanie.. I have never worried about the emotional well being of a house guest, as I do for Danielle! But I have to admit, her ability to turn any conversation into something all about her, annoys me to no end!


Okay, I too am worried about Danielle needing therapy after this is over, but IAN!!!! I’m no so sure the production team should be giving HIM so much to drink with whatever condition he is suffering from. I mean really, did they learn NOTHING from giving alcohol to Willie???? I’m much more worried about Ian getting out of this unharmed!!! <3


“Dan says Danielle came as a little seed, you tried to grow into a flower but I grew you into a venus flytrap.”

LMFAO I thought she was a venus flytrap already, but OK


How does a twenty-one year old man have man boobs? Damn Ian, work out.


I’m Sure Ian has a logical explanation for his man boobs.
pop tarts.

Anyway let’s leave his Boobs alone.
You can’t enjoy the weather unless you have a body like Shane?
Good for him that it doesn’t bother him.


It’s probably something that’s out of his control. He likely has gynecomastia, which is something that causes more fat to be stored in the chest for men. He’s already super skinny and has a low body fat %, so it’s not likely attributed to “working out”. I hope he doesn’t read any comments like this. It would be a shame if he became self conscious just because of a few comments from random people who for some reason think it’s ok to make personal attacks about a person’s appearance.


Thank you DMAC!!!! Very well said. <3


I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think there’s anything he can do about it, other than surgery. I hope he doesn’t get his feelings hurt.

Roisin Dubh

Dan and Dani are some greasy mothaf***as. No way Dan gets the jury to vote for him. He’s dirtbagged too many people and they’re still gonna be salty about it at the finale.This one isn’t even gonna be about gameplay, it’s all gonna be about not giving Dan 500K. Can’t wait for it, this is gonna be one for the ages.


or Dawg.I thought Shane never watched Big Brother before?How does he know about Marcellus?Do you think the DR(production)told him?

VA Vet

Can we please get past the Dan mist crap. It’s not misting when you are dealing with a group of boneheads. I mean, really, look at their game plans.

Ian is fixated on making sure that the final four are QP members.

Danielle just wants all the other women out of the house so that all the guys attention will be on her.

Shane can’t make a single decision on his own. Wouldn’t be surprised if Danielle talks him into not using the veto. The fact that Dan and Danielle even think it’s possible tells us everything we need to know about Shane.

And Jenn, do I really need to say anything about her non-existent game plan. All she does is wait for someone to tell her what to do and she does what they say.

Those idiots are so clueless that a 10 year old could pull the wool over their eyes.


I kinda agree, they’re all stupid especially Frank I didn’t believe for 1 second that bullshit about him having no choice but to take a chance on trusting someone, the fuck? All his dumbass had to do was evict Dan and go hard in comps as usual, and he would’ve won that POV to stay safe last week and do the same this week. Nobody can make excuses for him being evicted, that was HIS decision, HIS royal fuck up. I hope he does come back, I wanna see how he plays not doing anything he did this season. Leave his heart at him, and bring extra brain.

Dani – she too much trying to get Shane to admit he lives her to see that zit growing on her face, so no way could she figure Dan out.

Ian – deep down he still pissed that s&m slut Ashley liked Stank more than him.

Shane – spent all season dodging Dani’s advances while following what everyone says, instead of playing his own game. should’ve fucked Dani then made her feel dirty for it, and make her stay away from him.

Jenn- Who the Fuck is Jenn??


This is the kind of comment that should be flagged. trying to be all macho and hateful, yep that’s impressive.


I take back what I said about Dani, but the rest I stand by…. but nothing I posted was macho or hateful. if you can’t handle it, that’s your problem


his heart at home***

Distant Observer

What are you talking about? “Dans a great guy” I think not, He told Danielle that he enjoys messing with and manipulating people and their emotions, and he is good at it. Let me translate that for you – Dans a sociopath. He enjoys watching others suffer, hurting people and he has done it enough times he is confident in his abilities and laughs and brags about it(narcissist). He reminds me of Ted Bundy, everyone thinks he is a great guy, charming, and smart. I really hope he didn’t torture animals as a child?
As for Jenn……What is she thinking?(not obviously) Get off your lazy a$$ and do some campaigning, I’m completely baffled!
Jenn should of went on “what not to wear” instead of BB…..Quick Note: Jenn …Jr High ended years ago….. You can wear real clothes and still have style??? possibly?
Can anyone strategise at all? Lets see if A happens then B will Happen, If C happens then D will happen, even a simple who do I want to be in F2 with.
UUhhhhh come on Ian use your brain ……. get Dan out now!


I Love Danielle!!! … she has become a Mini-Dan! = she is beautiful, also.- If Dan was not married, he and Dani would be such a cute couple.( no disrespect to the Lovely Chelsea)


are you crazy?

Cat people

Life with Danielle would have been tantamount to “eternal damnation.”


wish more of the comments weren’t putting people down … the sight should be more about the game. bullying is such a bad thing for all of society. really believe in karma and until you or someone you love has went through it and sure comments would change. I am a Dan fan and really I don’t care who is sits next to in the final. i just hope it’s him. have to admit his game is awesome. he treats people with respect and has conversations about their lives or interests, i think this part of him is real. when someone tries to start a negative convo he always seems to steer away from it. Can’t help but think Danielle is in an awesome position. Dan and Shane are looking out for her. Shane looking out for her is in Dan’s favor. I loved this season of big brother … every week it changed depending on who was in power. other seasons really ended up being one side of the house against the other!!! from the comments it seems a favorite can be changes frequently. can’t wait for BB Canada!!!!


Are you watching the same show, I guess you you consider Dan swearing on bible, wife and gramps is respectful. He is a liar from big lies to little lies like telling Ian he promised he did not mix gross stuff playing the stupid blind fold game. Come on he deserves not a damn thing

Go Ian!

I agree about wishing the personal attacks were not here for all to read (including the houseguests when they get out). Nobody seems to care that their words can hurt and others might take them deeply to heart. If the camera were on YOU 24/7 – I imagine others would have plenty to say as well.


I don’t understand Jenn’s behavior. Why is she secluding herself and being such a baby? She’s 37 freakin’ years old – grow up!!! Who did she think Ian was going to nominate??


She’s on the block and going for real this time. You would be pissy, too.


She’s copying Frank and Boogie’s attitudes, then taking it to a new level of stupid

Shutup I'm Talking

Jenn helping dani puck out an outfit LOL who would want her advice on that she looks a hot mess!


SO tired of Danielle.


I love how Dan told Danielle to treat the date with Shane as a business trip.Lol.He’s right.Hopefully she will do just that.Then Danielle&Dan can try to convince Shane to not use the veto.Lol.


If you weren’t conviced before here’s the proof… Shane is taking Danielle out when the IMO perfect choice would have been Ian! Ian is mentally intelligent… comps could be mental… shake shit up… leave Dan & Dani in the house freakin’ wondering what they are talking about… etc… But NOOOOO he takes a woman he doesn’t really like (if in fact he like women at all… which I personally don’t care, just hate a phony) Anyhow… back to my point, Shane might just be the most intelligence challenged to ever get his key pulled!

Roisin Dubh

A dude doesn’t take another dude to a red carpet event unless they coin flip to see who the bottom is.


I disagree… Dan would take the best option for his game and be damned if it were male/female or some of BOTH. I’ve seen “big time” actors take their mothers/fathers…


heh at this point I’m voting for Dawg on all future polls, at least until next season…Go Dawg!


Wholeheartedly agree. Go Dawg!


Sorry Dawg, I am a Dan fan. But you are my second choice. Does that count?


I loved dan but if he tell shane not use the veto i do not know how feel about him I know it is game but that is so uncalled for he want it he has the right to use and he need the money more then you


I think it would just be awesome to see Dan and Danielle in the final two. Dan can say he got his one player to the end and nobody else did. I’m quite the Ian fan though if it doesn’t work out that way. I think being in the house is getting harder and harder on him with his ADHD etc..


Dan is annoying this time and Danielle acting like shane is telling her what to do is dumb Dan tells her what to do I hope Dan leaves and Jenny!

Carol & Steve

After seeing one of the pics you posted – hopefully Danielle won’t have to bend over for anything – LOL!!


Dan walking in on Danielle and Shane last night talking about him, and now Shane picking Danielle for the night out luxury prize, this could spell doom for Danielle. Dan has to be questioning himself if it comes down to him or Shane, who will Danielle choose. Dan is gonna figure after this night our with Shane, Danielle love for Shane will be dangerous for Dan’s game. Dan is gonna have to huddle up with Ian and Jenn and mist them with the idea to place Danielle and vote her off.


I don’t get why Dan keeps trying to push Danielle on Shane. Does he know Shane will totally reject her and piss her off, ensuring she’s true to Dan? Or will he convince Ian that S&D are together and need to be split up by voting out Shane, or Dani if she is his replacement?


Could be to show everyone that they are a couple and the reason why he will end up voting out Shane ( when he doesn’t use the veto)


bc she loves it, and it keeps her eating out of Dan’s hand just like he wants, when you are insecure and people tell you what you want to hear, even if it isnt true, you find yourself always wanting to be around them just bc they make you feel better,,,,,danielle is emotionally weak and dan knows that and i think this is his way of exploting that in a somewhat harmless way…it’s like him telling her she has this sweet nectar that attracts everyone and the she eats them up….that is not a word of truth, but dan knows that is the image of how danielle wants to be – someone who people love, especially guys, (which we know she is not a guy magnet) who doesn’t care about anyone (bc in reality she cares way too much) and has this sweet nectar (which is very feminine)…he has been doing this to her the whole game, Dan is good bc she eats up whatever he feeds her


Wait how is it fair they get to leave the house and see people? What if there are a bunch a people that don’t like Dan and they tell Shane and Danielle to get Dan out.

VA Vet

Perhaps that is what production has planned. Production may have even planted the snitch at the event. Wouldn’t put it past them.

Big Game Move

Lol, yeah cause they would go through all that when they could just feed them the info in the DR….Think people, Think!

Delilah Jones

Good point!


I was wondering the same thing. It seems like they would have to be kept secluded, and make sure that other people can’t get to them. I think I remember HGs going to a movie premier or something in another season though, and coming back to the house saying that people recognized them. It is a vague memory though, so I might be making it up :), or maybe it was a lie the HG told when they got back.

Jen W

You are right. I think one season 2 girls went on some game show


Your right, Dani Donato and Amber got to go on a game show, and in season one they let a houseguest go to the Emmy awards.


Also I think I remember Janelle going to a taping of 2 and a half men.


The fact they were considering it once before amongst themselves and need to be told to do it by random people for them to actually really consider actually doing it pains me. It begins with Shane actually using the veto he actually won and Ian actually replacing him with Dan. The fact that we actually have to contemplate IF Shane is actually going to use his own veto is…painful (emphasis on actually)-This idea of people tossing the thought at them-It would/might/possibly help…


Sounds like Shane actually IS going to use his veto…And dammit I will continue to SMH at Ian’s flawed body-It disturbs me…Dani on the other hand is gorgeous as always…

VA Vet

Gorgeous??? You need to get out more.

She’s not bad looking but she’s a long way from gorgeous IMO.

But hey, if it works for you, look her up when the show is over.


I know the whole “Shane is trapped in the closet” thing is pretty well played out…but:

That blue shirt is priceless….

I mean it’s already bad, but those cuffs on the sleeves…brilliant!


On the last post where Danielle is doing the splits-she has Yabba Dabba feet (The Flintstones). Yuck, it freaks me out.

Darranged stalker Danielle

Shane would have to be Brendon to not take himself off veto for who…a stalker thats gonna mess up his life…. no way…hes smarter than we think.. Brendon was in lovee with Rachel thats why he got rachel out instead of himself…why…cuz either way they would split the cash….dont be stupid Shane.. Danielle needs to leave…

Darranged stalker Danielle

HaHa at Danielle she thinks shes going out somewhere romantic like the bachelor game,, but their going to music awards where all shane will do is flip out on how beautiful all the girls are there… Danielle is gonna get jealous..


Nope, Shane will flip out at how gorgeous the men are :p


If there was ever a time for Ian or Shane to stand a chance in this game it would be now. They need to know that Danielle and Dan are gonna take each other (he was her coach since the beginning) what they need to do is put dan on the block now and send him home with Ian casting the final decision otherwise this season will be over with Danielle winning


Damn you guys act like Jenn doesn’t exist..


the mtv music awards already happened and there are now big movie premieres today at 1pm LA time….prolly just going to drive around LA for a few hours then come back


It could be a drive in movie under the stars as the card hinted at.


The Book of Mormon starts its LA run at the Pantages theater today, the matinee is 1:00 and the evning performance is 6:30.


I have to agree with Gigi…Shane should NOT be taking Danielle to this event.
First of all, it further sends her mixed signals (she is already emotionally twisted and somewhat delusional) and second, his head needs to be in the game as much as possible now.
Now is not the time to think about week to week safety…you have to plan for Final 2and the best person to get you there.
Ian is an excellent choice as is Dan…heck, Dan may be the better choice!
If you get Dan out the house, the mist evaporates and the other houseguests get to compare notes…maybe even stage their own Coup D’Etat without production having to give it to them.
I am a Dan fan and I do believe it is not about the money for him, but the challenge (which no one is offering) and of course the fame of being known as the first player to win BB twice.
PS–doubtful production will allow Shane/Danielle to have such an unfair advantage as to know what other player’s gameplay/plans are…I will bet the stars will be in an observatory.

Trey Gorman

Dan the pimp at his most disgusting. Doing everything he can to dehumanize any genuine feelings Danielle may have by making them seem ridiculous and demanding loyalty to himself above all. Dan knows how dangerous her leaving with Shane for an extended period is to him. She might actually do what’s in her own best interest rather than his. Wouldn’t that be special? I hope Shane isn’t stupid enough not to use the veto.

Darranged stalker Danielle

or people at the music awards could yell out to shane what kind of Stalker hes with and how she and Dan are playing him… haha.. actually a lot of people dislike Danielle so i bet they would be mean to her especially..


I do not want to sound mean, and maybe I’m an old fogey, but I do not get Jenn’s look at all. Maybe it’s a New York rocker thing, but I just can’t imagine all the tats, really heavy makeup and red/black hair on a 37 year old…… she has slept through most of the game, and has the gall to flip when she is put on the block? If she weren’t, no one would have a clue as to who she is. Why is she so special that she shouldn’t be put up?

I hope Dan doesn’t have total trust in Dani….. Maybe Dani will finaly get the message once she and Shane’s “date” is over……. she’ll realize, he just isn’t that in to her…….


Oh, and one more thing! Shouldn’t a nurse know not to pick her face until a zit becomes a crater?

Darranged stalker Danielle

production most likely told Shane to take Danielle…because production wanted a shanielle thing…so it looks good for the show…whatever us feed people and bbad we know the truth.


Dan is one terrible person.
Mind games.
ugly on outside as inside.


Why do all of these dumbasses treat Dan like their diary?

The minute something happens and Dan comes into the room, they tell the guy everything.

Danielle especially. WTF is wrong with her?

Is the stupidity of these people bothering anyone but me?


That is because you are on the outside looking in. Dan and Danielle have had a special bond since day 1 and even closer since day 5. They have relied on each other (Danielle more than Dan) to be able to come to with anything. Also think about this: If Dan didn’t want to take Dani to the end, he could have sabataged her game any number of times and she would be gone.

Why do the others go to Dan. Dan has talked to each one from the beginning of the game about THEM and not the game. He knows them more as people. They trust him with personal information and that makes them trust him with game information easier. Shane has been allied with Dan since week 2 and Ian has been allied with him since the reset and has his “renegade alliance” since Britney left. Dan has taken Britney’s place in Ian’s game, just more subtlely.
Jenn got the word to trust Dan from Frank (yeah, I know) and like I said before, took the time to get to know her.


Anyone who hates Dan is a moron, the guy is doing nothing evil, malicious, or mean spirited. He is playing the game, everyone here seems to like Britney and Frank for some reason so I will use them as examples. Britney on season 12 swore on everything she could think of to get Brendon not to put her on the block when he won HOH, and what did she do the next week? She put him on the block directly when she won HOH, sounds like everyones favorite must be evil too. Now Frank, he personally attacked the majority of the houseguests whether it be to their face in a direct confrontation, or behind their back with Boogie. His and Boogie’s desertion of Ian, is what led Dan to pull Ian in. And Dan only made a move on Frank and Boogie after it was revealed that Frank wanted to back door Dan (Betraying their deal from the previous week, in turn breaking his word and their deal), not mention Boogie throwing out Britney and Shane’s name. And Dan has never thrown his religion in anyone’s face at any point in either season, he follows a religion sure. But he has never said because I believe in god I am better than you, that is what everyone else wants to attribute him to think of an excuse to dog him for taking out their favorite players. So if you hate Dan it’s just cause he is good, he is the closest replica of Dr. Will’s gameplay style their is. You want to hate them fine, but your just hating on gameplay.


Nicely put.

How soon are people to forget that there favorites did the same first. And really, Boogie and Frank are upset because Dan et al did it first. They were planning to betray the Silent 6 the next time they were in power when the QP made their move.


I don’t hate Dan, and I don’t love Frank, but I don’t think you are entirely being objective with your comments. Frank did not ‘personally attack the majority of the houseguests’ any more than Britney or Danielle (and now Ian too) who have made some very personal comments, and follow it up with straight denial or “it’s just a game” when others are offended/find out. Frank revealing he was considering backdooring Dan? He had just been backstabbed the week before, and I don’t know what you are watching but he would have been better off just going through with the backdoor, because when he showed them loyalty (ala not using the veto) they used what he “said” to pull the trigger. Talk is cheap in the big brother house actions should speak louder, but his friends in the silent six NEVER meant to keep their words. Ian is largely exaggerating his role in talking down Frank when it was Boogie who said whoa buddy we just made a deal you have to honour it. And Boogie asking Ian who he was going to nominate (Britney? Shane?) if he won HOH? Of course he would have tried to take an invisible shot at the people in his alliance he couldn’t trust or were big threats, the alliance was too big to sustain and how could he suspect the guy he saved the first week and gave $3000 dollars to on the third week was going to run to a group that was obviously tight to try and buy their loyalty? It was a decent move by Ian at the time but he would have probably been in a good position no matter what with all the big targets in the house, and now his love of the quack pack will probably be his downfall because I feel like he has become the new Frank, needing to win every competition to stay alive.


Amen!!! Well said. I like Dan very much and he is from Michigan, my home state. And I am voting him to win the 25k.


Hopefully while out of the house Danielle becomes aware that the fans don’t like her. She would be a hot mess back in the house, an easy choice for replacement nomination and hopefully Shane and Ian see the light and send nurse psycho to the jury house. Of the people in the house she is the only one I don’t want to see in the final 2. If she doesn’t go this week, I hope she gets Keesha’d next week.


or Dawg.What do you think Jenn has in mind when she said this,”Jenn says that this couldn’t have worked out more perfect,them leaving”.


Not sure right now.. I just started watching the feeds for the day.


Ian must assume that Danielle is in the best position and he should try to get her out this week. He knows she’s tight and likely has a final 2 with her coach, her fake boyfriend and the only other girl in the house. Ian is the only one she doesn’t have aF2 with he should work to get her out. boogie said that Dan would get somebody else to slit her throat. Dan could vote her out and cause a tie – mist Ian beforehand about not wasting a HOH and the blood gets on Ian’s hands when Dan acts shocked when she’s evicted. Dan must be giddy about how easy this is becoming.

Delilah Jones

I am rooting for Ian to win, so I am all for him having a hand in evicting either Dan or Danielle. Unfortunately, I do not believe he is willing to break up the Quack Pack.

WIth the QP still together, Ian is going to be the next one nominated. He knows this!

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

Unfortunately Ian doesnt know this – he thinks he has a F2 alliance with Dan and Dan continues to feed this fallacy by telling Ian he can beat Dani in mental games and Dan can beat Shane in physical – so Ian thinks he is well-positioned keeping QP intact. I am hoping he can win the next Veto to get himself to the F3 and if he can make it to F2 I think he can beat anyone still in the house – and Dan knows this – he’s the only player Dan is afraid of at this point.


Dan certainly has his eyes on Ian. He most definitely can beat anyone left in the house and taking him to F2 is not along his road for 500k. Shane will most likely be evicted, Dan may very well win HOH and nominate Jenn and Dani to backdoor Ian, and with a 2-2 ratio of winning (Jenn could strike a deal with him that if she wins POV and takes herself off she’ll vote against Dani since her and Dan are glued together)-Ian may win and keep noms the same. Since QP is basically crumbling he’ll vote to send Dani home and in the final 3, has a damn good shot at winning it.


There has been a lot of hate on some of the players this season (danielle,etc.) but I just want to say looking past all that this season the Newbies have really takin control over some of the strongest BB players to ever play this game. Even if Dan wins. Last season sucked so bad because the veterans pretty much Dominated the season.


What show are you watching? Dan is running this whole show. Once the coaches came into the game Dan took over and they do what he wants. It’s like watching a bunch of two year Olds playing this game. And I cant believe dani will get her job back would you want her to be your nurse?


why bb want to make this the shane + danielle show? who cares? how boring + what a waste of time. bb should cancel that luxury crap, run the pov asap, + evict someone.

Wish I had another one of these jokers

Ian may think that taking Dan F2 will get him the win… The majority of the jury are mad at Dan and might not vote for him.


Wonder if their going to see the Book of Mormon. It starts its LA run at the Pantages theater today.


Another possiblity is the Greek theater. This is outdoor theater so it puts them under the stars.


, didn’t you win a three person poll about two weeks ago?


Simon/Dawg have you ever seen Jenn shower while on the feeds? I read that she never showers and only wears like 2-3 outfits max. Any confirmation on that?


I’ve seen her shower before.. It looks like she wears the same clothes though.


Good to know she’s not another Natalie on that aspect ;)


lol @ Dan for fluffing up Dani telling her how she’s so great, LOL. I got to hand it to the guy.


I will continue to laugh at those calling Dan awful names for playing a game. Are you surprised I called it a game? Because it is. Are you surprised at those who support Dan? He’s. Playing. The. Fucking. Game. Oh, okay-Because he schemes and lies and manipulates it is absolutely not okay because no one has EVER done anything such as he has done in this GAME. Dan is even kind enough to give the viewers a heads up on how ruthless his GAMEplay will become because Dan Gheesling, if you can believe it, actually wants to win half a million! Don’t jump on Dan because he’s playing a GAME against a house full of dumbasses that act like they have no choice but to trust a man that’s showed them he isn’t afraid to make a jaw-dropping move to further himself. Selfish, lying, satanic bastard, you say??? I see the BB14 winner with 500k bulging in his pockets. I had Ian taking it, but at this rate, convincing someone not to use the only thing that will save them, is a golden ticket. Dan didn’t even win Veto and was able to remove himself as a nominee-Regardless of who says what about his safety that idiot shouldn’t even think about not using it and should make a fucking move already for him and him alone.